I understand this great need some people seem to have to create their media controversy with that other case of the process where they understand the treatment I get from people as something that people deserve from those they have offended intensely but I seem to get it without reason as people make up the reasons as they go along. I dont know what part they hope to play in the matter anyway, all I know is that the problem we have is that these goons love to think themselves the great and the good who are rich with money to spare and hence must be held in wonder and thereby allowed to move into my personal life and impute any violence that applies to their activities and their lives in it and it is to this end that I do the things I do to them as well – we have heard several times the threats about my actions when handling other peoples companies without permission but of course we all know there is nothing they can do to that effect, handling my books is illegal and they know they are committing a crime by so doing but seem to desire to do that and to do that only and this is the only relationship that exists between me and them and exist on only one prognosis i.e. they are twice my age and have spent half that length of time in the work force and the purpose of the savings they have put up during that time is to dominate me and sleep with girls my age.  I do not think it a serious matter, there is a concise reality to it i.e. the blacks want to be able to groove and live out the most wicked and violent profitable deviance there ever was showing their genitals to anybody they want to provoke and invading peoples personal space in order to make them feel fantasies of people handling their genitals all the time, the white ones always want to get on Industry and stock market and punish them for it as well but that said, both have no wish to keep their hands off my finances and my income and so I really dont care: I do put myself in their shoes and consider what I need to be to get out of bed and then out of my Christian activities and fundamentally step out of my home to get to an office where the only work I do all day long involves damaging another person’s book sales because it creates controversies by which I can run news that will connect with certain people that like it violent and I do think about what I would need to be to use my age and the savings in the bank as leverage against young person’s that are starting out to that effect – so there is actually nothing between me and them and if they vanished I wouldn’t mind but not keeping off my books they complain about all the time is bound to create them much bigger problems than they suppose they have predicted already. Yes I am aware it is also said I sabotage what other people do to join me in the matter of which there isn’t any; what they tend to do is turn up to pretend they want to do something about ageist bullies but want to do nothing but deploy my personal life for their own ends – for those who do it out of ignorance I always give the benefit of doubt, for the rest there are always costs and for those who wind me up, they are looking for trouble as well. The reality is that these guys are evil and if you wish to speak of it in terms of that by itself all there is to talk about is people realising they need to annoy you all the time and see you angry all the time so that they might be able to detach you from a sense of personal life and move in there – if in their view they do that to enough people a certain percentage will be willing to play their games of evil and bloodshed and forcing people to commit sins and sexual acts with money and social and cultural pressure that will obliterate God and religion from the midst of the society, so that they might rest assured: and it is not just a matter of racism or a matter of how I do not take seriously the issue of being bullied by them especially the black Americans or a matter of being concerned about peoples civil rights. In terms of the first, the issues are as simple as the fact those who are caught in the cross fire of racism are caught in it but they are the ones that deploy powerful cultures they are involved with which can with its wickedness determine whether or not people can be successful or die like dogs on the streets and this they apply on racists, so I am never really sure when the violence breaks out it is actually racism either nor is there anything that suggests that is the case – in terms of being bullied by black Americans the story is still much the same as how the Church helps them get by and so on which is utter nonsense since that is not how Gods church really works and so because I share a skin colour with them they have become convinced the assumption it creates proximity has led to legitimacy – for the issue of civil rights being the same old case of a process where they will never accept other peoples leadership and the only leadership they can accept is their own, so they love to deceive young people and plan outings with which to cause damage to private and public property all the time claiming it is civil rights – their mothers know this and  so do their wives and those two groups of women they hate with a passion because they have never before done anything correctly in their lives. So of course I am said to speak like that but continue to overshadow other people’s lives; none of which makes any sense because they have not yet been seen putting healthy distance between their stupid selves and my finances yet but speaking of the issues in their own right however the reality is that they are evil and need to be able to detach people from their personal lives and move into it in order to goad them into things and then manipulate them and create their sense of philosophical nonsense that can manipulate people and those wickedness that will never end etc – so I always feel like discussing their part of society and the result is that I am always only comfortable when I know I have had my hands around it and because of that I am only ever comfortable when it is making me comfortable and to have it or be comfortable with it they have to turn up and take it off me. So this is what has become of them being the bullies and the adjudicators at the same time by telling me this really violent way of relating with me only happens when people do it to those who have offended me but I look like it is best if it is done to me when I dont offend those that do it – so it is the same old story about the fact they are sociopaths and at the very basic level cannot exist unless they are stalking people; the American surveillance part being the one where they can spy on whatever they like but they know that to avoid those complains there are things they must never do – like pick up things they find around me and get off to media to make it their own which will never happen so they might feel frustrated being as thick as they are set out to vent it on me as well which will provoke me, concerning which we all know when I am provoked they complain: no country can face its future well with that degree of deviance running wild like that and by the way of which we do hear it’s about media securing controversies from me which makes no sense – I mean it is worth asking how much of it they want anyway, like I have always said they are unique people with personality that are over 90% ego whose rubbish I am not prepared to tolerate but we all know that what we see on our media equipment is the side of them that others polished on grounds they intend to televise I certain reality, what we complain about on our media equipment is the tip of the iceberg – their personal lives are actually many times worse: so I love the part where my interests in crime and organised crime means I cannot have enough of manipulating the best customers that organised criminals have and stuff, so I suppose this is the kind of controversy they see and are referring to as well, we hear it all the time and if I do mention it they always say they will find a way to shove me into organised crime, which is utter rubbish because the reality is always that I cut them off from the corridors of International communities and they get violent so I shove the diplomats that spend my time supporting them into the troubles instead and we hear the stories; so it is the controversy as it were – I dont think they are getting controversy from a boy, it has never before worked and they have always needed to make it up, I think they are only experimenting to find out how angry I can get.

