Of course there are those endless questions of why I block off people getting any inspiration from my work if other persons lives depended on it; it is the kind of conversation the Politicians want to have all over media which yet again has nothing to do with my Books getting sold but all to do with squandering it but then again it is not as if I am not counted among the poorest and lowliest there are, at the end of the day however poverty is a line and you can get off it if you wanted to. The problem of course is that while you are, if another has Media to play around with, if it tends to mean that every new thing you do is spent by a stupid woman who also thinks herself a celebrated idiot taking pictures of herself with the boys to splash all over magazines and finding ways of protecting this source of income which involves hurting and threatening you to keep you down all the time, then you have a problem that needs to go away. In my case the conspiracy factor has now moved to that of involvement with the Royal Family and telling of tales about how they set out to deal with stupid people who create problems for the realm but each time they are given freedom it’s all about dealing with me and provoking me into resisting them to create this argument I am actually standing in their way. So it’s a story of these games all day long everyday to see who has power and control and its always all about money and the part about rounding me up in order to set up a small business which is one of the clearest indications they are not interested in their endeavours if they can as a community become interested in fame instead while I become the prime rock from which they want to quarry a future then all will be well; it is a matter I now need to let them plunge themselves into, so I can cook beyond recognition. This naturally happens on one hand while on the other, for some reason we read in the papers that the Tory Government is denying people who blew their lottery millions access to benefits and support; so that the paradox is that when people cannot handle the change to their personal happiness on coming to sudden fortune, they are denied benefits, when others want to get into people’s establishment to observe if they are being served right down to the smallest possible detail as that will be an indication of how wealthy they are, then the claim poor people turn their tummy inside out to prevent them getting along with their own crowd becomes a fulfilled truth. Of course they claim I have a problem with their success which I don’t; I just want them off my Royal Estate backyard, as I rather have another group of people that should occupy it – they are not doing me any favours or themselves any too for that matter and I hear they say they will make their own if that happens but they had 14 years of my time to do so all along in the first place, so this is very testing indeed. Of course there is no shred of Truth whatsoever to those claims I play with danger: I do not play with danger - it’s a matter of people who are so useless that it is actually the process of detaching yourself from their stupid involvement which costs you, your finances and academic work and now threatens your mental well being, while they gorge themselves on stalking you while playing up popular culture Empires, which actually constitutes a threat to your life; the reason not being that they have actually taken steps to ensure that threat exists but that the company they keep is fitting for people that are as rotten as they are. In the end it comes down to a process where I have supplied the Middle Class at my Royal Estate but these supplies have now constituted the basis of abuse and attack and enmity with me that is primarily concerned with hammering me financially at every single new change at my work and possessions and especially finances – striking of all is of course the fact that this blindness to the fact I have supplied them and that the interference of the lower class in their concerns as a result of access to me is of their creation and therefore I do not see myself as responsible in anyway whatsoever, is the excess that their access to my property and public life has offered them – I am mentioning it as such to clear up facts, they exist to keep me on the right path when they become ever so seductive and distracting.

There are Americans who claim there are exceptions for them to the rule and likewise Russians as well; in terms of the latter of which the story has always been that my Books belong to them to a point as it were and will not belong to them beyond that ;point as well but for the Russian ones, when I get hold of that their stuff the next time I do, what will happen is that I will sell it on and we are not talking about European goons of theirs who turn up here to be rude and when there is a bad smell make people feel others are about to kill them because of it creating social instability for me here. As for the Middle Classes, it always been a tale of how much trouble I will get into if I dared to use the lower classes against them; so I had to make it really cheap so that it means that all these aforementioned group of idiots can put their money where their mouth is and leave me alone. There are so many things I could have done to avoid this outcome which I refused to do because their insults are just legendary. They do say I talk and will one day get into trouble which is not an issue in anyway; the trouble is that these goons really do not see anything wrong with their activities but it is one thing to turn up with a tall girlfriend or wife to pretend that fucking the wife I never married after getting on public places to make out my Royal activities to be about sex and quite another to rip up my finances and academic work in order to facilitate these kinds of nonsense and I want them to stay out of my life, clear my space and complain about not being able to look after their backsides somewhere else.

