Of course living all together will never get easy for them for two reasons and one is the bag long of history of distant sexual abuse in my direction which does nothing to dispute the fact I am not a naked schizophrenic and the other being that if that game of theirs pays off and the process of using my faith without believing God actually works so as to work without my finances being fixed and them getting off the gospel, I will change the west for them as they know it permanently as well and I believe I have issued this warnings several times too. The story about the black ones going over the top with their personality for a change in history is of course utter nonsense; they have not gotten over the top in anyway, what they have done is what they are really used to doing which Politicians like to tell their own lies about all the time i.e. black people have nothing and this is the problem but if you are a certain kind of dedicated Christian they want to deploy your faith to sell things and get rich and then the other issue will be that nobody knows why racists hate it when black people attend Church and so on which is why I need to renounce God to be safe and if I don’t whatever I do will belong to them anyway with that big mouth, which then gave way to a need to go off and do my public life for me the one where I know if I become a popular culture singer I would be rich and have not done so because I would not want to and do not want others to take it up and do my public life that way for me either. There are other more serious matters concerning it of course such as a processes of menaces that distress people every second and cannot be arrested by the Police and nuisances that cannot be stopped by the security services, it always means that your livelihood can easily become something they are not comfortable with and when that happens a business will be forced to exist and continue growing until it becomes an Empire while the money had ended up somewhere else or exists in the market like an equity that can go anywhere as is with my Book sales. In the end not even racists could do that much damage to people and of course the benefit of putting themselves in a position where they have to tell these lies such as going over the top with their personality for a change, just to stay alive, is that they have to keep lying and it is the reason they need media and popular culture so much.

So the story of race appears something I am availed of myself to deal with at this stage but it has always been the nature of people and their various forms of wickedness which it appears forms more than 99% of the nature of their social colloquialisms at all times brewing as a result the question of whom these evils are supposed to be applied on. I for my part however am the guy who is so scared of them they can take a stand on my personal space and finger my bum every time they want and at will, so when they had gotten some money off their Politicians for it especially black women who are so stubborn they can never stop playing the role of other peoples mothers for the purpose of abuse, there results this idea that they can never be wrong from it but then again I cannot stop asking the relevant questions either i.e. why is it okay for them to be gangs all the time – this is what measures what I get up to – three scenarios therefore come to mind; firstly the one where a black woman wants to have sex with a Christian or sodomise a Christian that does not pay attention to her because she has been spreading tales she has found a man that must be made homosexual to leave behind a history that they can deploy for mobility and to get rich, which is something they will put out the stops and manipulate a whole country in order to do i.e. sodomise a  Christian, second which exists in the same family being the whites that tell people to leave their Countries, knowing that if they decide they want to walk around the streets for four hours thinking about nothing but money or go for a drive for 8 hours over the same reason if they have the fuel, nobody will ever think that should be curbed and so they are only ever troubled when they have enough money to share but the idea of thinking about money for a none white involves the basics and then some chance to work for luxuries which means that it is the none whites that are the biggest impediment to that all together, so that these goons are the ones that think wrecking peoples academic work and finding out those people do not want them to keep their own as well later are the frauds, the real problem and I really do like to wreck their own as well and wait for them at the Industries, it always has to follow this pattern otherwise nothing will ever improve. The third being the one I have mentioned before that is an evil that involves religious persecution of people such as Christians, fundamentally built on a need to sodomise them or create such abusive social conditions that fantasies of it can be real to the victims; for which specifically the relationship with me is that of what it costs to stop it as it were concerning which I like to issue the warning they need to stay away from me and keep their insults to themselves as nobody here is about to pay attention to or have sex with their black or none white vagina.

