I am aware of the case of being hit by Americans at Business, markets and income but that is not what is really happening here - what is actually happening is loss caused me by their behaviour due to a publicly held misconception about mine i.e. that I co-operate with their needs and will likely go along until it is no longer possible to continue, whereas the truth is that they hold me in contempt and I consider them with distaste. The reason for this is the simple fact that the Children of God should not be naive about what the devises of the Devil is like and they are a people that are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to ensure that those who come up with solutions to problems and beset them and the various needs they have with no plan to do some work to alleviate disturbing disposition, directly or unwittingly, are trapped in such a conditions as means that people are unable to concentrate on existing itself until such peoples entire lives are dedicated to those problems, of which we know that majority of their public behaviour seeks reward for extreme and mostly very violent stupidities. We see this play out and seek conveniences from the rest of the world all of the time i.e. a firearms handling Police Officer whose Children's School fees will be paid this year because he kept his job on account of being good at handling crime will step out of his home and the first person he finds, if one of their civil rights insanity personified, will tell him his job is difficult and he is facing problems because he has consistently failed to listen to entire communities - it then becomes provocative to a point where an Office shoots and kills a completely unarmed person and the law must be changed to award them the conveniences in question. In my case, gaining from solutions to problems which I create in the process of my Book sales, is something they do to teach me lessons for the times I refused to listen to them who were at the thick of that problem first before I came along and is designed to stage revenge for all I have done to their organised evil by robbing me of finances first and then perhaps my life through processes of very stupid and disturbing, violent and completely devoid of civility like market square behaviour.

Fair to say then that according to what we see on Media, they have recently expressed yet again the fact they have no wish to keep away from my Books and my income and the processes of persecuting me, along with every little bits and processes of getting the feelings of performing evil of me, to add to a history of their civil rights and so I guess it will continue until it becomes more serious than they had originally planned it to be as well.

They do say I refuse to address the matter of the reasons people hate me and it is much the same as when Russians follow up the activities of really stupid Americans, claiming they want me on their side, whereas they are playing games with National racism and mass exodus and I am only hoping I do not get killed when somebody who was trusting to improve his lot turns out to be a street cleaner even though there is a racist government in the Country - hence whereas what is actually seen at face value is that if they feel they want to do something amusing in my direction, it involves finding out what I will be like if shot or stabbed by a gang or racist and then after that the milder ones involves what will become of me if I run out of Money and somebody offers me a criminal activity - they build up their stupid civil rights to a point where this behaviour becomes as  easy a a whim and like to assume somebody is playing with them as it were, all of the time. In the end it works with those successful people who go with the flow, it does not work with me since I am completely obsessed with knowing where everything is and consequently tend to know where my finances/academics are, as compared to where the gangs and criminals are - i.e. the stupidities Politicians help them with, so they can turn up here to fix my problems in revenge for being taken care of like the kids they are - where the part about putting the head down and going off to learn something somebody else taught them leads to the revenge of the free who attack those that refute their advances of friendship that was of financial convenience, that the West loves to claim is their freedom because it works at the expense of the religious all the time, developed generally at the expense of others if they actually do it and if they do not, get involved with gangs and criminals and turn up here to provoke me and solve my problems. Then start to wonder why I get off and solve their own right down to Celebrity culture that they can build from the US to Japan right across my Royal Estate again, to see if I will not cut it up a second time - I am referring to the one where I ensure those who look like personalities others wish to murder in a gang fight can get on with life as well and there is comprehension of their stupidities extricated from it as a result. It would have been easy for any normal person to see that if I have taken charge of all their insanity that concerns money and financial security to foster the extent of their wickedness and ensured I made sense of that their stupid freedom to detach it from mainstream living and establish normalcy, that I was always going to be fundamentally informed about every one of their most recent vile stupidities. The reality is that this is my life and not their own and I am in control of it, whether or not I am financially comfortable and if they do not like it, know where their stupid freedom is - they have always had that choice.


