They say it is nice that I am Royalty that works, which is utter nonsense of course since even if I wanted to, their insults will ensure my tummy was a mess the whole time – it’s a matter of their insults for most of it, the insults and abuses ensure that people are unable to get involved with a business empire and its products if interested and have even feared for their safety on many occasions, so while I have to think about this sort of problem stemming from insolent women who never let people be unless they are handled with a sense of right tools and right measures situation as such, they follow up their socialist nonsense with a sense of dominance whereby they want my Public image and my Estate income margins, like it is something normal people want, while making these statements that suggests I will be regretting the fact I shut down the left and cut the culture society to bits too. It’s like the other story they tell about inequality and wealth gap, the reality mostly of which is a story we hear them tell so often, that the law exists to force the strong to give way to the weak, which story they are not telling so much anymore hence have resorted to threats having realised the idea that most people were unaware of their version of evil power and dominance thing worked in such ways. It has always been about money and I do not keep their own here, besides which it seems that if they make that money around me, I will be finished, hence they must never do so – it’s an old story; they speak of modernism whenever they do it and then claim it’s a matter of what people think is right but is not, they claim it’s a matter of change, omitting the bit where the changes are a function of whether or not you have made your decision and it’s a matter of another person’s personal choice which is a problem or you have decided it is right and wrong on the basis of your own personal decision which is okay to let be, meaning that people do not get attacked publicly for something. In the end of which the larger case is usually that each time one may want to make a statement about the nature of an evil that wants to establish a connection between making money and whipping other people’s bottom, the Politicians will show up and tell alternative stories about it and then years down the line we find that talking about their need to cling to people’s lives and property on media and plan who gets to own it on the basis of who talks the loudest amounts to outcomes in which the Politicians are the ones complaining the most; but if push comes to shove, I do not keep their money here. In reality this is the only problem I have to deal with everyday; the rest just show up here to threaten me and get opportunistic and deserve therefore everything they get too – I do not keep their money. Now they say I am bating racism and I couldn’t get my head around it anyway, I just know that I am wrong in all I do and Nelson Mandela or Elvis Presley is right in all they did because they were terribly important and it concerned me by and large mostly, therefore being told how to exist needlessly and constantly by self-seeking idiots chasing money and being right in their own views around my property all the time; the complaint here therefore amounting to what they deserve not being as they would have liked it but the method of changing their lot is still as stupid and still as evil as it was when they were told there is no interest here being courted for it more so. The threats continue and will likely more so until the outcome of it is one where the blacks and attacking the whites and the whites are attacking the blacks while I had come up with a plan to beat down violent lasciviousness they believe to be some form of abusive funny form of domination while I am trying to study, write and chase a career. It was the same arrangement being imposed on people during the period that preceded racial segregation in the US, pretty much the same during apartheid in South Africa. Then we hear them bellow that stupid war at me when they are aware ways in which I can prevent being beaten down in my bed through the violent lasciviousness thing could add up to a process where they are done hurting each other and find out what I think about that stupid civil and criminal disobedience breaching the peace every day. As for the story of me thinking everybody else is stupid however, they actually are; I mean the gestures to the left and the right if they are talking about economic issues or public policy for example has meaning and it wants to play with me all the time, to an effect where I have dropped out of University, ended up feeling very angry about it while they have never really stopped having fun doing so and extending it to National and International Media: I am not saying it is any less the challenges associated with running an Intellectual Property Administration business that if you stopped them screwing around with Nissan then they screw around with you and make songs out of your life and public image and all you can do is chase them up and tell them you did not approve while each time they do they get rich, the money will then help them to mobilise at Industry and find ways of getting rich people to blame you for problems due to fear of getting hurt by those who are not apparently as weak as I am; so it becomes important to emphasise while they claim I think everybody else is stupid as if that was actually wrong, that they need to stop playing with me and get themselves a Book. Apparently, I do intimate them to the fact that they have gotten which ones they needed since last I allowed them screw around with my life as much as they could and they need let me secure ways of paying my Bills and return to my Church concerns where I am really as happy as they are now - they always say it will never happen and assume it was not meant to be a foregone conclusion that I will sack their own on my way too.

They say I am making enemies with white people by being black and that was a given, now that I am making enemies with black civil rights people too, do I suppose that it adds up? The reality of course is that I am not making any enemies, these fools have decided to label me the Prince people take advantage of to get rich as a plan for making themselves financially and publicly comfortable and are always showing up to work something that means they can hurt me if they get their hands on Estate or State property and I had refused to hand it over – so they have drawn the attention of racists to this gimmick because they think I will back down and now they know that I will make enemies instead when I start to inquire what makes me wrong and make Nelson Mandela right, what makes me wrong and make Elvis Presley right, what makes me wrong and make Obama right, question the fact they are never seen talking about their problems in terms of their own lives, right up to a stage where I am found talking about their lives instead of mine like these all the time hoovering problems all over the place, leading right up to the reasons which are that these scum are stuck with something and do not have a civil way of getting the solutions from me  and normal human beings do not have this sort of existence, nor should I be concerned about what they deserve for it too. when I say they need to stop playing with me and show up here if they want a Book they always say I will sell none but I am sure they are also aware that nobody’s civil rights looks like that too as it were. It plays up to that nonsense about stupid women telling me to get to the gym instead of respond to it, which annoys me so much; I mean there is nothing wrong with my diet but I cannot control what my tummy does because of their violent lasciviousness linked to a need for money and I will get to the gym the day they had stopped being so insulting, rather than react to them as it were. I hear I should be more empathetic but it does not solve the problem to be so all of the time either; I mean if somebody is found outside having a drink at midnight everyday, should be get attacked by robbers 4 times a year, it should be a question of why he is always at the wrong place at the wrong time and not a question of why others are not suffering the same things – much the same as myself always ending up in trouble with them not because others should experience the same things but because they cannot do anything without persecuting me and a process of making sure a Christian likes your car and job and celebrity shit more than he does the Church apparently should involve making him desperate enough to and that means removing everything that prevents you from ripping up his finances and academics and job, which takes time but apparently not your fucking time as it were, so it’s a worthy activity, unless that is the Christian detaches your wickedness from mainstream living and will cut it to bits the culture and society and politics and everything associated if he dares see it around his concerns again like it is at present – so this is why I am always in trouble with them and the reasons they need to stop playing with me, show up here only when they want a Book. They do speak of a big picture from the point of view of those community insults that facilitate conveniences that let them get along with rich people of course; which is rather than the story at the beginning was that people are really not as healthy and Industry goons who want to make a lot of money for themselves might have imagined, so the idea was that consumer spending power had seriously plummeted and they needed to cut back on their rich persons lazy millions sales army; they said that by mentioning it I am actually seeking a fight and have thus been stuck fighting me for the best part of the past decade – now what happens is that when they look back at what they have failed to do their tummy drops too and then they start to think they are too old for it and I do not see anything wrong with that for my part either, save the fact I am holding it down this way and looking after it a Public Policy of government, an idiot will appoint himself, usually an ‘herself’ most of the time if the scum are black and very insolent and have a skin colour that is similar to mine which brings it all on as it were, will show up to pass an insult and make connections with rich people, then start to complain about what it deserves, play with me and allow popular culture fools pick up on the statement thus made to pillage my public life making fame and fortune nonsense, then start to move around industry and government chasing people's private parts, which is said to be a problem that I should be solving as well – so everybody sees the easier bits is when they are told to stop playing with me and show up here for a Book before it gets physical. They say they are waiting for me at the Monarchy of course like that insolent claim that allows them to organise a process of detaching me from people I have ongoing projects with getting stuck with their stupid lives to solve their problems and become more important than they are before my Books are seen as legitimate products which amounts to a right way to get involved with people's business in their stupid view – they are not actually waiting for me at the Monarchy, I am aware this was a case of fat