They do say I am completely obsessed with leading people; the truth however is rather that their corruptions of involvement knows no limits, so they will buy Books to get involved meaning they are really stupid people that need leadership and do need to stop complaining as well. Of course they will say I am messing with powerful Men on TV but it is also an assumption I am not prepared to solve this problem if it came down to it as well. I gave them an opportunity to avoid this three days ago when they said they were determined to find out how I will sell my Books without attracting violence from, culture and society people for the way I have insulted them when I am made to be desperate for the sales to such an extent – I did give them the opportunity to sell me one Book to avoid a fight three days ago, they never did and are still spewing those stupid comments as we speak.

So I still have a bit of trouble dealing with vandalism from the Women and stories on media to effect of it concerning how nobody knows what my work and property really is, whereas normal people can always see that if I have Books to sell and sell them to 80,000 people, it would not have meant that the Books get taken off the market on account I had done so well and that they cease to be a product if the 80,000 people lend somebody else their copy; hence its destruction and then when I make them leave things have gone wrong with them and when they are back again its back to the vandalism and then my personal favourite ones who get about with male advertisement idiots making out each time they get themselves on my Business Empire it amounts to property which actually belongs to them. I do get questioned about why I do not take it seriously enough however but I don’t think I should at this stage unless I am unreasonable and an extremist i.e. it’s a stage where everybody can experiment on being wealth creators, later on those who find out it is not compatible with marrying Husband and keeping family will leave it and get a job, usually it is the celebrities that divorce husband and abandon kids because it has become an addiction for a behaviour and they are trying to show ruthlessness at doing business whereby I have to ask which one is their business and it will turn out that was show business and then I can make them feel me as well.

So they say that they work hard to build structures for their freedoms for years only for Individuals like myself at the Monarchy to evolve into what I am but what we really have is damage to my finances that means industry idiots who build them which is the best indication to prove a fact for those who are interested in the reality that they are not actually famous people but are manufactured, can then give them money and then it will be a case of hole everywhere for the rabbit; stop them at show business and they want to deploy the money to become tycoons on your property, stop them at Industry and the experience leads to more show business – I mean they can always work for their own or inherit from those who work for it and leave me alone if they wanted to but that would not be as easy or offer much excuse due to the fact their victim has got more in reserve like targeting me would, there is no way I will get to work for them and such a world actually does not exist. So those that really get on my nerves get sent back to where they came from; where those men who work their back stage media and back stage celebrity do not fancy them when they are pregnant or when they are ovulating etc, which is why their laziness and bullying vandalism wants Arch Prince that is completely harmless according to their stupid minds, so those who are interested in me can start from scratch all over again as it were.

As such they say I have a mental illness but it is not clear which kind I have; its utter nonsense, I do not have a mental illness, the reality is that there is so much corrupt involvement and disturbance of this Office that it is impossible to just sit down and get on with business, so if I got about recording my thoughts before I wrote them, I would cause myself to work three times as  hard just to write the Books, hence I find myself talking what I write as I write them so idiots that want to steal identity can copy and then Media fools responsible for it all will pick up further from there and continue the same insanity. I do not think it is a crisis matter, as I have mentioned before, three days ago they started a day business with how they will watch me sell my Books when they have created enough hatred for me among gangs and society trouble makers and cultural violence because these are the things that murdered their celebrated inanity types in the past and I told them that in order to avoid a fight they had to combine all their media power and sell me one Book only, they failed to do that and the trouble with Male television personality bullies with their ego alongside their male journalist counterpart started from there in earnest. Thus what I have been trying to explain i.e. if I sold my Books to 1000 people, it does not cease to be a product and their corrupt involvement needs to end before I end it my way; about which some will then ask if my behaviour was justified in an occasion where their lives were in danger – I wouldn’t know anyway, what I know is that in the five years between 2002 and 2007 we had this same sort of very violently abusive bullying kind of involvement but at the time it was about making me an oppressed person alongside themselves but to come through at the other end as an oppressed person who is actually the more privileged of the two, in order to seek a sensation of decadence – this required a process of being enemy of politicians and any leaders at Industry especially and generally the one about older Men who hate my guts ripping up my Arch Prince’s Public image with claims I sleep with peoples wives have always been their most favourite; so it would take my entire life to settle my case with all these people if I had allowed them more so but above all, I would then be oppressed like they are but will be the less privileged oppressed as compared to them so they might enjoy the privileges of Royalty in the process without any of the drawbacks which comes in the form of responsibility. So it was a good position to take, that they only needed to put together their combined TV Personality bullies and male journalists power to sell me one book in order to avoid a fight three days ago, which they had obviously failed to do and hence it had gotten serious thereof.

