So they always revert to tales of how I want to look after Women but actually cannot, which does not in any way bother me, only remind me of how stupid they actually are but then again I always say I am a sexist anyway because I do really believe that Women who chip into Men’s conversations are promiscuous; I am not referring to a friend or a colleague whose conversation with you, you tend to keep other peoples out of all together but it usually becomes a point of call so they might keep it up. General idea is showing up with the worst possible upbringing to find somebody that can work to wrap round their fingers can call on whole communities to help you take advantage of on a regular basis; it is something Media and popularity culture helps with because they have the power of course and we are starting to see if that is true or not too. Then we hear that I trap Women, which of course I do technically; since if they run families of cultural evils where I steal women’s places in the world and steal temperaments from Men that can actually do the violence that will keep them safe, then I do; otherwise if I concerned about mobility issues, then there is a possibility that somebody is married to a violent spouse and there is a way the relationship looks. In the end it’s not just that when people say Women are stupid, these idiots give it meaning, there is also the reality that the only thing they gain from it is a process where I am unable to unwind. They now say I should be cleaning up the mess fashion idiots and celebrities are doing at the Monarchy but there were others who had the duty to decide which celebrities ended up in my court or in my affairs it was not their own anyway – so I do not see why not as well, now that they are done fucking around. It’s what they get from it that is more striking i.e. having a morally dedicated religious person they can persecute to make broadcasting for their time. I do not think the matter is a big problem; it’s an old story – if you take a look at that Woman that wants friendship with Politicians because she wants to be able to push younger people into crime and control communities or the one that just wants you wrapped around her finger so she can get comfortable at your expense or the one that wants to control religion and shut it down while taking part in it and holding position at Church where she can ensure young people have sex first before they are allowed to get jobs etc, what you find in their whole lives and communities of people are that they are a people whose entire existence is based on fooling around and then there is a tiny bit reserved as a means for respecting people and being happy and that is the part that is okay, except it is not for those who are not paying and then this makes them the last people you want anything to do with when you are trying to pass your exams in school etc and the reason for it has always been that they come from tourism economies; so when Media idiots want some religiously moral person they can persecute to make their broadcasting for the decade it is the sheer greed of spending all the days of their lives in these tourism economies and the need to make them keep off my earnings and my person must be done in a grand scale, so ensure people do not move into my right hand or my left hand more so thereof or that when I try to deter it, I simply create a condition where such behaviour is the main preoccupation, while stifling my book sales becomes a second job attached to the main one on Television and radio etc – so that it becomes obvious that when you get Americans into a place where they cannot bother you about their freedoms, you can then raise realities around the happenings of these sort and a conversation around it too thereof.