ugly fools who had failed to make the grade at Fashion Modelling and Celebrity finding ways of getting me to provoke them so they might have an eternal excuse to cling to my Public life, so there is a certain degree of hospitalibility happening at the Monarchy on my account since they last got there to do my stuff but it’s largely something that does not get discussed because its an environment that feeds into things I may have done to let people get around the world the way that they want, outcome of which was facilitating Common wealth interests and this meant that some people from the Middle East found the system to be a safe place but because of what is left of the process of preventing people claiming to be another version of me in other Countries where they want to rule others and kill some, an environment emerged where stopping the killing created a system that allowed people mobility, a structure where people are not regarded as animals to be hunted all the time and so we find them seek ownership of this structure, perhaps tackle the natural environment protection matters too all the time and so I am left thinking that if I were not in an environment where I had to be aware of some of the incredible things some human beings would do for power, this would have driven me insane. They are not waiting for me at the Monarchy however, it’s a big bluff – just like we hear them claim I hide behind women’s panties whereas they are the ones that could never shut their mouths every time they have spent time that was actually their time to eliminate the cost of getting into a fight with somebody else – like we hear I am a problem for the Americans whereas it has always been gamble, gamble, gamble, control, control, control: then it becomes a case of whether or not they have a future planned and that future will be a process where they are always right when it comes to crushing those who suggest employment brings money as organising women is what does, so the outcome being that should the US find out it's impossible to organise women then the attention will turn to those who have ideas but do not wish to share them and when they are oppressed and made to give up those ideas the communists will not fill the power vacuum that has emerged but of course we all know Gordon Brown and Tony Blair had the same idea before they had to travel around the world seeking other solutions to their problems, while their media goons showed up to spend my time making sure I was always seen talking about their own lives and sucking up the problems in the process. I am always in trouble with them because it knows very well a service that can be used as insults for some important people to ensure other important people get some glory they do not want in order to advance itself and then it becomes serious enough a case where if its stupidities want to make a statement about the religion people practice in its personal life it affects the finances and academics and health well being of the religious and moral to make its stupid point. Then we hear that I give people a false sense of security that I am in control when I am not; reality of which is more a case of the fact they love to create problems for me, where it’s not that I want a job it's whether I get it when I want it, not that I want to sell my Books, just when I sell it throwing up questions as per whether it is what I really want – of course is evil madness designed to take my mind away from God but I am not the one throwing up complains that an Arch Prince was supposed to deal with evil around here; for me it’s simple as keep the celebrities and popularity and media away and spend time with your Church business and then the community croons whose evil have been detached from mainstream living causing them to find a way to graft into your personality will not bother you but it now all depends on being distracted by celebrities, running a Book sale business to pay the Bills and they are the ones complaining, while I have to tell them frequently to stop playing with me and get a Book. It usually does look like a gimmick until I then take physical steps to stop the celebrity and the popular culture and the media involvement and then they will say it does show what I really meant after all: I mean in terms of the Intellectual property administration business, it’s a matter of the qualifications a jet engine designer has to acquire to get the job for instance while what I have to do to provide them public places aesthetics counts for my part in the Industry – the sheer amount of work I must do to get my work away from celebrities and back into the environment I need and then the sheer amount of work I have to do to gain success from it measured against my age and so on, is the bit that causes the concern, concern of why they are always playing with me, why they are always creating problems for me, why they are always complaining about it and we are not talking about what it is I can do about it question either, since that was a matter of the fact those stupid walk about nonsense concerning getting involved with Industry to develop statements whereby they can tell people somebody else has done their stuff, showing up here to take my breath away and threaten me any opportunity it gets is not winding anybody up in a big way just yet apparently.


I am said to be a character that sits about finding ways of making really stupid behaviour I exhibit look really clever and then get away with it in some way, which is something they have to be courageous enough to stop me from doing but I am usually left with wonderment each time, since it isn’t clear which one is stupid – myself or their celebrities. I mean I am not the one of the two that sees David’s Mom and Giles’ Mum talk to each other during the school run and turn out to build publicity on their public image while I am thinking about myself the whole time, i.e. building it for me because I am want to be famous but currently do not like myself much and want to be somebody else. They always say I speak of problems I cannot solve when I speak of such matters but reality is more about the fact it is the Politicians that need to solve some big problem here as they are usually too quick to decide other people’s fate i.e. these things happen and I am off to look after a livelihood, so they show up to systemically rip up my finances and find some ridiculous thing I am to spend my time on while the boys build my Public image for themselves because they want to be somebody else and the girls organise whose societies and big violent men to secure my work for them and tell me to find a more difficult man’s existence to live, which is something they deserve due to how much getting involved with bad boys have hurt them so – when these people are teenagers and it is starting to occur to them that planning this sort of existence takes more energy than to just find a lifestyle that does not involve activities that all stealing in all except by name, this is what the Politicians do; systemically rip up my finances while they are claiming my public image for the boys and the girls are making use of my achievements to make life easier and have a girls existence – so that the outcome becomes a process where they rip up my academics and pass the exams to go off and do the Popular culture they didn’t need to pass any exams for and it becomes more obvious when they start to show they are really fond of the left hand side and right hand side issues, which are usually an indication that most of their activities only have place on media based comedy drama but we find all over other people’s lives and careers instead leaving me to imagine I want the Popular culture as well and if the Politicians are uncomfortable about it, will simply have to wait for the outcome before they fulfil their own needs too. So, we see it every time where the Politicians will hit you and there isn’t really a meaning or reason to it but it is the excuse they make which says that whilst they have to work on serious public matters that take it out of them, I have showed up to chase all my dreams in a Country they have worked so hard for nothing to make the way it is – so that now that they have to decide what becomes of these really difficult matters with respect to the behaviour of these people they clearly love so much, it has gotten a bit clearer to them and less disillusioned more so; I myself do not have a problem with the matter, I have always been aware that there is a fondness for telling me there is nothing I can do about it because there has to be a part of them that is aware that I can see they build up people's public image while they think of themselves the whole time, because the same feelings does appeal to me when they rip up my finances and academics and sit about on Public media striking my body and talking nonsense about the left hand side and right hand side, of which we hear them say is because most of what I say ends up in the hands of society people, which original purpose was largely concerned with the fact I really hate the idea of people moving into my right hand and the process where I find them explain that most of my talents are a product of being exasperated by them really does rile me indeed; thus did I set out a means to make them understand they clearly have big tempers and so can understand where I am coming from when I say I do not fancy it, when I say it will drive me insane and I will drive their own too: this was what it was, all settled, then these other goons showed up on Media to start off a story about how others have claimed my career for themselves, right up to the stage where it makes a sense of a statement in its own right, which is why they are complaining as well and I find myself handing my career to them and watching them find they cannot make use of it, with counters the whole prognosis of boasting about their bullying all the time by the assumption there is much that they can do about me. So they say I belong on the right and that is why I know these things but I have never really denied that anyway; everybody knows I chose a Court of female journalists because while I did belong on the right I found really early during my teens that I was able to mobilise myself on the left, so I found some female journalists who shut it down; what they have created from the relationship I have with these women is claims I sleep with people's wives and in that way they create a process where daddy characters can have anything they want but then again of which is such a serious matter that I have to take responsibility as the husband for instance is suffering when his wife is sleeping with me on Media – so primary prognosis is that people claim I sleep with people's wives because they are having extra marital affairs and the outcome was that I found I possessed a means that caused me ease when I wanted to handle matters of Mr Bully’s fat wife at home while he has a sugar baby to sleep around with and make my life difficult by; so I completely destroyed that, which got us where we are now. It’s very annoying to hear people have made their own idea about my Book but it has been set out as somebody using Royal influence to make very stupid things look clever; I think they really do need to stop making unfavourable comments