So there is that old story of something about immigration that I will eventually be made to settle in the UK for my behaviour of turning up from nowhere to show such disrespect for the communities that were here before me; I don’t mind but all I know is that the purpose of other peoples communities is to wreck my finances and turn out in public with a valid platform by which to claim I stole the idea from them in a way that turns out to be viable in a violent way and nobody likes to be threatened and this is the practical side. The other side is largely to do with Politics concerned with the assumption nobody knows that woman that wants to lick my penis because I walked past her on the streets was the girl that did nothing but think about teacher penis in school, having failed in every subject that she got involved with is usually used by them as a means of wrecking others in order to get to Westminster and sit around there to shoot off insults at me; hence it became a matter that had to be settled which is why we have ended up where we are today. It has nothing to do with immigration – nobody contrary to their take likes to be insulted by them, this is all there is to it.

I don’t think that those who believe that people should not be able to get help from the NHS if they need an interpreter is necessarily racist, it’s just a lack of information for their part, however which it is a deserved situation because if somebody has three or four children in the UK, maybe they might want to think about not leaving granny at home while they get to work so that granny might have need of the NHS at some point and have to do it his or her self – hence the element of laziness that people refer to when they make such statements. On the other hand however they say people who live on benefits are such that you cannot tell if they are depressed – rubbish of course since I for example am a Christian and if I am tied away and prevented from spreading the gospel it does not mean I will not with the people I meet, it just means it hangs over me and when people do my stuff for me day in and day out to exasperate me because they have linked doing so to getting rich with media and Politics, there is no doubt I would be depressed even more so if I have children. My point of bringing these two issue together as one is basically to draw the line and make it clear about this matter of immigration and benefits – the facts that are clear of which is that we simply want to be normal people i.e. when somebody gets help from government to look after their children, they are fighting a battle on two fronts, one over their finances and the other with the government over their children, so which one seems to have been the fun pleasurable part of media and Political games I find it difficult to fathom or indeed the part where immigrants and benefit scroungers are to blame but I have lived in Africa and have seen tribalism in society there and so have I in the UK and have seen racism and still cannot make out, I mean I have kept track of course of when but to actually pin point a date for prognosis and research it is impossible to figure out when tribalism ended up in whites societies and racism ended up in the black ones and what the idiots who think their own looks like that are trying to accomplish and indeed what they are complaining about when I give them a taste of it – the third of which is how I expect all I have done to MPs to be something MPs live with and change their ways to suit some boy that is me but of course the reason for their problems is that they never take a hint, they never cease to claim I am respectful of people because I am be taken advantage of just like the blacks and their communities claim I look the way I do because of the number of times I sleep with peoples wives; truth and reality in both cases being that I am a Christian and more so if I don’t treat people with respect something snaps inside of me and I shut down and start to push myself and become breathless and so on; it does not mean that I am stupid and can be taken advantage of so people can tell me such nonsense they love like I look as though I would never have been able to but tend to do it anyway, of which nobody knows which planet they live in anyway – hence it seems they have had it all worked out; these idiots who think that I will be forced to solve the problems of their generation for them which is something I will never stop putting to the test so we can find out and they have put all these things together to create very angry people to threaten me with when I don’t carry their shopping for them and various other forms of very violent and insolent abuse, which state of affairs they seek from me and get as well so they can turn up to talk nonsense in public all the time but never the less every time they deploy media to that effect and get free of me start again; bottom line being that they need to lay off the immigrants and lay off the benefit claimers.

The other part about terrorism and my refusal to pay attention to the main issues is very well understood but the reality is much the same; the Islamists say something about The soldier at Woolwich which suggests three main issues; one of them being that you are not necessarily British if you were born in the UK, the other being people should not expect to go off to Muslim lands to kill Muslims and occupy their lands without consequences, the other being that we need a system of belief in order to tackle the issues. These three issues all together in one show how much these guys like to look for trouble; I mean they would say I support British soldiers killing Muslims because I am British but in actual fact I am supporting them on the basis of the same teachings they say are the reasons for their actions – i.e. when somebody does not care too much for food he is an offensive person because twisted evil women do nothing but surround him with claims he steals women’s beauty and occupies female side of society, knowing very well gangs don’t like people who sleep with their girl friends and racists don’t like people who sleep with other peoples wives. The outcome of this hatred and abuse of those who have trouble eating is the prognosis that a soldier who is a family man and works in an organised military has, first a family taking it out of him, then a career of National security taking it out of him but he rises to the standard and does not offend their Muslim stuff while fighting them and fights them like a real man, hence in my view it is against the teaching of Islam to turn up at the backstreets of Woolwich to murder him – it is shameful and dishonourable. The part about having a belief system is of course the assumption the Russians will simply let people have a belief system whenever they want, while the part about not necessarily being British but being a Muslim must be the part about Americans, so when the two are coupled it brews the assumption that they want to get those two to find an excuse to shoot off nuclear weapons and this is what we have been concerned about. The part about me specifically and whether I am aware what I say and do offends Muslims is to the affirmative because of course we have been as we have been for centuries and will not vanish because they exist; I mean if they took that into account there would be no problems and then there would never have been the sense there is a gap and that gap can allow Muslims to kill people and ensure Islam is the only religion in the world – we have always been a society where women a free to get around in Europe and by the way of which in the UK it is the female’s family that pays the marriage dowry, which is the direct opposite of what happens in Muslim societies, so if they leave us alone then they can live in peace but if they brew the anger then they can take it up and do it; I am perfectly aware of the effects of what I say and do.

