Now Trump Travel Ban in the US which was obviously Temporary, to allow vetting processes that will facilitate better security against terrorism has been struck down unconstitutional and it has something to do with me too – another example of how the needs of the Democrats outweigh the needs of those who actually own the property that they wish to satisfy their needs with and of course we all know the practical aspects of it to be that Daddy’s little girl wants to escape work by being rich, simply because there is a sensation that I am vulnerable to such stupidities, while those of them that work in the Armed Forces enjoy blowing off that big mouth to its effect as well. So let’s just say I might be their Bitch as the prevalent insults around here suggest but I am quite confident they wouldn’t say it to my face for my part as well and if they push this one, I will burn it and bring it crashing right in front of them as well, as it is not amusing and is going too far i.e. coming to that stage where it becomes important to think that if you do not hate them and handle their own the way they do yours, you will have to right to be a person. The owners of these properties will fight back and this will take up half their time, the need to prove when they talk loudest they are right and need to rip up people’s property then force the owners to work for both themselves and others will take up the rest and then they will later realise they are supposed to secure ways of paying their bills and those activities that lead to people acting in ways that can be classified as murder and manslaughter will ensue; I mean when it comes to ripping it up to control the owners and make them work for everybody I am sure it does get better when they do get shown what it takes, so they can end up with another story into the future. It’s usually one step away from civil disobedience that will only affect my Public image to the Police saving a criminal that is also a victim of crime – so I am their batch might become some form of new sub culture but it can easily lead to outcomes where I wish to find out what niggles them as well. It is important that they keep their businesses out of mine as not doing so has clearly caused them enough trouble, never mind the fact the Books do not do them any favours as well – I mean it’s like protests and movements at the moment but I have a feeling I am being groomed into a business people love to hack on the internet and pinch from on the high street and I believe I am clear about what I am capable of too.

They do speak of this case where I have trouble living with the activities of those that are used to fight my battles but it’s always been a story where we have a world in which we share everything and that means that the fact it is vulnerable to those who want to get rich and famous quick must also imply it has no owner and if it did the owner might as well not exist with that big mouth, yap yapping new allies I have made and new responsibilities to work for and spend property on with a big mouth. So I see they want to stop getting into trouble alright and I can understand that too but so does it also mean that they need to freedom scumbags listen to what other people are saying to them as well, bearing in mind it’s all playing out in their own fucking lives as well all together. So the main issue is still the same one i.e. it churns their tummy to get on Public places and find me something to do that will make them feel comfortable using media and popular culture on account they have a problem with the fact I am important but this has become the prevalent sense of what my Books do to readers as well with that big mouth and it’s a two bit two lives looking for trouble which I have built publicity for as well, so this problem they have that is associated with pushing people down so their community croons can make people fart which cracks them everywhere they go is going to stay with them for a very long time indeed.

Now they say I pull a veil over people’s eyes and deceive the world everyday and Journalists are fighting hard to ensure I am countered and people are free but this is really not how it works; the reality is that when the British Government builds me alliances around the world that I will work with, the idiots will get up and occupy it and American Journalists are particular guilty of this abusive insult – their conjectures tend to suggest I will need the help of the British Government to move them on, while they are complaining about the state of their culture and society and that stupid freedom they blab about all the time as well, so it’s clearly not hurting them enough to change a behaviour. The others that like to claim I am their bitch are really good at it obviously, it has become the prevalent insult that needs my temperaments to develop their fighting skills and hates Terrorists at the same time as well and therefore an insult that will become a threat to my life all together and we all know I am not anybody’s bitch and certainly not that easily as well and so do we hear them say all I really know is ripping peoples culture and society, when that was only the bit where I needed them to see the real world where their moves might be wrong enough for what they are missing to be added to them and what I am missing to be added to me and then we can find out how big that mouth stretches most of the time as well; it’s the old story of training self for between 17 and 22 year in the art of never listening to parents, never experiencing parents putting foot down and generally showing up in Public places to think other peoples Princes can become their Bitch; I don’t blame them too much – the UK is a publicly free place and that means that any goon can pick up his wares and go to the market to sell them and if he gets frustrated puts them down and claims a Royal Prince was his Bitch and that he was supposed to have been a super star but then again, they do not necessarily have a soft spot in their hearts for me as such all together anyway and it is because they do too much.