So they now say I am stuck in a condition I will never get out of and it is utter nonsense; the only thing I am stuck with is whether or not I want to get off making something of a foolish existence whereby I care about what other people have which allows them to show they are above me because that is how Politicians have made it, all of the time in their days on this earth. The reality however is that whatever happens, no idiot will likely have a world where he used to be less important than Royalty but is not anymore around here; when it began they claimed their problem was poverty, now we know it is not because they have lots of money from whose public image they cannot actually account for. So we have to be clear that if I see that culture I will cut it up again as it were and they do say I must have noticed the danger around me is growing of course which is not a new story as we all know they can see a Police Officer whose bills will be paid this year because he does crime for a living and get around telling Him or Her that the areas of career where they are having difficulty is because they are not listening to what they are being told by entire communities, of which some are crazy enough as well to calculate them until they are trapped and have nowhere to go but the point of an Officer’s Gun and which is how it will end as well. In my case there seems to be a play out of their villainy that does not make sense but they seem to agree with each other is okay to inflict on others without reason as a result of their envy all day long and it is more about my personality and there is always a need to have a stupid provocative conversation with me that will allow some infusion to take place every time and it is what I mean i.e. I am not a Police Officer that can get them into a place where they will beg for their lives but if I see that stupid culture they will get around the world with Media as a people complaining about me again. I mean these days they say the thing about my Books is the energy; of course private equity intellectual property administration will always have some energy if their insults would allow it because it involves recovering peoples market and property and business image equity, so it is an extra ordinary feat to achieve all the time but we can see that for their part if they read Books or write Books or sell Books it is not the kind I do either ways and hence have no business with me but I am never the less their main preoccupation because of that energy thing; so that you get to understand why some people want them to end up in conditions where they will have to beg for their lives as it were. So now we have talked about it, we can see that having done nothing about them, that they are getting increasingly violent towards me with that twisted evil villainy gone completely wild with the foolish Media support they get for it as well and whilst I can explain what they have done to provoke me to such an extent, they can explain nothing of why they get violent towards me for their part as well; except of course they will do the my left hand side your left hand side, my right hand side your right hand side and I can talk about love and hate and mix you up as much as I want routine which usually gives way to the realisation that with me everything about everything means utter and total and unadulterated misery for other people and that I am not in any way apologetic about it; hence for me it’s perfect and they need to stay off me as we are not mates, no such thing as getting stuck anywhere. It’s not a complicated matter, I can simply it i.e. that stuff they do whereby some are free and democratic on the left and others are social and republican on the right, it is the main thing and we live in very separate worlds, nobody moves into my right or left hand side, it drives me mad and if they do not wish to keep complaining, it is advisable to adhere – it’s been 15 years of it so far and nobody is taking over a Literary Empire or Royal Estate here even in their dreams. At this point, what they have created is a Court that is no longer able to protect that my Royal person and character from the infusion of their own with violent equality and shoulder robbing etc – now the Court is fighting for its career on Media and I am fighting for my life in their view, so they have made progress; I am only reminding them of the kind of issues that led to the first outcome where they got around the world complaining about me. What happens with these goons is usually that somebody has ideas about the secretes of wealth and dogmatically teaches them, so they can make plans and run campaigns in government buildings about the evils of religion to isolate prey etc and now they think they are there, when they apply on me and it does not work, we see them grab my property and issue threats and I am always having to deal with it; either some lie about using their lives to accomplish something, or dipping where I was not supposed to which means what I have worked for belongs to another and all those evil violent sharing methods that are freedom based in every way and utter perverted and the next time it happens, I want the result to be a fight as well.

Now we end up seeing all over the Media some talk of how the UK cannot defend itself against Russia in the event on an attack; I could never make out why that is an issue anyway, all we can see is that the Military in Russia is at least 4 times the one in the UK, so it will be pretty difficult to defend against it. This has never been the problem, the problem has always been that the corruptions of the Arms Industry is only starting to pay off and these are the pains felt by British interests as a result of it; the Arms Industry will speak of the fact another person’s profession is to defend a trade route and some borders naturally but have no wish to speak of their own professionalism in due course as well, where they build ships for other countries which puts British defence systems out of date only Months after they were built, like those people do not have Countries as well, sell, sell, sell.

I have never thought it a problem; they all tend to talk in the same way – the upper class ones say I show up to flatter the Monarchy and then take over and make it up as I go along, the lower class ones say the reason they hate my guts is that I created everything I have but when they speak we only hear one rhetoric i.e. ‘you are doing your own stuff and that is the problem.’ The point is that these guys really, really, love to cut and waste stuff and it is their nature besides which it does seem they are unable to live without it – when I say so they will laugh and flatter and glorify themselves of course but I am not yet a Police Officer that will calculate them into a corner and shoot them as well yet so far; so what I said wasn’t funny and I said they are villainous scum who really love to slice and waste stuff and are always careful to ensure that doing so does not hurt them even though it seems their stupid lives depends on it.


They say it is a brawn over brains issue but is an example of old issues they are not getting their stupid heads around i.e. I am an Arch Prince and have no time for such stupidities, much less so the violence orientated ones, so they will find they have exceeded themselves when it turns out that no matter how weak I am, when challenged, the person doing will have the fight of his life to deal with, it always means that what people are supposed to do to the tune of conveniences foolish Men and especially ageist idiots wish to enjoy gives way to a condition we hear them complain about all of the time because everybody wants to find a way around every matter and everything too for that matter. The point of anger being of course that despite being older and far less successful and far less clever than I am, have turned up here to express their stupid authority that comes when I cannot breathe, destroying absolutely everything we see them or even their parents before achieve one such and share with the frugal thereof. Its ever only brawn over brains after they gang up on you and hold you down as entire communities to build their insanity with Media a new character that they want to embody, while they need to fight me as whole communities however, the bloody cowards are still deciding brawn over brain issues. They will say it feels bad when I show them off as cowards and that they need to make me feel that way and then manipulate me into fighting their battles for them as well, the reality of course is rather that they rounded up my business and damaged my finances over a programme of using me for violence when I had worked to government Office and the kind of battles I had to fight through completely drained me of all need for fighting, so I might become inferior and after that we see them show up with football to complain about the consequences, show up with Media to blow off a big mouth and the American ones never give it a rest suckling me all the time, looking for more trouble than they have already seen. They need to fight me as a community but are still deciding brawn over brains issues here. It’s the same as that other complain I watch too much television, which then is affecting their dream jobs, as a problem they do not deserve; the reality of course is that I am watching my Books as it were – what happens with these guys is that they have noticed I have got a means to make myself financially comfortable, they have then taken steps to work out what will happen if they are not the ones doing my business for their own race and ethnic group and when done with that it becomes a battle and daily accusations and abuses as regarding where I wish to extricate my next millions and how those were communities where I do not belong and the effect is that the day all I have worked for in the last 15 years gets flushed down the loo is the same day I have gone Public with it, which then makes me want to do the same things as well; at the moment the complaint is that concerning their civil rights and that is usually one of the best beginnings in the Books according to history when such things need to be done.