Yet the other side of the extremism being controlled in its own right is a matter of a group of men I cannot stop kicking; they are men whose wives can beat me up, whose daughters can do and undo with me at random and regularly pick up my property, talk nonsense about their control of society and their businesses and then the idea is to hit me if I have an idea about what they shouldn’t do and then hit me even harder if I want to protest their actions until I find out my actions will lead to worse consequences and they can then do whatever they like – it ended where it has presently but it is the other set of activities of turning up in a neighbourhood to bully and batter and pester people to get extremists to kill people they don’t like because they look like women or kill Christians generally and so on that creates the real issue; there are now Militia groups of Christians seeking them out and murdering them in Africa and this is therefore likely to spread into a serious issue and must be tackled – worse still is the idea we are losing more and more of the good guys who then dedicate themselves to fighting on either side and the idea is that this thing will continue until we actually run out literarily of good guys. Here in the UK it is actually an illegal activity to disturb the Queen peace, only nobody has actually mentioned it with legal clarity like I have and I have because it is creating more serious issues and this is certainly not Africa where they can do it endlessly until one day there will be a Mosque gathering which an Imam finishes off with letting them out with tools to slaughter Christians or anybody else that tickles their fancy. The big picture questions remain the same i.e. I don’t think them a crisis, just a collection of more-ons who think when they do mine it will bring them no harm on one hand and on the other as long as they don’t talk nonsense about being Christians either way by which to turn up and impose their capitalist nonsense on me about my right to lead based on how much money I have knowing perfectly they turn up here with their stupidities to get involved with me at a distance and wreck everything and that claims I am a poor man is actually not based on fact because it will always mean Obama and his goons about whom I am still looking to find people that were unaware will claim everything they see belongs to them because they have found their way to the White House in the US, have no respect for me as a person and in such cases the complains will not help provided they continue. Tricks and claims of how my actions continue to lead to an obliteration of social control is absolute rubbish and will take no effect, I will not solve the problems of their own age generation for them, these demarcations they created and will stay as they are – hence I like challenges as well so we can find out.


The part about my weak and cowardly nature has no basis on reality either – the reality is rather that of Politicians playing such a part as to spend tax payers money and office to help idiots wreck my finances over a period of years so they can mark out everything I do and do my stuff to show me how it should have been done, so it is an extra factor added to everything which does not make sense but I cannot ignore because it is part of government Policy with a big mouth. So it applies eventually that they don’t spend a lot of time doing government these days because they must handle me and keep it up and it is the vandalism of my business to keep that going that is exacerbating the situation all together. they complain it is something they have been forced to do because of living in a world where people just turn out to be superior to them by birth right and other means but of course I am a perfect example that having been that they abuse me every day and I tolerate them every day for a decade so far it will never suffice until they are in charge and I am inferior, just like their MPs do nothing at government office other than making sure they are the only ones buying my products not with money but with services I don’t need which are being forced on me. There is nothing about government offices and buildings which suggest that Politicians ought to bully me and that if they did I should stand for it; yet every time it happens and you have a look at it, what you see even are people old enough to be your grand fathers seeking to beat up a boy knowing if you hit them at their age you will have a murder charge on your hands. So I am rather content with the 0/100 performance in Iraq and Afghanistan and war on terror etc and generally the world and the life they can build for themselves. I am aware they do mention something about their society but I want to sell that, I am not giving it a chance at all and building it up after I have gotten my hands on it as a pretext to turn up on media and abuse me should always lead to results after which I will have been said to be weak and cowardly. The society itself really has no other purpose but that of people turning up to insult me to a point of getting a fight out of me so that when beaten they can send out their children