I am perfectly aware it is said I support imperialism but I do technically and do not practically; I mean if we are talking about invasion of a country, then I do not support imperialism because of such an evil, however all imperialists have something in common and that is the need to harmonise a certain collection issues and problems and to ensure they are being solved in a collective way otherwise it will be like squeezing balloons; it is when they are opposed after they have been saddled with responsibility legitimately that they resort to violence and force; in this I support imperialism. Hence there is always another way but invasion on the ground – however what the problem usually is, largely concerns parents who think it is okay for their children to be criminals, it is okay when their children shoot and kill other children in the course of doing a crime and they always make the excuse that the fact everybody dies and that it is better to be a thief than to be a coward is okay a reason for it, so that when you ask them about who the coward is, then they tell you it is the Christian and so what I have done is not hurting badly enough yet so far. It is okay when their Politicians make out somebody stabs another to death because playgrounds are disused and children do not have community centres to have fun in; it is okay when the money that is given to them so they can have the time for it is gotten from the treasury through some taxation and the process of electing their socialist idiots into government office to spend it on them but they have decided it is not enough anymore and seem to want my books and earnings. Maybe if they were outright criminals I would not have been able to do whatever I like and get out of control in that way but they should have been years ago.  As for their politicians, it is the violent insults and the looking me in the face and handling me without reason except some excuse they make and some random blame, which they love to target me for claiming I look the part that will become a major issue; I intend to allow it isolate me from the rest of the world so that the rest of the world may become potential customers for my books and then it is the opposition to this wealth that will become the crucible. If I think other ways but ground invasion of nations is alright, like I am the Christian who hates evil people but finds other ways of getting along with them, they must find other ways to stealing money and acquisitions which I will have to pay for and so this tends to mean therefore that whatever is being done for the general public is done for everybody and therefore the democratic promise that was made by the constitution. I mean somebody’s parent, somebody’s child died as a result of their criminal activity – why don’t they tell such people how right such rubbish is, except of course that will mean an escalation if they die as well and it is the real problem as it were because they cannot leave people alone and their Politicians insult and abuse me without reason except of course from what I have gathered from them that I have what they want and do not wish to hand it over, where they talk even more rubbish about being the people that are not scared of taking charge.  They will tell people I must live up to what I have said and that what I have said sounds like I want a war but of course it shows they have no idea what the war would look like of course; it does not mean I want a war anything, they are low lives and have not been made to do any wars, so the pleasure of murdering me is their need apparently which I do not mind, after all if they steal all the money from the world bank then it will have been over, I for my part am determined to keep them off investments and jobs, so they can knock themselves out stealing – I mean even as I speak their means of criminal disobedience is based on tapping into my energy and using it for their ends, tapping into that source; same old story, can never leave people alone. Of course they say I never say something about it when I need to but of course we all know there is nothing to say about arguments people have made against you without reason because they want to grab things you own, that big mouth and that stupid media as well.


As for the part where I do not wish to get involved with the homosexuality debate first of all and secondly that people know what my opinion is and that it does not really matter, I have no idea for my part which part of my opinion about homosexuality they really know anyway – all I know first of all is that when I say something about government they will later on become really interested in wrecking my finances to find things they can steal from my career and present as their own in public because they have claimed it was all an opinion. Who says they know what my opinion is anyway; who says they recognise what I think about homosexuality is that there are two kinds of homosexuals and one of them is the victim of the abuse of the other in one way or another, so the one that abuses the other one is the one that really likes to be homosexual while the victim of the abuse is really the one that does not but when and since and if they both enjoy it, then it means somebody else but them is getting abused instead and this is how homosexuality works. I mean what exactly is the distance between homosexuality and the Church anyway; it’s as though a Court judge from the side of the allies is sitting in the counsel of Hitler and his fellow generals – you take a look at them and they are all murderers in their own right and so when they give you food, you eat it as it were of course; it’s the same with homosexuals, why on earth would anybody from church want to sit in the midst of people who have sex with people of their own sex and smoke and drink and do clubbing – this is traumatic stuff and you would not survive long if you experience such trauma once a week, even though these idiots think I should be suffering it every day and if I cannot be beaten they get the Politicians to make the laws. These things do not bother me as much because I can set up a state of affairs for the gospel in any place I want at any point in time I wish and sustain it; the problem is with them because these kinds of laws will simply remove the bars that are based on personal choice which prevents certain things that are done by Christians as a matter of the hegemony of the gospel but they have thought about that it seems, so they have said the laws will be applied by Churches that want to while churches that do not will avoid them, this then means that priests will exist who basically think the church is a place where adults have power of kids and kids can be anybody they decide