I do not mind the suggestion I am some sort of aspiring House Husband either; we all know what happens is that the fact I have told people that are older than me to keep off my Books in a condition where their bullying has now meant all I think about is them and nothing can ever be clear about the Books as a whole, is the reason they show up to churn my tummy and get Public transport scumbags involved in the bullying as well all together, claiming they have got the money saved up from years in the work force which should provide them with power, which I think is all good too provided they do not lose the jobs because on the other side is pure hell on my account. It’s an old story where they are more worthy to stand in front of a Crowd and provide leadership and although I am not planning this at the present, I need to be able to provide a book sale community with the confidence I can look after them and provide them the services they need but it is clear how complicated it can get when people want to play games – the blacks would like a black peoples community in which I am trapped, that does not exist in Africa where villages can force them to pay the school fees of the victims of their ageism as such and they will enjoy the bullying aspects of African culture there undisturbed but apparently it is not Africa as it were and I have put up with their insanity every day for the last 15 years so far. They have started this tale of how unpredictable I am and how much of a trouble maker that looks like a terrorist I am too. The truth of course is rather that there is nothing unpredictable about the parents who want to carve fame and fortune out of your appearance and public image bullying you to a stage where they show up at Media and Government buildings to seek out your weaknesses to exploit them in a situation where they are disobedience and so when they get there and do not find any, they are in a position to create one. The children however being the ones that turn up on my public image and around my Books all the time to steal fame, knowing it will encourage their community croons to chase my private parts whenever they think they are but a lot of the times it is usually under control before the ageists show up with threats and daddy grabbing limelight routines, to tell me I am unpredictable looking like terrorists – apparently taken them 15 years of this nonsense to realise they are doing the wrong thing. I do not think that catching them one after the other is the way it works because an idiot at industry will always give them money and public place to do fame each time it happens – chasing them at global markets and stock markets and their financial wellbeing as a community is what works; otherwise their temper is not more important than mine, no communities have to be forced to get together and solve their problems because they have low tolerance for social issue and being superior to me is what they want to do with their time, shouldn’t take up mine. I do not wish to tolerate seeing them around my Books anymore, otherwise we are going to end up with pain that creates a new album out of what happens on the left, the way we have had one on the right so far. I do not think it is an issue; the rest can always be controlled especially boys showing up on Public image and around Book sale business to seek fame and fortune thing but it’s the old idiots with a need to show up on government buildings to play up daddy seeking limelight and churning your tummy thing that is the main problem, it is the most socially and sexually corrupt and stupid and disobedient thing in the whole world and tends to me the actions of the others are based on exploiting the pain it causes which becomes what people think of my Books instead of what I have written in them or the descriptions I have posted beside. Even then there are other little bits like they might keep off but narcissist happiness that is about me and brings forth sales for destructive industry idiots that share the money with them and help them to popularity fame and fortune will continue and I have tried stopping the ones that do the lifestyle pillaging from getting around industry to talk nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am but it has not worked in terms of making them pay attention to their jobs instead of me despite ripping up my academics to pass their own and return to popular culture they do not need it for. Everything else may stop but industry ones spending money on their narcissist happiness that creates environment for sales will never stop and this is the one that gets to a stage where private diaries cannot support you any longer and you are always a vagabond to Public place ageists and unable to concentrate on studies – at the moment I have dropped out o University, making the best of what I have and they are deciding what should become of that too, which is what this was all about but the conversation is apparently stem from the fact I am looking like terrorist according to them, having been it has been amusing to such an extent; it does not mean I am scared, it’s just a clear indication of where they are i.e. a point where I might likely become a person who condenses my feelings into a corner, which lets me lash out and kill a few people to get killed by the Police and thereby make a statement that although I did drop out of University I have had my business figured out anyway because these idiots are having too much fun ripping my finances with parliament and media to facilitate a weakness they can exploit to practice disobedience that will make them look powerful and rip up my health and ability to get employment with questions that get physical – so I am wondering if it has taken them 15 years of my time to figure out that they are doing the wrong thing then. Its apparently a matter of me circumventing their fame whenever they kill some Terrorists ; I wouldn’t know anyway, I know it’s the civilians that use their own to do it and leaders such as myself use our own to do it and still find talent and ability to provide security, hence whenever violent people are scared of me, the scum