The matter of men of society who hate people with a crown on their heads that authorise them to lead is very well understood but their abuses are becoming more daring more insulting and more intrusively violent too, so I suppose I have ignored them well enough as well the white trash talking nonsense all over the place all of the time having conversations here that nobody asks them for. I mean it ends like that but the way it began was more like and more about how to get hold of an adult using society and culture and politics and to ensure that they can dominate first before he is allowed to complete his academic work let alone get a job – how on earth they will is impossible to envisage because the fact you have to get off and find money to fund your problems means that whatever they do has to be undone everyday while they have to keep doing it which is where the fun for them for these invented nonsense comes from. The way it is supposed to work is a case of their stupid women who have a problem with the personal freedoms and financial security of religious people stealing and doing damage into employment somewhere so that they can ensure other people can never get passed them via an interview to secure jobs for their stupid children and if they piss me off again since we are not dealing with enough youth unemployment in this country over their abuses as it stands, it will certainly blow up all together. I know they always say two things that count all the time – the first being that I am on benefits but I am on benefits because people want to keep me on it on account that I still find it impossible to settle up on the idea that benefits is normal depending on your social condition and the alternative tends to rear its head all the time i.e. idiots who think the government should be abolishing the welfare state on one hand while they take advantage of jobless people on the other gaining more and more influence, hence they have decided on keeping me on benefits as a means of their own security until it is sorted but that said they still get after my book sales and the insults that paid off to bring this about in the first place continue – the Politicians will rule me, they cannot handle society and culture every time they touch me but they will drag me in a certain direction that they please. The other thing they say is that they consider themselves to be a problem I have to deal with when the reality is lower class idiots making you into them and making themselves into you especially those of them with money to spend on their stupid problems, a media to manipulate and an eye for the high life – the reality of the punishments I have doled out on people in this Country is that the only way people destroy money in order to make money is if they exist to create others problems they can handle by being rich and thereby spending money on it so that there might be homosexuality when it is discussed and that is why they turn out to ensure that you understand in the strictest of terms that they do not do it so that your money can help you cope before they remember they have not worked out how to pay their way in the world and the Politicians must deploy tax payer funds to aid them in order to be important. I did not create the problems I did for you which you can cope with by spending money having a good time because I intended you to cope with it, what I intended was for you to hurt and show it and look the part in public and will ensure that is the case whatever it takes: it would never have crossed your mind in hell that it could become another person’s civil rights but it does every single time and that is why I hurt them so much for it as well, because we hear complains after that when they are done. I mean in my case they complain I say that I have not authorised people to do day time and talk shows giving off one word of mouth after another which is positive about my work and all that tends to happen is the negative ones instead which means I will get my hands around that stupid media properly as well but it is the same I do to other people businesses – the reality of which is rather their lower class insults and how I get to work looking filthy, looking like I have been down with them looking all messed up to effect a process of an exchange of lives and lifestyle, to create them decadence and personality competition they can have at my expense with that stupid money I believe they will bring around here as well so we can find out eventually. They do these things and for a platform where you may cope with their stupidities but they dare not be touched by any violence since they have got your life and work to feel good with and do not have to settle for any less than what they actually deserve; I mean have people seen the kind of pornography they make and how they create those violence for themselves before they decide being affected by it is just too much and whether or not you cope with them determines who is really more privileged and more decadent? It gets even better when they had claimed you rape their women as well and they understand regardless of how increasingly privileged they have become, they things they cannot cope with because they are not used to it which you can, that when you look like that you get shunned by Government officials especially at the Monarchy because you have been down with them etc.