My point is of course the simple fact that nobody’s civil rights gives them the right to damage my property and certainly in this matter that property yet again is my books and my Royal Public life and the Politicians will say I complain about that but then again oppose their idea of rolling out packages and packages of education for adults that ensures they cannot claim benefits unless they pass the exams after taking part, in order to prevent that need to express the wicked culture that is going on inside of them by selecting and grooming a scapegoat that will take the fall and get killed for it long before they realised they have not worked out how to pay their way in the world and find they have a victim and can get after that yet again claiming evil is powerful but the part where they get educated is not necessarily my stuff even though I agree that this process works; I am only interested in how they work stupid systems around me and how I avenge anything a Politician and a media fool and ethnic minorities and the likes do to damage my livelihood and share it with others to play the role of my parents as this insult does get to a point where it needs to be dealt with; the same old relevant question – why is it okay for them to be gangs? It is not true my views on racism is a fallacy, these guys are pure evil in every way and the real problem with me is that I have no wish to renounce my faith, so their Politicians will never stop attacking and they will never stop seeking privileges of injustice – as far as they are concerned the problems they have can never be taken away unless somebody else is suffering instead, I mean imagine you wanted to be famous and had a bad history, there was absolutely no way of telling when that bad history will pop up if it did not become another peoples life as a whole and so we find they spend all their time forming groups, backbiting, and generally destroying peoples public reputation so that people might be available for it; it’s like Tuckman's Team roles with them and racism – he first part is the Forming part where they chose who gets to die in order for society to turn on racists considering what he was to everybody and the manner of his death so they can have things that you have refused them such as becoming a popular culture idiot with your public life whereby telling them you don’t want it done by others either just because you refused is when they believe that what you think does not count as part of reality, so the process of moving into your right hand to lay down popular culture empires ensues in earnest – the second stage is of course the storming where people get killed over racial misunderstanding and then the norming part is when they do lots of civil rights and social integration and there is less of their sexual violence to be found in peoples personal lives relentlessly because they are trying to make money and then the performing part is the part where they get to leave people alone but it lasts only for a while until politicians set up another victim or they make one by themselves and then it starts all over again – I really enjoy starting them all over again each time they cross me a sense of disobedience concerning being seen around my Books and Book sales and income, especially public life at the Office. I am aware of course of the accusation that I play up the Politicians against the services which brews trouble for the public as a whole and it will never make sense either; as I mentioned before it is to elaborate, perfectly sound for Politicians in the Labour Party to spend government international development funds on a third world country of their choosing and bring people from those Countries into the UK to work the disobedient immigrant vandals power that they want to exert on the general public and so is it for the Conservatives to do their share as well when they are in government but as I said before, whilst it is okay as well for the government to decide which part of my literary empire and Royal estate they want to pillage to roll out packages and packages of education for these people that they bring in which is by the way the right thing to do in my view – damaging my Book sales either by their hands or by the hands of the Politicians crosses a line; I mean I could have a duty of care to an Industry but before I know it that is spent at the job centre being unemployed while a Politician takes it up and tells me he is about to grab the Arch Prince’s Royal Estate from me all together and cannot let me breathe, it is not okay for those kinds of things to happen. I don’t have a problem with it since I do not have a difficulty deciding which Television show I want to break to pieces next but they have raised the question of public safety and security to sooth their pain here which needs to be addressed and the reality is that I never ever tell the services to support me here to support me there and so on and their insolent women need to think about what they want to do with the system next on that media in my direction as well.  

They do regularly complain that people cannot move forward because of me and it will never make sense since the one ambition they have in their lives is to find out if media can change identities between me and them to they can become me and make me into their loser selves. So that the way it plays out becomes that of a damage to my finances but what I have become concerned about is what they turn up on media to do to make such things a reality and I have put up with so much nonsense from them that I feel if it actually does pay off in the end regardless, I will show them something they have never before seen and will never see again as well all together. They do like to claim it is a thick skin they have developed against people like me, which makes no sense whatsoever, what makes sense is fact i.e. they cannot make money unless I am made to fail, they cannot sell things unless I am made to give up to sell them and even if I gave them knowledge of how to it can never be trusted because they are twisted and evil and have a real need to cause me pain and are looking for excuses therefore; above all they say they are famous, famous with their National media insults and abuses, famous by infamy of which the person who told them that must be as insane as they are and it really eventually comes down to this whole process of a need to own my public life and nobody knows what kind of idiots make use of other peoples public life anyway, we all know they claim to be famous, it is all that we really know about it, I mean my Books were published and patented and product displayed at the market place so the general idea is that they are trying to kill somebody and it gets worse still on the rights of Middle power to have the same things big power has – of which nobody knows which ones are the big power these days anymore but we are all well informed about the fact they are such losers. There is this problem that now needs to be settled of the media thinking it has manipulated issues to ensure power rests with them which is not really the case; so it should be assumed that the need journalists have to threaten others and point to gangs if they cannot get what they want from their target bully victims and accusations of sexual impurity with people wives that goes with that too, will greatly increase, so their need to move further and further to the right to deal with people like me will spike but that said, making sure female journalists at Court are able to put pressure of job loss, of threats and of sex based abuse on their male colleagues has also been a priority of the company and that will spike too and accordingly considering what we will learn from them needlessly until it becomes a part of us, it will be funny as well.