So they say that if I am not mentally disturbed, nobody knows exactly why I enjoy making myself poor; but then again which is an old story about everything concerning success and being a useful person and being a Man of the West has to be developed entirely around money – so it simply had to be extricated an eventuality, that when even their secretaries are financially better off than a Royal Prince, they, even they, they too, do have to check their attitude. We are not talking about how other people will do it for me while I boast anyway, it’s about blabbing where it really matters while we are on the right parameters to see what will become of it here as well all together anyway i.e. they were supposed to combine their powers and sell me one Book to avoid a fight in 24 hours and that was three days ago.

Like we see the Politicians claim it is what I say that creates economic woes for the UK which is utter nonsense, what we know to be the truth being that if Politicians are not claiming that Cabinet members personal relationship with wealthy people is how the economy is to recover, then we find them striking up personal relationships with diplomats as a means by which economies issues are settled. We have never before wanted from them a reminder of what the geographic size of the Country is, we have always wanted them to tell us the size of our infant population and that of our working population and to tell us what it is they want to do with the pensioners. I personally am the type that builds a business, sets out products and tries to make the environment as much fun for every soul that gets involved with it as I possibly can and the only people damaging that and vandalising it and threatening and abusing and pushing away these people that get involved are the Politicians whose words and deeds are clearly not the reasons for the economic woes the economy has; usually the stage this one where they get to tell me where I am supposed to be like what I have said is commonly found on the lips of idiots and it’s a really bad time.

I mean the Canadians will take two week of negotiation to arrive at trade deals with the battered EU, while I have this growing relationship with the Italians that keeps getting better and better i.e. the paradox of these two positions. These fools were the ones that wanted Brexit by the way, the ones that suggested the referendum did and the ones that campaigned for Brexit won the whole thing, what they say does not create economic woes for the UK, it is what I say. What we all know however is that it is US TV personalities and Media and celebrities that are responsible for the economic woes of the UK mostly, we see these government building scum get about with those all the time too, before they return to tell me where I am supposed to be and because those complain about what I get up to as well an idiot in government buildings just has to have an idea. So they say I block the Clinton bid for the White House, which is utter nonsense – unless I am blocking a process where people vote for what Candidates are working for, I am not blocking anything. Apparently Today’s case is that the Trump Campaign has always maintained the whole idea that people elect what Candidates have worked for has been lost in translation, while the Clinton one has had the best Policy when it comes to US position in the world, such that will avoid another war, except that there have been messy deals made by the Democratic party candidate which is now coming to the surface of recent. Here they then get to tell me that this idea of people voting for what Candidates have worked for does not work in the US, which is utter nonsense as the job description of any Politician is to be happy Children are being born and that they will be worth some millions to the Government in a couple of decades which money will be used to build roads and schools and infrastructure and used to protect the children from crime too; what we see endlessly is that people are doing it for themselves while the government is funding celebrity excesses and destroying what they do for themselves when the easier option was simply to get their fucking jobs done in the first place. As for the Celebrity ones, the old case is that they get government help and make enough money to feed well and afford class A drugs, then make young people’s feel wasted so that those who have neither fed well nor have the money to afford the drugs can take them as well or seek alternatives but this part has been lost in translation as well because of my interference they say whereas the reality has always been that if somebody did not make the Politicians bend over backwards to support the celebrities and then kiss their arses at the later date, they would never ever understand, thus continue doing it when they do not even know why people kiss celebrity arses. It’s much the same as the story of tireless work to foster intolerance on my part which is utter nonsense; I mean first of all we are supposed to work hard to prevent racism and various other extremism so that idiots with needs can be irresponsible in their view and then we tend to have this problem with midsized gangs which mates I am not as equally as I am not their own, knowing where my anus and penis is all day long because of the comments they make about my Books and Public work which I want stopped dead irrespective of what is written in my Books with those big mouths they have got. They were supposed to use all that power to sell me one book in the last three days in order to avoid this fight and did not, so it would be nice if this began right away too (I do not need the help of the Police for this, so they might be dubbed big gangs to foster involvement from all kinds of scum as well – not enough have died yet, apparently even so I am the one that is mentally disturbed thereof as it were yapping we hear).