The part about their Politicians making a short list of women so that they can be represented in government and Politics is much the same too; they first fund deviance and the public worker is replaced by an idiot who will oversee the deaths of over 100 people at the NHS and still turn up on media to beam a smile when asked questions about the matter and then they make a short list to get women into politics after that – which means young men like myself who put up with much nonsense from them need to get armed yet again because these women will do nothing but send out thuggery to attack me and collect my ideas to help them cross their legs sitting on government desk to look like they have clue what they are doing. It is not unusual in anyway; I mean you could not make up the legitimacy of tax payer funding for deviance in the first place which is something they love so much but now you have to get your heard around how they will get more women involved in Politics when the very nature by which women make allies and run leadership is under threat and next to extinction as far as they are concerned. They can make what shortlist they feel like, I simply dont think that it necessarily implies anything: I do not consider it a serious matter either, it’s just the same old case of people thinking Politicians are bad mavericks but in actual fact when you meet them in person, the reality is that if the Monarchy was the Parent they are the really responsible older siblings running things for everybody: so that when the males fund deviance with tax payer money in their view and that of their media and popular culture idiots and drag queens with personalities that want to beat me up as if that is what history says about them when we all know history says it differently and makes mention of gangs and violence and death and crime and racism etc, nobody can tell what it is about in their view – now women generally need their help to be visible. So I win again and they now know my activities are never unexplainable and if they damage mine I will rip up their own too and it will be awesome.


I mean, at what point do you decide that turning off your telly where people do nothing but annoy you cannot be done because you are keeping abreast with issues that might come up at your business as a barrier to success? When we hear them complain we easily think it is the end of the world already. I hear they say my activities lead to a condition where women feel there is no more fight left in them and having become disillusioned are turning to eating and putting up weight – the reality of course is that those who cannot control their eating cannot control their eating but the birds that you cannot catch being the birds you cannot catch and the birds that are out of your league being fat is not something that my actions have created, people are just being lazy: I mean the Americans and Africans can handle people’s lives the way it shouldn’t be we hear but can their own be done regardless and can it be done after all no matter what and can it be done whether or not there is a UK/US relations? So it is not a matter of fat on the beach and fat on the summer outing because of my actions, I mean I have set out my method for selling the space they occupy in life and existence itself and really like to think I am solving a problem when I sell it to those who buy those abusive products they create and that is just one of many – the most effective when you are talking to others and they get involved or indeed when you need some career and professional alienation. I hear their Politicians say there is no point anybody listening to me on account I have got a website but for those ones it is always a matter of how paedophilia is right when practiced on those that are not children, the prognosis being when a kid messes with your power he needs a beating and so when you make sure they are fundamentally terrified of you and their idiots in Africa and the Caribbean can only rely on insolent spying to build up false confidence of a beating up that will happen in their dreams, you dont have to give them consent to do it on account you can pass the whole thing off as some civil rights that you have got: naturally once done we will see them on media and around public office government money all the time which is what is happening at present and each time they have been able to determine what people think about them are back with those insults and audacity again which is why I will take that public office and that media away from them too. I am not a victim of wealth distribution created by those who care about what happens to people who cannot stand up for themselves in the world, I believe I have warned them when I create a public life for these things it will hurt like hell and nobody knows what they will call it considering it is not being done by a white person as well.