will get into government buildings to daddy seeking limelight churn my tummy and ensure I am fighting whole communities while I get mocked – taken them 15 years to work out they are doing the wrong thing and told me I look like terrorist already and I do not wish to tolerate any more of their comments over my Books and Public image from them government buildings. They do say these privileges are not for me but the Americans and it sits in the same par as the case where I am unable to speak to people in polite manner while those insulting comments that damage my Book sales continue at Government buildings all day, to tell me I issue my comments at Royalty as well while they have become quite obsessed with making sure those times when they fingered my Bum as I walked down the streets and I cracked them up as well results in me not marrying into the Royal Family if they preferred an American instead. It’s much the same case as when it’s the civilians using their own to do it when they are victims of terrorism and it is meant to allow them terrorists to try and do the same routine with the Human shields they have trapped in territories they have captured, so all I have said about providing public place equity for Iraqis ends with hate campaigns against me on media, while the rest mean they are now working as security guards for the Royal Family to ensure I lose everything with a big mouth. We all know I returned to the UK at 21, three years above certified adult age but these scums still want a convention from me 17 year later of an obsessed with abuses that must do with being required to respect my elders as written in the Bible. So, they do say I talk but cannot handle them Industry people and it is utter nonsense; I mean they can start and teach lessons as well when their get rich and target people to do so behaviour means I do not want all I have slaved for t be factorised by the fact somebody else is bigger than I am any time they want and find out who will be teaching lessons thereof too. They are clearly a problem that keeps getting involved with me because the Media and the Politicians will not want the insulting comments if they would rather live in a deluded existence where they think there will be a convention on how I want to be respected over the Bills they are paying around here which makes them the persons that should be getting respect out of it as it were. Otherwise it is a simple story of the fact taking these fools one after the ones does not pay at the bottom line, stopping other things like idiots spending money on them to do popular culture with however solves problems and I will cut up that stupid global and stock market thing of theirs for them before we have an improvement of this situation for my part too. Like it is said I am good at spending what I have and my websites are not really worth what I say they are worthwhile there are fashion models out there with names that are not disclosed so that idiots like these can take pictures of them on my public image and sell at black markets and cannot keep their money where their mouth is i.e. the websites exist to help me manage what happens at the Royal Estate and are worth exactly what I say they are worth. In the end their story of trouble I face at the Royal family is not in any way based on fact, as much as the truth which is that they have been making use of the Duke of York and so they have ended up in a situation where half the time, they complain about hurting bottoms because they refuse to co-operate and the other half the time they attack me because they have been doing so. Before then it was fun, finding some Royalty that will settle for what they offer and then become their tool as a result especially them socialists, if they are making One relevant. So they do say I have too many fake friends, which is utter nonsense, pretty much the same as the question of why I seem to have endless problems when I don’t; an old tale of a Book making environment created to serve a Book written to absorb it being the one they want to make their comments and express themselves and make leadership speeches with – hence incredibly stupid since people have to be stupid to a point to devise such things but then still the owner and author is stupid as far as they are concerned so it is something he will allow even when his patents give him power to prevent it. I have never really thought of it a problem beyond the bit where the good feeling of this patented environment is reserved for me alone, to bask in, to spend, to sell for money if I wanted and nobody else has that right nor am I aware of any I have given any such approval to as well. So it plays out when we start to say that all them people who get involved are separate from work Court who are separate from my life as a whole, then all I have done and displayed on social media will have started to make sense to people in a concise way but the reasons this will not happen is obviously because I have had my work and life surrounded by goons who do not think I deserve the basic dignity of going into an Office to work in peace, let alone earn an income and we will listen to more complains from them to come for the future as it were too – getting involved with me when they are out of my league all the time. They do say my activities are now playing both Church interests and evil interests which is utter nonsense; apparently when I detach peoples wickedness from mainstream living, the result is usually that a goon spends money on them to get popular culture famous with at Industry and expects an environment of narcissist happiness that brings about the right environment that people want to be a part of which creates massive sales and riches – so these goons will take the money and nobody will sell anything around here and I need give me as much as they get too so we can find out; everybody wins. It’s like in their narcissist environment, they are part of something big and people can join that and they can get rich in the process and when I do not want it built at my expense, it becomes a case of given right tools and proper measures situation because they