So they say nobody can tell what sort of Royalty has a problem with show business which is utter nonsense – I cause a lot of disruption to criminal enterprise and in turn people who engage in those invite themselves into my concerns; so people make show business with this and share a Court system with me and when the energy is fabulous and the money is fantastic and the public service is beyond imagination and information glorious Hollywood money wants to take over my Royal Estate and make me do something drastic as well, right down to a process where they have been involved to get rich and famous for some time and already have a problem with reality based films. Then there is the part where they need to buy Books from me to get involved as well where they cannot be caught dead doing the civilised thing. Defending me is not as difficult a task as people love to claim it is either; what really happens is that the girls have Pokémon business and I have my Books, so because they are Women and out of my league and can do whatever they like they will try and make me co-operate with their needs and when I don’t they will make the fundamental process of operating their business into something that throws mine to the dogs every day, hence I get to work on the thing about Men that will beat me up for them too, especially as seeing even the lies are breath taking and it all becomes every so very tiresome. So they will here say all I have been complaining about has been orchestrated by Women which is utter nonsense – the men are the ones with insults that suggest I walk around their streets like I am their boss for being aesthetically proficient at what I do; even now when I say it the Women speak of their stuff being done and how they are moving off and would like it if I do not follow them and punish them at a later date, the Men having become Women especially the ones that put makeup on face and sit up on television to pass around their insults are not going anywhere, they are other peoples personal Gods and when a person drops out of University like I have it changes them and does not end well if 8 years on those responsible are doing the same things with his business and having too much fun. So the big question is the reason it happens like nobody knows what that was i.e. the great Royal good life that are little things people cannot do without and they do need to get a job and keep off or stop complaining if it is the only thing they want to spend their time on. I am aware of the story that I am just a troll too but I am no such thing in anyway; what happens is that a group of people show up around my public outings and income to make me feel that if I sold my Books to millions of people it would still be just a product and hence no respect whatsoever for my intellectual property, leaving me a lot of marketing work they can take advantage of me for and a Literary Empire that is not making me any money, to pretend that pulling switches on their celebrity insanity is something others cannot actually do, until it gets done that is. So the reality is that this Books I am supposed to sell are meant to achieve a certain reach in order for the job to get done and I can hit the streets and spend money to make that happen but will never achieve as much as I will if I get a contract from a distributor but then this is what they are fighting me for – whereby I am just carrying on and not aware of which aspects of my career I have achieved yet but they have already seen that area and started to make claims of ownership with the platforms of the usual evil by which they do etc – then the celebrity ones join up and want nothing to do with their boo boys and white boys because those do not like them when they are ovulating and when they are pregnant and when they are new mothers, hence they want me and each time they show up around my concerns I simply cannot sell my Books or get an alternative job, while they pretend that whole game cannot be reversed so those who are interested in me might start from scratch all over again beginning with the Men who don’t like them and so on and this is what they want to take some control of their lives for, so as to prevent me from doing it, hence it gets serious all the time like the black ones that will not stop addressing me until I bleed them as well. The point is I am not a troll.