So what I really hate the most about them is that they fuck their dirty all over me which always inevitably true to the Nature of men, end with me being so cash strapped I cannot afford a date of my own, while their stupid women then start to think they feel like teaching me lessons and especially so in order to foster the diverse nature of their perversions all the time, especially ones concerning money and laziness and excess, none of which including the part where they were free and democratic meaning they have the right to peddle my personal and public life is actually any of their stupid Civil Rights as well; I am not any body’s alternative and I am not their spare leader. They say the lower classes are interfering with their fame on my account which goes to show how stupid they are and what they will do to look for trouble, showing as well that the Politicians are therefore also willing to work on facts and figures I set out over security in order to provide them with Mobility as well – the degree of self absorbed pompous nonsense which is the prism through which these goons see themselves. I had put them under control and do not like it when they mess with my Office like these – including the American ones, and the Russian ones whose games the next time I get hold of I will definitely sell on rather than just expect it to blow over, including the African and South American ones and do not therefore wish to tolerate their provocative involvement with any of my affairs around the world as such. It is not as if I do not already have a tendency to keep peoples women forever as it stands in the first place so that the obsession with earning the perks of my Office rather than work for their own stupid money may have thus gone this far.

Access to a Media that is willing to tell their story is clearly what urges them on and so is it my big idea too. It’s not the end of the world, just what I see them say every time they product fashion runways on my public life and there are notorious magazines for it of which top of the list for instance is called Vogue the editors become really ratty when I look as though I have had my day with it but they simply cannot do without taking pictures of stupid celebrities and stupid fashion models whose fame is a function of what people hate largely as a function of what people like about my work at the other hand and then we hear them tell me they have seen me recover before which means they can do whatever they like and none it should be a problem, which makes anything I complain about my fault that it happened and hence they are in the clear and so they get out of bed every day for that too.

They say I love to start things which I do not have the money to finish all of the time of course, the reality of which is rather that if I started nothing there would be money for nothing as well and so when I get off to mention such a fact they get to boast and brag for their part as well and it only stops when they are complaining about how much I encumber their fame and the perspectives of it too. it is of course still the same old general nonsense where the Middle Class enjoy savaging peoples Finances in order to set out ugly cultural nonsense and rip up their public life with a process of making sure all they live is a condition where they depend on such ugly nonsense and protect it lest others take it up and do it for them – which they will never stop explaining my Books by as well.

Now they say I have no ability to consummate any victories I have secured and it will never make any sense for me either; it’s just a behaviour these guys have of ripping up peoples academic work to run off and get some fine jobs with which they save up some money and build a confidence helped by a really stupid socialist government and when I am handing matters of building my confidence in the same way as well, they want to work profitability of violence as a new reality and I suppose it means they have got structures all set out to ensure I am accountable for what I might do with my money when I am done with it as well as it stands otherwise I am supposed to assume their incredible stupid safety and security is going to be built on damaging my finances again as it were. It’s much like the story of me becoming the enemy of media on one hand while those powers bigger than me cannot see how bad I am; in terms of the former of which I just want my original guard at the Court and to hell with all new faces and the public squander as soon as possible if they know what is good for them as well the profitability of violence and with respect to higher powers I am sure they are referring to the Prince of Wales insisting on interfering with Political issues, where the whole purpose of the Prince’s Trust these days is to get popular culture idiots who already know they can never be famous to make money on peoples public lives and now these fools have the money all they do with their time as a profession is find those who are trying to convince others that the prognosis of their criminal behaviour is a function of poverty is entirely wrong – so when I set out a ten year experiment to let them make money with my public life, all they want to do is carry on forever on one hand while on the other use the money to create even more social problems and then ensure there are others who have heard the news but never actually had a go at it too; so they are at it again interfering with my Books as though it was either their Business or that of HRH himself.

There is that talk also of course of who I am so as to interfere with Middle East concerns; which is largely an old story of the fact that people are selfish and people are evil and people are stupid and people want some extremely convenient way to blame others for their problems; so what happens in Syria for instance is a beautiful Street getting blown to pieces in a Country where the President had homogenised the Political setting to such an extent that there were no need for such divisions but having created those divisions and the conflict which was the result is now very busy employing tactics against local populations such as starvation and we are not looking at him getting into a fight with poor and destitute people here – we are looking at a fight with people who worked as hard as he did to make the Syria that exists today thereof; so while I watch the events unfold, what soon happens is that because I had invested Royal Property in the prospects of selling my Books to Areas of the Middle East where people wanted to read them and Terrorists are not my only experience of Muslims and people had become really fond of using my Books to create problems and get areas where I might most likely get them sold blown up in some form of war if people were not playing their game, it was apt for those responsible in the Syrian Government to ask who I am to get involved. So they definitely cannot assume it is possible to play these games with absolutely any person of their choosing as such. At the moment its socialist idiots – American ones and British ones who hate my guts the most and African ones and South American ones and I want them to keep off my face or accept they face more trouble like they have never before seen regardless of what they have already suffered – they need to be under control, they are incredibly stupid and violence is never profitable, their insults and the process of making money with it has a limit. I am only making a statement of fact here as a matter of who I am to get involved with Middle East affairs; the reality however is that when I watch these events unfold and people get to attack me because of them or issue self improvement and abusive accusations the reality they have to understand is that there is a greater chance now that areas of whole Countries and its interests and economy can now be taken over by the International community and run so that those who used to live in them, who now exist in camps have a viable way of getting aid. As for me, when they do, I do wonder what they expect; perhaps I might build the victims another one of what they had destroyed.