which takes up all my time and shows they have no respect for me whatsoever as a person. I don’t think it is a problem it’s a specific question about how weak and cowardly I am; the reality is that I am a Christian and might want to have a fast on a day and that fast does help because no matter how angry you get once you account for the fact you have had nothing to eat on the day you really don’t want to get into a fight with anything no matter how small but we can also see how violently persistent black people especially get over why they cannot let those who have been offended move on from being offended – if we check it a little bit that golliwog mouth says they are leaders and not followers – then before you realise it the whole story was actually about their hatred for piety and religion but the reason they never said so from the beginning was that they wanted to ensure they used civil rights to make sure you do nothing about it until they have their way with you. So I want to sell that society as well all together i.e. if weighed along the lines of the fact they feel like men when they see me in a gang fight and I feel like a normal person when I see them involved in a civil war, then I am the bad person doing more destruction and must therefore take responsibility. The part about being sloppy on a job which irritates them is utter nonsense too; I am not sloppy on the job, they simply have no respect for me as a person and that abusive lack of respect is so intense that it makes them forget I am the one doing the job, I am the one that got employed on that position not them inside of me and so they have to accept that I as a person will do that job and that they simply will only create factors that slash my performance with their insults which they claim is a function of my sloppiness and lack of enthusiasm etc but it is not a new insolence for the most part either, it is one they are perfectly aware I have continued to inform them they need to save up for when they might have a better need of it. they learn kinaesthetically you see and I learn visually, so if anybody’s home is ending up in a job it is mine and not theirs and their insults do not improve anything either. I quite understand they are good at their slander and lies and storytelling and backbiting and politics and barriers to both employment and other person’s freedoms but I am yet to work out what their complaining are all about as well, since we can see their girls have institutionalised as a community and going global with media a certain I always win either way routine that is the answer to wealth and success, hence they are working on themselves in order to make it second nature. They say there are two prognoses to the matter and one of them is that without government help I would never have been able to do anything of which the government help pretends my literary empire is worth £70pw on JSA for them as though it is in my interest if everybody pays taxes. The other of course is that businesses do not want my sort but well of course if you deploy people’s property equity to make money because you are as stubborn and hard of hearing and I don’t mean in a medical way as hell and have a twisted sense of how to get out of bed and make a living on a day, the last thing you want to do is employ the same person you have abused in such ways so he can come into the company and find out things but the question is whether I want their jobs and the story is that they cannot get off my book sales.

Their point apparently is that they are so rich my games will never be sufficient to make them sad enough to have an intended effect; I for my part have not got a clue what they are complaining about either. Their issues come through from the point that they own most of the worlds wealth and that if I am selling anything I would more or less have been selling to them of which I have no idea since if you are using other people’s property equity to make riches on account you have a twisted sense of how to get out of bed and make a living on a day then the last thing you will want to do is employ them so they can come in and find out more but of course none of that would happen if the owners of the property equity either destroy it or make sure such nonsense does not occur, then they will either get a job or the owners of the job will take up their own jobs and do it which is where parents can be evil and expect society and politicians to accept them as good people no matter what hence cannot stand the idea I am not interested either looking for more. I am not that uptight about things; I know my property equities are worth a lot of money that I need a certain capital to release and if I do so I know that I can provide jobs for about 30 to 50 families for another 40 years, so it is always there with me as a failure and if somebody else takes it up and does it and maybe goes on better to employ 10 more families than I ever could, then I am okay but these idiots insult you and keep you cash strapped and out of work when they deploy your property to get rich with that big mouth and are not getting any; I don’t want their jobs.