They do say the UK is becoming more of a force for division than it is a force for good in the world but everybody can see the facts to be the one where the only fun they can have largely involves a process where defending yourself against an enemy far bigger than you are and returning home to run a government that does not frown on civil rights and public freedoms is something that should be celebrated not attacked but the same social ugliness means they can extend their own and make a financially beneficial excuse for doing so, by attacking it instead and when you hurt their own, most follow the way the Germans do it and expect some sort of reward for self pity and a certain kind of sex. like FIFA banning the Poppy for instance whereby we all know the Germans did Bomb the football fields as well and not just the battle fields but they had decided football fields should be Poppy free and we see the same in Europe too i.e. your attitude amounts to a condition where your position as a Country in an international organisation will now be taken by another Country; so that one led to Brexit in the EU and we do not get to discuss the matter any longer after that. Hence an example of an occasion in which I will have been said to see the positive side of absolutely everything; this is not actually the positive side at all, FIFA bans poppy by taking a look at what their idiots in their various developing economy countries say about what they can do with respect to violence and references it to the way individual families in the UK  behave when they have had a Military or battle based death; so we are leaving it to Theresa May, to see if she can possibly be as unpopular as Thatcher was.

So they say I am being punished by them and that it is for the reasons that they do not want me to be what I am and its nothing new anyway, the reality however is that this is a lie, the truth is rather that they groom me into the person that gets killed because prisons do not work in terms of peoples safety when criminals are on the prowl and it gets to a stage where the criminals themselves start to handle my property which they see in Public to exasperate and groom me into the person that gets murdered to create satisfactory murder which ensures criminals do not get to kill anymore because they have had satisfaction and this is the main component of their perverted need to get on Media and stifle my finances every day, it is some form of perverted hope they have and will not stop complaining – first the popular culture ones and now the Media ones too. I do not think it is a complicated matter, it is the same old case of some people are stupid but some know a little and cannot stop trying to tell others what to do and the way people provoke them is by getting involved with them but the way they tell people what to do is by taking up 15 years of other peoples time to groom them into the people that murderers kill for satisfaction that will prevent all other future killing. Then we hear those insults about problems they solve while people like me mess around as well, which is utter nonsense. Apparently its bullying and absolutely every single thing I do is watched and deserved by somebody else, right down to the air I breathe and it’s a struggle to step outside of my door everyday and it is always violent, so they do have the need to clear my space themselves all together as we can see but it is not a need that matters, what does is addressing me and stealing my income by bullying me to copy my life, obviously going after the Royalty stuff will not do them any favours either – it’s an old story where each time too many cooks spoil the broth it is a matter of those who know a little and want to tell others what to do. So they do say I have a position that is more important than theirs but is not cleverer which makes sense of a wasted 15 years that has been wasted by the Government and hence a load of bull shit. The other questions which do not matter to them at all being the ones about how I am supposed to have been getting by and paying my bills all these years while they are at it, the ones that matter are the ones about me being punished with their big scandalous mouths, hence every time they get involved with me lose a part of that stupid culture and society and lose it forever too, just like this. I do not think it’s an issue, it’s just another life devised by somebody else for me and I am playing horse play fun and games with them as well considering we can see they are determined to ensure it does end very well too. they say the things I do and the things I think I must fight against are really stupid since they have marked me out as the one they will kill no matter how many of them die for it because it is worth all their cowardice in the whole world thereof but it’s an old story about the Men and their society along with the Women and their gays running people’s lives and it gets serious when they tell me they want to live in my life a world without rules, hence the reasons we are playing so much horse play at present, playing to find out how many will die before it improves. The only form of communication in my direction which their leaders understand is always the one about what I knew first and how others took it up for me and about which they are always telling tales of doing people’s lives for those who own those lives because they are desperate to lead others knowing they are stupid and should not be given a chance for it – so the story here is one about how if they all got shot by law enforcement I am the one they want to kill for their own satisfaction and it is completely worth it with that big mouth following me around all day to ensure it is all the time yap yapping endlessly with the help from their stupid media as well. There is all that stuff in my life like one of the greats and then there is the absence of security which means that it’s like a craze attacking me to recover their loser position all the time and the problem is that they stalk me every day to maintain it, nobody knows what they are scared of as well therefore. Its society and the gays and its left or right and left or right and its insane but it is my sanity they want a living and an existence with, so they are obsessed with ripping up my finances to allow them access to allow them nurse a hope of one day making it their own and nobody knows why they assumed it would not have led to the complains we have to listen to all the time at present as it stands anyway. They do say it still appears to be a bit too much for me, which it is not; the reality is that they are incredibly stupid people and if I get rid of it all like I have there will be a new way by which the Mob can get around doing the unspeakable in 24 hours and then ask the Men and society if the Women and gays are a walkover and you get all that boasting about who is hell raiser and you feel when they get rid of you there will be a fucking war and intend to ensure they show regard for your property and finances while the Politicians and Media are busy provided the kind of perverted leadership they want to based on personality theft and incredible insults developed on assumptions I have no feelings of my own about it as well; all together however the reality has always been that all that need to take up your life and do something for you in a condition you need them to but cannot control what they do is usually the best indication they know they are stupid people and need leadership all the time. So they say it is a matter of the carnage I have wrought of which there isn’t one they have not brought upon themselves, making me into a fear show to get rich quick all day, as insolently as possible and threatening me with government office for it too; we talked yesterday about their secretaries being financially better off than a Royal Prince and Today we talked about Mrs Clinton’s Campaign again – so it feels as though they have made an investment and want me to co-operate and that investment will yield because they trust their stupidities; the likely next thing that will get on my nerves being the educated idiots that are keeping shop and the stupidities associated with their need to do secretes of wealth pyramid sales business and get rich quick.