Like here in the UK when the support for the Labour party is unwavering because it means wealth gets round but the outrage at their degree and extent of corruption is other peoples problem which never makes any sense as we all know it is a party of gluttony and covetousness but knows that its prized profitable violence will cease to be so once they had created anything of their own which is original and hence the need to sacrifice another individuals whole personage to ensure they have a cover and having chosen me partly because they like and partly because I am immediately expendable because they hate me, we have something between us that needs settling. My point is that it is incredible that the Journalist ones get on media to pretend others are meant to be responsible for the corrupt activities from this party which they are very fond of praising. They always say I speak like that but do nothing about those rich people that cannot be questioned which is not half the point here which are two way points that there has to be a time in which the damage to my person and the need to condemn my whole life for their needs is made and settled by me and the other being that they have to face up to the corruptions of the Party they love to support; not pretend that getting on Media makes them cleverer than an Arch Prince which will have indicated that the question about those rich people who cannot be asked to account for their wealth was a good idea in the first place. Their typical day can easily be getting on TV to read a script, mine apart from their media insults wrecking my Book sales can start off as a need to settle security around stupid women who have no plans to for their money, seeking out men they can teach a lesson and other men that can protect them and high profile targets such as myself to handle – leading to social justice that is concerned with men being prevented from getting whatever they want because unlike women, the more they get is the worse they become while women simply become more and more satisfied the more of what they want that they get and so we find that the biggest problem with this is clearly that of the Prince of Wales who has no plans to listen to either his Parents or the Politicians, so as to stay out of interference with Politics and hence you get to your Office to work with the conditions that have existed as a result of his actions and accept it is a state of affairs that will not go away, rather than create more work for yourself that is not going to pay you and it is only when I am finished with this, that I can have the leave to protect my own property from vandals; so the reasons it seems these guys are not doing any wrong and I am unlikely to do anything about it is still that they think that if I am an Arch Prince and they are Journalists, they are cleverer than I am, when that is nowhere near half the truth. I do get told that it does not look that way but the reason is because of the need they have to set out a female goon on my public life to make fame and fortune for herself, so I am working on clearing out my Court at the Moment – it is a certain activity around my Royal Commission I want them to administrate which has to do with Fashion and Appearance equities specifically for Television, which ensures it is clear that the Western Frontiers are not just open to us British because there are Canadians and Australians too and New Zealanders as well and the Queen is their Queen – I have provided enough property equity for this and have no plans to get others to do it – the Court has to do it and those that shouldn’t be there turning up around it to make hell for me are going to be making trouble for themselves alongside in a while too. these facts show clearly how poor people are made; that if I gave people 14 years of my time to pillage my finances, it will easily become more important an activity than getting a day job is and we are not talking about the rules that are set in stone about which there can be grey areas i.e. if you know your health is good you can learn a trade and start saving up early but if not then you can go to University and go out of the professional world with a bang so to speak – we are talking about people that are so stupid a Journalist might spend decades expressing how much cleverer than an Arch Prince he is no matter how much trouble that gets him into – I am simply tired for my part of the damage that it does not my finances hence the mention. I am not saying HRH is not aware of social justice matters and the idea I make use of his work and sneer at it isn’t correct either, I am saying I start off with keeping fashion goons and celebrated idiots off my income and can easily end up with a case where The Prince of Wales speaks of social justice but at the end allows men do whatever they like which is an interference with Politics that he does not seem to take a heed from anyone else for; so it my busy life and people need to cease getting on public places to pretend they are more important than I am.