do not listen to anybody and I am game too. They will say this is all me giving away all I have again of which I have not been giving away anything and those who claim it will be complaining their share soon enough as well – I have mentioned before about civil service being an environment where sane people sort out public insanity and not the other way and those who mess it up will not be curetting my concerns too; very fond of their ruffian image obviously and like to blab of some false hope that I give to others. They do say the Media gets the better of me but we all know it’s their wickedness and that stupid anger that matters more than other people’s own doing some damned if you do to be punished later by insolent female idiots that sit about thinking of being famous and damned either way to be punished if you do not but it’s been an old story of the one concerning a process of the fact attending church has an effect where community croon cannot build atmosphere to chase peoples private parts with, so her Men can get around bear baiting kids against each other and the ones that resist them against gangs, going right up to parliament to have my finances wrecked by Politicians for practicing my faith to a certain unacceptable degree – now they think they will force me to save them with that big mouth and it’s not my job; I want them shutting down the fucking comments as I am trying to sell a Book here. They do say I only do anything when others had lost and I needed to take advantage of the situation and make a name for myself; its utter nonsense from the beaten of course – reality is that where they lose money is where competition hits them, where I do is where there is controversy around my Books and they should be here to buy a Book not tell me what to do.


I am endlessly told I never really explain what the problem I have with people is, which is an old story about putting them off my case at popular culture and media and politics and celebrity but having to deal with their involvement and abuses and vandalism everyday instead – follow on apparently for what they wish to do with a chosen victim that will fulfil their dreams for them after they went up against people that a bigger and became the losers they are today. In essence we are talking about the fact their leaders never resolve the issues about the criminals that are also victims of crime and what the exact character is, they talk rubbish at me about which violence I am not doing because they think they are real Men especially when Americans – while it is clear to see that when you talk about gun control and the scumbags talk about it as well, you are bound to lose your temper, while the Politicians simply want to sit about expecting some convention from me about the level of respect I deserve instead of what will happen and what will not as it should be. I do not think that the matter is a problem as such, just the same need to get involved with people and open their wounds to find somebody whose person you are to make use of to solve your violent problems that you are too weak to solve yourself and the number of times their Political idiots have chased my finances over my religion; now all I own is being factorised on media and Public places with disobedience and questions and a big mouth to go with it too – they have always maintained it was about civil rights and equality for the last decade and a half no matter what the actually live evidence and effects of their activities suggested as it were yap yapping at me so I can do them again as it were. It’s like getting involved with me whenever they are out, opening my matter up and getting involved with me because they are out of my league, before the Political scum then ask me to talk about my badness and let alone their own, when I do not see them practice the positive benefits of their dumbness on their Political masters instead of me like we were mates recently. They say they are a tough call but it’s all a matter of those who wish to grab my career and punish me for making it impossible for them to oppress people using economic crisis on my Royal Estate as a whole and how they do it is mainly that of showing up on public places to have conversation with a friend about how I get off to things that are too much for me and cannot have those stupid conversations anyplace else save what people know about me as a person, save my Public image, being a perverted daddy scum that is seeking limelight all day long – my Books were simply the ones that could have worked in terms of standing on their Public image to talk with people about how they get off to what is too much for them as well but it wasn’t, so they are determined to see what it is exactly I can do, on and on and on, shows up dressed in suits but is actually a fucking idiot. I do blame myself but that aspect is not for them to decide, the part that is for them to decide is the one where I move them on and they open up my concerns on media and get involved with me again because they are out of my league and deserve better than I am getting from the world etc. what usually happens is that when they become too much for me I will turn on friends and family and that is never going to happen – I have been informing them it is annoying to show up all dressed in suits like that and hit me without warning with their stupidities on account they have been showing up at Government buildings, talking nonsense at me either about how difficult it will be to take them down or how I need talk about how bad I have been and let alone other people’s own with a big mouth; I am seriously going to prepare for the next time it will show up with those suits that hide its stupidities to get involved with me like that and tell me I need to talk about how bad I have been so he can respect himself with my Public image, while I try to beat myself to the toilet when I am not a celebrity again, so we can find out how it will end too.  