It’s obvious when people behave in such ways it affects the business they targets alright but does at a level, in my case they have come to develop this fun of bottoming out my finances by getting after the entire business image, which means that the conversation people want to have with me every time at my business premises is that of how I should have written my own Book. So we hear now that it has become serious enough for broadcasters to make their staff behave, that I watch too much telly supposing thereof there isn’t a reason for it, while they have spent all my time in the last few years making sure everybody gets a sensation of my livelihood and whether or not I can carry on is a matter of how many of peoples questions I answer as a result because of that their stupid dream job that they ought to hurt people with as it were. They do this every single day and it has now reached a stage where the fun they have with it is becoming more violent even when I am not reacting – so that was the fun bit, the serious bit is when broadcasters start to make their staff behave on my account and those jobs of theirs start to get really rigid thereof too. There is always that story to tell whereby they have a reason for their behaviour of course but if people would describe as reasons a daily provocation that destroys my earnings and quality of life to make me react and build a bad history that will allow a counter attack on account that they are not good people but wish to rip up the lives of religiously moral people to create impression on rich people that they are not just the right place to be but the best sensation to have and are willing to take risks – so I have made myself clear here as well about the fact it will not stop and I will soon be selling their own like the devil himself as well. I mean this is only an instance where I sit in my home and realise the atmosphere in the Country which has been created from the good work they are doing with wealth distribution around the world, says that I watch too much television and then set about blaming those whose lives I deploy to make myself comfortable for my problem – so I image all that counter attack nonsense as they bottom out my income every day, will give way to a sense that people of a certain age especially males have no respect for my livelihood too.

They speak of this case of Politicians after Politicians shying away from teaching me a lesson on their behalf all of the time and of how they will keep working until they find the Politicians that will comply. I wouldn’t know anyway for my part; all I know is that the level of hatred they express at present was born out of something I have done to them and they have my approval if that is what they seek, to start another one too. They are wasters apparently and really love to waste things; the reality will always be that after spending some 12 years working on a project, it is the day that it goes Public that will be the day it is wasted and destroyed by somebody that has not got any and all I am saying here is that the wealth has to exist first before it can be distributed and this happens to be the only way their stupidities and all its embodied human form, can show some respect for my Human rights as well as I tend to show one for their own.

We see them at it all the time; if I am a Christian, they become far more interested in seeing me commit sins and have sex which everybody can then copy and it is then what it takes to go from being somebody who is known as a Christian to being somebody that has sex which others copy that was their problem, of which the way to achieve is to undercut me at the basic of my instincts by making sure I have no income and no security and it is always only after they are finished, we see them realise they have not been getting jobs all along, for which somebody needs to teach me lessons and MPs keep shying away from it with that big mouth they have got – nobody really knows why they cannot teach me the lessons by themselves anyway; whereby people turn out to play with me at University as a community and are still pretending I will not cut up that society and culture if I set eyes on it on their account again like I have before. So that the way these things get achieved are as simple as making sure my academics are in tatters and attacking my finances with the sole intent of destroying it, once that is done, they have done it as it were and it only gets serious when they have a reason to complain like they are at the moment. I am not saying they are all bad, they are not all bad, they are people whose lives comprise wholly of screwing around and living out a useless existence and only just over 5% of it is reserved for happiness and respect and this is for those that are paying only – the reason being that they come from Tourism economy backgrounds and live like that because it is actually the way that success is built but then again of which there is really no need to keep making me feel as though I am barricade behind my own door on account they are busy deploying my Public image to make themselves famous and comfortable and there is no reason to get after my finances on a National scale to a stage where my Book sales are bottomed out and I am on unemployment benefits.