They do say they love to see me suffer and solve these problems to make them feel convenience as a result of the fact somebody has been spying on me to steal all the benefits and ensure others have it instead on Media; it does not make any sense whatsoever, the reality is that these fools at government buildings and Media are the basis on which I decide which one is business and which one is pleasure – hence there is always likelihood of being able to watch pornography and then get involved with government business completely unscathed thereby breaking more rules without problems.  The pornography itself of which is usually about their lives and then the sex aspect will be about my public image because they love to bully pornographers hence makes this method a very potent way of handling it, whereby what I see when I look at it is the need to jump in and have some sex. They do say they will decide their own business and pleasure like that too and it feeds into that case where they can play all they want provided it ends very well too anyway. I mean my business has an image and another person creates one of his own that is superior to it and they cannot see this is the behaviour that gets on my nerves and gets them into trouble since it is my resources and I get to control all the opportunity costs decisions which affect it as it were. So when they say it’s about Communist bullies I can understand, I have cut up the whole thing from South America and Africa to Europe and Asia, even they would have their breathe taken away if there was a pipsqueak of an idiot that enjoyed approaching and threatening them because there was a power that would intervene on his behalf like they do me all day as well – since I am not like them, I don’t do that but the one I do is the bit where I turn them inside out and turn the other side of their stupid lives over to see if they are two faced tarts as well. The bottom line is that these fools want to lead people and don’t know anything and want to have somebody about whom they are protected from harm, whose life they can waste on their insanity and it is not something I want to go along with but they want to play with me and can play all they want and see how it will end too.