Apparently, the Politicians have to deal with the fact somebody hates my guts these Days, all of the time but it’s always been an old story of it all being well to make yourself invulnerable to being taken advantage of by Civil rights idiots but then again, can you handle the Girl stuff? So they are clearly not blabbing anymore, not least the other one whose Girlfriend is the same size as him, indicating the stupid opinions he has about those that are not actually asking of it; so I dropped out of University because of their stupidities and even now it still tends to happen every day, such that when he will continue until you stop him and when you do stop him, it will become a background story he can tell about how he has lived and which ones where the glory days of plenty in his stupid life i.e. it adds up and they are not blabbing anymore. Of course they always say I am punishing people and nobody knows which day I will have enough of doing so, which is utter nonsense - the day they will be free of me is the day they are no longer seen tinkering around my finances and that can happen when they just get lost or when I have sold my Books and taken a Holiday, so I might be myself again; as long as the cloud of my Complex engagements hang over me, they will feel my wrath as well: I mean they have a problem with the idea I am important I can understand but then again, is what psychology says about insanity is true, then standard of Living is an insanity, will tolerate none others, this is not their own lives; enough of the questions of which one is being used on the right and which one is causing an inability to make progress on the left about what happens around here. I understand a case of my so called respect issues but it’s a matter of how much I have to pay so an idiot who knows his Children got their stupidities from the Genes can avoid punishing his Children and take it out on me instead: it will turn up like that and learn something from me, go off to boost his stupid income and then I will fall ill and drop out of University and have a hard time at the jobs markets and end up with a business that is debatable while they makes up their reasons for behaviour and organise a Community to it as they go along; then tell me it’s a problem beyond me, when it is obvious I need to set out a new statement every single day and follow it on until people I am responsible for are able to carry on with their concerns as normal and sometimes it will take up the whole day and I will get through, set out structures of what else I must engage myself in for the Morrow and get to bed but I will be waking up to Community Croons beating me down in my own bed while popular culture idiots attack all of it to get rich quick on social Media and the Journalists invent new uses for me that are violent and abusive and destructive of my health and well being too - so I will cut up the culture and society every single time I see it until I am back at an Academic institution and no scumbag is following me there anymore especially those who share my skin colour and for the Pop Stars and Celebrities and Journalists, it is obvious unless I take it to heart and handle their own lives and property in the same way, it will never stop, it will never stop until I start to hate them as well in a real way. So they do ask why it happens as usual as equally as we all know it happens because they think they deserve a break, they deserve to have it and the need to make statements and grab my income on the this basis talking nonsense about being good and working hard and deserving it has become a second nature that only functions on the insanity that is Media and it is not a difficult matter in any way to deal with, I rather believe I have given them enough time for my part as well - especially regarding the case where every part of my body hurts over any projects I am working on or anything I am doing regarding financial well being and property because they think they have got me in a corner and so on. They always say it’s my fault which is utter nonsense; it’s their fault - they are the ones that are always blabbing about how everybody will be better off if a class society did not exist and until it leads to outcomes where others drop out of University to sit around reacting to the world around them because it makes them feel good, resulting in violent behaviour as well when their stupidities cannot fathom the knowledge that is causing them insanity as a result. They do say it’s a problem for me of course when it has always been as simple as the fact they are impatient when it is my life and property and products but it does not mean they will buy my products and leads to outcomes where I lose the job in the livelihood which may have paid me for working while they continue a new found high life to live and do destruction that can be rewarding at a later date - so it’s usually twisted in every way, such that unless I regularly have to explain where I have been, this will not be a problem at all: yap, yap Classless society and when they have brewed a Crowd, so that Upper Class ends up with Lower Class, then it cannot write a Book and even if it does it will never get sold with a big mouth. I mean the serious one is when somebody wants to fund their Cocaine addiction through his Super Model Wife whose picture he splashes out on my Public image for uninvited and unauthorised, all the time - so when I set off to look after a Royal Estate and ensure somebody does not pillage it like that, he will take a picture of  beautiful Castle from the Air and snipe my income everyday with it on social media and the internet especially, while his fellow Media fools are the annoying ones with stupid ideas about how to conduct their affairs which impacts on my income and profit margins everyday because it’s some sort of a rush with that big mouth getting Politicians to handle something of the fact they hate my guts every day, trying to ensure nobody takes from them the fact they are fans of what I do but are the wrong sort of fans and need to get involved every single moment and never do anything without issuing those stupid threats. In the end its still the big of story of how the fact I am happiest at Church means those who love the latest designers and to be seen around the Clubs and Bars must get about passing insults and abuses at me until I am too sick to work or earn my way in the world properly, then blab about doing that my stuff and how I do not know what awaits me with a big mouth – the journalist ones like to say if I spoke to them nicely they would have stopped it bearing in mind it has such a devastating effect on me but I wouldn’t know anyway, I am speaking nicely, except they will seek people who will speak to them nicely from among their own fucking mates all together as it were.

So they do say I talk as though I am done for when I am far from it, which is utter nonsense; I mean it has to be understood the kind of behaviour celebrities exhibit towards the fact I am the only one who has the Legal right to bask in or earn money from my Books; sometimes it is indicative of the suggestion I killed somebody, other times they are rewarding themselves as they deserve a break from the injustices of the world which they have suffered and its insanity and then the exits from it like that all day and all the time: at the other end we hear they want to invest in my work and want to ensure they will get their Money’s worth but my background is all those fans in Asia and South America and the US, where Women are always complaining that the Men have taken their jobs, and it happens the more you are married to somebody or related to them by blood and so on; all that Pornography – so unless every idiot with an idea of telling me what to do until I take from him what tickles him and find out what it is exactly he can do wants to invest in this, I suggest they clear my Public life space and pick up a Book if interested. They do say I have become the Champion of wealth and social inequality, which is utter nonsense – I have made myself clear about what they can invest in around here and if it does not tickle their fancy need to clear my space; it has always been about stupid lowlifes who have nothing to live for, finding something that is the route to their quick riches on the internet and on Media every time and it progresses to owning me with that big mouth, every single time jumping on my Books work on account an Industry fool or a Political scum is rewarding them.