The love for that old story of being unable to beat journalists is astounding but they have taken at least 5 years at a time to get on media everyday to recover from me in order for each occasion to have the effect intended, so the assumption is that if they provoke me into handling them on the money they will ever recover from that too. I don’t think it is an issue all together anyway; it just gets to a point where you have to decide they exist and want to sell things and make money as well as a people and a society but the anus and penis insults and the gold teeth and the filth and the louts television targeting you is not something that you wish to tolerate any further; so sooner or later somebody is going to teach them a lesson and they might even select that tool of inequality they like to complain about all the time as a means to do it and it can easily be me as well. We hear it’s all a behaviour from which they get a hold of fun teasing the victims too but I do wish they would say so before it turns into something serious as well – considering it is not a form of inequality in their view with that big mouth – something that will change their fortunes on the basis of my fear of them which means three items emerge and one of them being the Politicians making money and using them as gangs, the other being the nature of tyranny when that actually was my turf and the third being that each involvement with me destroys culture and society but it turns up all the time complete with features like media idiots making sure they do not go down alone to provide incentive; normally any a person would see this position of mine as a warning but I have no wish to spoil their fun. We have not yet reached the part where I hurt them as basic way of existing which it seems will be the only way to manage my company as well, since we all know there is no justification for a process where their plans to get rich damages my Books; I mean it’s like environmental issues – 20 Lions in a game reserve in south Africa and because they saw it they will get after some American republicans who will have enough money to pay their way into shooting some Lions for sport and then others will have no right to breathe on account nobody is doing anything about it which is a state of affairs I wish to break because it holds the world to ransom over its endangered species but I have used the occasion as an example here because of the inference i.e. some Americans you provoked shot 3 Lions and there are 12 left, so you are after me to find out if I can shoot 2 of my own to ensure you stop as it were – so my relationship with them is going to become one that fundamentally hurtful as they have no justification to get after my public life and Book sales – none whatsoever. We hear that ultimately the reality is that others want to have a go at being royalty in my stead as well and I suppose they know it really annoys me and when they mention it, they have categorised their stupidities as well. I have never thought it meant a problem to me as such; it has just become reality they have made so much out of this sense of what the world will become because I am so terrified of them they can even do anything to me with respect to my public life and personal space that it seems the only way to run this company is to ensure everything done with it is hurtful to them to a point where they are blinded to reality and get to mind their own business especially for the Politicians. In the end the civil rights have become completely useless and I am going to destroy it as well – the first time I did before the one they set out to recover with media was concerned with seeking civil rights from my Christian personal life, this time it will happen because I took the action to get rid of a system that existed to help people out with a process whereby they might act without knowing what they are doing, fundamentally because it now exists to hurt me. So the relevant question here is that since they do not see these insults as a form of inequality, I am guessing there is nothing they can do if I refuse to do what they want whenever they wish to get rich with popular culture or tag along with Millionaires. I don’t have any trouble with learning in anyway; I don’t want these guys doing anything they do in a way which involves me but especially the media and popular culture parts – simple things like watching Pornography so I can see them all the time is an example of the things that will easily become an aspect of my study programme and I am sure they know this time around nobody is going to get clinically depressed as well;  especially when that old process of seeing the size of their penis and seeing when they put it into their women’s bottom and not where it should be works alongside media and politics need to handle and damage my Books because my reaction is amusing – it is that reaction they need to hate, it is important that they get to hate it.  The first time I started seeing them at Pornography it was because I was definitely Christian and gay even when involving me with their gay communities does damage to it; so at that time it was a case of the fact when you watch pornography in a way you are looking for trouble because you are making the choice to see certain groups of people in society as they are naked and doing something filthy but we have been there and done that at this stage – they still want a piece of me considering it continues still that you cannot enjoy your Christian living either because the media and or civil right idiot has a problem with it but wants to get after your finances instead; for the part about homosexuality, obviously it’s something they say I enjoy but like to tell lies and attack others which isn’t actually true as the only way you can enjoy it is when you make misery for others which is why it is pure evil and some do enjoy it by making misery for themselves which is why some homosexuals are people you can talk to and therefore is a behaviour that is as diversified as the very nature of human beings itself; I on the other hand thing it is something women enjoy but it is impossible to decide when they want to enjoy it as such, so technically all who are homosexual want such things of women all of the time and there is no way of knowing if they want it too all of the time or indeed can give it all the time, so they hatch a plan to make it happen and start to fuck themselves after cursing their stupidities with all that is good and pure and correct and straight in this world, which was the thing that made them view women in a perverse way all along in the first place ; so when I don’t want my public life done for me people will weak bikini and shake bottoms at me which is something I don’t want alright but is being given to me never the less for instance and that was the start of watching pornography to see them and then they can turn up and show what they want to do about it as well – so we did that and its now history, we have done several others especially about the Politicians between me and them but this whole forcing their perspective on me thing which is very distracting and abusive is based on the notion I am afraid of them and I have no idea who told them that anyway, so it’s like the guys want a piece of me and will certainly get it as well.

We hear it’s something about my sulky sultry appearance which people hate and it was the same of my Christian temperaments being a function of sex I have with peoples wives too; so that half the time a society idiot appoints himself onto the right to handle me, it is because he has just messed with the person of other peoples Arch Prince and has come up with an explanation for what he is feeling i.e. I stir his inspiration and then extract and use if for my own purpose and then the other half is because of this sulky sultry appearance which means people want their fingers ever near my anus at all times with a big mouth but it gets to a point where you say they want to make money alright but you will put up with no more of their crap for it and this is just such a time. Without their involvement I would easily sail through my academic work especially for the politicians and popular culture and media ones and I am sure not doing it to involve me is not an impossible thing to comply with as well.