Of course the claim I am keeping hold of other peoples company equities is not based on truth or reality – when they are being horrible it is a case of handle my company blue prints by pillaging my person to find out what I think about for every 24/7 due to obvious facts about what is seen of my personality, and this starts in my early 20s and in my mid 20s their greed has damaged my academic work to prevent me from shutting it down creating me a cash flow crisis and daily violent and very painfully nauseating feeling of hunger and need 365 days of 24 hours of every year which is full of celebrities pillaging my personality to get famous, to make more money than they have already got on account my work clearly revolves around them and by the time I am in my 30s we had reached a stage where media has me under its spell and there is always something I need to give up everyday – when they are being nice however I am some kind of game, whereby they handle my equities and sales to make their own money and hunt down everything I do to avoid being hurt by it to corner me and take that as well and it becomes difficult to work out if the first behaviour or the latter one is worse: so they must be saying I handle their company equities every time I am prepared to trade at my company or raise funds for it because of their activities of their women on my finances.

I hear it is said the Politicians want to know what I can do to deal with the goons that make all these trouble but of course it is not a matter of capability – it is a matter of going right from the Christian that has been marked out as a sin offering to the world by idiots that want to improve their foolish lives who then turn up to make that offering happen all the time, straight to being somebody that got involved with The Royal Family that has had all his possessions taken away from him in order to make him the person they are happy to kill if they want to extricate some kind of equality in a largely unequal and unjust world that does not share enough of its wealth with them: hence nobody knows what they get on television for all of the time either since it is clear when I groom them as well that becomes their salvation but they cannot be seen shutting their big mouth either. So it turns up all the time and they want a piece of me. They do say I do not think I have done anything wrong by removing the powers of the small powerful people whom I then replace with myself – utter nonsense of course since I have done no such thing and the reality is that there is an economic crisis going on and these poor people do not have enough money to pay them off anymore – problems with pensions,, home repossessions, mortgage hikes, low savings rates, lost income, depleted savings etc as a whole and that means all that rubbish about human rights and wealth inequality being tempered with what they do to them is incredibly disingenuous and so they must be able to come up with a plan that blows me away or shut it down and stay off my book sales. Besides which I am tired of their insulting corruptions of involvement and do believe that if they are not punished they will never stop too: I keep an open reception for my Court and not for them and that has not been clear enough to them yet, they are even talking about competition in the media career environment they will manipulate that to win as well- when the ladies have to chose between me and media bosses all the time in order to have a job despite getting clear warnings from me it does not matter if the ladies are their wives, should they be able to chose their wives friends, they dont get to chose mine but above all its not just a matter of how they must now get off to seek more friendships with goons on the right hand side again of which if they threaten me they will feel me again but also a matter of the fact that the claim I have financial problems is a myth i.e. if I extricate a process of making sure they dont talk to me and do not talk at me and do not talk into me and do not talk in reference to me and do not address me and do not tell me what to do, the sense that people do not know what my books stand for will end and the sales margins will improve and then I will be confident that if I want to get a job done I can engage with the Public and do so without interference from them, so it is not a make do, I really dont have a financial problem and most certainly do not need their foolish help either as everybody can see that when they get involved with me the finances are damaged and then they get to a point where it becomes all about talking nonsense with respect to being more important than I am to bring about social equality with whomsoever it is. I am not in any way a victim of whack the dog – that is just something they say; I mean if I am being nice then I mention the fact it is an inevitable outcome of getting involved with them and hence entirely temporary since it is not my own life all together but then it should be seen that the risk they run is more about the what if I get to have enough of that as well at some point and decide I want to stand before other Royalty and confidently say I am not a victim of whack the dog and any who has done it had not gotten away with it either but it is the same old story of being a Christian and not an idiot. What they say is the big case about it running around in public is largely concerned with the tales their community croons tell i.e. when they see nice young men that are Christians, it should be carrying their shopping for them but it would have been illegal in a Country as stupid as the UK so there must be violent things they can do to express that loss, except that it turns up where their idiots are trying to get famous and so handling my work and finances becomes the only way they can meet that need and I am having enough of it as well at this point.