I never did say I am innocent in the matter in anyway, nor have I reached any stupid dead end – reality is largely that I intend to peddle their lives as well since that is the purpose of all these activities i.e. I live a life that can get involved with to find and peddle privileges to get rich and famous which is the part the MPs play to corrupt me for them as well. It is not a complicated issue and I never can get my head around why people dwell on it when I do mention something about it too – in my mind I am not a fame freak so it is easy to see and understand as a Christian that the kind of evil that means people want to touch your penis ad your bum and make a big atmosphere from your reaction that community croons can do what they like with so they can be rich and famous extricating personality from you is the same as the kind of spiritual evil that drives somebody to stab another person in the heart for example knowing that will mean that the person gets buried and rots in the ground without growing old and making his peace with mortality, it is the kind of wickedness and spiritual evil that leads them to claim that when they do it, they do it because it is their right – you would kill them for that of course except that it is not just their right to do it but it is their civil right. This is why they get involved with me and it is also the reason I will take hold of and sell their stupid little evil lives for them as well and that is what I am doing. It does not mean I have been reduced to a point where my entire life is about revenge like they claim; I was there when they were the most twisted evil and notorious scum in the world, considering which the talking into me and insults by which I get to provide for them at my expense and then wake up the day after to provide for them when insulted and abused is their civil rights, that swear words are mine because I am determined to shut them up, shut the up the leverage this and leverage that and peddle privileges in my life to make fame and fortune, whose reputation and what we think about them was fixed by the media, I was there from beginning to end and we are not talking about the older ones who are older than me and are now known to be paedophiles either anyway. Some misguided idiot must have therefore in my view told them they are famous, I don’t believe they are and I know them, I know what they really are and am not making presumptions here – I mean the only reason that Ellie Goulding would not think what I said about talking to Mrs A and not to her is not important with respect to what she has seen and what she wants to use my possessions in public places for is because she is buzzing under the influence of class A drugs which is how those stupid insults when they are done comes about that I talk tough but they are good at killing with a big mouth; last time we checked of which a certain Mr Duggan was the reasons shops and businesses in London were set alight via a riot. I mean it would make so much sense if that big mouth did put on a T shirt on which they expressed their hatred for the Police, to stand in the middle of a jewellery robbery, so that when it is finished the Police will have understood how a process of driving cars around blowing sirens to warn criminals not to kill anybody but simply do their jobs which are to rob and get away and let them do their own which is to catch them on a daily basis does not get to pay off – the kinds of guns that the bullets came from and the autopsy, I mean they do think when the Police have to take off a shirt worn by somebody who was murdered expressing hate for them on such occasions it does not make for a laugh as well. These are very twisted and very evil spiritual and temperamental wickedness that brews in our communities all the time and when people understand that having a job that is in some way linked to the Church allows you to see these things they will cease to think that it either just happens or they are fame freaks without consequences or that I will continue to provide for them against my wishes for as long as they like about which none of the warnings take effect on account they have media with which to determine what people think I said. I try and I try but it does not mean that I actually think it is possible for me to reason with idiots on class A drugs who think they are famous and that getting more money to buy more class A drugs hinges of ripping to pieces my public work and book sales, that said when I do tell them to stop it and they refuse, they refuse because they want a piece of me and they will certainly get that too.

They say these things they do happen because I encroach on their turf and yes I know I have done that but before now it was a case of how they clearly were the only people with regards to my behaviour problems they will solve who had failed to attend school in a white socks – It conjures such imagines and reminds you of those times when you were a little child to that level. So this is what happens because I have always been comfortable with the idea the only form of friendship that scumbags like these from small Islands in the Caribbean or Africa and their South African friends can offer other people is a homosexual relationship but of course they have become convinced that they want to persecute me with it and the more those spiritual and temperamental nonsense that leads to a process where somebody will stab others in a fit of wickedness is deployed to threaten me, the uglier their matter will end because it is not the only eventuality in which they become convinced they want to take up another person and consume them like they were an item, besides which they act in such ways in my view on account they think they are more worthy to walk this earth alive than anybody else. Yes they do mention something about how it happens on grounds I am disrespectful towards my mother – no bearing to reality of course since my mother is s selfish witch, I mean I call her my mother because it is a matter of formality, otherwise I was disowned but not told so she can do and undo as she pleases around my affairs and the fact I do not pay attention to it, more so was adopted by HM means she has lost all power and seems to have turned out worse off than anybody else she knows – it is not a difficult issue, I mean the insults people throw at me are things I know she tells them that they can do when they have political party meetings but the reasons I don’t pay attention to it is that she knows nothing about me, I mean my actions and activities would not have surprised my Dad in anyway, it does surprise her of course because she has never spent up to two years with me in a family setting where all she has to do is get to work every day and return from work every day, so it does surprise her to a point where she is greedy enough to seek a claim of ownership etc, the problem being that I don’t know which part these idiots play in the matter anyway. At this point it makes no sense trying to work out what somebody who knows nothing about you does with her life and then what she claims she has the right to do to you and offer others the opportunity to do as well but again as ever spending tax payers money to wreck my academic work and spending more of it to offer friendship to ugly people who do ugly things that I take advantage of to build a career of reputation because they do them to me is something Politicians do on the presumption that I will not be provoked on account they feel that as a Politician if you want to confiscate a young person’s feelings of well being and family, you should have the privilege to and I am under the impression that this was not the consensual homosexuality they claimed to have created in their society which if it did not exist would have created a completely different occasion that would have seen them get that close thereof.

