It is never ever true I am worried about people getting rich – they simply need to stay off my books and shut down all rubbish they come up with concerning a different purpose they have in mind for my work: they are nothing, they simply need to make their money and make their names and leave me alone. I am worried about people getting rich and do not like it thereof they say but they are the ones with companies and family members that have a flawed sense of what other people might find insulting – so it turns up on media and on advertisement and so on every single day; then the older women simply have a need to be seen getting about pushing people around and telling them what to do and cannot never keep those insults where it might be better appreciated. They do claim they do what they do and become the problem they have become because it would be a challenge for me to deal with it, and it is utter rubbish – I mean when they turn up like they do to banish people to the sex industry because them good looking people refuse to let them deploy their looks and other possessions to make money, is it usually because that is a viable form of punishment or because the people they last won a fight against came from the sex industry? It is an example mentioned here to set out the very nature in which they positively leave their homes to look for trouble consistently all of the time and it is the mob justice people dish out for them as well which means others are criminals and useless people generally which seems to be the only story we hear as it were, never mind the part where what they have is never enough. In their minds it is a case of handling a business empire that is yours and putting yourself in the same league as other peoples Royal Princes because of that, in my mind it is a case of doing it and thinking that you are able to go up against those who handle a Country because you think you are in the same league as they are and it is just as I was about to put the nail on the head over this matter of people defending themselves against these constant assault from rich people that this story of my inability to tolerate the idea people want to be rich has come forth and it is the kind of capitulation you deal with, still given the slightest opportunity and they will be off to it yet again. I dont need their help, that is never actually true: I am sure the peoples of the world will like to hear what a half priest government operative wrote in a book as a result of his Industry holdings, so I am sure I have got a winning product and do not need their help: it’s like the old case of how I have been warned many times of extremists drawing strength from my activities to which I will never pay attention and they are really good at that i.e. making me enemies and nobody yet knows or can tell what the stupid bigots are afraid of still anyway. I mean a difficult thing for me to deal with when they cannot leave me alone like they find it difficult to do other people apparently – last I checked the banishment to the sex industry for refusing to co-operate never worked and it simply made things worse when women make a shame show of themselves on account they have got murderers at home and we are not talking the kind we see on our TV either and there is some equity around it which is developed from my work and something I broker with the video games Industry thereof, it means as such that when such Industries have grown big enough a rich idiot can turn up and take them over like they do not have better companies out there to buy and pleasure themselves but – however which I would say they shouldn’t indicate I mentioned it as it were because when I do like that all the time I will not get to have any fun as we are aware. Their confidence has been wholly built on how much American Politicians oppose what I do of course – the reality behind it of which is that I do not care: it seems to the Americans that the UK and its Government operatives are not allowed to keep their spheres of influence on account they have these idiots who will not listen to a warnings about staying off my book sales lest their story of how the only abuse there is in the world being sexual abuse flies out of the window and we have a new age on whatever it is that is bothering them as it were to consult over my concerns, my case of which is rather personal i.e. they stay off my book sales, they have what they want in that White House and it is not negotiable.

The Industry people and powerful help thing does not apply either: the power helping thing is clearly a problem today as it were and last I checked I started first since it is normal for people to get out of Church and jet off to help Industry people as it were. There will be no second warning – they are nothing and need to spend more of their time on their stupid money and stay the hell of mine and my markets and operations – the less thought they give to it is the more happy satisfied and contented people they will be and if not we will find out if it is they that always have whatever they want around here and we will find that out soon enough so they can put their money where their mouth is – we should never leave the Politicians out of this matter as it were, they clearly are incredibly clever. As for the part where what I think the Monarchy wants from me and thinks about my work is entirely deluded makes much point to cling onto of course but has nothing to cling onto with anyway; I mean they can always go off to ask HM if they can sell my books because if they ask me they will be doing themselves down as it were, it’s a recommendation since we have seen it several times of course, I am only saying. I do not think it is a problem; on one hand it’s a matter of the fact when I returned to the UK in 2001 what I saw was a Country where people smoke and drink and the Christians existence is simply changing their lives without consent and I was only trying to avoid a process where I am responsible for an increased stage for their wickedness but that soon changed because the fact the only relationship they can offer people is a homosexual one became