They speak of no real reason they can envisage for me to have reacted the way that I have but then again it shows all over my Books as well, the need they have to get a reaction from me which is financially profitable and causes me distress, whenever they tease me over Money; no idea if they were expecting something good to come from teasing somebody that is clearly their equal over money on a global stage based on his reputation anyway. And so there is nothing wrong with them carrying on with living in a manner which does say that I do not exist either; as long as they do not make me feel barricaded indoors on account they are making use of my personality and Public image and my Book sales are not doing badly, all will be well with them as well – point being that nobody is going to teach me any lessons and it is about time they realised that too. They do say I pretend I am better than them when I am not; first instance of course with this particular talk is that it has become obvious that money does not answer it all and that they are really a hand full of idiots who actually do not know anything – the cause of it itself being that my literary empire actually does not exist and so now that it has turned to complaining as well, we are making progress since we all know they cannot be reasoned with. It looked ever so simple when they started i.e. my Literary empire does not exist and that means I could never sit in an Office and make an ambient living while I study, if I had to live on benefits and catapult myself into working for somebody else from there to create the reality where I work my life away when I work for myself which is really stupid and do it still when I work for somebody because they want it so. Hence it goes without saying; this is the most destructive age group in this Country and when they are being nice it is not the Cars they own, concerning which they can account for the way they have made the money with which they bought it, which means that your anus hurts every time whenever you walk down the streets and at home too, of which is a good way to keep making the money, which will not lead to a process where a murder has occurred, if they can cling to my personal life rather than change a behaviour. This is an example of a point where we hear them claim I seek love where I have given none and will therefore find none while being attached to people through the fact I was given birth to and share a skin colour but I wouldn’t know anyway; I have assessed all sources of their problem based involvement insults and power from the 80s to the last decade and ripped them up, I want nothing to do with them, so I am asking who it is exactly that enquired it of them anyway; the things people rip up my finances and academic work to place themselves in position to yap obviously, which I have enquired for as it were and unless they are complaining as well it never really improves – goes right back to Tony Blair getting rid of religion so he can grow his hair long and carry a guitar. It’s nothing unusual that this story always develops into one about how I think it is okay to discriminate against people but then again of which the reality is that they want me to get involved with a fight and stuff and usually with a gang as well; knowing there are things those gangs have seen and done which I have not, meaning they are better informed and prepared at least 60% more than I am but want it all the time because if I said Women are stupid human rights will vanish as far as they are concerned; so they are complaining about losing the power to get people to do violent things on their behalf but are still getting involved with my concerns to follow on all I do and say with annoying and insulting questions that will express how I seek love where I will not find it on account I share a skin colour with them. So they say that the main problem is that I block off their fame and the means to aspire to something etc, which I have because I do not wish to tolerate any more of their stupidities showing up on my public image to express its insanity on account it has got good looks all of the time, lending me agony and mobility issues; like I have said before, none of which is lost in translation – if they do not make me feel I am barricade behind my own door and do keep off my Book sales, all will be well; they did bandy the civil rights and said they lived in a society where people can deploy peoples image to make money like that and when done go their way and let alone the owners and they have now got the money too and need to go away; I don’t want them to be famous. Here they will say I find it easy to solve these matters while they are absolute hell for others, which does not make any sense whatsoever unless I calculate that people do not need my leadership if their involvement rather is a matter of using me for something; so apparently they do have their own lives and we are not mates, which is why I express my opinions about their Media and popularity/celebrity culture by drawing attention to really stupid things and they always get carried away by it too endlessly, need to clear my space and live in their own existence.