It’s nothing new; sort of Mr A is stupid and Mr B is stupid and Mr C is stupid and all these people have a lifestyle which makes them a social ill but while Mr A will get a life as a comedian and Mr B will get one as a stupid shop keeper, Mr C will chase your anus and penis in order to be able to bully you and make you use your cleverness to fix all his problems especially the violent ones that polarise you and ensure you do not chase him up for the insults and you are a Police Officer and have to decide which of the three you are going to shoot. The only story which is about me and make sense enough to get them attention from others being the one where I sleep with peoples wives and there are effects and it completely destroys my reputation and encourages them to get involved with me to make use of me in violent ways and these are the things I must put an end to. So they say each time they squander my property I tend to have more and that is why they are always seeking out things from my Royal Estate and making public statements on it too; its utter nonsense as such, the reality is that it is a behaviour that never goes away, it will show up at a Train station and cause the goon there to have a go at you and then you will fight back and he will have found a place he can be a part of in order to be safe in a condition where he can abuse the owner as much as he likes and so I try to keep it away from business I have with the Court system because it is the basis on which I decide the one where I fight for myself and the one where I fight for whole communities etc – in the end of which it’s my life and not a society where people learn to fight and if you hurt it then it will have been a case of hurting the one that dug deep into himself to seek out ways of fighting your battles that you were to cowardly to fight; if we then go as far back as when it all began, we find they are the type that can sleep with older women for money and that if I did that all my problems would vanish, that big mouth which cannot let others be as it were and looks for trouble with its stupid freedom all the time thereof – so it becomes a matter of the right tools and right measures. In my case where it begins for them too is the same as ever i.e. the point at which my religion had to do with a process of sitting with somebody to talk about a job and therefore prevented me from getting one. Hence we hear I threaten Politicians and this was the main problem but everybody else knows in order to deal with Politicians and nice little earners stealing contracts from you and bullying you for it, you need to begin from communities of families of theirs who have money saved up for doing peoples public lives and careers with fame and fortune popular culture – hence the path would have been clear and obvious if you planned to solved a problem but we all know they come up with these nonsense they come up with everyday to ensure things close in around me and I have to find out what it is exactly they can do, so they might get to claim I got off to serve them to avoid punishment with a big mouth. So the way it works is, when I work hard towards securing my Book contract, a Politicians would have been better off ripping my Books to write a winning article for the times in the 60 minute recess at his Office, which would earn him £5000 to spend at the Pub and we all see them rip up my Books and blab about me avoiding punishment for insults for long enough over this perverted need they have got ; I usually solve this problem by waiting for election day when I can make it impossibly difficult for my part as well but if I have to run a Book sale business, I must put an end to the slighting comments that drip through and make hell for me all day long. It’s like a very immature school yard display of how I have written my Book but a better arrangement would be if a Politician kept it away from the Public to charge up his mind and create the winning articles which makes him his £5,000 pub money every month, so I have to wait for election day when they will hit the streets as well but if I want to sell Books I need a more effective day to day arrangement. It started with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown where they want to own my personality but get after my health and financial well being to ensure I am reacting to them in an exasperated way, which therefore meant I couldn’t get a job because I had a religion; the matter about which I love to indulge them so much thereof. These things are not my problem, the issue is another set of idiots that enjoy getting involved with me to express their faithlessness all day long; they do it to a stage where the idiots in the city that couldn’t break through my career have been living off the one that media had simulated and so I will have to put an end to it and do something about those comments too, starting from the bit where they only buy Books from me in order to get involved. The story of the carnage I wrought being that people are always talking about handling me all the time but what they really mean is anus and penis insults that are so distracting I cannot sit in an Office to write and sell a simple Book while they then go off to steal my Public image and manufacture themselves into famous people, which is assumed to be something I cannot get hold of and cut to pieces if it gets on my nerves in a really big way. I am talking about handling somebody who does not want to sleep around in order to get a job on account he is being teased and bullied over it, manipulating female journalists into braving with him and getting away with it all – the one where they cannot let me breathe but when they meet me cracked up out of my league change a story endlessly and then start again as stupidly as possible. It’s an old story; the one where five years steady and my religion will be keeping me on benefits – if £200 is saved every month supposing I am living on minimum wage for five years, I can have a mortgage and stop paying rent of course, never mind I will work something out anyway, except that it has happened before and that one was the bit where I dropped out of University – hence given the right tools and measures they can be made to let others be. It’s never true I have endless needs; other people’s concerns take up my schedule in abusive ways. So having a job and my academic work should not make me as stressed and tired as I am, for me however adding a royal Estate business to that does not in any way make me stressed and tired everyday either but a higher power and small minions playing with my tummy inventing lies and peddling my person to get rich which takes up 60% of it guaranteed everyday does and it is completely unnecessary and comes from Parliament idiots and Media goons – I do not have endless needs which cause me to grab attention all day long and it would be a great relief if this nonsense did come to an end as well, otherwise each time I have something inserted into my schedule they will fight for their lives as I claw my daily one back from them for my part like it is at present and will get a lot worse as my financial condition improves too. They say it’s the way I take steps to limit how much they can develop as well but everybody else knows that was due to me being their great servant who knows things in order to share with and serve them because they were superior, the spare leader, the subject of their various nepotism that makes the women especially feel like real girls. So it’s one of those completely unnecessary things that they do and it does not stop because they want to be rich, I hear therefore what they are cracked up out of my league saying as well. So they say I think my business with peoples wives is all hidden and so on, its utter nonsense – what they are after is a clique of Men who have Women in important positions and it’s all very well provided the scandal of Arch Prince that will never be gay of which I suppose they have enough evidence at this stage, sleeping with peoples wives, which rips up the one thing I have left in the form of my reputation because they are ageists and finance bullies and they might want to keep their fingers off my bum too. I mean the reason I have my royal reputation damaged is because somebody thinks it would be trivia that I ought to think of as privilege due being associated with beautiful and powerful Women, not because I have caused them any grief of any kind and it isn’t. We hear the Women feel a certain way about me but what we referred to is that these Women think the fact they are women means they can behave in any way they like, I seldom react because it might be a self esteem problem but they need to keep off my earnings and my Book sales. So this is where they say I get involved with the lower classes, whereas people getting involved with me created a crowd problem and that was the other half save celebrity bullies, which caused me to drop out of University and if I did drop out then it was the bigger priority and has to be sorted out before I go back.

