I am said to be completely unaware of the extent of prejudice towards me of course and it is utter nonsense – the same old case of idiots looking for trouble all the time talking nonsense about their violence which eventually plays out as the fact I am a Christian and do not explore the part where I was brought up in a certain way and am a certain way with my siblings and a certain way with my parents and will not lower my standards before anybody thing but since they are committed to that and over 95% of their entire lives is developed around that part of behaviour then they have become convinced false confidence and insults on media does actually imply they can beat up absolutely anybody they wish as it were. When we do consider their Politicians however then we speak of such things as whether I chose the path of the coward each time I am threatened which is utter nonsense or we recent events based get to discuss whether or not I want to support sanctions against Russia, which makes no sense – I mean we are still getting to reality facts about what happened and the assumption here when people say the loss of flight MH17 is a form of terrorism is that perhaps Washington itself set out a process of making that flight take that route past that war zone in one way or another because Malaysia is an American ally and so the idea was that if the Russians shot it down they would get into trouble and if they didn’t it meant they were chicken but we dont know that yet, investigations are still ongoing and until then I am not going to sit anywhere and set out a story of how good it is that one person in the white house wants to consume me like an item but each time I leave it for him people get killed and another person in the Kremlin wants to take me off Washington and make me a permanent ally of Russia and should be attacked with sanctions. We have problems here and they are largely concerned with fools that are convinced they can do whatever they like with our offices and public work and Obama is actually the Biggest offender, the white house is the biggest problem of the lot and we may even hear them say that they have all these surveillance systems and can crack down on the problem in a week worldwide if they wanted to but that the Kremlin has no means of doing that, which is even more stupid because they created the problem for the Kremlin in the first place and now constantly appear to seek a jeopardise of my allies in Russia to make it right which does not make any sense but a provocative one. We can even talk of the issue of Politicians mixing Politics with sports of course but as I said before the days when you had Politicians about whom you can pillage their party ideals as much as you like without affecting them because they have only three things to worry about i.e. the first being those they have lobbied and the second being the diplomatic front and the third being the manifesto by which they got elected is all dead a buried and we have to live with the fact all we will ever get is idiots with media seeking other peoples personality – so that when they say you can screw around all you want but if I see you around diplomatic circles you will get into trouble, then you can tell them they are joking and have not got it, especially to make a sense of the fact they are always playing up to the demands of a collection goons who want to be able to vote for the winning party which then makes no sense because if at the time everybody decide to check the progress of the polls, one party leads the other, then that party will always win by a landslide. I for my part am comfortable about what I want to do with those who screw around with my office and with my public work as they are rather hard of hearing and they do say it is a matter of making Royalty like myself and more so starting from wannabes like me to pay for years of enslaving people hence the important of the choppy American foreign Policy but that does not apply as far as I am concerned at all, what does is their insults and how they pay for the processes by which an y of the damage that happens around here happens by their hands; it is the same old case of where you start to punish people if they must address you and make a public statement about your office and your work all the time, starting from the part where they get involved with you because they want a leadership they can peddle while they keep the leadership of their Politicians as the leadership that they follow, which is why I love to put things up about my office in public places to see how they will do that and to find out if they will escape the punishment for it as well; it really comes down to the effects that people suffer for abusing those in a position of leadership and nothing to do with something they claim must be sorted out when black people hold some of the most important offices in the world – so even the blacks are in on these insults playing their God’s gift to the world routine they love so much and I am sure people can see what it does to them as well. eventually of which it turns out their Politicians do what they do because they think people are scared of the fact they are always playing up to a side of society that wants to be able to predict the winning party and vote for it, which is utter nonsense as it only means they are harming themselves like the self harming bastards we are all familiar with.