What happens is that it is a celebrity, its purpose in life is to see somebody make me behave while she takes advantage of me because she is far more superior human being than I am, so what I do is find those cultures associated with the insanity that gets to her head and make it famous, what they do becomes really surprising as the need to cling to my Public  image means they cannot detach from it and when I am done and turn around, what I find is a brick wall caused by the decimation of my academic work, in which condition they passed their exams and returned to Popular culture anyway to express that same superiority and the anger I was about to get over with tends to stay. So all I am saying is that it is actually possible for them to live in their own existence, as nobody knows why they make the money at my expense and then make contact with me to rule me with it and go for more as well, unless we assume they like to think themselves other people’s personal gods. I too am going to do celebrity culture which I am here doing, until I am financially well off enough to return to the academics and if I do not do it, they will always feel this is a behaviour they can groom a victim for and get used to like they have me over 15 years of my time that I checked my history and found was full of similar occasions occurring in the past as it were all together yap yapping. I understand the story is that I am in the business of getting attention by freeing up bad people; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that when I free them, then fools making money at my expense because my religion means I have made a solemn promise not to harm them and since they have that certainty can do whatever they please with me, keep the money where their mouth is so we can all get on. I mean the religion itself in the first place meant I was stripped of all I needed to earn a living with because that is included as well and then got stuck with a world of the sense of fame and notoriety that is associated with pensioners – so that when I make sense of a bad situation, the result becomes one of a need for them to have new TV careers, not necessarily because they appreciate pensioners on holiday as such but because there is an assumption if I have a problem with temper like they do with their stupidities nothing unusual will result from it. They do say I am not keeping promises I made to help women, of which there was no such thing; I mean my birth mother who grooms her family for idiots that want to get out of bed to spend other people’s lives to do their stuff does not like me much anyway because I never say anything about my person and well being with definiteness, so it is never clear what would have caused me to do the so with utter strangers instead anyway, no matter how insulting. The case here is that of journalists turning up to make deals with their camera Men who help them to my Public person to a stage where it gets intimate and then when a major project has been compromised and I mention something about it, risk libel over people I claim to have met who have never met me and then the party piece where I then try to speak of rights and they can decide if or not I can make money from it, adding to the gospel preaching woes they enjoy mentioning all the time; so I had to show firstly that I could write the Books and articles and blogs about it without suffering any stupid libel and also that these things do not happen because they are the cleverest of us all but because they are a one off, a real pain in human form. They do say I will never be as healthy and good looking as their men, which is nothing new, we hear cracked up out of my league speak of hurting bottoms all the time but thereafter it’s the one that is being used to serve them as well all together and when they see me theirs in the left-hand side and mine in the right and in the right is shit and violence while they deserve convenience, I owe their boyfriends favours and have been doing their stuff; so it is not lost in translation when I make it famous and they are swept away by it because they are stupid – it’s their own that looks that way and all is well if they do not make me feel I am barricaded behind my door and keep off my Book sales while they clear my public image space as it were. They do say it is the stupid things they have done which has taken over me as well; utter nonsense just like Brexit hurting so much as it were – I did not want Brexit for my part, since I was poised to get into the EU and find out what it is exactly they can do for my part all together. Half will then say I sort it without finding out what the situation was and the other half will say I have now sorted out the issues and pacified their anger over my sentiments towards extremism and violence and the fact they are always right but the main case remains still i.e. even when they are financially better off than those they attack over wealth inequality, they are still doing it because they have come to love their bloody work thus. So it is said that the problem is mostly my joy at an ability to get away with passing insults at Women which is not based on reality at all i.e. the fact that for instance the anus and penis and tummy insults have become a subculture in their own right bearing in mind it is usually aimed at none violent Men who worry too much and are vulnerable to tummy ulcers and so on but then again ripping up my academic work like they did in order to return to Popularity after passing their exams was aimed at making sure I am stuck with problems that my Court is concerned with and therefore having no time to spend on the Office itself – so because I know that and get after the Office anyway, it turns into a story made by fashion idiots of how somebody has turned their other self into a trend because he wants to be punished for it, looking for a piece of me all the time. So it does seem that it makes them feel like real women to behave in such ways but the problem is that we never ever see them seek sexual acts of gratification in the arms of their own mates, just like wealth distribution issues that concentrates more on those that are financially worse off than they are, which we see all of the time, then we hear them tell me I perform marvellous suffering routine which makes me a target, whereas we know they set up a Public image for me which they then groom for it, as I said which they want a piece of me for as well. Hence they love to claim I like the Monarchy but cannot do the Armed forces issues, whereas their distraction causes me an inability to manage armed forces corruptions all together; what we are looking at here being that guy that wants to talk of how I come to their Country to corrupt their Women joining the Police or the Military, of which his insanity is given position and credence by Media because the Media has got the power to inflict me as well; so now that Journalists and Celebrities and Television personality bottoms are hurting all day instead they will wind me up and cause me to make these Men famous all together as well, it’s not in my hands; they know what an insult is and can shut their mouths for a change if they wanted. Now they say I complain endlessly when given job roles by clients; makes no sense of course since unless it is about Publicity they are giving me or a Book or mine people are buying it does not have business with me – people cannot continue to show up around another person’s livelihood like that for years on end as it were but they do say it is social Media, which is also precisely my point; they do it because of social media of course but so do certain people who will absolutely terrify the living day lights out of them too and then I will be told I am being negative but we all know it’s the truth; when the parents went off to see the Body and there were cuts on it that were a few millimetres in diameter and there is wonder if the child could not have been saved as it were because of course a stab wound is always done with something thin long and sharp and it was another 8 centimetres inside at least and the purpose was to drain the body of life through draining it of blood and those who say I shouldn’t mention it need to stop talking rubbish too. I mean they do ask why it happens when their stupidities are a bit more meaningful and nobody mentions that they look like things others want to kill in gang fights as well; since everybody knows it happens due to peoples personalities on the side of the victims and peoples insanity on the side of the perpetrators, which is exactly as I said i.e. they need to stop talking rubbish. Like we hear talk of how what I say most of the time is really not what people think of me; whereas I am aware my only concerns should be with a Journalist based court, no popularity, no celebrities, no Media and no Politics or television personality but that would actually amount to handle Royal position in terms of the professional aspects only while I do have the fame aspects to look into just as well.


