The story of bullying by men is an old one but I do not see that any of it is a problem anyway, we all know I could put myself forward or I could learn from what they do to others and we can all see that they are the most vulnerable to those stupid gimmicks we see them exhibit to get a reaction from others, that involves building crowds that will grab the careers of persons they want to win personality competition against and we are not talking about the Politicians spending tax payer funds to rip up my academics and help total idiots become more academically qualified in something than I am directly when I say so just yet, we all know those get to government Office to complain about hurting bottoms when finished but before then Politics does whatever it fucking wants every time. Then we see them show they have a problem when it turns out this being played out by traditional fools we are used to putting up with at the Monarchy is an obvious problem I have which they find amusing but apparently isn’t the only one since there is the other concerning their hurting bottoms too as a whole – so it turns to a game of meet my problems and a personal difficulty they have with those who inform them I could have done worse as though they are being lied to: I mean we all know that when it starts it starts with a tale of other people being a potential threat and needing to resolve their person so they do not attack somebody unexpectedly, 10 years down the line and they are doing nothing else with media save improving their stupidities by changing my quality of living – it starts with animosity that says Politicians would come down in favour of the Political system when an idiot get involved with you to mess you up like this but while he knows that will tend to do it anyway expecting a reaction but by the time we are finished the University is awash with popularity fools seeking fame and fortune from your dissertations and essays until you drop out while they then pass the exams and return to popular culture and Politicians must have ensured they can always tell you that they are far more important when the bottom isn’t hurting which will then have been a problem you need to resolve too with that big mouth. The big story they say is the lack of support I offer to those in the Military that are Loyal to me, whereas we all know what I do when I play video games ends up with Terrorists because they have civil rights movements that have gone global on this Royal Estate alongside that stupid media with its popularity culture and some internet. Everybody knows I am an Arch Prince and if I go to war it will look it, if another Arch Prince does it will look it too but we would never have been identical, so nobody will know they are spying on me and sharing what I do when I play video games with terrorists, in order to be in the position to ask Military operatives about the toughness of the enemy that will make them feel lowered etc. and it’s the same with the Industry fools too, they want to handle my order in the same manner and tease nations with it in order to make and sell arms and when you commission a ship for the Navy it is fit for purpose for 3 years only because they had taken other commissions around the world and made use of their initiatives very widely – so at the moment the books I write are their big problem not what I will do when I build a public image on this stuff, if they have community croons that look after the criminals in the neighbourhoods that are marked for jobs during an economic crisis on account their stupid insulting greed knows no limits. It does what it likes every time especially when it gets into government buildings to develop ideas about how the Country would look to facilitate a process where people had more fucking freedom and cannot stay off my case until I apply some tool and measure on it as well alongside that stupid media. I mean there is no real reason what I do with video games would end up in the hands of terrorists but we all know it’s not the first time as well; we all know when video games companies set up and broker with me, they will set up too because they have a fucking civil rights and are in need of money – that it is a clear set out job when people build video games to covert psychopaths from killing people does not apply for instance, neither does the one where people set up to create an environment that yelps young people with learning difficulties, they are in it for some vandalism that will make them rich at the other end and can get involved with anything if they have no respect for some guy at  a pivotal position looking for trouble all the time: I mean there is a limit to how much crap  I can take from the Politicians as such but it goes without saying I really love teasing them to a point where they are compulsively angry and need to take up jobs at the Military and the Police in order to do things I am too cowardly to do and show up to talk rubbish all the time about grabbing a Royal Estate too; it usually begins when they move into my right hand if the need to spread my faith around while I am looking for employment and then get off complaining when I have taken action concerning the blasphemy of opening people’s minds to it and then doing something to shut it out of people’s minds thereof as well, it is usually a sign the media matters to the stupid politicians and very impressive stuff yap yapping all over the place all the time given the right tools and proper measures it can keep off others and let people be as it were. They speak of reasons it matters as if it doesn’t when the normal people that cost a lot of train to keep others safe get killed and they are to take up the jobs while those they are supposed to keep safe then have to keep an eye on them, what the scumbags want to do is get on Media and their insane politics to pin it on me and have even more fun abusive insults that will make their stupid popular culture profitable and have got civil rights movements too, hence it’s all adding up, when finished, my Royal order in the hands of terrorists, it will go off to a war zone and get itself paraded on a video in which its head is cut off and then that will have become what the Government talks about every time it wants to handle matters of terrorism. Most of the time all that nonsense is concluded by the claim that I have learned my lesson about the Ladies first issues and other gentleman codes and what is wrong with them and I could never get my head around how a very badly behaved celebrity making use of my public image to create her fame and fortune but becoming rather obsessed with using the fame and money to perform my Royal tasks and extract an income from my fan base while her own is working perfectly and then setting off to abuse me and come up with new forms of abuse for a lack of success which success was to make me worthy of my Royal position counts as a disadvantage of the gentleman codes and not the fact that she is very poorly behaved but for these goons the main problem is still that I always say it only after they had suffered and had no need for it indicating it happens mostly when I am being bullied i.e. I have learned lessons about gentleman codes, meaning I need get stuck somewhere and wait on them while they sort their stupid lives out the cracked up out of my league. They say the media is worth something to me and I should be made to value it accordingly but not worth to me in that way i.e. what they do is build publicity for me and then hand it to others when I do not claim it and of course if I needed the publicity I would rather have accepted the one I had paid for – hence it makes sense when they say I need live by what I preach by not putting my Book in people’s minds but so are we having this conversation about the ills of gentleman codes because they put Women into people’s minds on account they are selling products associated with sex – hence understand that is how products are sold, how numbers are administrated but really enjoy messing mine up because they believe it might have made them into some very amusing fellows. The big story on the media is obviously one of the US Presidents spokesperson saying there were no Chemical weapons used during WW2, which he did from the US point of view, which was actually accurate as the US did not use any during WW2, however what is troubling is the amount of time the Media has spent on the rather low priority context of what he has said, which applies to the issue of the fact that Hitler did use Chemical weapons in warfare and in concentration camps to kill people – the other two matters of the fact that he has pointed out what is happening in Syria to be a case of people shooting off chemical weapons into residential areas on a regular basis, along with the other case of whether it is a matter of being orientated with racist gangs in the Presidential inner circle that has caused this disillusionment as a whole. Of which the first is self-explanatory but the second suggests the US President is racist whenever the blacks discover that it was not the flattery of the Liberal whites that supported them through the civil rights years especially in terms of the structures that allowed people to get educated enough to produce persons like Mr Obama who got elected President; bringing to bear the fact we have come to pay too much attention to the complains of the Media for our own good i.e. I was there years ago when the most important thing to every journalistic idiot was to ensure he chases his need for servitude and his need for consumerism, to a stage where he makes such a mess of society and culture that it is unbearable and gets on media to select the public image of religious and moral people that he has a history of bullying by means of corruptions of involvement to determine fame and fortune for itself on a case by case basis – now they are the ones complaining about their hurting bottoms and people have come to listen to them to a point where doing so is serving as a solution at other people’s expense all together, they are even now beginning to brag about the existence of those that will get stuck somewhere so they can sort out their stupid lives yet again. So, it has always been a case where the US is a Country that sorts itself out by means of its Political system and if a black president goes into Office to spend time with gangs like Obama did over 8 years claiming he was redressing racial balance, the American people are likely to elect a white President that will spend time with racist gangs – so the reality here is still that Trump is not racist as we can see that Obama was not Cripps and Blood but did it anyway. It happens including the media bastards bit because men are doing the power and the trapping of beautiful people routine, where I am always being chased about like chicken, so their pubescent scumbags can talk about beating me up over some lack of respect for Women who want to get rich and famous quickly with that big mouth and a distant violence to go with it too, after which they complain when they are about to spend their whole lives on what I think is important as well and beat up from there. None of their problems have ever bothered me as much as their National Media and global civil rights movements tend to suggest, they want to trap me as insolently as possible and make use of me to get rich with that big mouth obviously; I want them off my Books and wish to see them clear my Public image space as soon as possible. Hence the question of whether I have it under control, of which it has always been a matter of evil; where it has graduated from the assumption, it will be easy to bully and get possessed in its own bedroom etc. with media and neighbourhood power and since that failed it has now resorted for trapping and using to get rich, following by insults about beating up by being a fucking loser. I mean it’s an old story about the violent way in which people feel they have a right to tell me how to exist being associated with some seeming incompetence that is being rewarded by the authorities at the Monarchy but we all know the risk of breaking up a Business Empire to broker the equities and sell Books to absorb my assets is that they could dispute my claims of ownership since other people’s world usually revolve around them on a regular basis – but it seems that when they do it, I appear incompetent and