We hear he tides are against me all the time and it is the kind of conversations around my finances that seems to them to be a career achievement but there is no such tides running against me, it’s a point by point, person by person resolving of matters around here, the whites are very fond of damaging what is obvious cheap academic work which is better if they did in Academic environment too because the outcome and what they hope to gain from it just lasts and lasts and keeps giving, so I am always inclined to get after their retirement and wait for their stupid children at the jobs market so their politicians can have more work on my account. The blacks are just useless lascivious louts who want to share peoples income and have a society and culture they have crafted which has come to suggest it is perfectly okay but we all there are so many flaws in their stupid plans and that it is their Politicians that tend to pay the price for it but all together on both sides, they are starting to deal with the effects of not complying with not making the fame and fortune popular culture and media and Politics in a way that involves me. The reason being that I am an Arch Prince and they are nothing, there has to be a way in which they can exist as though I don’t and mind their business, otherwise we have to deal with years of bullying and years of vengeance that follows soon after since it appears behaving in such ways is obviously their nature, unless they are improving it at a cost to somebody’s entire fortune, which actually does not improve anything and we know it too; each time this process of existing without me is taken away by them I will put it back there artificially as we are not mates – my Book sales and finances depend on it and I need a holiday that will separate me from their stupidities at a healthy and regular interval.

 The culture and society story is much the same as the homosexual one – I say I am not gay and they say it’s a power thing and whether or not I do what they want risking a process of ending up with somebody that wants to walk into a gay bar with a Bible in hand all the time. It becomes a big thing when getting into a bit of work to control it leads to an outcome where Politicians get involved on their behalf so there is always that need to ensure every second of theirs is not spent abusing you and every one of yours is spent thinking properly like a normal person but above all a cut down in homosexuality and prostitution and every one of their decadent lifestyles that mean the world to them and puts me in danger for the faith that I practice in my personal life on account they have needs and therefore breeds all these stories and lies that are so numerous they create an alternative existence because it is one of the best ways to ensure taxes are being paid in this Country as it were. The story of whether or not I am afraid of them is a level of IQ that a three year old can easily deal with at all times, so they continue to turn up around my case because Politicians are intervening on their behalf and what I am doing to them is clearly not hurting badly enough yet. It’s been for that reason 12 years so far of being the guy whose faith gets in their eyes because politicians are willing to speak of the attention and fame that moral people take away from evil people and come up thereof with some positive discrimination for it too and it has now developed into tales of making reference to my Office and public work every day on media in a threatening way which is justified by another story that I sleep with peoples wives, which of course is not a problem for me as I have laid low that violent and lascivious society of theirs and had a long time ago set the gospel between me and them which is how it should be, it’s just the reality of what they get up to and what people want to know about what my part in it really was, especially since it has eventually created this process where I cannot sit with an employer and answer questions correctly but which if looked at in terms of facts means that I am unable to detach myself from what means a sense of fame and public life for elderly people and now they say I encumber things that motivate them just by existing which feeds directly into those tales of making sure I am history and they had become the main trend of which they have not yet made enough money to achieve as it were, so the struggle continues and as for the abusive part they claim, I turn peoples tummy inside and out by making them nervous if they have a habit of extracting an income from my Office or doing so by making reference to my Royal Estate – I mean everybody is trying to sell something and we all know how to handle those who extract an income from what others own and or are trying to sell and we all know what we do with those who want to do it all the time to escape any process where they have to do any work etc. So nobody stops their own stop at my expense – when they start they stop at my own time, not damage my quality of life and make a trophy of it for more bad behaviour. So if they go so far as to snoop around my personal life and gather up my preaching and travel around the world to make it ineffective, since it is God and not I that converts people and it is completely pointless, I will be off to set out these things I must do to make them terrified somewhere near their retirement too and we all know nobody here will be wanting in knowledge of that as well considering the things they teach us every so abusively and violently in a completely needless way. They would like a system where people can take anything they wanted from anybody they could take it from because they feel they can take anything they wanted from me and it would have changed their lives if they did best explains it – they will never understand until they are pensioners and the nature of robbery they chose gets them there ever so early and leaves them there for a better part of their lives which makes no sense overall why they live in that way. Another example is this conservation problems about which Americans are the biggest violators of laws – so what you have is rare Lions in say South Africa, then an idiot that goes off to attack some republicans in the US who have money enough to go game shooting of rare endangered Lions in South Africa and then when those animals are killed, they mark me out as the next target – it is a cycle that needs to be broken and broken badly so to speak as well; it is as though dealing with them is the shortest route to world peace as it means their criminality is not something that communists can gain from too; it is usually the stage where I am said to be handling matters that are beyond me which is utter nonsense as well as I am doing very well making sure culture and society is not a problem by getting jobs from Politicians and Industry which have been denied me to make them feel special and any who turns up with ideas that does not involve my Book sales has better sort their own out as it were; damaging my Books can never be excused – so that the lasciviousness and sexual violence of the Politicians themselves can cease to be a problem around here too.