So on one hand this matter will revert to  a case of me being tied up with matters that the Court should be because I am not behaving the proper way whereas the reality is that the Court is fighting for its career and I am fighting for my life and they think they have got me figured out when everything I am and my business is not vulnerable to and set about on media to create those vulnerabilities which they can then trade on for connections and money like they have the power to back it up all the time; then explain it as something they do because of the way I handle Industries as well, which is utter nonsense since the way I handle industries is a matter of digging me due to the stupid and very dogmatic way they get up at the City and stock markets to run their stupidities which are supposed to result in riches, dig me right up to a state where they are digging personal well being issues and family life but will not stop and if they wind me up will be complaining again about some problem that is entirely new.

As for the part about interfering with US elections, to begin with, when I interfere with British ones, because the involvement of the Monarch or the Heir is a constitutional crisis, such an interference would have been an escalation of social tensions on my part which is why I never ever do it, so I imagine what I want to do is interfere with US elections instead; then again which it does not really matter since it is largely a case of American exception as usual – where I write a Book and because I am selling some in their Country I am interfering with their elections, they speak of it to a state where the elections are actually affected and it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy in its own right and then pretend it is my problem which means they soon shoot off those threats and I fix it for them as well, so they can complain and threaten all at the same time as usual.

It’s never been any unusual as such; the reality has always been the same old case of when these idiots want to see what happens when Moral people cannot get jobs and then we hear them speak on one hand of hoe insulting my Books are which has caused provocation, whereas it is their provocation that created the Books and the Media is still doing it by giving people a feel sensation of my existence to make me fight for it every day – on the other hand make me deals again over their stupid country and civil rights whereby I must be dominated first before I can do my academic work; and we all know that if I finished it my dominators will come up with new ideas instead of the normal course of events being that I get a career because of it. So it is ever so obvious if they do not want me to play with them like that as well, they can stop playing like that with me first on seeing it causes distress and pain.

The British ones will say I never acknowledge what I have done to provoke them; what they refer to is for instance where I am not a Goth for example, so when I write my Books and Goths decide the difficult intellectual property administration job being done means they have found a new source of energy which becomes what my job and career turns into with no chance of selling Books and the result is that I effectively need to create a system which replaces the process of going to a Law Court where crowds will be waiting for me to resolve matters of business image and intellectual property before I get to the Office, what they then do next is the one they have toned down so far i.e. get off to every major economy in the world that is bigger than the UK one to make friends and return home to show they have gotten around the global industry villages to have conversations with people about how nobody knows who the hell I am, so I never really think myself responsible for twisting their own into a corner as well because it is pure and utter villainy and very, very, very stupid too; it has to take hold of and twist your personality into so many corners until it reaches a stage where complete strangers meet you on the streets and approve of your plight and neither ever comes with a reason attached.