has something they want and should be classified as kids; the meaning of this therefore is that some churches might use the homosexual marriage thing as a means of controlling kids as it were, which will never work because if I gather circumstantial evidence of fact over a period of time the result will be a law suit against those who abuse me and they are likely to be the ones who will take me to court thinking they will win a case, unless the priests adopt homosexual marriages right from day one as a precaution against people like me, in which case worshipping God must have become more important than my possessions for the first time in a very long time. So in the end if it applies therefore that they tell me I will break the laws their Politicians make to give them power of which there is fat chance of that happening as well; I mean if churches will have to adopt homosexual marriages from day one as a means of controlling kids, then it will mean worshipping God is more important than worshipping my personal possessions and whatever therefore becomes the point of settling the law itself along the lines of the fact churches will be able to choose whether or not they adopt it anyway? What this means is a far cry from a process where I will have to break any of their laws but a lot to worry about with respect to a process where I agree that Churches must be forced by legislation to allow homosexual marriages while I thereafter become the greatest problem that homosexuality itself has got thereafter, so they can tell me I am never consistent with my views and that the reason for that is to ensure that nobody can trap me at civil rights and run away with guess; of course the possessions of mine they worship so much. They do not know what my opinion about homosexuality is and need to stop talking rubbish. Most of it does not bother me as such for my part; I mean it’s about the fact that people seem to be on an endless rampage in this country where any place that has the presence of God in it is covered in wee and anal sex but the main problem these days is that the presence of God is in my bedroom and so the arguments must be made that the house is not really mine and then from there get rid of it and so the need to ensure I have no house of my own continues and they never tell people it is the reason I handle them the way I do as well. The fact of it as I have mentioned is that people are simply getting rid of hegemonies that the gospel allows Christians to practice and the reasons for that is that they think when we do the end of the world thing it is mainly the larger part of the Christian faith whereas the larger part is the bit where we sit at home and teach and learn the gospel, so when we do not knock at their doors to preach the gospel to them or be told to get lost as it were but they have homosexual marriages in Church, are they are not aware it is a war and the end of the world is neigh is how we start it –when they start first? It is the same old story and written all over the Bible and millions of years old: I mean Christ did his first miracle by turning water into wine at a wedding and after that healed the sick and raised the dead but at a stage the gospel he preached completely changed and became all about the Pharisees and Sadducees and then it all ended in the farewell before the death gospel and a little bit of good treatment from his followers. So if he had a writing career like mine; the first books would be about who he really was and then the next ones will be about homosexuals who then want to kill me with a mouth and can come get some if they want as well and so it goes on like that; I mean you reach that stage not because you have no talents that you write books about homosexuals but because there is no known way of going from A to B at your career without explaining where homosexuals got involved and it is the reason I do the things I have done to them as well so they cannot go from A to B on anything without having to explain to people where I got involved, no idea then why anybody would make laws for them to enforce on the Church – I mean you take a look at a group of men who feel as though their age and size means there is not a lot of people that can beat them up in the world and then the find a person and cling to his health and property for pleasure and riches and fame and you make laws for their homosexuality and cannot explain what influenced you to do so, hence you top it up by telling me you know what my opinions about it are. The last time I checked the war where my status was concerned, I was the most vilified person in their lives because I can set up a Christian state of affairs anywhere I want and most of them do everywhere I go involuntarily – so the Police can blow sirens all over it to help them tackle crime and idiots can tell me I am one of those guys the police like obviously and they feel like killing me or getting me into a gang where they will take it all and then take my life as well and yap, yap, yap.  I am not suggesting these matters are a difficult issue to deal with, we have just been through the stage where the homosexual decadence is not possible anymore on account of me, finished with threats of violence and now there are laws being made to help them at the highest levels of government, which everybody knows will start the fight again at mark 2. The opinion to sum it up is rather simple i.e. the only reason I would be chosen as the target to be laid off this year because the company I am employed in is not doing so well is homosexuals and the reasons for that is always some respect they want to recoup in their lives by getting rich with the use of my cause and that idea of forcing me to let go of what I have pioneered which they can pervade to please the proliferated public with and it has more to do with the fact that there is a benefit to homosexuals if and when you are the one that is made redundant this year by your boss and so they run the campaigns, I mean what it important to note is the benefit they get if you are redundant and what they stand to gain from doing to you when you are vulnerable thereof and of course the distress of being made redundant because your boss will be able to gain when you are gone from a process where their campaigns work for your boss or does not bother him; so now they know what the opinion is and can tell me why they will want to make laws for them that let them get married in Church as well and then tell me they know what my opinion is and that it is not really important. So now I have spelt it out the next question will again be how I am able to tolerate homosexuals like I do and more so before now; but of course it would have been the same old story again