There are tales now to suggest the world was facing a peril caused by a bunch of people who did not know what to do, putting themselves in positions of social and public influence and it is utter rubbish, the world is in peril because of people they think they can handle on account they were bullies but could not handle – so we have a bunch of idiots who make up ideas that according to what they have heard me say, if they stalled my career and bullied me into thinking about their problems as a method of parting from it, a good thing as will be an outcome where I became a mad dog and deployed my career to fight for their civil rights would emerge from doing so and the outcome was another group of gits with ideas about their senses of adjudication turning up to take up more of my time for conversations about their rights, so I have initiated a series of social initiatives that will put these sorts of stupid people in charge of their affairs as well. It is the same thing we see at Industry where another group spends money on the idiots because they claimed they loved to see me dance around my pain, risking an outcome where I got my hands on their money too. I could never make sense of what was wrong with these idiots but we do know their behaviour was directly linked to ideas about how to approach financial problems – like where we are now being a matter of trashing my career by exhibiting their insanity all over it on Media, to say that each time I stepped outside of my door, it was an opportunity for abusive behaviour to do with the idea that no matter how hard I tried and fought, they ended up spending my assets on themselves anyway, the Celebrities will build up an environment that can exist on account of my career and person, through which show business may thrive, building up to a result where I was being bullied every time they wanted to befriend somebody who possessed something their stupidities wanted, to finish off with announcements that no matter how hard I tried and worked, they still spent my assets on themselves regardless of what society had already done – everything I have done to prevent these fools distracting me from my career had failed over a period of 20 years as though we shared the same existence and they were determined to decide how I felt each time their stupidities got up a Media presence to continue for one more day claiming that they were important enough to do so – therefore any fool may get off telling me about the problems that have led them to behave that way towards me over a favourite insult that puts others in charge of my affairs again, to see what I will do with it too. It does this and we end up glorifying the nonsense that comes of it when the outcome was that a group of trouble makers that thought their ideas won the day, decided to start with a particular group of people, in terms of the need to prevent these fools touching people and then we end up with a situation where, I want to get to work not get distracted by your stupidities give way to you are to make use of this rest room whilst the other was reserved for people of my race – so those who continued to insist on putting these idiots in charge of my affairs over their insolence may continue to take the risk and complain to Politicians about their stupid feelings thereafter too. Where we currently are is the part where I have dug the matter all the way to the location of the tax man, to put my cards on the table for a good response and I think that the local authority gits that worsened the problem kicking up dust over unemployment support will be considered part of the threat on my part and my response to their stupidities all together will be something that the local authorities was made fully aware of or I get to control my Bookshop, they did not distract me from my engagement with the job market, I did not feel sore all over because of it as well and nobody got to explore my so called history of failure that churned the tummy, as we did not share the same existence in this place. So far it is not that much of an issue, we know they claim it was a matter of the way we were so wayward with respect to communists that we were not dong what American wanted us to do and I have been pushing them to deal with the overseas business interest threats as well – all likely to escalate for the favourite insults that stall a Bookshop and puts their stupidities in charge of my affairs for a community that will finger my bum, as something they did not make a living, nothing yet being done to maintain personal fortitude for me to make a living by as will produce the same effect, the part where I loved to dump my problems in their comfort zone had to be stopped apparently, whilst it continued its gimmicks where it suggests I had everything and others were entitled to my public image, to make money it shares with a community and shows up here to run me down over ideas its stupidities were incredibly important because it was a stupid yank. I am told they think I am a low life but it is not clear what I thought of them but it is the same as the idea I am victim in the matter which I am really not – we can see in terms of my victimhood that these are a bunch of idiots who pride themselves in their ability to rob people of mobility and finances, particularly in terms of travelling to the USA to get wealthy, especially so towards women, so they peddled it at me too and the women got everywhere. In the end it says that my Books do not make any sense but it is equity bundle not a clearly set out story, those who buy it have bought something that belonged to them but the story is one about my life, every paragraph can be redeveloped but people should not try to redevelop my life, they should get involved with the websites and social media, see what I am doing, what the companies involved and the brokers were doing and live in a world where they did not have to hate the jobs market because a bunch of trouble makers did. What I think of them personally however on the other hand goes back to the fact the cause of all these is the series of personal decisions, such as the need to ensure peoples family ended up in hospital because they were making money, driving them to say that if they got married for powerful reasons they will procreate strong children and get better, after, they see business run by a Hermit that was only interested in church influence and they had to have it because it was clean – then there is the part where they cannot control the monsters in their family and think that they ought to decide what I did when I stepped outside of my door instead whereas it was clear if they could not look after the children, the government will take the children into care or the children will first get on unemployment support, then the criminals will take over from there, has nothing to do with me and it needs to keep its hands and its imagination out of my panties. What I think of them personally, if it isn’t a bunch of gits that are filthy on the outside but it is worse on the inside, besides which they were always keen to decide what other peoples personal convictions were, hence the main problem with their personal decisions, just like I am a low life after I dropped out of University and do not have a mill stone on my legs preventing me from swimming back into it literally but had to make the statement about completing my Royal Commission without necessarily needing anybody’s silly qualification before I did and they stifled the Bookshop for red carpet self-re-invention purposes, which is currently the only thing killing my finances, was famous and stupid robs it in my face all the time when it is not dead yet literally. The idea that it is all about people who did not know what to do assuming positions of public influence is utter rubbish – we know that they find ways to corrupt the methods that public funds were to be dispensed and now it means I am sore all over when I am at work because regardless of what I tried to prevent, their stupidities had spent my assets anyway and I am unable to concentrate on anything which narcissism provided them fortitude to pursue the jobs market they hated because they preferred crime and violence and will return to it when they saw an opportunity to, tired to drowning in the insults for my part.