So we hear them speak of challenges I have thrown up but nothing said of the fact their exceptionism and the insults of it generally means that they have basically been having fun decimating developing economies first of all but also that in order to be the greatest nation on earth they have to exploit the fact that a free a democratic country is one where everybody is a potential entrepreneur and hence whole governments make deals with single individuals and the US government is almighty. All I have done since they have no wish to keep their insults from me and we have to calculate the number of American local Politicians that can take me on and then when we had counted up to state level and senate, we see that the President is all powerful and I am nothing, about which I have asked them to keep if off my Books and try not to make me feel I am being locked behind my own door because their girls must be stars to make daddy proud and they are making use of my public image to fulfil their dreams; otherwise it can become my problem like we see them love to make out when they want to bellow those threats and then I will solve it for them the way they will see me solve it too as it were; I always say that because the lot of Women there is when girls are stars to make daddy proud and cannot keep away from making other peoples Arch Prince feel they have got some serious mobility problems and there is no way that it could ever have been better as it were. The challenges they speak of concern the story of how they are so democratic and we wish to see what they have done about the plight of the female community which I had mine completed with a Court system in a Royal Estate to show for the Public and National and Diplomatic effects during the year of my 23rd Birthday – we are still at the Female Community issues where they are getting their first Female President but in the making so far only as it were and so we are still a long way off from talking about ethnic minority issues as well and then I can get persecuted from playing the role the US should be playing in the world to a point where such tales are actually credible.  It’s never really been a problem here as I have always known it to be that really stupid thing Men do to ensure they can stall your business profits and make you understand that they will keep it that way until they finish what they want to do with it – which usually sees them blab about catching people who are trying to use their own to do it as it were and it really, really, stupid while those that rendezvous at Industry communities are the most destructive scum ever to walk this earth, closely allied to the girls that must be stars to make daddy proud and so on; so that the effect is that neither the issues concerning which Women have violent people follow them around because their bodies can provide pleasure nor Men whose minds are programmed to work for money, which means they will have greedy people follow them around, have been resolved by these scumbags, what they think they know is that I am interfering with US elections which then creates fresh problems in the sense that normal good people are being hunted from being successful and that criminal activity is actually either permissible or approved and I am sure they will blab their threats of a problem I need to fix before I get into serious ones where it really matters as well, so they can watch how I will fucking fix it for them too.

It works into the one problem in Europe as well where the state of affairs exists and because the British Government is known to get involved with issues and prevent them from becoming a crisis, those other government that love to work crises are the ones who are running a real Country which the British Government is not and they can decide which one is the Brexit and which one is the responsibilities the British Government cannot escape from either way. I personally didn’t want Brexit anyway because I am quite certain the most insulting and abusive Machiavellian art of power scum are European one size fits all and everybody behaves for me Politicians, who always fail to observe the rules when they deal with other peoples leaders and then complain about the problems thereafter. So I started off with the ripping up of the world’s financial system games some 6 years ago and that led me into the case of stupid Women from poor countries that have learned their ways causing a stir in the City with their poor get poorer and rich get richer rhetoric which means a financier got whacked over the head with some strange power and he signed away other peoples Hedge Funds etc, what they did with that in Europe of which was to plan a new existence on the new solution that they were positive thinking insults was practically theirs in the bag already; now we all know the Germans got all haywire with that issue and that it is their version of Country, alongside the French one and alongside the Spanish one and some Eastern European friends too which is the only real Country in Europe along with the nature of their relationship with Africa and Eastern Europe and poorer Countries of the world but of course they have lost everything else and that Brexit thing can always sting a lot more the more they tend to writhe around because of it. In my case personally, it is a matter of admiring my work on one hand and on the other claiming I have stolen the great cultures of Europe and made it mine looking for trouble, which is the part where I really did not want Brexit, so I can find out what it is exactly they can do as well, one size fits all everybody behaves for me and I insult other peoples leaders for a living European idiots and then each time they go back indoors to investigate if I am really that powerful in order to come up with some lessons to teach me, find that they cannot as well. When we hear that they are so great and powerful and important and so far off the station of peasants that this sort of thing is the sort of thing the British do because they have got it, we see that it is a beginning for getting the problem resolved either way but then again must take steps to ensure we are not footing the bill for their insanity, so that they can complain about the economic effects of their attitude at a later date.

Apparently these idiots get into University to rip up people’s academics and pass their own only to make a statement and return to popularity culture; having not known what the tools are for and why those who seek them need them, now hate my guts because I have found a way to teach them as well, teach them my way as it were. It has never really been a problem; just that they complain too much and issue too many threats about the process of finding out what will happen when the Christian does not have a job and money gives way to a process where he makes famous aspects of culture which causes bottom hurting and lifestyle damage so that people cannot get famous because of course the result is that they always cling to me and the full nature of their greed and evil and general villainy starts to show forth and they have no idea how to detach from it.