Some tale of an overactive imagination I have becomes so important here whereas we know when people are possessed with evil they put up the ever questioning behaviour that Politicians love to endorse which we see on their stupid media and want an income from other peoples coffers, then become homosexuals and when they cannot have homosexual sex tend to commit suicide – when people are not but are prevented from their routine prayers they become disturbed persons; hence my position is clear with respect to how people need to get their fame and fortune and keep off peddling my personality since doing the devils work for him with their own hands as we have proven in the past years is actually not profitable despite the fact money is actually the reason for their madness alongside the pleasures of lewdness.


Now they say that people like me always love to act and support republicans without knowing what I am supporting and it is incredible since every time I get involved with Republicans they know what my work is for and we tend to get on well but every time I do with Democrats what happens is that my time, years of it at any given stretch is spent making out that my Products are a sensation and that it is these feelings and sensations that people actually want to buy; it is an unprecedented degree of sustained and constituted abuse which comes from excuses and new blame cultures they have dreamt up and tend to dream up new ones every time because they get so much fun out of it, knowing that civil rights will come through at a later date to help them share other peoples wealth otherwise they will get themselves killed and the entire world will note an American human rights scandal for that until they do.

The big question they say is what I mean by Republicans understanding my work better than Democrats, which I was under the impression the answer was clear to most people i.e. every time Republicans are involved with my Concerns it is never an unusual arrangement between the British and the Americans to have an Equity spent on US people until a product becomes just a market item so that its purpose can be seen more clearly but each time I am involved with democrats what happens is that the products get a complete revamp of its image and publicity until what people become more interested in is the sensation which they then make out is what people what to buy and I am completely miffed when they claim that if I support republicans I do not know what I am supporting, whereas it is ever so obvious that it does not do for people to get persecuted by Women in such ways anyway. This is usually the point where they say my war on Women needs to end when there isn’t one; what they have is somebody reacting to sustained and daily and continued bulling by Women whereby a fight which is more than him has to be arranged under hell and high water, come what way because they have a need and want to steal something important and they will never understand because until they have to face a fight that is bigger than them in such ways as oppressively as possible until they do and then when they do, what will happen is that I will not be homosexual but we get around and tidy the whole thing up after that; it is beyond the imagination that they think it actually makes sense passing around such insults as how I do not know what I am supporting just like it was with the Obama Election, whereas I support Republicans more than I support them but do not wish to take sides in what is US Elections and not my elections.