I hear they say I make it complicated and people cannot seem to avoid it but it has always been as easy to avoid as staying away from messing up my books to create the sense I do not have the support of the public which organised criminals can pick up on – I mean I broker equities with Industries and somebody picks them up to make weapons and I inform them I am not comfortable with it, maybe something about hand guns for women perhaps which will be a matter of a statement they can make for self defence as well but not something that a criminal can get their hands on and become attached and give little pet names to and feel like using all the time – people who make weapons for a living comply but those who have media jobs cannot be seen staying off my office, they say they want empowerment but it is only when you say that wrecking my finances thing in order to get famous and play the mob against the Government official and his Government provided security, which eventually ends with me and my boyfriends and me and my girl friend that we uncover a world where people can get out of bed in the morning and cling to women and will not let go until they bring them down because if women are not 100% controlled with the derogatory abuses of these their empowerment, they do not feel they are in a disposition to be successful; so the fact I may be lazy at punishing people when they mess up my public work and or my books is not an indication of whether or not I need human rights for example like we hear them say they have done to me as well since the last time I handled them over corruptions of involvement in order to benefit from my leadership as well on account they have needs – it is usually only half of the story of course because the other half would involve such realities as if it is about the Church they will never be caught dead repenting and so from time to time you give them a bit to see what they will do and it turns out that the purpose is to have some unusual way of making use of a living human being which then means teenagers can get on media and have access to millions by abusing me and heaping derogatory work on me in order to make that money which they think is a form of abuse that people find way of avoiding the process of punishing them for so they might enjoy decadence. They love to say I get concerned about organised criminals telling me I do not have the support of the public for my activities but besides the chances of being confronted by one at your home if you are a member of the public is their story of one man’s terrorists being another man’s freedom fighter, considering that the bloody idiots suppose that is how it happens and the result will be media and its celebrity and its mob on one hand and me along with my government provided security on the other very soon enough – I mean I am not interested in their excuses, they need to stay off my books. For now it’s the milder process of looking after my women so that when they give me needs by making me uncomfortable with their insults I confiscate their comforts and the ladies take care of me after and we continue to go around in circles where I kick them all the time – it seems it is nice and leading to copayment from them as well so more vicious means will start to get rolled out as well and I have to say especially for the black women because those are completely incorrigible as well talking nonsense about the need to provoke me and make sure others are provoked by me which they run 24/7 to be a function of how I try hands on things they can do but will not hand it over and go after things I can do while their white counterparts attack me when I call it the diplomatic front as it were.

They say the problem with the system in the UK persists in that people like me who have not got a clue what we are doing can get off and lead but of course the part of what I do that I do not know is more concerned with them i.e. their careers because of the biggest problem facing my academic work being the fact that I come from a poor background and am so poor I was unable to see the world and hence turn up to do things they used to do when they were children, so having been it tends to mean they will twist me into a corner where they can have competition and win and I had decided to follow them in absolutely everyway and it therefore means I do whatever they do as well which makes them superior alright but is not something they want to see me do i.e. copy them, we have another problem and the atmosphere is thick with it too – the stupid louts and then their parents can raise one like this and they can tell which is superior. The part about goons in National service especially in the US is nothing new – they must always do your stuff and it’s a case of symbolic and ceremonial swords so to speak fashioned for me and my office being copied and deployed by them right up to when they are employed in private sector work and so on, so we have talk about how they have never seen anything as annoying and lazy at fighting such as me on one hand and then on the other the imposed excitement that they didn’t know it can be done the way I do it all the time and its influence is all over the world as good and none violent people in Northern Africa for example cannot possibly have a leverage that is allowed to remain and in the Middle East the terrorists must be provoked as per whether or not they want to take up things that Christians should be doing and do it for them, whether or not they want to take up that of their Politicians, whether or not they want to see how much of support their Politicians show for the US and so on and the effects is this open Sharia that attacks itself in the sense that is fundamentally stands against other people’s choice but at the same time attacks those who oppress people and in the middle are those who commit sins against God being slaughtered because these fools hate religion; so it is the part we do not tend to discuss as it were naturally because people do not buy books or leave alone those who write them if they can buy books written by writing Industry anti-Semitic idiots instead. They are an advantage to me of course because they are Mr Obama’s problem but it is better still if we do not see them around anybody’s National service.