about how Christians are fully developed people and not a made people. They are talking to those who actually get involved with the homosexuals and therefore communicate with them i.e. I don’t like it when you do that and then the homosexual will do it with his sex life anyway and then suppose it is okay and will stand when he does and then the claim of persecution will occur and then the government will make laws – at present nobody notices that there are antidiscrimination laws and that they are the only ones going against them because they are certain Christians will not complain. Then of course is the great argument of the things homosexuals do to help with violence but of course the general issue remains the same old one too; what is the nature and content of the campaigns homosexuals run to guarantee a process where Christians are jobless and homeless because they will not complain if antidiscrimination laws are breached against them? why does the campaign always need to target the employers of Christians and so on and the general jobs market and anything they can find like some attrition with respect to a Christian they have laid a choice on for their purposes and why are there always humanitarian work done to create cover up lies for it and to raise an army for them when they want as well? It’s like when things happen to me on the streets because people do not know who I am i.e. this people drive up in saloon cars and abuse me without reason or cause and extend the abuse as a state of affairs they will use to get rich and then tell me it is a recognised right they have over me – why does it seem to be the case that homosexuals are always the biggest beneficiaries and operators of such states of affairs? – I.e. the secret society idiots and their violence and the fact you must not react to it lest you court a greater evil by exposing what exists in their secrete rooms in their homes and everything. So it implies therefore that if they are getting murdered, it really is the least that they can do for everybody or is it not?


So when they say I have this huge baggage I need to get rid of in order to settle what I feel about homosexuals, I do not have a baggage, all there needs to be is a process where they stop doing things to me they know I am offended by i.e. if landlords and a process of using them to establish the fact I might think my bedroom is mine but it is the home and house of somebody else does not give them the stability they want with such things and curing me of the presence of God, then what they set out to use is connections with parents because that will last forever; they simply need to stop it, I do not have any baggage. It’s like the old stuff about idiots that seek trappings of power, it’s pure villainy and nothing else but, makes me wish I was a video game maker but I am not, I am only a writer and putting up with it is just a waste. Of course I am not entirely innocent, like they say intellectual property administration is difficult but simple questions like who has a job of the two people and who has more money that protects them from worries which expose their cause and then the big point of who works on media and who lives in a council estate and therefore if one of the two did work for the market in question and had his souvenirs to show for it, how is it possible for the person who lives in a council estate to try and grab the market that a person who lives in a five bedroom and the person who works on media creates? So if they know somebody does for a living a job where he is to secure people’s property and prevent them from using it to get rich and famous in order to leave people in dilapidated villages and archaic periods of time that are not trendy for example and there is a way to avoid such a person, it is not clear why they would not take it. Yes they say it is something I cannot enforce but that is because they have not read my books first of all and then also because it has not yet come to a confrontation with media; name by name and person by person yet. I am not saying these because I am hoping that the House of Commons will not vote in favour of a homosexual bill or something; they said they knew what my opinions are and that it does not really matter and so they need to get a gist and then tell me how much it does not matter. As for the parties that support such a bill, I know I have made enough and courted enough of their enmity for it anyway; I mean I kicked them so hard over the sex industry they started getting off to ban red light streets in the Netherlands which is unheard of and this was because they thought the sex industry had gotten on my side but the issue was still the simple fact that if we go by choices, people want to do sex industry not bother me. So maybe they can do a mark two with the homosexual community as well; as I said, I know it is one of the things you can do to ensure homosexuality harms you i.e. say something and expect Politicians to vote along with it, so it is never clear why people see I do not do it but get off to make up ideas I have as well, I mean even if they loved me so much they want to make me homosexual and own me, is it something I have given my consent for, bearing in mind the financial damage will be funny when there is obvious fact to show I will never recover.  I have already mentioned it is about how they know my opinion and how does not matter and the need to remind them of the cost; that when homosexuals run tireless campaigns which ensure I am the one my boss gets to lay off whenever they need to lay off workers because I am homosexual and how that means having an access to my cause as well to get rich and famous with, what connection that then offers up when they are allowed to marry in Church as well and it is enforced by Law that they are? So as it stands my head hurts and my chest hurts but it is my head and my tummy that hurts the most and nobody knows what their homosexual community and fans of homosexuals problem really is; it’s the same old stuff anyway i.e. these Christians always recover no matter how much I put into them, they recover and remain cunts so we know they are an endless source of lifestyle and decadence once we have tried and discovered that they cannot be filled up. It shows as well because the conundrum these days when they are finished along with their stupid children is how I will end up liking their city life and city identity which I never will and they need to keep it away from it if they want to have it – like when they tell me my intellectual property administration is not done based on hard facts and is open to corruption and usurping by those who want to target them which is because they have not read my books of course.


