It is never really clear why we continue to have debates about what must be done with and about the problems of the NHS as a Country; the truth and fact of what is wrong with the NHS is the Labour party and nothing else – I mean she is a qualified medical practitioner and I have not trusted her with anything otherwise mush less reading my mind or something like that, she wears her mini skirt all over the place and has a relationship with the printer but you give her a job at the NHS anyway and it is the same with Inland revenue and HMRC – he is an accountant that for some reason hates men who shave their heads and think young people should leave them alone and decide on their own if they want popular culture to use them for a plaything but he gets a Job there so he can set out working out maths he will sell to companies on how they can avoid taxes and so all these idiots who should really be unemployed to a point where they are prostitutes that nobody wants to have sex with, so they can get around being really poetic have jobs and I have a problem like no other human being has got and somebody else is responsible for the thousands of deaths at the NHS instead; I mean why does the Labour Party do it anyway and why has it developed into a blame game anyway as well when it is clear that thousands of people have lost their lives? The government can keep these fools away from employment or I can ensure they do those jobs I will hold down for them and pay the taxes so they evade it as well if they want. I know they say there are things I have done to deserve it and yes I have; since they act like they are the only ones that know what greed and money is all the time and regularly make noise about how they want a society where the rich get richer and poor get poorer and it is really tough because they feel like digging flesh man like me – it generally means I tend to wake up and realise what happened to me days before was some kind of bullying and the bloody idiots cannot find something else to preoccupy themselves with and hence will get some of mine as they want it too. They are evil and greedy and money mad and I am a Christian like they have never seen before and I do not believe they have the right to walk around society passing around all those stupid hateful nonsense about the importance of money – this is what I did to deserve it so they can keep their insults to themselves and will never be changed since I am also determined they will have that kind of life they want somewhere in hell. I mean I know why they attack my finances, the Politicians that attack it as well simply want lifestyle from my faith instead of repentance and lots of fights they can push me into in order to seek decadence with their stupidities of which what comes to them is always entirely deserved and so nobody knows why they wreck my finances and help them to finances as well at the same time anyway. I will not tolerate their society and their culture and the more it continues to appear in front of me is the chances it will disappear completely – so we can find out if it is their own that looked that way. It extends to the business as well by the way i.e. I write my books buying them of which is the easiest way to obtain the job that has been done but they turn up to seek other alternatives and complain now about how all I do attacks the interest of black people which is amusing since everybody knows I am determined to secure some howling from white people as a result of how I treat my fellow black brothers over this matter. When they speak of what they are talking to me about and what I need to co-operate with, I am aware what they mean is a process where white women do not like black women who think the UK is a place they can get to dominate black men like men dominate them in Africa and they have ears alright but it is meant for a different purpose other than the designated one naturally – so the idea is always that if you get involved white women will make you pay for doing so and so there is the same condition with white men and black men as well and the result is that across the board is the white superior race on one hand and the others on the other being shown how to behave. I for my part do not care since they think themselves my stalkers and the idiots who own me with that golliwog mouth and so the idea is that I am not allowed to have friends and each time therefore I assess their behaviour and it means they are sharing me with my friends, they tend to pay the full financial cost for it because it is not good business all together and will get worse too, especially when I am ready to trade in a public life; these are the things I have done to deserve it, I never said I didn’t do them. With respect to the NHS however, I trust them for what they are qualified to do and they might want to avoid fighting me even when I am ill; nothing is too complicated for anybody to speak of and nothing is too expensive for anybody to mention – we all know Labour does not play Politics with the NHS, it plays ransom and blackmail and thousands of people are recorded dead so far.