So am I aware most of these things are done by criminals? Of course I am – I mean, if I write my Books, an idiot wants to approach me and talk with me about its effects which is stressful for him because he buys class A drugs and thinks he is my personal God but these days does not need to worry since he has got Media friends who update the world on my Royal life and privileges killing off my Book sales and financial well being every day. Then we hear them say that I talk like there is anything I can do about them, whereas the reality is that it takes robbery or mistaken identity generally to get killed by a criminal and so does it take judgement on the day he performed his last misconduct to kill one as well. I they say have an issue with my security and well being and they need to show that on their stupid Media all the time and pass around those insults with it endlessly but I have had this personal problem with immoral people who have an issue with the financial well being of religious people, to a point where the American Government cannot question me about their stupid freedoms, so I am sure they want to move it to the next stage too all together; so we can find out how unsecure my life is and how far that big mouth stretches. I am talking as though it is actually possible to take that my Royal renaissance very, very, very, very seriously – in case they want to defy my warnings I will make war on their communities if they crossed my lines as it were.

They say I create the problems and then set about building myself an image by solving them but for the sake of chasing my own concerns and priorities for a change, Its nothing unusual; Girls gangs and Boys gangs at school has generally always meant that when I am not a part of it, I hate the privileges of those who are wealthy and successful at Industry; now we have been putting to the test whether or not they know what they are talking about and what might likely happen if it slips through their fingers by the slightest margins. I also hear that most of these things I do are unnecessary and yes they are; I built an empire to break it up and broker the equity and sell my Books not to end up living with financial crisis and find out how poor people are doing it. It’s like the other tale of how I am the one that got involved with their business in the first place – whereas what happened was not just a case of following me to University to rip up my academics and then pass their own and return to popular culture that they can do without the academics anyway and then it was swiftly followed by tales of how they have found out the secretes of the rich due to an access to me and the recession that has brought them to everybody else’s level and concluded with another case of somebody they have located, whom they will cause intense suffering to ensure everybody else has the lifestyle they wanted during the recovery process. So this whole tale of their freedoms being a matter of the ability to trap people that do not want to have sex and making sure it costs them everything and then exploring a woman’s ability to push people into crime when she does not get what she wants because we live in a capitalist society is not good enough anymore – the preferable one has to be whether they get involved with me to ensure somebody else is screwing with my personality and image or are doing it so they can copy my personality and image and get about making trouble.

I hear it all still leads to a fight with Politicians on my part but I wonder how anything is supposed to have gotten solved without a fight with those; whereby somebody will deploy government office to tear up your income and when you find out why he has done it, what you are faced with is that you are spending time getting rich while he has to work so hard to run the Country and provide you with conditions that mean you can become more comfortable than he is, if you wanted. So that the reasons somebody will want to privatise the NHS for instance can easily be that of a feeling of vanity i.e. he does not feel as though he is superior or in charge when he has not got a nice little earner that is a business to supplement his Government income which was exorbitant enough to begin with, just so that he can feel that business people do not have something that he has not got. The daily trouble makers being the ones who get off academics and jobs and chase gangs and crime to solve my problems; the problems I told nobody about but they could see on my face and the way I walk around was a problem that was the reason for all problems but soon enough will Politicians chose convenient government and help them out financially to ensure nothing I say is ever right because they always have a counter argument that is based on the fact they are financially well off and this behaviour actually does not have a reason behind it – that gets made up according to what privileges in my life they want to pleasure themselves with. What is predictably to happen after is that I will have enough and then join up with a Conservative Government to get involved with that Politics they were meant to perform otherwise they will never work for their own Money and then do horrible things to them, so they can claim it’s all a behaviour that happens without purpose or reason but the fact people like me are evil; right now, I do not see a reason to do so because I can easily ensure they are not protected while I am overprotected, so as to ensure when I speak to them about handling my property they tend to listen because there are no other choices, otherwise the process of being better off by harming me will get out of control - the Celebrity ones feed off at the top of it, they are the ones that got away with my property to get rich and hence will share their wealth by showing everybody how to do it as well - as it stands, I have set out on social networking which ones of their behaviour which when I find is an indication that I should not step out of my door because they will be making money on a despicable behaviour, which by the way is what the case of living in a society where they might have abused me to make fame based wealth but when they have money the stabbing and shooting and gangs and night time partying murders and violence stops because they have what they wanted has developed into, like they can tell these sorts of lies and make good with it - so it has to continue as the current state of affairs where I find these behaviour and label it as certain kinds of trust and Mobility issues until they think I am serious when I need them to clear my space and keep off, when it escalates.