So their need to handle people and a temerity they have built up for their stupid existence which says they have enough boldness to touch peoples children and handle peoples children and teach lessons and so on mean there are no 24 Hours in which a Politicians is not stuck somewhere and a threat is not issued in my direction to facilitate an abusive way of making use of my Public life to get them out. Nobody really knows where they wish to put an end to it anyway if they do not get to do so the way I want it; I mean at this stage, I have got all broadcasting systems exactly where I want them and when I start to make their staff behave one after the other then it will get real too.

It’s never really been an issue, only a matter of where they think their disobedience might be profitable, so that when most have failed then working it because I have private parts will do and when I speak of it they start to make out I am stuck somewhere when I am really not half as stuck anywhere as such. It is much the same with the left hand side and right hand side gestures they say means something but each time it distracts from what I had set out to do all day and I want to know, it really means the tricks they gather up with their ageism to play as a group ganging up on people, which means that the more I tell them off is the more it becomes a main preoccupation regardless of how stupid it really is. Much the same as when they say I give all I have and become a freak for what I do whereas in actual fact what happens is that I am an Arch Prince and it is more important to live in a monastery than to live in Hollywood but if Hollywood is my problem then it will look as though I have become a freak – same with completing an academic work and spending time with Public engagements and if celebrity culture damages it for me, so will I do celebrity culture until I am financially well off enough to return to it, otherwise they will never understand. Same with when we hear them complain of Women picking on them since the real issue was that I was never able to speak in democratic ways and do not necessarily think of American interests as an important thing, likewise likely to become very paranoid about Russians; so Women do not like it when I am exposed or people get into a habit of building a need to converse with me simply because I engage in democratic stuff when I spend my own life and possessions to make everybody else comfortable and naturally when I say so a secret has been exposed for the ladies were completely harmless as it were in the first place. Just like their violence and that part where they can touch people must be profitable; before then the kind of behaviour towards fame and easy street life that was performed on my public image suggested I was dealing with the kind of persons who kill people because they have a need and that person did not have any like they do and so I had to let them take the money; since then we know they had gotten the money and the situation has gotten worse with stories of how little respect I have for people who are more successful; what they refer to by this being celebrities of course who are a bunch of people that have a stunted spiritual and personal growth and so when they get rich at your expense, what happens next is the need to build up lots of filthy indiscretion and dump it on you and when you are not phased move onto doing it with illegal and class A drugs; which I don’t mind either save their fans and those who idolise them are very violent people and it becomes a justified process to use their public image to do jobs and trading as well.

A typical example is the built up inadequate news we have been getting on US elections; they say Donald Trump is racist, reality says that an average black guy who has a 12 acre wardrobe and all his cloths are made of the American flag is not going to vote for Hilary Clinton but his voice cannot be respected either way and so you find it difficult to believe that it actually carries when people claim somebody who works will with the biggest community if illiterate none white successful people in the US is racist on account he wants to build a wall to stem illegal migration. Then we hear those why, why, why questions that show up all of the time for it too, whereas the behaviour of spending the profitable aspects of peoples livelihood on themselves which is rudeness beyond normal human comprehension continues and while all these distraction rolls on, Obama is getting round fine with Tourism economies that will build up the secrete things that can be used to inflict and afflict those who refuse to see they do not have the right to be moral people, right up to a point where Police brutality is the result yet again.

We see the same with the Labour Party as well; they were a bunch of outcasts who had their socialism to play for but do not want it anymore because they want me and enjoy making accusations; when their Politicians provide leadership they issue tests for me and then it will hurt and then Media will take it up from there and then it will all go round in circles.

Much the same as black women becoming really fond of secrete things that plague me which they control story, which they want to build up to a point of some race based violence they have caused, showing off this  attitude whereby I cannot get rid of them because I share a skin colour with them, which is only likely to change when that complain of living in their various communities for years without feeling the way they feel now until I came along to seek privileges of injustice and take up my time for it too, gives way to my own constructed narcissist happiness that blacks away their Public image and facilitates fame and fortune too; the Americans are really good at it, although being fond of showing their evil as such all the time as thus the most vulnerable of all together.