The idea having been built that with respect to making money tackling me made sense. I wouldn’t know anyway, provided such nonsense is coming from an incorrigible group of abusive idiots who insist on building and maintaining communities that existed to nurse abusive ideas of ways I could serve their needs and solve their problems, whilst they complained about their society being infested with racism and discrimination of all kinds at the same time. They do suggest I had a history and at the same time are always seen hard at work on stupidities they exhibited whenever they attended their workplace, exhibited at my expense that is whilst their families were blissfully unaware of every consequence associated with their gimmicks. The advise I would give is that between these gits alongside their famous idiots, myself and the Industries, their narcissism is not linked to reality in anyway, I tolerate it for two main reasons and one of those was that I brokered property and asset equity with companies, businesses and vested interests and it was a small sacrifice during business and economic cycle, we also know that it is never business and economic cycle everyday whilst the abuses were being channelled at me every day, the other reason being that there are a bunch of idiots from government buildings who behave in a way at my expense, that suggested it made sense for me to stoop as low as it gets to make sense of their insanity at the expense of Government office twats who liked to see me dance around my pain. Probability is when I start pushing back, age, schedule would likely have allowed for a time that I stopped doing so, if their lives depended on it, for the time being, it will not shelve the insults and show up at a Bookshop for applicable products considering that it all happens because what sits in their bank account is not something they can account for and it gets to their heads. We had to listen to the gimmick endlessly, that events were set in place as the outcome was that I was facing a precarious existence – I am facing no such thing here, any who posed a threat to these people did because they were considered by such persons to be an immediate threat and it is something I can play with as well, just as much as there was a prospect they could ever stop me if I did: the facts however are that it gets away with every insult like a contribution I was making towards its stupidities, if it is not bullying a personality that was created by a writing career and complaining that it smelled, it was busy suggesting that it met me and told me that my entire life was of the type where I did what I was told until I did what I had to do, as a method of solving its personal and social problems – it is always abusive of these idiots especially the Government office pricks who speak of ways that their insolence was the way that power worked, details being that no matter how hard I tried, it had spent my assets anyway, which people run with on the streets and I am never allowed to concentrate on anything I am doing, then it claims that I was a potential threat to the Political system since this is what the people had to live with everyday whilst it showed up around my affairs to look the part of a Political class. It is not mainstream civil activities as to quantify the idea that I am a threat to the Political system and when I stop to do their own because I am being distracted from everything else, I will ensure that the local council was roped into it too, that way their stupidities got to run this game at me for a decade and a half, then work me for homelessness kicking up a fuss about unemployment support – it has just come up with a plan to ensure we were both fighting for our lives, does not know what to do and will not go along with what it is being told based on statistical and documented evidence, calls me names for no reason and claims its ideas about how my existence should be used was the prize for its own job, leaving a 20 year career mess for which it was not paying the bills in this place and its stupid children putting labels on me. All will fare well when it keeps its comments to its career and does not engage with mine whilst doing its job, especially through backdoor word of mouth via a media presence everyday, considering we had arrived at a stage where my tolerance of its insults seems to have been the contribution I am making to its spiritual wickedness: the narcissism that was the only mode of communication available to their stupidities is not actually rooted in reality, it needs to stay away from my finances and move on or face what I will do to move on its insanity and that of its famous twats. I am told there were always women attacking me every direction I travelled, everywhere I went but I am aware of it, the story is that society had a problem with male entitlement and male violence but the male entitlement and violence were both a product of the actions of a bunch of people who spend time making trouble for others when they had the energy to seek financial wellbeing, because their plan is to secure their pensions by means of things they can do to bend society to their will, I have no idea why I am doing 20 year career mess and the stifling of my Bookshop everyday because of it, just another favourite insult people channel at me which puts them in charge of my affairs, which they are also set to get accustomed to, unable to stop, so that I may intervene painfully. The dynamics of the matter was one in which the men who loved to educate others about women, were engaged in a need to put themselves in charge of matters they could not make sense of and realise they are not in charge whenever they found themselves arguing with women, the women were a product of abusing people getting to a stage where if a woman took care of the children she could not take care of herself or her husband and if she successfully provided for both husband and children will lose out taking care of herself, like the times it becomes a big matter that builds up to people having fantasies about me living in a precarious existence which is another distraction for myself and my clients that I could really do without, on account that some feminist character whose whole life and career was based on being seen, getting dressed up and making a show of herself took some action which outcome is that we never heard the last of it, never mind that they were already complaining about the ones that could not take care of themselves or were experienced a difficult childbirth due to self-neglect, to the consequences that their insanity gave way to an outcome where they could not keep their fingers to themselves, for my part, it says I am a kind of man whose place in the world can be taken up by women and it probably does this because he is hunting down some female lovers as a stupid lesbian, ripping up my finances to do it, save the times I had decided to make a statement for her stupidities with intent, as per whether it was the security services it had little respect for or the eccentric characters that had turned to terrorism or the criminals that its mean stupidities gets to handle at a part of society in which in did not belong, to the effect that I made good the consequences of buttering them up – just like we know the most commonly used insult is the idea that what I am saying is just talk and we know it is a generic response to that nonsense they have built up again, where there are men with careers that worked in an environment where people loved to get beaten down by silly women who would later offer rough sex but continues to channel its gimmicks at me and then other government operatives thereof, a generic response to this thing they have built up again with narcissist platforms that facilitate their self-improvements and people had to get into trouble with the law to show that what was owned is deserved, whereby I will have decided to put aside resources to protect the interests of women and younger children, having since decided the job as a company fat cat had to be done and it was the times that they were not committing crimes or getting killed on the streets which facilitated my publicity and PR.