What I am actually waiting to see is what will happen if Clinton is elected, to see if they will start that stupid war on Men they feel they can oppress, doing so of which is what they can do nothing without and are always oppressing in such ways until it blows up too; to see if Hilary Presidency would mean if I had five people loyal to my cause in the Middle east, supplying British Government with security information, all five will be dead or whether their lives will become something I will have to fight for. Hence they do say they I got off to make out Mrs Hilary has the best arrangements to ensure the US does not go into another war which I did since it is obvious that if Republican friendship with the Middle East created 9/11 AND THE Iraq war and ISIL, if the same people are giving money to the Hilary Campaign then they must have found an alternative. Their story however largely develops not just around what I do not know about what I support which was the same insult that came through during the Obama election but also about these men they say they can oppress and so the reality is always that when I get involved with republicans its real people but with democrats its one form of indiscretion after another and then when they realise it makes me sick, I can never be free from the Fashion idiots and the celebrities and the TV goons, while the abuses and bullying runs every day for a period of years in order to go global very, very fast.

It happens here at the Monarchy too; people are vulnerable to homosexuality, so I create a Book and what they do is grab and toss it to the dogs because their neediness can become such power and means of dominating me, hence it’s not happening because they do not need it and it’s the same people financial vulnerability and the Company I created and other issues around crime and the websites I created; so they love to get people rounded up like farm animals and made to suffer rejection until they are ill and the story of me losing a Royal Estate has always brewed around it i.e. The Queen does not want me to salve for them anymore, while those of them who travelled overseas to gather as many black idiots as invite themselves into my concerns as they possibly can, to get about chasing absolutely everybody’s bottom now realise the games they are playing is a dangerous one as the Arch Prince refuses to fulfil his duties and they cannot take his Royal Commission from him as well. I mean this has been resolved in the last 48 hours but those who want oppress again need to bear in mind it’s a Man that controls the extreme left and the extreme right in order to sell Books for a living and we are hoping that when they start, they are prepared too.

They do complain about the air of superiority by which I handle my concerns but everybody else knows what happen is stifling my Book sales to build me and it publicity that says it’s a sensation and that they were the first customers buying into it and that it is what people should buy; of course it’s very provocative stuff but you have to think about their ability to think and then realise this becomes more import than getting a job on account that as I mentioned before, somebody will die over civil rights if they cannot share another person’s income. So they say we get into the White House and make hell for you, I say expenses have to be paid and I want to see Celebrities and Fashion idiots and Media goons clear my space – they however need to win the elections first and then they can begin. They do say they do not fancy low lives that get involved with important people a world they cannot handle to become idiots who are Royalty without money like myself, the story swirling around being that I am with the wrong crowd as it is obvious being able to control what extreme right and left do while being a Published author should make me filthy rich if the Queen gave me a few millions to start out with, showing they know much about Royalty they fancy being so much as it were but it’s never an issue since that would not have been the case save their insults they cannot keep away from me and the need they have to get on Media and steal my identity but either way, all that Liberalist and democratic bullying will be resolved when they get elected into the White House while I get my expense paid, so we can resolve this issue of their democratic need to start a fight on the basis the White House was the reason and that those stupid insults and its involvement and need to handle me alongside it too.

So they say I am keen to protect myself but have no respect for other peoples Royalty that I actually think of as inferior but I have always lived with this nightmare of stupid bully girls and their insults about knowing me and how something more worthy is deserving of my position, which makes them feel like real girls while I have to carry Royal duties around; so it’s a simple case of building that stupid popular culture empire from the US to Japan across this Royal Estate again, then complain about how my people chase peoples bottoms as well while what happens is that everybody around here learns from their insults that an imaginary finger can be millimetres off other peoples anus as insultingly as possible on account those who dream it up have needs; let them win the White House and start another one, so we can find out what will happen when wasters get wasted again this time – I personally will cut up that stupid joy of naivety if I dare set eyes on it again as it were, it does make them sore all over too and it has always been as easy as media fools and their stupidities keeping an insults where people appreciate it and not handling or addressing me for any reason or excuse but in the end we are getting rid of the excuses and those stupid needs being satisfied on my income and then followed with violent abuse because of their freedom will become a main focal point of their big mouths as well.