Now the part where I am making things worse for myself with Americans is entirely understood but anybody could only but tolerate so much of idiots coming from that country into my life to wreck my finances in order to seek self improvements and wealth by abusing me and of course we know it is sanctioned by their Politicians who like spiritual evils and wish to use my work to develop their careers; the only problem being the way I see it which is that I am not even a Politician, while their entire country is governed by Politicians and therefore should actually have no business with them whatsoever, hence the trouble they seek will they find in good measure as well; it’s been 12 years of this and I have no idea why I am making things worse for myself at this stage either, all I know is that if the idiots do not stay away from me and all I own soon enough and lead their citizens and not me soon enough I will run the United States for them my way and that their stupid quest for spiritual power I will rip out of them as well by the time it is over, hence fair to assume I will run that country my way; it is a foreseeable risk when low level politicians from a Country feel they can do whatever they like with a high ranking government operative from another one like Americans normally do alongside their media idiots who think they can address anybody whenever they feel like it. Of course these things are happening on account media idiots are not very happy with how I have behaved toward them but that is not an emotive issue either, they know more about publicity concerning my books than I do so let them do it and I will hold it down for them as well, they think they have back stage media and cameras to hide behind and hurt me and they are simply realising there is no camera in this world that can protect them from me, they think they want to run publicity for my books and property so they can later decide whom they sell it to – run my business for me and keep the Lion share like candy from a baby and I have forced them to run a global campaign for my books which I have claimed by writing blogs on my website of which they have been able to take the equities away from me currently in hell as it were and the list goes on and on and on but they say they do these things because they want to show me the only way I can ensure there is respect for my property is when and if I kill somebody over it and this is where they lose their media sacred cow status since they are the ones doing the big guy stuff and can do all the kill instead while I inspect – I mean think about having a job and going to the office to do this on a daily basis, would you be counted among normal people that others should be inflicted with? I am not of the opinion it is a major crisis I am just saying I have made them run a global publicity campaign for me which I have laid claims to and they have been able to recover from me only in their dreams, so we await what they have got as well since they never listen when I say they need to stay away from my book sales and stay away from the industries whether or not they have a teenager at home they want to give the best parties in the world, seeing I have the Queens job to get done and their lives can easily be a worthy price for it too. They talk that nonsense regularly of course about various new classes but the reality is still that this is a three class society and the class where I was taken to by Her Majesty Herself, The Monarch is the only one that has the right to get around with Parliamentarians and I am the only one with a certain spiritual divinity, the Middle Classes and Lower classes know their stuff and it is not to be assumed that I would take it or they would allow me usurp it in anyway; anybody who has an opportunity to control media and advertisement and popular culture like I do would pass it up for nothing in this world, there is no planet where they candy from a baby with me and this is something they have not learnt so they have stepped up their irregular heart beat TV for it as well. Now the meaning of this is still as ever i.e. we say economic crisis means lets go back to the drawing board they say economic crisis means lets step up our bullying and then they come up with all those strange stories to tell about how it is the way things are done, how it is the way to get rich, how it is the way to get famous and generally have that stupid assumption going on about who likes them when such a person does not in any way whatsoever – since it is clear not even their parents would approve this is the correct way to make a living and I would care if they did either. So the way it will work is the way it will work i.e. I will round them up and tie them off in every endeavour in this world and they can round up my books as well due to the fact they need their regular fix of being able to insult me by getting my attention through doing damage to my work and finances along with it and of course predictable finances will seep out through little loopholes and effect investments for them due to the fact they have been in the work force before I was born and I will certainly have to find a way around that and wait for them at their retirement as well. The easy way out is that they stay away from my books and stay away from the Industries and the American Politician can stick to leading the American electorate and not me. It is never true that I stalk their celebrities, their celebrities are just really destructive and it is quite surprising for people that have travelled far and travelled wide and have spare cash to spend on themselves all be it at