I don’t care what it makes me, it’s important being poor until I can be dominated no matter what I have and excuses made about my actions thereafter and the follow up abuses are not funny anymore; yes I know when I look at journalists I think small people but I have made it clear when the culture is no more and people are killing them over it as well when it is no more, it will be real to them for a change, I myself will see they suck so I can have some peace – either way of which as I have mentioned before, they should never go away especially when black and of course when people look at them they think they are alright but they really are big oafs that cannot stop stirring the racism thing and turning up to become feeders on people’s lives with their media. The part about how I mess up the left hand side where people get free and rich is utter rubbish; I mean black men especially still think they can have conversations with me about their stuff that they are doing of course because what I have done so far is not hurting badly enough yet – there is nothing left to imagination on my hatred for people getting around having things they did with me concerning which they were the boss which they then go around telling people and of course about which it is worse because their wives and kids love their insults that are so intense that they mean some kind of translucent ability to see peoples privates and so on and there is nothing out there which can yet answer the question of why they do not pass those insults at their spouses and parents instead, what we have is a process where they are doing their thing around here and can never listen in hell and it is much the same of course with the racism issue for of course Fascist that are not encouraging violence and racial hatred come through out of nowhere – last time some black person was murdered at random on grounds of doing violent integration with them on account I have got it was as far back as 2004 and so what we are seeing now is entirely predictable by the way. Like doing their thing which causes you to classify them professionally; where the stupid ones want to use me wreck my finances and keep my connections as their own, with which to find their way into every company in the UK and the world and I mean every single one as well and the incredibly stupid ones on the other hand never mind getting jobs for which you go in to be served and turn out to serve people in the process of being a customer, those want to take over the streets and high streets all together using me and the fact I have books to write. They never listen and this race thing is now a big problem for them as well but for me like the old stuff about working classes when there is none that provides people means to do wicked things and put them up as clichés then complain about racism as well which their stir up all the time and find somebody who will do the violence, when people see them they think they are okay but they are big oafs and I want both my right hand side and left hand side spotless and completely clear of them and I believe most of what I say and write does indicate that too. It is not a mystery the reasons black people do those things they do is to live on other peoples income; in fact the entire purpose of their civil rights is to find an elaborate process where you work for things over years and they have it in days using civil rights and can never stop bragging, concerning which we now have a problem with the welfare state because it is being used by them and their fellow white idiots to create more time for themselves while they ensure things people have grown out of are back in people’s lives so they can get in and acquire their income and so all that civil rights stuff is a simple case of powerful things they do of a spiritual context to get by which they are complaining that somebody is taking away from them, which is to be contrasted with middle classes that used to chain themselves to the gates of Westminster when they were 20 and now at 70 are pensioners that like the arts and theatres and so on, which has been recognised by bother ruling class and lower classes because they have created this entire civility for themselves like things we may do only in our homes such as compensation becoming a Nationally applied social policy for example among many other things they cannot exist without – no such nonsense are working class; if people refuse jobs they will be cash strapped and homeless anyway and for me in any case it comes into my head as per if somebody is not aware that my patents protect my profit margins and his familiarities and insults in the meaning of life itself, then I will roll back his civil and human rights as well but for the middle class there is always time to settle at court and get compensation which I do wonder where they get the time for but just as well it is the same old process (I am saying there is no such thing as working class and if people do not get jobs that is not a problem that is to be attached to other people, so they can do those evil activities and wickedness they think people have another name for and get Politicians to think of the civil service as a means of enforcing basic law and order that they can control at the ballot box with a big mouth stirring their useless people’s problems all over the place). Everybody knows it is an exercise of spending other peoples income on themselves and so do those abusive things they do demoralise me? Of course not, it just makes me really angry because I know it is created from insults that are a product of a heightened sense of somebody shouting a shut up message at me when I am not talking to them and have not discussed a copy of my book in their possession either, which they seek out provocation for and complain by trying to make capital out of it as well with their big mouth. I am not demoralised by anything it just isn’t developing into a process of somebody out there who thinks pop stars have no right to exist running his campaigns to get rich and famous like everybody else as well yet as it were; I mean no idea why the foolish pop stars cannot stay away from evil cultures if it is such a problem instead of think they have found those that can deal with it when they are the ones that are already famous for doing so and need to get off my book sales.