Then we hear of the story of interference from my part which of course I am not denying, I simply comfortable with it and the fact they will never be free of me but on account they discuss interference with me I will go across the facts again i.e. 2001 to 2003 was the time to acquire history on me that can be peddled helped with by mum who makes people homeless for them for the fun of it on account that instead of doing like fame and fortune idiots to be financially successful and become something you hate people and want to attend school and the reasons for this was to ensure they can do anything with my possessions and anything I do about that would have no effect in due course as a result of media that they have in their possession. Then it developed to being pushed out of my studies while they passed the exams and turned out in South America to do pornography and put their feet up by the pool side under the sun while I have to stitch together a career under depression while getting after my academic work again about which they have not only located how to make money hurting me from claims that the depression is what I write books about but also that what I do to build my life is done to serve them which then makes a mockery of all that academic work I must do for the mainstream part of the career all together and becomes a prerogative they can share with anybody who wants power; I mean as I said since I intend to settle that nonsense about the world being an evil place and how I should never be allowed to have a rounded control of what I do about it but they are actually discussing interference with me which is very provocative considering. So the reasons it happens as it were is the only that really matters i.e. whether or not they manage a stupid girl who makes fame and fortune ripping up your company and third of their fans become a burden on the welfare state while the other makes your entire company into some hear say and the fourth are off to the Church to ensure you are working with the will of the Church to make them feel good about any violence they put up with from fame idiots with the use of some violence and insults of their own which tends to surprise me in their view when we all know that a process of imputing some defilation into my temperaments that are a function of my experiences with God whom they claim does not exist and thereby get off everybody to expect to explain to employers what the controversy around my temperaments really is when I should be talking about my skills and qualifications, so that they can have community croons and evil cultures and spiritual wickedness that is protected by civil rights – the outcome intended of course is that you get through hell to build your company, then they ensure you have to pay that stupid girl who is a celebrity to do advertisement which they make a lot of money from but because they speak of interference on my part and will not get out of my life and concerns and move on as it were, this is what I will cut to pieces. They know what the truth is and the fact I feel that way is completely foreseeable. It hurts when people go from keeping up things your evil parents do because you do not appreciate popular culture and need to be offered to them on account they have got fans of that sort, which each time they cash into hurts and they know it, to wrecking your academic work in order to turn up to do pornography with a first degree and put their feet up by the pool side under the sun somewhere in the tropics, then talk nonsense about interference on my part because I am now having to manage a career while studying at the same time which is really difficult. The implications of course goes beyond support for organised crime, it stretches into that other talk of my lack of support for tyrants when I feel the way I do and to which I think Politicians can do whatever they like too; spend tax payer funds on ugly culture idiots that people abuse as well to make themselves fame and offer them friendship, form parties that are liberal and social, and social and democratic and all that lazy nonsense and never ever, ever curb the insults as it were, certainly not if they are directed at those who have been disowned by their parents but not informed of it to suit them in order that their stupid Politics might do and undo when they wish with whomsoever they want to. The tyrants on the other hand have problems and it must be heaped on me, their media idiots say it is a little problem I must take into and open my heart to as we do see things the same way – what they really mean is power of developing economies with the help of Americans pervading my book sales and public work and how it affects an economy here in the UK where people are paid by the hour to do jobs that are to last a lifetime and those jobs are largely in banks that manage finances for everybody or factories that produce consumer goods that end up in shops mainly or the large chain stores that distribute those goods – it is when finished that we hear of tales about opening up the heart and the spying Americans offer them at black communities have chosen enough self improvement to put an end to scumbags looking like slaves as they do by abusing me in their view.