Of course they say what I say is largely classed as the reaction and activity of a coward, it does not bother me it’s just that mentioning it has come to mean they are making a big thing out of it, so I must respond too i.e. my political career is important and my media job is deserving of respect but somebody else is probably the only person in the world who writes books that people want to read from the horses lips as violently as they can acquire it from the horses lips instead of buy their own copy and they claim the reason for that is that he has the temperament that will have supplied them the trappings of power and robbed them of it while it was their own property and not his own. You speak of the economy and they speak of mainstream media and blur the lines between the advertisement industry which is based on real things and real jobs and real people and real inventions and real products with main stream media and make out money comes through party life and set out to get political power to squander your property; when it first happened years ago I thought the public would never vote for people who spent four years and tax payers money to chase me around and wreck my finances but low and behold they did with a reduced majority so the idiots can tell me all about that and I cannot forget that either for my part. Hence the end product of making exams more difficult to raise standards since it is clear that easy exams or not it is what the teacher does with the student that makes all the difference and that easy exams or not it is the teacher that helps the student to do well on one hand and on the other homosexual marriages have become a legislation. I had taken my stand on this matter a long time ago and continue to be vilified for it i.e. I need that stupid left hand side as an acquisition that will help me hold together and maintain a process where I need to stay alive to claim the careers that political idiots have taken from my property and from me to put in their lives and their offices and to ensure they do nothing with it or change its content and or nature until I do so, even if they are the presidents of the entire planet and of course since we have little usurper feeding villainy to contend with as a result of my democratic victories as it were, it seems I am not yet done with acquiring societies and cultures and lifestyles for my purposes yet, I am never giving these things back because I do not see it as a responsibility of mine to try and move on so they can be free of me to have their freedoms too.  I am also aware they speak of my working court harming me and being the reason for most of my problems but of course so am I also aware there are women that found their way into my working court by making it up and so I need to see how much trouble they can make and how much trouble they can put up with as well, especially the black people, of which I have always mentioned is all about peoples insults and no need for legislations to make the meaning of marriage into what it is either. As for those who just take a look at me and hate me, I suppose it is just the beginning because I am still aware that some women are beyond my reach in their scheme of things on account they are working oppression of finances on me to make their lives more privileged by spending my income on themselves and have gotten support from the highest political authorities that have no self respect for it too which is perfect; I mean it has been for years that when I am the statesman and the writer and the IP administrator, when well to do or wealthy women get involved with me, they are in charge of such a relationship, even when it is the case that the Monarchy tries to detach me from them because I get to loose from such relationships in the sense that they come in with their problems and homosexuality and then leave with a process where they settle their lives and who they have, have sex with me and leave me in the lurch thereafter and get on with their rich lives as such. So of course these women do look on me as some kind of father figure and like to work out a process of making me act the part, so I do not really need any rubbish from any idiot who exceeds themselves all the time to talk rubbish about those with respect to whom there is something they hate about and I for my part am mentioning it at stopping short of telling then to or making them shut their trap, so that I can mention that I have in order to shake off all that stuff I have to deal with from them about the homosexuality and the anal sex and all that rubbish that follows them around through their decadence since I already have my own problems such as the fact criminals think that they ought to get on my case because they have deduced that being a criminal especially when they are black is the way to create a home and look after it and that I am a fake who needs to be exposed. It is really not possible for anybody to break me down either anyway; we all know there are three ingredients to such stupidities and that one of them is wrecking people’s lives and thinking the trappings of power to get by with in life and immorality and service to the devil will explain it (just like I expect that one of these days their insults will mean that I have a stroke and then the devil will have become powerful with a big mouth where they cannot leave people alone as it were), the other is after wrecking people’s lives, sitting them up in a very bad place with the use of publicity and there to choose what is the relatively the best privilege and therefore lion share of any such privilege that may come up and of course the last one which is a threat to their civil rights, naming me a cunt and putting things in me to clear the air and make decadence. Anybody can decide on when he started to feel as though he is no longer able to cope with the number of things such idiots put in him and that he needs to tell them and or make them stop it – they can only create a problem not break me down.