They speak of how I dodge the fact most of my problems are created by black women; it will never make sense as these black woman are the fools that popular culture idiots and celebrities and media set out a portion of their salary to help in the form of charities; an example of their stupidity can be an instance where I for example may write my Books and then settle up on when I had finished administration and need to concentrate on getting my Books sold because the most important thing has become the matter of making the money – in their case this usually gives rise to a condition where the most important thing is about making money and they don’t know what the Money is meant to have done as a result, so that they now start to express a hate for men that they are well protected enough to teach lessons without suffering any consequences; so the celebrity and media ones who spend money on them are stupid and that is why they think they are cleverer than other peoples Royal Princes but they are off the scale and not my problem. They do claim I fight my people of course which is utter nonsense; I seem to have developed feelings and temperament men get involved with to feel good about life because they always get what they want and can be a part of anything they liked simply because I have a Court and they want equality with their female colleagues – so it’s one of those things that have now led to a profitability of violence situation that may result in telling people to stay out and refusal means whacking them with a Chair so they can realise they really cannot beat you up and so on; I want them out and I want them off my Book sales finances – not clear how this kind of activity can be fun for the same group of people for a decade and a half for my part either anyway. They speak of two main issues now being first that I think of myself a part of the great and good while on the other they speak of my sick tummy for which they do not seem to realise the cure works along this lines and so on; but do I think I am great and good/ it depends, I don’t see myself setting off 500 sales men I cannot control to make me millions after they ravage the population like wolves, to pretend I am more important than other peoples princes if my media idiots can address them like they were equals with journalists everyday to savage their Book sales and come up with alternative ways of understanding the contents of his Books. They speak of how I fight the people but these activities are ever so amusing because whatever I do will have happened after and not before at which point it could have been prevented whenever it happens on Media where they actually work; so it’s like they have regular jobs but they are so useless their best friends are robbers that have not yet been caught by the Police, of course they know when you actually start to push them away, it could be the point at which your life is threatened or worse; so the business part is just the bit where I need to stay silent or my Books will never get sold and for every time what they want to do is plant their business on mine and create a process where an idiot who unleashes several sales idiots on the general population to make millions feels a sense of superiority to me because he has money and I need to bring it to an end because the amusement is as good as the damage and the damage as good as the amusement – traders should trade and leave alone this stuff – I say it’s not hurting badly enough yet.

As for the story of a hatred I have for women; there is no hatred of women or opposition to female equality here; the reality is that these are a group of idiots that do not speak of hatred of women and feminism if they are busy with the powers of society of men and that of women and how I am a Christian with the power of God which cannot overcome their power; the only reason I pay attention to  it of which is that of stupid disobedient men playing father figure rather than buy my books and stupid politicians ripping up my finances to ensure I pay attention to them – even so I ignore it most of the time because these two groups of fools need to spend their money on it as we can see that idiots like these need to survive as it were – we can see that despite the fact they have no sense of right and wrong and want to solve their stupid problems by setting out men that they can teach lessons on account it is how they feel, they want to get into relationships with large men, reason being so they can play up routines such as everything I eat being eaten by a society fool that will have developed a personal relationship with me that I am not in control of and then we hear all that noise about domestic violence when these appear not to have been men that will simply let a relationship go if they are not happy in it. So it’s not a crisis; just the reality of the facts about really stupid things I hate like the nature of men, being that I am a man and do know that the more we get what we want is the worse we become but for women they always become more satisfied and happy the more they get what they want, so you tend to have a thing for making them as happy as you possibly can. It does it mean there aren’t strange characters around; I know of some who break you down to barest minimum and then every little miniscule thing they get will make them happy – I know of those types because I have one at home in the form of my evil Mum and these idiots too need to be getting around fucking with their own family instead. they speak of all my problems being a function of my lack of respect for my Mother and they will when I get hold of that stupid clubbers and soul singers and jazz singers and pop singers millions again and then they will hate me well – at the moment the market for it is vanishing as a result of their involvement since we are mates and Prince’s like pop music etc – so this is leading clearly to more and more trouble as it were. One more quip from these fools and their barely criminal life that they want involvement with others for, about hatred of women and feminism and it’s going to be between me and that their power thing and I will not stop until it is dead and buried. They do say its people with republican sentiments that are after me which is nothing new; apparently if I lose my commission it will not be like spending my own property to help run a government and when I lose position of power and influence apply my skin somewhere else for something else I may want to do on account their revolution was planned on the basis of who will take it from me when it became successful – so the bloody idiots do they think have got it alright and are currently complaining that I crack entire countries and communities and it is a behaviour people get killed for. I don’t think it is a crisis for my part either; the reality is that they play these games all the time and even in the US, they will check up electoral processes and find out what the best candidate may be and then throw spanner into the works that means people have to deal with rejection while big money takes over the electoral process – I don’t need them, they just want to make themselves into a problem. I already have my own and its largely about not being a person that builds other people violence, which appears to be the mainstay of their republican sentiments – it does not mean I will be willing to tolerate this nonsense from them.