Of course we hear that talk of the attitude thing not just being the reason I am always sick inside but also the reason I have no control of anything and certainly not my finances as well; utter nonsense – in terms of my finances, it’s that old case of those that will teach me lessons if they catch me treating Women badly and so on, while the Women are then encouraged to be the civil rights idiots that are always grabbing my income to facilitate their break in a hard life and so on, more recently of which they have started grabbing my health too and they always love to set out that story where when it comes to handling me my Mother is their greatest asset of it all and it’s an old story whereby she bought my travelling ticket when I returned to the UK and so idiots in socialist and Liberalist movements with a tendency to rip up peoples whole lives in order to ensure when they have arguments with them they will not have failed to win, will always try to make something of it and in my case it has become a matter of the Women who look upon me as some item they can just consume, whom I will really love to reserve the playing my mother routine insult for their homes and stay outside of my concerns especially when they share the same skin colour, otherwise it’s that old story where their goons will teach people lessons and it will end up being one of those who wants to solve a bloody problem as well and takes up those their ideas about Women and making others live the way they want, so they can save themselves from having to do a job to earn money and turn it upside down. The great idea it seems is that I largely have a problem with the idea somebody who spends all their time smoking all sorts of nonsense and drinking God knows what, is a useless person, because it would not be civilised to, besides which I am black and vulnerable to racism which is not really true. As for the part about being sick in the stomach, it is much the same as the idea I am no good myself or the idea that this is a matter about which there is no head way in Government, whereas the reality is that in terms of not being any good myself, we are talking about Politicians playing the tune of their local political idiots whom they cannot stop supporting, whenever the goons want to tell me I need to be dominated spiritually before I do my academic work and finances and that if I don’t want to share I need leave their Country but when I am here I have to share, which when mentioned tends to mean the idiots have found out my weaknesses and it feeds into that idea I have a problem with Women too, when that is simply their incompetent leadership and the need to use Women to attack others and so they never really know what they are saying but intend to make it look right using money especially when you ask them how on earth somebody who has body parts people are always making something of, could possibly be a threat to them when their main priority is to seek fame and fortune, knowing that others can cash into it, hence their Political idiots are endorsed all the time because they are escalating problems for the Monarchy regarding which I apparently do not tend to escalate problems for them too. As for the matter not making a headway in Government however, that is the old story about how I am a kind of person who has no respect whatsoever for the female community whereas it’s a matter of idiots having selected some guy they like to cause setbacks and get ahead of somebody in life and talking nonsense about me getting into trouble for disrespecting Women is apparently not going to move on since they presently have no plans to seek an alternative means of personal progress and we all know it’s the one that fights my battles that I was too cowardly to fight for myself, talking nonsense all the time, making me wonder if their stupidities wanting some break from a hard life on my property and public image and everything else is some habit they have developed because of where these kinds of insults had led them into in the past. In the end we hear that talk of my sexual habits of course which is utter nonsense as they can never prove I have been getting about having sex with anybody – what we have is the idea anal sex is some bad thing they usually do, aside raping Women in order to solve a particular issue that means they have settled a case between themselves and the Women involved and there is agreement all round that means the problem will not surface again, so there is that sense they get involved with me to send this message they are not yet bad by doing anal sex, which is something people like them normally desire and so I needed to ensure there was free anal sex all round and that were not having it too as it were and then they can understand how tolerant I will be to see them around my Court etc; it works all the time especially for the Americans – where I am their Bitch and they are informed I have anal sex with Women every day. Hence being sick in the stomach is that they are filthy spiritually and love to play those games where they can see through to my tummy and so on which does not make any sense to me whatsoever but the party piece is that I have no control of whether they get involved with me or not in their view and its usually the pinnacle of their stupid disobedience.

So they do say I have not got the stomach for these things, which is utter nonsense, the reality is that there is nothing wrong with me save their disobedience and so it is civilised to work it and get involved with people but pull back when it makes them sick, except for some people its violent and constitutes a means of bullying and dominance and when I say I will rip up that society for them in a memorable way as well, they usually do not take it seriously enough. This is the part that feeds into the case where it is the fame I cannot handle if given to me and shows they do not take the bits about their modern life and a Christian that does not think there is anything wrong with his life as seriously as they should since last it did concern them that much – they are still on a roll over evil people that get involved with Government to tell people what to do and talk nonsense about dangers of being seen treating Women unkindly fun. Hence what they mean by not having the stomach for government or the fame I will not let others have is the one where the Media ones love the game and hitting your chest and after years of not becoming possessed with the demons or getting stuck somewhere to tell their fortunes, they have been showing signs their lives depended on it by clinging to my Books and Public image and then helping those who make use of my work without paying to steal my identity – the Politicians simply have a second income thing but the means for it does not get any of their attention, which means it exists solely to ensure you have no right to feel good and that their society goons are getting involved with you to split your personality and decide all their problems on the left and right can end up in your stomach in a very abusive and insulting gimmick they become very fond of and so I have started to require them to do it properly so I don’t run into financial problems anymore, while these society goons have ended up with occasions when it has not been the right time to start attacking that society in a memorable way, about three times so far. It’s never been a crisis, it’s an old tale where people get used to a form of abuse in my direction and I expect when I tell them to stop doing it, they had stopped doing it; what happens instead is that when I tell them to stop doing it, they tell me to stop writing my Books and when I stop them, they stop my Books and that adds up as punishment to ruining their evils that was a threat to me right down to setting me out as something teenagers can stab when people seek fame and fortune; it’s not a great Political manoeuvre. Hence for each time I am unable to find a flexible job that allows me to resolve my patch work qualifications since I last dropped out of University because the fact I was studying was the best point to let their girls feel like real girls in life and those sort of nonsense that completely took over the institution simply because I was studying there etc and my Books are not getting sold, which would have been the acceptable alternative, every case of irritating me will result in hell breaking loose on a daily basis, just like these. I am not making any point as such – everybody else would have observed I would not want to sell my Books to them and their lower classes and poverty after all these – it feeds into that tale I am unpredictable when I am not necessarily. Most of it is that old case I hate because it pillages other more serious means of social control where somebody is an extremist and wants somebody else to do something about other people and gets all ugly, ugly, ugly until some love him for it and some hate him for it and just when he was thinking society shouldn’t be split between clever and stupid people, others become obsessed with doing so; I am only wondering what I have done to deserve all this nonsense save a clean mind which personality people can split and fill up with their stupid problems because it might be amusing to become engaged with some such nonsense; so they are all talking from the same tune at Government Office these days because their bullying has homogenised their insanity and in the US Trump should not win elections if the Democrats do not know how to fulfil their own roles; I for my part think it is usually a specific discipline and they need to keep off my Books.