As for the story of me and a bad reputation with the Royals however – the reality behind that is simply when it becomes public to make clear the situation that I am done with Family matters and need to concentrate on my own needs and that is really all it means. If careful thought is given to it, all will see that it is not so bad to have a 20 Hour week security job for which I am required to apply myself, A Royal Office for which hard work is required for the public Office and a Book sales Business Empire Company for which care for all is required to ensure my Job is actually done in respect of those who want to steal it as well.

The only reason it all seems difficult is the Media and they love to brag that this was never a fight I was ever going to win whereas everybody knows the evil of controlling a Public Office which security systems the owner cannot turn on their civil rights always leads to greed based bloodshed and we all know who the scum that work such things are and the nature of what they think of as their hidden wickedness and evil. So here in the UK it is a matter of News, Celebrity and poor people in underdeveloped Countries that will do violent things for them over a salary shared and I am at a loss as to what they think it means when I force them to lean further and further to the right in order to handle me – since it is not part of the plan to ensure that before I get killed for them, they will like it should be, have that their arses seriously fucked. It’s like the story of social Media owners and Managers banning and suspending people; they always say rules were broken but it is obvious they have not a clue what they are doing – others however can see that social Media is a plat form where serial killers and murderers etc express themselves on the most and that there are some people who simply have a personality that cannot thrive well anywhere else save areas of existence where these twisted and violent people exist and that there is nothing that you can do in an ordinary sense to prevent them from becoming victims, hence you must do something extra-ordinary if you are interested in saving lives.

In my case when I build a court for these such people and give them duties that mean they are loyal to me, these stupidities and these Man and their girls working experimentations of power interfere but so far it is the war in the Middle East which is hampering issues otherwise they would be getting murdered as well as seeing the European ones play violent games a lot as well. Generally it is a game to play while the parents have to look at the bodies and have it explained to them the small cuts on the arms and chest which are actually narrow stab wounds that go as deep as 8cm, and did puncture the heart and kill, plus the sexual assault bits etc – the Media ones have been learning on the social front however and we heard recently of a Top Yahoo manager that fell victim and was sexually assaulted, killed and set alight, hence learning the hard way. It’s the Television ones that continue to pretend that they are untouchable; so far the prognosis of the occasions they have paid with their lives has not been a clear since it is death at the hands of a colleague all together. It’s like when we hear the French Government ban Muslim Women dressing and then say that either way of which Women get dressed or not, it seems they are always asking for it etc. They say I am still losing something important of course, which is utter nonsense; I simply never knew it would be as easy to control civil rights goons. It’s like when they say at Royal circles that somebody is bad news and it’s the kind of bad news where no problem is ever solved unless somebody’s name is marked and the person has their lives dedicated to it right up to the end where they die for it, otherwise others will not be naive and free and yet when you have a conversation of a religious kind they get involved with those problems, whereby this is the type they know they can conquer early etc. It is the kind of bad news that follows people around with those problems too; so I had enough they saw I was in control of everything, complained about the state of their stupid culture and society and what I have done to their right to live freely on the left while keeping their stupid hands and eyes firmly fixed on my Book sales income and public image – hence if they do not like it need to get out, riddance. Otherwise they can blab two ways whereby one is that there is nothing out of the ordinary with respect to their civil rights needs when it comes to blaming me for problems because I have the solutions and expenses for it, while on the other issuing those stupid threats so we can find out right away.