they end up complaining about it because of the impact on their fame and fortune madness but will not be caught dead stopping it, what is more important is telling me how to exist with a big mouth. My headache at this point, no thanks to them is this two issues, disputation of my ownership and my choppy academic qualifications and both are a direct result of their stupidities, where all I have achieved need be explained away to the world through a prism of their good looks which when coupled with inviting a whole popular culture community to show up and get involved with me at the University causes a drop out to emerge – what they are now complaining about is that they obviously couldn’t predict I will way lay them at the global and Local Jobs markets as well until I have recovered the damage they had done, what they think they will handle is a condition where I may end up building a public image on it all together. So it’s that old story where school days were spent on peer pressure issues at the end of which they took advantage of a few women and made themselves Politicians and Media goons and popularity celebrities, now they are apparently unable to live with the idea there is one here that they cannot take advantage of, so it therefore gets violent and as ever, the result is that my whole body aches from distant violence and nobody has ever yet given me a reason for it, while my Book sales falls flat every day and their case is adding up as well as a whole, there will be a story on it before it stops. What it really is about is an old case where they set out to ensure we all owe debts of society and culture and finance and that means we are marked out to work for our money and then work just that bit extra which then belongs to them – sometimes this bit extra comes to about 5% of all you do and you decide it’s what they want to do with their time, letting it go but in my case that bit is about 98% as they have waited so long for something like me to come along therefore their greed and thirst and other stupidities alongside wants it all and my Book sales will fall flat like that everyday so they can inform their media and stock market scum that they have prepared a market while they were the same that got off to punch financial holes on a perfectly striving global economy of the world without reason a decade earlier; just apparently one of those instances where they never listen to anything anybody says to them and are feeders unto the death with profitable disobedience to sell whenever it rewards them too – then claim I never said it when it mattered wherefore I can now appoint myself emissary of retribution but everybody knows I prevent them from doing business with poor people all the time i.e. the fact its National liability, the fact it will hand over its last penny because it knows what it is like not to have any and it be a money taken and money given occasion as such which has achieved much thereof, I have done it to a point where my own finances have bottomed out; the sheer number of times I have mentioned that poor people are poor because they love to spend money and the rich are rich because they do not love to money and both live in this way for very good reasons that they can explain very clearly to any who asks, therefore what I have been writing all along have not come from what I have been saying. Eventually there is this case of concern that no day goes by without me having to be saved from a very difficult form of bullying, which is not really the case as a whole; the truth and reality is simply one about the fact most of my Court are Women that are older than I am and when younger Women want to express and opinion about hat it goes right up to ripping my finances and academics to tell me how to exist and ends with showing up on public culture to rip up my family life and public image saving men to get rich and famous, the eventual result being that schizophrenic community croons are always chasing me and bearing down on me sexually while they are always complaining about it and telling me to do something because it’s all my fault and it’s not the first time either – the first was the one where I had to save my mum or somebody who was affected by racism that she stirs will murder me really soon, the way we do our own etc. but then again when put in context of people living in Chelsea and passing insults at others that are meant to show they are broke and poor scum that are messing up people’s lives by getting involved with far more successful people who are out of my league only to complain about insane community croons and tell me what to do as well, even when somebody wants to kill themselves, there is a part of you that wonders why they should think that you might want to help. It’s pretty much the same with the celebrities, those will do the same things all day long within a prism whereby they are doing it because they are far better persons and it is I that needs to be made to behave and even when I have taken up and cut to pieces all that travelling to Africa to help poor people and band aid and live aid and corridors of International community stuff and how it helps industries like theirs and that of the media, they are still doing it. In the end the confusion mostly is that I am always operating from a platform in which I am obviously unhappy and that creates a confusion into the real nature and context of their stupid prom party insults but I like to resolve the whole thing by reminding them they really need to stay away from my Books and clear my Public image space. They do say I would never say any of these things where it really mattered and I like to think it is a misguided theory as well; I mean what happens with my social media profiles they cannot understand why people follow and how and generally show up to follow and unfollow and create problems for is that people who follow me are providing a service somewhere i.e. when it is done cleaning a 5 star hotel or done being a waiter in it for the day, if it has access to my profile it puts up a flower and I have to respond to it in a certain way – so I would really like it is their insults and school days spent on peer pressure issues and sudden financial attacks linked to some accusation that has to do with a loss of perspective or an inability to enjoy a relationship with girlfriend because they are from wealthy backgrounds and consider themselves the very embodiment of what it means to be a westerner does not fuck it up like it has rather gotten used to doing every day, before we hear the complaining and yapping about which ones I would say where it really matters as well and we have not even started touching on the profitable disobedience that means they are always making advertisement that show girls strewn my heart to various directions to show girls are free and powerful all the time and cannot seem to make advertisement in another way – what I am saying is that it is all good blabbing which I can say where it really matters as most of my work is spied on and stupid black women are allowed to show up in public and exhibit an attitude of taking over the ones I refuse to show up and be a public vagabond in order to lay claims of ownership to, playing those stupid games all of the time but if I see their problems show up where I am doing my client bidding, where somebody fancied, where MDs have fancied the way I do my intellectual property administration business, there will be another complain, otherwise the general assumption is that it is rich and stupid; so it can tell me my behaviour encourages class society to exist even more than ever whereas we all know when it is a teenager in Land rover it expects a store security guard to worship him as he drives down the road instead of get to work and does not for one moment consider that another person might lose a Royal Estate if militant socialists get out of hand but for now they are learning a few things about clinically insane community croons following people about and complaining about my swear words; which swear words fit into the arena where their parents are responsible for all these things by putting them up to it i.e. parents that are always perpetually running some public campaign that encourages a crowd to show up and grab my work, job, book sales and Royal Estate and everybody can see that if I ran such a campaign those high-flying jobs would not last three weeks as well. It’s not a conversation I am having here either, just a statement of fact as per the theory that I could not say what I say where it really matters being so terribly misguided because I can and they need put their money where their mouth is. It’s a very simple premise for people to understand; I only have the two problems of my choppy academic work and my Firm at its Estate to look after and I am talking business here as per the stories people brew to have fun ripping up whatever makes me comfortable is worthwhile, speaking of which it has become such fun all together and we are talking about the context of broke, single and choppy academic work to get out of and provide people the social issues entertainment they get on media to carve out of me in blood looking for trouble; it goes without saying that they have got their tummy and anus and penis insults to make money with and need to leave my swear words where they are so I can run Public campaigns to encourage Crowds to take over their jobs too. I have it 12 hours from here and what emerged was a case of a fool that was going to be made into a fool at 40 on Media and it developed into something of a conversation about who my friends are because they have seen some people I know from Africa on my social media profile, while reality is rather that I had two friends and both passed away untimely but then again which it is not understood why it is that when people say that a group of persons are a somebody else’s friend and find it to be harmful to such a person it becomes a preoccupation all together. As for the fool at 40 issue, I couldn’t get my head around it anyway, we all know that ‘deal with it’ rhetoric is the answer for everything for them and I am actually dealing with it, right up to the schizophrenic community croons issue but the big question is what will become of them as well – the threats all good, so it adds up as per having a discussion over who my real friends are, setting me out as somebody that needs to get by another 3 years so they could have made him into a fool at 40 to help with their stupid history and incredible insolence that matches is and then the threats that come as per yap yapping and then whack him to cause society goons to get all over his case in order to make him do something about it. It is an old story that causes the reasons they complain about me i.e. they hate my guts but it is not quite clear to them yet that their need to discipline an Arch Prince is the reason mid-size gangs that have ideas about what should become of the worlds wealth and government love to get involved with them – the result is that criminality has now moved from society to Media because of their big mouth, when their bottom hurts and they attack me, it tends to mean they want a fight as well and its entirely natural since if they didn’t want it that way it would not have become a habit for them to bully and discipline an Arch Prince every day. I for my part am rather lost as per how I will become a fool at 40 when I achieved to the highest possible level at 21 when I got a Royal Commission from the British Monarchy in my absence – the real issues I had to deal with Today is what the crux of these matters really is i.e. there is no link between journalism and a process of getting on Public places to find things that make no sense by which to build publicity for me to deal with and that big mouth about a fight will prove it one of these days as well in my view when I am finished with them too: the crux of the matter in question of which was that I had completed a few issues around people using my social media handles and how they wanted to make use of it, what I had to do was to start a structure that helps me look after the whole business of other people coming up with alternative explanations for my work and what my Books do because they are working on this reputation they build for me on media which will cause me to show up in public and make a vagabond of myself before