I am aware by all means of that tale of stubbornness on my part; they always say it’s a matter of people like me having a career at all cost when people can easily learn a  trade and make money to help others with, which encourages racism because racists will have somebody to pick on and a reason to do it but I wouldn’t know for my part either what it is about me which encourages women to feel I am the point at which they can shake off responsibility, break free and enjoy life and basically do things in life that they didn’t get to do in their youth. The dialogue is always that of making it clear it’s a matter of the number of time you are found outside trying to make a living which then becomes increasingly difficult and the number of things people can do to you and get away with alongside it which cases racism to take note of a potential victim, to which their response is always something about men thinking they have a God given right to be successful about which I have no idea whatsoever why that is actually a bad thing; however I know that I am stubborn and they are fighting for their lives as we speak, so the media insults could mean my actions and activities are not hurting badly enough yet hence they have no need to go away as it were but then again the media exists as the place where they get to recover from what I get up too, it’s just that it cannot be a problem for me because what it is we will have another problem all together as well, the powerful boyfriends that will take care of me if I desire them and so on while they get to collect my career and income with the help of them powerful boyfriends and feel like handling my personal life therefore all the time especially with media where they speak more often about how weary I am than they wish to speak about anything else, weary of which I am not. The world is an evil place where only those that have money and those that worship those who have money thrive they claim but it only works when we let them and this is also determined by certain lines being crossed too – I am not a poor man, the activities of society and culture goons that concerns a process of trying to get rich is always fundamentally and primarily hurtful while the activities of others are not – I know what my crowd is, I own a literary empire for God’s sake, I own a Royal Estate to go with it too by the way, the idea that I am a poor man is a myth. It’s as though these kinds of things become important as a point to make because when idiots see you behave towards women in a certain way they do not see the part where everything women do is just funny and amusing and unless they are pushing you along spending time with them always means you find it difficult to concentrate on anything; so that when it is the one that are serving men and trying to push them along when they self pity and so on being victims of domestic abuse it makes for so much madness. Nobody is getting in the way of their financial success around here by the way, especially the Politicians; it’s as I said earlier on, that it is perfectly okay as it were for them to put the worlds pressure on me setting up education packages for their gangs that they unleash on others when they have needs and a plans that is based on spending other people’s property on themselves, apparently it is my contribution to society as it were but when they damage my Book sales that always crosses a line and at this stage I have already warned them that if the damage my own and I damage your own as well situation where to put it into context there will actually be no way I can run my business without hurting Politicians and black people and media as a basic form of existence and this has never been a problem for me either, these activities of theirs are things that are a product of their evil cultures and societies and are used against anybody that comes up against it but that said, at this rate there are things about them and about it being preserved, that I obviously going to dis-virgin again as it were. We hear I am having trouble because I am at war with the US President of course which will never ever make sense but then again even if I am, it is not one about which he can do anything anyway; I am very comfortable with the idea of him spending his time being president and not spending it bothering me to the effect of allowing all his twisted community idiots to get all over my Book sales on account he is having revenge for some injustice somewhere, there is no injustice to their rudeness and their evil and greed and everybody knows that too – so every time he does it is the every time I will get after entire communities of his goons that are likely to profit from a damage to my Book sales, last time I checked, it makes him so popular he is likely to win elections perpetually. I mean it’s one thing to be nice to pimps and quite another to become a filthy president of pimps all together and that after you took upon yourself the responsibility of a secret service that gathered more information than ever before on the citizens on your Country, knowing perfectly that you are storing up trouble for the future that is if your thinking is so weak you cannot see it is wrong all together. It’s like the story these days as people ask why we have to travel overseas to take part in or create foreign wars, of which the reality is ever that of taking care of the problem overseas before it comes home to roost all together but we are so caught up in other conversations that we do not notice or pay attention to such a reality anymore; when you listen to these guys they speak of things not just because their freedom is defined as a problem they have with the authority that you have earned in your public work, you hear them speak of their need to extract an income from the perks of your job; the perks of your job – indicating these are people that will be happy to have you killed if they feel that cashing into your public life would make them rich and therefore wanted it all and are always seeking out somebody that will be made a sitting duck by the Politicians, somebody that will wait for them to do it and as for the Politicians its always all hush, hush when they have been in government long enough to gain authority for their position too which then puts them at risk and now all depends on whether or not I get to shut up with that big mouth they have. The media goons turn up like that on TV every day – a problem with law enforcement, a problem with women and it is not as if they are criminals as such, they just like to say something about the way in which people live; so all together it has never really been a problem for me if I can kick them until they seek a war, then ensure they don’t have it, so when they complain about the powers of the state the ability to the state to make war is controlled as well and there is a stable territory. I am talking about it because of a need to mention where I have been and what I have done over the fact the bone of contention is still that stupid culture and society, on account it wants me to change my Christian personality that is just to holy for them to tolerate and I am never going to do that if all they can show for it is that big mouth they have too. Of course it isn’t true I have no clue what I am doing; it usually starts with a story of a guy people have found whose personality ought to be steeped in their problems and then they will kill him quickly and make it all go away and then because of that they will need a war really soon so much but cannot have it and that will lead to protest about the power of the state and that will take care of everything. I have mentioned it not because I need to but because it is another mile stone, so I can set my eyes firmly on the fact it appears we have all been played out and everybody now needs the media more than ever while the media stirs things like Scottish Nationalism to raise their price bidding and so on, which of course it starting to provoke me in a big way too especially become they are becoming ever more increasingly violent over the practicalities of their greed on what is not actually their own as such.