They do say there is really no clarity as to how I was provoked, so as to result in the kind of wide ranging reaction that has been gotten from me today but that is not entirely the case; the reality is that as of yesterday, I looked back on what I had done and it was clear that I was not doing badly on the Public Office front, I was not doing badly on the day job front and that all I needed was duties at the Royal Estate which involves safeguarding everybody as the Business and a bit of promotion for my Books. Five hours after this, I checked my social networking profiles again and found I had lost 5 likes i.e. when people retweet a link of my products and then go on to like it that is – I lost five likes and everything was decimated with Americans blabbing a “shit happens” at me; I had to cut up their own today, the whole world of it too i.e. what we are looking at is the point whereby I had a clearly settled what my job is for all the fans, both ones I meet who know who I am but I do not know them etc and the others that are on social networking etc, the job that was to safeguard everybody at the Business Empire while they found their various roles and settled on when they wanted to pick up a copy of the Books – safeguard from the other side, which are goons that get involved but are not in any way interested in my Books nor are they fans of mine but are in to express a sense that nothing is ever right with me because they are not comfortable with the idea of my existence unless a deal is drawn up with them etc; I came to a point where I wanted to stand in the Middle of an intersection and ask somebody to take a picture of me having the time of my life with my security job and Royal Estate and Company in the head but forgot to – hence losing this to peoples popularity burglar like gimmicks is not a small loss i.e. five likes and these likes do not translate into Book sales as it were, the kind of insecurities that cause people to withdraw them therefore.

They do ask if I know anything else save my Books of course, which is a question Financiers and other Business operators ask, as per their interests in the Holdings sector but then again, it’s not a matter of what I know, considering I am an Arch Prince and what we are talking about here involves duties split between Church and State which means I tend to create the Law before it is made and the Monarch who governs by law expects me to come through so that these goons do not spend half their time making sure lives are lost over their problems and that they are getting interested in genocide which tickles their fancy – it is a position situated just after the Arch Duke’s – the Arch Duke who is the Duke of Edinburgh; this is usually the stage where people start to say they think they should not be talking to or addressing me but that is the bit that is really, really sad. Hence I hear they want to be free and it is an old story of the fact this is not where their freedoms are located, besides which I am aware their freedom is concerned with sexual matters and in terms of which is largely a case of having a relationship with those who handle my Government provided security while they have sex according to the way it affects them but nobody will be able to decide how that works unless they are having sex while I watch from a big Chair, which they clearly do not wish to do – besides which members of my Court are married and that should have been suggested anyway but as usual the big idea that propels most of these behaviour are that I am stupid generally.

So they say I talk but am also scared of my shadow but there is a cure for it and one of such is a process of getting Politicians to aid me with money based self confidence boost while beating down their own for me in much the same fashion. However the more important aspect of such talk involves the bit about how I need to change my language towards criminal communities in order to ensure they are not unpredictable. Of which I have to do no such thing as their Politicians change nothing of the language associated with their need to open up my back door for criminal communities, then help them out with finance based confidence boost as well – it is the reason we have this state of affairs whereby I get insults from Politicians and they get information on the way the jobs of Politicians operate as a result of it. It is usually suggested that this is because the Politicians do not influence me in anyway and I have no respect for them but of course the respect for Politicians have been mentioned by me many times i.e. if I were one, my state of mind would be that I could pay off two mortgages on my salary, so it should be enough first of all and then because I am in this job where every single thing I do means I know more about the Country and shape it for what it becomes in the future, I would end my electoral tenure with a home in a Countryside and then if somebody gets elected and appoints me to something, that will be a lifestyle and a Political career; nothing to do with the business world, unless I was rather interested in investing somewhere at the Pensions systems etc which is an integral part of the civil service where I am worked most of my life technically; I mean such that even if I were business and maybe finance minister, buying a company or real estate development would be difficult unless I changed my lifestyle and if I were called up to service again would have to chose. They do say these things have been done before and that is what I mean i.e. there is a reason they were done in that way. As for a lack of respect for Politicians, that is just a matter of them deciding that there is no way I would allow them to use me as they pleased, so they find a way to force me into and get me stuck in government, where I then become mad enough to realise I did not know in all my life that I will be calling the shots – it is exactly the same practical insults their Media and celebrity goons deploy all day long, we are only referring to the Political ones here.