It’s like the story of Trump racism, of which nobody who has mentioned it has shown or proven anything that may point to such suggestion being the truth; anything to say that he has an idea that says that an activity is good, which points people towards the expediency of passing some 6 million Jewish Civilians through a gas Chamber to kill them by poisoning their Air, is progress towards solving a problem in a way that will produce a solution to it that is final. What we know however is that these so called Liberals are scumbags that are likely to own businesses in which we find Children that have been trapped under the Office Desk for some time, being starved and telling their fortunes for Children have magic powers and I guess the problem is that we do not tend to discuss their own that much too. I mean my biggest problem presently is that their queer and evil nature means they are like the racists but do not get to hurt people even though they feel that way and if they do not reward themselves with my earnings everyday for being Royalty without being worthy to be, there will be war – producing this incredibly stupid result where we are all worshipping at the altar of the temper of fucking democrats and Liberals all the time, cannot keep off my Books and stop being seen around my public work image like that all the time; last time I checked which there was nothing they could do when I tried to find out what their queer and evil stupidities can do to show they are like the racist which should have meaning for people like me as well with a big mouth. The Trump racism thing is not a complicated matter; unless there is evidence, it simply has to be a case where the fact there is a Police force is not to say that there aren’t people who feel strongly about crime just as these socialist and liberal idiots always groom themselves at a Culture that teaches them to provoke people and then take the law into their hands for a cowardly violence that is profitable as well – hence always a tendency for somebody to get a job in another person’s security guard establishment and get around expressing his or her feelings about crime in a very personal way. Unless there is evidence that Trump is racist, I guess I do not wish to tolerate any queer and evil fools especially when democrats showing up around my Books any further, changing my quality of life and showing up on Media to steal residual image and cash into it all the time (???). they speak of this case where the absence of Trump travel ban would mean that people like me do not have a chance but we all know it would if it had a problem with 4 bedroom house and two cars in the garage with money saved up to do my career and quality of life on Media through popularity culture type, it would if it has a problem with it and started a campaign of his own that he can express on Media to show what he thinks about those insults obviously – otherwise it is apparent they have a problem keeping it firmly shut. I mean it will move to the left and bleed it and when finished it will realise women have some money and need to be poked, so it will find somebody else whose behaviour he suddenly hates and move to the right and we will hear about sexual assault later but before then the general talk will be that he is looking progressively while the truth is that it is predatory behaviour – hence if it pillages my Books and makes some thousands until the day I stop him and cause him to return to a super market job, that period at which he did was his history of the good times that he can tell people and we see it all round with their celebrities and journalists issuing threats at me while at it as well, which is the reason there is a sensation that I will get away with it If I did have anal sex with them as well which of course I am already as we speak and naturally in accordance with this nonsense can have the anal sex at any time too for my part – no evidence whatsoever that Trump is racist. So I cannot see that setting up a structure that people know, which provides them a product or service that aids them and provide me with an income, has anything to do with their homes and families – my one is the ‘get out rhetoric’ and I am fed up with having to deal with Trump racism that has no evidence attached. So they say keeping it shut or staying off my Books when they cannot produce evidence that Trump has said anything or acted in any way that may lead to the sense that gassing an ethnic group would lead to a solution that resolves a political problem in a way that is final, is not something I will ever get from them but I said that was what they needed to do, not what I think amounts to a problem for me, since I can borrow that stupid popular culture until the day they want to get their breath back by keeping off; for these idiots it’s never really a job, it’s the reason business has to do with people’s lives and families all the time.

I am aware of the other incredibly stupid theory that I will support anything Trump does because I am worried about those that are better human brings than I am getting their way and it is a case that runs in the family; my Dad used to have a habit of picking up some money to get around picking them off random, solving their problems – so those who got financially better off than he was would return at a later date with some insult and abuse in hand etc, I really don’t know if they played a part in murdering him some 6 7 years ago but if they did, in my case they will murder squad. I mean at its best it’s about pillaging peoples finances because if that does not happen nobody will work for them while they do nothing and their Politicians will talk nonsense about economic recovery for all when they are done as if they will be paying in cash with that big mouth and at its best it’s about the deaths that will happen when they do not get what they want; I was raised in an environment where the whole process of working for a living was a ritual – the things you do immediately when you get out of bed and the other ones that prepare you to be qualified and the things you do with friends and family and people to improve your prospects of getting somebody to part with a job and so on, so I find it impossible understanding all this nonsense that is never really a job if people can sit in front of a web cam with a nice background and teach others secretes of wealth and pillage my Book income to get rich talking nonsense about a free world when it is really plagiarism and punishable by a prison sentence in most cases; so I have already dropped out of University because people must peddle my personality and do these things, if they will not stop being seen around my Book sale income, the loss of day time television advertisement will easily become the least of their problems when I start my own gimmicks too. it’s never true I am trying to reason with them – the whole business of chasing peoples private parts and making them shame themselves is not a gimmick, it’s a set out schooling they have given themselves on how to make money and is what constitutes a job for them in their view – the problem is that when you have not had a Holiday while they do so via your public life and do it with your business and handle your business for it because you have been stuck in, you do not get to blow off the steam and all I am saying is that each time I feel this pressure they will feel my wrath like they are at present, especially the Americans: I have been looking after a Royal Estate for the best part of 12 years every day, have not taken a holiday associated with it to blow off the steam and return to it in a good mind, stuck in the cycle of other peoples madness going round and round at the financial side because that is how they want to get rich, playing up the public office problems and financial commitment problems and physical appearance issues – every time t builds up and I see one more of their involvement, they feel my wrath and get the Politicians involved as usual until I find a way around that too; yap yapping not being seen around my Books and its earnings is not something I will ever get from them with a big mouth – it’s pretty much in the same par as their community croon grandmothers bearing down on me sexually so they can get on popular culture and media to do these things, then blab about how I attack people who care about me i.e. the only problem here is that I am being pressurised and it gets on my nerves and while I am dealing with that one more of it earns my wrath every single time, it’s not the end of the world, just a lot of suffering for them until it stops: it has nothing to do with civil rights but as far as tolerance goes, I am being pressurised by them and there is little ability to tolerate, they will feel my wrath every time it happens. So they do say it’s what the traders and wealthy business people think about me as well; not an issue in my view either – it’s an old story where they are traders but are the same as Royalty and cannot do their jobs properly so I do not run into financial difficulty as well, love to pick on me and talk nonsense their stupid girls can get on media to blab with and pillage my income but cannot protect their stupid jobs from those who use it for fun gimmicks, love to talk nonsense at me when I am suffering the financial consequences and set about doing something to fix it for them or myself – it’s not an issue that will blow up in their stupid faces apparently; otherwise it’s the trader idiots doing what they do best while the real traders are way too busy to do anything about it and need to stay off my case for their part as well.

