Now they say I am badly misunderstood and it is utter nonsense; reality is more a case we see where black women love to stupidly play practical jokes on all I get up to alongside white boys telling me to control my mother for instance and we find all sorts of nonsense emerge for it to a point where other people are affected and so first of all Girl Aloud band had to go from doing it on what security guards who worked for American and Canadian Clients did to deploying my life and what I did concerning the matter to get rich and as soon as it was obvious I was facing difficulty One Direction had to make money from what I did to control the whole thing and its an example of the way people make use of those who have no respect for in order to get rich, meaning every photograph from paparazzi idiots that will beat such a person up for them if he had alternative ideas is an album of very abusive insults made in very public places and thereafter we hear I am set to become the enemy of the US while reality is more a case of the fact the last time I handled their friends in the US the problem associated with doing so is that fools with a corruption of involvement to be proud of and cannot allow others breathe end up knowing so much that it becomes a problem for their freedom. From here on we hear that the problem was that I encumber peoples fame and we all know its a product of an idiot promising them some form of backup as though when it comes to the worst, the sadness of civil war is not that you have to regret the number of people you have killed considering they do not necessarily believe that women should be treated badly; you know, when I say they need clear my space and leave me alone as it were. So the missing item not mentioned would be that I intend to pick a fight with the media and stop all those abuses that are a product of the fact that I do not get to no matter how provoked as it were – from the Community croons, to the society fools that play around with peoples personal space because it messes up the tummy and ensures their victims cannot keep jobs and then they gang up on the roads as motorists thereafter as soon as they can, right up to the Media managers that could never control their stupid staff and then the journalists and celebrities too, all garnished with a need to ensure all their outlets were made to cling to each others throats just in order to exist, that I might control the stupidities of their fans getting the better of me at my health all the time to begin with. They never do anything responsible with their time and then soon enough we hear that the sad story about me is that I am misunderstood, while the purpose of their foolish jobs was to squander everything I do to provide people a service when what they are paying for my Books is actually hard earned money as it were and it is never more complicated than their stupidities doing nothing about being told they are bloody idiots save putting an end to their foolish need to squander my Books. We see the same of the society ones as well; its involvement with me dragged me out of University literally but it is still having fun as we speak, save the part where it tells me after a decade that it does not like me while I had decided to build a Bookshop on that stupid society as well to find out what will prevent it from being successful. So we hear all the time when it is not about how those who are religious are the problem of the world if they are not being made to get stuck with violent extremism and get killed so the problem might go away and goons like these can keep creating them problems and getting peoples stuck when they want to get out as a means of solving it, that they are preventing me from writing the kinds of Books I have chosen to write all together and it beats the imagination that somebody can be said not to know what he has written in the form of a Book if he wrote it in his late 20s; so it is that old case where there is nothing wrong with my Books, only a condition where they are trying to get away with a process we find that involves the fact once done dealing with the issues around secret society goons that chase the bottom and blow over at Politics where the decisions of their Offices affect the lives of criminals that will come and get kids that are too glorious by nature for their own good, getting me stuck in a difficult place that I get rehabilitated out of into mainstream living after being detached from my personality, only to find myself trapped by their stupidities over a period of 8 years and at the end of which they get to tell me the reality was that they do not like people such as myself and we see also how telling them how stupid they really are will get me into trouble if I dropped out of University for it and they are still having fun. In the end I have not been paying attention to many things; ranging from people building my public image on media to get about practising how to be more important among many insults and it is getting to the stage where I am going to show them a routine they will never forget over those insults as well and then the question of how far people go to show they have no respect for others can develop and the answer provided for one that concerns the reasons it has to be my problem – we see it all the time develop into some nightmare landlords nonsense where it gets right up to the Monarchy and they sit around somewhere sending out their stupid minions to check me up on a regular basis while their media and celebrity scum who think it is okay to pretend to be me while they have no respect for me all together, raise their own version of big brother issues about other actors doing the same and yet everybody knew these things were happening the whole time as I had never signed a contract with them or said anything by them which gave them permission to do so, with reference to Celebrities that get involved with me to learn about aspects of my life that are involved with Films made through broker with me in order to fulfil their acting roles thereof, doing what they do for a living. It was all supposed to be a very little thing; a collection of people who love to make a big case about being culture orientated and yet no human being can sit by any culture to pass exams in any school in any Country when they are about but it seems the Politicians must pillage my finances and spend tax payer funds doing so in order to create a public matter to the process while they then showed up to spend the rest of their stupid lives clinging to somebody whose reaction to their stupidities does not do them any favours; what I say does not improve anything, it is not my opinion that it does, sometimes it just gets me involved with matters to do with those who are fans of mine all together, what I think makes things better is when I stop the fame. They say every thing is terribly sad and nobody can work out what I want but we can work out what they want and that I think will suffice; what we have here is a group of fools that spend most of my time making me vulnerable to any violent discrimination and abuse that society may develop and it plays out in terms of what they want me to give them as well with respect to seeing me and others get together to protect ourselves from general public misogyny and then they happen to have made it their main preoccupation to ensure that we are not, our protection has been set out for the general public while they show up on media to work it into our blood so to speak and its never really clear if the misogyny is some sort of right or whether it is the fact we are protecting ourselves from it that makes them do it all together. So the case where I will get into trouble is utter nonsense; I do not sit around wish wish wishing that they were being taken advantage of by the general public in terms of their health all the time like they do me and its getting closer to that point where I am going to as well – for now however they need to get famous in a condition whereby everything is terribly sad and I will milk every ounce of a process where they need me terribly to get out of their predicament as well. They do love to claim its a matter of the things I do which brings about the need to protect myself from misogyny and it is utter rubbish too; what they are referring to is anal sex and nobody is born Gay, anal sex is something women do; its medical procedure associated with Childbirth which leaves them saying that since they had their baby they are unable to keep their careers and usually blaming the Husband first is the way to start etc. that causes them to do it – the bottom hurting insults are a function of fools and Politics that appear able to work female spite which was obviously their most prized possession and it shall be deployed on all who refused to let them peddle faith and personal life and public image that does not belong to them to make money and so at present it does appear I am not spending time wishing others get the better of them at their health and well being a practical joke all the time and we are getting closer and closer to that point all together as well. It does eventually become a question of what we are supposed to do with the wickedness of Media and Celebrities, which is an old story about being prevented from defending myself first of all after being put through a process where I will not commit sins so people must build up my public image and do it on my behalf, right up to the point where it needs to talk into me and my chest all the time because it would not open the heart to the devil and so on and then complaining later. They say I would never mention what really matters about Donald Trump until it is too later for me and I find it as insulting as everything they usually believe is hidden about their abuses obviously; I mean Obama was a Populist who spent time at the White House encouraging community croons with an idea and a vow and plans for some of their children to become criminals, to practice misogyny on others and we have seen that it has not ended alongside his White House Career as well after conducting two elections and making global statements on it, now we know the result is that his girls have a future and I apparently do not – what exactly is different about Trump in the White House with a Baby Girl to look after as well beats my imagination – I mean we can clearly see the difference between racists and populists is largely the amount of responsibility they take for their actions and that Trump happens to take this position where the white Race has been in two world wars and it would be a bad idea to go down the route that creates another but Obama has never ever taken responsibility for anything in his life, we find even outside of the White House that his time is largely spent talking about what