about my work. I am not saying it is unusual but it isn’t; it’s an old story where Coca-Cola says, do not mess up the brand and the person they were talking to goes off to start a cocaine business, such that the guess was clear where his sensibilities will end up but if it isn’t on the right hand side of Coca-Cola, then they will say people had their way around the matter before I came along with new messy and controversial ideas but we all know its utter nonsense as my Broker is largely a matter of Property equity broker and that some companies have brokered with me for long enough that they have structures that built as a development of the system where the Property Asset Equity is still mine but is brokered as a Trust, that it goes beyond the trust and amount to structures in their Company which then add up to a Holding in it for me – at which stage I have to behave like a shareholder and ensure the holding is profitable at all times. What we have ended up with mostly from these goons is that they boast of how I cannot handle myself but we all know I have never really made trouble for them before and there is no way they can tell that their prognosis of what I am capable of is actually the truth but the word of advice that stems from getting on public places to start a statement where people have taken my career from me until it makes sense and becomes profitable is that they need to seniority bullying leave culture and society where they find it as I am aware of its existence and do not need an education from them – it’s an old story about flying over a thousand acre plantation field, looking at the endless crops as far as the eye can see and the clear roads that allow the produces to be transported as though it was another world, bear off to the west and that would be the river that runs through the country, north east will be a sighting of the City just made out in the mist; this is what culture and society is and its important they stopped making it show up completely unexpectedly around other people’s concerns especially mine, then get off to do this bit of running around industry to spend money on racism while at the same time organise self-seeking fools who attack moral and religious people to build prerogatives for rich people to pick a fight with racists and play this gimmick of sucking me out of my closet while stealing my public life for nonsense that develops all the way to Soldiers that might be Loyal to them since it soon becomes a matter of whether the Military in the US is to be what their celebrity private security is to them and they can feel it from my actions on their need to handle the movement of my Books and come up with ideas to scare people stiff for wanting to get involved all the time, by the way of which forms the nucleus of the problem that Politicians have to solve here ripping my finances so they can make money with my life as it were, especially now it’s important for Politicians to own the big companies so they can make public policy which can actually control this madness as it were, nice vantage point here from which I make use of the country they work for to get rich and chase all my dreams while they build it for nothing in return; it is only the one where they need to stop the sorting out the problems of my own race insults of playing with me and show up here at the concerns of this Estate and my Royal personage or my Firm to only when they want to my Book and then their anus will hurt from there too and that big mouth will be all over the place for it thereof, since that wasn’t how popular culture goons deploy my public image to make fame and fortune that lets them get into industry backyard to chase their anus in the first place intellectual property administration service as it were. It  feeds into that case where I will get into violent trouble with them and they hate me and want to teach me lessons, which is utter nonsense – I see it on Media all the time but the reality has never once changed i.e. if I take away anything that is set to ensure getting into a fight with me will cost nothing, we find the fools had frozen and I will be the first to say a bad word to somebody else, the first to hit somebody else as a result. The case is that we are all adults and it comes with the territory that the only bad thing you are likely to be capable of is a Me and My wife killed somebody and it was family secret sort of thing but apparently this does not work with the territory either and is never on, every other nonsense getting to our heads because things people say to us is largely a matter of the way we organise our lives, which usually leads to outcomes where the government is not being made to spend money on crime – so my point of view of this sort of thing they call bullying on Television and my Celebrities is an old story mostly is very simple i.e. they do need to keep it shut, we all know the reasons they have the energy for it is because they have never worked for anything in their lives and there are people that will do very strange things to them if they so much as scratch the skin as it were. Like the old case of building up the public image of Giles’ Mum and David’s Mum having a conversation while thinking of yourself the whole time because you want to become somebody else and make fame thereof, leading to an outcome where the two women perhaps take up a media platform and make a statement about it, which is what I have done, which means that while Industry goons may pay for it to make trouble, they will get the money and the fact they make money in such ways will not bother me and everybody will have expressed themselves – what they have done with my statement is show up to stifle my income and finances and issue threats that will facilitate money making through violence which will then make it profitable. So we hear that the problem is that people are frustrated and I might say they need to give it a rest, take it or leave it but I am going about defending myself from the sensibilities of terrorism as well for example – whereas the problem of terrorism was one where media and city goons draw some similarity between me and terrorists in the middle east and it continues to a stage where the terrorist decide to claim it so and I have to make a statement about it to show what will happen is that if somebody gets killed, my whole life will be woven into such bad things and getting through to me to make me take it down so people can do terrorism, will crash the entire terrorism platform but even so having been somebody else miles away writes something you can make him take down when you have taken risks that crash a terrorism platform, we see they have not yet seen the senselessness in what they are doing, never mind the other type where media goons say I have a live and let live attitude concerning violence and extremism; it is not the same as people having their backs to the wall, speaking of wanting to do something that will take them off to prison but the person that has the solution to their problems does not have the right to feel good and we see them at this sort of competition all the time, always all over people who have no way of winning it, single Mothers, Pregnant women, University drop outs etc – so I have to run my business in a certain way, where the Books are there but there are other sweet things all over the websites, like a farmer who does not need all his crops but if asked to share will only give people what they need and let the rest rot, I will later collect it and put it aside as National Property, Royal Property, Public Property – make a statement about civility, which is of the ways by which people can be unhinged, blow off their big ego, bully people and talk about their violent capability somewhere else but my concerns. When they say it is largely my fault it happens, it does make a lot of sense; since neither what I had created with my office and position nor what I was given when it was commissioned for me has been taken up by them and their celebrity madness and it has always been clear was designed to support those who were not able to stand for themselves but whilst they love the energy and recovery, the purpose they want to make for it is the rush of violence – the only problem associated with it being that it stifles my Book sales and gets my attention and never a good way, without which they are nothing. I do get told I love to do these things to them but I do, it’s a matter of having two lives and one of those involves magnifying your advantage by handling other people's property as stupidly as possible, you know, fun that they find productive: an economic crisis occurred for instance and the money vanished if we are all insane, I am not saying some money did not vanish as such but not all the money that was said to have vanished did and if the percentage that vanished because of the economic conditions is either the same or less than what vanished due to greed, then some people have enough disposable money for the rest of the world not to have suffered an economic crisis, we just don’t know where it is, we only know they have sales goons and sales staff that help them sit in an Office doing nothing while watching bank accounts swell until it bursts and will not cut down on it and give people a break. My productive fun on the other hand however is the link between feeling sore all over and people making use of what I created for myself and what I was given with my Commission, which when I mention raises such concern as those who think I give away sensitive information might be concerned about but it's only me making them part with the money they took out of the global economy and stop blaming everybody else for trying to prosper under the canopy of their businesses when nobody actually is apart from the criminals they employ in our neighbourhoods and have not stop doing so, making them financially well off enough to decide where everybody else might end up using their insane media and Celebrities. This then gives way to the fear I am easily manipulated when I am not, what happens being that people do extremism stuff too i.e. they provoke me and then watch for points where I do not get into fight and relax to let bad memories pass, to build up communities and insert new ones until I am a disturbed person and then the threats and attacks and abuses will follow as they claim my problems are affecting others – from here they get involved with my personality to bang their doors and their cars etc and I open their own up so they can bang each other, not doing so of which makes existence very difficult indeed. The wealthy ones are just a story of how much time one has left for important things when an official notice of rejection has been served – usually takes a decade to determine that I am not running a business under the canopy of their great venture, then another one to determine what they want and then another to determine that they don't fancy my products but at the end of 30 years I can proceed perhaps but of course not since the product that was designed for the super rich will now be sold to poorer people and somebody is about to do their stuff, power – power, status – status i.e. I really do enjoy playing with them as well, it's not what my reality and that of his company has become.