Now am I threatened by the Media? Of course not, I made the media the way it is today and cannot possibly be threatened by it at the same time as well – it started off from journalists seeing that I get to have the writing career that I never had on account they want to be writers once they retire from jobs in which they earn more than their Politicians and so the whole thing blew up and they do love to claim I say such things but need their help whereas in actual fact I make them do what I want every day; I mean imagine ITV has the same information as the BBC, if there is any delay as to what I want being done, that delay is definitely to be a function of finding out who will chicken first. In the end they say they have seen the last of me when I say such things but we are here in the first place on account that doing my stuff is a matter of how I had spent time to support female society all be it for a while on grounds that we might say women will solve their problems alright but when it does blow up down there it will blow up for everybody as well, so this is how they get to do my stuff and about which by the way as a matter of Principle I am a Christian and the Bible teaches us to turn the other cheek but it does not teach us to sit down and be party to another person being made an example of in a condition where they work for things and have it taken away from them which by the way also sets out a precedent for these idiots as well meaning if they took from the ladies they can from the children and all they need to do about the men is measure how much fighting must be done to make it happen as well – so where they would have seen the last of me would be where this matter fits into the picture of how their mates are giving their lives for their own civil freedoms all over the world which is a sad fact but I am being bullied by them here at home with a big mouth – they are in no position to pass around insults when they are actually male presenters and the chances of others not being responsible for their own actions with them is that high. In the end it is the insults apparently; the part where they need to know what I think as a whole being the bit where you build a life with somebody you love and it’s all gone to cheap thrills on account somebody is a sales man in the city centre or another works on media of which in most cases both always work together to make it happen in that way. I am not threatened in anyway by any media whatsoever: it simply is the case in my mind that wrecking people’s lives to deploy their property to get rich, after which they make contact with the victims like they were peoples personal Gods is something they think they can enforce which is why I had paid some attention to it and this is the result. It will get a lot better for them if they stay off my book sales – the insults in that area is one about why I would want to watch them wear suits on my TV when I can go backs stage and get it anyway – hence they keep print copies of my work to exasperate me with media and never buy it for that purpose as well: which happens either because they know the Printers, have hacked into my web account with my publishers or have stolen copies of my books which I threw away because they were bad samples.

The claim it’s all about my publishers making trouble for me is perfectly understood, we all know men that love to use other peoples jobs to get their own thing done will never disappear, all I know is that I had finished a job and will never stop giving information that should not end up with their community goons and turn up on their media for me provided they continue to get my information in other ways but buy the books with their stupid insults – even the business ones think I must give up my position or disposition because they feel it is a limitation to their outlook – such is the familiarity and the insolent fun and they cannot stay off my Television for it too, so it will stay that way for as long as I deem fit. In the end when you have so much fun it is not paying off at the bottom line you do something about it and that is why men that use my job which is clearly a plaything to get their own problems fixed because they are society and can do anything if they wanted, tend to annoy me one moment and then don’t the next. In terms of existing British Diplomacy communities and allies and fans and their business arrangements, I had made my position clear and obvious on the Popular Music front, about prohibitions and security and matters of punishment for wrong doing and the existence of extremists who may think that it tends to occur often and therefore something they can practice as well - One does not believe in punishing people and the British hand in the world is quite clear mostly and if not I should make it clear again i.e. that British and even so most of Europe have societies where women run free, hence most matters of expressions that offend others is a function of an absence of information on this or the chances that the information has been ignored, thus we tend to try our best to live in a peaceful world by making such matters obvious. It is never a matter of courage and cowardice, I mean that makes no sense whatsoever when it comes through so richly from those who are villains, since courage for them is something about which you set out to seek attention which I deeply detest - in terms of such talk the matter is largely concerned with what belongs to me and what I do with what is actually my possession and as I mentioned before we are not running out any time soon of those who tend to think I ought to adjust my own existence and possessions to make them comfortable, they have distablised entire societies and Polities looking for such nonsense which if at all they got they had no way to enforce against me - then there are the democracy and freedom idiots and how I need to keep my own excrement inside of me if I do not wish to feel like hell in my body and feel miserable in my mind; last time I checked, that joys of naivety had completely disappeared on account they trifled with my earnings and book sales and thought they had a higher power that will protect them, so my general assumption is that they think I find it easy to tolerate their deviance and the financial destruction that they go to Universities to study subjects that can work in the City with inflicts on the rest of us economically; however its big talk all the time and such intense and personal insults that give them lease to imaginative sodomy with a big mouth, the track record is that sooner had I gotten my hands on them is the sooner they had enlisted the help of the Politicians; just like they claim Communists have become more Capitalist and hence a job I must finish - exactly the same attitude that thinks Countries cannot have their geniuses unless they had obtained permission;hence reaching a clear set out system of spin on media and events which are geared at finding out if somebody will want to explore why they always want to present courage as something from which to get attention but it will never change from the old issue of knowing I have government office to look after but their peer pressure on that stupid media whereby they never listen has more to do with using the power there and in my life to create themselves the lives they want and to ensure they never have to worry about anything, it never ever goes away and has a tendency to get more