populations should do with the existence of people who have what the crowds have not tasted. It annoys me much because we see that every goon who is allowed to do what he likes by Obama shows up here to ask stupid questions of me and then inform me after that my response was not the desired outcome as well and it goes without saying they had only needed to show up if they wanted a copy of my Book as it were. I do get told that saying this does not vindicate me but only makes me a target for get rick quick white idiots epsecially on media and I am of the opinion it rather does and their insults will soon take a turn for the better when I have become far more interested in how much of it I have to tolerate from their stupidities ever so often. The other story about getting myself deeper into trouble each time I get involved with such things does not apply to me any more; it has a go at me so often that I had time to figure it out and now I intend to put the whole thing to good use as well building up the sex Industry for them, so that whenever I have my meals it will remain in my tummy and not smell all over the place on account of their stupidities – Trump lets republicans do what they like the same way Obama lets their stupidities do what it likes and this is the fundamental case here when they blab about things I should be saying before it is too late for me all together. The talk of me contaminating the Royal Family is nothing new, we all know The Queen leads society and that means leading culture and families and if the Arch Prince is famous the world over, I am sure people can see that their insanity only adds to the problem of scumbags overseas picking up our ideas on how to live in a peaceful world and then setting off to develop processes of conducting elections in manners that are neither free nor fair and it feeds into communist interest idiots as well, those can never stop talking rubbish and yet nobody knows why they are so scared of the British if they do claim they are not the villainous evil that they show themselves to be and I have no other way of showing them they will never get anything they are after out of me except by telling them they need to go fuck themselves like all fat cats do whenever they lose, seeing how their own is done for them at the sex Industry and yet clinging to me like we were mates everyday. They say I do not think peoples opinions matter but we all know its all twisted and evil and that if it has that wickedness it wants to play around with I will be fighting for my life in the neighbourhoods because of its stupid media, while it dreams of my personality getting beefed up to stand and face gangs all the time and when it does not have it, I will be punished for the rest of my life because those who damage culture always get killed and it is about to Political idiots spending tax payer funds to rip up my finances and help it build confidence by building its finances for it, go from giving me a reason for striking my bum all the time instead of spend time with its sex industry perversions, striking my bum all the time, to giving me closure for the hurt and pain and insulting distress it has become quite fund of causing. It feeds into that story about the sex industry bits I am talking about being the part where the Politicians had won, while reality is more that everybody knows the Politicians are happy to legalise Pornography but not decriminalise prostitution, saying it is the prostitution that does that stuff; so it was a win alright and I am about to win my own a spending tax payer funds to rip up my finances and spend more of it to support celebrities as well thereof. I mean there would be no problems if the sex industry is what it should be, no problems if it was not being mixed up with what my fans are saying to me while these fools get on media to undercut me where I have done the best work for my career all the time – I am concerned about girls that get involved with it seeing what it is never the less but that said, they can resolve looming problems by keeping pornography with celebrity fools who think they have the power of God in their hands when people push back for having the best bits of their career wrecked on account an idiot has appeared on media and has a sales army to get rich with, especially being able to do whatever it likes if it has a place at the Prince's Trust too and fat cats. I do not have a problem with people being famous as such but I think it has become quite clear that a need to build their fame on my Public image adds up to creating me an album of their insults made up of videos and pictures in the hands of the worlds media and paparazzi and completely out of their own control so I can never hold them to account for it too; so it would be nice if they performed their celebrity activities from what they got at their own backyards and stayed out of mine; otherwise this matter will progress from not being taken seriously when I take up their lives and run it for them so they can continue to assist me with Royal work against my wishes from such a position and of course run a counter campaign for their abusive insults that only stops when they are seriously beaten up or have had the jobs taken from them, that involves a process where somebody else is always in a perpetually state of wanting to own their shares in any companies and to take their place in any and every establishment they are involved with, to something a lot more serious than that all together too. Its like they say nobody knows what my opinion of the world is while reality is that these are very twisted and evil scum and their main problem with me is that I am trying to create an environment for accommodating racists and violent extremists while that was not the domain of people who attend Church and so when this is the reason I drop out of University I will be waiting for it like I have at the Jobs market so it can blab such nonsense at me there too but most of the time it comes down to the insults of their Politicians and an outcome where they say there is nothing I can do if they failed to get famous from their own backyards; while reality is rather that I can completely destroy the popular and celebrity culture so that whenever they think about money they will be thinking about preparing themselves to get involved with Industry communities just like everybody else – from there blabbing about how my race and kind always loses will give rise to an outcome where dropping out of University over their practical jokes is well understood as something that will court a certain consequence whether or not I have actually engaged in one. They say I look as though these issues are beyond me and of course they are not; we live n the UK where people can start a campaign against the Government, win a seat at Houses of Parliament and mismanage it, lose the job and return to being strippers after helping push through a Policy that nearly bankrupted the Government; it usually depends on what has gotten their own going mostly – so like in my case the revelling bits are the bits the Politicians should have administrated, what they did specifically to me was spend tax payer funds on the dangerous aspects and then some more of it to wreck my finances because I attended Church and so the revelling bits will pay my Bills at their expense otherwise it will never be over. We can see that when I have not reacted in such ways it has become a case of dogs and meat, where they were the dogs at Government buildings taking me on everyday and asking private security industry scum to strike my bum all the time. They speak of what people have to do to avoid tackling me in ways that I find distressing all the time but we all know it enjoys fun and games where my Court is free for all and that it is the whole process of standing up around it to talk through to me and abuse me and threaten me that is the reason it is having trouble with its media career – my problem is that the frequency of such activity sets me out as the guy whose public image and personality gets deployed by others to make fame and fortune and that makes me into a prized target for criminals, insane community croons and gangs, so when it comes to it, my main problem is a group of idiots that find it impossible to spend only 100% of their attention on the job that happens to be the reason they have no respect for others all together. Its like when they speak of Migrants who are a product of what we have done to expand our interests overseas – so that we find these goons have no problems with Migrants that show up to buy shares in large companies while setting out people are inferior persons that can be abused and tackled and made to become human shields deployed through high street shops blame culture to pacify the public and make them buy products and services in a hurry, we see their problem is with the ones that were stuck in processing centres for years and the case of those being inferior always eventually come to an end when their children are writing projects on a prized literature written by an asylum seeker that was stuck in a processing centre for a couple of years and then it will take it out of them that way. In my case they will say I have acknowledged my background which I do not mind anyway, they can always travel around the world to secure information on the background of somebody who spent the first year of their lives in the UK and the 20 after that in Africa and since then had returned to the UK up to this point – for me however I did not return to the UK on a fanfare with Family all around, I returned alone and so I was predisposed to the processes that migrants have to follow – hence am always getting punished by a collection of goons who are not good people themselves; feeds into what has become of their democratic system all together when they are always using the horrible people I left behind in Africa as a means of blackmailing and abusing me to make use of Christians personality for customer services without having to believe in God; goes beyond not reaping where they did not sow, becomes a case of sowing thistles in their fields and reaping crops from my field so to speak and it is the state of affairs of Political ideology that they will not give up whenever they are not complaining about its effects and blowing off those stupid threats as they wish – my part however was always to ensure that for it their enemies that catch them every time that enemies so desired and it makes sense of being punished for doing the right thing by a collection of immoral scum who are not actually good people in the sense of the world by the stretch of any measure. Same as when they speak of my problem with Germans while the case has always been that a persons whole life has to come to a stop so that Germans