So the big ponder these days is that of how the UK economy could possibly have created jobs while shrinking into a double dip recession at the same time but of course the main response is that by the end of the year it can easily slide into a much worse state than it is at the moment, which I have no idea how that could happen anyway. The facts being first of all of course that such things as a shrinking economy that creates jobs ought to show that if there is somebody that get around confronting people that wish to spend most of the time talking ideological nonsense and vandalism around the manufacturing industry, then manufacturing will become more stable and more things will get made and that means more employment, thus the next issue now will be the matter of finances and it is the Politicians that have refused to step up to the plate, the result of course will be that people will figure out the finances in some other way but the Politicians must be rest assured that they will only get a certain fraction percentage of the money that will come from it while the profits will go somewhere else. Where it involves me is that they are saying that I expect them to believe that I have come up with sensibilities that I name equities which I have used as a means of making companies keep important branches of the Business in the UK while getting around the globe to work their operations but I do not expect anybody to believe anything as it is a matter of market and services and if I offer them a service and they like it, they will take it. The most important fact of them all however remains simply that Politicians are the ones pulling us behind on the economy and such figures and outcomes are a very stark expression of this fact, they wish to put it into debate because they are completely determined to ignore the fact that they are the problem; it’s not just the let me move into your right hand to feel glorious for the rest of my life or I will make you understand how relevant I am issue, that is damaging in its own right but there is also the issue of the fact that they want to take away from the Monarchy the work of sorting out which one is Art, which is Media, which is Business and so on and will never, ever concentrate on doing their own job or do their jobs without demanding somebody else’s right hand to move into, so they make Policies in that way to seek what cannot be done with very important matters. I mean Business and Art and culture are one and the same thing they say; who on earth does such a thing and what does it do as a tool? This process where the economy creates jobs while it shrinks is just the beginning, it will get even better. It’s the funny parts of being royalty who brokers equities that gets my attention the most on this matter i.e. this is the son of Mr John of John and Co whose Grand Father owned John and sons and Co whose great grandfather owned blah, blah, blah, Next; This is the son of Mr James who owns James and Co whose father and grandfather owned James and Sons and co; Next... and it goes on like the conveyor belt that it is supposed to be; the Politicians on the other hand can continue to dodge the issues if they like. They always rather love to get on the issue of how I ought to keep things secrete otherwise the rest of the world will swoop down on it but what they really mean is the rest of the world on media which is what media should be; a micro world that has everything – its own financial and manufacturing industry, probably military and Politicians as well, it is media, it is supposed to be that way.

Three things ought to happen; one is that of women successfully moving deviants and deviances to the left anyway they do it, the other being the complete treatment of media with detachment and decorum and the third being the complete ignoring of communities and societies to the whatever it could possibly mean point. We can see that we will not get there by something somebody said but by what the market has determined.

So they do say developing economies get a hard deal from me because I just enjoy looking for trouble but that remains to be seen as well, bearing in mind you do not have the power or means to tell them a thing is hurtful in a way which gets them to stop and it is so relentless this does not come into the picture with respect to the issues anymore as if. So we have only done one side which has to do with getting round the world to make sure my stuff does not feel as good as it used to anymore, we have not even begun to do anything about the provocation and the violence, that they think will bring them the wealth of the world. These kinds of competition is not even the kind that the ethos or ethics of their industries is based on or allows, it is nothing but plain unadulterated destruction and maybe they do like the bad customer service at BA so they can tell their lies, profit from it, think it is funny about which their verbal abuses in my direction never run out, they never shut up and deviant vandalism of my finances and business has no limits. It gets you to a point where you simply decide you will say nothing about it, only do something about it or do not do something about it, so that when you do something about it you really do something about it.