They say I have made the media out to be the enemy but it was all as simple as a disrespect towards others which reaches a point where people have to take a look at themselves in the mirror and realise they are nothing like you have made them out to be, disrespect to a stage where people are always mechanical at work or when they attend job interviews, I have never deliberately made them out to be the enemy when they are such bad press for themselves all together. I have always known I have only two problems here and one of them is being stuck with issues that bother stupid men that I might one day perhaps solve their problems and become more important, at which stage my Books will be worth reading, while the other is foolish black women wanting to play with me until I am ruined – those stories they tell about supporting me have no basis in fact, they are only complaining about learning the lessons of the consequences of their success of insults, right up to a case where I will have no peace until the wars the UK has made around the world is resolved while the position they exhibit continues to suggest everybody in the world should have a problem with a moral person and prevent people from being successful in neighbourhoods where they are popular, whether or not such persons live overseas – so we match it with the wars they are talking about and see the sense they are making ever so often, then I get told I am still supporting racism in subtle ways whereas the reality is rather that the assumption continues to run that racism is something that the white race is wholly responsible for while we see the media and their black allies spend time on nothing else save that stupid service where they ensure others are not as successful as the super-rich – it develops to that stage where it becomes obvious they will spend money on donations to politicians but I will not allow people wallow in the ignorance that lets their mid-size businesses decide the way to make a living is ripping up other people’s livelihoods to create new markets, making it more obvious small businesses usually answer to the bigger ones whose products are being supplied while the bigger ones always answer to the customers who are likely to file the lawsuits – these goons hang at convenient points in the middle that they love so much to play around with other people’s livelihoods and pretend nobody can screw with theirs a little wicked things associated with making goons who bully people because they wear frock and assume they control the city that cause job losses, like it was never obvious that if smaller businesses did get off to decide that attacking them will sell products, since they have more problems and are likely to appeal more to Politicians, they are not going to win the fight. I am just going to follow on this case where they become used to telling me I am in a difficult position by shoving me down a rabbit hole over everything I do, to that point where it is obvious I am a mad one that wants to be in the best possible place when the money circulation is restricted and the government has to let flow more cash into the economy and we have to deal with deflation or inflation etc i.e. the bit where I have a little savings and a little investment and not too much of either to look after myself during an economic crisis thus ensure I break even and I am not going to rip their own up in the process judging current events so far. I mean they complain I make the media out to be the enemy but I still remember the days when the main thing was to recognise the effect of fasting and praying and show up to reverse it by violent abuses, which soon gave way to the one where I am detached from the benefits of spending time with my faith in order to stop me from reacting to them proactively and not reactively which will help to unhinge my mind and play up some ego around things I have not accomplished because they have damaged it in order to make me violent and nurse hope of getting into trouble with neighbourhoods gangs so to as to prevent their bottoms hurting while doing journalist job – so nobody on the plant knows journalists are evil as it were and we haven't even started talking about irregular heartbeat TV being a function of making a statement about not being able to control my heart which is akin to being possessed by a demon. What we now know is that they are always pushing me towards racism after getting rid of the ladies I had at Court, leave me thinking the ladies had some sort of relationship with them in the past or are their spouses to get fuming when I see the spouse appear on a separate occasion leaving me thinking they will continue to find lies they can tell for their position if they are not paying for it starting from getting rid of the ladies and attacking the women and then becoming real journalists after, talking nonsense at me all the time about making neighbourhoods safe for them or else with that big mouth. Obviously which house rules still stand, since they cannot make money without screwing with other people; must know peddling my faith and personal life and public image will occur with severe consequences attached too, bellowing those stupid threats while their goons overseas talk nonsense about the wars the British cause. None of these things of which are unusual it should be noted, since it is clear when I write my Books they claim it’s something stupid made to make sense to others via public work whereas the reality is that writing the Books mean I block off the fame and fortune madness and if they bang their cars and doors at me I can bang mine at them as well – like we see them seek to pitch state provided security of mine against their private security industry people, hoping talk of a public security matter will go their way mostly – their friends overseas will then tell you they thought it was the United States of America; the land of the free. Its an old story where they say that terrorists make use of my video games and so on, including other things I do while reality is that their constant insults and putting me in par with terrorist on media is responsible for that; since I am aware that some of my activities may work in real life but my habits while I am playing the video games never will, thus no sane person will pick them up in the hope of getting into a fight with trained military, knowing they will end up with two minds just before the fight begins – so what I do does get picked up by British Military of course, hence it cannot be handled by the enemy too, just as they latch onto the fact talking about it does affect Officers whereas the reason it does is that all three sections of the Armed forces contrary to popular ideas, do not in any way operate the same way. Pretty much the same as the claim I am not on top of it whereas happy Prince who runs an intellectual property administration business via private equity, challenging goons who want to play with him and see what they can damage to stop playing with him and complain about popular culture goons creating public insecurity and moving into their backyards to chase their anus and private parts, to stop playing with me and get themselves a Book, does suggest that I am. Of course they say I am overconfident about my abilities and its much the same as when they say I am played up by the women – it seems popularity leaders are no longer invincible on this planet and I am still alive and will live long and prosper for my part in it too as far as I am concerned: the benefit of course being that we no longer have to do too much soul searching when women do school run and attend dance classes and swimming lessons to prepare for work which is usually unacceptable if its not wearing latest tech and running in City Parks, while I am not getting anywhere near a gym as much as they will sooner or later become less insulting than they are at the moment – it puts in perspective all that nonsense about owning everything that happens in the Country as a more acceptable form of discrimination and showing up around my income to exhibit all sorts of nonsense around the fact I have private parts all the time with that stupid media. I am not in any trouble with them, just the money mad but also violent ones not messing up my Books to provide themselves a process to get money off rich people and show off more of their insults at football, while the rest enjoy getting on media to issue accusations about how I show up to cherry pick problems and need to stop messing up my work and products, stop playing with me and get a Book, especially as I do not want a job from them so they can hurt my bottom the way theirs is hurting and have no wish to keep tolerating nonsense from them which handles me like I am an item to be used and stored and dispersed and distributed and so on – I am going to do their own the way I have done society one before it stops and stops issuing threats at me if I call them stupid and all that nonsense that have to do with stupidities that take up my time but are profitable for them, since they do have to be stupidities and forms of happy vandalism anyway – same old case, twisted and you try to make it straight the more twisted it gets. So when I say they need to stop messing up he Books and that I do not want a job from them, it should have been clear but they would rather make out the details I have set out here serves their purposes when it doesn’t, yap yapping if I called them stupid I would get into trouble, considering when people deploy my Books as a useful tool for getting money off rich people it has to make trouble for me, since it is the only way to have everything; the wealth and the power and the ability to oppress somebody important with that big mouth they have on that stupid media. It has even become a popular statement to make, that I wish to deploy public Office as a tool for solving personal problems especially forcing people to like my Books and buy it which is utter nonsense; what happens mostly is their insults running along the lines of some kid character they play games with and abuse and deceive in order to become rich and famous and it is mostly led by a group of really stupid women who never give such nonsense a rest with the probability the animosity that exists between me and their gay communities is going to get increasingly worse; the American ones are really good at issuing those threats and playing up extremism card to get what they want like their liberal madness does all the time but the British ones have now split themselves into the group that is providing me with state sponsored security as well as the troublemakers I need to be protected from and then we find them call me out on regular intervals to find I am never going to engage them unless they are back where it all began which will help them lose all that gain that facilitates a means by which they can claim they will never allow conservative people have freedom of speech and then we find them pack it in and remember what really matters every time. Its like that other case where they say I am beaten down and broken by society which I am not; the way it really goes, the playing with me and messing up my Books which the above ones love to perform to the tune of setting up statements that let popularity goons make money on my Public image, then deploy the money buying drugs and funding organised crime to chase their bottoms, so they can show up here all over again with a problem and a blame culture in hand but will not be caught dead buying the Books nor do they need an Intellectual property administration service still and then claim I am deploying public Office that is usually used for such purposes as 50 people gathering up in the middle of the street to say society must be punished because they had all they needed to be super stars but couldn’t on account they were physically prevented and then you have to provide leadership, the Police will provide security and quash the protest if necessary but the leadership is what you have to provide – to get down and see the bit where the Children are out of control but the parents claim it is because they have seen the money that daddy and mommy have earned which makes their parents more important than you are, then there is sympathy that must be extricated from you or else you get into trouble, if they have to assist the Police on a crime issue; runs into the other case where they claim it is my animosity with the male population that causes this problem since women like these are usually completely out of control whereas the male ones are the ones that provoke and then expecting you to lose it and recover, keep an eye for your recovery in order to provoke again and carry on for days until you become a disturbed person and then the fact you wish to detach from it generally means also that your problem is affecting other people and then when the Muslim ones claim you open up your heart to the world and think you are leader of Men, you start to take note. So the being beaten up by society bits