Of course I am well aware it is my problem to deal with those who think that others do not have talent; for my part it does mean that getting on media to let fools such as Simon Cowel and Piers Morgan fuck with my finances because they are really important has now seen its day and those that are really fond of it are at the receiving end too, all together. I for my part have no issues with those who think I am talentless, the problem is how people get killed over my Royal Estate which has to do with work I have done about gangs and crime and cults and so on and the fact that I only admit celebrities at Court who have before taken up that work at Diplomatic circles and made music out of it which led to an outcome where the gangs and criminals or barely criminal goons were beaten by a Celebrity that can handle the results not attack me because music CDs are not selling due to my behaviour with a big mouth. The information is therefore here released because of the tendency to find them line of Music CDs again like their Industry counterparts like to claim I need to shut up or my Books will never get sold so their stupid companies can catch up on my market and are talking nonsense about the famous of 2015 and predictions about which will return in 2016, so I need the warnings before hand as I have run out of time to let their stupidities run its course; they need to pay attention to their jobs and do it properly, they are not famous, I am, need to stay away from me and keep off my Books. They do say I say such things because I am trying to be famous as well but regardless of a tale of showing their faces on public life and other peoples public life all the time it is still reality that they are popular culture idiots with a history of crime and involvement with prisons and the Police which is how they know all those bits of law they can mess with and we are not mates nor do I have a personality men can get involved with whenever they wanted – they are not famous, I am and such statements can only mean people are expecting my products and will not wait forever and that does not paint them in favourable light all together. I am just being helpful where it comes to saving lives but would like it if they don’t line up their idiots to make music or anything else from what I expect celebrities at my Court only to get involved with as it were. Hence new things being found out about my Career which gets me all jittery is the wrong way to approach it – these days it seems when I offend people without reason it is because parents and grandparents are no longer interested in their jobs or in raising their families because these fools who know much about other people’s careers have been spreading fame trend and I am about to pick up their culture and society and fame and Media and cook beyond recognition just as I promised; what they have been complaining about until now is setting out cultural ugliness for me and talking nonsense on media about how others will do my stuff for me if I don’t take care of it in order to peddle my public life and the consequences which follow it, largely to do with gangs and racists turning up where their families are to steal personality so they can pay attention to their jobs and do it properly so as to leave me alone; so it is not half of what is going to happen next; the “more famous” the culprit the better as it were. From a position where One should never ever let men get what they want because they only get worse and worse with it while ending up with more and more resources to screw around with, I really need to make my mark here.

They do claim I interfere with and steal the public attention they have set out for their celebrities of course and it will never make sense; the most important fact of reality however is that they need to buy the Books for every single occasion they get involved not talk nonsense of their miserable life and how they have not got the patience to read Books such as mine no matter how much they need it. I mean their miserable lives as it were for normal human beings shed compunction like a shirt and call me big one, then set about creating reputation for me which suggests I know things about the secret problems of Men and Women and hence can solve them, based on what I am seen to have written as a Book. The abusive part of course means I need to take that stage where their global network of profitable paedophiles and victims of sex abuse that has no plans to keep off my income to the next level that will involve setting out which part of their need to find moral people they can kill for the sins of world because it is what Christ did to save the world from sin which we Christians believe in, that the First and Second world war did not deal with as it were – it’s always games and fun until the right tools and right methods for curing them of homosexuality for instance have been devised as well. In the end it appears they have this need to find out what their enemy really is like and that is not a difficult task to perform here; the reality is that they are very twisted and evil and greedy and violent scumbags who cannot do anything unless somebody else is living out a poetic existence that is a function of having broken dreams that he dreamt and have a history with Law enforcement and can never ever be famous, so what they do is formulate popular culture and secure the chance from their Politicians to peddle peoples public life to get rich and famous – so I tolerated it right up to when I dropped out of University to end up running my Business without all the necessary qualifications so everything might be done manually and three times as complicated; that was the end of tolerating them for me and the person who likes to tell them they are famous must be as insane as they are. They say I need to pay attention to