might learn the secrets that help them stand out from the crowd and so it just happens to be how Germans ask and for me it looks like they are really, really tough. All together an old story of very stupid people with very bad habits and extremely rude behaviour, so the migrants I have courted happen to be the trouble makers about whom I have made that society really queer in case it needs to be sold for money as well, so it helps them moderate their habits all together and it was all stable until the Celebrities showed up where each time I tell them to get famous from their backyards, means they tell me I will get into trouble for thinking about making them all together and its not like its going to get killed and I will have a part to play that is so insignificant that I got away with it all together as it were. They always say I exalt the White race but we all know if you asked somebody who lived responsibly in Europe about all that racism stuff you will hear that people do think playing up tribalism is dangerous business but this is not what the Politicians will think is most concerned with their jobs, the one that concerns them the most is asking private Industry security guards, most of whom are ex-criminals to strike my bum when they are certain there is considerable evidence that I will not react and we can see them make public policy on such nonsense which suggests that is what we are like in this Country and then it will go horribly wrong and they will bail out claiming they were none the wiser and we would end up with Military rule in the best of circumstances – my case is simply what I must do now when it is obvious that if supposing there was a slight probability that I would not respond to being abused and attacked by Politicians for sport, how far exactly would they have been willing to, bearing in mind I cannot now do anything with myself because I smell like my toilet due to the intensity of private security guard industry abuses; so it says that when I say it is stupid, I will get into trouble, with that big mouth; the trouble I suppose that was the one I was not willing to get myself into because they were able to come up with a fucking plan all together that is (the only thing I have actually done to provoke the Politicians by the way is that whenever a goon had decided not to work on their companies, then showed up to claim mine has set out future market for everybody, he or she gets support from them and the support will be designed to ensure I can no longer protect myself and property with own pocket money while they build up on my public image so big that when they deploy my property and life without signing a contract, I would not have been able to stop them – so we can see the blabbing about getting into trouble is precisely blabbing and nothing more than that especially if we think about the problem I did not get myself involved with because they did come up with a plan all together as it were). They always say I resolve these matters but never really make progress with myself; the reality of it being that whenever they want money especially with the help of media what they work on is a process of making out I am the same thing as the way that my fans live with respect to the involvement with me and it has no other purpose save undercutting me at areas of my career where I have done my best work. So they say I support the bad things the Monarchy does which is utter nonsense; the Monarchy does not do anything bad to a group of goons that love to punish people who were right while they were wrong every day for the rest of their lives, done nothing wrong to goons who know nothing whatsoever but like to think of themselves as the source of all leadership intelligence and then when their position had become a threat to them they want to provide leadership especially for those who are not interested in them all together. They do like to tell me I blab a lot but it is an old story about the fact if I said they were a Nation of addicts who spend their time playing around and chasing class A drugs and then when they realise that they are stuck, getting involved with and messing other peoples lives becomes their civil right, then they will say I am discriminating but we can see they pushed me out of University, passed their exams and I had since gotten off to see what will become of what they have chosen to do with the fact I had certain good will with City centre admirers which decided what industrial community I could be a part of and gave me direction for study and career, that I apparently had therefore stolen from them and they have been unable to do anything about me waiting there for them all together – while I have so much work to do to catch up with Female Canopies of Industry that have emerged and whatever other work I have been doing with the Admiralty as well; the blowing off my big mouth bit is just not a good enough cliché compared to if I told them I want their addicted stupidities to respect my right to have my Office to myself in Liverpool Street (so that it can be seen that if I said something similar about Oxford Street I would be referring to Shops and Emporiums or indeed Marble Arch wherefore I would be referring to Five Star Hotels and Luxury goods, which of course I am not) – this is a real cliché that decided exactly what it is that they can do about me or not. As for the bad things the Monarchy does to protect me all together, that was an old story of the fact they need show up here if they wanted a Book and not to play around with me as we are not mates – what happens with the Public image is Middle Class people at National service especially those involved with secret services have children who want to play around with me over it and of course I cannot play with them as well considering their parents will not approve. It feeds into the trouble maker immigrants story all together where they say I risk war but reality is that I am rather very good at making use of their own until they complain too and of course the Celebrities picking out areas of my life to make popular culture from while they have no respect for me which must be stopped as it apparently shows I was right about not wanting it done especially with respect to abusive black women who want to play up practical jokes with my finances bit that we now see has since celebrities been working on it developed into the same black women bandying about Military career cliché all together. They always say that we take up what Politicians do and pass it off as our work while reality is more a case of the fact Politicians are stickless for finding a way to put some social and financial gap between their children and every body else and so when it goes on way too often and too intensely it expresses itself as something done to see how people will react, while I carry on being I am not allowed to do Politics it will spend tax payer funds to pillage my academics and finance celebrities on my public image to secure an exit for the stupid things it is engaging itself with, just like the story of me having my whole life pillaged by Celebrities while reality is rather more a case of corporate leadership where people who make money for fighting others need to understand especially after boom was burst, that spending it on celebrities means it is gone forever and the case of getting it off the lives of those moral none violent people has never really worked if people were interested in preventing them from robbery. They always say that I know every trick in the Book about Politics while I really do not; it just happens here too often and its a very simple question i.e. apart from the racists and gangs who pick a fight with people they have never met because they are really big and very strong and have got the boundless energy to run it through, what is the probability that somebody who has not had any food all day will be happy with the idea of a tolerant society? They say I do love to dig in when people have had set backs but so is the world witnessing me having actual financial difficlties because the way people want to tell me I live in a cocoon where I am unaware I am a nobody affects my academic work so badly I drop out of University and now since had become a toy for their public transport operatives too, unless they are going to go blind on that as well, on and on until time catches up on me and makes it appear I have financial difficulties in my life etc. It feeds into this case where they say I do not think Politicians matter while the reality is such behaviour, very rude behaviour that not only assumes the boys who live up hill are different from the boys who live down hill stuff is for every one with its corruptions of involvement but is likely to allow girlfriends screw with me because they were women and somebody wanted a conversation with me about toughness and are likely to stand on a balcony and look down on a village and think it their own because I am an Arch Prince writing some Books. We find their women can never stop passing insults my way and the chief of it all being the story that I am a coward which does not allow me at all, its just what they do with it that does and when I meet them at Public transport the abuses will have gotten completely out of hand but the female Politician will be there to pass around insults that allow people mark me out as somebody they abuse when they want to make money and yet it is assumed I am meant to tone down my position on the fact I am determined to completely destroy any stupid culture and society and get in my face like the time it did at University if I saw it one more time, if thrown around by a collection of goons that pass about insults while the main problem is the old question of what we are supposed to do with them when the main issue is whether we expect them to end up on the streets that we might not get abused by idiots who think that there is a link between insulting people and making money while we know money is made when people prepare to be part of Industry community or prepare to be part of the work force despite the fact they were women in skirts, getting on my nerves talking nonsense at me at Houses of Government all the time because my religion according to them asked me to promise I will not do any violence for it, while the truth is that my religion actually does not allow violence at all. The bits they are complaining about is the sexual assaults that happen with the men that are supposed to have me beaten up when I do not think peddling my faith and public image and personal life was a good idea, now I am a coward all together and I do think it will end very well too. Its like when they say I have the same problem with my Mum and people want to see me do violent stuff with my great body just like she does and as far as