I am told that there was much confusion about where I was and what was happening to me but there is no such confusion, just a business of the fact there was always a two sides problem at Government affairs, one will pick up public work and twist noses until blood is drawn which people found confusing because its stupidities was famous and the other will form gangs therefore we could easily tell what it was doing – that said, instead of complaining about Royal duties, it was better to plan for it and ensure one made time for oneself, instead what we have at the Monarchy was a bunch of trouble makers allied to the King who spent most of his training years fighting the presiding Monarch over sex and privileges, so we now have a situation where they want to pass the curse of personal decision onto those who thought themselves better people, that said, there is no explanation as to the reasons I was groomed for it over a 13 year period during which time the previous Monarch was Head of state, then there was the Celebrities, apart from the short insolent videos that was the way advertisement should be made, the Celebrity money and the abuses from street and city centre Offices in my direction, it is not clear exactly how long it takes when a person is having to contend with such matters, for them to get from complaining about the problem to being a paid up part of it at the expense of a person that was already a victim. I do not think it is a crisis, just the point that what happened with me was confusing, whereas people have heard me warn them about the continue ripping of my finances, breaching of my patents and spending the public interest in my public work and bookshop on themselves everyday, to tell me I could only do something about it when I was of a certain size, is likely to produce an outcome where I wanted them to put the well off neighbourhood on the spotlight and prove themselves with it – for the time being I have refused to speak of these matters because I had not yet built it up to a stage where there was enough sexual context abuse being fostered from the one I experienced at their behest, towards every git that wedged themselves between myself and the Monarch, now that I have one and can push it at whole neighbourhoods whenever I wanted it, I am at liberty to speak of it but it could cease ripping up my career and finances, running off the abusive sales television, run me down from street and city centre offices and tackle my well being with Celebrity money, over ideas I am supposed to get into a fight with others to serve their stupidities, that is used to run me down when I am at work up to the stage where by itself, it is now creating heath scares and health risks for me, top of the list which is the fabled heart disease, an assumption then that I will not think about getting their famous stupidities killed first. The effrontery of ripping up my assets to run off gimmicks on media after I had been stripped off any protection as they saw it, which would get me to do the bidding of the Celebrities and in 6 years of working hard everyday, we have not been able to tidy up the problem for the security service operatives who worked in what was a specialised environment, talking nonsense about the way I hung around hoovering up privileges and not getting involved with National security – it needs to fight more communists on my behalf, not enough had died yet as it were. Its like we hear the narcissist lecture about people linking narcissism to godlessness, whilst we know that it was fundamentally ungodly to explore peoples existential short comings and set about activities they would not appreciate, the more they complained, I am not doing the same narcissism as such, just playing with the idea there were things they found more useful than the narcissism and they were at risk of losing those, which is actually correct. I am told the famous had always wanted to teach me a lesson and yes they have always without reason or purpose, just a feeling they had, where it is now being denied that the two part problem was the only existing problem i.e. a bunch of fools with a Media job complaining after building a media presence for my public control issues and famous idiots in an alliance with I like to resist your career and financial well being, to complain about the curse of personal decisions the same way criminals complained about the Law, German influence pricks, I understand it is due to the fact I withdrew access after damage was done and failed to get into a fight with others as to serve them but what I wish to find out next is where and when they would like to stop. It is never a matter of people being famous or people being sport stars as such – the famous ripped up my wealth equity and crime control after spending years running me down until they were able to build a social campaign which breached my Book patents and ensured they could pass off the curiosity over my work to another business of their choosing without much difficulty or consequence but what I appear to be doing with them these days was concerned with the idea that they were entitled to get involved with me – the sport stars however have never stopped trashing the public face of creative asset vault that I held in Trust with other companies, to be successful and lead other people down the same path that they had chosen; so there are Celebrities that I got along with and if I said that the single problem of the afore two can be handled in such a manner that each time I performed a service for my Bookshop or created a product, to find them have need of my product and build publicity for that need in a manner that destroys my finances, there would be trouble, I was not really in a position to enforce my stance just yet and it was work that I had to do. The business of having need of my product in a way that wrecks the finances is not in itself an emotive issue as it comes from a part of society where they needed people to tackle public problems because it was the trap for targeted victims of their narcissism, so the very process of tackling problems that they complained about was the stage that made people vulnerable to the narcissism, I am for instance being punished by feminists because I responded to some issues women faced, as a method of abusing people to make money, knowing that it was possible to do the same things if I had not responded to those needs in the first place and so it goes on and on as though it was in their interest to have those public matters resolved – a question of how we end up living like this which is the story of our home wrecker society, one side was mainstream and the other was one such that even when people know that what a bunch of fools said did not make any sense, provided they raised money, even if they did in a co-operative to dazzle people by, they will still gain success at leading people away from the correct path, I am at this stage fed up of feeling perpetually tired, unable to concentrate on anything and sore all over whenever I engaged with the jobs market because they were making statements that no matter how hard I tried, their stupidities got to spend my assets on themselves never the less. Their friends at the Monarchy claimed it was to do with being British whereas it was to do with some need to visit the consequences of personal decisions on those they claim judged them for it, just like criminals complained about the Law. They do claim that I am unaware that my actions were a product of being a weak and cowardly man which is understood but it depended on what they meant, since I am aware such activities showed that somebody who was