I mean a human being’s entire persona, says that he must rob others and then when you actually mention it hear them ask why, whereas it was obvious to all that they have always lived a useless existence i.e. for instance while I had built my Business Empire, it was the same period in which my Royal alliances were given me by The Queen – I observed them and they were working those incredibly useless existence but now that all is done, somehow they want their original provocation forgotten about and others being forced to compromise with them on account socialist Politicians have always loved to play along; so that what we have from the socialists become the usual process where they need to show they do not like unruly people by giving them money and ripping up my finances, so they can win every argument they have with me, meanwhile attacking and pushing me to come up with ideas on how to dominate and rule them, to show that on the other hand, they do not fancy Royalty anyway. I do get asked why they behave in such ways of which is the same usual pattern i.e. Church Pundit spends time securing finances and seeking business in poor areas of the world and others that may need some light in order to foster his religion and as soon as he speaks of the gap between the rich and poor, the result becomes that he has stolen socialist identity and that therefore ends in all these rubbish, with socialists following me around all the time to improve themselves. I hear that other question regularly too i.e. why it is so important to me to work these things; of which the answer is simply that it is needed i.e. human beings need to be able to get out of bed an attend a job without necessarily worrying about being wealthy first of all; in terms of the

National front of which is rather that we need to know that we can get £2,000 more revenue from people, if things like cutting working hours to 30 from 40 which yielded £10,000 revenue were to be implemented – most of them end up chasing identity matters to a point where they own nice little earners that pay taxes and raise revenue and employ people according to facts and figures anyway and these measures would not have been important if these criminal communities did not rip up the banking system and stock markets to create the recession, hence it is all their fault from my point of view. I hear there are questions as to how I know these things but it is my business to know; my Company provides an Intellectual property administration service and I by the way therefore as a result know where they have been and it is the one where they got into the gangs and crime to solve my problems and have now returned to ask me about their difficulties for they have lost everything and it was another person’s fault. It is like when they say I am always rude and thereby robbing people of their moment of positive life changes especially on Media but it is the good rudeness that have given rise to the bad ones; one such about chosen people who suffer to make everybody else comfortable and how the result is that I appoint myself to fix their stupid problems too; and they are known to set out that it is a trust issue but that again is a matter of how long trust issues run on other people’s lives – besides which we have evidence of what popularity and fame based corruptibility looks like and the fact their disobedience is such that they are always right and can never be reasoned with, even when what they handle is not their property.