my expense they are made as it were, all I do is check them up to find out what they are doing with my work a copy of which was never purchased so they can have their own and do what they want with the content of those. What they do however is barge into my affairs and sit around to do their own thing and pop out babies for me that are really stupid and stubborn even though which is all incredibly rude by the way but it soon degenerates into a money problem and that is always split into two halves, at one they attack me all the time for behaving in ways which cause sales of their vanities to slow down and on the other they have a lot of money and are wrecking more and more of mine to lead me on and show me in the eventual end they were beyond my league all along; hence I have no idea why anybody would imagine I want to stalk anything like those from here either. However it is nice to see that a media and advertisement boss now has to go to the office to worry about his job and me and my work and has to handle all three to get by; some way I could do better but I think this is the best way to get it done since if they have no sense they are winning they will never throw money on advertisement so I can decide what happens to their money as well whenever I want, prove of how effective it is of which is that but for the fact stupid young people rally to them regularly I should have been able to finish them off financially hence every bit of penny they have stolen from me at this stage. However I am happy with current arrangement of their liabilities as well. Their American friends can continue to love their games with political instability here, especially the black ones who think they can handle anybody on account they are the best example of what a person from the west should be generally I should suppose because a look at them is this prognosis come to mind, their sense of superiority I get and they come and go here all the time for my part as well, so I should start with a warning of my own too. They all need to stay off my books and stay away from the Industries, or I will improvise and make my holiday away from their stupidities. So they say it is largely a matter of how so superior to other people I think I am but of course I have made my way in this world to the top in the cleanest way known to any human being, without lying to or stealing from or cheating or robbing anybody – I mean I am now living off brokering equities of the way I live with companies in order to aid them with product security during and economic crisis, it has practically saved my Country by the way so it is difficult to figure out how many people are superior to me in this world. Of course some people want to fight them but I rather think it is completely unnecessary; I mean what would people say anyway, the allies of the Arch Prince that did the violent stuff or never enjoyed or saw any of it before the fight started? I have always thought they can burn in hell and it would be nice if they say off the books and let the fans get closer and keep in touch so I don’t have to handle them for my part as well and make a different history from that all together.


Of course in actual fact there is nothing to fear from them except a process where they search and asses people all the time and have circles and gatherings where they tell other people that was them all the time to steal identities and fame, about which a simple process like I do of hurting them for each time they do so that each time they open their mouths to tell people what I have done to them for it is reflected as well is always good enough to ensure there is a message out there that it is all a farce but recently it is not enough anymore and I have to build up publicity for those things I do to them as well and find out later what becomes of their stupid insolent prejudice later. Naturally it’s always a matter of skin colour shared and how their parents have demanded things from me, I mean we do wonder where they get ideas from that although I am older than they are I am still new kid on the block but when such things happen we do not have to look far for answers anymore even though we know their parents are mad and nobody knows at any recent stage what is wrong with them or why they would think their stupid children should approach those who are clearly their age mates in such ways as well. It is the matter at the heart of the advertisement industry where people normally fear for my well being but I am completely fine because of course I need them to push money down advertisement and then when I try to settle what will happen to such money, I will only end up stopping there from one area only to contend with them the next second in another but the tent they pitch on my life to get rich with remains; hence they have to deal with me, their jobs and my products everyday they get to the office and it is good that way for now. It is also much the same with abuse on the internet of young people; where I have to tell people I need to feel I was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and am going somewhere and if they continue to abuse me and remove that I will install the one my parents gave me thereof, the kind of fights that are too much for younger people and hence they are vulnerable to such abuse; that said of which I do not worry about making my securities public either since the fact are clear about what risks young people take when they want to make use of products created in these kinds of circumstances without paying for it – it was obviously always a matter of their own choices for a reason as it were.