something they wanted to bully me with and each time you defend yourself against idiots bullying you because you do not even look like you will co-operate when asked to tease women and bring their personal lives out of them so somebody can peddle it and be rich and famous I will be willing to co-operate, their Politicians will turn up to give them money and slap me down – very clever and more so when they say the devil and God do not exist and that religion and Politics is a toxic mix. Hence we have these civil service staff of theirs being responsible for a process where bullying me with it and with public services and the NHS has become a sub culture in its own right, complete with its own inbuilt problems and that is not the part we hear because somebody is not dishing violence for them to a point where he makes money and they spend their stupid salaries to protect themselves from him yet, he is a weakling that is way too busy being a Christian and this is the sort of nonsense they want to discuss in parliament along with connections they have with my parents and the need to bring me to heel with all these public property they can handle like it belongs to them; so I had decided a long time ago my Christian state of affairs will prevail around me all the time without missing a bit and that they need to stop being so British or be it somewhere else – this alienation has not yet hurt badly enough so we still see them around my concerns along with their stupid threats to go with it claiming it is my refusal to co-operate with my parents that has brought upon me a curse, when I know that is what my Mums relationship with her Mother looks and not my relationship with her and do not actually care if she makes it that way either, which part they play in it of which is never really entirely clear but in the end, do I attend Church and does the Bible teach about these sorts of things becomes the question. I am not in a difficult position, that is what they say all the time, the reality rather is that of three questions first being whether I am good looking and the other being whether they can hurt me to get attention from wider society and as their politicians show they are of course willing to spend tax payers money on it if they think the attention is not forth coming especially from me and the last being whether or not they can do it as a community – so they really do make out they are bad people and I will be borrowing some soon enough if they are not terribly British somewhere else and keep their insults away from me, especially that which concerns telling me where I am supposed to be when we all know it is the Mob justice people dish for them too that they complain about all of the time as were, claiming their activities are not harmful when that is not what the evidence says; of course it has never been done to them before that way which is why it is so marvellous. The Christian view is as simple as evil devil worshipping Politicians governing us as a Country, so that when you contend with idiots who are hounding you to make you tease women and cause them to bring along their personal lives so others can peddle and be rich and famous, the entire Political party will hear it and become very willing to spend either their own money and if in government tax payer funds as well to ensure it is not just where you currently live but becomes a Nationwide problem for you – so they do love to flatter themselves and I am not in any difficult position; it’s a matter of who this person they seem to claim to have banished to the sex Industry appears to have been and why it is they cannot keep their insults where it might be better appreciated; they need to stop being so British or be it somewhere else. I dont think of them a problem; it’s a simple case of the fact when the culture is nasty towards you, then you do not want it around you because it is not being nice to you but when it wants to be around you and hurt you therefore all the time, then you have got a problem; I am not in any stupid perilous condition, they need to stop being so British or be it somewhere else and yes doing that does mean they end up wanting to use my life and possessions to make the popularity and the fame and fortune of course but then again I was under the impression that particular issue was something I made a living from writing books. Of course I am aware of what I bring upon myself due to excitement I create without reason or purpose but we all know it is the same story about the only relationship they can offer others being a homosexual one and this excitement therefore which is here permanently too until we live in different lives like it ever was: I know it is also said I use my work life to deal with this matter which causes me and others problems – not true of course that is a factor of the fallout that has now come through as a result of peoples complicity with these things, I do not use my life to do anything – it’s a matter of running a business and others making themselves an irrelevant part of the population never the less of which I am being nice to anyway as a result of the company – it does rather appear we have reached a stage where I stay out of sight and all I know needs to be known by those who can undercut me at the finances in public has failed to pay off and all that money they threw at it looking for trouble has been in vain but it is worth noting how much time people can spend on media and Politics to create a process where more and more people end up on the irrelevant population side of my business and less and less people do at the customers side but we all know it is something they do as a community, this they’re really provocative complicity with wickedness and I have no wish to tolerate the heavy burdens part which suggests that they can manipulate them religious people into doing what they want, whenever they are at it, it never thus becomes a topic for conversation around my case at any point and those who have always tried to make it so have never really ended up well too; so unless I am missing something about what Monarchy thinks of my work, this is about it.