involved with protecting others was worried about the actions of the famous like I am but we are talking about the contrast between somebody who is engaged with series of activities associated with eccentric characters that showed up on the social life of Politicians, to complain about another group of goons that will not keep the fingers off their body parts, whilst I am talking about the last time work was done to protect the public from terrorism and was completely trashed by famous idiots allied to German influence twats that will ensure whenever they picked up peoples careers, the owners of those careers would be prevented from recovering their property. This is all industrial espionage, to rip up my wealth equity and crime control and throw money at people who had access to my career, so that it was impossible for me to deny them such access, which was a better choice compared to a respectful involvement, they certainly do not expect me to get into a fight with the society idiots who work me with rogue landlord and corrupt private security industry gimmicks whilst they were the people building a media presence for it, to grab my career and shower me with insults everyday. I already planned it this way, the access they have is a product of the fact I set out a platform to work Intellectual property administration with companies, on the basis of society madness and celebrity vandalism, it is a positive result for them to have gained such a level of National and Internationally expressed access to my career, as their activities were the things I had to tolerate each time I needed to make some sacrifice to support clients during business and economic cycle – they simply realise the only way for their gimmicks to affect me was to say that they damaged my finances and I will want to know since I do not write their books around here and they were keeping their own finances, where their famous stupidities would like to stop. These processes were originally designed to ensure that I could manage the business of some people expecting other members of the public to do the hard work, only for them to show up with social matters and cherry pick the best results that they wanted to be affected by means of their Home wrecker politics and Media, I have issued the warning that tackling the Celebrities was new, I should mention here the prognosis that the process was nearly complete – it needs to keep off my clients and Books and restrict its gimmicks and comments to its career.

They do claim this was the part where they got over my head as well but they did not achieve such a thing, just a process where I am envied and to that effect I dropped out of University and the time was such that a recession began a few months after, considering that it would be so much easier to find good work at first instance if I graduated, hence it became incredibly personal. Currently they are saying that I wrecked by Celebrity culture but I have not done that yet, as getting out of bed everyday to live in the nausea of trying to pay my Bills, was a product of their need to cling to my public image, pick up my career publicity for other gimmicks that best suited them and use my products in such a way that my finances bottomed out and none was willing to pay for the products, whilst they did not pay for it themselves, claiming it to be a privilege they could afford because they were famous and it happens everyday. Having since arrived at a stage where I must recognise that I cannot talk them into stopping, I must embark on applicable means to ensure that whenever I am left feeling sore all over because they are always communicating forcibly in my direction and without invitation, for some reason being humiliated by it appears to have casted a shadow from my public image to facilitate show business and market pyramid schemes, they got to lose the job if I had failed to trash their finances – always on the phone a well off neighbourhood, to some twat that was helping it make money by handling my assets, which finances it was unable to account for, getting abusive everyday and thinks that it got over my head. I am told the fact I did not like them was also a problem in its own right but I do not dislike them, rather since the first time we met and the usual business of deciding other peoples thought process on their part ensued, nothing had returned to the way it way before then, just as much as the now existing two disposition cannot be reconciled. In the end we know they got completely out of hand because the King suggested that they had been fighting some communists on my behalf, to create a process where the narcissism that would have been effective if I was a dependant was made possible, as somebody could easily ascertain that they were more deserving of my career than I am, occurred because I was too much of a coward to fight the communists myself – so we see when politicians eventually say that we are in essence being governed by home wreckers, that would be the part where the facts were being put crudely. Then they claim I did not like the King whereas it was a matter of the fact HM fundamentally hates the Monarchy, so rather than a situation in which there was duty and plan was made to perform those duties whilst being able to make time for self, we instead have a need to pass on the curse of unusual personal decisions – the part they played in this was to say that I was too comfortable with the Monarchy whereas it was a matter of relevance and purpose which if I no longer had I would have to put my hands to other things I could do, so they built me a profile that matched the social activities of criminals and community that fingered my bum, their media fools got about a stage for rogue landlords and corrupt private security for which they built a media presence having discovered I was not vulnerable to these kinds of persons, built the media presence for them and set about complaining whilst issuing threats at me, as stupidly as it gets. So we are being governed by home wreckers to say the least apparently but it seems that it was such a problem that not only did the King himself hate the Monarchy but when I did nothing about it, they bothered him and I got attacked, when I did something about it, they bothered him and I got attacked, when they got out of hand, they bothered him and I got attacked, thus the problem is such that I can only take control of the situation well enough to solve it if I were King myself, hence I will not be surprised if one of these days HM announced he was abdicating. We do hear them claim I thought I had achieved the standard for my Office but have not, reality however is that I have, it simply was not a problem during the reign of QEII that a lot of it was put towards supporting and assisting other people, in current conditions there seem to be too much of that going on and I am being punished for it – now it makes sense to ensure that instead of ignoring Celebrities, it would have transpired that there was no place for my bad experience with them at the Monarchy, especially those concerning instances where I stand up for myself and they follow me around to ensure I am worse off, therefore they had to absorb it into their fame, just like the society gits once finished with rogue landlords and corrupt private security abuses, they expect to go home to their own well off neighbourhoods, if I found myself unable to catch up with Royal affairs, thus before I completely wrecked everything that mattered to these two groups of people, there have already been a history in which they had time to decide exactly what they wanted from the situation they built.

