Now they say I am unable to mind my Business, which has no basis on fact – I would easily mind my business if it was not about being pushed around as a result of the fact that there will be no way of carry on with it in peace save the one where I look after myself and bully the Media. I can easily mind my Business if it did not involve looking after myself and bullying the Media considering they are so interested. Nothing else works but that and I need to squeeze it as well and find out if I have that corruption in me that means I am keen on looking strong and building up my losses from the pressures of social villainy all around me by bullying those who have too much on their hands because it would be a pleasure to see that I can beat them big and weak; they are too fond of it and lie all the time, way too often for their own good and I am too prone to the effects hence they enjoy it too much as well. They say it will be an uphill struggle and it wouldn’t; it’s about being able to bully them big and weak and because they have made that example of me to learn from I do not have to take leave of my faith to invent such things when we have so much history between us of it happening – it is not going to be an uphill struggle; I have seen endless numbers of great people whose lives have been wrecked by it but I seem to be able to go through the whole cycle everyday looking like some rare super human creature they want to experiment on all the time for their evil nature and entertainment and merchandising and that is why they love it so much and think they want to build up the history and sell it on which is what it is all about i.e. target me and find out whether or not attacking me means getting on media to make money and if it does no reasoning can change anything they plan to do with me on a daily basis with that big mouth. And then we hear them say it’s all my fault while they wreck my finances and get on that stupid media to insist on getting involved with my concerns to extricate a process of being more important than I am their fucking idiocy and I have had enough of the suffering as well for my part – I need to locate that person inside of me that can do this corruption as well and I am getting there too. They say I am a dirty little boy who thinks he can get involved with them but everybody else knows the more time I spend on that is the more time I spend on thinking about how much money they have made and if or not they have wealthy friends to get connected with, meaning Mr Talented who can also set out how much he can make with himself on every rising of the sun is held down so their idiots can pillage his life and support them with crime and power on their stupid media self exhibitionism; so not doing so is apparently win-win for the Christian and this is their problem like it was their own lives I live in as it were. They say I am the little angelic thing that has become a really big trouble maker which I am not; the reality is that as I have mentioned before, they rip up finances to make me pay attention to whether or not they have money and rich friends and trouble makers who need money take note of Mr talented doing nothing and each time they make any money at my expense well encouraged by Politicians claiming religion is the problem of the world, what they do s turn out to give them power and domination with those stupid media insults – so obviously they have tempers and an ego and I want them to get off my temper as well; I know nothing of and care nothing of their problems it’s a business that offer access only to those who buy my Books. I am not being forced to serve Mr Obama in anyway; he runs the White House like a Haven for Cripps and blood and likes to wreck my Book sales finances to tell me I never had an empire in the first place and need to walk before I can run – he will never control the usual Market trouble makers of America as well while I will control the UK ones to prove him wrong; he has got problems obviously and likes to think it’s all terribly amusing. I do not think the matter is a complicated issue; it’s the old story of somebody needing to drive into his drive way with a sense that immoralities that show an existence without religion are being worked around him culturally in a way that also permeates his entire career, livelihood and family, so that he might feel as though he is in the Industry community and is doing the right thing to be even more successful than he already is, running a business or working government Office – when done he feels thereafter that he needs the business and livelihood of a Christian Prince to a point where he starts to look as though he is about to kill him and take it and when I show myself and want to see what it is exactly they can do, then I end up having to explain myself everyday by the way of which they lie all the time as well.

They say I am the architect of my own failures which is utter nonsense; it’s the story of how opportunistic grimes of society go from waiting or trapping you are vices and immorality to spend your property to getting into your bed room and living room through journalists; so the main point when they bring up such a story is usually the part where they are the ones that need my work the most and hence think they are in a position to abuse me the most as well and we can see it is a ticking time Bomb if we look at it in that reality as well. So they have become really fond of showing their stupid faces on Media to force me to acknowledge they are famous looking for more trouble to add to the fact they are fighting for their lives as we speak at present. They do boast I cannot stop the part where they can share any part of my life they want but it is exactly what I am talking about i.e. these guys are so useless and financially destructive for a sense of convenience that leads to an income because they don’t like themselves and want to be somebody else, that their behaviour amounts to a problem that says I need to ensure they get no more fringe benefits from previews or what I have said about my Career because they will always run it over and over and come up with other ways people can gain from my Books without paying for the products and because other customers will not be treated the same way, kill my Book sales and feel empowered talking nonsense at me all the time – so I have no other way of running my business except looking after myself and bullying the Media which is the only means by which to protect the products.