So it’s an old tale of my Estate Business Empire comprising not of scum that watch me all the time and interfere with every move I make to reward themselves with what I do as a break they deserve every single moment i.e. community croons bearing down on me sexually while insults about on public places because they are determined to peddle me and my Public image in order to avoid working for money as that is a fear they have but when they have the money translates into privilege greed and power with that big mouth, meaning it sets and continues too and should have been stopped right from the beginning as a whole. The Empire was full of Women and Boys and Girls speaking of losing jobs or talents because somebody took it and threatened them so they never got to use it again etc now I am not selling Books because they are back with some predatory behaviour and there are enough lies for a lifetime to work with on Media and had to be stopped right from the beginning save that was when entire Parliament wanted them to have a bit because they are good people – blabbing when it is out of my league, as in cracked up and out of my league more like. I only know economics and this behaviour amounts to abusing people, then choosing their own opportunity costs for them which is very perverted and if madness is about doing the same things while seeking a different result for each time, standard of living has to be one of those, I will not tolerate their problem for my part and never have, hence when the Politicians want them to have a bit but will not be nice to those who have the solutions, we all worship at the temple of the temper of populists and Liberal scum as it were, where we are vulnerable to wrong kinds of fans stealing all we own through problems as well i.e. I am not trying to reason with them, it is a schooling of the profitability of destruction, which we know does not add up academically, which we know is a bunch of lies and I don’t want told around here , not anymore if it has in the past. What the high fliers think of me as well with plagiarism and ripping other peoples opportunity costs – so if destruction like that makes people rich, it was clearly worth far more than that in the first place and Trump is racist, which then takes up all my time with that big mouth. Then we hear it’s impossible to trust the Politicians as far as I am concerned, which is largely rather a case of peoples spin doctor governments giving rise of the usage of my Public image and public life and then my books as well without any reward i.e. the junior MPs having their pick as well without disturbing Party hierarchy because I was rewarded with a campaign that set me out as something that does not exist under normal rules of civil rights with that big mouth they have as well – since then I had predicted the wickedness they could come up with five years ahead of them and wrote a Book that will get ahead of them for it every single time too, their problem now is how to prevent it getting sold; since the spin doctor government was obviously not the activity that actually paid the salary the last time we checked in the first place. I should trust them as well apparently when the people I don’t like have got the money while I have not i.e. delaying any means I can release needed cash from my own Royal Estate as it were – so I ate a take away again today instead of dine in fancy restaurant because of it and it has been a systematic activity over the last 13 years happening everyday because they have somebody gotten that stupid conception into their foolish heads that if they imagine something about themselves there is protest it can come true or more so that they are important; I love to ask people to simply just point to another group of people that are anywhere near as destructive, then I can trust the Politicians from there. People do say they have trouble grasping the issues but it’s as simple as having wrong fans i.e. not that they are not fans but what they want to do with you and it comes through to the private part insults being financially profitable and the need to be happy by hurting you being something done to deceive you into thinking they are better human beings when even they are aware they are pure scumbags – so the success of insults works if there is racists society, I am wondering if that is the case absolutely every time – hence they are telling me I have no money while they have gotten lots and gotten away with it anyway and its all due to the Politicians I have trouble trusting, so you can see that these are another group of scum that are just too full of themselves. I mean as per when they say I might mention such things and leave the other problems untouched which refers to their own social class and indicates a case that will go round and round in circles to reiterate the fact not seeing them around my Book sales and public image is incredibly important and then I might trust them from there.

I have no idea why people then become so concerned about seeing celebrities dodge taxes anyway, the reality about celebrities is usually that we are talking about people who are all round nice and that tends to mean when they are offended and tell somebody they will likely start to resort to paying attention to those things they have not been doing, it will serve as a deterrent – which local scum who think they are super stars can say as well, to those who think their criminal activities are not the main deal or the Police who are obviously their mates –  hence when we speak of celebrities and what purpose they serve in society etc. The Industry manufactured ones are meant to be a handful of socialist scum and the results are usually that they start out with wealth inequality preaching that targets any who dares to have what they don’t, have a problem telling the simple truth unless there is money involved and get closer to the rich, when rich enough, they then ensure that they do not share their money even though they had a background of wealth inequality preaching that targets those who dare to have what they have not had and so we find that there is no part of their minds that thinks, taxes is the aspect of their activities which is Government money, in their minds, that is their money in the hands of government – so that it becomes clear how it works when it leads to such things and civilians being hanged in Syria and the reasons people think they do not look like such activities being that they are good looking and probably got listen in FHM sexiest – whereas reality is that they have been dodging taxes all along too. they are not my problem as such, the Politicians are and those like to blab about how I cannot do anything etc but everybody knows I need get into an adventure for finding out where they keep those stupid warehouses and then they will drive around those insolent saloon cars with a sense that I deserve to feel good and normal especially when I have had some food as well. They always say it will never pay off but we are doing the preambles at the moment i.e. that second income stuff is something that does not get any of their attention and only exists as a tool for making sure I have no right to feel good especially when I am concentrating on something very important and I have only just started a case for making them do it properly as well so I might not run into financial trouble and leave them wondering if I am Royalty as well – so we will see what will become of them when the adventure bits start to ensue.