As for the videos and pictures they take on my property to stifle my earnings and feed their addiction to extracting an income from it, I will rough them up seriously before that actually stops as well; the racism and discrimination part is what I am referring to here. I mean it is the incentive all the time as it were and each time I get rid of it the Politicians reinstate it push me out of my academic work and expect to move into my right hand. Religiously the right hand for a Christian is very important because it is where Christ sits beside God himself but it seems as though I will die if they do not move into my right hand. Years ago it was a factor of how they will send out their girls to do whatever they like with my property and if I react I answer to them, then when the girls are rich corrupting everything in sight, it will be blamed on an inferior black man and then they will attack me to get rich, I took it away and Politicians took up arms – now that they have created feelings for themselves it is back again, so have they started again too and I am not suggesting it did them any good either in the first place because just like these idiots are good at getting their hands on my tainted black man’s money about which I know everything there is to know and will most certainly take serious measures when I also know everything there is to know about any money that anybody makes from it and then get involved with government positions to have privileges of injustice, I am not the one that has ended up with a hung parliament because of the spiritual impediments attached to getting out to vote in this country. It still remains that their provocation wants another one of my wars that will be small enough to satisfy the requirements of a civil war which is what they like to present here as a threat but good enough to stay out of trouble with law enforcement and this time I will certainly do it on the money, so when I handle that stupid  right hand of that their stupid country again they will never see it ever again and will have to kill for satisfaction of life itself, so we can find out if they are the only ones that can kill. Yes I know they say if I do not bug their boys they will not trouble me and I don’t want to hear any of it either from them; if they have not built a company in their lives to have something to lose aesthetically, they better keep their shares shut it get out of my sight and try to do a set job that they have got and those their stupid girls too, they better tell them, I am sure they can see I have taken enough of that rubbish from them for their part just like everybody else and of course I do not want my success to make me a target, so I will acquire means of handling everything that provides such an incentive so those who have something to lose if I do so had better left me alone and gone somewhere else because no country or government position is beyond me just like it isn’t beyond their insults. As I always say, the customer has all the autonomy and dominating me will see me thumb them as well. I think my complain is clear; it is not enough to assume the position of being in the right in order to have courage, I actually am in the right and I have not killed anybody, what I have will not make me a target any longer and I will acquire everything that will make it the case and all those responsible black white blue will have to live with the ugly side of me as well. They tell me people get to make use of my work without actually knowing that they are and that is because they entertain much of that rubbish of threatening me and telling lies which their girls pick up on to jump on my chest to get rich and famous telling me to have a go if I am tough enough so and politicians tell me they want to transfer all I own to their ownership in order to dominate me because they are superior and need to ensure their racism is working on me and that I have no money to ensure it is not so bad. What I have will not make me a target anymore and this is simple enough for any to understand, I will acquire their entire country if I must for of course when I do they will know where it really is.

They teach you these things you don’t want to know all the time; for the blacks it is a case of success meaning that there were things you did to irritate them which ruined their sense of the good life on your way to the top and that is calls for equality and sharing and they will use that and a Politician will endorse it and until they ruin your life will never go away, for the whites it is about equality in the sense that they are superior and should dominate you therefore a child should be there to share all you have. So when you tell them what you have will no longer make you a target and that you will acquire their country to ensure they understand there is enough leverage for that, they think it is a big joke. For the Americans they are always angry and dangerous but it is the same old stuff; distant fascism and abuses that result from them which are a factor of getting off on public places to say things which they claim they are saying in my direction to make me obey them. It is when the whole insult has become a sub culture they always want to back out and like the other idiots who do not realise those things they do happen to some people because there is a time limit and so declaring the absence of time limits for me because I am big enough for everybody means they are not going anywhere; as for messing up my life and then turning out to be the ones that have that kind it will not exist beyond their fantasies. I am not saying it is a problem, it’s just that the guys in suits like to turn out on public places to ensure they send out their small goons to pass insults at me they will build on to be important; in the case of Mr Obama he did it because I share skin colour with him and he wanted to draw a line and ensure he is the greatest. That said, it was not enough like Bush and the fact they can make their war on Iraq but when people burn American flags and effigies of leaders I take the fall for that because I am a Christian decided by media and approved by them. In the case of Obama he went even further to ensure the idea of writing and selling books do not exist for me because everywhere I plan to will become a place he has pitched his tents for power and it is much the same with the British ones as well over the matter of manipulating my life and making sure I am always in a fight that they ensure I win for them and that I am always fighting for them, where I will confiscate their country and we will live in reality, I decided to get hold of them and wire them up the other way. Actually the facts in between were that after he does such things to me I decide that is okay; if you drink tea with generals in the Morning and wine with senators in the afternoon and lobster with diplomats in the evening on a typical day then since those things have very set out montages, of course comparing an Arch Prince who more so does not wish to appear to you like one because he thinks he owes you no such thing is not on but he will get off it like they always do after what they have done and tell me to deal with them like Mr Obama not the President or Mr Cameron not Prime Minister and so we will be off, with me not doing Arch Prince but normal person too; so the main issue is how writing and selling books has to do with not selling books according to the superior people who wear suits and drink and dine expensively because they think that you interfere with their superior natures and styles and it is enough to piss off anybody – so I wire them up and their entire country as well in case they prepare for the war they might lose the other way round and they get pissed off as well. They always tell me people will suffer because of me but I don’t think so anyway, not if I do them up early enough – like 14-25 do them up, 25-35 do preparation for your retirement and after that age whatever you do will result in a normal life no matter what fires and brimstones they bellow so absolutely nobody will suffer because of me, like those their right hand scum they overreach themselves all the time and want privileges of injustice to get away with it. The rest are just goons that are really insolent and never shut up; they never shut up because they are bigger than I am and can have me beaten up which is utter rubbish too because I love to wire them and their leaders the other way and distill it into a piece of writing which I either try to sell or put up as a means to my books, so if they really want it can come and get it so I can show them like that stupid incentive for violence against me they have how I feel about them too, besides which I have seen them and they are not too bigger than I am, neither am I becoming any stupid international criminal on the other hand; just something I do to the superior guys their suits, the insults and threats.