They say my financial problems are brought about by my sexual habits of which nobody knows why they turn people over like that and in such violent ways if they were not interested in that kind of sexual habit rather than make out I am likely to treat my spouse in such ways and make that their answer for all their problems. If they do not want anal sex it is as simple as when they keep their insults to themselves and try not to get involved with my finances no matter how attractive my Royal Privileges – otherwise the only choice they have is to keep fighting on. Even now what I have said really has no effect because it will have been spent already on the next civil rights idiot that has turned up on their Media to look for some self improvement; so they know that nothing else works when it comes to running this business at an Office with a viable account save the part where I look after myself and bully the Media. They say there is a reason but the only reason that always makes sense is that they have problems which they always have because they are evil and need to take those problems out on somebody which is why we are here but each time I respond to their abuses and destruction of my property that they explain away with my own work instead of their own reasons, it beats the imagination that they are the ones complaining about the result of a sexual habit when all I say is diverted from selling my Books to the interest of the next civil rights idiot who needs a self improvement – there is no way the media where people who are not Christians but have others drum into their heads a story of Santa coming to Town while a state of affairs that fundamentally puts Children at risk of paedophilia continues in their hands can behave in this way without reprisals and my reprisals have to have the same effect i.e. encumber Book sales and I encumber all means by which people feel important; borrow it basically until the Books are sold and they can copy it to fight tyranny and oppression as well to look for more trouble and create their own incentive for doing so all over again if they wanted, my point is very clear for my part.  It has the same effect that people get to mess up my Book sales to ensure I need to do civil rights to earn a living while somebody else was there suffering for everybody to whom I need to pay homage first and learn my place thereof while they take up the powers of my Office for their own purposes therefore I assume and a process where the Media on the other hand does not give them any prize of feeling important or famous – we are not mates and they need to keep away; I mean if I ran a Media establishment I would worry that idiots who squander people’s property for a living like these will turn up there but what I wouldn’t think of doing would have been to run one that fundamentally operates in that way. The business ones say they are entrepreneurs who care about the poor but fail to notice I am one that cares about the fact other people in society and local communities are not so bad; the idea is that they need to put back anything extracted from my work or public life and stay away or expect to complain further and further until they are stopped.

The reality is that these guys expect to damage people’s property because they have been doing something about civil rights and that it offers a viable reason and when told like to make out the victims should be more concerned with what they use civil rights for which means that once they get on media it wouldn’t matter – the managers of these Media organisations have the effrontery to make popular culture out of the damage they have caused to mine and the fact I have to watch out for the next strike every single minute because I am such an attractive target on one hand while dodging homelessness because I am unable to pay my bills on the other; then turn up on government buildings knowing the kind of work they have involves a risk where the idiot that was more concerned with where teachers Private part are in school would want to get up there to spend peoples income in a condition where minimum wage is too small because it does not facilitate self exhibitionism but make statements like how their behaviour is my fault because Media organisations are an environment where if you don’t want somebody to do something they will want to do precisely that and hence go ahead and do it – if they were so incapable of running their Media organisations they should have allowed me take care of the problem where it affected me not get about pretending they are my personal Gods; the equivalent effect is when nobody can get on it to get famous anymore because it is being borrowed. We hear them succinctly boast all the time that we have only barely escaped breaking up the UK by messing with them but I have no idea since it is much the same as they have barely escaped total annihilation at developing economy distribution systems; it will be all the better for all if people recognise its my party, stay off fans and customers, stay off my Books – it is rather an important fact. These matters are all problems associated with a group of goons that speak of how I do nothing professionally but will do nothing about the Media idiots bugging me and so on bearing in mind they are the deciding adjudicators as it were but then again their villainy has always involved securing peoples earnings for contemporary whores whose popular culture shows that although they want to live on other peoples income and avoid any kind of work for their own money a minimum wage is not enough, only having millions will do because it facilitates exhibitionism and they do expect when their own gets killed thereof people are supposed to be sorry but at present it does not work at football racism talking nonsense about a black guy that comes to their country to corrupt their women anymore along with their none white counterparts talking nonsense about a society they fought for so I might turn up and put my feet up to become Royalty, so they are on Media already. The part where I am chipped away at and weakened until I am ready to be taken down is their dream obviously and will remain there permanently as well.