They complain of these things involving my ludicrous intervention in the lives of women but do not wish to get off any of my property on account according to the Americans especially, I set out a fundamental sensibility with which my plan is to take their lovely wives and children away from them and it will never make sense either what my intervention in the world of women is, only the need to extract an income from my work and squander it and the idea I can be beaten up by them if they wanted with that big mouth all the time; hence the story remains the same of how they need to get off my books and my websites and my company and the Industries but getting off my Television is entirely optional. Today they thought news was a process of telling us how Politicians react to judgements made by learned judges on sex abuses cases where the defendants walk free from Court and the Prosecutor who is himself a paedophile as it were by the way as God knows, describes a 13 year old girl as a sexual predator that is sexual experienced. Nobody will ever know however why politicians would describe a judge’s decision in a case as too lenient and that it needs to be reviewed; according to what the prosecutor said it is entirely easy to predict what the case was i.e. a matter of some grown man at a job who has is penis groped by a culturally learned 13 year old girl who was never taught to respect other peoples sexual needs and the result that she was abused by the man who is old enough to be her father and has a job to do with pressures to consider as well and since there is no history of sexual abuse by this man who is himself a victim of abuse even though his abuse was not what was under scrutiny in court but the one he inflicted on the girl, the judge has weighed up what is actually physical evidence and came to a judgement on what the outcome of the case should be – now the moral of the story therefore being that it is good that 13 year old girls are culturally orientated in a sexual way by which it is possible to abuse anybody in a sexual way and in a sexual context but not taught by any culture to show respect for the sexual needs of others, hence we assume what Politicians are saying is that it sometimes happens that if you throw a petrol bomb into a person’s living room, they could easily decide to stay in and die in their homes rather than get out to safety but it is not okay for people whom I can easily predict were teachers or doctors since these two especially are the most vulnerable to the sexual abuses of minors to snap and sexually molest some girl who sexual predates on them all the time and therefore the judgement of the judge who just got out of bed to be one is therefore wrong; its impressive but even more impressive that even when politicians speak of homosexual marriages, it seems that what homosexuals have said to them is that the law for them and for heterosexual couples is unequal and therefore needs to be changed to allow them to describe their partners as their next of kin and various other rights that people in a married relationship enjoy but what politicians have spoken about all through the process of changing the law for homosexual couples is marriage equality, hence there is even more pressure on working couples as it were which then makes for a society where girls should be taught he means to abusing men old enough to be their fathers in a sexual context, torch their homes for them and get away with it if they can basically so to speak. The outcome of course is the usual stuff with homosexuals in that since this is not what they asked them to do and since there is a problem created, homosexuals do not solve any problems for anybody and so the Politicians have got one to deal with as it were and I bet the need for Political power therefore paid off that much too. However back to the main issues and this is just the second page so far, we need seven for a blog on the websites otherwise it will be shorter than the side show column and therefore aesthetically displeasing.  Naturally big men that are very fast thieves are my problem they say but yes I am aware of that and since last I decided when they leave their jobs and cling to mine to destroy it for all sorts of excuses and squander my income rather than work for their own, I can then take it up and do it for them so they can talk rubbish about fundamentalisms I have set up to take away from them their beautiful wives and children but do not wish to get off my books and stay away from the Industries like I have warned them to either – so I am never giving back that stupid society and that stupid culture and I will get my hands on that stupid Politics soon enough, all they have to do is continue the television bullying and its irregularly heart beat TV features which are powers they have to make me compliant when I have money and they wish to spend it – their girl friends can always continue to consider my life and my person as something they can peddle in the form of an inspiration in their heads but it is all the way they think peoples Intellectual Property Administration business should be handled, I mean this was always a problem associated with having a business that deals with such products but it should be noted that while they complain this problem is an industry for them, looking for a piece of me all the time according to what daddy who is a completely mad sociopath teaches them and does with them through popular music, the children can continue to jump on my finances to ensure I am dealing with the evils of men for their feminist wives who spend my income on themselves as pocket money and cannot stay off the industries as well; however the exploring of my personality to make money and the dominating of me to seek new heights when they require career promotions will end very badly and that is a promise they are getting from the Horse’s mouth. It’s like the stuff about how women in my Court are paedophiles but they always knew they can write how much they hate the Police on the T Shirts and move over to the stock markets to make quick millions.