I can make a living but we can see that when a handful of idiots have jobs as journalists it becomes impossible to just administrate this problem in a business way, pretending they know me all the time as per this was clearly the Books that they had written for their part too as it were. We are not talking about the Politicians and Politics who are and which is at the heart of the issue respectively either; especially with respect to the party in question, it’s obvious that stopping Politicians ripping up your products stops the community croons and the media goons as well but you never do it because you are showing some regard for the esteemed offices of state but testing me like they do all the time might change this very easily, since it wins people elections when my academics are choppy which means I am unable to get a job and means I am broke and means I am single because I have no money to take a woman out on a date with, talking nonsense at me all the time and it’s the same with all of them, where they have an issue with the ones they are going to deal with but having a shave and getting dressed, doing school run and going off to Parliament to follow a routine, really is not connected in any way to getting on public places to make me deal with the fact they have schizophrenic community croons in their Country, it becomes an issue when the mid-size gangs start to chase their anus and penis as well and it seems they wish to add it to a process of making enemies with me too, otherwise it should be a simple task of getting off to administrate the various versions of what my Books do which are separate from the description I have provided and are created by somebody else. Besides which every time they are given the Books to read and review, what happens is that their tummy is churned upside down and the need to get on public places to threaten me over a Book that should be taken off the market and should never have been written gets worse and worse but when finished, every single day sees the same stupid behaviour which causes me to bid for their custom performed to a point where it becomes a public problem and then the Politicians will assume they are invincible while they have not yet ended up with somebody that is going to fundamentally dislike that stupid second sources of income that are the main reasons for all this nonsense but I do like to say they need stay off my Books and clear my Public image space. In the end they say there are people do not recognise my eligibility at the Monarchy but that was an old case where The Queen has to select one of them for a commission whenever there is a Royal Birthday and whenever there is a Golden Jubilee and whenever there is a Diamond Jubilee and whenever there is a public celebration every single time and so they are becoming a bit more specific than usual about how they wish to handle a problem that is me but we see them do this every day, every week, every month every year long at the end of which The Queen will say I now understand how they do it, while they will become more concerned with another preoccupation that is stopping my story. They say the reason for all my problems is that somebody always ends up with trade that falls flat as a result of my very existence first of all and then there is the interference with Politics too, which are things I am getting the good deal on when I get bullied by media fools but reality is that in terms of the former the trade falls because I need to get on with my life and it wrecked the economy but has since refused to do any of the two things it was supposed to i.e. going off to work with the Government to secure recovery and also going into those business Empire offices to work on those things that make them so insolent they have no respect for anybody, now what they mean is that they will do it on my public image by making me say it and it’s an example of the kind of things that will lead to some results they will find palatable as well – in terms of the latter we are looking at a handful of idiots that regularly get out of the security that the state has provided them, to chase about people who have personalities they for some strange and very perverted reason and purposes are hoping to steal and then it leads to outcomes where it is when you image there are things they wouldn’t do to harm you because it would be undemocratic that they then decide you are no one to be telling them what to do, built up to a stage where every fool and society scum and media idiot is making a better life for themselves through bullying and profitability of violence with it, now talking nonsense about interference whereas what I am really doing is that since their insults can only lead to results where I handle them and their children turn up for revenge to end up with less rights than they had, I need to start some man and his environment gimmicks on their lives as well and dance to the tune of them complaining and bellowing some stupid war endlessly too, whereby the part where they let me be and stop being so stupid was actually the simple and easy to understand bit. As for the media, as mentioned before, it is past the time when it is said celebrity needs beware of society goons, all the criminal behaviour happens on media these days and if they didn’t want it that way they would not have played the part, I am clear for my bit that being seen around my Books will lead to unpleasant results as well, it goes beyond simply being a bully nuisance; I mean they do say I cannot take them on even though I like to think I can but everybody knows I can always get about factorising those who use makeup to do their jobs as well, so if they do take off the makeup they can return to the 1950s with the smooth sound of the media goon and his freedom: the Industry ones mentioned before generally ask the most, what it is exactly that has annoyed me to such a stage but we all know that a human being could have not done the bit where he really enjoys organising pockets of popularity party where people do nothing but enjoy life on my public image and abuse me to make fame and fortune with my public image and create sales but apparently it became the way things get done really fast for instance – and then there is the popularity culture they will never see again as well if I get my hands on it; the media ones however are another story and when it does come to taking them on it begins with a case of how I am a dangerous person according to some of my behaviour and I need to be made to reconcile myself to it before I hurt somebody, all the insults that lead to outcomes where their Politicians especially can rip up my finances and leave me broke with choppy academics and a single marital life as well, garnished with all sorts of nonsense about the product of their insult being that the health and safety and wellbeing of their stupid families depends on me as well; I mean human beings could really do with not being so destructive and it’s like I am always being put through an education on it with that big mouth they have got. They do say the reason they carry on persistently is that none of my great activities actually make money and we all know it is because there is an alternative me on media doing whatever it likes as well but we should say such talk will only lead to outcomes where I draw a firm line between all the mix up and flash daddy with his stupid girls and boys that want to get famous on my Public image all the time and run through whatever I want to do with that insulting disobedience to the United States otherwise they will keep it firmly shut and see that a human being could really have done without that bit where they organise parties where people abuse me and get into the right place to be, build fame and fortune popular culture that facilitates sales on my public image, if they were not planning to complain about me too. Eventually we hear of the other case about some secret hatred by female journalists that I am confused about; utter nonsense of course when it comes to the confusion bit since the reality is that if a female journalist is pricked sexually because of a person’s existence, then they must have their sex whatever the cost and now they are having it with somebody that keeps matters of a pure mind before god as simple as various processes of avoiding the need to take clothes off before Men because it would be inappropriate to take them off before Women but if it is taken off before Men only people will talk and purpose will be lost, they are now having all the sex that they could possibly want too – it gets serious to a point as it were. The other ones that are the reasons I wonder where intense abuse from Asia and the Caribbean is coming from are the ones I was talking about earlier, its apparently the same idiots picking up my public image to make fame and fortune with as abusively as possible and complaining too that I squander all they had which was the idea all along anyway but they have always thought they could control me, so the girls and boys will make the first fame based millions on what I want and the rest of their lives will be done on what the daddies want but we can see that nobody controls me too; I mean they want to control somebody that will likely tease them to a point where they feel the only way to show he is a coward is to enlist in the military but before then we can see I have a problem whenever the Military does its job and hence saves me which should make me their property and allow a process where they can set tasks that facilitate a certain amount of work I do paying them while the rest pay me, looking for trouble and cannot let people be – another of the activities they who are human beings could really do without performing as it were, to blab at me what I cannot handle until I start to factorise those stupid stock markets by it too and find out if I can solve a problem doing so; we all know when they start it does not work in terms of what I can handle and so do they understand this sort of blabbing will make me obsessed with their supply routes as equally as I will be with other nonsense that will allow them to make phone calls which can prevent me from getting a job. It’s sort of a matter of when I reminisce the whole thing generally; the days when it was insults galore and yet they know the economy was so bad that the riskier option was to buy government bonds, so the safer one was to grab and develop my equities and I cannot convince them what appears on websites and shows up at public image and plays out at Royal village is property and that the Books are what they can buy because when there is means to plan a credit facility for me that will operate in social context and I will take whether I like it or not, they are my personal Gods that can do anything – reminisce the days when I warned them about their insults and how their exit was to make a deal with government and work on the business empires that means they do not need to show respect to anybody as it were, reminisce the results of ripping up perfectly good economies with their greed; every single one of their plans, every single thing they do, be it because there is media hype that builds a what if question around my finances or not has something to do with people getting rich on this Estate while its Books do not get sold – be it Politicians or media goons or celebrity; a human being could always do without the bit where they pick up things about me and use it to build a statement that say nobody knows who I am, since it’s not just a case of bumping into them all the time and unpleasantly but also the fact every part of my body hurts on account their popularity idiots are preventing me from ripping where I didn’t sow, looking for trouble, a human being could always not do it. They do say I like it when people are sad but it’s a simple case of running my life to decide which part they make money with first and then of course the fact that the party is over since the last ripped the economy and the only way others can have a semblance of normalcy is when that thing in their head that says they can become anything they want if they worked hard enough on it disappears. We hear the hate towards me to be a function of the fact Africans have always had a history of aligning black communities with racists in a way that does not do favours to the Caribbeans and so on but we all know