I think certain clear and simple facts stand out i.e. one being that I will never stop extricating the financial value of idiots sharing me with my friends from them and it will always get worse, the other being my personal favourite which is that they cannot have society or culture lest I will not be able to write books and industries where we broker Equities will not make products in peace. The third being they need to stay off my book sales and stop talking nonsense about other rubbish involving the next generation of goons they have trained to desire my property as part of an ownership of stupid businesses they inherit from their parents and cannot shut their big insolent and filthy mouths about how what I do is their stuff and they need the stock market to manage their fools parents empires which annoys me like me because it is clear indication they never listen and want some of mine which they will get as well, and more so as I need a holiday away from their stupidities, so that in the end when it comes to other matters like the British NHS, I go there, for what the poorer versions are worth, I go there for medical help not to have idiots read my mind. Yes I know they say I provoke them but now at this stage women are really handling me then as it were, with this real need to explore exactly what they are angry about since it is such a problem for me as well. In the end the government and employers should not continue to give jobs to women from very poor working class backgrounds who think that there is much demand placed on them to show love and affection to a patient when they have got none of such things for all their lives, so they can go into the NHS to push flesh man over the cliff because he is at deaths door and get their Politicians to talk nonsense at me. The reality is that these are criminals of the democratic world, I don’t play games with them and cannot understand why others feel they should play games with them at my expense and then complain about it either; I mean they are supposed to deny them the jobs so they can become really poetic and when those their communities are saturated tell me my personality was stolen from criminals and gangs who do violence for everybody to protect them to kick off the kind of issues that leads to the things I have done which means I deserve what they are doing to me while I write the books as it were to push boundaries and they claim they want me dead because I want their heart and will never see that stupid culture again as well. As I mentioned before, I know why they wreck my finances, the big question of what the Politicians are doing wrecking it for them too; people should never expect to play games like these and get away with them and ought to realise others have paid in blood at the NHS, paid with their lives and the number runs into thousands and it is not a laughing matter – so they might never claim they were not warned; these are purely evil women and yes their really poor working class background is supposed to get sympathy, it does not here and I have my own state of affairs which decided what they cannot do because the Bible does not approve and they hate me for it but have no wish to avoid me at the same time with a big mouth. These are menaces that should get nowhere near jobs where they are obliged to care for people especially those that are at deaths door, like the old story of how much of a threat to homosexuals I am, when in reality each time homosexuals and cohabiting couples want to have the same legal status as married couples so they can pass their property to those they have chosen as next of kin, certain Politicians I have already beaten up because a writer does not tell his writing and his readers do not should out their reading and hence nobody could have worked out where I offended politicians, more so the idea that what I have taken from them is saved up somewhere and needs to be recovered when it is actually gone and will never be seen again, then get off and make out it has something to do with telling them how to have sex with involves me and it draws right back to that issue with black women which involves controlling me which they really are as it stands with my increasingly growing need to explore what it is exactly they are angry at since it affects me so much, while they think they are political powerful treacherous and do make use of men. The reality of how I threaten homosexuals is largely a matter of years ago when it began and there is always some accusation that I can never answer sufficiently so that it might never have to stop; the lion that cannot catch his hunt, then scavenger who actually started off as predator, the need to see a great creature dragged through the mud and it goes and on and devises a new purpose for itself endlessly, so it reached a point where they told me I can see I have suffered enough to be homosexual and I have since wanted to see if they can make me with an attitude of looking homosexual with every public appearance while all that comes forth when asked is the gospel and so this is what we have left of that culture and if I had half my way it would be gone completely – now let them show the world they were born gay and that it is in their genes. Nothing I do say about homosexuality changes my Bible stands however on the other hand; I mean the life of Christ has been documented on many instances but the pattern in which he lived has continued to remain the same i.e. the happy child to the preacher and healer and miracle worker to the man who cannot stop criticising the clergy angrily until they killed him, so these deluded fools think that is going to happen to me and not enough of them have died yet so far either as it were. As for the story of how people control every aspect of my life and can easily cut me off from book publishing or book sales or even the Internet however, the truth they should know is that the Bible says when people spitefully use you, you are supposed to go the extra mile and last time I did that they were all over the media because of the pain i.e. the practice of homosexuality is something single men with a taste for life normally do, single men do not play with peoples families and are even more private about their personal lives, hence the chances of realising we are discussing homosexuality in public while children listen is virtually nil – for these fools however, the practice of homosexuality is ‘genocidal’ which I find very provocative since I have never asked them to threaten my life and then save it for me as well.