So, they say my behaviour is creating tensions between Politicians and Monarchy, which it isn’t, just cloak and dagger questions of being required to maintain stability by routing overseas interests of bugger Politicians and so when it does reach that stage where you have to tell somebody to solve their problems when they are using their own lives, then it will become clear what likely happens when they defy you as well. It’s always a matter of chasing people to confiscate their personality giving way to beating them down until they are clinically depressed which can carry on for eternity unless they beat down your own until you are cracked up out of their league as well and then it becomes possible to get on public places to talk nonsense about war (what they really mean by war is one of those really tough girls being trapped by a collection of idiots that kidnap her and beat her up to a point where she is talking to them about whether or not they are doing her stuff etc. which by the way I have got all figured out as it stands, this is what they think their stupid war will look like; and I suppose they do realise I think they are bluffing too). I mean the needs they have is the one where they attend school with you but chase your private parts whenever they drop their children off and play up accusations their cover their tracks bugger Politicians, then tell me my attitude is bad as well, as they generally find it impossible to give up such a need, of which it is not a problem for me if I can find out what it is exactly they can do for half the time and the other ensure everything that is done is a show case of how the prognosis develops, talking up their stupid time to try and explain that I will continue to deal with this if they are not working on those stupid business empires when they need money instead of talking nonsense about confiscating mine to save the world’s economy with. They do ask if I intend to behave this way at the Monarchy which is utter nonsense; at the Monarchy I would only have people who disagree with me if I keep up a behaviour that suggests I am a celebrity that has lost touch with his discretion when I am actually not a celebrity at all and I wouldn’t be lacking either fake or supportive friends either, so this behaviour would have dissipated as the devil of it would have no place besides which I would be comfortable in my skin anyway – the question they need ask themselves is whether my actions are random when I cannot sell my Books and they are chasing my Royal Estate and a Member of the Royal Family I fell in love with is now being used as a pawn for punishing me when their needs are not met and will be marrying another at the end. They love that story so much, where I am supposed to do what I need do before others have been harmed by the problems I am supposed to solve but we are dealing a need they have to get involved with me instead of buy my Books, which means they show up and make a mess of everything to end up with problems the Books resolve and a means to exasperate me on media into fixing that too and the blacks especially are fond of assuming everybody will find it amusing, while their stupid bugger politicians tell me to talk about how bad I have been instead. The rest of the times they say I take over Political frontiers when I do not even belong there but we all know that the only thing they will exist by is an evil that was built from the opposite of what I do with my faith and religion in order to be powerful and I am rather convinced that a place does not exist on this planet where they are actually going to accomplish such a thing as we can see they never listen to what other people say to them as a whole and it has become a right tools and proper measures situation. They speak of these games I play with society people which is generally supposed to measure whether they will take my finances and my personality and public image and body language and Books and Estate and Wife because it’s the one where we were similar enough for them to rub shoulders to such an extent, the one where I make deals with society to determine how my matrimony works thereof like they do; hence we have been seeing what they are going to do it with too as it were. Every time I move them on, what I am doing with my Books and everything else becomes clear to the world but it never lasts more than a half hour, they are back again, opened up my concerns with a media abusive controversy and start due to the fact they think they are out of my league. They do say Media runs my life which is not actually true, we all know it plays out only on Nationalism and something about not liking the Monarchy, however, for me it’s a matter of what is now left of Blair’s spin doctor government where they can show up and bully me until my personal diaries are no longer able to support me through an academic institution, this then lets them see some years into my career in the future and inset themselves into it – what they have ended up with is a process where  I bump into them and make them fix the problems while I supervise on a regular basis and this has had quite an effect too: the case is that I leave the republicans and independence goons to get out of hand because I think it does not matter or I wouldn’t get into trouble but it’s not getting out of hand, what is happening is Media running my life in its imagination – the republicans and new Country people are set to run after their own lives as well because each time we let them hang at the local communities to fester we end up with an economically divided Country – they are out there now taking part in what we are doing and can move into my right hand in that way all the time as well thereof, will only become a problem when these Media runs my life and it doesn’t. So, the talk is one of everybody getting the better of me, which is not really the case; they are just seeking trouble like they always do in every turn and I do not believe I have said something so complicated it cannot be understood, when I mention not wanting to tolerate any more of black idiots getting involved with my concerns along with their community croons to churn my tummy and get what they want from life doing so. It’s never really been any more problems than dunces getting rich and the Mothers covering tracks by saving you