when somebody is done with a really bad background that can never make him famous, he shows up on other people’s lives to flirt with torture and then it progresses right up to the stage where his marijuana background alongside your studies means you drop out of University when you are not even related to him as a result and there is nothing yet that has convinced him he is a really stupid individual every time he shows up on Media to express something he finds amusing about it too; so I am just one of the nice guys but it’s not nice as to construe, so we find that they need to show some respect for what I want to do with my time the way I show respect for what they wish to do with their own – so that it does not lead to outcomes where Politicians bail them out and then complain about hurting bottoms which they think is my problem as well all together, since it would mean that it was what they wanted to do with their time at Parliament too; we all know these guys are always so abusive and insulting because they are selling the respect but when it is about making money on people’s lives and public image they need to spare a little too; for my part my main concern is usually a matter of looking after what I have built with my hands from the time I spent in school just like their time was spent on passing exams, taking advantage of girls and basically working of peer pressure and it is usually assumed that when I end up spending my time on other things because of them, there is no likelihood there will be suffering for them attached to it as well. Hence before the need to teach lessons its always be paying all my attention to the choppy qualifications and cash flow issues created by their Politicians and my single status, alongside dealing with any free bastard laying claims to any of my assets and Estate property but we know that more often than not we always end up with me checking myself in the mirror to see if my physical attributes are responsible for the abusive ways in which people use me on the streets and a clash between me and stupid kids that do well in school and have come into the real world with freedom and democracy and capitalism in mind – it’s all there is to their stupidities teaching lessons to their mates and complaining at the other end. It’s all mostly an advanced form of Politicians claiming the talented are because they get off to find out and know things their Daddies should know, which allows them to deploy public life as a means for letting idiots show up on people’s public image to count pennies until they made millions and it mostly depends on whether their attitude is distracting enough even so to damage some business or finance or academics.


They love to say I do not need all these things which is utter nonsense; I mean in terms of being a womaniser, its largely a case of finding it difficult to understand what the world of women is about, which generally means I blank when I am faced with bullying from that part but then again, unless it’s the one I have chosen to face the world with, I hardly see what the existence of female society has to do with me as a whole, they would say I think in that way but am one of the people The Queen has rewarded the most at the same time but we all know they lie a lot and cannot be relied upon for anything save looking after themselves. So it’s like when we went to Carnival and they are the ones that look after Women but true to behaviour, have taken away all the tents that existed in the female community and when I ask what they will do with the tents, they will then show off how much they will pitch it and live in all of it, hence as claimed it is obviously surprising as it were, that when I block off their exit, I am actually not aware they probably have done some prison time in their lives a juvenile. The main issue with them and the case of always getting into a fight with the Men is a simple story of perverting my livelihood into a means by which people can test and measure themselves as per who will be the best man aesthetically – so I do feel that if I have anything to do with Men while they have not yet fixed my finances like they found it, I will lose everything else and it works for me as well considering I am not Homosexual, hence the difficulty in locating what they are complaining about save the part where I end up talking about people thinking the best possible group behaviour is to talk about women’s body parts and they think I am caught and open when it comes to what they can force me to do to ensure they walk around the streets feeling like decent male human beings. The others that show up on media and business like to say I do not actually need all that stuff I have, which is utter nonsense as there has to be a point of selfishness that allows my establishment to operate as a tool for making a living and not a platform for peoples gimmicks and this is a level of selfishness that I need to attain as well, it does not mean I am vulnerable to the Women ones who have civil rights to make themselves look like the innocent party on every issue while their Boys are criminals who ensure nobody dares to have anything they don’t; in their case when I handle their matter for having a go at me, it’s the Politicians that wreck it and complain later. In the end if they do not show themselves all over my public image to do what they need do daily, their mental illness will kill them it seems and I am stuck in this corner from which I am wondering how this became one of my concerns all together; it’s still the same old case where it is needed that they stay off my case and keep off my public image save they are here to buy a Book. These are not unusual arrangements: there are three choices here and one of them is to employ an agent, the other is to do something drastic that will get them to respect your patents which is the ring fence that allows you to go to an Office and work on a Book sale business in peace with some dignity, the third is my method which causes maximum loss, maximum damage and gets people listening when they have suffered enough to – hence utter nonsense that I do not need it; I need it, every single bit and they have stopped having so much fun as well at my expense so far. It’s an old story of boys getting together in a group and the plan is to make millions like the other ones that get off to pass insults at me concerning their lifestyles being wrecked by people who do not exist as told or are migrants, in order to show up on my public image all the time – so what they do is set out products and start to accumulate the cash from sales but each time they are given a job, they work on me and the disobedience grows with every occasion I tell them not to and then they continue to run and start to grow into a bigger network the more I protest and talk nonsense about how things are done of recent and modern and less complicated; so I do not know of anybody that would end up in my position and wouldn’t have needed all of it too. it is precisely the sort of thing that people get themselves involved with when they want to be successful today and not tomorrow – I mean I was there when their main preoccupation was to make use of the power of media lies to allow those who have nothing to live for to have something they can rally to which concerns somebody who dares to have what they don’t – it soon progressed to making a mess of me and then of themselves but because they had media they could alleviate their problem a little and although the mess will still exist I will be worse off for refusing to co-operate with my talents – I am trying to say I need all of it and it is utterly stupid to suggest that I don’t. they say there is a big worry as per what I will do when I am unable to move them on which move them on is not what I want to do; what I want to do is fight the Media since that is clearly the only viable option i.e. when somebody cannot let me work on a Book sale office in peace and with dignity, it needs to feel that if I lose £1000, although he gets his money by payroll, the same amount will go missing from his pay as well one way or another, otherwise it will never stop. In the end, they all say they hate the fact I am incredibly messy with all I do, which I know I am i.e. it is their insults that allow mid-sized gangs to chase their private parts all the time but I am completely disillusioned at this point as per why they do not actually see a reason to stop any of it; hence I really mess it up to ensure there are more homosexual men in the world. It’s the same pattern always – you build it and people come and then they vanish and it’s not because there was bad experience or the products are unacceptable, it’s because the atmosphere is always contentious and it’s all because they have a Country and you think you are a part of it but there are obvious evidence that you are not and the issue is always settled around the anus and penis and bad smell thing and there is no known conventional solution to this, no solution that does not involve taking time out to go your own way like it was our portion in this world; the whites will keep you opened up in terms of emotions and use that to find out how to ensure anyway of defending yourself from them is eroded until they can distract and murder you – the blacks keep you flustered all the time telling lies and making sure they can get themselves killed by the evils in their society to leave some access to your life and property for their people with the help of Politicians and so you end up wide open and flustered all the time. This is usually the stage where they say I have become very accustomed to putting up aggressive statements on the internet which is utter nonsense as I never put up any aggressive statements anywhere; what happens is that they understand what my statements do and what it means but because the public wouldn’t understand it and there are some that will regard it as aggressive, they need to draw attention to that aspect and ensure it overshadows everything else. It does not bother me in any way since I can always fill in the blanks and let the case obvious that what really happens is that whenever I do anything they turn up to finish it and grab the money showing how Royalty should be made to get stuck in a corner while people attain a future with their lives and I have been talking about this one disobedient behaviour for the last 10 years on a daily basis – so that when it did come down to the issue of muscling in on what I am doing in China, I had to make a clear but very complicated public as well as economic statement about currency structures and why the next time they show up to see what they can do on my livelihood will lead to serious problems. It should never have been this complicated, it was always likely to be as simple a case as the fact we can all see what they can do when their finances is shaped up while mine is in tatters and they need to distract me from my academics and pass their exams and have popular culture fame and fortune to do it with but clearly now that we have it is obvious I want them to move on and out of my concerns so that I can get cracking on mine too; they do love to say I have no idea what I am dealing with as such but we all know what I put out was not as aggressive as setting out a statement and starting to teach people lessons they will never forget over matters like trading with China and Americans that muscle in and finish what I start to grab the money because they are the ones that are better skilled at absolutely everything I do – we all know what I put out is never half as aggressive as what I planned to do before what I did put out got the actual job that needed doing all sorted. Case of teaching some Americans lessons they will never forget with all that bend the rules and freedom to do so of predatory criminal fools that live in the US showing up all over British interests on my account; their President is out risking all to fight for a world that is actually safe and they are here on British interests finishing everything I do with a sense that they are the ones that rule the world with a right to set me some form of socially organised credit facility that ensures a certain percentage of what I do amounts to looking after them – the bloody idiots say there is something about them I need to fear when we know they are culture scum that know nothing except