So the talk of saying too much is an old one – same old case of Media fools getting involved; Court is Female only when they say so and the effect on them means they want to punish all the time. The Politicians being the ones that say I am always talking the language of war which is utter nonsense – what really happens is the amount of time they spend on the Job at Parliament as compared to the one spent on the other income that allows them to get pleasure from hurting me, once twisted always twisted kind of thing and it really comes to a show when it’s about those who are fanatics or those who are responsible for their security, setting up their idiots at CCTV to corrupt my State Provided security everyday; something about their fundamental corruption obvious, which goes beyond the bits about being the only ones who have an office where laws are made which harm dangerous people that are criminals and gets to the range of not being that of an activity concerned with the things I don’t like but the ones I don’t want to do thus found out by abusing me, which I am then made to do through more abuses and insults. Feeding into that misconception everybody’s idiot children who got elected usually have, that they are the ones running the Country while I am dealing with the idea it is easy for me to be a destructive person whereas the truth is that most people have a misconceived view of Politicians i.e. The Prime Minister only runs the Country, the Politicians are busy bodies looking for trouble and there is more than one way of making them drive their own saloon cars around with a sense that others deserve a right to feel good too. The reality is always that they are in there but completely despise the Government work all together and so you might be forgiven for thinking if you were in their position, you would not have had the time for it because it would have conflicted with the need to maintain a public profile that involves looking after a family but since it is about bullying a moral person, his morality will compensate and they can have their fun; I for my part do not blame them too much – I mean I have studied the law and know that while working out the way a legislation operates, it would be difficult to make time for this sort of thing; I mean it is easy when you are a student without a family if you put an effort into such a thing but it is practically impossible for a government operative – so it is important for me at this stage that they find out what I do and realise it is the specificity of their discipline which allows a Liberal to oppose a conservative as a colleague and not the process of attacking me, which rather tends to measure accurately what I can do as distinct from those stupid perceptions they have and love to display with a big mouth all the time. I don’t blame them too much because most of them know nothing about the law – its likely to be a teacher who got elected and has to consult some 200 people in an area to find out what they think about an issue, then draft a proposal and put it in front of his peers at Parliament and if they agree it becomes law but if they don’t it doesn’t; it does not mean that it cannot show it is a total scumbag if you want to see it all the time – on the contrary, only the Prime Minister runs the Country, the rest are those sort of insults that make you understand how rape works i.e. 5 boys have a social understanding of a Girl that is the source of their problems and another girl who is a friend that does not necessarily like her very much and then they rape her after the friend sets her up and all three end up with a relationship in that way, which stops the problem from continuing; the general idea about all those anus and penis insults are of course that if their anus gets near my bum I will be killing somebody for my part as well, see what I cannot do with that big mouth. Hence they will say I say such things and everybody would think I might have made progress but have not made any, which is utter rubbish; this is not where my progress is, it came by the way side – my progress is the bit where I walked into Canary Warf and people there started to play hide and seek, obviously risky of course until I find out why they do it and realise if I spoke to somebody I could get a job there but soon another group of idiots will show up and when Companies develop my equity and build publicity for me, they get paid for the adverts and claim it belongs to them – same with the Media where I do something to affect crime and criminal behaviour, somebody was helped as a result, then made a popularity music about it and radio people set out to ensure I can never keep my factory job or any other job of that kind – same as TV, where I have a Court of Female journalists and cannot keep another type of job; so they have damaged something of mine that is really important and are paying for it in some way and this is what my progress looks like.

It’s like that case about sleeping with or messing with peoples wives that comes on way too often as it were; I mean we are looking at Individuals who decide when people become part of my Court, Individuals who never ever aid anybody financially but enjoy like an addiction the idea of making use of people; the fact we are here because when I don’t want it, the fact I don’t does not actually matter – so they must have their sex one way or another and I am not a University drop out having a hard time at the jobs market while their insanity is affecting my Books as well. So it’s an old story where I am a writer who owns a business ecosystem and there is no writer in my Court that writes in the interest of the Royal Estate and it become so obvious why I am having difficulty meeting my financial commitments, whereas my Court really should have been filled with people who have read my Books. So I am sure their husbands know the scenario is the kind where those who hate the fact I am a moral person in a world of wealth and modernity will become croons bearing down on me sexually and will not for a single moment imagine that I might find it intimidating unless they have to complain to Politicians and Media seeking some privilege of injustice for their stupid liberalism that loves to play the role of my mother all day long as violently as possible with a big mouth – so there is their wives and they can blow my top if they wanted.