I am aware of which my Mum does not want me to do anything and even if she did it would not have been relevant anyway; either way however my mums main concern is that I will make money and exert some form of leadership in the family whether or not it is my priority to do so all together – the part these goons play in the matter however I would never understand but I have always known them to make contact with my mum in order to play practical jokes on me, after which they claim they were famous while they have strange relationships with their parents that other people have to endure all day long, alongside criminal records and tell me I am off my case when I remind them those who tell them they were famous were just as insane, one seeing I am not suffering from either of the two anyway – in the end of which it seems for which purpose I believe not enough have died yet to make them behave, that they need whole civil services and National Media and National Parliaments to show what my Mum wants me to do as it were and I can only encourage it since nobody on this planet has the persuasive ability to tell them off but seeing any stupid self improvements sanctioned by their parents on my public image will take their problems to a whole new level on seeing my mum is an asset for their stupidities because targetting me like she used to my Dad has meant targetting somebody that is half of what she is all together as well. We see their insanity play out on this economy to this effect all the time too; quite incredibly the same idiots who have been spending our times allowing companies push people out of work because they were buying products from small firms that only media goons have the money to buy, are now complaining that mechanisation has reached such a stage that only a very small group of the population will be producing what everybody else needs and so it becomes one of those things that blow out on the government where something has to be done from a point where their insanity usually thinks a bad thing can be good sometimes, about making industry people behave properly, making people read economic texts to understand how things work before they get involved, not use mechanisation to take away jobs i.e. if a single person takes a week to make and polish one tiny stainless steel rivet for a car and a machine can make one of those in 60 seconds, there is no need for a human being to do such a job but to what end do we have drones doing mail and parcel sorting anyway, is main and parcel sorting companies involved in drone maintenance which is thus the reason most of their staff exist for such a purpose or really involved with mail and parcel sorting? We hear them say I think it is mandatory for companies to employ people while it is not whereas the same stupidities created the economic crisis as we could see these are a group of goons that are unaware that if £100,000 circulates in the economy, at the end of every year £30,000 will have disappeared, never to be seen again because human beings eat food and it gets passed away at the toilet, thus wealth creation means finding a way to replace the £30,000 that will have vanished as people carry on with daily concern – not employing people generally means you are soon to find yourself in a position where you have to tell people explanations and stories of which decisions were out of your hands will suffice as per the reasons £40,000 has moved overseas. Besides which having a business involves taking up parts of peoples lives that works in partnership with you and getting it done for them because you are the one that is earning money from it, which they say isn't and we see their insanity play out on environment issues too, where it is not their local fools that have a problem with women and think that putting recyclable items in landfill waste because it is mad to sort what you bin but not bad to chase and see peoples anus that were the problem, if the single mother with single use plastic and 5 children on holiday is said to have been and needs to be made to clean up the beach instead – so we can see how it will never end well too, the bits where they get to find out which one was their job and others were to blame for it too. Pretty much the same attitude towards Labour, where the asset that is gained from spending tens of thousands at the University is a toy while the owner is using it to determine how much skill they must deploy for a £15,000 job as compared to a £30,000 job; for them its all a game while there are bad things out there taking advantage of beautiful things with cultural and social perversion, whereas having a business involves single minded thinking with respect to the fact its all about facilitating another persons job depending on how much they are paying you for it; thus I may concede that the claim it is not mandatory for people to employ when running a business comes from stock market goons, apparently which it is their jobs to facilitate other peoples stocks and shares, so its not mandatory for businesses to employ people, not mandatory for them to complete cycles that allow them monitor and develop their profits within their own controls. Its like when they tell me I am never happy with anything and have certain expectations that need to be understood and we can see they do not see a lost opportunity when we have so much media at our finger tips but do not run an economy where students can check what they have studied in the real world to ensure their proficiency is updated while they graduate. They always say the most important thing is the money naturally but in the same way I work a Public show case system with all manufacturers who broker with me, so buying expensive products does not mean you can play with a company's Intellectual Property or the equities of mine that got into building products which experience of adventure and creativity other people are hoping to gain when they buy the products as well, no matter how much it you have bought. For the women however and their famous or popular gits that cannot let people be, its career criminal stuff and they are obviously back again because politicians never listen as it were, having said so, its career criminal stuff and needs to stop talking rubbish at me, to complain about what British Government and Monarchy gets up to when it avails them.

So it is said that it has become clear that it is not just a process of finding out I am always right and have been that way since my teenage years and therefore building myself a court to seek a second opinion about what I am doing, that is the purpose of the women I get around with but it isn't; there are many purposes these days but the one that is most relevant to others is for instance when they watch the 007 Movies and think the only thing that matters is sexually harassing the beautiful women on it – this is the UK as such and there is always a probability that I end up with a court full of women whose Parents want them to get married as soon as possible and they have no idea where to start and so on among many other reasons, so the outcome is usually that with respect to British culture, after the Men and the Women and their cultural relationship with each other, the third party is usually the American; now that I can say if the fat cats chase my case I will build up their sex industry for them again, I believe I have done enough to ensure all are comfortable.

Of course we hear very often that I am just a sore market place loser and it is utter nonsense as well, I have tried my hands on pyramid sales businesses before and am very well aware of how destructive those who use it to harm others can be to peoples lives and personal engagements, I have not yet done anything to them that will either set me out as a winner or loser to this effect for my part so far either, so I have no idea what it is about too but I am perfectly certain it does not wish to get a good outcome out of me for it too. Apparently what got me into the present predicament is largely that socialist idiots have just had another great idea and it involves following me up over a period of years, wrecking my finances while I develop my potential and then when it is ripe they can decide if I will be rich when they were not rich at my expense first, it is another example os socialists setting out how abusively a human being can be handled so that when the racists and extremists follow it on they can claim they did not have a part to play in the ideology itself. We see their Politicians at it all the time, we see their Politicians never give it a rest, every moment, every day some story about getting a rich person off their money so they can end up in difficult financial conditions and share their methods of selling things with everybody where their human rights are collateral damage and their personal security is a prized tool blabbing sore loser at me as well. I am not in any state of stupefied state over this matter as they think, they have always done these things since teenage years when parents never agreed that attending Church was a good idea, so this sort of talk is an assumption I have not had enough of them and we see the Politicians and fat cats at it endlessly too – they build up my public image on media all the time, so that when they deploy my property without a contract being signed and agreed, they will be too big to stop – these sales goons however, I mean with gravity placed on what a person may be if they are earning half a million pounds from a sale Pyramid system blabbing sore loser at me as though they had no enemies themselves, love to get involved with me for other reasons save my Books for the purpose of making money outside of the normal systems that concern joining a work force or an industrial community and the last time I checked, there was a copyright sign on the Books for all to see, and hence not far fetched they are setting themselves out to be seen and understood as self harming bastards blabbing sore loser at me all the time – I am running a Book sale business from an Empire attached to a Royal Office, time and again I broker equities and get my publicity and each time the brokers associates might think of giving me a Book contract a socialist has acted on media with insults and abuses that are intensely physically and carry on endlessly enough to cause that to go away – adds up to money being worked for and then made to move somewhere else while it exists in equity form, safe as houses and no trouble from law enforcement at all, talking rubbish at me about which it is going to go sorely bad pretty soon; it does not belong to them and I would like it if they cleared my space, kept their comments to off my concerns and got a book otherwise make themselves very scarce indeed, then I will be a sore loser from there.