There is that story here at home in the UK of course of how much trouble I would get into if their Politicians spoke about the war on our values in the UK as a society and I do not see what the problem with that is myself and how much trouble it is I am supposed to have gotten into anyway – we all know there are two issues only at the heart of it and the first is every twisted religion in the world closing self improvements for their civil rights idiots and celebrities with my personal life and sacred spaces and things in order to ensure they are not extinct since it is the right religion serving the right God thereof as it were but this is just the outcome as the original provocation was that every journalistic fool who goes to their countries overseas to get some power from them with which to turn up here and attack me on account they want to be successful and deal with things that stand between them and what they want to be in life which they had given to these journalist idiots because they do not know where they are supposed to put their leadership as it were and turn up here to wreck everything and play a game of religion competition in the world of celebrities vandalising everything that is scared around here and complaining about my version of vandalism as well expecting some privilege of injustice especially from their popular culture idiots. The other side of course involves black women – I have no plans to spend any of my precious attention on them and if they do leave me alone to that effect and no idiot forces me to get involved with them to get my attention and exasperate me then they should have no problems. So all together if these two things are sorted out people should have nothing to worry about in terms of their stupid values as it were; I mean they will never ever say it is a matter of strange powers they claim to have rooted themselves in that can make them successful and bring failure and destruction to those whom they wish to apply it on which works on the basis of those they have set out to attack with it all the time – what they will get up on that stupid media and say it is about is that I have exposed them first of all and then that it is about civil rights – for the twisted religion ones it comes down to a vandalism of my personal life and faith and scared bedroom on the basis of getting life changing moments from my life which is what their stupid celebrities talk about all the time and abuse me endlessly to extricate and use like I am some kind of item but for black women tends to mean I exist in a corner where there are no rules and like to pretend I am stupid having allowed it happen and all those rumours and lies and nonsense being spread all over my work and every single thing I do in public every single day with them talking nonsense about owning me, which I have too bearing in mind this is only the 14th year of them enforcing the will of parents with the civil service and constantly putting those their toy soldiers in my face which again makes so much sense of their stupid complains as well, so that I begin to feel really angry when I have to assess this story of their fucking values which actually does not exist as it were. I mean the 14 years of using the civil service to enforce the will of parents in the first place cannot be achieved unless there are young people trying to get into the jobs market to be used as blackmail of course, so for those who were born the year they started, they will be preparing to take their GCSE in 2 year time or 3 years time depending on whether they took an extra year before they started school conventionally speaking and then it gets even better since we all know about the pointlessness of my activities, that contains the three items of the tax payers money that their Politicians create local forums to spend on them their wicked cultures with which they assume anybody who has a life they dont wants it to be applied on them with a sense of facing a crowd at your door making demands every single day and the final one being the part where the abuses extricated with that cultures leaves them with self improvements to be beautiful on media with: so that when they have done the latter two, the problem then becomes that the tax payer funds was not my own as it has begun to develop a basis on which they are superior to me already and of course they can spend it on themselves like that another time and I will not end up doing things I have not been given the authority to do as well: hence all together it is the same issue of the fact they cannot leave people alone. It sits right at the centre of the scared of Africa story – on one hand are women that are hell bent on coming to the UK to round up some gentlemen that nobody wants anymore for whatever they want to use it for targeting me and paying no attention to my religious beliefs and on the other hand can be the fact I have written a book and they will not buy it because they would rather spend the money to make their own book back in Africa and so the need to pillage other peoples intellectual property and stand before them to issue such statements and disposition is astounding and that is why sometimes, as my case applies to Royal work and a Literary empire there is little fun to be seen in their activities and when it does come to those who whose products cost £300,000 a piece for example, it can be a lot more serious a bitter a pill to swallow, I mean they will make their own because those who make them are stupid and have not considered the cost and do not have the tools and factories. In the end it is a respect thing and messing up people’s offices like that when they are not in any way interested in you insistently over and over and over and over again will eventually court a response. It’s not one of those things I consider to be a huge challenge it’s just that it is entirely logical that they think it is impossible to make progress without stealing since stealing is the only way to take things from the creators who can actually make the world help them make enough money to be financially comfortable but of course not everybody works like that anyway: so the case of me losing touch with Industry is really not the case as this company is still the only thing in the world at present that offers detachment of capitalist economies from Communist ones and of course people can create their own as well entirely at their own expense.