Now the story will naturally revert to one about how I am now only beginning to appreciate how much work those who are more successful than I am have to do and it is ever always so much nonsense for what it is worth; what is happening now is that I have only stopping trying to avoid dealing with the reality, the reality that as long as Celebrities can do their business with reference to me, mine will be dead. It’s like the old story of realising I am Royalty and they are bad news and I have got to bear both facts in mind all the time. These are the things that those who share a skin colour with me persecute me to help them gain and I have ignored those to a point where it now hurts even to speak of me and the threats that keep my back door open is only just going to take it up to the next level. If people take advantage of others like so, to make money as stupidly and dogmatically as they do to eliminate any process that might cause them to be reasonable if they are inflicting suffering, what do they do after they had? They could contact the person and order such a person to make them even more comfortable considering the money they now have is a power leverage and they are his personal gods – they could tell the rest of the world the secretes of their success in order to preserve their new found wealth – they could take the money and go off to a quiet place where they enjoy it and let the person be – they could get off with derogatory insults that will show the person he does not know what it is to wake up in a 5 acre home and even when provoked does not tend to respond the way they do, which is what Royal trouble makers building up a condition where another Ones property will remind them of what their entire family did not achieve all of the time like the most, in order to look for trouble. All these are viable abuses and when I am not able to concentrate on selling my Books because safeguarding everybody is difficult, I have to look again and audit any property that is out there, which is why we are here and they have complained I made up my fears with my paranoia again. Besides which their opinion of me is one of a kid that likes to enjoy feelings of being in league with them until his own life is completely finished – so the public image of that is such that nothing I own is property but something that belongs to such a kid and the whole thing is getting serious as it is impossible to become a damaged person staying patient for a group of goons to lay off on knowing that you cannot trade each time they handle your public image because they are always damaging property assets and nothing gets to move unless that was cleared up. An example is when they are going  through a hard time and their earnings were supposed to run into tens of millions but when they rip up my property runs into 100s of millions and they will do anything and conclude I would do anything for a stupid Woman the way their Boys and Girls gangs at school has taught them and set off to handle my possessions no matter how many times I have dissuaded them and made use of it for them to poke smiles and narcissistic happiness at me in public places as well, where they preserve themselves and share the secretes of their wealth – so inventory of the Company possessions have become more important than ever before, especially ones that have to do with community croons watching me and people spying on me to share the proceeds with them; it is nothing new, as I said before it would never have been necessary if criminal communities I am supposed to change mode of communicating with, did not know where peoples anus and penis is because the need to have a piece of others and make themselves comfortable has become an insanity based obsession – the Royals that love this stuff always do until they hurt themselves, all I have to do is ensure it’s not my own that gets them out. I have no business with Celebrities; it is an expense that is besetting because they are not Royalty. So they say I get friendly with celebrities and attack celebrities and its all confusing but of course the characters chosen to play Roles of Film and Drama etc on my Royal Business were very specific – now it’s the enemy, especially because those who have the same skin colour as me and the well off enemy, which is why they are so convinced their stupid disobedience always rewards in the end, starring in film roles at my Royal Estate and making Music about in life in their own interest; the reason they say with Hollywood Money and US Dollars, is that it was used to fix my problem too; so it is certainly not annoying. In terms of Royal enemies however; that is an old story of having only The Queen and Her Arch Duke as the only powers above me, the rest besides direct lineage to the Throne are the irrelevant bits producing besetting expenses for me and abusing my health to make their point incessantly which is well understood. It’s a matter of making sure I get things done when Media and Politicians have messed it up, within a condition where people do not want general planetary access to me as a whole - personally therefore making sure peoples do not have sex all over me or fuck with me or spice up their sex lives with me, which ever is preferred. They say there is now a question as per if or not I hate Americans, which I do not; it is a Country where there is little buffer for the poor and lots of support for the rich, while those who work the civil rights ideologies voluntarily are actually the main problem; so time and again a Media fool will think it is amusing to set me out as target and start to update the lives of the worlds population with my Royal privileges like their vile British counterparts have taught them can be done - while the rest are the ones that take their stupidities and dogmatic nonsense around Money to a whole new level and need to stay off my Books and keep their stupid hands and fingers to themselves (so it eventually comes down to a case of whether or not I wish to answer this matter of people who constantly need to set out stories which portray me as an evil thing but of course I do not necessarily; they do it mostly to try and make a case for the fact their cracked up out of my league selves who will not stop ripping up my income to spice up their sex lives with my reaction like to make out I have no money but have rather become obsessed with getting involved where those who have money are concerned. The reality of course is that the first insanity they needed to build up on their stupid Media with regards to me, concerned a process of turning my fear of failure into something which through their own built up Publicity around it becomes my fear of them - now that same process has turned to the matter of whether or not I can release funds from a Royal Commission. In the end of which I do not get involved with them, I only keep them around to ensure property is not damaged; it means they get into my life and the legal studies starts to affect them and cause them to become journalists that speak like lawyers who speak within the due process of picking up facts that with corroboration of evidence will put together a picture of an event or activity that occurred in the past and are not yet aware that their wind up other people little Kings and Queens Celebrities and Journalists attitudes is costing them; I personally would rather prefer they leave me alone as we are not mates but for now they can talk like my fathers that while I keep it abreast and ensure nothing in damaged as they do.).