So the idea I hide behind women is completely unfounded because of course as I mentioned above, the reality is that an Intellectual Property Administration business faces risks but the idea that those risks would become something that another person builds an industry with is not just a shockingly abusive and insulting outcome but is something completely provocatively unprecedented and this is all they do with their time – basically impossible to do anything in public without provoking me and so we hear them complain about me all the time as well and could believe it’s the end of the world already. The part where I contribute to the sufferings of poor Africans is very well understood of course but I know I expect power when I have to explain myself which I will as well i.e. I need to in order to be predisposed to distract them until they are distracted onto poverty as well. A measure of what I say when I mention they need to get off my book sales and off the Industries is what they wish to know, especially what the scale is but that was rather simple and obvious i.e. this is not the 1970s when they were free to mark people out and tell stories of what they did to bring them from millionaires to homeless mad men in my case of which I have been caught young with a big mouth, this is not the 1970s where they get around diplomatic circles, sleep with tyrants and dictators, chew snacks, steal money and generally do whatever they like – I could have been if they had any respect for anything in their stupid lives. Like the case of the Barrister above who is said to have described a 13 year old as sexual predator on the television all day when it is no news at all i.e. you torched his home and you torched his family and you torched him and ended up being sexually abused for it, you are sexually experienced, you are a sexual predator smacks of a barrister that has experienced such a thing not a paedophile without a criminal record for it. In the same way these idiots expect me to realise that communities created to spend my income, designed on the liabilities of my company, to make their new popular culture families is a legitimate family about which I am a home wrecker as well and we shall see too for my part, since it appears to them it is still a big joke too. I do not think I have accomplished a great and difficult thing either, it’s just a sideline i.e. the dunce in government office in Britain on account their parents send them to British Universities to find me and rub shoulders with me, wreck my academic work, pass their own and become the powerful educated idiots. I will do my academic work in its good time and it will be on their terms.


Hence we move on to the matter of the need for me to be the guy that hates celebrities and antagonises everything about them and at the same time does not have what they have because those who work for them need me to be in order to please celebrities and get a lot of money from them for doing so. Good start I suppose but we have more than half of this blog to finish – today’s workload so they had better get cracking too. Apparently their game plan around some hatred for those that have refused to live like them which is especially violent towards the ones that have what they don’t extends to support for the Scottish National Party where they think there will be a new country and idiots in it that can scare me into leaving anything they take from me to be owned by stupid women and girls and their foolish children in order to facilitate the continuation of such nonsense from then on. Naturally we are full up to our neck with stories about changes and changes and changes that need to happen to society to bring about satisfaction for women but of course we have now stooped to selecting special courts that are skilled in matters of sex abuse to deal with sex abuse cases, when everybody knows that abuse is abuse and that the society that exists to abuse men is never really just a fantasy like people claim it is of which claiming it is not creates something worse unless if I were to say it that is, which I have. The idea that women are really hammering me and I am in a lot of trouble of which is utter nonsense as well, what the truth is, is that I am at this point still in control of things hence I have no need for institutional structures where I can regularly express my hatred for women in a way that will go straight to their hearts on account of the things they wake up every day to do to me as an expression of their wickedness that has no limits. It is simply a time to talk at the moment when and if I lose control of things around here they will take it up and do it while I hold it down for them and then they will know without a doubt that they are in a fight; so for now I can only continue to bang on how important it is they save their insults and keep it if they want as well. It is not a new story it’s a matter of being Mr soft cuddly toy that people want to handle and lean on over their problems in life and thus regularly abuse you until you look as though they want to attack you all the time so that they can; I have finished with the European ones and the American ones I will certainly make an example of not that I intend to take any nonsense from the African ones either. People do not treat these vermin like what they really are for the most part and that is why they barge in get out of hand and have people over  a barrel and society tilts in the direction it never should because they have money to spend and thus considerable influence on the economy; hence at this stage they can sell their culture as well while they are at it since it is the biggest problem I have to deal with and it is clear they have got it too – apparently these sort of issues can run and run and there is guarantee that although 12:49 in the early afternoon, my seven page blog will be finished and of course tomorrow is another day still. I mean they say there is nothing I can do when I say such things because people have gotten the better of me already but in actual fact people have not gotten the better of me in anyway; the truths and realities are that of women who want to make me into