I cannot make out what supposition of the media led commotion around the matter really is; the reality at this point is that the only group of people that have so far stopped damaging my business and cutting it up without reason using popularity and publicity, is Popular culture people and celebrities – there is more to go with black people and media and Politicians and I believe I have issued them the necessary warnings; at this stage it seems normalcy means I wrote ten sentences in a Book and hurt a Politicians or a Media or a black people ten times for it but the alternative is walking around aimlessly with them all taking a stand in my personal life and developing a habit of turning up in public places to threaten me all the time and show off with media full of girls that know men that want to collect my career and earnings for them who seem to be around my livelihood all the time no matter how old like a really bad rash, talking nonsense about freedom and democracy as well for good measure of which their antics at International Communities are thing that really get me into a bad, bad state these days all together. So they do complain about a damage to their culture and history and society which I have done and I don’t think I am yet so far as it were; I want to see them keep their distance from my Royal Estate and I want to see them do the same for my public work and Royal Office and I wouldn’t mind if they all got a proper job each of them thereof for the purpose. Ever impossible to see them do anything but; some career I stole from a woman, need to hand it back a threatening insult and a man behind them that will get it from me for them – every single second no matter how old.

It ever appears such a palatable conversation to have about why on earth I never take seriously the need to resolve my conflicts with the general population and it will never make sense anyway since there are none such conflicts to resolve – only their insults and abuses that they cannot keep to themselves without dishing on others and the fact every reprisal from me has to lead to an outcome of counter reprisal because they think they are better human beings than I am and generally superior to me and far more deserving to be me which nobody else seems to acknowledge. It they let me be on my own and stayed away the Monarchy would benefit from such an actions vastly and so would they and so would the Politicians and so would I, so it is never really obvious why it is apparently that they simply cannot do it. They might have their reasons for not complying alright but the reality is what it is i.e. when weeks from now and months from now and years from now the Politicians has started to get violent over the matter, I am sure they will not be complaining too. It’s like that other complain made all the time about how people really cannot tell exactly what it is about the Media I have come to hate so much but the reality being that I do not hate the media, it’s just reality that at the very basic fundamental level of what motivates them, they act the way they do because they feel others are not entitled to have a basic salary on account they are trying to get themselves a second mortgage after paying off the first and so it becomes ever so difficult for their top level operatives to see I run my business on my own while in their case every little decision that has to be made must be made with several people at a board meeting all of whom do not attend on invitational basis because they have the right and power to come and go as they please, so that there now exists a matter over revenue that means their employees are my personal Gods and they complain about how I hate them, while my public life with which I broker equities with Industries is very slowly and very violently disappearing.  Much the same passion of which is spent on claims I bewitch the Monarchy and it seems to do what I wish all the time which is such a far cry from reality; which is first of all that all I do is entirely normal to me, it appears however that others are doing the same things and they are actually Royalty, so when they decide they have found a kindred spirit, what people really need to do is get on media to turn other people’s lives into a battle ground over money, the other being that it is rather that the purpose of Court is to have various persons of interest in your realm gather up and show off where they have been and what they have been up to in a cultural way and if there is a problem, then the leader which is The Queen can collect an Army to deal with it – my work or Company Court operates in much the same way i.e. if there is a problem with the female journalists then there will be trouble coming from me as well – as we all know they can go on forever if they want none stop but it gets to a point eventually never the less, where you have to take away from them any little precious remaining happiness and they can get some or get it back somewhere in hell too.