We hear them say they are trying to reconcile my laziness with my sense of deservedness but of course they are only now beginning to work for their money after suckling me near death as it were as violently and wickedly as they possibly can leaving a condition where my leadership is available for everybody’s dip as far as they are concerned and I was targeted for it more over so it should be noted that it gets organised: hence they are working for their money, I am having extra work to do as per what they have done to pillage mine and enable extremists to gain mobility at industry – so it is the reason that I want to make money from the whole process to extricate my own version of wealth inequality as well. I mean where the bottom line is, is that you work three times as hard but only one of those three issues will make you an income i.e. working for earnings, working to protect yourself from them and working to protect what you earn from them and the result is that you juggle too many balls and they can have a percentage of your income if they damage your health and all of it if you sacrifice it for your health. Some do ask why I cannot see that it will be less trouble if I let them get away with it but of course that is to be tested by what they make of occasions where they think I have worked myself so hard it does not pay off at my personal life anymore: the part where I have the insurance of an adventurous lifestyle by which I can find out if the Bible is lying or not and more so on such matters as rebellion being the same thing as witchcraft for example not being something everybody else has and mentioning it meaning some sexual perversion being applied to me thereof to be considered by the way, the reality is always far, far from an outcome that applies but only to you no matter how common or wide spread a trend it might be which does show it is organised but above all they soon become people of a certain persuasion who believe in living in a Country where they can fulfil their full potential and then you can work out what you must let them get away with thereof. The facts are a little more real than that i.e. television personality and Journalist or whatever go to a prestigious bar and with a few of his friends, sits over a drink expensive and talks for three hours about what is wrong with the Country on account I sleep with peoples wives and have been allowed to do what I am doing for a living as well, which completely destroys everything when I never asked him for any publicity or any such word of mouth for that matter as well – so it is something they do because they want a piece of me as it were – usually of course where people ask why others having a drink in a prestigious bar will wind me up but it is not that simple – they are individuals with very unique personalities that seem to be over 90% based on their ego you see, so its not just a matter of bullying a boy you think you need to in order to avoid the urges to be a paedophile which you have in order to hold down a media job, it is also the fact that considering the above occasion, he does not sit down with his friends in a famous bar pillaging my work and my business because he expects those friends to sit down at home and watch him get on media to set out how wrong he was, he is expecting his friends to watch him give me a bloody nose whenever he gets on media with that big mouth, so it is not as simple as taking it to hear when people have a drink, it is a boys and their toys prognosis if they have their thugs to back them up. There is no shred of truth whatsoever to that claim that I was hoping to make some money somewhere in order to hide my history which will ensure my unworthiness for a Royal Office in the UK when there are better black people out there for the Royal Family to chose from - it has never been true on any occasion, what has been continues to remain the fact that if they are rude to people it is not my fault that those Royalty they are do not want to see them around their vicinity and apart from that the main issue is largely that it is not their world and so happens there are people around Royals and that Royals do want to get involved with other common people that are like them who have the same behaviour characteristics, understand what they get up to and why they do it etc, so this is not their world and the part where all these trouble has been a product of seeing Royalty get involved with those that are not of Royal blood is the last straw, there is nothing more of them that will be tolerated beyond it each time they wind me up. In any case of which this is the part they are most interested in and not the bit where I have my own Royal Commission and am actually Royalty in my own right. I do not consider this matter an issue and of course have never tried to hide any of my history either; I know them you see, they are people that would not be able to settle around here i.e. it is a world where people can easily go into University to get qualified to look after old Castles, a world of National Trust Volunteers, a World where people go to University to study and come through to look after marine life and conserve wild life - they will never have been able to do that with celebrity lifestyle and local community private parts insults. So I can understand why they are always on my case i.e. what I do is largely about serving Church and State and in that capacity have a real problem with their deviance - they expect me to control the celebrity industry and the exploitative rich people who run it but that is utter nonsense of course because it only creates a process where I control them while idiots buy the music CDs and so on - so I had rather respected their Celebrities for them the way it should have been and thus in that way limit how many people become Celebrities. I hear they say they will split me and Industry people and rule both but we all know that has no meaning and speaking of the Industry issues, the reality about when they hate my guts is largely concerned with the fact that they cannot exist unless they had found ways of imputing all violent things which happens in their lives into my personal life and they are not the only ones, financially well off lower classes want to be able to as well and we see all the time how much they describe in detail the activities of the elites but how we hear none of their own and their wickedness and the destruction of the lives of poor people to create wealth inequality which rich people obviously have not got the time for as it were.These two have never been a problem, in terms of the rich, it is a case of using my possessions to hurt me after they handle it, which is then something they get to make happen only in hell, for the poorer ones it is a matter of a game we play and have really come to love to play as well, which feels like the old disguising a mad crazy killer bull as a cock in order to get into a cock fight which nobody will find out if we dress it in enough feathers and place eggs between its legs syndrome - so we play it and play it and play it endlessly as it were and I have earned their hate to that effect but true to their sociopath nature they want to control my finances - so I suppose we all have our thing at the Establishment and I we are all good at it: The part about being threatened by celebrity idiots especially when black like I am is never an emotive one since it is largely based on the fact intimate parts of my life and person seem to be a point at which they can show their extreme lack of respect and hence get the treatment from me as well in anticipation of a process where I have traveled far for that stupid violence and am quite tired will mean I wait for them to bring those foolish boundless energy they have got around or shut their big mouth.