I am naturally aware of talk that the biggest problem I have to deal with is women I get around with but of course we all know that when you write books but people want to have media conversations with you about little women getting around you, it does not cause any irritation but this is not the first occasion, like the thing about letting stories their actions affect my book sales fly which they actually believe is true and their prostitutes want access to my personal life to abuse me to secure on grounds that I have interfered with the way pornography operates while their girls want to be famous especially when black, it started off with comparisons with me regarding which the point was which was aesthetically the better man. So they do it and leave it for the clubbers and the prostitution and the violent societies to play around with knowing it also means they can take it out and deploy it any time they wish and because they have media they had already began their stories I sleep with peoples wives, followed on by corruptions of involvement which can lead to their opinions in my business and wrecking my finances to offer rich people prerogatives which might mean they were never wrong etc each time they are and each time I turn up my television find I seem to have been involved with the sex industry in some way because they have radio channels and can write articles and offer ideas for sex videos for sale as such, so I had long decided I want no business with men and their women had long decided they want to be sex workers at my expense with simulated access to my personal security on media for community croons as a good measure to do it, hence media insults which never ceases and community filth to throw around. I personally however have made it clear their social media abuses are now on borrowed time, however they are clearly football players and media scum and Political buffoons that are more important than I am with what I own concerning which they are clearly doing very well too and need to get off my book sales. Which is not to say I am not determined to take hold of every little thing that means privilege for them in their lives and cut them to pieces, in like manner of which idiots who presume to punish me for things I have done at the sex industry since it appears I tend to see my work and public appearance there all the time working their insults and abuses on borrowed time too. As I have always said, they cannot leave people alone and so have I mentioned as well that it is their biggest problem, where their Politicians complain about racism with greed on their faces and in their veins and showing on the skins even that is so filthy and evil and disgusting. Now on the matter of women I should put the matter to bed that I am not necessarily as square jawed as they are or as high flying as they are and do not fancy them or their women and those that end up in my affairs are specifically chosen by me to end up there but most of all the way to explain my business is best expressed through my arrangement with the film industry which biggest customer base is civil servants and their families and it should therefore never apply to the thinking of just about anything that moves, that when they are female I want to get around with them – they have their Politics and media and corporations to do their mess and destruction with without bugging me unless they want some of my own too. The corporations that care about no body and think the small businesses closing down is another person’s responsibility if not that of the government, so they take the little millions left from their pompous offices and disappear for the most part. Now the part about my questionable sexual behaviour does not apply like it does not on every other occasion, that will be a case of foolish women and back stage media with popular culture and some madness about creating links between me and the sex industry for the usage of my personal life, while they sell all the good bits on relationships websites and other general business service with a big mouth and my behaviour towards the Unions will continue to get extremely worse and worse and worse too – fat chance they will. The part about how I have set up a means which makes it possible for communist states to adopt capitalism is all very well, I mean women that get like my work because of the Christian content have businesses and media fools want to manage it and because of that there is violence in my direction, I just want them to stay off the Television ones and off my book sales, if they can do that there will be no problems in the immediate yet, instead of turning out to make noise about the left hand side. The part about going out to look for trouble is simply that which is linked to things people turn up to waste my time on that they cannot do to anybody on this planet even if the means were given them on a platter and of course I will round them up too especially over the thug bullying that extends to my thought process which works as per it comes out and somebody more worthy is on hand to take it and when I run out of my own ideas I will then be able to explore how much of their own they have left lying around here too.


One story after another apparently; somebody wants to take his income away to chastise him, somebody wants to take his job away to reprimand him, somebody wants to take his home away to punish him, big mouth talking all over the place which I am getting incredibly fed up with too. It’s like the old story of the governments programme failing people when it is they on the other hand who gets messages from their Labour party on what other people’s ideas and careers should be used for to better foolish Labour party politicians and they will add their own ideas to the directive and go all the way, all the way to taking peoples jobs away which they were not asked to and then contrast that with a government that pays people Universal credits so people can find their way around and negotiate even with parents for accommodation etc in order to save some money for academic work and so on – more of a big society to me from my point of view apparently; I know some of the deal is tough but it is nothing really compared to fools in government wanting my ideas to better their career while their local government idiots get after my income as well to go the extra mile and then complain when I personalise everything in order to instil in them a sense of limits as well whenever I want and hence so much noise making about things I do which belong to the country but I have been impudent enough to handle yap, yap, yap – deluded nonsense as usual. As for their women on the other hand, I am not as I mentioned so low that I am in a competition with them over the leadership of women where they split my personal life and sell the so called good parts away in relationships services and the sex part away in the pornography industry because they work backstage in a media establishment and think they popular culture control everybody’s life like the journalists whose work they edit and so on and hence found things that have therefore indicated they will get away with it. Should I clear it up however the info is that there are people everywhere depending on my public work and it is serious enough for some to forgo marriage which I have narrowed down as well so a really serious matter and ended up with the