and more violent and for that reason I protect my office and the opening it up by messing around your book sales and finances and throwing insults and violence everywhere especially on media is the provocation in question - it does create wonder as to whether they want the regular reaction they seek all the time because they expect conversation and dialogue from it as well. I do come across the noise making all the time about how I am confident nobody will hurt me but getting near me for any intents will be where this matter will be settled for good as well because we all know insults from able bodied men like them such as I have to put up with can only in a practical way end in GBH or even murder so I am likely to wait for them to act first and when I act I will make space and allowance for them to get around and have a life as well at the same time, I am guessing this is what is guaranteed and so it will make an occasion whereby we put it to the test as well. The other side of the story being I am confident I can never get seriously hurt or killed by them but I have been clear if they want the power in my life to use for their purposes they can get off my TV and come around here to get it - otherwise the killing part is where they tolerate me like I have to tolerate them and I say again - there is nothing whatsoever that they can do. I mean it does not necessarily apply that when people make a duty of insulting others their victims find such things to be a pleasant experience, nobody knows why they have now reached a stage where they are scared of me but at the same time want me to do something about and prevent a process where annoying me all the time means I always seem to be permanently set against something creates fear into them and it is nonsense like that and nobody knows what their perception of living itself actually is but I bet they can insult and abuse people and people would have no feelings about it is what they think and those their stupid girls and women are not hurting badly enough yet as it were. They do complain I just have a problem with people who love to enjoy their lives but we all know that they understand claims I come to work with my home which exposes them as well due to my skin colour or indeed some community we live in is one of the highest degrees of disrespect you can ever come around with - its not just a matter of it all ending in a condition where my life has been thrown out for cheap thrills because somebody is a sales man for example but it goes far deeper than that and gets violent all the time - so I have no idea why they do the things they do on media to recover self confidence if they continue to feel they have no wish to let me be - I mean if there is anything wrong with the financial system they are a community that supports the very structures by which that operates and their girls who do it in order to make out they always win against me and grab my stuff no matter what I do and that I am that kind of man will never stop showing that off as a state of affairs that they want politicians to enforce by acts of parliament for them as well and the men love to be in a condition where they make a lot of money and then lose it and make again if they want to, while their existence prevents me from having a one job at all since I think resigning jobs is madness, that you move from a job to another and do not give up a job to seek another which is how their bullying gets so intensified because they simply cannot get me to move off anything they want with a big mouth and the corridors of International communities they have no wish to stay away from as well with their love for the high life and the vandalism by which they pay for it. So the reality is that since they are informed that they learn Kinaesthetically others have no right to exist and their bodies have no reason to feel good at any point since its all gone quickly for cheap thrills on account they are money mad freaks and sales idiots etc, I am only talking about the insults and why they need to spend their own instead so it does not blow up in their faces because they have wanted a conversation from it, otherwise they know I will teach them a lesson again on how to spend their own instead and insult their mates instead if they feel they can do nothing without abusing others. This is not the 1960s or indeed the 1990s where they can have people like Mr Nixon  or Mr Reagan in the US as the Political icons of their time etc and hence in that condition they can do whatever they like and insult anybody for financial benefits as much as they please claiming it to be competition, so that those who do not like it can take drugs and fund organised crime etc, this is a completely different period of time and it is important they stay the leverage and greed away from me. They always say that this stage occurred in the 1990s and 1960s as well but when I talk about those times and the career piracy at random and the messing up others at will and getting rich and famous and attacking religious people without reason etc I am not talking about their wickedness which people can decide they want want to do something about and hence do have the right to decide they do not want it to bother them, I am talking about the chances of then enforcing any rubbish they get up to talk in public like they do all the time. So the main issues are not that the abuses carry on and when you handle them a bit the result is enlisting help from Politicians but before then they handle you like boys and their toys on account you do not believe ion punishing people since it is a bit difficult to make it proportionate, I mean not that I cannot make my punishment proportionate anyway, I am an Arch Prince I can do that perfectly but the outcome is always that it would have been better not to punish at all because I am not in a disposition by which I should seek to achieve my aims by punishing others and if not for any other excuse it should be for the fact it gets too much when I do it. The other main issue at this point in time is the events unfolding the Ukraine - like the old story they tell of how Capitalist Communists are becoming and as I said before geniuses cannot exist in their own countries unless they get permission from democracy idiots which is why Americans are controlling my books to solve world problems by bullying me presently with a big mouth - we all know that Government takes up Economy and runs it and the result is that the entire country becomes some kind of an economy of a community and so it is difficult but somehow there are geniuses in the Country as well and they are clever enough to work out how to talk to enough people and form relationships with them to sell them things and make a lot of money, the same applies in capitalist society but in capitalist society people have moto like these goons do, that you can never be successful unless you break the rules but in Communist Countries, when you break the rules you are done for, so I am still at a loss as to where exactly they got their facts from that Communist Countries are becoming democratic but it is the same old story and they are always confident when you handle them as well it will be as they had predicted; I mean people why learn kinaesthetically cannot work out why people want them to clash with those who learn visually all the time but more so because they are invincible there is no reason they should are or find out why.