It is nothing unusual – I hear the Africans talk all the time and it is always centred on how they need to see me fight a life and death cause because their women want a wickedness restored and so on, so they might enjoy life, so that everything that supports it from a position of authority creates a process where all that serves as a social ill is profitable but it gets better because he who gets into a fight with me gains as much as he who goads me all the time because they want to see me in one and you hear them say such things as the problem with Americans being that they say there is money in this world but it is not for you and that just makes people angry and will lead to trouble on a global stage and you will never figure out what it means but you do know they believe it will never work unless they steal your career or steal your earnings or boss you around and then there are the whites as well who only need see wickedness and they had become complicit with it already because nice guys dont end well of which nobody asked them as it were; so there is nothing new about it, I am simply not interested and no matter what they are, they do not matter to me and need to stay off my equities whenever they buy products from companies and in that way we all live in the harmony that reality has to offer. I know it is said the way I run my affairs jeopardises so much and yes it does: I have set out my Company after breaking it up in pieces and scattering it all over the place and now I will put it all back together according to the recovery they want and the kind of world they want to live in and the kind of livelihood they will respect as something that is another person’s legally acceptable means – the part where it is said I put up a front that says it is really easy to be successful in the UK which will cause immigrant to come round and cause trouble is an example of it and that alone went on for 8 years before they decided to move on to another one because they think they have had it all worked out and other people will be dying bar them, other people will be suffering bar them: the deal is that they will continue to buy products and respect the equities of those who were involved in making them, they can make their own as well before they buy if they want, so we can find out if they have got it that way too but it remains a fact that this process of buying products and finding out if the equity brokers were kids they can handle or big people or small people or coloured or inferior so they can seek trappings of power has come to head and over my Royal Property it has to be settled. They do speak of the issue of big powers and middle powers and small wishers like me: I have no idea since all we hear from them is a case of how the bad thing about society is the fact they are not getting what they want from absolutely everybody which is how it should be and not their behaviour – but we can all see everything that is happening, from Terrorism to Economic crisis is all a matter of big power and middle power and small wishers such as me. It has never been a major issue, it’s a case of the fact the prognosis I am afraid of them is very badly placed, I mean what is the worst that could happen anyway and what is the worst that could happen to them as well? However with respect to more important things, I am quite fed up being hit by the middle powers and their never ending anger: if you provoke people like that you are bound to get a reaction as it were, so as long as they have no small businesses that are not going very far to look over me and hit me all the time and get small chances on media to talk nonsense as well over it, they should be perfectly okay and for the big powers, they do need to try and live an existence where they do without my work and or possessions, otherwise it will and can easily lead to a process where we soon find out if they are the ones that always get what they want and not me; so it’s largely a matter of living with everybody but I dont want them to keep hurting me anymore especially as they are getting more and more used to it too – it is not as if I lack a means by which I can make them listen to what I say to that effect either, so it is very provocative. The Politicians on the other hand talk and talk but of course everybody knows that you only need contend with wickedness and wicked culture in your neighbourhood for about 2 hours and it had reached National media already and the highest levels of Political activity too alongside it because of them and that they will be willing to spend tax payer funds more so to make them happen and excuse the population with talk of inequality: so the result is that they annoy me all the time and because of that they now fear me and have thus come up with a new prognosis of how they will get to make me step out of their way whenever they are on their way and that will never happen in hell; if this is my life then when I lose it to them I should have been dead, otherwise it is a very pointless way of filling other people’s lives with violent engagements and I will fill their own for them as well – so it seems people have evil cultures and the Christian who wants nothing to do with it was supposed to have been weak, a walk over, now they have realised they are in more trouble than their imagination could have conceived, so it did change to the part where he will get seriously beaten up and because of that part they are now terrified of me, so now we are at the part where I must be made to back down for them and that will never ever happen because if I write books and sell them to raise funds and take a holiday and let it drop off so I can return refreshed it would have been the last ever thing they would want to happen, so they stay out of here and move on and any slight twitch will always result in a condition where their cup is full already – besides which it’s a matter now of how to use the Christian against himself and the first stage is clearly access which they will never have and need to stay away from me. I do not think any of it to be unusual: it can be measured by the claim I get into people’s faces of course, which is utter rubbish because they get into my face and complain, however which their complains can be made to end if they can make me take my face away from them like the initiative with which they started it off in the first place – especially in terms of black men saying it because they are the ones that start it off for everybody about being my fathers who must control the possessions and finances of all their children and do nothing but find stupid little and very insulting girls to provide for at my expense every single time with some form of deviance and so I will never back down for them over anything, that would be twice the trouble and yes we all know their Politicians say my words never match my capability but I do wonder what capability anyway; I mean somebody is three times your size but that must be an economic advantage as well, so you never actually feel like a world exists where you fight him without weapons as well and he thus starts a story of how his kids will get involved when you beat him and so on as though that was never a contingency I had planned for as well just like they know they continue to provoke me to a point where I have to make the plans, so I have no idea what capability they are talking about: all I know however is that the story of me complaining while I get my hands on their culture and society is entirely wrong, I complain because it is a means of creating entertainment into the matter since they are very stubborn and stupid men and hard of hearing and their girls have been stirring them up with stories of a Christian that dares to control their stupid hearts; and I have been finding out whether or not I will die if I did rip up that culture and controlled those stupid hearts and since then have been getting killed for the last 14 years and counting. The reality is that they and money is a relationship that is a threat to the personal safety and well being of my person and where it may concern my work, the realm as a whole and they know that too: the part about being used by stupid women is all very well, when I have had nothing to say about it, it can become a trophy victory for all of eternity to get my attention and suckle me for decadence and these are the kinds of deviance that the society can easily do without and without my holiday so I can tolerate them and shut down access to my office and to my feelings everything responsible for wrecking my work will feel my wrath and then they can persecute Christian and have their fun wickedness at the end of it as well.  