from them when they make you smell 24/7 considering human beings eat food – they are perpetually concerned at your expense to a point where you lose a career, that you will kill their dunces because they are stupid but never stop them because they have an excuse. Every time I have that unction of one more black idiot getting involved what comes to mind first is taking down those academic work and business finances and popular culture which are the main support systems that let them address and get involved with me over a skin colour I share with them etc. and they always blab about how I will not be able to do it, while I am thinking it will likely lead down the path of examples of the sort of global economic competition they wish to complain about for the rest of this century but the problem has always been that I am concerned about who will pick it up as I am unable to control that as a whole. The facts of the situation have not changed in decades however i.e. the Whites will get involved with you when you press the cheeks with a lady, to mess things up and show the world how easy it is for them to make you hate and attack those Women you like to make out you care about and it will develop into a need to make their money important and important to your whole life, which will involve a process of making you look into their problems when people of our race are causing it rather than get involved with your livelihood for the products and then you will stir up for them the ones that are caused by members of their race too, which is where it should end save the fact the black idiots that were causing their problems then take the turn and show up to play up some shameless dog eat dog routine, which causes people to tell me my course of action is to heavy handed while my finances have been ripped up by insulting scum for 8 years straight on a daily basis, to give way to their barely criminal fools to make money with blame that amounts to what I do with government to prevent it and I suppose they are churning my tummy when black because they are saving me from themselves while the whites are following on the insults and abuses they put out to tell me I need be less selfish because I have written a Book and they have got plans to be comfortable, to open up my concerns and get involved with me again each time I move them on, pointing to excuses concerning the idea they are out of my league. All together they do like that charade that they are fans naturally but we all know they are fans of security problems, which mean they want to see me fight for them while they put their feet up, which usually leads to outcomes in which you handle those enemies of theirs to a point where they love it, so when you handle them as well you will to a point where the enemies love it too and then it will stop but I for my part do not believe I have said anything complicated about a one more involvement from them as it were. The whole thing has gone far beyond just being a Public nuisance and I really hate the part where I do not want to be judged but want to judge those who think the answer to all their money problems is when I do not have any and they can decide what they get from the world from every penny I get and it’s an old story about why it may be right to hurt a dunce like that with them all day long while their community croons follow up the insults on your tummy and food never stays where it should be when eaten with that big mouth. Their girls these days want to talk of nothing except my so called narrative and they love to call it the easy narrative that confuses and deceives people etc. which is utter nonsense as what we really have is that the goons having shared a skin colour with me will resolve all their problems by telling tales of how little respect I have for Women to set me up for endless punishment that will ensure they have a Public sense around them as measured from it, by which to seek fame and fortune. The older fools that follow it up are simply determined to pretend they can handle my possessions and finances without consequences if anything I may do will likely result is them making a public cry of how I have beaten them down and beaten them up, which will get me into a lot of violent trouble – it’s very rich from them a story about easy narratives. I do not think that it is a problem, I have just come to a point where it is starting to ring in my head a case of one more black idiot getting involved with my concerns and people becoming fund of hitting my tummy as a result and the next time that gets to my head, I am definitely going to get a complain out of them over it too and yes they always say that was never possible because they think this is a tourist economy, notwithstanding of which now Industry people have manufactured them into fame and there are people who want that stupid public image of theirs as well, making them understand what success of insults feel like all together, they want to ask me about it all of the time. I have set out everything I do at my Office and have done everything that should be done in it too – my social media displays all that needs to be known concerning the need to ensure people can carry on with their lives regardless of the existence of idiots that want to chase their private parts all day long but people never really understand what is on there because they have been chasing that on account they want to be rich as well, talking nonsense at me about which complaining I cannot get out of them if I wanted to, which of course I am apparently going to pretty soon too; we all know it’s that old story of nothing ever being good enough; not the religion or the government or the job etc. in mainstream Countries, when they have built the mess up to a stage and expect an idiot that is really paramount to sit over it and become their King, it turns to a question of whether it is about to be a case of wealth and war or poverty and peace but not in their tourism economies where they are free to build it up and sit over it and invite every scum that rips people’s lives to make fame and fortune in for an enjoyment, where they get to complain