 It’s never been a complicated matter; the issues are built up by media idiots creating a version of me that is running around making trouble which I don’t control and that means every useless bastard in the neighbourhoods can get involved with me as well if they wanted; the big idea being that when they challenge me over such matters as not doing things professionally which affects them, they do nothing about the Media idiots who create contact they have with me in the first place, hence nothing I have said is lost in translation and they now have all full details and as for the Media however it’s the same story as this is a business with access that exists only for those who buy my Books and I have just about three days left since my ultimatum to find out if something inside of me can build me up to a Media bully as well. It’s like that story of how I play a part when Police shoot people whereas what really happens is that people will develop themselves from a point in which they have a problem with the law somehow, to a point in which their problem with the law is financially viable to a stage of the profitability of violence which creates them a barely legal existence waiting to explode in another person’s life, supported by Politicians and civil rights groups which is what the Media and Celebrity ones are and then for it to progress straight up to outright harming of other people to a point where they are mortal threats and all of it is perfectly okay according to the Politicians along as they have not yet committed a crime against you, which then makes the Media ones into saints while the Politician ones change the law which I am not trying to get the Conservatives to change back as it were i.e. laws are made on the basis of crimes that have been committed but I am the one as we all hear who invented the process of making laws on the basis of predictable possible behaviour which they must now counter with a prognosis of 20 years provocation ends with ownership of your possessions and counter law to ensure you do not fight back for instance at Socialism and Liberal democrat which is still a criminal legislation as such but they claim is laws that are not made by cunts and now that we cannot predict what the possible nature of the crimes and threats they have invented to apply on others will likely be, it is the Conservatives who are trying to reverse it as the opposing faction that are now making laws that are unjust; so as I said its about 2 and a half days now to find out if I am absolutely left with no other option than look after self and bully media to sell your books with a viable account prognosis for my part. The exact colloquialism is that I am the guy that comes up with how laws can be made when they have not done my stuff yet and now that their Politicians have found a way to ensure they had Liberal Democrats and Socialist made laws that ensure people like me have no influence we do not know how they are going to do it anymore. I do get told I am trying to prove something that allowing it grow so big in the first place but everybody in my position would have been embarrassed about going into an office to run a business on the basis of which problems are created by Male society and which ones are by Female society – so the point at which I did my Market round up and got ready was the stage at which it should have ended but following me around and damaging my finances to slow me down is so intense that it did not end there, so I now need to find out if handling them as well is the only option I have got and they can take it as a warning too if they wanted. They do speak of my involvement with other peoples businesses of course but it is utter nonsense; getting involved with them and leaving the problem on Media and Internet is how people give their Intellectual Property Administrator his job and if it was their job they can come round here and take it with that big mouth too – so it is all progressing as normal, no anomalies. They say I have a fundamental problem with other peoples freedom and more so as a conversation which of course I don’t; the first part of the lesson was the one they were more important and I made them into little Kings and Queens of Media who meet sports personalities and statement to ask for stories they can do their jobs with – what they did with that was to blame me and start a new provocation and abuse and I want to find out if it is the only option I have left as well – mean there is no way of paying somebody to advertise my Books for me while I am dodging homelessness, that could mean paying somebody to try and claw back your money at the markets in a condition that will kill him and then that will become what my business does – it’s the old story of what would happen if Satan copied me to find his way back to heaven and how I would have been unable to predict what the results will be; I don’t want to teach them anything and do not have a problem with their freedoms: they do say I am still gratuitous about their idea of what it means but it is not my fault they label me as weak and find out otherwise which is a worthy use of my time. We hear my position on the Media is unacceptable  because I will need Media anyway but there is no position here just a series and series and series of very destructive involvement they want to put down as a sign people should fear them and not think of them as losers and chose me because I am a Christian and it is what I promised; so how on earth does anybody turn the idea a writer may meet new faces on a regular basis into a punishment if he does not let them peddle his personal and public life to make fame and fortune and become important – how does anybody turn their own involvement with other people’s business in that way into a punishment of income kind which runs into weeks and then months and then years while putting a complain for his suited up idiots in the City centre who started it all when I walk down the streets and they set eyes on me as all thereof like I was meant to have been invisible in order to avoid their extreme stupidity? They say they want to carry on their Media business without any further rude interruptions from me but while they say that a Programme is running about The British Astronaut along the line of a theme that says he is more important than my violent attention seeking which attention others deserve like they love to be able to ascribe my qualities to American Presidents and turn out to work on making me obscure and everybody knows there is no way I can resolve this in five minutes as customer knocks on the Door while the programme itself is to run for at least 90 minutes in the first place.