It all comes together on the matter of being threatened by Companies however, the truth and reality is first of all that I act like an inside man of their world because of those I have continued to and intend to continue to inflict maximum pain and suffering over the fact when I write books the fact they appear on the market place is clearly the easiest way to get whatever I am doing done for those who want the services not an alternative idea from anywhere and if people bend me over so will I bend them over as well. The truth about big business however is that they expect to carry on such behaviour until a time dawns when they feel they want to run their businesses properly and stop being a menace to others and all I really need to do is protect all I own until such a time. The part where I am to get into trouble however is utter nonsense because all they are really doing is showing society itself how to handle them and all they own i.e. nobody knows what gives them the confidence that it is possible to rout another person’s finances and sit around his business leading him on for your money had become the God of the Christian in your view and he will ever change and go after it as such, until all he owns is either yours or blown to the winds and nobody knows what makes them so confident they can gain and secure all of it when they have been doing it for 12 years. We can see it play out already; society on the right and the illusion I will be stopped on the left and then society will finish with them and I will end up in Court to explain the names of their companies are found on my business because they play a game of breaking me down and handling my property to dissect me and find out what makes me tick in order to collect it as trophy everyday and all that noise about not being so such the judge will throw out a case will start to exist in reality when he either does so or gives me an ultimatum to come up with a different way to work which will mean omitting their names from my Company.

I mean in the US they like to seek conveniences and speak regularly of my support for Gun Laws when in actual fact they might even speak of it over some conference they have called to set out their own convenient definition of what ‘retreat’ in a ‘stand your ground’ law really means when they are trying to get elected by communities not kill somebody so the person can try to shoot them but because it cannot do without me the end product is always the question of what sense there is in blaming somebody from hundreds of miles away for the way gun laws work in their countries i.e. they want some of mine and will never stop getting it too. In reality therefore like most of it works for most of the time, the people who know the most amounts of things and facts about guns and gun laws are either dead or in prison in reality, hence they always deserve what is coming to them for their stuff. Especially those of them who need to offload their stupid lives on me because they have my books and can drag it into a fight with rich people they know who fail to co-operate with their needs, then pretend that my TV exists for them to talk through to me with everyday and them I will kill eventually as this matter carries on i.e. I do the things I do about idiots who do not know the difference between what their parents own and what belongs to others on account they have demagogues about people doing their stuff and stock markets to attend because of those on whom I wish to inflict the maximum amount of suffering since they will not cease to have alternative uses for my products when they are already finished products and exist only to be purchased or left alone – hence they bend me over and I bend them over as well and will oppress them to write books eventually so they can do revolution and tempt me like they make noise about all the time. They always do it all the time i.e. go to community croons and get them to consult shrines for wealth through which I am described as a trend setter that is their property and then when finished and I set the trends they do not like it so much anymore and I am doing their stuff – it is simple in my view; they are evil and I am not and everything I do has to do with ‘I have done some evil and I have damaged your property again to yet your attention for it’ and I will kill them for it eventually as well, never mind children of rich people and my Royal Property that involves them due to what their parents have failed to do for them so far. It is the same old pattern of making the wise too wise for their own good and the British where people who have some jobs for life live and can be manipulated in such ways as well; so yes the old story of how the British will be slaves to none and I am one of those and they have not got it, so there is no point pretending their ears are to serve other purposes for the most part and turning out on my television to act as though they are something different from this, something much more appreciable. It started by the way from Companies play around with another person’s Royal Estate; so new things keep emerging, new things where you build an empire and it turns out the money ended up somewhere else on account people have access to your books while you are writing it and guess the reasons; but of course it is because the ladies who keep the shrines that tell their fortunes told them I am a trend setter and also their property and all they need do is handle me and find money to invest and so I lay out blueprints for a company but the very fact I exist is my biggest problem as my personality is pillaged until the company is added to their own so they can get rich, all that is required for this to happen is a process where I think about the company and its contents and more so thus annoying when they do know it is a company that sells books and I rely on my mind to make those books, so they know I will always endlessly keep things abreast. They are the world’s worst envy freaks that cannot let others be of course and I have warned their envy will certainly clash with my jealousy.