I understand the case of my incessant involvement of my Royal work with Parliamentary business stirring the vanity of MPs and then complaining about the result; that is what people will think on the outside, the reality is more like stupid black men controlling their kids to ensure they have resources at this disposal to do whatever they like story and another collection of fools getting off to parliament to give the money when I deny them mine so they can get off finding their way in the world and move around getting to other concerns that are closer to their stupid hearts. The reason for it is to ensure the sheer weight of what I say and do bears down on Ministers and ensures each time any idiot turns up in parliament to work for the British Government, they agree with my mode of thinking and their own therefore cannot hold sustainably without extra work i.e. when somebody stabs to death another the reason for it was the deprived areas in which they live for example – in this they say I need to be pushed towards getting Married into the Royal Family where I can be trapped by them and used to ensure black people are not encumbering their needs for progress and success, which makes no sense because it is never a point at which they can catch me for my part either and although they think so I know they cannot. I mean first of all the black people they speak of are like them and then there is also the part where I have no connections with those black people whatsoever – dont know their parents or spouse or siblings or relatives but they do, all of which does nothing but bring us back to the old issue of why it is that we as a Country always tend to set them out as people whose personal lives we can deploy to deal with matters of crime and insecurity; we can easily come across a typical family of seven individuals i.e. the parents and five children and four of them are already showing signs of criminal activity and the parents want the Police to co-operate with them in order to control crime and it is the same behaviour they have towards the civil service which is why those on benefits cannot get jobs because they are much too busy being trapped by civil service bullies who have a need to be popular either in a condition where they have a debt to pay and all they own is taken away from them bit by bit on a daily basis until they pay it even though the agreement was to pay it on the date which the debt was paid or the Politicians can simply do one better and set out a state of affairs on people which ensure there is always a sense there is something they know they should be doing but are refusing to do so that those who might dominate and lead them may not gain from it and therefore need to be prevented from cheating real leaders by being forced to do those things; this is the part I am not yet  availed to communicate on because the part about we see you all the time and your are always in the throes of questions about which you know the answers with respect to your fate will remain the same, it is the one that is responsible for the fact they hate my guts even more than ever presently considering it is difficult to shut them up as it were; so where these insults come from are families where parents want the Police to co-operate with them to control the crimes of their children and their Politicians seek other peoples personal lives and place in the community to blow away on cheap thrills in order to look like leaders who have power to dominate their subjects, hence the whole story of being trapped through the Royal family so that I might deal with the problems of black people bothering them leads right back to this same old issue and the reasons we always use their personal lives to resolve it too as it were; I used to think that I simply grew into a Christian that could not part with my faith if my life depended on it and that they had successfully parted people from their faiths and so my existence kind of stirs something evil but as I gather more and more and more facts on the whole case realise it is not true, they do nothing but handle government property for the purpose of adapting their wickedness and that is why they love the elections part so much as though that is what it was meant for. Hence what I mean is a family of seven with five children and four show signs of criminal activity already and not long after we see them turn up to tell me what I must submit to, questions I explore about which I know the answers with regards to my fate will always remain the same and you wonder why they cannot shut it, considering it was stabbed and it was shot with a gun and it died and it was deprived areas and hence decide there is something they really need to learn as well, which does lead to that good old need to turn tables that their Politicians love so much and so the story of my laziness and trying to run where I cannot keep up comes through, when the reality fact remains the same old pattern i.e. I work for it, they notice, their MPs change their priorities on account of those who have something Politicians envy, they change theirs too alongside and then they fight me all the time to flush my life down the toilet because they cannot take it away from me, then they wreck everything and run off to the colleges and universities to get qualified before I do and cannot stop using it a means of dominance, which makes no sense whatsoever since somebody else created that body of knowledge they have absorbed and if they kill off people like me they will have more of it as it were, hence my laziness and inability to work and the poverty that comes with it because they have no plans to keep off my book sales. This is why I do it – the only way their Politicians can avoid knowing what I want them to is when they blow up their ear drums so they never have to listen to it anymore but until then the weight of my way of thinking will remain an impediment to every gain that comes from Police co-operation to control crime and stabbings and shootings that are a deprived areas: now they can be impulsively angry as well. This is usually the point at which they will want to do the poverty thing properly, I for my part couldn’t care less, first of all which I win anyway knowing people cannot be held down in poverty so idiots like these can black mail the entire country – thus it moves right onto the case of how I would never have survived in