My stand on right to die is not a difficult case for me in anyway like media people love to make out that it is; I mean fascination with how I writhe whenever there is a made up scandal that has no link to reality that has been made real because of their desire to see me undergo some difficulty for pleasure is something they want so much off it will get them into trouble eventually. I am still clear about the fact that when I had set out securities which deal with issues of Mrs 70 year old pensioner being able to walk the streets without being abused by get rich goons who are not moral people and do not attend church because it is Christmas, using the fact that the customer owns everything and has all the autonomy, what happens when I know that if I walk past that area again they will try to rebuild their evils, I go home and commit suicide?

It’s much the same with the way they perceive how they should do their jobs; I mean a typical example of this matter is the Olympic Park. I say little about it at present because they have simply turned it into a rich man’s thing which is the next best thing but that is still a shoddy job anyway. The main issue are things we can learn from the castles of this country, even Buckingham Palace has to open its doors to visitors to raise funds and so when people say they live in the Olympic park or have a House there what does it mean, that everybody expects or wants them to buy a house in absolutely everywhere they bloody well please, such that we can have obese people living at the Olympic Park or people can live there without regularly payment for and usage of the athletics track and the fitness facilities and the swimming pools etc? If you want to live in a modern planned environmentally friendly park, you live there because it is where you want to live and you must be a keen environmentalist with your love for the aesthetics of the place and the way waste is handled and energy is created and supplied etc, if you want to live in an Olympic park there is no such excuse as it is in my neighbourhood or it is in my local area an Olympic park is for Olympic conscious people who live the lifestyle, things there must be used paid for and maintained. I am not by any means suggesting it is in any way up to me it’s just fact that we need to be clear about what people want and what the best market for selling an Olympic Park and for buying and owning a piece of an Olympic Park is.

There is no such thing around here as socialism being something I don’t like but is here to stay and I have to live with it because the majority likes it. I have no idea why it has to be me anyway; the way I most of the time prefer to say it is that only I can live in my life but they never tell people that is what they tell me to give up and when I ask them what would happen if I did kill them first then they claim that is not the kind of give up they mean which nobody will ever understand but it will result in a process where they can use my life and property for all sorts of things that it was not intended. Then there is the way it works all together which is that I may have said something to somebody in London and they may have taken it up to say it to some fifty persons in Edinburgh but suddenly become paranoid that after registering it in the law that they own it in order to get rich I might act and need to be rendered incapable of doing so they start another set of stories that have to do with how they taught me all I know and do and the eventual result will be my entire life and a process where they their families and stupid children get around getting involved with jobs they know nothing about, then expect me to come up with facts they need to stay in those jobs and its endless destruction.

They say they want to take care of me and the first issue is that I am a sad person and nobody knows why but I am not a sad person the fact of the matter is that they think the civil service should be a rep of their communities, every office their existing to rep a diverse sector, so that when they form their silly opinions about me they take steps as well to ensure I do not get a job, of course I am fed up with them but it does not get to mean that I am a sad person. The other fact about taking care of me is rather that they hate my guts like hell on account of those things they like to do when they feel they want to have something like society or Politics and there is a person that must be sacrificed for it and every aspect of what must be done taken out of his life; I allowed them if it gave tem satisfaction since it does not prevent me from sitting down to write and sell books but now they touch the books to show whom they have power to rule and it will be their undoing as well; about such things as take care of me I always say they are bloody clowns and I will not be going anywhere as they will be moving instead and I do hope that their idea their bullying is some kind of norm and therefore the meaning of life itself which they like to find my work and explain it away with applies as a norm to everybody too.


There is also the part that everybody is usually interested i.e. the one that brings about the extremism which is the bit where they love to impose their opinions about how everybody ought to live on everybody else; with the result that people live a very violent existence just because it is fundamentally immoral to have sex with people you are not married to, not to mention the fact you may do such a thing as a risk taken with respect with respect to somebody you really care for and in the end people who are married for years experience that kind of existence, then they tell me I ought to fight racism so they can do whatever they like as well but until I have to fight racism as it stands it will continue to be completely relentless and without meaning, so I always say there is no point complaining when they are so good at it.

I watch them all the time; young women may get involved with me which purpose is to bother me with their problems all the time and older women may do so which is not something that bothers me with much problems all the time but what they will turn it into as if they live here is a corruption of involvement that ends with a process where they are making sure it is impossible for me to find a spouse and then if I tell them I already know what they are doing, they tell me all the young women of my age or status do not yet and start another violent campaign of that kind from then on. I mean it is worth asking what kind of practice of wickedness I have to carry through and for how long to work out how to make millions from a mind which thinks having money is not attributed to hard work, sacrifice and time input, not to mention being able to measure people with temptation to the point where I can put angry temperaments in them and make out it is a function of the fact they are afraid of me? 

There is no such thing as the idea I have to live with any stupid socialism, I don’t and I really do wish they would not have conversations about their ideology with respect to me. In my mind my sense of it is that they are suggesting their Political point is that the problems of poorer people must be taken care of in an organised fashion so they do not get exploited even further, hence that every one of us will make contributions to that effect, what it therefore means to me is that we will make a certain set of set out contributions over a certain period after which they move on, not that I don’t like them but I have to live with it. I mean it is one thing to take up something I have done and go somewhere to be rich and famous with it then return to take charge of my life because it has become your means to riches and quite another to set up an organisation that specialises in that and runs its affairs for the purposes publicly for the pleasure of insulting and abusing me all the time, to make use of my own life for purposes it was not intended and absolutely every principle that I do not go along with; like if you do not sin against God we take up your life and sin for you but everybody must live like they live in the city which creates the idea the rest of us do not choose when we do carnival while they choose it and run off to get all the degrees with which they plan to run the world. They even claim I speak that way but that they are saving me from Politicians when first of all I am the one completely destroying this their stupid society so that if I am unable to sell my books and take a long holiday away from them it will remain a place I should never be found in for the rest of my life and then there is the part they really mean which is that they like to set me up as an affront to Politicians then turn out to work their spin and claim they are protecting me from attacks by Politicians who hate me.

I do not have to live with anything and whether or not socialism exists is not something that is hinged to me besides which I do not see why they complain about the other aspects of things I do to them when my entire life hinges on how they feel in their carnal and that this is the reason for all these stupid revenge when they are the ones that want me to give up my life so they can be the ones that have it instead. The only thing I really give thought to which I really do hate the idea of having to is when the bullying from such idiots will come to an end, they on the other hand rather think they are on a roll, especially the politicians and their version of sports personalities that are really carefree about the fact I do not like it and actually believe I am prone to letting them do for the rest of my life too.