So we have only been talking about knowing what my opinion is and determining that it is not important when I do not see MPs paying for the fact that homosexuals do not get a lot of respect in their lives and have therefore determined that it is Christians that do not complain when they are abused and therefore it is okay to have a go at them because of that and share with others as well for the creating of a life – I do not see them pay for it with their jobs like I have to which means they are therefore well informed to make unnecessary legislations which allow them to get married in Church, hence the question of whether this is not an abuse of their discrimination laws. Now they speak of the definition of marriage itself and I get the feeling their homes are not yet damaged enough yet while mine is publicly perfect so to speak as it were hence – however which this is the crucible of how unnecessary that stupid law is of course. I mean one group of people and one characteristic of acquiring peoples things and making it their own whether they are found in Church or in the neighbourhoods or in society and their insolence is incredible and the homosexuals which are the elite, the fact they have women among them thereby gets to mean that their civil rights to have marriage defined as they want is being breached by those who do not like it. If I hold up a flag for such things of which the result will be that those who are really homosexuals will be homosexuals and those who make it a trend for their abuses will have found themselves another trend to concern themselves with too, thereby making so much sense of their stupid laws as well in a big way. In the end it is the same old issue, the lady caught my attention and told me she had a poop and I am furious but she has done it again even this second and then again and then again etc and now I have no sense of self worth and feel like being homosexual to pick on Christians who are unlikely to complain and thereby run this whole state of affairs in society to sustain the pain of my anal sex which uses the life of the Christian to do it and is based on the fact the most attractive person for joblessness and homelessness to make the sufferings that I can fraternise with when I am having my anal sex is the Christian I like to abuse and laugh at and stupid women like to abuse in a sexual context but at no time is it a good idea to abuse people violently to get their attention because it is the only way to consummate meaning into ownership of this you have taken from them and displayed on media as your own – I don’t see the Politicians pay with their jobs like I have to hence knowing my opinions like they do and determining it is irrelevant, when I find it funny their homes are ruined and mine is in perfectly working order as it were.  I am saying that the lives of homosexuals could get a lot worse than it was before this law and all they need to do is kick it off, the fight I mean since it is not the first time I have mentioned I have been exasperated by them and had enough of them as well. Coward, Coward is clearly a preferable mantra, a hymn even, let it never be said they got off my book sales and earnings as it were of course. Like their Politicians claim the problem to be that the economy is not internationally competitive because those who do not wish to live like human beings and not slugs basically have the most say on what happens but of course since last these idiots started their international competition they have done nothing but sell out British Interests to Americans and Chinese because it will get their mojo going as though those people do not have their own interests but more crucially is the fact that those who had between 5 and 12 thousand pounds of extra cash to get by with since the crisis began have gotten a job as it were, of course they have not, only those who had up to 200,000 pounds extra cash are able to get by at this stage which indicates they are doing so bloody well as it were and are therefore internationally competitive. It does make an anger that creates a need to ensure those insults do not pay so much anymore; and it extends to the businesses where they think things are really complicated but it has always been so simple to me i.e. when I tell people not to handle or do things with or vandalise my public work and they do so what goes on in their heads is that the facts say they are bigger than I am and there is nothing I can do about it but what is happening says I am suggesting they should never do it, so that even if I have given out a warning there is always a need to test it out and when they do they turn up later to make noise and complain all over the media. It has always been simple i.e. people are selfish, people are evil, people want somebody to blame for their problems and they are a very stubborn stupid lot that need to have things happen to them, horrible things that will make them behave.