hurting people and that I am going to very likely do everything else they have failed to notice; when asked what they are doing, it usually seems that finishing everything I do is how Royalty should be treated, stuck somewhere so others can have a future thing which carries on along the lines of endless plans they show up in public which is akin to a case where they want a new Country, having to do with making sure they prevent the kinds of selfishness that people like me have exhibited from happening again, with that big mouth until a structure is developed for their own as well – speaking of which the matter is simple enough as the fact they need move on and out of my concerns so I can get cracking on my finances as well but they wish to find out what I can do about Politicians and celebrity and popularity fools all together, same as the SNP thinking when Scotland becomes independent those clever people that get the better of them will not be able to do so anymore -  I am just wondering what other word people have to describe it when the word stupid is removed from the dialogue all together as there is no other description for scum that regularly move into areas of people’s lives to exhibit disobedience that amounts to gain made by some form of enslavement and those stupid insults that surround all I do to create market for them to share alongside it as it were, it makes me sick to my stomach all together every single time but it seems they want to get involved with me like the air they breathe, like aggressive social media posts, which amounts to a risk I am taking with a big mouth. They do say they cannot understand what my problem with people is but it’s an old story of dumb student that do well in school neighbourhoods that is the US Education system but when they are done and get into the real world their opinion of themselves is astronomical and hence they cannot let other people be, if two persons are super models and have anything to do with me, everybody wants to as well because they have no respect for me as a person and can do whatever they like, so it does get serious when it gets violent on their part since for instance if stock market fools had a problem with currency structure and couldn’t understand it and I was the person who sorted it out for them, the question is still how much money I would earn if they all contributed to my lunch money for the day and since they are not whenever they handle my work, they need to explain why they get after my Book sales as well to create that stupid story that emerges from the foolishness of black people who want to decide what my life is used for, that says they own me with that big mouth as well, never mind the blacks not complaining enough a part of my market being shared through those insults whether I like it or not yapping to make me happy all together; I am just wondering which part of my social media posts are aggressive anyway since it is obvious what you need do when every single move you make is followed on by an idiot who shares a skin colour with you by an insult that means the purpose of community croons is to help market fools to your public image so people can get rich. It is never really my intention to open my life and work for every goon that has issues of public and society and places a limit on their movements to either control or oppress them which is pretty much the same thing most of the time, to gain some freedom by as such but when I know there is risk of that happening with stupid journalists all over the place getting nosy I can only hope against hope that people will be mature and I cannot actually point to an instance at this stage, where I have not been disappointed – hence they need move on and out of this Estate and its public place concerns so I can get cracking with my finances as well and relieve stupid liberals who feel insulted whenever they do not have what makes you different as well from feeling ashamed of me all the time like either the wrecking of my finances or worrying about it is any of their fucking freedom concern. I have to be taught a serious lesson virtually every day about my attitude which is preventing my business from being successful considering a bunch of idiots had placed a pyramid sales system somewhere and showed up here to mess up everything I do in order to ensure people are attracted to it, making a promise I will never sell anything at the open markets which they think they control, unless my behaviour towards their stupidities is more respectful, I am wondering when my social media posts are aggressive, is people have an alternative word to describe them besides ‘stupid’ since a livelihood is not a toy as it were, to justify such ideas; especially when it is blabbing that I do not know what I am dealing with as well, cannot let others be like its stupid children do as well and cannot keep it shut. What I was concerned with before they made themselves so important was the fact that these their nonsense might be allowed to run provided the general mood in the economy is that people are buying things because they need those things considering that if they do not need them, then if the government gets a false signal as a result and pumps currency into the system, they will not have other measures they can follow to control inflation since the demand was not real – so it should be said that people buy because they need and not because a salesman was really good. Otherwise it’s an old story where their insults and abuses are meant to ensure those I keep out of my market so that my business can become a viable entity that employs me are sharing the market and taking it all anyway and these are insults I intend to put an end to as well, the aggressive social media posts yapping – they were warned years ago about money saved up somewhere for their consumerism and the business empires that mean they do not think anybody else is deserving of any kind of respect and why they need fuck off my case and go work on it, what they had chosen to do since was to come up with a grand plan for using and manipulating me and I suppose I am game too as it were and intend to ensure it ends in every single horrible option for an ending that is available (I am just angry about my social media posts being branded as aggressive; when they know what it means as well as I do all together and it’s not the only thing I do that is made to have a different meaning to the public by these idiots either – I can only do that routine where I ask them to have a go one more time and see what will become of it so many times before I take concrete action on this matter of violent abuses that has now established a linked between community croons and get rich quick idiots, meaning they can share my market place when keeping them out is what ensures that insults can exist but my Business is a viable employment for me; I have a Royal Estate that I cannot release money from, it’s not that they have made any money from it either, they are simply holding out until they had attained a sensation that suggested that they had in order to build a hope of doing so with and it’s been 13 years of it so far happening every day hence really difficult to understand what more they have to offer in their view as far as the media and the celebrity culture and popularity involvement madness is concerned; I am now cash strapped with a choppy academic work and unemployed and they need to move on and out). As for the case where I sleep with peoples wives, everybody knows the prognosis of being main evil at home and wife being middle evil and kids being small evil whose place in the world other people steal is always developed around claims others sleep with their stupid wives, it always works in terms of all the nonsense others will tolerate so they can make secrete rooms in their homes, visit witchdoctors and get rich quick and if it develops into insults that will provide self-improvement for their stupid children as they attend school there will be a new things for Politicians to deal with in terms of public complaining too. It’s not a problem that will go on forever, these bloody idiots have gone off to Africa to pick up fellow freedom loving goons who cannot keep off other people’s sexual activities and where it blew up a bit was the one about blame cultures at the shops here in the UK, it is getting increasingly as serious a condition where they are now starting to fight each other. I mean they will say I am unable to live with the Media which is utter nonsense; the reality is that I want them to stay off my case while they have decided that what they planned to get off me and the manner in which they planned to will be what they get and the way they got so – so years before they said they could have the contents of my Books and help save lives to prevent the Iraq war mixing in with other modern people insanity that will not let people move around in the world the way that people want to, resulting in some bloodletting but since have we seen everything we needed to see concerning the whole thing and I want them to understand unequivocally that if I want their publicity I will actually pay for it; they however say they were planning to get something out of this relationship with me that they had created, which is the aspect of this whole gimmick that will never permeate reality, i.e. it’s only going to be a problem for them, it feeds into this nonsense that I get out of bed every day to seek affirmation from people who are out of my league, which is why I like to waste property to gain their attention, most of whom work on Media and it is so annoying because the fact an idiot wants you to pay attention to his car because of the disparity of being a Christian and then doing it anyway which means that specific moment exists where somebody has a car that is more important than God can be the reason you cannot study and the reason you are jobless in the first place, it’s all in the paying too much attention to them as a whole. I am not in any way working hard to destroy other people’s budding young revolution as claimed, the main case has always been a development of a series of very abusive bad things which have good purposes but are not practiced on the lives of those who devise them for obvious reasons. Hence unless they end up in the same position given that Politicians unfailingly always support their devises and hope to get a hand on Public finances in the process, they will never understand how it affects other people. This is what has happened, they are there too. Noted; it takes a decade on average at any given point in time, to be selfish enough as desperation sets in, selfish enough to make either a job or a livelihood a means of self-support and not other people’s toy, through which means it can be said that the Law was imagined by a collection of whims that couldn't get by. In the end it’s about the scandals they levy on others and rip up property to create in order to preserve the fact they think they tend to react to scandals worse than others while reserving the right to persecute those who are religious and tolerant and what has happened with respect to that as well is that they are now compulsively angry, especially the Media ones that more often than not are likely to pursue the course and become people that are always angry and believe their temper means all for others when that is far from truth while at the same time will never do their own fighting unless others are beaten and held down for them, hence expect to be angry while others do the fighting – they are now caught up in scandals and I have to keep a close watch of what they suppose they can do with my Books using tools that are paying their stupid salaries in order for us all to witness how it will likely end too.