The Politicians say I need to get mental health aid, not get around making trouble and I wouldn’t know anyway – if I can reach out and touch my own mental health then I can decide not to get involved with it, which means what I really need is a break and if these guys are responsible for my dropping out of University, while I have not yet found a job flexible enough to let me return to fix the patch work that is my qualifications, I suggest they need to stop making trouble for me as well and this is the reason we are both burning everything on either side. I have tried telling them it is a very tight schedule no thanks to them in the first place many times over but it’s their opinions and never being wrong when they address their fucking mates that want to speak with them that matters in their view. So it’s not actually difficult to ensure a Royal Estate does not fall into ruin, attend College, keep a Job and look after a Book sales Company, I can do it and get a life at the other end but it just doesn’t work when people gather on Public places at the leadership that some Media or Political goon wants to provide, to bask on your Books or just make themselves financially well off with it and you need to spend all day correcting the problem – of course when tempers are lost it looks a bit like a mole hill made into a mountain but this has been an activity that human beings have considered worthy everyday for 13 years running. The Politicians say I need to get mental health aid, not get around making trouble and I wouldn’t know anyway – if I can reach out and touch my own mental health then I can decide not to get involved with it, which means what I really need is a break and if these guys are responsible for my dropping out of University, while I have not yet found a job flexible enough to let me return to fix the patch work that is my qualifications, I suggest they need to stop making trouble for me as well and this is the reason we are both burning everything on either side. I have tried telling them it is a very tight schedule no thanks to them in the first place many times over but it’s their opinions and never being wrong when they address their fucking mates that want to speak with them that matters in their view. I mean it’s like the sex issue where it is peoples civil rights to show me I am a waste of space to show up in a modern Country full of wealth to be a moral person, now that they know how it is done and there is enough sex for everybody to last a life time as it were, it will not become their main preoccupation again I suppose; the one they will not stop mentioning is that my hysterics is a problem whereas there is none i.e. if they had heated debates with their mates in Parliament and Community croons followed them around to ensure their feelings stayed that way, I wonder if they would have reacted like I have when people bully them for it too and others support the bullying on Media and Government buildings too.

I do not think it is a matter to cause much of a problem; it’s the old case of it being somebody’s right that having some witchcraft power and jumping on my Public image to make me breathless should lead to violence against me when I say anything to move it on and they respond by telling their Community I beat them up and it really works when Mr Obama is in the White House pretending the Oval Office is Student Union Presidents Desk. So it the old case where if it is a Woman walking down the streets they have fucked it, if it is a Man then it’s the character they deploy to solve problems and it goes on and on until I deploy them as well and they want some injustice while the politicians need keep off my Books and we can see how much money they have been making pillaging my Public life and image at popular culture already; nobody’s right looks anything like these and it does not mean that having these things available should amount to the notion they can do what they like with anybody either. Much the same as the claim I do something about racism but never in the benefit of a set community which is what they are out to enforce with those stupid nepotism and its violence that makes their stupid children feel special all the time; it’s always good until when I do something about racism and the black race is making me weaker, so as to ensure I never win, while there was no racism issue to begin with in the first place until they showed up to invent their tests around here. Hence feeds into the Whites and how they solve problems with the concept of the existence of a Country, where the more it is prohibited is the more they want to make it profitable and it sets people on edge but they will go further to set out those they are superior to as well, which then means they have located how to do business with it and want to make the business profitable and it starts to become a problem then. The blacks are pretty much the same, apart from cutting up that stupid society and culture if I see it for my part as well; it’s a story of not wanting people to build something of your personality that says you would be great things if you did popularity culture but they will do it anyway, soon enough you refuse to c-operate with what they want and the Daddy will just randomly as a function of something you found out on the streets after these subliminal nonsense had gone hay wire, exclude you from the Community of black people when you are black and never knew such a community existed at all and suddenly, you are exposed to racism and do not belong any where particularly and you want to find out if they can build it again from the US to Japan across your Royal Estate when you are finished with the present one.

They do say it has become impossible for me to communicate with people properly and in a nice way, which is actually not true; the truth is that when you ask people what culture is they will say it’s things such as Carnival – when you ask MPs and Journalists they will say it’s the bit where the elderly people have a problem with the fact you are important and so every time they want to have a conversation they hack me at that angle and follow on a tale on not daring to tell them what to do if I know what is good, then seeking an exit for the success of insults and its effects at my expense which they will never get. It’s like when they say it’s the beat that rhetoric my people bandy at others, which is an old story since we all know it’s case of really amazing when 36 year old that is not a Child does their own as well and nothing to suggest I am actually older and more powerful than some of the MPs in the Parliament as a whole. Now they say I am the problem of the entire Western Economy which actually does not make any sense but constitutes like the problem of the World being created by Women story, something a bunch of idiots can turn into the truth by throwing parties around and then when people take part and flatter them it will become so. I mean I know I am a problem for some people but it’s hardly the problem of the Western economy when they are the ones that pick off peoples public image to trade with and then the owners will drop out of University and they will keep digging even when they have dug right up to career and personal life stuff, their media Counterparts never know when they edit and switch off either and so it comes together when they make advertisements for Companies and turn out to claim that the Equities that involve my Estate belong to them making a mess of my business and finances all the while and showing up in public places to express how little respect they have for me, which is a situation that will never improve if the finances do not and hence a counterproductive behaviour that they do not feel they wish to stop any time soon; hardly shows me off as the problem the entire western economy faces but I do love to make them feel that way since I will be doing a Public service when scum like these resign from the Markets and leave us with less problems to deal with. The other side of the case they hack into is whether I believe Fashion Girls are deserving of a space in my life and work but which I have always done so anyway; it will be difficult selling my Books if it is not about the House and the Estate, hence practically everything I approve of involves giving such persons or things a Habitat in it; this is why people think my Books are rubbish since they expect me to seek fame through them and because I do not have their own ways of perceiving the Books but the fact it is stated at the opening that it was written with sardonic humour and stated at the end that the facts are testified to the life of the writer is the bit they miss completely as they are more interested in the bits they want to plagiarise, especially the Politicians more so. In the end what happens when people have failed at claiming my Public equity assets belong to them is that they get on Social media handles to employ me and I find it impossible selling my Books there and more so because it is incredibly difficult to just pick up tasks set out for me by the Companies involved and complete those tasks; even more so thus annoying because for them, nothing is ever a job, it’s just a wild ride and if it comes to an end they get poetic. The idea it’s a sign of insecurity is utter nonsense too – as I said, for them it’s never a job and no matter how hard I may work to ensure my valuables do not end up in that condition, they will work just as hard to counter it and ensure that is not the case – hence it does get real when it does – the old story of what becomes of neighbourhoods of dumb students that do well in school having access to another person’s Royal Public life and image etc, currently mainly because of really stupid Americans that know where my Books are etc; much like the case of resuming relations with Russia when there was nothing to close down or resume as such i.e. it’s about National Interests and the basis stuff when it comes to illiterate Russian Business Man and illiterate American Business Man and Illiterate British Business Man; with the Russians its always about Oligarchs and goes right up to the highest level of Government due to the size of being Country being an important factor, in terms of the Americans its usually about a collection of idiots playing games who need to have somebody with two lives where he saves jobs and family in one and the other is all about making a mess for them intrusively getting involved with their concerns too – usually they become distracted, get stuck and tell stories later about the hated British. They do say I do not live like a Man naturally and it only tells that I do when they show up in Public places to try and exhibit themselves or show up on a pulpit to collect an award; letting me be will usually have become a very important thing then.