We are told it is all a strange ideas created by people who want to control others but a mountain of problems that facilitated a position for a crowd that fingered my bum, from the complaints of idiots who ensured their narcissism relied on me whilst I am at work and I got into a habit of dumping the problems in their comfort zone which in their opinion needed to be stopped with disastrous consequences they suggested was another person’s responsibility, would dispute such claims.


Eventually we have seen this nonsense spread from the Celebrities to the Politicians and some people now think that taxation should be abolished because they were Tories: I could never tell anyway, those of us who had a normal mentality thought that taxation had nothing to do with individual Politicians, it was government taxing people for the infrastructure it provides and other things it does not maintain the infrastructure, just as we are aware the question of taxation was never one of whether it should exist at all but one of whether it was competitive with what people were doing overseas. The details of this seemingly small matter was eventually expressed fully over issues associated with a sense what I have said was a scratch on the surface of what I had done, which I would agree to, as my responses to these kinds of misdemeanours have ranged from a need to ensure Celebrities like the Politicians seen to be getting involved with public matters whilst they were thinking of themselves, no longer had me to play with over matters of social clandestine abuses and had to rely on the quasi criminals they claimed were better persons that were born under dangerous birthdates – these lies have been told over my career and finances for the best part of two decades now, started off showing up at University to finger my bum until I dropped out and now they have told enough lies to end up in a socially organised process of harming themselves everyday which I now wish to make permanent as the abuse of my Bookshop and finances continued. Not clear what they meant dangerous birthdates either, they speak of Scorpios and Virgos most of the time; we know that as a Libra I have lived with the two all my life and Scorpios always needed somebody against whom they can leverage violent activities, the inspiration and reason for them to be heroes, their best choice is always the personal and social life of a Libra like something they were entitled to with Celebrities and Politicians never listening to what the security services were saying, especially if they thought they could take advantage of a Libra, whilst Virgos never stopped lying, never stopped the street whispering, the hanging around at street corners telling tales about the way people had grabbed their career, relying on a Libras personal and social life as leverage to get out of any mess that may arise which is the main reason Celebrities liked to tackle my finances because they thought the forces that suggested it was unprotected were greater, with an outcome that too many people were taking part in practical jokes that affected it and I want the famous to suffer for these results. It tells those lies endlessly that I moved into their right hand and fingered their bums first and each time I cleared out moved into mine to tell tales that I did not because I was afraid to, each time its bottom hurts the way I like it however, its stupidities misses the point that I am asking it not to govern me unless it wishes to complain about me and expect Politicians to listen to its stupid feelings as well, when it does speak about what I am afraid to do, I believe it was clear enough it needed to stay out of mine and go for it whenever it thought its madness had arrived at the point – they have read the birth signs well enough to have learned that a Libra would protect his peace at any cost. The rest are always seen working the home wrecker gimmicks that leaves them means to do stupid things with other peoples lives to make their own money and have adopted a disposition where their famous gits got to grab interest expressed by the public in my affairs and trash my finances doing so, knowing well that what they took for private purposes was public work and it will not stop unless it really did, especially when they believed they possessed financial leverage to pretend they were incredibly important and pay others as a method of getting out of what I had to do to clear up the mess – so far the narcissism of withdrawing crime control publicity that was designed to ensure people did the best work for their careers and academic pursuits which I am now suffering for is producing only an effect where they had already told so many lies that they were now lying to themselves, after developing another tag for criminals they labelled people born under dangerous birth dates that were more willing to serve them, whilst I am paying the price as well, as per if I never created the crime control publicity it would never have happened, hence the choice between keeping off my finances especially when famous and a process where this serves as a beginning. The point of these facts being the background to what is set as a statement that assists me on confidence matters, that I am doing good work; I know I am as this mentality of ripping up public affairs to make personal wealth is being shared by Politicians who think tax money should be handed to them, the businesses that did would end up in a country where infrastructure was not fit for purpose and the government will begin a process of rebuilding that will involve taxing them without accountability, but before then the Politicians who came up with the idea would be wealthy people – a conversation that has been entertained before, that the wealthy were taxed more because more people made use of infrastructure which supported their businesses and workers were taxed on the basis of income – that businesses came to the UK because of these infrastructures, including a welfare state that keeps the poor, destitute and homeless out of their way, in order to access bigger markets overseas but these kinds of activities ensure we ended up with a situation where a bunch of people achieved a result where between 20% and 10% of the products were we legitimately selling on the high streets were stolen, so we could not tell where people were coming from and our bottom hurt all the time – likewise the biggest problem I now faced was Celebrities, Media, corrupt private security and rogue landlords attacking me for and my history of living on welfare, as a tool for being respectful of those who want to rule at my expense. I am told everything I have said here had gone to waste which it had not – the issues addressed should clear up a stage where each celebrity involvement with my affairs that detaches public interest from my Books, ended up with an outcome where they acquired a habit which wrecked their finances. Alternatively, they probably have a viable excuse, a good explanation for the fact I have gotten out of bed everyday to face financial complications associated with Books that their stupidities want to share whilst it is patented in my name, as a theory that they were entitled to anything in this place. The question raised at Government was as per the idea that I appeared to be vulnerable to everything and I am not vulnerable to any of these gimmicks, just rogue landlords and corrupt private security with a society of male idiots who performed abusive gimmicks at my bedroom window, to the effect that I thought clearing out the matters that got me dropping out of University would solve the problem I faced, only to end up with a prepared career that was not free of their abuses whilst they claimed their stupid society was a civil right but somebody had to build a media presence for it, the same group of people who built one to breach my patents and make money selling my market to big businesses by pushing red buttons at production studio, then progressed to attacking my social life because they needed to ensure they and their families were friends with wealthy people they met in the course of their media jobs, ended up attacking me over claims I had disrespected wealthy people they wanted to befriend, ripping up everything around here. They do suggest I never speak of the effects