Wars and Conflict which is where my fame lay and it’s not just a case of curing them of that stupid homosexuality, it’s also a matter of how I should care about what The Prince of Wales thinks about me when it is actually completely irrelevant – I cannot survive getting punished all the time by The Queen for letting the Prince of Wales mess with my work and they have placed themselves in the Middle of the matter to assume they can do anything they like – like HRH was their mate or they are mine as it were. So the tale of how The Labour Party can control me is all very well but it will never make any sense – I mean we can go into the colloquialisms of how they are the idiots who ferment all excuses people want to make for sexual abuse based forms of communicating with those who are not interested in messing up their own lives – this makes them therefore the ones that people get to kill during the gang fights as it were and we can go into this colloquialisms when either what I say or the existence of that stupid party continues to make me vulnerable or remain the one thing that can control me on behalf of everybody else for everybody else respectively. As for the tale of confronting Prime Ministers; it’s an old case of successive Prime Ministers realising that their corruptions that happen to be fundamental and means that my Children and grand children will come and go first before my blood line gets free of them and the need they have to get connected and rich can always stay out of public office so we might see what their own looks like as well – otherwise accept it is the kind of behaviour that causes some to pick up weapons and others to dive for cover as it were and the problem with me is that it actually hurts that they all try and fail to – while I get to access if or not they are the reasons my Books reach the highest points of authority in the land only to end up with even more problems at the market which sets a new standard for how a person can be abused, so that I can set one with Mr Prime Minister as well which I get to successfully most of the time as it stands; so these guys have state provided security and do not have to walk the streets like I do, it’s not clear why they have people on it pillaging my finances over a vanity that they feel – so the part that hurts is that they try and fail to, while I do not get to experience the pain of such failure. I am not talking about their friends and connections yet; those simply have a need to ensure my Book sales a delayed for every progress I make, in order for them to set up a means to profits with the wolves they call sales operatives with my property and market and traders would not be getting into trouble or complaining about me if they were trading or indeed ceasing to compare their stolen wealth to a case of whether or not they have destroyed all of mine and therefore mine which does not actually exist with a big mouth. These are the individuals that have that behaviour of earning income instead of working for their own on account they are setting the stage for the right things being said at the right time for fools that have taken a opposition to act with racial violence if somebody did – they however are twisted and evil and negative scumbags that have a tendency to suck the life out of every atmosphere; the need people have to support it in order to tech me small lessons for my choice of friends which is actually the Royal Family that their parents and grandparents were worthy enough to get close to is the reason I have allowed the problem to get out of hand and become widespread first before this action is taken. The Prime Minister needs to keep his glass ceiling out of mine and tell his idiots to keep their fingers off my bum and then there will be no trouble – I am all for boats about how I have no real authority to do anything about anything as it were.

There is also the complain these days of a concern that I find it easier to be pragmatic than I do to express myself, which does not make any sense whatsoever because we are talking about the fact I cannot be by myself the upper class and lower classes that must always get involved with me while they have an inability to accept me because they are busy seeing how much money they can make with the savings their parents have put up for them at the Council estates and bungalows from which they will rise to fame and fortune. Much like the tale of how it is my fault that I now hate their guts when it was a case of finding out if The instructions we hear that The Queen gave concerning a condition where people dine at the windows of Buckingham Palace was actually a draconian rule – so during the early days of the project they really did enjoy themselves showing up at Buckingham Palace to communicate how I provoke them when I actually cannot handle them. I hated the insults of their stupid children that showed so little respect for my person and personal space and thinking space led by the Media, their personality aesthetics competition with me takes it up a notch as it were. So when it comes to how much of their lives I have myself damaged; it was always that old tale of couture from Europe at my Royal Estate that black people feel they are entitled to and lay popular culture and clubbing lifestyle all over it while the Labour Party helped hold me down financially for them; giving rise to social conditions that presented real possibilities of exchanging the WW1 and WW2 for inter Clan and inter Family violence especially with South Africans, that led to the present result and especially over the insistence that such a stupid outcome had to be the future and the next time I see them build that nonsense from the US to Japan across my Royal Estate I am going to ensure there will be no more Media rescue of it while I cut it up permanently as it were.