In the end we hear them claim my experiences are what racism is all about and I wouldn’t know anyway – I do know its ageism as there is nothing I can do due to my date of Birth to change the fact somebody else spent time in the work force and made money in that time before I was born etc – he regularly steals from me and plagiarises my Books to Boost his income, he is a bloody idiots whose hands on leadership generally tends to risks people’s lives, he is no good at home and personal leadership and at Public leadership completely woeful but seeks successes of insolence with every fibre of his being; their fun at the moment is all good, when the racists start to pay attention to it I will be getting after them for my part too. So like it is every morning it gets to a time when you begin to make decision waking up to being beaten down in your own bed by community croons that are not white, while the White ones get about blabbing of some Political leadership that will facilitate revenge for years of insults by inferior people, settling up on Media idiots and celebrity scum thinking when they are angry it is supposed to matter to me when there isn’t a single reason that it actually should – feeding into this sense that in the end, one half is not afraid of killing somebody and the other is not afraid to die but when it hits the vein the way out for everybody is when they seek me out, which is the bit the media idiots play up as per they are really important and it would make sense if their anger mattered to me, so that if this is not what they are doing to make me feel the bit where families are going to wail on my account again is likely to occur, then they are spending most of their time going overseas to places where people do not even speak a language I understand to bring in black Women that will stand at the shops and develop for them a wicked blame culture i.e. the lower class idiots are never nice to each other and love to think that another person should be doing the fighting and the war when it breaks out too all of the time, which is why they believe I am being bullied and getting involved with me must certainly be a matter of the idea we are mates all together as it were: this then feed into the need to not take me seriously when I say it is getting on my nerves to add to those anus and penis insults that are a function of the fact they are incredibly stupid, useless at home leadership, useless at Public leadership, want to succeed by means of insolence and really love to tell other people how to exist and feed into the fact that as equally as they want to feel they are decent people when they stand on pulpits to called the awards they really fucking deserve as it were, there is no means on this planet or beyond it by which that public image of mine will belong to somebody else and the next time they threaten me, the result will be that families will wail on my account one more time too. the part where I am unable to look after my Court is clever but everybody knows I have opened up my temperament for them because whether I am at Home or a Hotel room anywhere in the world, this daily administration has to continue because they have access to me – it is not supposed to b be the means by which every meddling fool gets involved to feel good and provides a leadership at the local communities that allows people to use it as a means of setting me out to be somebody that listens a lot and understands their problems so he can be bullied into fixing it – I don’t feel bullied and will do their own again as it were. the Politicians are the ones that say what I think and get up to would be a boost for their career if they had it but when I write the Books, it does not appeal to their civility to buy one and see what I said if they can attack and abuse me instead to get a response since that is the least civilised option and tends to hurt me as well, then we hear them complain about the results after.  So we hear them say I have been making use of the journalists as well all this while, which is utter nonsense; my Court began with people who never wanted myself and their backstage operatives to mix at all in the first place, never mind the idea the opinion of parents are more important than mine when people handle my work etc – so the rest obviously ended up here because they are really important and I suppose in the say way it is important for them to do it properly every time they pick it up as well and then I will not run into financial difficulty and nobody will wonder if I am worthy to be Royalty too, worthy in their view of course which is relevant.  The idea that I hate journalists is wholly wrong, I just don’t fancy the ones that are not select Court members – the story of knowing my water and milk thing is as real as ever, her involvement will always annoy me for absolutely no reason, just like the other story where they say Court Members Family are not getting along with me well, which is not a serious matter in anyway – I mean people do enjoy playing around with my filial sensibility but have no idea what I think about Children and how they should be handled until they want a different existence from it and the whole gimmick is not so amusing anymore, so eventually the hurting bottoms bit usually calls for stories of revenge being bandied about all over the place but this matter is still one that disobediently continues unabated as a result of the choice of living they have chosen, so it’s not something that worries me in anyway whatsoever; they are like their fathers, when you walk down the streets and somebody breezes by you and mutters something about your battles he was supposed to fight for you, which you got off to deal with by yourself because you have no respect for anything in your life, it serves an example that their insults know no bounds since they will usually fight for you in their three piece suits and those who don’t have that will in their rags – hence not bothering me at all in anyway whatsoever. I mean when I say her involvement will always annoy me uncontrollably it’s not about discrimination but the fact the practical aspect of how she wants to live out her existence involves showing up on my public image to brew questions at me every single second and make fun of it too and if I do not want her to do it, then it becomes her main preoccupation too – the other side is just her nature and the fact that if you asked her people what Culture is, the nice bits will mean it is Carnival where after all that party the Police will then prevent stabbings, the other will be the ones at Media and Government buildings blabbing about their elderly people and local communities having a problem with the idea you are important, while you do not know where she has been and hence the fact it annoys you does not necessarily mean you want to do something about it.