They speak of this case where I am a coward that cannot handle bullying naturally but it’s an old story of how much abuse an idiot will perform and how much of it will restrict what I can do with my whole life before I then get to pay attention to and mention something about the fool that everybody wanted to beat up at School. It’s usually a case where you are unable to understand why people keep doing it until you get involved and he sticks you somewhere between that nonsense he does with people’s lives and private parts without evidence that he is, which nobody really can put a finger on in terms of how it affects others on one hand and on the other the people who like to beat him up and are probably in a gang as well and want to show you that you should always judge considering when you end up in the gang they will not be better off than you are still; it becomes a matter of having him beaten up seriously to stop him doing that thing he has gradually gotten used to doing and love to tell lies thereof that allow him do it as well to add to the things he must acquire to draw people’s attention to what he wants and how he must get it and that big mouth shows up on media over my case like that all the time seeking some of mine because it is convinced I will end up in a gang whereas the probability is that I will end up heading down the power route and he will get seriously beaten up and that will be a good thing because someone else was Royalty and he can keep getting involved too since we are obviously mates and doing so does not cause me to do various fake things thereof. They do say I have set it all up and set myself up through it to make a fortune but that is not what I have done – that bit about using it in profitable ways is a matter of incessant ageist insults concerning what I will be made to deal with over and over and over and over; so, I just get off and deal with it, so that I can supervise the ones that ageists will deal with when I am finished too. Overall, the anus and penis insults I suppose can always carry on until we must witness what it is exactly they can do when they think they are done with it too. In terms of which the case whereby I am always getting into trouble is just a matter is disrespect for me as a person and I do not think about thinking about it, the ethnic minorities put that insult in my anus and other private parts as they drive their cars by or I walk by on the streets which makes both idiots into a problem for me. The same old story applies in all cases i.e. it’s always down to the Politicians wanting to control me and it does not matter to me what they want either; in the end there is really no reason a person will stifle my earnings over a period of time which will allow idiots that gather somewhere to develop spiritually evil powers that can make people rich or poor, show up on Media to abuse me every day is a desperate bid to make it work – modernism people say they do not have a religion or believe in such things, my religion ensures it does not affect my mind, Politicians get up and reverse both for no reason and show up to talk nonsense about power and controlling me as well; we all know when you stop them messing with your livelihood, you automatically stop the community croons and every other trouble maker that makes a living impossible for you but it does not appear to them as though that is what I want to do just yet – the rest are the basic idiots most of the time, where they know that if the Politicians see them show up to behave towards me the way I they do, I will get attacked and my finances will be ruined over a period of time that will allow young people to become better off than I am but they really enjoy offering me deals as a subliminal statement that eventually affects me through popular culture and get on media to pass insults at me that suggest I have made good of it before I shouldn’t mind with that big mouth we see them complain with endlessly. Hence, they do say they will elect the far right and they are not electing anything as the rhetoric of the far right is clearly that when they win elections I get killed which makes it elections they will never fucking win. Mostly it’s a matter of their insults and the fact I am never seen making trouble for others mostly because I am unable to while it seems to them a precious source of fun when they are not complaining, that if I am not in trouble with the left I am with the right and if not with both with the middle every day and the media never shuts its big mouth – hence the bullying is all good, I will wait for them to make fame and fortune from it if they have the fucking guts like it usually works. When it does come to a stage where the popularities of their neighbourhoods and Media and Politics becomes a major concern of mine I can guarantee they will stop that bullying the way I want or the way they want to stop it in a very short period of time. It’s such a fabulous waste of my time and my resources to talk nonsense at me about walking before I can run ageist insults that expects me to make contributions to its income as its stupidities have only just realised there is something called retirement as people grow older and the only scum making money from it are idiots with media as an exit - hence an obvious is a bench mark for the next time they get on my nerves. School days were spent on peer pressure issues and then when it had a professional life it was split between catching up on lost youth while having the job that makes money to spend on it, making kids and women behave so it can have a family as well and soon it realise that either insulting and abusing me will help it make up for pension shortfall or the government failed to make one favourable decision and another which is more to do with another ethnic group, so there is always the end products of a boring day that says I am in trouble with that big mouth and we all know the Media could always not do it, except their insults and the consequences generally mean the clinical depression will kill the scumbags and there has to be a way I can carry on my concerns without dealing with the evils of their society for my part as well, so it’s all set as it were; it happens every day and I tend to think they are not hurting badly enough because of it yet as it were, apparently it’s the same old consequence of insults and abuses channelled at those who have no plans to pay attention to it and or the shallow idiocy that gets them reaching for what they can never have, so it isn’t hurting badly enough just yet, they think there is a suffering inflicted on them, that I have to justify. At such stages they will then make out I have said something that will pacify them and get them letting me a breather with that big mouth everybody has to tolerate whereas what is really happening is that the only way these idiots will rest assured on my case is when they have restored by finances and its prospects to the way they found it or cleared that space of mine early enough for me to do it myself without the need for revenge that will pacify their stupidities properly – better to be cleverer than you look after all. It’s an old case; this structure is built to help me sell my Books, not allow media fools to find out which pearls of wisdom I will shed as abusively as they ca getting increasingly violent everyday but it’s the same kind of reasons the Politicians hate my guts today as it stands i.e. if law says you have a right to privacy, you will never have it if people must scandalise your talents and publicly ensure your whole life is about climbing ropes to the top that you will never get to because you have to get past everybody – the media are doing it as well obviously first because they have products set out to get rich with on account I must sell Books to make a living and they must share and make use of Royalty in a way they never get to and then also because they think they have got the power like the Politicians do and we are not talking about the fact even when you are older than their kids, the scum are more rooted in the land, that usually leads to hurting them seriously and facing revenge from family, hence fair to say the matter will end very well too as a whole. The part they hate about me now is the bit where the bullying is good but it’s what they will make of it that will put me to the test successfully through whomsoever had such a big mouth as well – this is what I intend to top for the time being, better to be cleverer than you look and then blame others less for your problems. They do say I never talk in a professional way and thus chase power all the time but we all know if I talked the way it mattered to them I would have been saying they need keep off my structures as I have no Literary agent that will talk with them in ways that is so perverted that we see them exhibit whereby they always tend to have a conversation with people that will not last. I mean it’s all very well blabbing but it’s the number of times I refrain from keeping a watch of them and following up every occasion in which they beat themselves up for doing something wrong with a process of chasing their anus and penis the way they do mine, after their stupidities have tried to get rich and famous with the bullying through gossips causing my tummy to go all over the place and meaning I cannot get anywhere looking professional as though this is their fucking life and the number of times I have refrained from doing it only to put up with their big mouth on that stupid media all the time; so if they want me to talk in a way that they can understand then here it is i.e. I have no literary agents and they need keep their opinions and their presence off this Literary Empire and stay away from my Public image as it is clearly ground zero: obviously, it is something a Literary agent should be doing for me but no literary agent has the skill to do this – I am making it clear because I have had enough of them, the idea they are half as destructive as I can be being a myth. I am not angry as in angry enough to need a price or something like that when people say I usually come on very heavy, it’s for instance I may have said these things if I wanted but the reality will still be that other conjectures can be raised like how I want to get along with the big boys or introduce my problems into people’s hard won journalist career which is really annoying – as it generally plays into the whole fabulous revenge thing where you were started off from the fact that since you get along with their female colleagues, they must have what their female colleagues have, giving way to women who must extract an income from your life while you are made to behave because you are inferior to them, down to the Men who claim you sleep with peoples wives because it will ensure crowds can gather on you and hand over your property, which has now developed into threats and abuses and financial vandalism to make me angry and disturbed enough to shed pearls of wisdom they can gain sensations of convenience from and will likely result in outcomes where I find I have a £20,000 salary from which to raise me £200 a Week Pension at the age of 45 and then the shortfall will be filled in by a fantastic revenge that draws a crowd. The one we are talking about for now is the bit about school days spent on peer pressure issues and then when they see I have not had sex as an adult it becomes hell for me and the meaning of life for them and plays into all sorts of perverted windy lies and corruption their Politicians want to engage in, then the other two which concerns a life split between profession and catching up on lost youth when middle aged, which means making kids and wife behave so they never ask questions about money and fundamentally involves bullying me as well because they want to fuck and do other things with my personality – the third being when they need to top it in order to have an acceptable retirement and that generally means that the government has not made a certain decision and its all the fault of ethnic groups that are responsible and then all that media rubbish. So in terms of getting on with the big boys and living off the acumen of ripping my finances and getting me to move on and do nothing to extricate sensations of convenience and mankind arms that is fundamentally set to ensure they can never stop getting rich – it’s impossible to locate how that fits into running a job and business, filling in my Church activities, both of which means I have little time for my friends, then any academic loopholes filled in so I can acquire my tools  and then the big boys I have the fucking time for but I suppose when I say I insert my problems into their hard won media career then I have something to answer for; which of course is mostly to do with the fact they blame their backstage media operatives for what happens whereas those do nothing to them as such; I do most of it as I have mentioned before, the number of times I refrain from beating them down