will be the one where there is always a discrepancy over my personal space because they want to make use of it and are always getting after the money aspects too – then it becomes a case of getting their beauty sleep off it, a case of using it to make riches and so on, yet every time they do, their employer will decide they have acquired a new attitude and then they will return to bully me some more over the kind of day they have had and that means the employer soon finds out they are always having a bad day at work and then it returns to organise whole communities to start a gimmick about which products I will never sell and this is where the Media is King and male journalists and television personalities assume they own my arse so to speak with that big mouth they have but it is still an old case where it uses my Books to boost its income and follows it up with abusive insults my way which suggest I play up with personalities that have to do with a career that really belongs to them, then damages my books as well and the result is that he ends up with money and somebody to oppress which adds up to having both money and power and thereby having everything – then they tell me I should be acting not talking but we all know I can always clear up facts when I do not want any scum making any money on my case to ensure they do not get to, which will be far more effective that engaging in any stupid publicity gimmicks. In the end the big idea is that I have become completely inconsolable and very hateful whereas the reality is that they show up to play with me and create the statements that allow criminal popular culture goons to cash into my public image then return with a community organised on blame culture to cling to my income margins and claim it’s a problem I am meant to solve simply because I wrote a Book and it appears to them to be the best way to associate with other people's products – the wealthier ones will pick on me before they handle the society ones that chase their bottoms, so that I might have assumed its their money getting to their heads but will sooner had found they love doing it too often thus it must be about the fact there is something about me which facilitates it or I have something they really want – the middle income ones are the ones that really love ripping up my business empire all together and spend most of their time using the business structures of their employers to chase my income margins and assume if they speak of online abuses, I will fall into a trap, while most of the time they sign up to online accounts to bully people because they are famous and call up a crowd that will help them attack people to make fame and riches but when old have religious people they can attack to recover their normalcy when all they needed was a job routine and we all know the inability to leave culture and society where it should be is never something they practice on their own colleagues, nor have we ever heard them stop claiming people are the Monarchy are bullies and bully them on my behalf. In terms of the social media ones of which just like the case of the North Korean leader speaking of uncontrollable Nuclear war with the Americans while his whole family was there when the cold war kicked up and was just as grateful as the rest of us were when it came to end, talking rubbish; they sign up to people's social media and pretend they can do whatever they like with others, so what we find is that when it’s a crime the Police are onto it but when somebody has had them so well marked out and is not falling short of any social media rules for it, nobody can call it a crime – in my case it's usually assumed that sitting in the Office of a Company to deploy its social media as a means of tackling my income margins, then calling on popularity goons to play the extremism card and chase me about especially in the US is something I cannot stop or handle and are finding out they are wholly wrong as well; they said I issued lots of ultimatums for what will happen this month on if these things had not stopped, so I am assuming they expect a warning before they are wailing and weeping as well to make them spend their time wasting somebody else’s time, messing up my Office space everyday somewhere else. They do claim I do not really own anything I have laid claims to but we all know that is a lie – we all know it's tough building an empire and breaking it up to broker the equities and sell Books for a living and we all know it gets tougher when people have set up such statements to run over and over and over on media with plans to have a share of it in ways that are not civil. So the reason it happens is the deadlocked arguments that it is how capitalism works, when we all know if somebody invested £100 and earned a 50% profit, then asked for more money from the public because he could triple the profits and pay them 10% on their investment, what happens is that interested parties invest their money and expect their returns, not show up on media to tackle other people's property because they have made an investment but we all know it happens because these goons will have everything at any cost. What we are talking about here is a character on media who does strange and evil things to people to keep the job, does strange and evil things to his colleagues to secure the best news slots and when he finds others enjoying what they own too much, he starts a show to ensure everybody is in a mess whereby he will end up in a better mess because he has media to decide what the public thinks by – what they are doing is insert an investment into the backbreaking work I do to associate with a community in order to avoid bad crowds while at an investment, spending anything I have given away to facilitate community relations and coming up with ideas that facilitate an outcome where their investment means I do not have the right to feel good on account they have needs, talking nonsense about me heading to the gym before they had stopped being so insulting and ripping up my Books after using it to boost their income. The benefit of it all being naturally that the goons whose money exist for fighting others now have to constantly face a group of people who want to provide a service in a way that takes it from them as well – as for me they say I am cursed and these things are the kinds of life that awaits people who do not respect their parents but we know the last time they needed to prove it, they needed an entire Parliament and National Media and Civil service to do so, when another occasion arrives at a point at which putting out my feelings to be hurt by my parents which shows I am disrespectful gives way to a set amount of time I have and a deadline in play, it appears they will have need of the entire world then by such a time. They do claim I have not got the ability to support myself when people fight on my behalf but we all know it's what people say to me that rather does tend not to support such a theory; we all know my bottom hurts because they are telling me somebody got killed by security services on my account but it is the hurting of my bottom itself which does tell the fact they were trying to kill somebody. We see them at it all the time, public disobedience and certain targeted persons they were grooming as the investment on which their whole world depends and then they are the only ones that can play off extremism card to get what they want, when women want to have anal sex after giving birth it becomes one of their main concerns on account they have gay communities and there is no way in their view that anybody could control their behaviour, so it’s a winning gimmick. In the end there is a problem they have with Royalty having the state provided security that means they always want to put their celebrity private security industry ones against it endlessly and these are the things that allow eventualities where the best way to express their hate is usually to suggest they love; just as we see those tales about the mental health of Mr Trump when all he did was ask his subordinates to secure the health system and other vital systems before the next agenda was pursued. They speak of t case where I and other religious people are always likely to get away with making the world blind while we become complicit with every bad thing around but of course we all know that is not strictly true; what is true is that I have not actually offended anybody by taking a position that says there should be subliminal message out there that the thought of violence should come secondary even for racists, finding out what happens by hurting people should happen before hurting people takes place and not after, nothing I have done to anybody to warrant the kind of abuse and attack and behaviour I suffer from their famous and civil right stupidities. So, it’s still the question of the characteristics of somebody who is a criminal and a victim of crime in his own right, somebody who thinks that those he is confident of being able to beat up should generally without reason or purpose just shut up and do whatever he wants. So, what we have ended up with from years of tolerating their insults is a process where they would have been more important than an Arch Prince save one small detail, in like manner have I got them in a corner where I would have been more important than they were save the fact they are famous – it’s all competition, cannot get my head around the threats of what applies as an incentive for it all together, it should be noted that I did not start the competition either.

Now we hear I am slow and the Monarchy picks off riffraff to hand a Royal Estate and place the Country in Peril for strange reasons but we all know it is supposed to have been an honour to be asked to serve firstly and then also that most of the time it is largely their inability to find in themselves a little bit for respect for what other people do when what they do gets to their heads for so long. Even now when I say such a thing, what will have happened is that they realise their comments are hurting my livelihood but I by their realisation have plugged it into their media careers to make money and if it is clear their stupid minds have not had such accolade attributed to them yet in this life, then it would mean that the whole involvement with me bit has cost them something because they are out of my league and nobody knows why they could not have stopped making comments about how slow I am, nobody knows why they cannot stop showing up around my concerns to play with me in such ways, nobody knows why they have such stupid minds. So what has happened recently is that I have completed some work in some areas and have ended up with social media profile befitting of my Office, it has thus become obvious that what I have been spending time on is criminals pounding the bough where if I warned them one more abuse will lead to outcomes where I start to rip up the money of millionaire playboys as well and they in turn tell me I need to worry about regional tensions, so I end up asking them when it is assumed I am supposed to be worrying about that while they do whatever they liked but the same group of people; women mostly will be shooting off insults about me being slow when they cannot make a decision concerning a goon that grabs their Public image to get about with celebrity and popularity by - so when I try to sort out whether the problem was that I had not placed enough information at Culture and society to run an Intellectual Property administration business by so their bottoms might hurt again, it is then said I give away information that puts security in jeopardy and its pretty much the same with when they claim I need to turn my anger into a tool against criminals and not for handling them while I have no such anger save when I look the part for handling cowards that are really good at taking on heroes that handle the bad guys to become all flustered, so it might show up here to punish me everyday because I want to run and manage and control its stupid life too; meaning as such that they have a lot of prove that I am slow and that they are very important. At the end of the day when I am not playing with people’s salary, they might want to think about keeping those foolish comments under control as well; we are not talking about a novelty here, it’s the same culprits i.e. Politicians and Media. A little bit of respect for what others do when their own gets to their heads solves every single problem associated with what I have mentioned here, in the same way I am told that I think most people regard me with a sense of abuse which of course I don’t but goons like these need to keep their comments away when I am trying to get in touch with people that matter to me – he is slow and has an inability to learn and it’s the one where the statement is garnished with the idea the Country is in peril, meaning I will not be earning anything in the next 24 hours at least after their stupidities had spewed unto the open world.