I hear of this trouble I get into with Media people all of the time of course because of that leadership they provide that does not appear to wane at any time soon but it has never been a new story all together anyway; we are looking at a tale of how they wish to discuss the matter in every turn when the real and main issue was their involvement with me and some need they have to find and copy behaviours from gangs I will be afraid of so when they want to be more important than I am with my public life ripping up my finances to leave me dodging homelessness all the time while their stupid women use me for football so to speak, they can always do so. So in terms of discussing it, it has never been a complicated matter, just that these are activities that evil people put together and exhibit towards other human beings and usually a person can tolerate anything from the one where they simply want you to find a way to die and exasperate you to build up your history and own it claiming that you are human and that they want to use your personality to make money and go places but the fact you are human means you will definitely get hurt and when you get hurt will resist them and that will deny them what is rightfully their own property to everything else worth not that comes from their stupidities – however the game changes really soon once their stupid women have become the central case in the matter since we all know that people can be evil and people can  be twisted money lovers who do strange things to their nearest and dearest because of money but what exactly seems to be the matter with those who marry them knowing perfectly what will happen and after they had, what exactly is their problem with religious people? For me it came to a head when they and their Politicians, the main one of which are Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, took the whole thing about threatening my life because they will only be free to do anything they like with my personality without facing any resistance when and if I am dead to a whole new level by turning up at my University with their Celebrities to rip up my academic work – of which Blair can only improve himself thus further each time I mention he is not yet tired of running off to be middle east peace envoy while pretending that the fact I am still alive generally means I am responsible for safety and security of his silly family etc, which then leaves him only the opinion of getting richer and richer and richer playing those stupid games all of the time (don’t ask me why). So this is the game plan that led to that result where I dragged them as a society in a corner and worked on them long enough to ensure every process of touching me tends to produce a result on that their stupid media which means they get to use their own lives to make fame and fortune, which is rather how it should be if it bothers them so much; however in terms of my academic work, what came from that was a process of collecting their bad history and keeping it while allowing them screw with mine considering it is not bad and does not create the sense somebody needs to be punished, so they can work hard on me with media and their need to make money that will eventually ensure that it is and finishing off my game by making sure they are famous only when I want them to be; however when I return to my academic work and they turn up to mess with it again, way laying them like that at the global jobs market while keeping documentary history of their twisted evil nature and allowing them to mess with mine which causes them to make money and pay taxes and allows me to have a problem with their overseas accounts since it was their public lives they deployed to make celebrity wealth as it were, will easily become the least of their problems and probably the start of a condition where each time I tell them to leave me alone and stay away as we are not mates, it tends to sound like a serious matter.  