hater of celebrities because their plans to get rich involves grabbing all I own and all I am for celebrities whom they will then work for to get a lot of money and their plan goes right up to Scottish Nationalism as well, then the main part is of course the same old issue, I don’t believe in God but I want to use your faith to do things and so when I shut down any means by which such nonsense is possible the bullying is completely relentless and unending and then they use it to do it anyway because they made up a means to satisfy a desire and handle people and property in such ways and never listen to anybody’s feelings about what they own. So I always think they do it on account they want to find out what I will do and what forces they will have to stop me from doing such a thing as I will do which is what I will explore here, worth bearing in mind that although I feel like killing all of them especially the really insolent African ones, they are the ones with the evil cultures that kill people and as I said people do not handle these vermin like the vermin they are and they get too close and become a problem that is difficult to manage as a result, which is why we cannot get any peace from hearing them talk nonsense all over the media as well and the Politicians have achieved fear here too for their part, attacking me and wrecking my finances and bringing them into the matter to create such a result and now they will see what I will do as well and we will find out what forces they do have to stop me too. So it is 1.00pm now and this is a matter about which they are really strong as it were so that half the day sees us do the majority of the blog that was the workload for the day, it is remarkable to note their strengths in case I might wish to call upon it in future. I mean some women has to deal with the fact that men exist to be insulted and the things she must do to get her husband ready for work has doubled, then it gets worse because once she is done with that and then gets it all stitched together for the man, he goes out and gets sexually abused by some girl whose fault nothing ever is and has to return home to double his wife’s workload over again, so that when it ends up in Court what happens is that case fact and evidence results in wrong decisions that need to be reviewed, made by judges.


Thus we move to the matter of Politicians and Politics, where the Labour party has done nothing but fund these kinds of activities, wreck my finances and give tax payer funds to evil cultural idiots who show they have the ability to do some spiritual juju that can make people rich or poor and that the tax payer funds they got was meant to be mine but became theirs through the juju, which was further exacerbated by a process of getting to every shit hole in Africa where they find these idiots to seek out my parents that will make me behave in a way that they want as well, looking for trouble all the time and I guarantee they will lean further to the right to deal with me for my part as well and of course it is no doubt they are fighting for their stupid lives as we speak too. The other matter of sexual abuse however is not an emotive one in this context; they say I suggest that Children can be blamed for being sexually abused but I never said such a thing when the reality was that a Barrister who described a 13 year old as a sexual predator has had to ensure media running the story and asking for all kind of retribution for over 6 hours when he is not a paedophile and does not have a criminal record to that effect and hence must be referring to something really important all together of which such stupid media reports are very helpful in deed as it were, like I always say they claim it is not their responsibility and I know what is as well. We have come to this state where we describe a process where idiots get around at teenage years to torch a person’s personal life and finances and family life as old fashioned balderdash of course and it has come to point where it will end up in Court and after facts figures and evidence the decision of a judge can be the wrong one as well. Yes I know I am expected to get into conversations with idiots that pick up the pieces for girls that have been sexually abused but I have no idea which part of getting off my book sales and getting off the industries so it does not blow up in their faces they fail to understand by the way of which all that popular culture vandalism counts in their favour as well, to the point where I am required to have a conversation that involves them or else with a big mouth. I know they have media and yes I suppose I am clear that the fact these stupid girls torch my finances and personal life is not a myth is clear enough for them to understand as well, now they are really tough too for their part and we will see what the end of their story is provided it carries on to that point; when we all know of course that they do these things on account these girls have enough money on them to help them do criminal activities without getting into trouble with the law and set up alternative social disposition for them to do so with to that effect as well, then claim it is about things wealthy women do with regards to me which is really all about how people make use of my work and apologise for not paying for the products, mostly by telling me I can take whatever I want, when they know I am a Christian and they are married and so must be talking rubbish, however which the main point is that the apologies are sincere – hence as a result of having a Consortium that looks after my interests I must deal with get rich quick Germanic idiots with boys among others like them all over the world who torch the finances and claim it is somebody else robbing salt into injury looking for some of mine and talking nonsense all over the place when they get a tiny little bit of it, just like social networking and their abuses and the protection of vulnerable little women by working with the Police as though we are in Student Union and they are the most corrupt Student Union leadership in the world and can treat absolutely anybody they want like fools as it were.