about me whenever the idiots grab my equities and run off to Countries where I am never likely to set foot on or sit over an expensive drink to pass insults at me that a bird will carry all over the place. Nothing has ever changed about the pattern, still the same one about people having sex before they get jobs or basically just seeing a Christian that is respectful of people that are older and persecuting it with ageism for the rest of its life; they will get a convention from me on the respect I deserve obviously, instead of a regular case of a determinate state of what happens and what doesn’t whenever the need arises in their view – strange case where they are unable to raise their stupid children properly, so their need for respect is about to take my life with a big mouth that says I cannot get a complain out of them if I want it because of political rhetoric, which always comes after they claim I will be homosexual so they might be powerful because I share a skin colour with them and the Politicians ensure I react to it after years of undercutting me around my finances and basic daily instincts – now that I have however, we can see what they have been able to do about it. There is talk of how the law restricts the ability of security services to perform the tasks of keeping an eye on Terrorism, which has no basis on reality as such since we all know they are freaks who have jobs and then realise they have enemies to spend time on later, while security services are normal people because their whole job is about the enemy as a whole – I am rather an example of a permissive freak because I chose when I want to be. All that people really had to do was share information with security services who know only what they see, what they wish to do is seek political power to a point of making their own banners about how much they hate the Police for instance, until when their feelings have to turn numb over terrorists all together for example. They speak of me protecting myself as something I am unable to do but everybody knows they are complaining about me and raging over their stupid freedom especially in the US because they are Daddies who saw my Books and set off to find out where people have been getting it free of charge and once that was located got off to the Media with it too – hence no respect whatsoever for my person or what I do but lots of insults about making children do it at home and not outside in order to cause others daddies to feel more manly and prouder than they are, with the big mouth that does not seem to shut all the time. So it has just reached this stage where the insults in my direction has come to this point where it is an exploitable daily affair for them and I had decided it was what they wanted to do with their time right up to the point where I dropped out of University, they have kept up since, right up to this stage where they are after my Books on grounds that they waited so long for somebody they can bully in that way such as myself to come along, to no avail and now that I am here they had already become so insatiable that it’s never enough. One of their biggest points being that my ability to release much needed funds when I need it from this Estate has to be stopped, they claim it is public property after they claimed they wanted to get rid of Monarchy and I looked like one of those things firstly; hence the need to set out the fact it’s always been local savagery and I would like some respect from them if complaining about me must stop, some respect from them for things I do here to ensure that their desire to pervert everything into a means by which they can chase peoples private parts does not continue to mean an ability to keep fucking around with those who do not wish to play with them around here, worth taking note before the Estate is Public property in their stupid view all together – hence pretty much the same US and UK alike, the media is now the only place where they can be free of me and it reverberates back to the wild west stories of people killing each other because even when somebody is warned a gun point to keep out of his victims business he does not wish to do so for reasons of his greed and his profitable disobedience and I have had to devise new ways, whereby there is no death but they will show up on the media to save themselves instead of work half the time, while the other half the time will be spent wishing they were never born. They love their stories of me talking but not being clear whom I am talking to all together but we all know that there are steps that can be taken to ensure they are ready for the fight as well when it kicks off, which involves what need be done to manage the fact I was supposed to have been picked on until I fought back and then they can copy that to bounce back and handle me to be superior but since that had failed, their whole communities are beating me down in my bed and softening me up for them so they can chase my private parts all day long, what need be done to get them ready for that stupid fight as well coming to me as that yapping continues to prevail. I just want them off my Books, by the way of which it is their Book the last time I checked and I can understand the fact the way I handled them brought about a condition where if they are not digging my personality, are unable to compose themselves because they are mentally ill but it is incredibly unfair to make concessions too, noting we are here because the media has not yet learnt to stay out of it and stop clinging to my finances to pick a side. I understand the unfairness story but no aspect of this matter is fair – the part of bullying that caused University drop out Prince to exist was not unfair and certainly not the part where they passed their exams to return to popular culture that they did not need it for, it was never unfair to cling to me for 9 years so far and keep me out of employment in order to prevent me from getting a job and returning to college on account they have not been peddling Christian pastor to get rich, it was not unfair I kicked them to a point where they are now unable to compose themselves