The real challenges facing the British economy is the rather simple ones that are never mentioned and that is the fact that it is the Politicians i.e. the US for example has a relationship between the arms market and the state of its economy but with respect to what the British have the politicians have messed it up and have spent a lot of our time recently talking about the passing away of Margaret Thatcher. It is such a huge job for them these days to ring-fence the economy against the earlier policies of you can do whatever you like with the economic interest of the UK which they have thrown around all over the world – so it is when they get that done which is the task that lies before them and not me, that it will be easy for them to have a Political career and run with their mates on the International scene and not spend most of their time getting concerned about my business. Of course they say that such things would have been done and easy if I was not a pain in their backsides but I do not remember actually really being a pain in anybody’s backside either, as the reality is that these idiots enjoy getting off to parliament to pass around arguments and statements and body languages which means that society and its contents can do whatever it likes with my person, as I mentioned before an obsessive desire they claim is about power, to see me fight for my life daily – started off because I am a Christian and has taken a whole new dimension because I am a Prince. Reality of it of course is that they are all the same and more than 80% of the workings of their thought process is all about getting rich and famous and therefore regularly feel as though the person who has the life that should be sacrificed to make that happen needs to be seen enduring a lot of suffering and this of course is a nonsense I will not tolerate from them or from their supporters and voters and so on. They have rather mentioned that it is about acquiring privileges for women and that the reason I am a target is my lack of respect for women as well; of which with respect to the previous issue, the reality is that they perpetually seem to think that their lives must hinge on getting off their beds everyday to ensure foolish women can from a safe distance do whatever they like with my person and my income and are getting more and more and more violent about it too, hence we hear them complain about me as well which is not nearly enough to solve the problem, for the latter one, the lack of respect for women is about the question of who on earth would get around deploying government office to enforce a process where foolish deviant women secure a safe distance to do whatever they like with another person’s income, expect the person to be too scared to get angry about it and then turn up in public places to make accusations that give way to funny arguments as well and expect no consequences for it all? For the women on the other hand it is a matter of the fact that when you are older than somebody and they have a candy in the hands of a baby, you become completely convinced that you can behave in the most appalling way you may see fit, regardless of whether they warn you that they get around with women that are older than they are and therefore know everything as well – reality of course being a difficult y to understand what they dunces and vile bullies find impossible to grasp about the things that happen to them because of the things they do to other people. They speak of this need for power and a tussle they are having with the Monarchy but the reality is that some years ago nobody cared if Sir Alan Sugar drove a Bentley to work and the Prime Minister used a Jaguar, in fact those at lower end of the earnings scale will tell you to go to hell since the government will support them with a meagre structure of finances to plan a government with and that meant most importantly they had nothing to fear when they went to the polls to vote, until the power of the Unions and the Labour Party with them decided otherwise somewhere at the middle of 2002 till date and since then the reality has been for the poorer earners that it is impossible to earn your peanuts and return home to a good living you have created for yourself with what you have and the reason for that is the problems politicians create for you to spend money on that has got nothing to do with government or their jobs or their office or indeed the Politics itself and it runs through to at least 40% of your spending and hence you have no peace of mind whatsoever, while on the other hand, for the politicians, they have second homes, complain about their salaries and think the expenses system is a supplement for their income, when finished turn up in public to throw violent insults at me as well because I have got the stuff they want to use to be famous and they all along with their media, have a habit of thinking that you can work for it all you want but when they want it from you their envy and the civil rights they work it with will make that happen and then cling to my book sales and tell me which part of my career I am to give up, with no alternative source of income in sight anywhere soon, which has continued over the last 12 years on a daily basis as well, with their media fools telling lies about me perpetually like I was their mate all of the time – especially to do with a place of glory for old men and their vanity which never takes into account the provocation since what they want is to own how we Christians believe Christ sits at the right hand of God and that it is the point where the holy of holies is and not where the privileges that should belong to their foolish society is. For the Politicians however it is becoming more and more and more and more personalised and they are not taking that into account either – all I know is that I am clear here that their main challenge is to ring fence the economy and run with their mates on the International scene and not me.  