Now it is never true that I do not care about women who have to deal with all these violent issues; the reality and truth of the matter is of course that there is the men and their girls and their companies and their boys on one hand and on the other me and my royal property and the women and our lives being inextricably linked by the security I have provided them and the way they spend their money on the property equities I offer and through my books to help them invest and earn a living or just generally run, manage and work their careers; none of these of which contains the slightest shred of manly violence that I have to deal with everyday with girls and boys torching my career and finances for fun as it were and they never listen, for which they will feel me as well. They always say that in a capitalist and democratic society people always have trends they follow and are always fans of something but we all know they think they can get themselves involved with anything they like and corrupt or destroy it, we all know they regularly chose which things they want to be fans of and we all know they are here for one purpose and one purpose alone which is utter destruction of all I own and these are the things that will be put to the test as well around here – the pinnacle of which is that when their economic recovery and new industries and companies are built and run by humiliating me they will have come to the end of their games and the west will cease to be as they recognise it – enough is enough. It’s not about women suffering violence or abuse it’s about fighting me and that is what they need to do properly. Naturally they claim I present myself as an angel in the matter which I never have as the reality is that wrecking peoples finances and damaging their property with the powers of the state that is then so big that they cannot chase it up and do something about because of the range of issues that are created as problems one after another, which people do on account I am a Christian is in my view something that has been carefully planned and organised but still the fact remains in terms of opinion that they do it in order to ensure I fall behind on any work I have to do and somebody else takes the credit for it while I am made to suffer so much I want the credit which will make for an added spice for such a person for doing so as well, hence they have always wanted some and I grabbed their entire social and Political systems and made them mine and now so many people other than myself fall behind on what they are supposed to do and I have lived the high life ever since, with enough means to drive them mad or distract them until financial failure and penury as well. Yes they say I boast but I will get into trouble sooner or later, we all know however that the last time we checked the issue of sociopaths, popular culture and racism, it was a clash of civilisations that I came out on top of on the global stage, so yes I do brag all the time as it were since it is what the Bible itself teaches but one thing will continue to remain clear; it is not about women suffering violence, men having problems, women suffering sexual abuse and all that rubbish they have continued to chase me around and damage my work using bigger governments with, it is about fighting me and they need to stand a fight as well; for my person since I cannot leave home and make my own way in the world, the thing that tests everything is how their links with my parents that is meant to be used to make me behave how they want operates, when we know if they were not as irresponsible as they are there would be no racism in the first place, for their part they can continue to wreck my finances on account that they know I will never open my life to their popular culture idiots and it is important to ensure women are always scared in the head so that I might never find a wife. So they can hang around and issue their own threats, never get off the books and off the websites and off the Industries and off the women and they will find out what they want to know about me as well; we have the power to control whether or not you are married and or have children, it is what people usually did to us, you are our property – looking for trouble all the time as it were. Soft cuddly British and some of them like the Arch Prince look like things that bring pity out of you and you wish to beat up therefore (??? and then there is the privacy invasion - looking for more). Soft cuddly British who need to be fucked or saddled with real and proper leaders, like the Europeans I am just through with. Soft cuddly British that make me want to use it anyway and if they wind me up I do all the time like the Americans and Africans who are my next project as it were; they have always known these things to be destructive and offensive and they have always known what they should otherwise be doing.