my Book produced which I have – we know the gimmick of men pouring out of Europe to Hollywood to do something with my finances was initiated 7 years ago and the Media presence built for the gits that watched me on CCTV to work me for taking candy from a baby abuses were given publicity by the celebrities that saw them as means of accessing my career and therefore not having to be nice to me as they put it provided them such publicity a year later from 2016 when it began, we know that the private security gits that will protect the famous people who grabbed my career got caught up with security services since and it has been a wonder to many as to how I did it, whilst their greed leads them in everything and their stupidities were born on birth dates that made them people I should be afraid of, to which effect I had decided they can never do enough to satisfy me, having torn down my assets to fight some communists and get me doing the bidding of their famous gits. Ee have been here before, the first time around they complained that I protected my career from their up, down round and round gimmicks that industry which ensured careers they could not make money from did not mean anything to anybody no matter what the owners did with it, complained I pursued them to their holiday destinations, this time it seems I had written a Book that tackled the abusive people who lived in those destinations but they wanted my profile as a tool for fame self-reinvention and since our clash those character had gotten out of hand, whilst they decided they wanted to spend my work to get them under control and if I did that myself, there would be an issue over certainty of power, when I had not killed its famous stupidities yet. This is all a product of hanging about at a Royal Office with a thought process to do something about a public image, whilst the Office already came with one, I don’t, they have simply put it up in my mind that I am likely to be royalty when they permitted it, I am now set to play up both sides, where it keeps away from my Books and restricts its comments to its career or it will have more to complain about – nothing has been spared, not even the choice of where I bought my supplies considering the tendency for somebody to say that my influence did something and they harmed others because of me or security services finding and meeting friends overseas that they can work with, it has been dismantled to facilitate their popularity supported by German and Italian twats that will protect them from those whose careers they had stolen. We know where it is going i.e. if it applies that I am incapable of working crime control publicity without involving the famous, these fools are not the only famous persons on the planet, therefore need to stop handling my public image and assets.


They do claim that the source of all my problems but they are not – it is the same story from 20 years ago of a bunch of idiots picking up a safe distance from which to make money building up resistance to my career success, the question is whilst they kept their matrimony, finances and careers, everything I have done to prevent their distraction moving me away from my career activities had failed, with some significant failures attached, if it is to be taken seriously when their stupidities complained about my responses too. It is the one thing as per when people say I know what it is and should take strong measures, the one thing about fantasies a bunch of people so stupid that the only way to make them behave if they had an unusual interest in others was to do harm to them, in my case, with respect to some need to build up a sense that there was something I am supposed to do for them and develop it into a social activity that people could join in on, needs to be shut down if it is being built by idiots who complained that their society was infested with racism. The American part was a two sides story where the blacks had chosen people they wanted to bully because of their history of slavery and the whites majored in being Politicians that were incredibly good at looking for trouble, so the resistance other people built into my career with social activities was the main stage for their practical jokes which have eventually caught up with my financial wellbeing. These are people who are buying products at the market as though I ought to lose something important because they had and it is not being stopped whilst it actually should, I do not think they had any right to interfere with my client interests like we see them do; when it does not think my Books makes sense, it simply needs to buy something else. Here it is said that I know of all these but allowed the career vandalism to catch up with me but it has not; all of the problem here are created by a bunch of gits at the local council who had kicked up a fuss about their get you stuck unemployment welfare gimmicks, do not wish to pay up anymore, claims I am too old but continued to cling to the Bookshop and secure privileges for its idiots concerning whom I really needed to get it out of my head that I am not supposed to do them harm, who had gone on to fight some communists on my behalf. It is all a bunch of incredibly stupid ageist pricks who only tend to find out they are not in charge and do not know what they are doing when they were either criminal feminists or a bunch of male fools complaining about women – until then it seemed that they were the people facing difficulty when I still see the activities that were performed to get me dropping out of University so they might work middle management stupidities hanging about in forums to teach people how to get rich handling my public life through a pyramid scheme, showing up at University to fight for the interests of younger people at my expense until I dropped out, so it seems that when I again attend an academic institution at this stage, it was never clear how old exactly they believed I should have been to stay out altogether but it is one of those matters about which I ought to take up enough action to ensure they understood it was none of their business. Like I do consider that perhaps it was a good thing they made something of themselves as middle management goons but it never is as they had decided the route to riches was to set up employment roles for people and run people down through it to befriend the famous and other industrial twats, so they had to devise a backup plan for the way that security services communicated, concerning which we know even know that we have not found an original motivation was such widespread destruction over simple selfishness and greed. It has done another one after I had it all sorted out, turned up here to ensure what I did for the career was all counter productive and that I was being bullied into picking up myself from being other peoples door mat with a big mouth – so it needs to be clear on my part as well that when their stupidities were fed up paying up the welfare, they needed to tell their street idiots to stay off my Bookshop, just as much as their male society and local council stupidities would have done the same or we will end up with a clash that featured their idiots that were born on dangerous birth dates issues with the local council as a centre piece and people getting rid of the mentality that it is not right to do harm to them, as it seems that such an atmosphere was the only one where they got to keep their imagination away from peoples body parts - that said, there is still outstanding the fact that when they linked up with another group of idiots raising money in a co-operative to buy shares with companies I involved myself with in order to handle me and continue stifling my Bookshop, so each time people engaged what people saw and engaged with was to do with what their stupidities thought of me and not my work or my Book, Celebrities and Media were the other scum working at the heart of such outcomes and these are the people who need to feel me next, just as much as the other society gits did, so an idiot may show up to stop me and complain about failing to control their gimmicks later on too - their entire lives seemed to have been built around abusive activity and insults, claiming a social activity had provided them a full proof protection from a blow back.