Now there is talk of environment issues of course and it is said that production processes for renewable energy might having a bigger carbon footprint than leaving it as it is or just short-circuiting the industrial processes to go without plastic all at once for instance but we all know it will never work – in the open market it will, in a super market it never will as people will be expected to wash their hands after handling products if they are buying things during break time at an Office and then there will be further complications concerning water wastage. We have to get it done by the same industrial processes that became so sophisticated they could create plastic efficiently and thereby damage the eco system efficiently too and we need to make time to become sophisticated and efficient at doing so as well otherwise we will never get it done. They say its something about everybody expecting changes from the wealthy whenever things go wrong but its a simple statistic here; we all understand environmental issues as the need to live in clean and modern and environmentally friendly energy sustainable and renewable neighbourhoods but it is the wealthy that understand how the harmful chemicals shall stop getting into the sea. Its not all of the wealthy of course; simple process of the fact if you did ask somebody to throw some barrels of chemical into Landfill, there is no law by which you can stop them throwing it into the sea instead. Whereby I would be said to have found exoneration for the rich which is not really the case; we live in a Capitalist society and nobody has ever built a multimillion pound business by setting out some products and telling the local population to go to hell as he spills dangerous chemicals into their drinking water, it happens after the company has been built and some goons whose backgrounds you cannot reference have showed up to buy shares and expect leadership on profits. Here they tell me I am stirring up problems I cannot handle naturally which is utter nonsense; they have been warned enough times to stop clinging to the Natural environment and doing damage to it the same way they cling to my Books to make me breathless by which they blackmail me and delay my financial well being so they can chase my Royal Estate and churn my tummy but it will not stop and so it needs to start caring like those who cared enough to build the company it bought shares from did asap – apparently it does not like this very much considering it is as twisted and evil as they come. In the end people do not want to have their lives changed by the fact that bad things need to be rectified; society thinks it is the fault of Industry and should not affect them, Industry thinks it is the fault of society and should not affect them but these scum are the ones that have grown accustomed to threatening and handling me physically with that big mouth. They always say it is a problem I cannot handle but I am aware I can take them any time; what we are talking about here is building my Empire and brokering the Market with other companies because there was an economic crisis, bearing in mind I only needed one Book contract to recover all my losses for the time I have had to wait on them; what I have ended up with is these fools getting involved in what does not concern them to make the money that involves hurting me without getting the Police involved and has nothing to do with preparing to join industry communities or the work force all together, talking rubbish at me with that stupid media and the foolish celebrities all the time. I do get told that I am weak and I know they really love to pick a fight when they have never met me so that society can beat it down for them all day long and so its when I have spoken about the threats and it has happened again to do with what people think of my Books for the day, it is incredibly infuriating bearing in mind its the sort of thing that happens when one is revising for an exam. The bits about moving to the left is all good but its when it becomes a case of them being big guys while I am stuck with their wives we will find out all together – nobody moves into my right hand, they all stay out and get lost like real Men that they were. It feeds into something similar about Migration Crisis in France being brought about by the British, where the French always like to mess with and assimilate people while the British have the body type that can cope with the power aspects but no wish to share with others, hence the two have always gotten along as far back as history goes. Reality is rather that each time I meet a French Student for instance it can easily progress from telling somebody to monger their war somewhere else to having to deal with an ideology over honour based conflict in academic institutions, where if you are clever enough you do not have to take it a cracked up and out of people league at the same time. Their insults were their own personal choice and something they should live with; I never had a say in being set out as the kid that gives respect that kids of today do not give their elders any more, they ask what I want but we see them get used to such things and deploy it to define me while I am at work or at University all day long followed soon after by the threats that make me so angry I cannot concentrate – when they show up around my concerns they are meant to leave with a Book and a payment for it, lest I become an Arch Prince lord of everything to find out if those insults will suffice all together as well.


Now we know their Politicians want to invent some conversations about people who are not making the proper contributions to the economy and it is so annoying when it is the same Politicians who endlessly mess up the entire economy by setting out a stage where recovery from a recession will be based on trapping and abusing those who know what to do, in order to force them to do it for everybody and we find quantitative easing is always late, bank bail out is always late but happens anyway after being late. These are the same individuals who spend half their time expecting forgiveness for ripping up peoples lives and finances because government always has the money and what I am doing here in their view is worth £70.00 pw unemployment benefit, while the other half of the time is talking about the lives of those who have property or ideas that the more superior persons in the land have not yet tasted being hunted down – now they have gone from expecting forgiveness for tearing up peoples lives and finances to talking nonsense about proper contributions from those who are making the contributions anyway. I mean I am an example here and the only thing preventing me from selling Books and picking up tools at an academic institution that I need is the fact people have organised themselves into communities that exist to chase my bottom on one hand while on the other they have yet again organised themselves into a community that spends its time on violent lasciviousness that is based on the content on my diet, now the idiots who get on government buildings to give them support and finance and go-ahead for such nonsense are talking about proper contributions and it goes beyond the reason it annoys me being that I am now perpetually tired with my tummy doing strange things all the time because they will not let it be on one hand, facing up to Politicians talking about my contributions not being the proper one and how something must be done about it, meaning a probability I might get beaten up by gangs as well once they are done ripping up my finances and academics and feeds right into the whole story of misogynists and anti-Semites. Then we hear that people do not know what I know otherwise they would not have behaved in such ways; which is utter rubbish, I am not trying to educate them, as far back as I can remember, they have always done these things, since when I left home, my tummy has always been unable to cope and is now showing signs of being something that is about to destroy my whole life over the existence of shit men and misogynistic scum talking nonsense about contributions to the economy which are not proper ones while they have made a Country where it is not safe to keep products in your garage that you sell to next door neighbours making us as a Country extremely uncompetitive all together – the story of knowing what I know is about anger that is not unconnected with that stupid idea that when I write my Books I do not know what am writing bearing in mind I seem to be able to tie them down in a certain behaviour whenever I want to complain about it, in order to guarantee that I always have credibility no matter what – they have always done these things and the fact I am responding to it is not the same as agreeing to the suggestion I need to educate them in order to salvage myself; they are evil and that was their personal choice but it needs to stop ripping up my finances and academics to make its pleasure on one hand while talking nonsense about which contributions to the economy are not proper ones on the other - it is very simple; imagine somebody that is 70 years old and has always been a misogynist since childhood, you must never let what you see become what you expect because he will completely destroy your whole life – I mean what are they doing with my personal space and public image anyway, feeling good? These are simply very stupid individuals and I do get told I go too far with my temper as well but it has to be seen that apart from what is stopping me doing college and selling my Books was people chasing my bottom and the content of my diet with violent lasciviousness; every time I owe money it is not to loan sharks, it is to the DWP and I am wondering a fucking misogynistic idiots at proper contributions to the economy, what it is for anyway. So I am rather resolved it needs to show up here when it wants a Book and not to play around with my personality for the purpose of new beauties winding me up talking nonsense about the economy as well; these are very stupid people and the fact that over 80% of my resources are now spent tolerating them is obviously not a good contribution, not least since we found that they had created an economy where it was people with the energy to work that mattered and