each time they beat themselves up for doing something they have not done properly, so that I can watch which Politicians will decide an idiot must become more educated than I am and get off on public places to have arguments with me over my finances and public image in a condition where they are always right, knowing they have racism in their Country – hence the part where the gossips are what churns my tummy and its purpose is to help them acquire fame and fortune on easy street from bullying me; the result being that after all that disobedience based insulting carnage I am always smelling bad and can never go anywhere looking professional, which is why they hate my guts so much because I tend to determine what they do with the bullying when finished because it will make me smell; apparently the big story has continued to be that I am unable to control what my tummy does, which is rather hard to believe when they are the ones whose whole lives are about eating and going to Gym to build muscles and see profitability of violence, hence I should be the one that does not know what my tummy does and cannot control it and the very insulting and annoying clowning around continues like that. So, the basic issue was that they will have to keep off the Books and Public image my way or their own and need to note the bullying is what they want to do with their time while all that talk with their friends and local people and the gossips associated with it is what churns my tummy and need to stop as the vandalism of my Book sales cannot possibly be rewarded further with a condition in which I cannot go anywhere and therefore do not have a job. It’s the story at the heart of what confuses them the most – one moment they are out of your league which is probably true, except when they spend time with you, what happens is that you drop out of school etc. because they never do anything with anybody on consent mostly but the talk of being out of your league is that you churn their tummy as well and have the right to exist alongside – so somebody will make a three hour movie showing a celebrity I get along with who understands that dancing rings around my temperaments and public life and the mystery and adventure in it for a public service associated entertainment I have approved and brokered equity for will work if they are sensitive to my feelings but another will show up to liberalise my Empire and do their own as well, then wonder why it would annoy me so much when somebody just makes a song on my public image but we all know what happens is that when people drop out of school, some of them do a bit of popular culture to help the rest who have not given up on studies cope and my prognosis was always that celebrities and journalists at my estate were always vulnerable to some state of affair where they set money and start a campaign that will see that there is such a contentious atmosphere of competition that my people are unable to make money or profit from it, just like they do with my Book in a bid to own my market – so I had decided that it is their money that will be spent doing it and since they always make profit while the celebrities at the estate making some money and do the popular culture anyway, they believe the money can be used for other things whereas the loss of power for them was the whole point all together as it were. Hence that case where they say I used to get along with celebrities but do not anymore and the main issue was as mentioned; we get along when they are doing that bit of making some popularity money on my Public image that the whole world is crazy about even my enemies and use the money of the enemy to do it and help people out with their academic issues thereof and return to me in due time especially on security matters – what they do is pretend they want to be ruthless showbiz idiots, so when nobody is asking them to support me they become animals and when occasions arise where I need some support they become the devil himself and I need to find new ones while they think they own me and if they do not need exist in a condition whereby they are superior and I am going to kill whatever tickles them too. All those films and Video games and documentaries and Advertisement on TV people make with my Assets and make on my Public image are usually done by being sensitive to my feelings and this is why they are really good; the system does not work in any other way and I am usually at a complete loss as to how anybody would think that it is okay to just pick their tools and make their own too – they are insane and appear to want to prove something too; hence when I am nice I tell them to do it well so I do not run into financial difficulty as well, when it gets insulting I need to move them on etc. and what I am now doing is far more advanced than this i.e. I need to consolidate my relationship with all the Celebrities I have a society marriage with, recover all my Film, Public image and Public image and any Royal Property as applicable and then when somebody thinks of a film that does not have to do with his life and his world with his democratic corruptions of involvement and how one of these celebrities might fit, then they will have to do with all due respect for my feelings since it has always been the only way in which it works and then I can allow things to thrive on their own and get some rest for a change. So, if people are asking; it’s a case of pretending I do not know I am always in trouble with the left and the right and the centre and somebody thinks it is worth the power of his Hollywood and other Film Industry money to grab my property and help a collection of goons to it whom I need to be selfish with to allow my Establishment run as a business. The relationship I have with the Celebrities have always been a personal one but I have continued to let it run free because people ask questions and now we have seen all that needed seeing so that it has become obvious that if it isn’t personal nothing will ever work – hence the question is broadly one about the fact if I do public pace and public image brand associated etc. intellectual property administration for a Client, we have to image the sort of things that those who have been adversely affected for obvious reasons are going to do as well; hence when everybody’s bottom hurts we are making progress – I mean these guys understand that picking of my Assets and making entertainment on my Estate will never work but they do it anyway and expect to make good of it by means of a blame culture and media abuses but we all know there isn’t a transitional process to their activities in anyway whatsoever as well – no point at which it was clear where I fit into the picture and what their associates if they had any were doing, since I am one of those guys that steal pocket money from the sources of income that emerge from the families of wealthy people and it is starting to force me to share the entire empire which is attached to a Royal Estate and is a fundamental threat of a very vicious kind; no respect whatsoever for the fact the Entire systems and the Empire and its emporium and Trust systems belong to me – they even blab that it will when and if they had said so; fits very well into their plans for globalisation and capitalism in their view, about which they will come to no harm as well. The British ones have rather become obsessed with madness that involves surrounding all I do with questions of doubt and it builds up to a stage where they say I am fraud because they are planning to cash into it too and I wouldn’t mind since it must have become rather obvious at this stage mostly that they have these communities in the Centre of London they do not want me to be a part of so that I might look less British to the rest of the world where it really matters in financial terms. It’s the double whammy bits we are talking about here – the one where they wreck the Book shop and their attitude towards me generally means I smell all the time and cannot go anywhere, so it becomes a question of what it is they want from me looking for trouble all the time. They love to brag about their well off enemy prize associated with what happens when they show up at Establishments in which I have taken up a job role but everybody knows that although they got away with it I am clearly not the one complaining as it were. It’s always that stupid queer vandalism that picks people off at the top end of their careers so the fools can get on Media and get rich quick stuff that brings on the whole problem – it’s their size, their need, their fucking place in the world that makes them look upon others in such ways apparently. It might seem as though I am likely to get into trouble with boo boy reads his insults off a fucking dictionary all the time but they need to watch what they say to people when they deploy effects of such persons to make money since it would be so difficult to locate any persons that may point out at random another group of idiots that could be as destructive as they are all together. It happens for the same reason that it does every time that it does; you get bullied and that is what people want to do with their time but it is the lies and the gossips and violent lasciviousness that ensures you always smell and cannot go anywhere looking and being clean and tidy and professional, talking nonsense at me as well every chance they get with the leadership that media and journalistic scum want to provide in the local communities as a fucking tool. I do not think of it as a major crisis, it’s the old story about these activities amounting to what people want to do with their time – the problem usually begins when it becomes an issue and I cannot get any respect from them for what I want to do with mine – it is never true I fail to react because I am a coward. The details will be the bits where they say I cannot handle the older ones but think I can the youth – what we find are those things you should never point to as the reasons for your limitations used as a tool for harm all the time; show up and say your bottom hurts and since there hasn’t been a reason supplied you are interested in goons from Asia with mid-level priced cars whose idea of business is chasing your private parts without consent and then watch what becomes of a process of making people in an Estate feel comfortable as a result since these goons show up and your life gets flushed down the drain at the Pubs on account they have spent more time in the work force and have more acumen than you do – it never listens to anybody and is the same reason you get dragged out of University to sit about at their local communities reacting to their insanity because they find it exhilarating that whole process of making use of your personality; the one that develops from the fact they always want to move into your right hand and build crowds that exist to abuse you into spewing your talents all day long and then it starts to get serious when it turns out they think the results of those abuses are something that made you successful and hence something they have contributed to and have a right to own part of; nobody knows what the insults are meant to accomplish anyway but as I said, same old case when there is trouble getting respect for what I want to do with my time. There is talk of the way I expose myself like I am untouchable but that is not really the case – reality is that it’s a game of my food being other people’s poison because I cannot get a moments peace over their problems; need eat up and keep their fucking fingers off my bum; it’s been 15 years of this nonsense so far. They speak of my life being complex whereas when this whole gimmick that went from their stupid children making out I walk around as though I am other people’s boss while they engaged in the other stuff described above actually began some years ago, the main point was nothing to do with a lack of respect from me but rather too much of it, the one where Politicians pretend their Offices are the only places where decisions are being made which affect the lives of criminals and I needed to be detached from an introverted existence by being bullied into crime and rehabilitated so that those who were old enough and respected enough can live that sort of life – I am never going to allow them an exit, I am not used to setting out 15 years of my time which I then give away, I