They insinuate that I had difficulty getting along with compliments and flattery which is utter nonsense, what happens is that engaged with the private security industry, I can no longer access the work history because they were borrowing it, not the first time they have converted my work action into something abusive beyond imagination which serves their needs because they possessed media presence to play with but this had come to light because I wanted to make it the last. Everywhere I went and in everything I did, there was the need to factorise and understand what I am saying or doing in terms of private security industry narcissism, it never stops and there is always a way to explain the effects as something concerning which I solely was responsible due to the media presence they played with, until it really does, so each time an idiot raises money to progress from bullying people to befriend the wealthy and claiming security services were provocative, in order to get around with companies I associated myself with in a bid to handle me, their famous activities were responsible and they were not reading or paying for any Books at the shop for it either, not paying any of my bills for that matter. Same as their friends at the local council who decided I should be bullied into making something of myself, so whenever I did what I did was counterproductive because it was stolen, now the same wants to back out of paying welfare whilst it does not wish to get its society fools away from my social life and my Bookshop all together. It eventually arrives at this question of what I did to gain respect on account I had posed a threat to others, which is not the case at all – I do not care what people think and it serves me well, like the many examples but the one I really wish to mention was to do with security industry work which served people only to have my career trashed by those it served in order to be told what they would really love to feel safe from and what they wanted to feel safe from did not make any sense – it is not really a problem to care only about the self as such when it transpires this behaviour is meant to set a stage for them to befriend the wealthy for wealth sharing and leave you the task of doing a sustainable economic activity, however exacerbating security problems whilst clinging to the career of somebody who did the security work that you claim was inadequate by getting in league with criminals and building them a Media presence really is a problem – for me personally, it seemed that everywhere I went and in everything I did, it followed me around to ensure my place at work, with people I had familiarised with was a matter of security industry narcissism that will serve its purpose, then claims that other people enjoying their own privileges at Government were the people working against its famous stupidities to ensure it did not wreck my life completely and we know it is the same Media and Celebrity who need to grab peoples career and acquire security from people victims are supposed to be afraid of, first time around which I got those people to follow them everywhere, share in the knowledge of where their families took the holidays and various other personal life matters, this time I think it had abusively repeated itself well enough for me to do something comprehensive.

The suggestion there was nothing I could do either way is nothing unusual but this is an example of an instance where it would make sense to say that another mention of it whilst I had to deal with the poor book sales numbers their abuses caused, will either get them to put the well off neighbourhood on the spotlight and prove themselves within a deadline or I will put it on the spotlight on their behalf, so they might prove themselves either way. It speaks of people who fight my battles all the time naturally and this is an example of instances where the myth will be busted considering that security services leadership earned the same as their local MPs and anybody could put the mind to the kind of work people in that income bracket did, therefore the fantasy character that fought my wars to allow them show up on media, trash my finances and talk nonsense at me did not exist i.e. there is a sense in my own mind, the contribution I am making to this nonsense, that I am not supposed to cause them harm and I am about to get rid of it, seems to be my job to establish reality. What I have permitted here is a gimmick where my career is good and people could say that there was possibility of somebody doing the same for the wrong reasons which casts areas of my public image in unsavoury environments to facilitate show business, leaving them to make money in a way that makes me feel sick to my stomach and get off trashing my finances to show that the money provided them power – another thing I have permitted here is the means to get off making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy – so when it complains that the way I respond hurts its tummy as well, I am not asking it to look back at the choppy work history that its unusual interest in me had created for me, everybody knows if half the time to be spent in the work environment was spent on such nonsense, the history that such a person in the position will have created would be one that made people feel sick, all the way to the tax man, I am not asking them to get involved with my work history either and nobody else is – the stupidities at my expense has to end, it needs to show up here because it is interested in a Bookshop and nothing else. Not least I need this done in terms of recovering my network; it was meant to have been a cluster of women who did something with my affairs that a mistress would have done, to make a living and allow me some protection from these madness, it seems now that I am protected from nothing because it was full of incredibly stupid Americans and famous idiots, so I will first before I got to the part where I wanted their well off neighbourhoods to keep out of my affairs and cease picking up my assets and derivates, try the option of whether they will hand back my Bookshop market and public image profile, from the well off neighbourhoods they are always seen on the phone to somebody that helped them make money they could not account for – it however should have been a matter of having mistresses that became mistresses as a direct measure associated with running the Bookshop itself and what I have currently is becoming irrelevant to me with the state of my finances to show for it – here it is said that I brought it upon myself which is also utter nonsense as the original result was that they showed up here with ideas about what I am meant to do for them and I got them doing things for me slavishly as well, it appeared the only people willing to pay for the abusive method of involving themselves with my Royal personal and social life were a bunch of rich idiots who liked to see me dance around my pain, hence the problem was a self-resolving until the King decided they were fighting my wars because I am too much of a coward to do it myself and they were now off to add a need to tell security services whom to serve on the basis of the cars and houses they owned, whilst finding the best ways they want to serve those who wanted to rule, with my public image as a tool that allowed them appear to have adopted a state of mind which suggest they knew what respect and could therefore give it.