As for those who will take up my thing and do it however, I have no idea what they mean and it is difficult to speak of it, what I do know however is that a group of fools that are older than me will take up what I do with their weak hearts and do it as well, hence I suppose the best gamble has to be their stupid children all together. In the end I guess there are some issues I must clear up about how I never work alongside those who want to work with me especially the Americans; the reality of which is that they are always a very insolently abusive threat to my leadership i.e. such things as banks whereby each time I set out my Policies, they want to get on it and tell people I do it all the time like I am genuine and or can be trusted or the other more popular one of Mr love my daughter and will do anything for her at the expense of anybody who handle my work like they do because those who give them money have the money to give to them as it were and thus the only way to ensure they are responsible people is to quarantine them and ensure they are accountable as such to the system from which they get their money and not become confident through the ability to handle my income that they can get money anywhere they want, they threaten this all the time and tell me with their foolish media as insolently as they possibly can that I spoke of law and Liberty and Morality but never share equally and cannot take a hint thereof as well. So I see them all the time feel they are supposed to handle me because they know where my books are, tempt and provoke me like they do every day with their foolish media therefore and use some American muscle to get rich alongside the boys who drink and party with them, which then creates this process where every foolish socialite can get on music TV and mess with me as much as they might bloody well like looking for some of mine all the time, hence they need to stay out and stay away and stop tempting me like that further and further. Now on the matter of Princess Diana and her Legacy however, the reality is seems is that she really did walk the world and was completely determined to ruin the Monarchy; hence the sensibilities are still the same like Prince William Marries his wife and she wants to build a future for her children and it has something to do with me which I am supposed to tolerate to an extent as usual and then nip the disobedience so those foolish rich thieves can turn up. I nip such things and nip it such disobedience all the time and if they have an opinion need to get off my TV and get on the streets – after all they do fit the profile of those that will likely later create publicity for royal thieves in order to make even more money. The condition remains the same of course; they are evil and I am not and they have done an evil thing and damaged my property to get my attention everyday and need to stop complaining because they will get it indeed.

This matter extends to the issue of how people are confused about what I said of the NHS, which is never clear which part they are confused about when I mention the really poor working class female idiot with her mini skirt and a conviction she can have sex with just about anybody, a laziness that want to ensure people are catching young men for her to help her do her job and generally the idea that people come to her NHS trust to get love and attention when she had gotten none of those for all her foolish life, running NHS management or top NHS positions, so that when Mr flesh man who is at deaths door goes there to be denied treatment for five minutes which kills him, it is not murder, which she gets her narcissistic satisfaction from it and those who get exposed like the ones at Mid Staffordshire show up on television to think it funny informing the rest of us she is being hung out to dry by her fellow counterparts etc – therefore people cannot understand what I said about the NHS. Which is why I need to spell it out too i.e. I think of the NHS as something that should exist only for a certain group of people; you cannot possibly tell me that we view Mr War zone doctor who returned to create a normal life for his family successfully and returns to living like an ordinary person is the same thing as medically qualified Mrs very poor working class background who has been denied a lot of love in her life, when we know that one is a menace and should only go there to work and the other is not and we can ask him about the way we want things to run – instead of pretending we are not aware that menaces one way or another tend to kill people. It is much the same with Mr A who thinks young people need to leave him alone and work out if they want to be a plaything for popular culture by themselves and Mr B the accountant who thinks that such people are a problem, getting jobs at HMRC. It is much the same with seeking advice on children entertainment while comparing those who think creativity and fights do not go together with the charlatans and evil idiots we have to put up with at popular culture that have money to throw around as well. As for me, they can always say I say these things so I can boost their career for them and go to hell but in actual fact I say them because I own trust systems that the general public can opt in or out of whenever they want and I write books in which I perform fights at the same time and hence I know everything and they can utter such nonsense therefore whenever they want. The part about Scotland is nothing like the fools over there claim it is i.e. the creating of some new fresh and stronger society which they have no power to create bearing in mind nobody knows who the hell they are anyway as well; the truth about that is that I and the Nationalists in this Country are very well provided for by society – they believe in modernism and I am a Christian, they think they want to create society in Scotland when we know they only want to be able to tell me for example that they ought to get jobs before I do on account they are older than am but never tell me exactly either what the difference is between that and racism, that they want a film factory here and a music factory there and a club here and an ability to tell anybody they like to shut it whenever they want which has nothing to do with any society let alone the creation of anything – just really provocative stuff all the time all around. Yes I am always made to feel more and more is needed on Scotland but it is rather simple, the real bone of contention is that they believe life should be more difficult with them at the helm because it will make us better people and that is all very fine unless their Politicians think crimes against me are perfectly fine due to the fact it ensures I cannot ignore them and then I will start to have a problem with the fact that jobs are difficult to find and whether or not they are should be a matter of opinion like it is at the moment because for the politicians they make such things occur by a hatred of my faith which is to be played out over my finances and for them it beginning incredibly from the process where their stupid community witches want to have sex with me and that is a product of an act on their part of regularly consulting women who keep shrines for wealth who then describe me as an item and a trendsetter they must control in order to be rich or important etc, then they turn up to build society and I turn out to think any one of their self expression offends my faith; they have always known my very existence is an affront to any ideas they have about the way things should be outside of their own lives and unless they are going to ensure I cease to exist ought to realise that there isn’t a provocation that I am likely to tolerate. For their women with shrines however, the reality and truth has always been that of sex with me as such, so they regularly make that noise of how they know what lurks in my heart wherefore I have to make them understand they don’t, inform them of what lurks in it because predictably they always tell me I have struck up a conversation and should realise they really want to have sex with me which is the wrong answer and they will always continue to feel like harming me physically and very violently and my power to make them sex mad is something I cannot have enough of too – like when those insults pay off and on this occasion they really do indeed – it is entirely understandable when they suddenly feel like building things.