They do say I have escaped being attacked by Americans many times but I do not know that they would have actually gone through with it anyway unless the US is actually powerful enough to wade anything, even though I am not prepared to play up the risk; however the situation is that of the case of trouble makers on the right at society and culture where we have celebrities breaking Scotland away from the UK using the SNP and making it seem as though it was all the fault of Westminster and the absence of Politics which is what the proposed break up was about in the first place helped by the Labour Socialist party that has never really admitted yet that their need to spend tax payer funds on the idiots and help their goons from overseas who have strange power culture practices of wickedness that are ungodly and evil and to bring about fulfilment of wants especially concerning government office into main stream living is the reason they were able to do it, aside which we also have on the other hand trouble makers on the Media who turn up on the left and between both are black women with a sense of insolence which is legendary for the only abuse there is in the world is sexual abuse as it were thereof and when asked what the purpose of the contraption is, they say it is to ensure they can mess with me and do whatever they like and that if these stupid men on the right and the media are a threat to them, they can then deploy any of my possessions which they spy on me to find and locate on those men to pacify them and provoke me so that I might fight for them or face further wrath and then the realisation will be that it is what their involvement was all about all along in the first place coupled again with the reality of which is that this is actually not the US all together of which I do like to prove my point in that respect not just by making sure Mr Obama is not controlling them while I can control the trouble makers here in the UK, so that what we have is a condition where I have not yet started threatening them as well for my part while US Police officers continually find themselves in a position where they end up killing as it were and Mr Obama can do nothing about civil rights this and civil rights that and government must drop it because it was my own to get rich with etc, in light of which the only thing Mr Obama has achieved is ripping up my Book sales which means that the Books are not in any position to assist him at all as well i.e. this is not the US and Presidents should tell other peoples Princes that they had no Empires in the first place and need to walk before they can run, especially if they happen to share the same skin colour as it were. The delusion these American idiots have is that the simulation of my fighting abilities has now made them stronger than I am and that it is time to attack as their wickedness and immorality knows no bounds while claiming I think I know the US but actually have no appreciation of what kind of a Country it really is whereas I know freedom for women is limited in the US and there are a lot of prostitutes and pornographers out there keeping them off access to the British etc hence I think I have  a fair idea unlike their insolent and immoral assumptions especially when black and think they are other peoples personal Gods as nobody has softened them up yet as it were; my point is that they think if they start a fight, what their insults and abuses have simulated from my life will not become the bone of contention as it were, hence getting weaker. So that when I thus mention it addressing me as boy when they are done getting fattened suckling the devil and looking as filthy as only Americans can look and hence feel their fingers crawling up my anus to make their insolent point all the time, it will appear I have given resolve and credence to Terrorists. So it’s an old unpleasant game of trouble makers on the left and idiots on the right and Media running the show with stupid black women in the Middle and people getting abused – the US is now in a place where it does not sing the tune of their freedom over other people’s right to peace of mind anymore firstly and then also is a worry they need to take onboard here that they might spy on me and copy every little dish, every single meal I have, to share with idiots, some of whom are fools that are a danger to them but they are in league with never the less and others business world idiots – the reality has always been their inability to understand what this is all about i.e. I do say what I say and do what I do but it does not mean I go about ruining and damaging the lives and property of the Lower Classes, if they damage mine the reality will always be that they hate my guts when I have done nothing to them but are acting in precisely the same ways that lead to the applicable result that brings about such an effect and the outcome will be that they think I am a nightmare at present but there will be one for all to see as it were. They do say they don’t feel this can materialise but that means what they want me to do is start calculating i.e. sit about getting used to the procedure for dealing with them instead of losing my temper and getting into a rant on a regular basis – I already know what the procedure is, now they are asking me to. They do claim when I say such things I give incredible amounts of leverage for European Racism but I wouldn’t know anyway; we are talking about goons on the right and media fools on the left and women especially blacks in the middle making a mess of my property and finances all the time, most of them playing up socialist routines and lots of campaigns of entrapment because they think they own me etc – so what they refer to as European Racism is largely just bad boys; Bad Boys with whom celebrities cannot have enough of grabbing my public life to go off and mess about with and then when done turn up on the Red Carpet to find bad boys following them around running small businesses and restaurants and then their Media friends will grab more of it to rip up my finances and make them feel good and it will seem as though they are so good looking I would do anything for them because they are far, far superior and I still have no idea which part of my capacity to rip up their entire Celebrity culture and life style on the global stage still appears to be incredible here anyway. It’s like the story of how I speak but do not do what I preach referring to a Court of Female journalists I have, whereas there were always serious minded and educated people around me with bodies that will be wasted to protect mine about whom I will always try not to take my clothes off lest I do their stuff as it were.