They speak of this great big privatisation issue concerning me and like the old stuff about how people have things they want to steal without getting into trouble with the law and need to be bullied into taking sides with their Political opponents so they can itch for it all the time, they also think it is funny at the highest level of their Political nonsense, especially for the Labour Party. I do not know that it is funny either, all I know is that what happens is that when I buy a shoe I find it on the feet of my next door neighbour who tells me it is not that he does not know it is mine but that he is using it anyway because there is nothing I can do about that and so when I decide it will never catch on as an argument in favour of wealth distribution, again like the need to ensure people can harm me from a safe distance is does all the time and that is always before the Politicians complain as it were. They claim it happens because I interfere with their lives of course of which the reality is that I needed their personal lives and family life and culture and society because I needed to ensure I stem the tide of insanity that requires me to keep my problems to myself when they are the problems of the underbelly of the criminal communities in the Nation that should find nowhere near me but does to my personal life because they want riches and fame and hence when I have those items it gets to mean that when they are finished they will seek the help of a mental health professional and leave me alone by the time it is over too. However squarely with respect to politics on the other hand the interfering with their lives does not apply at all, what does is that we see women who have no respect for anything and drive cars on which there is no panel that was built in the last 6 years at least thinking they want to have sex with me and that I cannot refuse them because they are not the kind of people who do not get what they want and so this therefore ruins my academic work because of what they make the neighbourhood into on account of me, ruins my studies, ruins my job prospects and ruins my happiness and everything else, so that where the Politicians fit in is not just support for media that runs campaigns for it on account there are female journalists whose careers they believe should end up with foolish girls who will play the games that men want to play, especially those that are affiliated to me, concerning which I have mentioned before it continues when the Christian has not yet begun a fight over the hearts and minds of the people of the Nation with the media but of course the Politicians also give support for this by making sure I end up in neighbourhoods that I should not, on grounds that they want to use me to get famous and so do their foolish children and every scum that supports their various parties, hence enough trouble they think to make me ignore the crimes being committed against my livelihood, so that whatever I do will simply mean a process of paying them more attention and all together it is a collection of activities that satisfy their wickedness and provides them with fun too; hence again, I say that the idea that I refused to have sex with some really insolent women has wrecked my life, like the old process of meeting people who share only skin colour with you on the streets and then they want cultural respect which if not given will see that I do not go anywhere with anything I do with my own life, will never catch on as an argument in favour of social justice but again it does, looking for some of my own too. So in the end the reality remains an insatiable desire people have to act your family members that have turned against you and have communities and societies to call in and set you up to be judged endlessly and on a daily basis and like the issue of women who want to have sex ruining my life and finances as well, I cannot breathe and my health is being steady eroded, so is my academic work, while they have become more and more addicted to a process of being able to gob on me and their children addicted to my fame and my property too with a big mouth and I will say it will never catch on as an argument for social cohesion but it does, all the bloody time, until I decide it is time to pay for it. Hence where privatisation fits in is when I am supposed to have enough and agree that those who say what is happening to me affects the Nation and that I need to allow them do what they want to do with it, can do what they like and hence tone down the message of how sweeping privatisation cannot be a good thing – it seems that these things will cease to be funny as well when I had done so. Interfering with the lives of these fools I do not, at least not yet so far. I mean we hear them speak of the foulness of my language sometimes but of course the reality is that which is concerned with my books too i.e. write books using the foulest language imaginable and see where it goes from there and we are due for the big push too, where I sell it on popular culture – since they have turned up here to abuse me to make millions, unless I make those kinds of millions as well and we are therefore even, it will never be over.  Those foul languages are mine now, so I can be soft and squeegee and due for a fuck and they can see most are copyrighted as well anyway – it’s a start. Like the thing with the working court i.e. they know of those who are stealing the beauties of those women and such women go on a rampage because of the problems and then you have to make it clear to them it’s all made up but they had dared not withdrawn their aggression otherwise their career is going down the toilet, hence as it stands the reality is that some of these women are now high ranking journalists, producers etc, so it takes a whole new dimension all together.


The ethos of all their activities is not just the insolent irresponsibility such as putting a name to your face on National media while telling other peoples kids to hand over their lives so you can use it to be famous, instead of go away when they handle your personal life and family life so you might need a metal health professional, you complain and get violent because you have got media, all of which happens while you have a family and a wife and even grand children as well, with a big mouth that suggests you can do it to any Prince of your choice as well. It is also that which involves wrecking my finances to ensure I end up in areas of society that I should not, technically of which should never matter because I can easily live in a Palace and have an office where I work in one of the lower class communities, the idea therefore being that if that were the case they would be spending a lot of time running campaigns that help to ensure what and who I am is determined by rumours as violently as possible, which is why they also like to get into colleges to push people out of it seeking college gangs and messing things up for everybody. So I tend to get told that I walk around their country like I am superior to them when I am not at the point where it all kicks off because it shows they have no respect for anybody as it were and that stupid fame needs to have its day too but before then it’s a matter of the financial damage ending me up in parts of society I don’t belong for them to build on and then the endless violent abuses they claim is punishment for misbehaviour, so that when the other issue of committing a crime by being aesthetically skilled and proficient at what I do results in walking around their country like I am superior to them and need to give it up when I am not, It is when they have two up like that I fire one off as well. Of course there is that talk of how people built the society I live in today where I feel I can do whatever I like; the truth is not just their wickedness which brought on them what they deserve, which