Now on the other matter of the expansion of Heathrow Airport for example, we continue to have that problem whereby people want expansion and they continue to require my position on it as well, the reality of which is that have continued to hold the believe the three phases any infrastructure has to undergo as a machine has been completed in Heathrow and so if it is still working as a Machine needs to be allowed to assume and maybe cash into its tourism status; the entire area is saturated and it is not just the new and modern kinds of services that will be overlaid on the old that is a concern but also the building of new structures on the old one as well, hence there ought to be a new lifestyle and a new airport to go with it for the future and not an expansion of anything and by the way of course of which it will always be cheaper to expand Heathrow anyway hence the cost is not an argument. I know it is said all I do is talk and no action but there is actually really nothing I can do about lazy industry goons with money to throw around who wish to spend it in absolutely anyway whatsoever; I know if I had a new product I will want a new facility and a new system and fresh face to give my customers clout and not lumber them with a history of problems overlaying one period over the other – it is how heroes like me do business and there is nothing I can do about the others and their money and the need to spend it like an expansion of Heathrow, it is the Politicians that have and need to decide that. We cannot bang it away enough times how important it is with respect to securitisation especially that economic recovery is a factor of what people know; we have seen the main land take this matter into consideration i.e. 8 years ago the centre of London was St Pauls, about 5 years ago it was the Annex called the Gherkin and today it is the Annex called the Shard – why St Pauls, why the Gherkin, why the Shard – we can tell a story about this if we needed to but in the case of Heathrow there is talk of air port commissions that will answer questions that are put to them and so it continues that a previous period is laid on a new one and services provided because it is all about planes and customers and profit, never the less of which for most of these guys in any case, if they had a new product it is very likely they would have bought an entire shopping centre for it too. Then they say when I say such things it can be copied but even if it were the case that there are other cities in the world which are governed by a Monarch and run via only the two fundamentalisms of Law and Morality, such a city would never have been called London – however we must accept the talk we hear these days of how it feels like living in apartheid all over again even though people are governed by black leaders in places like south Africa because the task their governments have on their hands is incredible and their attitude of and thirst for destruction really cannot be measured. Now as long as those insults and behaviour continue which ensure every while that any foolish girl on woman can apply on me with the chances that it can make me behave in a certain way and therefore offer up the opportunity whereby their doing it becomes the answer to everything in life continues, they will continue to pay a heavy price for it like they are at the moment and this is just me, so if they want to play it out city to city and country to country they can be my guest too. Yes I know they get help from my foolish mother and regularly tell me that my Dad used to talk the way I do before he got killed, which of course I was but never did he talk the way I do – what he usually did was go out and get them into his life and have sex with their women until he got killed by them which is by far not the same thing in any way with the fact I cannot tolerate their society and making sure it does not exist in the only way to broker equities with those who create products they must buy and sell books of my own which I write. So making sure they have no society and making sure they pay the full financial cost at all times of sharing me with my friends whether I like it or not, can solve any problem, so I am not worried about what the future offers, I am prepared and catered for and by the way am half of my mother anyway.