Now they have ideas about the reasons these things happen and yes they say it is a matter of my sexual habits of course but the reality is rather that it happens because of the need to handle my work and my earnings and my personality to give a tyrant in the Middle East and in Africa a mouthful whenever possible and then show me they can do any fame and fortune they wish because there is nothing I can do about it – this is why it happens. I don’t think it a major issue its just when you hear rumours of spying by the US NSA full of African American idiots from civil rights idiots and the effects of it is the powers of black fools cleaning up on me and others as well if they want to create a war at my expense, the more religious the better looking for trouble all over the place, you do become very protective indeed considering my sexual habits concerned female journalists they want to watch on their TV and masturbate over, then get increasingly violent which is how they hate me without reason i.e. the job of somebody who gets up to report facts of what actually happened is as moral as the job of somebody who serves Queen and Church and vice versa – so we got together and now they don’t like it so much and its turf. It’s never really been a conundrum; only a case of the fact that just because there is NSA spying is not to suggest you are the mate of civil rights idiots and just because civil rights idiots inform you as violently as they normally do about NSA spying is not to say you are the mate of male journalists and just because you are insulted into being the dog that fights harder the angrier you are on account civil rights idiots speak of it and journalists have experienced it is not to say you have become the mate of popular culture idiots etc but they are always convinced there is no way that you can hurt them as well whenever they harm you on account they have handled your books and gone about putting too much on your plate. As for the Americans in question, the conviction is that touching the penis and bum hole of a Royal Prince is something they have got enough super power money to pay for and this is what we are getting into position to put to the test as well – I mean the first occasion was Mr Obama the Senator who abused a Royal Prince and wrecked his book sales in order to give support to some small business idiot who will then become more important than him and provide a condition where he leads people that are more important than Princes should have done so at the Office of the President when he got there and not before so that he might understand the pros and cons and there might be rules, now he has to pay for it. Americans tend to live in a very impudent and insolent Country and that is why they think these things can occur without consequences and such things as Scottish Nationalists never get it – they think they have made deals that will prevent American idiots that are now working secret service to split up the UK and set my work up in Tyrant havens for a tyrant to have a mouth full at will with from setting small countries with tourism industries on Scotland but their plan B however is more about keeping the Pound and the Queen. I do not feel a strong sense of insecurity with these matters, it’s a simple case of Americans making money and feeding their greed and materialism with their own work and their own property and their own identity and then their economic crisis will come to a close with an ending that says the US is not the UK otherwise they will not be free of me either; apparently the black idiots in the US secret service that cannot behave have never really before had an American civil war that was the fault of African Americans yet and we will give them some of that too for a start.  It comes down to two major issues here at home such as the Politicians who hear people whisper that I might be held down and made into a sacrifice to please Americans and turn up on media egos pumped up to find out if they have reached such a fucking level in their stupid lives, so I understand what Scottish Nationalists are all about but then again is it supposed to have been a problem that concerns them alone? The other issue is largely beyond the matter of Westminster madness that causes me to conclude that it is either the Civil service and the NHS where my personal details are kept are not handled by idiots who claim there is power to their career that causes them to do it which makes my chest feel like exploding if I do not handle them as well in such ways, not doing so or that hung parliaments are good things – and that is mainly concerned with millionaires who have wives and families whereby my company is hear say then we hear complains about how close the window cleaner got to their Vagina and stuff like that which turns up on parliament to continue seeking those prerogatives they seek all the time at my expense of which the first were personality competition that means a Royal Prince cannot be out of their league with their stupid money to throw around and yes I do understand that the importance of my company being hearsay is that when people deploy my property equity to make some profit here and there it is gone for good but is it then really and we are not talking about the fact they will make those stupid adverts and publicity for their activities on no other auspice as it were either? It seems therefore that in their view because of their Money the reasons a Royal Prince can never be out of their league is because all these National monuments cannot enrich the lives of people in the UK provided they have their money hence you can go to Buckingham Palace like it was a simple House in the Middle of London of is it then after all and those who work there are nothing as a result of working there because you have your money etc but is that the truth then after all? Reaches down therefore to this state of affairs of financial equity equality right across the board which is to allow the Government to pin point exactly what it wants to do with the economy being a bad thing because it means they will allow others get jobs and earn a living and will be able to get into an office to make their millions like they do apparently being a bad thing because they don’t like to have their money taken from them to show them how things should be done about those that are under them; so the window clear got very close to vagina obviously and when I mention it such things will cease to happen.

So the question is why I tie people down and what I will do with them but it makes no sense since I have always been clear I am a Christian anyway; all I want is to make a public statement about how important some people find it is to persecute Christians on account all they can do when provoked is establish s big church anybody can get into to forge further perversions with. So I want to keep them here and deplete how much range of wickedness and quantity of it they institutionally have to practice and the problem with that is that they have to think up new ones and the downside of doing so is that people can copy it. I forgave ripping up my book sales part, I forgave ripping up my academic work part, although for the academic work and did act to justify that debt of £30,000 I got into but building a life and a career and a company while I am studying again does not make my company hearsay and I do not build my life to make them comfortable – I mean everybody can see the level of provocation involved here anyway. Of course it is what I mean; they are all about handling people’s lives, leveraging this and leveraging that piling things high and selling them cheap and quick, wrecking lives and moving on but my company is not hearsay and I do not build my life to make them comfortable – this is not to say I think it a problem, I don’t its largely a matter of this leverage thing being all about whether or not I care deeply enough for my friends as much as they do about me and of course I don’t need to prove that except for My Work Court with whom the sexual activity is itself their own leverage, since it will push me into sexual impropriety all together, what I will do like I am already is cut to pieces any contraption that is their latest preoccupation so they can turn out to make my living a misery for absolutely no reason and invent statements and reasons for it in order to continue and share with others as they go along. Hence it is always said I go too far all the time and the question is that of why I do – but I am only 33 I have got the energy and they have got a problem too in the sense that they have no respect for anybody.