the bad old racism days; which is utter rubbish since we all know their community croons do not think their sexual virility is something teenagers and men in their 20s and 30s would find intimidating so they go on and on and on and on and on and hope to see you in a civil rights fight so they can enjoy life and wreck everything you own to talk nonsense that their Politicians echo bearing in mind when they were your age they were the girls that knew where teachers penis is of which you still see those types all over the place because they had families since today: hence that destruction does stir the temper of course especially when it is used for stalking and when it applies that it is running cross race, the idea that people who do it have travelled far to look for trouble will lead to much greater social tempers and that was how it happened of which in those days the damage they have done here talking rubbish about being fathers controlling their children’s resources would have a lot quicker than we see now led to a process where they needed to come to a decision about a problem they has immediately that they would have liked to as it were – so the days we live in now does benefit them even though they do not admit it with that big mouth. I mean at the end of the day we are now living in a world where 70 years after world war two which was all about racism is better than the 20 years before it in terms of what people thought about race and racism and it makes you wonder how these monumental idiots made it past immigration into the UK anyway and the answer has always been as simple as ever i.e. it is the way things were at the time – so as far as I am concerned when they get a bad deal they really do deserve it, even now we can see they are looking for a sacrifice that is neither white nor black to discourage people from standing up to them and that sacrifice will then facilitate integration like a whole community coming round to your place to strip your Orchard of everything on it because a collection of idiots at popular culture needed the fruit and like you to think they never planned it and its all something that happens because they are useless people to society. Another example is the old case of the US pushing terrorism into the UK on the basis of a certain punishment for royal family racism: its utter nonsense of course because the way it really works is that of the idea that the US is such a close ally if we left our spheres of influence in the US itself to them they would have taken care of it  and of course I have mentioned before that they had since failed to close their own chapter in Iraq like the people there did over Saddam and the UK did over the coalition and so their problem brews on – as I said, for me it’s a bit personal and a case of when they stay off my books they get what they want and not the other way around. We all know Americans are the Gods gift to the west world of men running things sort of occasion but it is the using spheres of UK influence to get things done that has continued to blind people to how little they have done about their society and economy and nobody knows if the story of a certain Royal family historical racism will be enough for the public, of which I mention because it is the most important of the stories they have to tell which the public might be willing to run with. Where I am now is the point at which I picture the future and it is about having gathered so much information on black people and Africans been able to set out a process where each and every point of development they make is felt in the air by us and we are therefore able to move in first because if that is not done their abuses and the process of profiting from an alternative human rights abuse of those they claim can take it will never stop the freedom of capitalism and get rich quick nonsense and of course they have got their story about a certain royal family racism and have got their media and their popular culture like their thieving American friends which if I said was a menace would never have been regarded as fact that I am right, so that is all I have – I mean I am loathed and feared in equal measure over their Political paedophilia and the lives of younger people thing of which they have a special thing for the British ones because of the story of royal family racism but now they are doing it to me personally, so we are not in a hurry. So when it actually comes to it, there is no racism, all of it died along with Adolph Hitler of Germany, what we have today is a condition where these idiots feel like getting killed by white people who understand the ups and downs and the pros and cons and the importance of making sacrifices and their wickedness is such that they have even deemed it both a means of controlling the existence of religious people which their women always want to hunt down and fuck along with a means of controlling communities to ensure people do things their way while they continue to make riches from being really hard of hearing. It is not the part we hear of course – about how it is good for their witchcraft thing which even their Politicians in this day and age believe can help them to win elections and turn up here to attack me because they have been advised I can be an obstacle to that, we never hear the part where attacking me is all about how my very existence undoes the importance of this evil culture they claim brings them success and riches, we do not hear the facts about why there is a problem with black people being that their women can just get out of home to order around for no reason but the trappings of power that this witchcraft needs, men like me whom they see attend church and are therefore weak, we do not hear of the part where they can get off and claim they have found a man that will be pushed into homosexuality so they can be more powerful on seeing I regard highly my Christian activities, what we hear is a certain royal family racism and the need for a revenge that will rebalance the world and ensure it is actually those who look the part that are the worlds powers. I do not have a problem with black people, they really enjoy provoking me as I do them; in their case it’s about my access to that silly culture and in my case it’s about them turning up around my concerns especially over a process of doing with me what they see others do in order to have it as well.