intend to find out what it is exactly they can do when my personality is the way out for all these mess but nobody can get it as well, there were never going to be consequences in their view when interested in making use of my personality and not what I know and what I do wrecking everything here for me and I think that should have stayed firmly in their imaginations. They do speak of wanting to deploy my personality to aid members of the Royal Family which is utter nonsense – what has happened is that they have been doing that stuff about advocating my anus for public fucking and so theirs is hurting instead and they are livid, what they therefore think they need to do to avoid the consequences is offer me as a crushed personality that provides the prerogatives for Royal Family Members and it’s just something I intend to monitor as well, see where it is heading; as ever, the bullying is what it wants to do with its time and the violent lasciviousness is what is stopping others getting jobs or sorting out financial matters and it could always not do the violent lasciviousness; so they speak of alliances I have created which is developed around people getting punished with the Americans but we all know that unless Government works the way it should besides the things I do on a personal basis it will show up on other people’s concerns to take up peoples engagements and do it for some money every single day unless it is whipped into line like everybody else – Obama was the one who imagined he could get anything done by purring on their lap and we all know Trump is racist as a result of it. So, in the end I get this reality check that my reaction to most things are not what is required of me but I know what is required of me, there is simply confusion about what I want i.e. the American stuff is where I get beaten not where I excel, I have never been so humiliated as to put my Estate on the line to get things done and suffer rejection based purely on other people’s ego like I have with them, so when they follow me around and get involved as well, it makes me angry because I feel I am being trapped by a group of people who are looking for some proper trouble in their lives. In the end they say I have too much to lose which I don’t – take film for instance, where I build and broker certain equities that allow film makers to develop educative self-provided security which makes the films really good for people and it is always done with respect for my feelings to build the atmosphere in which it is conceived as well – save these goons had decided to share it all with those about whom I needed to be selfish to ensure my Empire runs as a business and then showed up on media to pass insults at me every day and assume the fact they are Americans suggest they can do anything they want. I am a rejected diplomat and usually people like that spend some time at pornography and then pick up those Fashion and Shopping alliances and other Industries that are associated and put their hands to something they can do and really love doing, which is what is happening to me as well. The Americans have pointed out I do not appreciate it when soldiers fight for me, reality of course is that soldiers do what they do while those I have teased and manipulated into taking up such jobs need get on with it; the rest apparently love getting involved with people whose interests they do not even want to hear and so we find those Media insults and underbelly of Cities businesses abuse showing up everywhere to churn my digestive system all day long, usually a brilliant start as it were. I have never really thought I would be accepted by Americans anyway; before then, apart from what has now been explained as a sense of bad things which have good purposes to be practiced on others being unacceptable, it was difficult to taste your parent’s food let alone your own, every time there is a state of affairs that suggests that you might have to travel to the US. In the end I am an Arch Prince and my work is to support the Head of State, the Estate helps me run an Intellectual property administration business which works differently for Celebrities and ordinary people and Companies; I would like my work and its effects to be simplified not excess gratuitous insults telling me I think I am all that when I am not – so it seems it is paramount that people take it out of context and make a mess for me as well and in like manner I am lost as to what they expect should be done about their complains. They speak of solidarity I need show towards members of the Royal Family which has not got anything to do with it; we all know that when people who are not like me show me off by picking bits of my life or work or Public image to get off to Celebrity culture or Fashion or Media, it creates tensions but it is what they want to do obviously all of the time and be that as it may that people have become quite fond of the idea they are the ones that make me fight and fuck etc. whereas truth is that when they start and blab about how I have taken the one they should be doing again, we will hear them complain about the guy that likes to hurt himself trying to run with the big boys, talking nonsense about being out of my league endlessly again – point is, they could always not have done the bit where they performed violent lasciviousness that ensured I could never get anywhere smelling okay, human beings could always not have done that bit as it were. So they say they really do enjoy this process of getting me fried but its utter nonsense; the reality is that it’s always been a matter of Politicians and their spin doctors taking advantage of others to get rich quick and what I have done generally means they are out of their fucking depth – the consequence of bullying people and showing up to build the history into a means of fame and fortune are usually that the victims have no money to feed properly and put up with the bullying, not because they are unwilling to or unable to or too unintelligent to get jobs and keep them but because they cannot go anywhere without smelling badly and I need the bloody idiots to understand their own consequences too hence do not care if its local fame and fortune they are chasing or international ones; these are the reasons they hate me and nothing to support the theory I am getting fried. The girls will get me they say which is utter rubbish too; those need see me and then an intellectual property administration business becomes the thing that inspires them to sell more products and get into the good Books of the perverted store managers, that is if my private parts are not hurting because the idiots own the neighbourhood that is full of rich people to offer services to including sex when I have not inquired it of them a fact to be told and then the outcome will be University drop out prince who is unable to tolerate their celebrity culture as well; another reason they hate my guts; when people say women are stupid the fools give it meaning as it were and are not going to do anything, just wind me up and complain about the consequences, since we all know I have not started anything so far on their perverted managers who change leadership whenever people are being nice in a business establishment and fundamentally work to ensure a life of people living in opulence when they own businesses while the workers live in slums is created artificially as though it is their fucking lives and time that will be used to resolve the issues; as lacking of respect towards my own business empire as the need to choose what to work on and escape the very process of earning money in legitimate ways ensues. Their idiots say I use the same rhetoric as racists which is all good and they are the most corrupt goons I have ever met, now out of their depth obviously. It’s the same old story about Hollywood goons spending their money to share my work with people who need selfishness from me, if my establishment is to operate as a business, to prevent me from being illiberal, it happens endlessly of course until I do their case as well which becomes a global issue on account they have the money to spend on raising the point all over the world. It’s nothing different from the stuff I used to hate as a teenager; the one where every day the cars have returned and the headlamps are on and the atmosphere has changed because the Men are back and the evils of the day have been done and when I want to find out what that was about it turns out it was something called jobs that people were doing, getting on my nerves all the time; they really need to keep off my case and let me be, like that old story of mental illness and a process of helping people – while reality is that the skin sweats when he work out, alimentary canal uses the loo if we have had food but people assume that the mind does not need to let go and so it is some massive gimmick to boo and coo and stupid and abuse and mess it up and ensure they are able to whisper into the ears of power, having a particular feeling towards me because I have always been interested in what they are thinking and doing as well for my curious part, especially when it comes to how difficult it will be for somebody to beat up a religious person because civil rights female fool wanted to get rich and important etc. it feeds into that old story where I am said to be wasteful of myself which I am not – Intellectual property administration requires me to work from neighbourhoods where I know that proliferators and black market operators are likely to live or work, the only problem is that there are these group of fools whose existence mean that whenever other have some money and media, people’s lives get flushed down the loo due to their various corruption and very insulting needs that steps out of its door to seek out trouble everyday most of the time. Then they say I gain from the process while what really happens is that like minds pick up my work and go off to play with Celebrities and Fashion Models that are in my Court while I do not tend to share any alliances with Government operatives because it will mean complications at the Office, hence really none of their business altogether in the first place. It is not true that I am suffering from a mental illness either; the truth is that some people just think that the academically qualified means to career and the resulting career is more difficult to steal than the one I have created from who I am, so what I am left with is the fact my academics is choppy to say the least, I am broke and single and have just that bit to run on, while their second activity that should be linked to making money with the media jobs they have already got is lending me the pure agony of attempting that every day – saying the structure was built to help me sell my Books just encourages the fools to tell me where I am supposed to be considering the plans to have a part of it in a condition whereby they are still superior to me must not fail and this is incredibly annoying stuff, does not mean I have a mental illness, it has gone on for such a long time that the idea I have maintained which suggests it will pass has now been defeated and it’s all turned to Headteacher stuff where it will not get better save all involved are made to suffer until it actually does – normally of which black people would exclude themselves on account they share a skin colour with me, which is utter rubbish too. Telling somebody to stop messing up your business empire patents and earnings margins on media to claim there are needs he has which are not being met and tell lies mixed with violence that politicians can rally to usually results in being told that I am using something from inside of me to get things done which can never run out and hence need not complain or I get told that if I want to stop them I might as well just stop their stupid problems instead – now what they are saying is that when I pursue matters the way I do, the stupid people will take it up instead which is precisely as I intend, since the process of doing this is some sort of second job attached to journalists and fashion and celebrity ones they have already got and is expected to start paying at some stage, I need the stupid people to steal my career that is located right deep in my personality and not the one I gained a degree to acquire, so they might chase fools bottoms who have public image as well.