They tell tales that I am in a enemy of my enemy is my friend arrangement with the communists, of which the last time we checked, was not what the communists told them about me anyway – mostly however was completely irrelevant as the main problem is that they did not get to stall my career and finances for the pleasure of getting to tell me what to do and did not get to tell me what to do all together anyway, alternatively continue to risk it even when I had taken up the business of getting involved with communists to tell me what to do and run it for them properly. It is abusive of my person everyday like something that would love to get into a difficult situation should I get it out of my head, that I should not be acting in a way which caused them harm, then it speaks of the way I handled its gimmicks whilst we know it was not public leadership, professional leadership, interest groups or even its famous idiots that got all over peoples social lives with immoral society so others were never allowed to smell nice, they were just a bunch of abusive society gits following me around to rip up a career and finances and then following me around to keep up a history of having done it. The reality was quite clear that if it was so important to keep their jobs and careers, if it was the case that we never got to see the wickedness of their famous gits until such a time as famous people wanted something and felt that somebody thought they should not have it, why do the gimmicks and abuses and practical jokes from them always likely to target other people’s livelihoods and finances? Needs to make the comments about its own job, career, and livelihood, speaking of what happens at the Monarchy will not suffice, last we checked a group of goons with ambitions that only worked if I was trapped thought they were magicians at the Monarchy, but I fail to see what it had to do with them all together. If all their practical jokes were played up in a way that had nothing to do with pushing me around and ordering my steps and they were not interfering with my livelihood, we can already see as I speak of it, there would be no problems at all. They do suggest that they were more successful than I am and should have the privilege to dominate me which does not make any sense as what has really happened is a need to abuse an Arch Prince to such an extent they were the people who were financially successful, thus the problem became that they had created an environment that was not conducive for successful people and people who had gained good social standing – it is not that I cannot spend time passing insults at them and running them down as well, just that the one item is outstanding that if they did me and I did them, they would handle my concerns to solve financial problems whilst I would have lost everything, it obviously does not tell them where their social standing was located. The society trouble makers claim I never came through on what I had done to harm them and they did not know how to approach the effects of my actions whilst we know it tears up academic pursuits and follows me around to keep up the effects for a decade, my response to the way my time had been spent produced an outcome where they had to spend the savings to build new social lives in order to carry on, which I could easily perceive as a new way to stimulate economic growth or recovery, if the continued abuse of my person, property and finances continued to build up enough frustration for it. I have A Royal Commission and its purpose is to inspire the public to achieve, I have been doing that, getting involved with systems of economic growth but now we faced new problems, such as the question of whether employers being incompetent to look forward to Celebrities buying up business and industrial systems, should be done at the expense of individual workers, whilst I needed to be free of their gimmicks by shutting down the way I worked and yet everybody knows that any alternative way of getting it done will never produce the kinds of results that were currently being produced, whilst each time I worked it, I had a famous git take advantage and leave me with nothing, it needs to stop handling me, not assume that complaining of what communists think of me will allow me make good of the gimmicks it performs at my expense. They have had it so well worked out that they had even made their own statement about the way security services communicated, apparently, it provoked them but I do not think they were ready for any instances I decided the need to abuse my career and finances to such an extent that the will of an idiot who gathered celebrity money to buy companies I got involved with in a bid to control me, producing an outcome where I burned their show business, could be helped. The claim that I did not have any real power was much the same – they were in love with economic abuse and when they had not seem me play my hand on such issues yet, I had no power and it was fun to say so, the rest of us simply wish to get on whilst they ran off gimmicks that distracted people from the daily affairs to such an extent they ended up making money from doing so, it is the same thing as it ever were, the same pattern where it became obvious eventually that being rude to people made bad customer service and bad customer service costs and lost money, so they needed my personal and social life to create a sense that they were capable of being nice, have not yet made enough wealth to dominate people as such, I have only delayed the time it took for them to make such wealth that they became impatient enough to reveal their true self.

The point is then raised as though others did not possess the intelligence to engage in conversations about it, over claims that my actions and activities encouraged an environment in which people were randomly blamed for the personal decisions other people made – reality however is that my personal decisions had nothing to do with them first of all and an average worker on minimum wage will lose their classic £3,500 to £2,000 savings, every year lived on state welfare, just so that they may have their fun. For me, it should have been a matter of working assets, equity, and intellectual property administration with companies, to sell Books to the public and for the comments made about my career instead of their own, I did not see that I wrote Books that were patented to their names in this place.