In the end it seems they have been really busy with the idea when the Duke of Edinburgh dies I will spend time with the Queen; where they got that I have no idea but it is the old stuff, when it comes to controlling people’s hearts about which they are not currently missing me or they would not act the way they do, what happens is that people control their own and then get killed by them and then the story ends. So that controlling people’s hearts has not got a violent element at all and I don’t know all about my tainted black man’s property. I have been clear I will acquire all leverage designed to ensure that what I have does not make me a target for them anymore and they of course are not listening. They think nothing can stop their success while mine is up for grabs as usual. So it is not as if I don’t want it to end or go away myself, it’s more like the claims nobody can work out what really winds me up when the purpose of their insults and abuses are to ensure I have something to say and then get told to shut it so that they build up my inspiration, stuff it inside me and use me like a breast and dominate me as well with a big mouth as though state and government apparatus was their personal and private property. Of course I am aware they sometimes do those things because there is royalty in their company or somebody important; the problem with it is that they are very insolent and talk too much so that work is work, talk is talk and fight is fight but they fill me up with demagogues with every appearance on a public places so that every public function is a chance to provoke and abuse.

The biggest incentive for them for these things is that not only will I lose by being the rascal Prince they get into a fight with to be better off by power and violence but also that they have full means to how the fight will go. This is not true because if the fight happens the next problem will be the means that their money gives them to do riches and fame with my work and that will have to go as well until everything that causes incentives to create a fight with me because of what I have is gone. So nothing will ever work like they say and it is the reason I speak of it all the time as well to blow off steam. Of course if their media and Politicians want to educate me about things I can and cannot do like I have had to educate them in the last years every day I will be willing to hear what they have to say; after all it is worst possible feeling of insecurity to know that people abate for things to happen to you such as going to your office to find the table broken up the drawers drawn and strewn and the computer screens scratched but what if it happened every day? It just needed to be explored obviously and now they can join the vandals if they want, in the end I expect them to get into their own offices to do their jobs and get the hell out of my sight. What they claim I say about myself which is not necessarily true is directly connected with the fact when I build a company they barge in and find out the blue prints and get off to buy shares in places and businesses where they will be able to dominate me, it has become such fun that I am unemployed at the moment and that is before they claim I enlist women to do my battles for me. So it is an endless case of cannot go shopping, cannot go to work, cannot go to the office, cannot go to the bank because of Jack in the Box.

In the end doing all these things do get to mean no idiot sets out to abuse me until he becomes a privileged homosexual that is well to do and rich as well hence I have done the work of God to the point where they will have to satisfy their desires by their own choices, so it is not such a problem. As for the process where I get bullied by well to do and rich people however, the only thing that those ones have got is the air around them and they have not got enough of that for two. I am not saying it is a problem, only stating a fact; they are a specific group of violent deviance and each deviance has its purpose, in their case their purpose is to target income, earnings and savings and since they have decided to come out and challenge me over my property and those stupid popularities and popular cultures, what I will do will go global as well so they can feel even more of the need to clown around like that and if they like threaten me as well. I mean I know I am playing with fire but I am also playing around with the essence of those that create fire as well, like the incentive for violence with which to show them how I feel about them too if they dare and I do not think it is a problem in anyway, it is the Labour party that uses government development funds and programmes to give money to criminals so they can come round here to create effects telling me I am being bullied by those that are better off. The money was never theirs and was never mine either so I always fail to understand the point; however they always tell me I am mad when I say such things whereas I can trace every profit that has been made from dole that was given them from the treasury and if I get off that I will trace all that has been gained from handling my property which I have never given them permission to; I mean for 70% of every week I work through the night on it, I knew it like the back of my hand, like my own name years before I met them and now they will steal it, like the idiots they are.

The big problem still remains as it always was; these fools will get off and buy shares in companies because there is chance that they will be able to buy shares in companies where I might work or an industry I am qualified for and then they will have their dream opportunity to bully and dominate me there and the reason for it is that it is impossible to dominate me in their low life world but once that is taken care of, every fool wants to set off something on media to see me fight for them and this is why they are free to be all over the place as well – it does not get any better ever, for the black ones I did nothing about what they did to get to a point of that their get rid of the anger and I put in back in or put another one in insults, so it seems that the behaviour will set the tone for my revenge as well - I mean it is evil and possessed and it is my heart.