in Public unless they are leaning on my personality and image, nor has it been fair the Media cannot stop getting involved to give them preferential treatment, cling to my finances and talk nonsense about confiscating a Royal Estate; no aspect of it has been fair. I want them off my Books as there is even more I can do, especially where matters of involvement with the Children of wealthy people is concerned and I have some self confidence that love to approach me to extract and beat down seriously as well – no aspect of it is fair. They do speak of my need to give people false confidence about security but we all know what is really happening is their stupidities and corruption without wealth first happening where they are getting jobs while I supervise because it is so much trouble for me and of course it can be explained by all those gimmicks we hear about me challenging people to violence all day long, since the character of a Boo Boy is usually one that is always getting punished and because of this will do nothing unless it has a hate figure, while it wants others to become its hate figure its idea of success is when other people had failed, when it has succeeded in pushing people out of their studies to pass exams, it will then return to popular culture that it does not need academic qualification for and when you beat him down as well to a point where he cannot stand on his feet unless he is leaning on your public image and personality to find out it might be able to make fame and fortune from it as well, then there is that blabbing it will deal with its clinical depression either by killing itself or killing you or both – when it feels it is getting the support it needs from media idiocy to stand on your personality and make fame and fortune while it is also able to deal with its stupid emotions, we have to listen to all that nonsense about how you stir violence you wouldn’t stir to people’s faces. The Politicians I have warned about shutting down their comments on the other hand since the Community fools pick up on it and what happens with my tummy explains my Books instead of what I have written. The main story apparently is that I have little respect for people who are more successful than I am, the truth of course is that I was an Arch Prince 12 years ago and still am while they have not gone far enough with the Media and Television personality characters despite how much they pillage my Public image for it; the loss of my academics was an unfortunate event, I had simply imagined that if I securitised assets and got about putting my career on social media systems, I would be able to rebuff the whole gimmick of every final year student passing out with what was known of my Estate for that year but it never worked since the whole University soon became the ground for popular culture get famous and rich gimmicks with black girls knowing where to dig me deepest and it therefore came to a head when the one eyed bastard from Scotland with the name Gordon Brown paid them a visit to give them a seal of approval that went National, while I dropped out to face an economic crisis he couldn’t manage a few months later. It’s all about the insults that continue right up to the point where you are academically qualified and beyond by idiots who are more successful and this is clearly what they live for, with the goons at Parliament telling me I look like terrorists already. So they say I think people do not wish to hurt me seriously for my insults which is utter nonsense – they were able to hurt squad from the days I thought Blair ought to approve my murder publicly by himself and not keep playing those stupid games, all displayed by the fact we now know if I get hold of that stupid party again they are really going to kill and steal Public image – getting out of Downing Street to chase me around the streets of the UK talking nonsense about somebody that messes with their self-confidence while they are fucking Prime Minister, as a result of what I will do with it as well. I do not think it a problem; its reality it can never stop lying and each time I move it on what I do with my websites and Books becomes very clear to all interested parties, then it opens up my concerns using Media bulletins and gets involved again when it is out of my league with a big mouth.


I do not think it is an issue, it happens every time – usually starts noticing when steps out of door to walk down the streets and notice a middle-aged Man standing around looking for young people he can trap and play games with because he has got society and an existing economic crisis makes rich his pickings. So, when the Politicians want to as well, you get chased around the streets until everything is taken from you including your academic work and then there are later death threats when you have not given up personality and Public image too; the bloody idiots hate the Books I write now, while the blacks will never forgive me for the number of people that have died fighting racism for me without being able to carve fame from my personality when they are dead. They do speak of Politics and power of course but I have obviously signed a confidentiality agreement with them around here, thus love telling me for an exact reason that is I suppose. They speak of all I say being taken up by somebody else considering they hate access to me and then also to media and money but it’s an old story I have mentioned earlier here – either they are stuck with security services as well blabbing about laws that prevent people who work there from doing the jobs or they are somewhere around popular culture investigating where people got my Books without paying, in order to get onto media with it and start a fight over things I have deliberately excluded them from to facilitate discrimination. What has gone my way contrary to popular gimmicks so far is the bit where they are not grabbing my equities to run off to Countries I will never set foot in and do what they like thereof or indeed sitting around expensive drinks in tourism economies passing insults at me that a bird will carry all over the world, the latter turning