Now they say I am not making progress with myself because I am being held up by those who are making me prove myself and it is utter nonsense; what is happening is people handling my property and inventing such an excuse as let them damage it any time that they want to and so when they tell tales like these, my person and all I am and own ends up in a condition where there are no rules and if there is any law it does not apply there. It does seem that it will ever stop until I invent my own that I can play with too; of which at the moment is the case that lies at the heart of their need to make me choose sides between the whites and the blacks, that will never happen so their gimmicks can be played out to the fullest as much as they want it to, play out with respect to that nonsense of me no co-operating with their needs because I am risking war when we all know it’s the Politicians that let the deploy civil service and parliament to wreck my finances and cause me to spend time on the uncertainties of financial well being which they spread around as news of fear in me that is gradually used as a tool to put the fear in me and develop another campaign after of how the fear is about violence and those can do the violence can have anything they wanted; whilst the Politicians will never tell them they did not have a chance if all these things were not put at this disposal, we all know when they show up here, it is the same things I will do to the as well to make them into the coward they have made me, since I cannot run a Royal Office in peace with the baggage they have placed around here so they might get around at football and threaten me all the time all together. They speak of how I say too much so often while the reality is still that telling people to stop making references to my Estate and to keep off my Books and keep their comments about my business to themselves, there is still the general perception enforced by career environment violence against anybody who thinks otherwise, that I am asking for too much. It is the reason I cannot sit around at the Office and work without the space being used by yobs, since last I ended up having the dumping ground personality after their stupidities had claimed it existed as a result of me sleeping with people’s wives, which it seems a half priest environment can no longer explain as a lie. The modern people who tackle and attack moral people all the time as it were and when I make my own decisions about the way their activities affect me, it gets worse as though that was their own choice too, gets worse until they are complaining as well. It feeds into the case that I am paranoid when I am not; reality of which is mostly that these people want to be a part of what I am doing but have made it quite clear that they want to in a condition whereby they were in control and I have never seen anybody’s livelihood handled on the basis of such stupidities either – it is therefore the reasons they are complaining about the loss of their freedom and we are getting closer to a stage where I want to see them spend their last penny to fuel the car and eat snacks for dinner as progress from taking away that process where it can handle my property and start stories in their world of bum fingering men about how my involvement is creating the problems and then he will get support first and answer questions later, by which time he had secured himself personal wealth and glory; either way of which it was never actually that difficult to show some respect for what others do with their livelihoods and do for a living, whereby doing so solve every single problem I have mentioned here as well all together; will never stop showing up to play with me instead of seeking the purchase of a Book I have written and we see the same madness exhibited by Politicians and Film Industry goons as well – where I broker equities and they just take part and tell me the whole business of making sure I sell Books only when others can be Royalty as well gives way to making me broker more diverse equity – now their foolishness is an existence full of the people from whence the criminals come and their bottom hurts and they are telling stories and insults and I want to get them the fuck out of my system while they think what ends up in their minds from this Estate will become an Estate derivative property that belongs to them with that big mouth. It’s an old story; what do the female ex-cons of the neighbourhoods think of the religious person being hunted down and trapped and abused by media and Political idiots, save the idea they have found a bum whose private parts their stupid children can grab and chase and pull if they feel that the world around them is cutting them a hard deal but unless there is serious damage like dropping out of University and setting out ways of punishing people before selling Books, there is no way to make foolish journalists whose salaries other people play with in such ways the last time we checked as it were, to stop putting up such behaviour; then they tell me people really do not seem to understand what I think about others, whereas I have made it clear I have only the three rules – none peddles my faith and none peddles my personal life and none peddles my public image. What I really think of them is that they are very evil people first of all and cannot leave culture and society where it is, not make a mess of people’s lives by causing it to show up around other people’s concerns unexpectedly, talking nonsense about how I have trouble seeing others get happy and successful, a sad narcissism fools that suck the life out of every atmosphere and turn up here to set me out as the enemy they can talk with rich people about in order to rub shoulders and get rich quick, cracked up out of my league – thus they cannot seem to detach from the ritual sacrifice mentality that means they select people like me and start those entrapment based insults that I get them complaining about when they think that I would not have recognised pure wickedness and evil from here. What I really think of them is a group of silly playful gits with personalities that look like characters others want to take jobs and careers from all the time – now I have proven that it is unchangeable but even more so I have a University drop out badge in hand to show the Politicians never stop lying as well; we all know they respond to only one thing while the whole business of locating a way of hurting me in order to cling to my personality and the way I react to issues as the answer for every little thing in their foolish existence and it’s the one where physically hurting me with their abusive and violent fantasies that come down to contact crime at some stage gives way to consequences being set out for those 3 to 5 bedroom arrangements where they teach their foolish children to grab my private parts claiming I am a bum and son gives way to a process where I get about the underbelly of the cities to rip up those stupid shops and warehouses as well; the one they are complaining about presently is their popularity being stretched from the US to Japan across this Estate and then telling me I am asking for too much when I ask them to keep their comments off my case, keep off my Books and stop making references to my Estate like we see them do all the time, talking nonsense about how it will be difficult to handle their celebrity madness that thinks it is a better human being than I am while it has criminal records and its parents lives comes to a stop when they are running their own. In terms of saying too much, I am pretty sure that in 24 hours I will be talking about their comments and my Books and their insanity making reference to my Estate again – I mean its London for goodness sake, one moment you meet an Arch prince you whack over the head and label a bum to develop new privileges for your madness, the next you meet the Prime Minister walking down the part in shorts, so you can say you have met the Prime Minister without looking the part cracked up out of my league – while the youth idiots tell me I am not in control of what happens in my Estate when people want to be a part of it without that big mouth, need me and need my leadership but have no respect for me and have not yet worked out it will end really badly too. They say I have quite a way of paying back entertainment Industry people for being so nice to me but it’s an old story where if I said it was a big planet and they could carry on as though I didn’t exist, that would have been fresh cowardice to add to the problems I already face. What happens is that I have an arrangement with a Celebrity and no other celebrity either at Court or anywhere else has that arrangement with me and then we see those who make the fans comfortable with it as the ones that are interested and nobody has to be suspicious of anybody; what these goons do is pick up my work and make their own films as well, then the things they do after to make me more diverse and inclusive sets off something to be desired as I am relentlessly and endlessly punished for being nice to others; I will never stop therefore until I have them and their film Industries outside of my system, it makes me sick and they are even making out the familiarity associated with it to be a form of power and a means of control. I am always told I talk about it because I do not want to do anything about it but normally it is easy to see I have no wish to deal with punishments if I did anything about it and the level of detail supplied with each warning reflects this; we see that the celebrities especially have become very interested in State provided security here and how to ensure they buy themselves private security that feels the same way, while I am left wondering what I have to do to ensure I am not protected by so called State sponsored violence. Then we hear them speak of discrimination issues as well whereas there is only the greed that wants people to go to war to defend its family and friends and belongings on one hand and the greed that wants to offer itself to war to protect family and friends and belongings on the other and we can see that even when their uses are National service the way the Americans are ever so good at forcing others to diversify and be inclusive, it is those who have favoured them and their characters from the part of society where the criminals are likely to come from, that tend to complain about it the most. In the end there is talk of celebrities I ignore to deal with; of which there is no such case – what really happens is that these goons get involved with my concerns to do their own business and do their own stuff; so the bit where there is always a case of those who are being selfish being treated in a certain way especially on social media develops into a barrier that means if a celebrity is mad about me and makes five pictures about it 3 weeks earlier, I am still unable to respond to it 5 weeks later, giving them the premise for those insults where they say they want to be a part of what I am doing but I am not in control; whereby when I am not in control I am unable to engage with people and unable to sell my Books, therefore broke. Pretty much the same as that story that runs endlessly that I am in some power game with the Americans when there is only a process of their need to make out that I am while what happens is usually that being involved with loving American stuff is a risk that one might push them over the edge when they are caught up with matters of disillusionment and confusion which so quickly degenerates into violence in the US – so the gap has to exist where people have the time to think carefully about their actions and I have not got much space from a Royal Office to be obsessed with America by; Obama was in love with it, no co-operation from Trump means massive disappointments as we can see.