We hear about a trust or no trust issue between me and black people of course but there is no such thing; what there are is a questions of whether or not I will rather be more concerned about it or not the idiots are extricating fame from me or be more concerned about it or not I am inadvertently giving them anything they want to extract from me and I prefer being concerned about the latter of course because it keeps me focused – there is no trust or no-trust issue, just people with ideas of what they can get from me in the most wicked vicious and violent and extortionist way imaginable who are not getting anything in hell. I mean they do say I am scapegoat of course and it has no basis on reality since what is actual reality is MPs shooting off insults at me and covering it up with nonsense about the future of the Country lest it leads to real trouble in real time; it is the part where there is talk of me being hammered by them using public office and public funds that really sets out what the outcome will be when a collection of fools who get paid a lot of money by the tax payers of this country to go into government office and sit around doing things we used to do at legal studies class room to think they are providing governmental leadership to talk their insolent nonsense at me about being scapegoat which they do regularly to jeopardise my followers onto violence and wreck my book sales as well – the part where it has been 14 years of doing it since they last found out there is financial damage associated with it and in that 14 years they have pillaged and unravelled the civil service and hence brought me financially to a point where if they did something to attack it financially it will harm me in some way, none about which I have done a thing yet of course to be measured with one of those matters over hammering me with public office and public funds will eventually lead to case where they put their money where their mouth is until they seek private security from me and I push it hard until I make money from it as well. Eventually it is nothing but the same old case of socialists telling me what to do alongside every twisted money freak fraudster thief with a capitalist need and yes when it comes to that they can tell me again if they wanted as it were. There is nothing whatsoever they can do around here save their stupidities being involved with my business in order to do damage to it; nothing and they are not going to play with my office like that forever and need to put their money where their mouth is over the claims made of those who are scapegoats especially them stupid socialists and those revolution insults. Of course it isn’t true I get involved with every wars in the world either, that is a fall out of their lack of respect for my leadership and an assumption I am to be responsible for the consequences of their inability to accept me with a big mouth all the way to their media fools who never tire with it as it were, to talk nonsense about those they will hammer at government office with public funds as well. It is nothing new; it’s the case of the Politicians and the media and the celebrities and the homosexuals and the clubbing and partying and the money freaks and the business pricks with only one outlook i.e. we make trouble, you fix the trouble, we take advantage and get rich – So I have always wanted this as the Politicians have continued to insist that in the global community of mixed economies and the businesses in them and the celebrities in them and the Industries in them, these idiots with freedom and capitalism madness handling peoples possessions and better for them especially when the owners have not permitted it are not a menace, so let them get out of control as well so we can find out how true that is since the two bottom line issues continue to remain something they do not wish to refrain from i.e. shooting off insults at me which they can only do until it leads to serious problems and constantly allowing them a means to look for trouble because of financial advantages despite having trouble with settling what their position and standing in the world really is which makes no sense whatsoever as they do not even know what kind of trouble they are making anyway being that the single matter of my work being taken up by somebody they consider to be more worthy is the basis of all they get up to with a big mouth only. I mean we hear they say I never let Politicians do what they need to do, what they need to do of which must be settled around when people acquire new freedoms and civil rights for their age from my personal life which would not matter if I am a Christian – so as it stands they dont know where they stand in terms of my stuff being taken up by those that are more worthy but they want a fight over it and are spoiling for one, they dont know where they stand on whether or not I am a scapegoat but are already spoiling for a fight as well, hence a fight over there and no reason for it thereof which is brilliant since Politicians say only white people and more so those that have declared themselves racists practice anti-Semitism and that these fuckers are not a menace or a problem.


The side of the story the goons that love to bother HM enjoy telling so much happens as it is to have been the part where I have no clue what I am doing and therefore always expect to be harmed before I do anything about anything – the last thing they will tell people is how many of them are involved every minute and hour of everyday to keep me down and strip me of any means of gathering my resolve in order to come to that conclusion. That said however the reality remains as ever i.e. that I continue to remain the guy who thinks he is better off fighting back and not attacking anybody who has this inability to be beaten by them while they continue to make more noises in the state they already are. When I say something about a condition where they get the feeling they have suckled me well enough to condense their stupid minds and become a threat they realise the part about suckling me long enough leading to a process where they have to decide to be themselves and decide what they want to do with the part of them that wants to be me in a fight which is the kind of double mindedness you will likely find from idiots seeking a fight over there as it were and then we will hear them speak of how good they are at being held up somewhere to wait for me to approach or held up somewhere they can ensure I never get past but of course we all know that was my stuff and not their own, you know, the part where I am the guy with the Court of female journalists that spend every day spilling their guts for a living, so they must have had it all worked out then as well.

It’s an apparent fight for survival by a collection of goons who love to blame others for their problems and I do not want to allow them have an illusion of what conflict is really like – again Politicians love to claim they are not a problem when their view is that others do not have problems because if they did that would have made the leaders and hence set out to extricate that endlessly meaning their problems are greater than everybody else’s while people are supposed to get around solving it first of all but the part that creates the problem itself being they have had it worked out very well with media that allows them to create a process where any argument otherwise simply gives them a sense of superiority over those that apparently have bigger problems than they have which further fuels their need to live out their fantasy of being leaders and important and famous people but as ever apart from the Politicians it is a matter of whether they want to extricate fame from the looks of women and more so with media for themselves about which the needs of journalists especially females should be respected as most men actually can take care of themselves and their own good looks and whether or not that for example among many others is something Politicians have described as civil rights. I mean they do say I complain about problems Scottish Nationalists get criticised by me for of course which makes no sense as the real issue is that the plan to at my expense create a new Country in the name of HM is not a clever one and even if it was, I simply dont trust them and have the right to my own feelings just like their other Politicians are learning I have the right to chose my own friends and company as well.