out as I wanted is the reason we have so many of the tourism economy scum in this country chasing people private parts all day long – where I will follow it on is still the original problem i.e. they have been distracted from working on those business empires that cause them to own things that makes them so disrespectful as a result of passing insults around here and being dragged along by me and they cannot return to it too because they are depressed and their nightmare will soon unfold when I build a Public life on this too – I mean I do ask people to point at random to another group they may think are as destructive as these scum bearing in mind they indeed destroy their own property most of the time as it were all together and I have not seen anybody take up this challenge successfully so far – hence what has not been going my way in their view. The reality is that if somebody said they deserved a job opportunity better than I did because they were white, there would be an outcry, these idiots and their socialism deserve jobs better than I do because they are older and about to retire and then it gets worse from there too all together – we are only just dealing with the fallout at this stage, no such thing as nothing going my way. In the end, I apparently have no human rights because I have a talent that can make me rich, stolen from the very reasons they are denied fraternity of Nation as well as equality and they need to complain about me on a global scale as well, just so it can be diagnosed if the problem is stoppable. They do speak of me wallowing in self-pity which I do not; we are at a stage whereby if people do not have that bit of my life where I influence others without showing my face in Public, since security jobs have now allowed them access to my personal life and public image and they have also go access to money and media, they will flush it down the loo so to speak and it is being tested by the fact I am setting up all my concerns at their society to find out what it is exactly that will prevent me from being successful financially too. As for football people getting the better of me, that was an old story of a series of television advertisement that were about very dumb women exhibiting themselves in public for making a mess of me and all I am and so when you think about the fact a whole advertisement could be about such nonsense on National TV and then think about the fact they are going to make millions from paying thousands and therefore do not mind playing up such stupid games as a result, it comes together but it does make me think about what I want to watch on TV on one hand and how they will do their business somewhere else, especially with everything that comes from that stupid manly and ageist world of football on the other; hence the others that show up at the Monarchy and are the reasons people want to talk to me about being more successful all the time, say I am some sort of Man servant and that I am always tried and overworked to prove it, which is utter nonsense – I look overworked because it’s about public idiots and the need to twist everything into a disposition where they can chase people private parts first before they even start to worry about how they must pay their bills, which is what brings us to this stage i.e. they need jobs, they need money, they need fame, they need riches and they need easy life but it is usually far less important than the need to chase peoples anus and penis – hence not unconnected with the Office; the case of getting a raw deal being absolutely fabricated naturally – what I need is relative calm and a life away from media so I might hose a conducive deal to make with people over publicity, what these fools who invite themselves and bellow threats to complain about being depressed do is get involved and claim I do not deserve anything I own and I do not see how complaining alongside a profitable disobedience will help anyway. – I am not ashamed of myself or anything like that especially when they say I am hated at Buckingham Palace for instance, since that was a matter of meeting those who pick on me every time they see me and it soon became a contest of who will end up with the most churned up tummy thereof  when congratulating them on getting jobs at the palace by picking on me is not enough, personally of which I have no idea why people think picking up black girls and helping them squander other people’s finances and thereafter a white one with whom to build their wealth to dizzying heights at the expense of their victims are likely to be things others will not want to offend them for as well. They love to say it’s a matter of taking steps to ensure wealth is shared but we all know the wealth they share is making sure talented people are denied human rights unless their talents are controlled by others who are sharing the wealth – I however had already made plans about which ones I help people by and which ones I have a natural monopoly to make a living with and will get them complaining about me on a global scale in order for the problem to be resolved, otherwise it is as simple as not seeing them around my Books or Estate Literary business any further than has been experienced. The whole thing started out years ago as a case of there being a way by which their dignity can be preserved while they share what I have and so that eliminated asking or buying and every time I assess my public image and business empire, somebody else is doing media based civil rights on it stifling my income and working disobedience and questions by it which show he has neglected his problems to a point of mental illness and does not wish to buy my help and services – everything therefore that contributes to the rich and powerful creating some man made inequality and suffering. So, am I aware of how well doing this tackles the black market and counterfeiting issues? Yes, I am; its broadcasting advertisement designed to rip my Empire and does it to a point where I am cashless – so I can restrict their access to China and remind them where Japan and hatred for Women and savaging of the Natural environment is located.