I am aware it is said that I never pay attention to the fact that what I say could lead to outcomes in which people act violence as a resolve they gained from my work; but we all know that they are still conducting fashion and media and popular culture on the premise of teaching Christian a lesson every day on which their fucking future depends. It’s much like the same on the other side about how I have no plans to understand the society I lead whereas it is almost common knowledge that they want us to feel every 6.00pm as though the roads are full of evil men returning from work blazing their car headlamps otherwise it will never be democratic and if I say such things I have been bent to their will – hence now that I have written it we must now watch what will become of it in 24 Hours. I do not consider the matter a crisis; we have people who want to become more important than I am so badly it has become an ambition – so their Politicians will claim journalists are more important than an Arch Prince which sounds about right except that if I earn some £500pw they are in serious trouble and so a stupidity that needs to stay well away from me especially because I need at least 10 times that in the first place to begin with – has nothing to do with a case of how all I need to accomplish hinges on Money like they claim; the Books are not their own and I do not have a personality that transcends the Media to maintain a Court which men and any female idiot can get involved with and lean on to feel good about life as it were.


So they do say I walk around like I can beat up everybody which is why people are always having a go at me and it has no basis on fact or reality since what happens is that people always want to play their useless hurtful fun games with me all the time – not because I am weak but because I have much to lose and it will be good for a sense they have that they need to have somebody who has what they don’t whom they can attack in order to make any progress with their stupid lives. So we see the honourable gangs mess with me all the time to end up with questions about killing somebody and we see the anus and penis insults idiots talking nonsense about whether or not those who hate them are using their lives to fix the problems thereof, the Public transport ones are beginning to hate my guts because they are detached from their jobs and the media ones want to experiment if bad publicity for me or controversies or outright bad referee on their part on a daily basis can keep me poor for the rest of my life, so that it is the part that they enjoy putting the ladies on TV and training cameras on them that has become my job already and then the Politicians that are the same as celebrities, ending up with those who are chasing civil rights with their own problems as it were, following them around to where they work in Parliament everyday and then the business ones whose existence means that stepping out of my door just takes that game politicians play as though getting trained up if all my financial well being depends on my skill, does not cost me time and health and money – so they now need to stall my Book sales in order to keep their profits going on a daily basis and that means people are playing with me again after wrecking my finances and academic work, they are now playing with me over my Books which have already been published, playing with me at the Market. They do say it is my fault opening people up at their society and culture but the fact that I have always been raised to think of spending a certain part of my life with women has become their business to such an extent that the whole process of authority and accountability is hated to such an extent that they must move into my right hand and live there and no warnings and deterrence will be enough as democracy will cost me everything while they will enjoy its proceeds of freedom at the same time and so each time I sit down to write Books what ends up in my head is them and then that leads back to the reasons they keep an eye on me being that they are expecting to punish a Christian who is trying to make money by criticising them for a living etc – now the Books have been written after it took up a decade of my time and I am still unable to this moment to work out why they have done it and the facts of their stupid lives have ended up in it, they have started making much noises about how people will see my death as acceptable if it has to do with money and respect, popular culture and fame and a person can only be tested thus far and I am determined to see what they will do about me too as I will sell Books with facts of their stupid lives in it as raw as possible by peddling the culture and politics and popular culture and society and yes they might want me to back down so they can get on media to be more important than I am, they will have to wait and see what I can do when I get out of this quasi public life yet so far as it were. It’s not actually possible to imagine people can play with others to that extent, hurtfully and abusively and obsessively, they even say it is necessary for the need they have to face life itself etc – are they playing with me where my Books are being sold thereof as well? This is the question; People shouldn’t play with me if they don’t want me to play with them as well. I am very determined to find out whatever it is they can do since nobody can run a government office that smells like trouble every single day when he has the abilities I have at the same time; so the Books with details of their stupid lives in a condition where they were criticised by a Christian have been written, they will be sold alongside selling that stupid culture that turns up on my right hand side to lodge itself in my life and make me a useless person while the criminal friends of those who do it threaten my life because they are fans, which of course is a history fitting for a group of idiots that are thus so useless – they do say it is not the only way I provoke them but that other one had to do with my intellectual property wrapping cocaine for them when they know I am an Arch Prince and then the party piece being the stupid women they make use of who are the reasons they are always threatening me because they do nothing except find things in my life to hand to them so they can feel like little kings with in order to turn out and claim my public life for themselves and hope toned up with riches and fame by which they get out of bed to teach me lessons all the time so as to get rich and tell me it is my fault because they have seen me recover in the past, my intellectual property making guns for them that they parade and feel big with while selling drugs; so when I kill it off they move into my right hand and sell