not people with the brains to think, so that trappings of power might ensure they made laws in favour of the criminal and the prison inmates and the barely criminal who have the energy for all that superiority that I was dragged out to University to sit about reacting to in the first place, for which I am wondering what a shit men misogynists that believe they need to be educated about the effects of their insanity, clinging to my Books and talking about contributions mean when they had decided mine is not a proper one all together; it does hate my guts already and this will be a good opportunity to set out the reasons it does too i.e. I had decided they will face a new test that I will invent every single day, a test that makes them think twice about stepping outside of their doors to follow up a job role every morning, considering when they might want to think about keeping their stupidities outside of my concerns as it were. We hear all the time where it concerns them the most was that I wanted my success all at once and of course we are now aware the last person who told me I need to walk before I can run after I had spent 6 years working on a Book did not fare very well too, so this is another test all together reminding me of the fact the last time I was being detached from my introverted personality of which nobody knows why people have to be hounded down and abused and attacked and detached from their introverted personality to make them into disturbed problem mongers that have problems which affect everybody else anyway before the idiots responsible blab about proper contributions to the economy that is, I remember it started from Politicians making out stories of their offices making decisions that affect the lives of criminals – so it is out of its depth at this point considering my Books do not do their stupidities any favours and we still find a need to get on media to blow off those insults they cannot seem to keep where people want to hear and see it all together as it were; it is an old story where even when we talk about secret services its always Cats and Dogs not getting along and we can see it play out in the real world as well – which ones are proper contributions to the economy showing it has developed right up to a point; as I mentioned before, it is working with media to work on my public image and Books ripping up what I do about culture and society to stay in control of how people respond to my Books because it is making me a deal, where in return for my financial success I will not respond when people strike my anus and so on, talking rubbish at me as well especially when its a stupid American. Like I get told they spoke about the right proper economic contributions was said in good faith, which is utter nonsense as we all know it cannot stop doing peoples stuff and leaving people waking up on a day to find it had made friends with the enemy to bring about balance when things got rough. They say I have difficulty living in a world that has other economic powers save our western ones and it is utter nonsense; its about the insanity of Politics that makes those who do too much of it sick but because they are supeiror to me, I suffer as a result of that all the time, looking for trouble – what they are complaining about is a process where a Country has worked out how to chase economic and political interests overseas in a diplomatically proficient way and therefore finds a way to beef up some security on that due to the fact the rest of the world do not have the same thing yet, blabbing their get rich quick abusive big mouth at me will create something new for them to complain about too – so what I say does not help either, like a new test for the day that makes them think twice about stepping outside to follow up a job role, just like their superiority does to others who have clearly asked them a question about it as it were. So its where it has gone beyond the case of the surprising reasons that wars happen that we hear intrusive and abusive media goons complain about being stuck with my problems too; those can never be advised the probability is that Royalty does not need their assistance, if they must build up blame culture crowd, help me with trouble makers from overseas and extract an income from my public image to threaten me with – so now its a bit too late and they need to live with it and stop playing stupid games with me over what the outcome become. They were warned endlessly to get involved with others as God intended these things to operate but it will never suffice that way; what they did with me is more important than my Books while I am writing it if it happened before I wrote the Books, now they are stuck with me and there is no time to change, so its become damaged goods with respect to freedom and democracy according to how they know it as well but for me its a matter of the number of hours out of bed and in he dark writing a Book and the number of meals missed to finish a project and then when Published, somebody tends to make use of it without paying while my buttom hurts because he has been a misogynist all his stupid life; so it is the price of the Books itself that have become the last straw. I do get asked why life itself is about my Book which is not really the case; reality is rather that I have written Books with dictionary errors that have not been corrected and so there is a certain way that service for those who pay hard earned money for it works – this service is what their problem is and I can still remember when it wasn't, I can still remember when Media fools started building the practical jokes, I can still remember when the bloody idiots started, I am aware it is not a world I was born into. They always say its something to do with Liberal ex-service people picking on me, which is utter rubbish; its as I mentioned before not that they are picking on me i.e. its making me a deal where in return for financial success I will not react when it strikes my anus for fun – it is an old story about why they watch pornogrpahy as a community for instance apart from what I will do as well when it talks nonsense at me about holding to my property and telling me to walk first before I can run; usually if they have not become the third bit of society that is separate from normal people and law enforcement and full of criminals getting involved with the Military to do my stuff and have somebody to oppress as well, whereby it is hard to see how with me still in control and a process where they go in there and get shot at by the enemy doing my stuff at a limit, I get oppressed, we find them work the sex industry where messing with a Military operative especially the one that was a Private and therefore has a job where he dies made them feel they needed to live so intensely they were watching some sex or having it as a community. I do get told that such talk does not sit well with military leaders but I am aware that it does not; a Captain has a duty to look after his Men for instance but these ones do my stuff and pass abuses at me too often. They like to say mine is the cowards way out of a problem but it was an old story that when people have gone through extensive training to provide leadership they get marked and then whenever they are stuck in a difficult matter, these shit men misogynists and antisemites will be off dividing borders and celebrities, so the latter might show up all over my concerns passing around incredible insults all day long – it appears the measures I am taking at present is not enough and speaking of which none the least is the number of times that Women who handle my state provided security get bent over, while they enjoy their cowards way out of a problem way too much; it needs to become more intense – one test every morning that ensures they think twice about stepping outside of their door to get anywhere; They do say I could have resolved it without being so rude but we all know as I had mentioned before, its a cowards way out of problems that means they bend over or want to bend over women who handle my state provided security, while they spend their time drawing up borders and dividing celebrities, so obviously the idea did not come out of the blue as such, a Liberal Ex service people making me pay the price they have paid for the Country on Media everyday. They do say I get myself all over the place and involved with other peoples lives and then I complain and bellow my own threats but we all know I have warned their civil disobedience about peddling my faith and personal life and public image and why none is to do it to no avail, they are the ones rather, that now have to show some respect for other peoples personal finances and academic pursuits. Its usually when they are done screwing with me because I have a Royal Commission while attending University and cannot stop messing about after I dropped out, they say I get myself tangled up with others and then complain about it. As for the part that involves getting into trouble; that will never happen as the issue is usually that my Role is to be somebody who does a certain thing with a half Priests Monastery Office that supports the Monarch to govern by Law, except bothering me will make me become the Arch Prince of everything just to find out what they can do about it – its never true I will likely get into any trouble, its all media blabbing; what is true is that these goons have no wish to live in a Country where people do not make up their blame culture for the purpose of chasing other peoples possessions and even travel overseas to find it, they do not wish to live in a Country where they relate with people in a manner that does not go contrary to what was intended naturally, we see they want to find a way to gather a crowd that will force somebody to share what he has if they desired it and this history builds up as a form of superiority until there is more of it than there is of them whereby being famous becomes part of their human rights and it becomes entirely ridiculous; I just happen to be this person with a talent for speeding up the process for them, who wants their media and celebrity madness kept outside of his concerns if they are complaining. They say I talk but most of the time expect the crowd to fight my battles; reality of course is that