I hear there is a problem with my ability in terms of intellectual disposition of course but that always comes richly from people who catch it on the left and on the right like I do because they were never block heads to begin with; my point on that is that the first time my academic work became a major concern for them I ended up dropping out of University and I don’t want it to be again, I am sure they understand otherwise there will be trouble. I like the world the way it works at the moment; I started off with the reality that if society people and culture people can go anywhere I will not be allowed to survive, so they needed to do Politics and work for their own money and my effects have now exceeded my expectations culminating in Barrack Obama in the White House providing them leadership and history at a global level which means they have reached the peak of their madness – that madness that means they are so steeped in culture that if they needed to take their desire to stay off work and get rich to a point where other peoples careers and livelihoods was collected by people in politics and media, and for them, that is precisely what will happen and I am fed up with seeing that happen around my Books and products on a daily basis as well for my part but there are other issues too like the story of how difficult it is to understand their sudden interest in things like terrorism when they made the mess that somebody else now needs to clean up – it’s not exactly a path that those who thrive on decadent fame and fortune will chose then is it? So it baffles me that they are involved with the money and what I do with my academics or my business has become a major concerns of theirs as well and they all like that at Popular culture and celebrity and media and so are their Politicians who leave you wondering if it is a matter of insolence or whether he really can have you beaten up when you don’t do as he asks considering he or she has always paid your bills as it were and everybody knows it thereof. So at the moment it’s not just Nelson Mandela who was a symbol of suffering and could therefore get as corrupt with my life if he wanted as he may have pleased – they are now fully engaged and their problems are their main concern not my life. So we hear they say I speak in that way alright but people still do not get their lives back even after I have but it was never intended to give them their lives back – they will get their lives back when I no longer see them around my Royal Estate and or its Public life concerning me, they will have their lives back when they have fixed the finances they have damaged here or alternatively end up where they are never seen around it ever again; so that where the antagonism of Industry fits into the matter is the one where people are not Royalty are selling products on a Royal Estate and making noise about things I think I can handle in the form of rich persons when I cannot and it is much the same with the Literary Empire that was built from the Royal Estate and exists to sell my Books not look after their stupid needs; the warning of course is that my Royal Alliances as built for me by the British Government all over the world have been waiting for 15 years because of their need to be seen around my Book sales especially the American ones and it costs me in equity which is how they damage my finances and think they get to determine what I can handle or not, while their frustration is still that they are unable to grab some market because they refused to play along with ordinary people that needed stability to sort out a pension during the economic crisis so that they might boast about being immune to recession – now they trade and it does not make any money instead loses them money at the global stage because I have provided leadership that ensures people can protect own markets from them; they have now resorted to popular culture and media where their money circulates like an economy onto itself these days and that is costing them extras as well; so their involvement and the damage it causes costs me in equity and the insults will mean I will live up to an ultimatum where they will plug those stupid products into me or my empire to pretend years of delaying my sales has come to mean the empire itself does not exist and it will be a lesson they will never forget, so I have to say I have made myself very clear on the matter and it might be possible thereof that I am bluffing too. It’s never clear as well by the way why people want to sell products on a Royal estate if they are not Royalty and why they want to plug products into the market of an empire that is built from a Royal Estate if they are not Royalty but I am sub human in their view and can endure any form of degrading treatment that is measured out for me with an inability to understand I have always had a low level of tolerance for their stupidities anyway. They say they are traders and rich idiots and it would be nice if they got off trading and kept away from me and my property then. It’s usually okay when my academic concerns are none of their business especially for the celebrities but when they blab my incapability we all know it is the beginning of some violent bullying that will detach me from a position of mine that they wish to deploy to their own ends in the eyes of the public; what these celebrities do in public all the time is nothing of the service people claim, that was a property brokerage I issued for celebrities in my Court and for those who spent their own hard earned money to get them to make songs and the ones that appear to play roles around my renaissance in film or Television being taken over by twisted industry fucks – what they do in public is look after their boyfriends, really nice boyfriends either in a current relationship of pointed them in the right direction in life and has such a good behaviour he spends most of his time standing up to Industry leaders – the destruction of my finances is always a display of their evil and violent wickedness since it has always been completely unnecessary and very discriminative and because you cannot handle another person’s possessions as though your life depends on it and be famous while he is discriminated against at the same time, it is extremely insulting and abusive too. When I say it has never been a problem I am referring to the part where they have not pushed a most recent boundary on how to provoke me, hence all I need to do is work out ways of serving people with my products and not allowing people turn up to take whatever they like from my livelihood because Politicians and Media and urging them to instead; most of the time it’s a matter of one of those occasions where it seems somebody has picked up a gun and nobody can stop them killing people as they are steeped in culture as well and must get it done, that usually exposes a lot about where they have been and what they have been up to.