popular culture music CDs because they cannot leave people alone. So they say this is not all and yes it is not – the part I have not mentioned is that of every scum that turns up to pretend they are my Fathers, whose purpose is to use me to fight their corner in life; so before they complain there is always the part where every little happiness is spent and any time they get what they want they take everything and destroy what was left, every bit of money spent and so on and their involvement being just as evil like the part where the media calls these things after me on a daily basis on account they want to shed their stupid history and find a self improvement and some high class girls and women they can have sex with and so on – so I have not mentioned it along with the rest so they can get around politics spending that stupid money to go round in circles – I shall try the best I can and do everything I can to make as much trouble for them all for my part too. The part where I have just ended up working for the Politicians has no basis on reality; the reality is as I mentioned earlier i.e. the Prime Minister needs to keep his Glass ceiling off mine and tell his idiots to keep their fingers off my Bum, it is all that happens over every little job I do by the way side to pay my Bills as it were, turning up here all the time to ensure my day is ten times as long leaving me with depression at the end which is amusing when they are not yet complaining bearing in mind we have been there and done that already and we are not talking about every Royal Woman I fall in love with being chased by them either – that will lead to a hatred for the Boys right across Europe and the US and an end to playing with me alongside it too, we are talking about the Prime Minister wanting my fame without success; the one where I did it and kept it provisionally for when I need it later and he has tried everything on Earth but cannot have it, so they can turn up here to show their violent stupidities in my face looking for trouble. The Prime Minister and his people are usually not my main case – they just want to make themselves into a problem; main case is Queens Husband cannot be called King and then at the end Her Son can set up Prince’s Trust when she is 90 and they can do whatever they like; now that there is an Arch Prince as well they think it adds spice to their pleasures and cannot seem to accept the fact that it doesn’t. So they say I get about robbing the Prime Minister of power and it has no basis on reality too; I don’t – what happens is that my Books end up at Parliament and then I end up with zero sales which is such an uncivilised thing to happen at the seat of government in the land – so I am clearly open to other of the Prime Minister’s staff when the Prime Minister plays hurtful games with me because it is okay to have me beaten down each time he faces any rebellion because people have been enjoying his vanities too; so it is starting all over again like Tony Blair and they have not yet met somebody this destructive yet – I want him to keep his idiots off my glass ceiling and tell them to keep their fingers off my bum and try not to mention in public that they had done it as it were; they do say all I do is a matter of being provoked by foolish black women and it will never make sense – the foolish black women are either complaining about domestic violence or finding some barely criminal and barely sane fool that will protect them from me if they bribe them with things I eat by spying on me to find and copy it for instance, and nobody pays attention to that unless he is being made to live on benefits; so when I say I am guarantee the guys who got elected and are now driving nice cars around the country running things but it is not enough for them hence they need to set conditions by which I can be taken to a corner and beaten down whenever the head guy faces rebellion because they have all been enjoying some equality, I get told that would only happen if I run away by those who are keeping me on benefits and then getting me stuck at a job where they finger my bum to make me abandon my public life and need to remember it is the House of Commons and such dares are not really the Bees Knees. I mean I am not like their MPs, by this I mean that I am a law student for instance and even when I have a small job doing to ensure my Bills go all the way, I find myself doing it along the lines of what I know and so are the contents of my Books too but their MPs have government appointments and connections with business men it is no wonder they are so incompetent and send them out to cause me the most distress to make me get stuck in a job where I might give up my public life which has no way of happening in a condition where people are sane, hence just there for no reason to cause me the most distress. They say I behave as though I am equals with MPs which I am not necessarily; what happens is that people like to use trends for trappings of power and violence – if it is shop keeping they will turn up and they turn up at my Books because Male journalists and useless popularity women cause them to and then pretend they have not been looking for trouble, they turn up at manufacturing because their socialist politicians blow a trumpet about it and Banking too and Media which I help with but in the case of Politicians, when my Books end up in parliament and I will zero sales, and these idiots are everywhere it is the politicians that have the fattest salaries of the two and therefore what I have been doing is also the most convenient decision for me to take in the circumstances rivalled only by cooking the situation which the scumbags live in for them whenever they cross my finances for it. They do ask those questions about the trends my Royal Aides and Glass ceiling people make of my work but we all know that they are the ones who make the most trend out of my right up to travelling overseas to find celebrities for my Court but do so without problems which never showed they know what they are doing and that I am supposed to assume the distress and destruction politicians cause me is all some kind of mistake for there isn’t a story out there that I tend to make use of people parents in order to add to the enemies the Media has built me etc. The story of racism will not suffice as these people do have Children that claim I make use of their parents and will pay dearly while at the same time the Parents are able to travel around and secure Celebrities for my Court without trouble – how does anybody explain the activities the rest engage themselves in my direction all the time bearing in mind their choice of facts with which to when asked is my own property and work all together all the time, hence completely invalid?