my work is usually so good that they have declared it a no consent required property, so besides the bullying of shit men who want to cover their tracks after that is the reality of what your imagination says they are doing in Asia where people are usually extra friendly – what they are doing with rape and paedophilia in Asia. So there is more of them that is not as nature intended now than there is the them that their families know and it has begun to keep the insults somewhere else and started another story about knowing what I know. The case of how good at I am at making people see the good parts of their lives and Country is utter nonsense; those who do it are properly insane – it is rather the incredible responsibility of having to deal with complicated associated with the fact an idiot wants something bigger than you to ensure he is making a living from a platform that you cannot get involved with; so its like especially for the Women that cannot keep their mouths off my concerns, none of their activities are concerned with the way that people are supposed to make money without being a threat to the general public, there isn't even a connection between making money and those abusive behaviour others have to tolerate which concerns the fact they want to be rich and comfortable and it is easily seen by everybody else that one can always switch from a character that thinks it is not the end of the world to put up with stupid women abusing him rather than a process where you find the same stupid women on the streets because they do not have a home, switch into something rather real as it were. So its not me showing them how good their lives or Country is in anyway whatsoever, they do say that when they prepare themselves to join Industry communities and prepare themselves to join the work force in terms of having a business for the former and getting a job role for the latter, I am still a problem but that was because their advertisement are nothing but abusing me in the same of socialist mistress all day long about which they never ever do anything properly; when they do these things I get into trouble with Companies that think I have allowed them screw around and make money from places they happen to have without working for it and all the way through I get into trouble with everybody and everything and then end up in a big one with the lady that does Karaoke in Cruises to entertain Guests. They do blab about which one is feminism but I fail to see the connection; it does not matter what I have to tolerate where they are around my case all the time and I feel sore all the time because they want money and do not even know what my name is but they really need to stop winding me up – the next time that stupid civil rights money loving madness becomes an issue because I have been threatened by their career criminal boys from the neighbourhoods over standing up for myself, I am going to act in a way that their Politicians will never be able to rescue them from like they have so far looking for more of what they are complaining about for their part. I do get told the matter has to be handled easier and sustainably which is nothing new; these goons need to be dragged on with everybody else until the economy is settled well enough to say if they want money they can get jobs and stop bothering others over some latest trend, otherwise we will miss out of the opportunity to have the Country served economically by their great and almighty superior muscles that wants to beat up everybody all the time. If they want economic separatism, they need spend their own money on it, get on the case and find out what it takes. I mean in the end my methods are questioned sometimes but the reality is still that it is the money we have left over by the recession in the economic pipeline that will provide us with the recovery we need whether or not the government has gone off to kill people overseas and bring in new investment that way or they had decided to print money from the Central banking, this is where the cradle of recovery is located; I have never spent any time showing them how beautiful their lives or Country is, so they can poke me into saying something flattering while they make money, the reality is the Companies that broker equities with me and the fact its like a relationship which as every relationship is fraught with fear of change as it is impossible most of the time to ascertain what the results of any changes will be; I have to bear that in mind all the while as I write and trade my Books. They do say I need to speak nicely but I have no idea where people hope to secure the energy to chase jobs and family if I did anyway; this stuff has to be turned around otherwise the result will be that people are okay for five years and then it sets in like an earth quake and will end up with a mental illness epidermic in a flash with no means of tackling it sustainably, just like dreary tired nice speaking. There is talk all the time about what Politicians are doing to me but it goes beyond not being like them, not thinking I can deploy esteemed office of state for private purposes, not being able to bring myself into a situation where I get involved with people that have gathered somewhere either for excused reasons or the wrong reasons, to ensure they do not get hurt by the world around them but the reality will always still be that it was possible to handle their own as well i.e. making time for the fact Journalists talking nonsense about suffering inflicted on me because they are always getting rejected, Celebrities talking nonsense about squandering my finances whereby getting into a fight with those who sexually assaulted them was where I made a sacrifice for a change in my stupid life, only to blab about some global problem I have with Liberal America and the Politicians ripping up my finances over stupidities that ensure they had become a threat to themselves and therefore want to provide leadership for others to get out of it. It grows into a case of stories we hear them tell about the way I defend myself against Liberal people being a threat to everybody when we all know that everybody else have neighbourhoods but it is the one that celebrities have which is a threat to peoples lives, jobs and public image and they have never answered a single question put to them about how people create problems for others by defending themselves from famous idiots in their whole lives, to the big old story about black people who do not appear to see that they have no rights around my case, own nothing here and control nothing here – according to the last time it would have been impossible for me to prove the guy who will die if he does not get international aid was evil and would only accept help from me if it was offered in a certain way and when I backed off because I simply couldn't please them, set the stage for an alliance with celebrities that involved persecuting me on the global stage and international communities. In the end they only tend to claim that they want to get me off my Books as it has become a threat to me and it is an old insult about how to determine what I do with my writing career by a collection of fools who are either bringing other peoples lives to stop by damaging their prospects everyday for practical jokes and then jumping on my Books and public image to tell me that is a threat to me and needs to be removed whenever they want to feel safe because somebody wants to stab and shoot, bringing my life to a stop as well or we find that they are on public places building themselves a reputation that expresses something of their lives being the place to be where people do not wish to get hurt and it feeds into the reasons my Book patent income margins and public image would become a toy for a fashion idiot who cannot do the stupid fashion to save a life but enjoys issuing stupid threats at me and seeking to get into a stage where it can strike peoples bums, which does not add up when I meet somebody on benefits who talks and acts like my school governor, that others think they cannot exist without striking peoples bums. Same as the case of sexual harassment they say not being something the law takes seriously even when the Police does i.e. just like none is to peddle my faith and personal life and public image whether or not they are the embodiment of Britannia with a big mouth in Parliament especially – for some people the thought of sexual assault could be that it had a thousand and one issues resolved but you still have to trip it anyway – so if it says that to the Police they would not care if the complainant was cuddling the perpetrator in a bedroom when it happened but in Law the reality is usually a case of whether there was an assault involved and whether the assault itself was sexual if there was any involved; what I have done with Books that are a threat to me being to manipulate the goons involved in these matters right up to the drugs and gangs ones, so that others might be able to make television with it. In the end its not just a case of being messed with for years by goons who are prepared to serve me a certificate of rejection when done either; its a matter of Politicians not fancying me getting near the Royal Family about which they can go to hell, continue to seek out insults with which to influence me and talk nonsense like that all the time – so its the matter of whether or not HM provides leadership for society and its families that is beyond them here, all the day to the composition of what has been created for them in the form of international mobility where my part in the matter is fan fare at Political entertainment which when brought it allows the Monarchy to adopt a position in which he has enough Equities to lead the world on global peace and security matters, bearing in mind they are rather prepared to ignore all those beautiful married women overseas and return here after talking nonsense all over the world with extremist fools that will stand up at the shops passing around blame culture and looking for a human shield for it too – these are the things that are beyond them, what is not beyond their stupidities is the composition of HM Family. I do get told people want me to deliver as I had promised and I have done so many times over; since I want to keep