So since what I write is Equity and Intellectual Property I have always designed it in such a way as to allow for these fools especially white people to damage finances and academic work and blackmail me into doing things for them that will make them rich in return for nothing but sexual abuse to turn up and chose their crowd really quickly – since my only concern is usually to serve people with my business and not sit down somewhere to watch people take anything they like from it. It’s much like the tale of how I am lamenting the case of being swiped by Americans, which makes no sense whatsoever: on one hand they say they were right about terrorism than I am, now that it is clear the Islamic state has existed and is being groomed into a state where it wants to fly its flag over the White House for instance but I find that impossible to fathom as well since facts unlike speculation is rather that the US Government sold weapons to Saddam Hussein and then invaded Iraq to ensure he was no longer a threat and the same government sold weapons to Islamic State and is now getting rid of them through air strikes – so there is that pattern of seeing criminals and then claiming that they are freedom lovers, so as to sell weapons to them and pretend I was wrong over and over and over and over again which is a sign of intelligence as it were considering I have none and the fucking idiots are right as it were. I am only saying when it comes to ripping up my Book sales the US President is top dog because it will yet again please black America but when the criminals want to fly their flag over the white House it will turn out I was wrong and they were right on account roles were reversed i.e. when these guys have started picking up arms, it is actually when I describe them as people fighting for cause but usually the time the Americans can start describing them as terrorists. So there is that story of antagonising and beating Americans which seems to be something I do all the time; nothing new of course, if these fools are not forced to do Politics they will not work for their money if they can lay down popular culture pipelines on other peoples families and personal lives to make Empires for themselves so I have been there and done that and it’s like a Nelson Mandela has been replaced by a Barrack Obama and he will certainly get it done too; I personally will continue to kick them for every occasion where an American government idiot approves the activities of his fools on my earnings on account he or she knows where my Books are, I will kick them until they want to be American again and go fuck somewhere else, otherwise the alternative is always as simple as being British like me quietly and without causing me any grief; nobody has been swiped by anything about here and it’s been 15 years of their case over me, nobody really has that level of patience either – they do like to pretend they would appreciate a process where somebody made their American stupidities afraid of something for a change in their foolish lives but I don’t want to tolerate any more of their media need to make references to my Royal Estate and then regular pretence on media of a disposition of Pater which I find incredibly insulting, laced with a sense they can tell me what to do, make me do things or black mail me into doing anything; Americans need to get off my Books and clear my space especially when black not talk nonsense in public that will earn them real trouble from here as well. We know they really like to annoy people and make out they have a temper and of course there is that question of why they do these things to be answered of course i.e. the fact they are just really evil people who like in a Country where nice guys come last leaving to your imagination how they create that process; I just thought if I took their culture and society and homosexual practices away from them and left myself open to having my fame and fortune career done by somebody else, I could prove a point about their temper and what it is exactly they can do about it too. The case of how it has taken all I have is utter nonsense too, it has not; I do not say or do what I do behind their backs, I do it the way I do because they are the ones looking for trouble and if they want to make contact pay for the process, not me and no civil rights idiots that wants to pay for it and his own trouble from them will do it with my possessions either, for those of which the consequences for their disobedience is not hurting badly enough too so far but I have made myself clear, the Marvin Gaye stereotypes with a need to chase peoples private parts and tell them what to do and a need to attack people, provoke them, claim they sleep with peoples wives, have a problem with a faith they practice in their own personal lives and put it on media to ensure they are able to dominate and suppress the faith from day to day, by getting after finances which of course is usually where they cross a line as it leads to a need to tell tales of my career being taken up by somebody else when I am already famous and so we are still testing as it stands how much money they need to make that success. I hear of a tale of whether there is an easier way to get about what I am doing and yes of course there is an easier way but if I then got off to say that most of their claim I am weak for instance is largely based on a social effects of their insults and abuses in my direction which really has nothing to do with what I am really like, then they will realise that means it is a behaviour they could shake off if they wanted and that would reward them for knowing what they are doing in the first place and for having a problem with my leadership because I do – I mean I am the one having the family life at this point and they are the ones that realise how much they have been dominated each time they try to have sex but it can dominate the British with the help of Obama continues, we have reached a point where people are unable to size women up in the case of a man for instance and say yes, I can satisfy her in bed in push comes to shove and that was my invention but they will not cease inventing evils that they then turn up and groom me for a bad thing to happen to me the power thereof – so there are lots of easier ways. I mean they say I am a loser who gets beaten up by community croons all the time but if I said the abuses of the community croons was a function of the signals they give for it to target me every day as early as 5.30am in the morning they would claim I was telling a lie but it can only continue until I groom them for it as well and then the truth will be found out. I need them off my Books and I need to have them clear my space – there are easier ways. None of it really harms me in anyway, not least the bit where they enlist their society goons that make up the vast part of the sex industry to chase my private parts all the time because I make them nervous for seeking an income from the perks of my job but it is ever so obvious that if I don’t speak of it the problem can only keep growing due to involvement of Politicians (we do hear that its all a matter of what it costs me when people die for my needs of course - makes no sense whatsoever; I would imagine they are referring for instance to the matter of every stupid black women that has her own gangs and the boys version of gangs each with their own plans on how to take advantage of the weak to get rich, cannot leave people alone and is rude for 24/7 which is quite amazing, reaching a point where if they pick up a microphone and need the career of some weak boy to be collected and handed to them to get rich and famous with, they are so steeped in culture and belonging of somewhere in it, that there is no way they will end up not getting what they want but ends up locating some other guy, usually white and picks on them to a point of clinical insanity because she is not just stupid, she has realised it can serve as a power to bully others as well and then one day he picks up a gun and no force on earth will stop him from using it because we all overlooked the fact he is steeped in culture himself as well and needs to teach her a lesson at this particular stage or maybe they are referring perhaps to the part where politicians enlist them in the Military, idiots dying for my needs).