collection of people we have today who are half married to their husband and half married to me, however as I mentioned before, as long as they stay away from the television ones and my book sales then there should be no problems, damn them either way and I am not in any leadership competition with their foolish men either. When I say public work that people depend on its not just the UK, it’s a global thing concerning which I must make a statement; so starting with the US for example where it is emerging that people are abandoned whenever they put their lives on the line to fight crime, concerning which when people have a white house to play around with over there, it gets to mean things like how an Arch Prince is not aware of the existence of rapist, killers and murderers, so that they will never let it be as quiet as I want it to be or let it be as noisy as I want it to be and get off making noise all over the place. We hear them speak of some elegance and greed these days of course for their part, I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that the idiots need to get themselves off my book sales and stay as far as they need to from my income with their foolishness concerning which it is not the first occasion for we all know that when people look at them they think they are okay but they are big oafs and their primary operation is about peoples income all the time. A little bit more of the price for their insults to pay and they will be free for me – test will be when I ask if my company is mine or not whether or not black idiots exist to pillage the profit margins for personal self improvement and wealth sharing and therefore create a condition where people create and sell goods to others with the eventual outcome that those who buy those goods are so insolent that they want to find out who brokered the equities and take it from the so called child with a big mouth. Two questions over everything therefore; are they older than I am and the other being is I black? Then African culture will wade in and seniority will prevail and I will be where the people and their problems are while another will be where importance and government is regardless of whether or not normalcy is unable to cope. So they are paying very well for the costs and can keep making noise about elegance and greed as well like I have warned I will hurt them seriously before it is all over yet – at some stage I will test the water again and pop the question of whether my company is mine or not and they better hope the situation does not stay the same too. Like candy from a baby they heard from somewhere as it were and so when they waste my time trying their foolish black hands on things they cannot do to anybody on this planet start to get on my television and make out I have been searched well by those whose country I have occupied with a golliwog mouth. Of course I am aware of connections they have which allows them access to my government provided security from royal quarters but it is clear when I say block heads at royal circles do not want to be called that anymore and view me as the way out but have decided on violence too; so that the Primary question for any fool who handles the business of members of the royal family seems to endlessly be that of whether they can bully me or not and they cannot get off the media either and this I am certain will continue to get worse and worse too. I hear this talk about cheating lying and fascism in football; remarkable that people mention such things when we know football players talk about violence all the time and waste your time and health using media and their foolish women to cheat their way to fame and fortune at your expense and with your income like it was water, entirely necessary for their existence and those lies they tell during press conferences about it too – incredible. Half the story of course because the other half is that while that thing that he did with his job is what they wanted to do is fun, they wreck your finances and their women cannot keep their filthy mouths where those belong and stay off the evil cultures and popular music and a problem they seem to have with my income too. So if I had not taken steps to decide there should be consequences every time it happens they would have become convinced it is something they should always do too. I mean the part where they go off to my own turf at the establishment to flaunt their money and rob shoulders and make noise about being more important than I am on the basis of their foolish money is always when they really push it. Then we hear their fools all over the place and others like them mention how my saying such things puts people at risk which it does not; let the big oafs do it, peoples income, peoples personal assets, equities brokered between companies, these are some of the things they believe their corruptions of involvement with is really funny and I bet they are getting customer service skills from it and the end product will be that they have a business and others lose their own and it is still such an early stage at the recovery, which does indicates which economic crisis becomes a trend can be put to clear and concise thought process by the media patronising aspects of the general public – they are actually choosing which kinds of economic crisis will be latest trend and have no respect whatsoever for peoples purses or livelihood. Like the delusion of my fathers and bigger brothers and sisters whose problem I will check again soon enough when I pop the question yet again of whether my company is mine or not. There are no cries over spilled milk here and that is why their actions are nothing but pure unfettered provocation; I need them off my book sales and no expression of their stupidities seeking spilled milk down that area period. So do I dodge the question on social and financial inequalities? Of course not; the chancellor might turn up in public and talk rubbish over my book sales at my markets and profit margins without buying a book or booking an appointment to meet with me, about how I should be careful not to break his record for he is worth millions of pounds alright but he is not the one attacking my book sales, it is the big oafs with ideas that are doing that and neither side is in my good books and they never listen and it will end badly too because they cannot leave people alone (would any normal or sane person get off to hang over other peoples book sales everyday for a decade talking about how they need to avoid breaking records? You would not have done it but they have, they also think it is funny and are at the same time talking about wealth inequality since it is such a good use of anybody's time as well, which I why I never pay attention to it because I think they are insane and so the big problem is coming to a head as well i.e. the patents they do not seem to have noticed on the books and the permission I have not given them to handle any of it or any of my property for that matter; it has nothing to do with what the Queen of England his disapproved, what she disapproves is a function of stories they tell i.e. if this was that and that was that Madam what would you do? I need to put an end to those conversations not worry about wealth inequality and what stories they tell will determine what their lives look like in my case because they are way too fond of it - it is too reliable a means of theft).