my fundamentalisms with Men on the left who are not at risk of some form of harassment, the main problem has become that of goons who have a need to show they are really wise and clever at other peoples expense which is not what the nauseating financial damage actually says that they are – they always say the problem is too much for me and there is no way I can do it but we all know if it is a fan of a millionaire being one will have something to do with pillaging my Books all the time and we see the same with male journalists as well who say my problem is a function of them being constantly rejected and so their activities end up questioning my identity while the fact that the Monarchy has gotten involved with the Court and it is a greater interest to have a Court to celebrities than one of Journalists, I have to keep only the journalists I need but since they would usually have started picking up on the bad people from overseas disposition as a sign of rebellion, I have decided they could bring their spouses into the Court considering the Monarchy is involved on my account, not because of appeasement but because making sure fat cats and their friends bothering people leads to a process where Industry has to grapple with the sex trade, without which they would otherwise have been able to carry on with a sense of normalcy whatever they had decided. This is the beginning process of getting rid of journalists I do not fancy but the celebrity ones are a story of misogyny that asks people to chose between misogyny and fascism being misogyny still and Fascism that asks me to chose between fascism and misogyny and fascism still but it is when I say none should have to drop out of University to make clear such a point it becomes obvious that dropping out of University for it is misogyny still with consequences such as my middle finger protruding upwards and then right downwards after. They speak of this case where I am prepared to come up with any trick that lets me do the wrong things and get away with it and that was of course the impression they created of me not what I told people I was doing but reality rather says that we can clearly see the big problem they have with me along side their Politicians is that no one had dared gotten them stuck anywhere while they fundamentally love to make a mess of peoples lives, which means I am on course to carry on until they are too old to recover so I might find out what it is they can do about it as well; I wish they would stop making use of others in a manner that does not progress as nature intended – in my case especially it is about how they are exempt from buying my Books because they know how to work my feelings and can get the information from the horses lips, so just like they appoint themselves and get on Public places to pass insults at me and tell me how to exist while getting busy damaging their freedom selves so that it might become their human rights to be famous as far as they are concerned, they will never be free of me considering it is how I tend to stop the fame as well first of all and so will I appoint myself consign them to the damaged goods section of society so that even if somebody had manufactured them into fame it will still have been queer and questionable. Eventually there emerges this need to understand what is being accomplished when I am labelled as rude – which I am not; what really happens goes beyond talk of wealth distribution by Politicians that have simply refused to do their jobs but consistently wish to show on on the scene to demand the Office from the Public along with their stupid German Friends chasing bottoms and then their Communism mates picking up from wherever points that they can, it becomes a case of the fact the only trouble they can create for me the way their insults and abuses persist is Fat Cats and Tribalism; otherwise for most of it, there is the matter of sitting in my Half Priest existence to dedicate myself to God and any services that HM may expect of me, only for goons to show up in the Houses of Government and express the fact they are in a perpetual state of dreaming about me being forced to do something that was so repressive it either claimed my life or nearly did and we can all see what becomes of them when I make myself into an Arch Prince Lord of everything to find out what they can do about that as well, we can see they are far from the best thing that ever happened to the Country the way their horrible behaviour suggests all the time. Its where the story fits into the picture that the problem was a case of whims trying to lead the strong which is utter nonsense as it is more a case of the strong having some need to see the whims take risks and so when male it strong male that hates women, when female its strong female that hates religious people; it will rather run a stupid campaign that looks like that because it wants to stop people who can cause some real problems when they take the risks they are forced to take than it would want to stop the behaviour all together. I do get told I have a stalking problem but then again even if I did, it would still be a matter of what people have come up to me to tell me they wish to regard as fact concerning what another has said about me – so it is usually happy to play role of minion that shows up to check me out for a society idiot but has no wish to be afraid of me as well; so we know they always say people like me will never have a public image which is nothing of a problem like they think that it is; their Liberalists and Politicians and Celebrities are idiots who think this is a problem that can carry on forever even if I did not want it to while reality is more a case of the fact what they spend their time on is obsess about peoples lives and property while making up a publicity based perception of how they wish to see it, I for instance am selling Books I have written but Liberal America is more interested in whether or not I have a state provided security and these are fools that are so stupid that they say I have not got a choice about the matter like low lives always win when it comes to doing the bad things with a big mouth – what results from such things is of course a disposition that says that they can have anything they want if they just asked the right persons and had the right attitude and in my case they want an Army at their disposal as stupidly as it can cause me the most amount of distress; so the Celebrities and stupid children can continue building up history on their insults and abuses until I handle and make use of their own to a stage where they have to complain about me on a global scale in order to stop it all together as it were. It feeds into that story that I will never have a public image when I am finished, the one where reality is that they have always done these things right from the day I left home to live on my own; and an idiots job in the neighbourhood will be to park his stupid car by my window and repark it over and over and over in the dead of night until I am physically sick, once I am, their stupid children will then cling to that as their answer for everything; we have now entered a phase where their foolish Politicians have been able to help like they said would be possible after I dropped out of University and had them pass their own exams once finished with practical jokes about admirers in the city giving me a sense of career direction being something I had stolen from them, passed their own exams and returned to the Popular culture that suits them so much apparently all together, making it impossible for me to pick up the bits of the mess they have made here – so it apt people stopped assuming they can predict when I am capable of when they are so stupid themselves. There is a real risk of getting a hot rod up your arse when the British Establishment does not fancy you any more on account that you have risked National security getting al stuck up with Celebrities and extremists and it could have been worse, even though idiots are spending money on them and hoping to get it back from the general Public but we all know these Liberal American scum have an extra reputation to go by all together, talking rubbish about which Public image I would not have as though I am educating them about the effects of their activities. They do say that it is fear constitutes the main propellant for what I do but then again if we are talking about people having an evil Godless Murderous culture which is something that is now being blabbed at Government Offices everyday, the risk apparent was never killing and getting killed which is not scary in their view; hence bearing in mind I have little time for it, would be nice if none moves into my right hand and show some respect for others, blobby body, cunt, twit alike as it were if they are so pissed off themselves about people moving into their own; the Nationalism bits being the part I could never understand why people do all together as it were. They speak of how I say such things but still support Mr Trump in the US while we all know Obama was the first abusive and globally destructive populist with a baby daughter that wants a future on this scene and that Trump is working hard to avert the problems that he has created; people have to be brave about Politics and some people have to learn not to start off something because of it. They speak of this condition of being inferior that means people grab my career and I do nothing because I am unable to and it becomes their responsibility, reality of course is one of their insults and abuses and practical jokes making it impossible for me to sell my Books which then provides a collection of scum from ethnic minorities something to run with and make money on Media but should be assume somebody was stealing my career, I am not aware of any stupid rules which say I am to answer to them and their superiority either way. Its like when we hear entertainers plans to teach me lessons all the time while it was about certain Estate Equity I set out to Broker with some Actors and some Producers and how like every relationship I am worried about changes which will mean I cannot predict outcomes and they had just created an outcome and a change which beats the imagination all together, Obama on one side and Trump on the other.