I understand there to be much confusion about what the operations of the Company really is in a short and concise manner - but that is largely expressed by two groups of activities; one of them is that of the US Government and some of its trouble maker Citizens, which I am said to have been criticising to a wrong end and the other is the Video Games Industry Operations of the Company where Games need to be made with the main body that brings people together under an umbrella of something unusual and the other is simply series and series of play Units or even online multiplayer experiences - hence the question of why these kinds of products need to be divided into these two areas; the answers to these two matters being of course that of people complaining about serial killers for example on one hand but on the other a female pornographer that makes free pornography to express how she has got a bad kid and people need help or watch out would have led to understanding that manage matters of entertainment with violence and crime but most of it does not due to the fact that even these toys are an International plaything for the purpose of regional instability for Americans, hence my criticising them is always a matter of what I do i.e. private equity Intellectual property administration and the fact they take hold of my company without permission and wrangle all over it as much of their pleasures as they can which creates the sense there is something new out there when people do use the cliché - never mix business with pleasure, hence not that but the one they did. UK video games industry is more about society and trouble makers of course - all those great names people bear and therefore means they have freehold of trouble making and how somebody creates a character by which people understand somebody knows him and that they both grew up together etc - of course some of them are Royalty but in the video games nobody cares anyway not least since they are always all Royalty or think they are which makes what their characters become. The other part are women who cannot keep their hands off peoples possessions in Europe - I am certain even now that once I finish writing this, they will leave the old life they had on my head and take it up as their own looking for as much trouble as only they can; It never helps that process of putting to public use areas of their culture that is certain to create them unforeseen problems and the complains they put up on media and politics to get away with their crimes with either. This is what Intellectual Property Administration is about - this is simply a Company that does the service on its own private Equity. These are the matters that come into play when people finish these activities and want to have their homosexuality in peace – especially for the male journalists that also think they have a violent capability going for them as well for good measure.

We hear talk of how they claim these complains are a factor of what members of the Royal family do to me but of course it leads right back to the same issue – that when those who are higher of position and office than you are or lower come to your office they do not expect to gain from your work at their expense or one of their assistants will take note such a fact being the least of your worries – none of which would have been happening if I didn’t have to deal with these things at all, so it is inevitable that I must get hold of that media sooner or later eventually. The other part sounds more like a case about a lack of competition in the Banking sector – without affecting my relations with the Royal Family of which it is safe to say the myth about Banks that are not competitive are precisely myths since we know in the UK you could lose your mind for shopping where people in your area of society do not go, hence banks that are too big and hence unsafe has no foundation on reality; what makes banks unsafe are the people that go off to work there and what that needs is regulation. The part where if you are able to look after yourself no matter how big the players you have to deal with meaning that when they spread tales of how you do what they want it must therefore mean that it is how you must act or else is simply one of those facts which express how their complains of little long suffering damaged personality of theirs comes about. I do understand black people spend much of their time talking about what I have come to realise I cannot do anything about and therefore need to give up trying but I have no idea where it fits and which part of activities around my possessions to the effect of such nonsense is actually legal – never the less I am clear about Barrack Obama who was supposed to set idiots up to riches and wreck my finances so when he leads them and they are better than me he will be the most important black man in the world but he was supposed to do it when he became President with the pros and cons to worry about and not when he was just a senator which is what he will pay for and is thus doing so at present; I mean it would not take a vandal 2 years of a monthly activity to wreck the life of Mr Obama but even after 12 years and something of a daily basis wrecking things here without being able to destroy anything, they are still richer and more superior and more important. I want nothing to do with black people as such and I don’t expect them to listen to anybody’s view about how they want to live their lives either: they might listen after they had destroyed it and wrecked me but never ever before then – so I had a long time ago put them down as work and one of these days I am going to feel I don’t want to attend to that work anymore.