We hear them claim they want to get over me and it is so difficult to, likely to lead to violence with that big mouth but I did not sell any Books in the last 24 hours on account they have needs and are borrowing my very existence altogether. They always say I am disrespectful because what I think of them in never readily obvious i.e. nobody who get about grabbing the public image space of big companies and making it into personal property and then setting it out as an auspice to get around abusing me by – my bottom hurts and they do not have a reason for it blowing off the big mouth about disrespect. In the end they have not been working on those businesses that get to their heads in the last 13 years or so – they are full of regrets on what they could have done, it is killing them and making them sick, so I am advising them to see I do not have a Literary agent for my Business Empire and entirely rely on the Court systems and social media they love to mess up all the time; it is a business empire I have to look after, they need to stop looking into the profit margins on my behalf, hang up the hat and retire like the boasting about the amount of money they have which warrants their abusive insults I have to put up with all the time; I do not know who they are, we are not related to each other in anyway and I do not owe them a debt, their case and disposition is not my problem, if their stupidities talks nonsense about their peoples people over my sales margins and shrinks my Estate income margins, I will cut their own to pieces once again. All together we are getting closer and closer to that stage where it will be the Books on one hand and their jobs on the other; when the Books suffer, their jobs suffer as well until they start to see that I can play around with their salaries if I wanted to – it is something I have warned them will happen over the 30 days of July 2017, all of the 24 hours of it. In the end it needs my Books to use for its profits, it needs it right away but has not got the time to read the Books itself because it is such a difficult and complex read that requires a lot of emotional energy, let alone buy a copy of his own and it needs and needs and needs and you get the sense that it needs like that everyday abusively, destroying everything here because it is a fashion fool or famous idiot, to say it wants to get over me because it thinks I am finished: so when looked at in a more objective way, what I am saying is that my business is bad, academics is failing, finances are in a state because of another person’s laziness and these are supposed to have been the idiots who think they have achieved so much they have earned the right to discipline others and tell people how to exist. They speak of how it goes all the way to the Military of course which is an old story; like nobody else knows that not everybody who has served at National services will likely think they do not deserve an extra gain from those they helped to protect, I am only wondering what others are doing thinking the purpose of their Media jobs is to brew publicity for such things every single day, blabbing about their investments and the need to show the companies they have bought shares from, that they are doing their part to deserve the money they are being paid as dividend etc, never mind the straight up media insults sales abuses. Of course I am aware of questions about my sexual habits but there are no sexual habits to question, its pretty much the same as the reasons these fools generally think that I will never be or do not have what it takes to be successful. In the case of the former it’s a matter of how much time I have left when they have officially clung to my Books and finances with their stupidities long enough to tell me I have been officially rejected and then the whole process of making sure all derived benefits of getting involved with me are not a problem in such a fashion as amounts to revenge – for now I am doing only the talking bits, telling them to keep their comments to themselves and stay away from my Books as a way of getting it done. In terms of my sexual habits, we are talking mainly about what Politicians get up to, so one moment it's my sexual habits and the next it’s the fact I react to these stupidities all the time giving it credence, of which the aspect that does not get discussed in anyway is the fact they really enjoy reacting to any case where I have reacted. So it becomes the old tale of walking down the streets to feel sick in the stomach on account community croon sits in its house to take out a sensation of sex from you after they have been telling tales of your sanctified personality being a matter of having sex with people's wives and not fasting and praying on account they want to peddle it for money and are not successful at doing so – followed on by the stupid men who systematically provoke me until I am a disturbed person on account there is always a traumatic insults to lay upon a previous one every day and then they will build me a publicity that says my problems are infectious after that and that I think I am a real man when their girls can beat me up and then it feeds into what the Politicians who set it all up want to do with the process if they are able to overpower me considering the idiots never take a no for an answer – hence the same old twisted ex-cons in government buildings doing what they do best save when the get past state provided security to persecute me and I tell the society and community and culture goons how their job works, so the ex-cons on the streets can find their mates at Parliament. Some will say it is a very ugly way of seeing the world but it isn’t as evil as they are; the reality of what they do to explain their madness away with my Books is that they want my Books as tools they owned and deployed to get rich and important and to win elections; so if I am not caught out with them over the idea that whilst they get measly salary to run a Country and make it safe for me to get rich and famous with I am not making sure they are getting more than I am from my work, we are usually caught up with the fact they want to pillage all I own to prove to those who doubt them that they can run business empires but the one that really does it is that should my Books have been written to criticise them there would have been a certain threshold that allowed me to earn from it by controversy but since they are not, they simply want to confiscate the entire range of my literary work and keep it as a tool for making power and winning elections and so the are always seen developing state office programmes designed to ensure I do not get to sell any of it – pretty much like a Christian which I am making sure what happens to him does not happen to the rest of the world leading to outcomes where they tackle innocents to get a reaction, so here we are talking about my reaction being the problem as it causes the troublemakers to make them feel uncomfortable. So in the end it’s the question of why community croons want good looking men that they would not normally have had access to and why Politicians rip up people’s property and finances to let them have it, save the fact that they like it when you are in your bed all vulnerable and they can do anything they liked with every orifice on your body if they wanted which has also now created beyond their stupidities that tells me I do not have what it takes to be successful while they cling to my Books threatening people and making those stupid comments, a need I have to take advantage of the culture and society while nobody is defending it with guns and knives too: fuck it up seriously as it is just lying there. It's never really an issue – the image is that it likes you when you have been tied up financially and tied up emotionally and tied up academically, then it wants to trade; we see it like tied up women who have no choice whom to have sex with in the same way as well and the list goes on endlessly, I mean I may be told I am blowing hot and cold on it by giving these details but let it be given just in case they had claimed conservative people tend to act without reason like we hear them do so often, criminal pounding the bough – they really do deserve to have ex-cons find them at Government Office and Celebrity fame after being told how their jobs work.

Now they say I do not recognise the fact its Politicians that run the Country and I couldn’t get my head around it anyway since it has always rather been obvious to people in parliament that I do not have control of the Country, only a man and his environment ways of handling the insults and abuses since if I sat in front of my home with a drink in hand to let it all drip away it would be said that I am insane. As for a case where my involvement with Politics is developing into a trap, no such trap will ever function, all I do here is write Books and put up anything I believe must support the governmental and administrative system but have done it in such a way that it looks really stupid and childish which means Celebrities can take advantage of it and Politicians can take advantage of it and business goons can take advantage of it, so they can huddle up somewhere pounding the bough all day long without reason, which is seems is the one thing they have done better than everything else in the last decade at least. Now I have them where I want them and the threats are all very well but we know that Parliamentary curators who have no business at the Monarchy are the reasons I deal with the idea I have lost my Estate all the time, no idea what the threats are meant to accomplish anyway or what it is exactly they can do about me; speaking of the problems of which all those years were fun as they bent over backwards to please celebrities as much as they could and established a UK film council alongside it and tried to build international relations on their madness all together, they always say I was involved too which is utter nonsense: what we are dealing with now is the price of letting people who have been working of bullying and have been engaging in a community to get involved with other people’s film and music establishments to make money but then again of which if they do not fancy the equities anymore I can then take it all back and broker with those who fancy it, all going according to plan and going well indeed, such that I have even got background experience in the process to boast about – the threats are good but it's important for some people to see that they are not the only ones who have roles that mean it is in their interest for the Country to be successful, an old case of the fact they are going off to play up some hurting bottoms gimmick with the Queen perhaps because they do not want me to be a living breathing human being and not a memory all together. They speak of my relationship with the Princess of York and how I cannot be trusted on much but we all know there are no complicated Politics like whether or not she would have a real probability of being an Heir meaning a mixed race child was in line to a throne if we got hitched as such – it's impossible to say that The Prince of Wales and then Duke of Cambridge and then Prince George will all fail to ascend the Throne all together, thus the Duke of York has a relationship with his brother the Heir and the rest is her private and personal position in the family. Where I stand for my part however being that it's never necessarily the best deal in terms of looking out of my interests alone to sacrifice an Arch Prince’s Office to marry into the family either, that said, the Royal Family is not other peoples family and getting in there means doing as you are told – the whole thing does feed into those gimmicks about those who speak of some British subjects as compared to others who want freedom and what we see of their behaviour now was probably worse when they were in school; think they are really clever but know nothing whatsoever since it is never clear to them they cheat and pass the exams to wear the suits, therefore others really do care who wants to be the subject of One that has at least three engagements a week with themes that are concerned with Public work that ensures no child goes without an education in their lives. Hence there is also that talk of me being the Prince that is expected to do his part to hurt some black people thing that comes through like some wind all the time, whereby I am certain they are aware if they gave me such a task I would take a very long holiday with it and they know I would take one like that as it were. The point of course is that the decisions on my relationship with the Princess of York is not mine alone to make.