is well expressed by how society heals itself over time but it still turns out that because envy will give people what others have worked for, these behaviours turn up in public over their desire to be famous and rich, right up to the highest level of Politics, in the hope I guess that society will hurt itself again. The truth also involves the fact that sometimes in a certain direction, since you are not supposed to have problems in every aspect of your life, and more so dangerous life threatening problems when you actually do not and never do go out looking for some, these problems do move in a certain direction and in that direction may affect people and so you need to act to take care of yourself and then try to help others but you stand no chance whatsoever when there are people whom you will harm because they are famous for being neither poor nor rich but have a life in which they have all they need and hence a community built and so on and are violently discriminative as to think that your property and livelihood is something on which they ought to play a game of ‘its mine’- hence I suppose that their prime assumption is that the next thing I am waiting for is somebody to give me an insolent lecture on how there is no God and how there is no devil, especially considering how angry it will make me when my burdens of truth are so all over me and can be tapped and used and peddled due to the set back their financial destruction has done to the need to be out there doing things that are required by the Holy Spirit, specifically so they can peddle me to get rich and famous and then deploy it for all sort of nonsense later including homosexuality and of course we know they are getting more and more violent over this matter as well, with a  big mouth. The part where they have raised me as a son is all very well of course, all I can say is that in the end talk is talk and fight is fight and there are people like me all over the place – I am just an accountable version or moral people and nothing they have raised like a son and like to do it like I do because it is a show off and there is nothing they can do about it with their big mouth, in the end implications being that when they find people that can talk more than them even when they have National media at their disposal, then it’s time to raise them like sons with a big mouth. Same old story all around before they talk of privatisation and those whom they can manipulate things to cause suffering with it before it is allowed to happen; where I am accountable because I am weak and they are able bodied men and women who are not afraid of leading – no idea how the process of knowing what to do and asking people for info on how to apply it with respect to them works as a process of providing leadership without accountability anyway or how leadership in itself operates without accountability anyway but able bodied men know and cannot shut it too as it were – able bodied men and women that could not make it work in school unless they are using mine. In retrospect I think of my actions all the time, I wonder if it is an abuse of other peoples human rights to remind people they are idiots and hurt me all the time because of their ignorant violence, the celebrate it as well but these things take a toll on my health and they know it and mock me for that reason too and so it has become a question of whether such intense and sustained violent abuse over claims of the need to curb things like Elitism among others, is not an abuse of my human rights. Talk therefore of how I am unaware of the purposes of the things that happen around me is very well understood as such; when we all know the reality to be that people think your job is their plaything and if you let it fly you soon find yourself asking others if they think multinationals care about them - apparently we have them on both sides as it were and it is all very well to say I speak tough but do shit for a living and the reality of which is entirely different and that the more pressing issue is that they especially the Politicians end an attitude or extracting an income from my property and work and take it somewhere else, otherwise this programme of making sure there is no way of making any money around the world, whereby those who give them money to get back at me can only make up for it not my extracting some from me with a big mouth but by expressly and publicly working for it, will certainly go all haywire as well; it is not a worthy use of my time and there is no such thing as a condition where I do not know what is happening around me and why because there are foolish men in the world - in their view I am supposed to go from being attacked by royal women because I show too much weakness and sensibility when handling my affairs whereas we are aware of a certain set of middle class idiots you must never do things without hitting because they will most certainly wreck your finances on absolutely every occasion, to believing such nonsense as career piracy from Members of the Royal family who are rather always aware of my inability to get too close at this stage because if they wanted my stuff they can always have it. I can say enough times they need to get off my books and get off my public work, not get around the business of Royalty and talk nonsense about how somebody senior wants my property through them all the time - apparently it is the master plan, they have worked it all out: I believe I have made myself clear; if this process of extracting an income from my work and property does not come to an end, the expressing things people do to them because they are thieves and more so on media all the time as it were, then I will chase them all over the world to enforce a process of those who give them money with a big mouth working for payment which gives them back the loss of doing so and not extracting it from anywhere else - like things I don't know; their fight has been laid out before them as it were - just like the regular bullying which comes from how my criticism of the US over Iraq has led to US government inaction when things happen around the world - reality being of course that when Iraq was invaded, a certain strain of what was Anthrax were being destroyed by weapons inspectors in Iraq and they were pulled out while the Country was invaded because Saddam reincarnated himself to stay in power and made a fool of the US and the Coalition because he knew they did not have concrete evidence he had weapons of mass destruction and more so at the point where the between 4 to 6 barrels we saw being destroyed had been destroyed by UN workers and if we remember correctly what happened was not just the invasion of Iraq by cutting short the work of weapons inspectors but also an invasion which has destabilised the region because it set out a precedent of asking Presidents to depart office and go on exile or risk invasion, so there is no respect for the fact such behaviour could easily have resulted in the sale of those chemicals to terrorists or indeed the use of it during the war in Iraq itself but the biggest problem of course is that since the US and the Coalition had decided to Invade Iraq because Saddam had made a fool of them, they had such a large coalition and hence the Country should never have fallen into the state that it is today if it was used like it should have been and then where I am involved is that when people embark the next time on such complicated and wasteful nonsense, they can keep their salaries and private property and drag mine into it and there will therefore be no further hatred of me to that effect too - there is clear and common and established link that we are all aware of, which exists between working for money and having it and they need to get it that way and leave me alone so I do not have to do their own as well, especially when they are American and female.