So the issues will be laid out from here; from the issue about government building tunnels near Stonehenge for instance where an instance is such that it will be said my approach was rude should I have mentioned the question of why the government had carried out a survey which says that if it proceeds with a project it will be building it across a world heritage site but continues to seek progression with the project all together anyway – while reality on the ground is that should the government had made a 1 Hour video showcasing the Country, there would be a slot saying world heritage site with a bridge over it or a tunnel under it which is hard to see how they came by such a decision anyway i.e. it is supposed to be a completely different entity from their tourism revenge sources and their main economy and it would be better to build a road around it completely anew with twice the speed cap to ensure that people were not late to their destination that it would be to build anything near such a site or make changes to it in terms of infrastructure all together the expense for doing this is precisely what it should do because it is the responsibility of the government to do things that way, it is what governments are supposed to do, not think like corporations where world heritage sites are replaced with infrastructure and the Country is showcased with it leaving people wondering how they came up with such an idea the world over. The other issues alongside naturally is that old case of how to improve schools of which the main way to do so has always been exposure to work environment which causes not so bright talents to come through and bright talents to mature early, instead of a one size fits all that Industry goons would really love since it is clear in their view that they are being made to act by the forces of social and cultural change when they tease people into giving up what people had paid thousands of pounds to put into their minds and therefore consider to be their own property. They do ask this question of what I mean by one size fits all which is pretty much reality such as the fact that if I incessantly had to deal with intrusion from culture and society while I was studying, I know exactly what to do with it and will reach a stage where I will have to make a decision which mostly leads to an outcome where I abandon my academic work, you cannot say that the same will apply to somebody who is not bothered in anyway whatsoever by what culture and society gets up to and so it comes to the case where they say what I would do about it isn’t actually clear but what I am referring to is a process where we are in Lord of the Rings for instance and Industry people will say my staff is broken and then I will ask them if it is broken as in when people are nice on high street shops managerial jobs change hands because they are supposed to be concentrating on sales – while we all know that such a thing would never have applied if everybody had a small business in their garage and sold to their neighbours what their neighbours wanted – so we see that people with sales army and a plan to get rich who are the biggest problem behind inequality that occurs in our world, never pay attention to such things as when it is the best time for somebody to delve into their savings on account their children have come of age for instance, so when we think a situation is such that we wouldn’t, we shouldn’t assume it is okay to support any nonsense at Industry to a point where some people think it is okay to anywhere in the world. I haven't really thought of it as a major issue, it is as I have mentioned before, that when we see them move left and then right, we are thinking its mobility issues even though we know they are trouble makers but reality is always that it is predatory behaviour outright and we have to watch for occasions where we will be made to listen to some story about sexual assault; for me, I have got them where I want them, which they would dispute but everybody else sees they are stuck and need my leadership with no plans to come up with a  civil way of acquiring my Books, while on the right they are stuck and going round and round with the throes of matrimonial discipline all the time, issuing those stupid threats and keeping an eye on me too, hence they would say they have had me at broadcasting advertisement whereas I have only recently started collecting that at social media for the points in time when I will be making use of it for my part too thus they have had nothing and I have really got them where I want them. There is this other issues of people drinking while pregnant it should be noted, which I largely think is a matter of isolation, lack of choice and lack of knowledge i.e. knowledge that what alcohol does to your body is increase metabolism, so if a baby starts out as a mass of blood in the womb, one glass would mean a very lucky person that the baby is not disabled when born – the way I remember it being done by my parents when my siblings were conceived was one where Dad would buy lots of edibles that makes sense considering where women should be when pregnant and the sort of strange things they want to eat all the time and when done, he can go out and spend time with the boys to watch his back and stamp his authority, which when mentioned will see people say I have given one such a way but of course the main case is still that they show up here to play with me instead of get a Book and I am having financial difficulties because they are simply too lazy to read, therefore such things are a give away so they can get serious for a change in their lives; it is not to say I am unaware their vandalism is supported by socialists talking nonsense about inequality and wealth distribution that they think is worth any price whatsoever including my human rights, which is not a situation we are aware the Nazis have made use of in the past all together, so we are here with a disobedience that says alongside my parents they are in control of my life and will extract anything they wanted from it in order to build a world where others like them come together to trade, keep others out and place the money in overseas accounts, then run off to South American to enjoy life and so it really annoys me when they do so much damage and show up to talk nonsense about global issues telling me I cannot handle them when we all know the global issues for instance will have to do with the fact that they are a real pest, half the time there is no way wealth distribution can happen without those who have talents having a monopoly of their talents, the other half the time they are perpetually in a state of dreaming that such people will lose human rights and be separated from their money by the state so others can learn how to be rich, knowing that everybody is poorer for each share of the market taken; I could not emphasise it any stronger that they complain of what I have done to their history while telling me they control my life and will not give me a good answer for the question of why they complain when they still find it so difficult to stop perpetuating their abuses and getting up on media to cause me to deal with local community croons chasing me all day long, talking nonsense about youth unemployment when they know like everybody else that it is all about exploitation since young people always need that first job and that first saving and that first mortgage so badly while they are twisted and very, very evil people. Personally however it comes down to the part where I am left with a certain amount of time with all that nonsense where even the cars they drive and the way they drive it suggests they are after somebody else’s stuff; from the cool parts of public image to the aspects of people's personality concerned with the bit where they are trying to sell a product or are going to the bank to get some money and blab threats at me all the time since they feel I cannot deploy the fact I have ended up as some spirit temperament at their backyard due to a need to make a mess of the peace and quiet I have built for this writers office to develop personal conveniences and tackle me at government Office where they can whip up the support of crowds i.e. I am being punished for something hence I am always being grafted and pervaded and it happens because they are evil thinking I cannot handle them because their wealth distribution problems is worth any price but are complaining never the less as it stands at present talking nonsense about disciplining their mates and nobody knows why they keep complaining when they find it so difficult to stop doing such things or why they think there would be no consequences for all that nonsense about black people being mothers and brothers and sisters of my finances and talking regional tension instability nonsense at me all the time will not lead to consequences associated with shrinking my business empire everyday – why they complain when the question is still how difficult they would suppose it was to stop doing it as it were. They always say what I am trying to say is that I hate women but we all know its utter nonsense when such tales are told on the back of the woman who always wants to be in charge like the men think they are just for being men on one hand while my personal favourite of dropping out of University on account lesbians are hunting female lovers carries on endlessly on the other; whereby it would be considered discriminative if such a thing was not happening while everybody knew my view of them was a collection of goons who need to do their drugs and vices somewhere else looking like characters that other people want to take jobs and careers from as getting involved with me actually is nobody’s civil right. As I mentioned, I am being punished for wrecking their wickedness, it has nothing to do with wealth distribution and their wealth distribution is not worth any price – needs to show up here if it wants to buy and read a Book I have written, not show up to play with me and complain about the consequences a socialism; really has no idea how well I can handle them – called an exit plan, the amount of work I now have to do to get my Books closer to those who are not too lazy to just read chasing me about for wealth distribution if it is not busy showing up near church to decide when I am supposed to think the Queen is being racist and when it is good enough for me to attend for those insulting time wasting conveniences for sis idiot shop manager sons. Gone are the days as such when Mr Cadbury owns the biggest chocolate factory and builds schools and hospitals and accommodation in the premises for his staff, in which everybody can come and share in the experience just the same as I give something away to facilitate community relations for an Estate Literary business here – these are the same goons who make the sales army of the twerps that want the world for themselves powerful enough to suck money out of economies and place them at overseas accounts after avoiding taxes and so we understand that their abuses and vandalism and disobedience is not without merit; it is because they think there is always more of them than there is of their opponent and I am fed with their involvement based stupidities shrinking my Empire by extracting money and job roles from this Estate.


We hear this talk of free and democratic people winning a fight which is completely ridiculous; I mean how many times does anybody see me get around looking after my income margins while ripping up their finances and throwing any secrets they are not paying me to keep around here to the dogs – so which fight are they winning anyway? I do not do it because I think it is completely unnecessary bearing in mind they play stupid games all the time and are losing money everywhere for it, I only have to be serious about keeping my business safe from that need they have to tear up somebody else’s property so as to keep up appearances that look after that silly narcissist happiness which brings them sales. I mean how does writing Books hurt the bottom anyway, the insults that people get used to which later becomes a tool and a weapon and then a means to an end – how does studying hurt the bottom – when they are clinging to their own Public image to claim they are winning a fight all together that is? They love to claim I cannot let people be which is utter nonsense; what is happening is that they are running after their lives too, picking up and doing those things they should be doing; now they understand that when they threaten and abuse and I respond the way my Church activities teach me to, it is personal choice stuff and not up to them – what is up to them is to threaten and abuse. It feeds into the claim that I contribute to the whole thing which is utter nonsense; what they want to do is peddle my faith and personal life and public image to get rich and so I do not allow it and their behaviour got personal; since I started my Book sale business it has become a revenge get rich quick nonsense that is developed from a hate for the fact that I do not fancy them moving into my right hand thing and then claiming I contribute to what happens when it drives me insane and I drive their own insane too; we are now at a stage where it is a question of how much my Books cost compared to how much they are making from the revenge get rich quick stuff, which is why I need to shut it down i.e. they feel they are stuck and have regrets, need to hang up the hat and retire as they are not having my Literary Estate trading income margins. So it is all really stupid but then again they can understand what I am saying, not the same can be said of what they are saying all together – we see it is the same attitude when people drink while pregnant, like some complex brain surgery of gimmicks being performed on those who have nothing wrong with their brains, without thinking of the risks that include bits of the brain going missing etc. It becomes a choice when they complain about conservative based inequality; whereas if somebody says I do not deserve a job in a company, the result should be judged on the basis of how much he is contributing to the company and not another person's civil rights; while people tear up other people's personal finances in a condition where they do not have enough for two themselves all together. Eventually they claim I try to run with high society when I have not got anything and we can see the abject lack of respect that allows handling and damaging my work and property so they might brew up such nonsense unbridled whenever they want but in the end he case is still that they can understand what I am saying even if it is about describing their stupidities while nobody can understand what their idiocy is blabbing about. I mean they say what I do is really stupid of course as usual but that I am also propelled by fear; where the last time I was told such things, it was in the University where Civil rights lecturer will be done telling me that rights are relative to places where you live after it was done telling me that it believes the Americans do things better than the British and that the highest Court of Appeal should not be a judicial committee in the House of Lords; so they love their blame when done playing up these gimmicks that let them organise civil rights bullying that push people out of academic work while they pass exams and return to the popular culture they did not need the exams for and will take up my time for the length of days necessary for them to broaden their minds when they had found themselves in a Tertiary Institution.