So they say it is a matter of what I have said and a process of being made to live up to it due to the way it flatters people and amounts to a promise I have made and need to be made to keep. It is utter nonsense considering it is all built on the premise and a problem they have with the fact I know better and that it is what puts me in charge, so this story always amounts to punishing me for it and to do so financially above all else and I have already tried the Liberal way of asking them to spend more of their time on the one that actually pays their salary without much success. It is an old question of why Leaders lead of which the answer is first that they are needed and then because people are stupid but of course that is ever such an obscene fact to be pointed out by a Christian such as myself on a regular basis, hence their involvement with my concerns the older the better as it were, needs to be shut down by all available means. So there is this case of people at a loss as per how to get me back to being the happy person I used to be, which makes no sense whatsoever as I am not in any way a miserable person; what happens being that those that will never stand up for me and help me sell my Books should never ever end up near my Concerns or in my Court, otherwise it’s an endless tale of how everything that leads to getting out of bed to attend to Books resulting in a phenomenon that is supposed to sell it and facilitate advertisement will be mopped up by stupidities beyond human imagination which will allow them exhibit themselves, find their vandalism exhilarating, make fame and fortune and then turn around to make themselves high end business tycoons from the process; the part that annoys me above all else is that process where the premise and prognosis of involvement with me is the Money they have which I on the other hand desperately need, the money they have which I can account for better than they can considering they chose what they worked for besides their need to link the process of causing others intense suffering and distress to making fame and fortune that is. My Books are understood better by Celebrities and Business people than ordinary people and if these are the ones killing off my sales, which means I run out of cash for campaigns to inform ordinary people, so they can use it without buying their own, these are the same that need to be aliens to me, so they might pay for what they use for a change in their stupid lives. The whole processes whereby there are pressures which lead to outcomes in which they get things off me needs to be shut down, it is my Book sales that are gone with the wind. They do say its power which is utter nonsense – all they are doing is setting somebody out as a character that will calculate them as a problem and decide what he must do to gain a profit when they are solved and they tell me it is the same way they will handle me since my existence makes them compulsively angry and they will never get the chance – we all know they are really stupid and incredibly disobedient but not by that much; what is important is that they get a job and those who have one pay attention to what pays their salary not move into my right hand or confiscate my public image on the left hand side to seek new conveniences with, being stupid and taking stupid risks alongside, especially the Americans and their African friends if I must be forth coming.  It’s never really been that much of a problem as such; it’s all celebrity stuff the anus and penis insults people and their community croons that want to lead on other peoples personality and need to be able to wreck peoples hospitality in order to manipulate their chosen targets – the same will warn you about the effects anus and penis insults has on their all important fame career that is more valuable than their very existence when they chose what to work on for money and it has nothing to do with a job but they will be the first to start it. It’s always been the story with them and with fashion people; when they start it involves attacking those who get lots of good things in their lives but do not work for it, by the time what they are supposed to have been working on in the great competition they have brewed is to be determined, it will turn out it is usually a person and that it has nothing to do with a job – so when they feel they can create hell of me and follow me around to find out how I am keeping myself alive while I spend time with those problems that beset their freedom and that they can copy it to stay alive and do whatever they like with people as well, they will start to feel that they have powers of oppression and we all know it has a certain flavour to it as well talking nonsense about power. They say my game with Celebrities was always going to lead to a bad end but nobody to tear me away from it as such – this is not true; they have always enjoyed hunting me and for their culture goons it’s about being the kind of Man that anything can beat up which is then usually used by people to solve problems getting around with the women that anybody can fuck until he becomes the man that anybody can fuck and then use to fix problems thereafter but for the Celebrities it goes down to school level and becomes a question of whether the boys are bullying the girls and whether it is leading to feminism and whether feminists have access to my earnings and business hunt, hunt, hunt and I have always made it as simple as the fact they can hunt whatever they wish for as long as they please if they kept off my Book sales – since I had already settled an issue with Industry people such that losing the Book sales will mean that it was where all that was and fabled was actually finished and ended but they have continually refused to comply, claiming I think they will sit back and become victims then we hear them labour on that misconception that I need money from them when all the money they have are the money those who are charged with looking after various industry hospitality have given them and there is a large gulf between my existence and theirs and that if I at all needed such money it will wind those people up, considering it is money that they want to claw back at a later date. They do say I was always a dangerous person and that celebrities have always been advised to take care of me as such and I am sure the big mouth wagging has been made publicly obvious too all together; we all know the only thing they know is killing people and that there is not one bit of that their Godless contraption they call culture and civil rights that I fancy, the having it lean on me so they can call me names yap about being a better human being as well on account I am flustered and we all know that we can chose how we die in this world if it is not to be of natural causes – they will apparently not take the Book sale business and even any day job I have with an external employer as well, should I let them get famous and rich on the basis of what people know about me like they have not got their own fucking lives and cannot keep their big mouth firmly shut. Then we hear that I antagonise people and then seek their friendship later and pretend I should always get what I want as well, only two aspects explain it better than all the rest; one is antagonising Industry People and the other is Scottish Nationalism; in terms of the former, we are looking at a condition where I started noticing that people were, especially Bankers watching me and it’s not the sort of watching and stalking but the sort of look at that and I had to work out there were two reasons and one reason was that we had something in common that was in both our interests for me to resolve, the other was that I had something they fancied but this soon gave way to a sense that I belong in that community when others are more worthy and the very idea of having an academic qualification became impossible on account these idiots did exist, so I had to act. In terms of Scottish Nationalism, they say my activities lead to outcomes whereby people become more Nationalistic than they would have been, which suggests I am a disrespectful nonentity getting involved with important concerns that have to do with idiots like themselves, whereas the reality is that the fundamental reasons that people have wanted the breakup of the UK has always been that of Evil; the kind of evil which led to the creation of the Mag-na-carter, ranging from Leaders that will rather serve foreign powers that compete with them than do local issues where they get their oppressively acquired taxes, to idiots selling justice to the highest bidder after making it sellable:- so we all know that once they are done leaving England for the stupidest that exist there as well pretending that it will make meaning of being free of responsibilities that do not actually constitute their legitimate problem, they will spend most of their time getting angry like the Irish whenever people mention the fact that their roots are British which is an identity they tend to hate so much and we all know that they use this same disposition against others of an identity people should not simply expect them to discard on account they like being independent whenever they have run out of foreign powers to serve and in the case of Scottish Nationalists specifically, their independence would not have been in the Interest of the best option of foreign powers to serve i.e. the Americans, so we all know theirs would have been a lot more intense and it’s not about talking nonsense of how The Queen made mention of the borders of the UK being drawn up enough times being something that will rile people, we all know what they did have figured out during the referendum was the financial issues all together.


They say I seem to have a desire to work really hard at achieving a condition in which I find out if or perhaps not, I can make people run and hide; it is never true of course as the reality is more a case of the fact I want to decide exactly who gets my Royal jobs and not Film Makers and Media producers and when I have the ones I can rely on they will find nobody has to run and hide as I do not need the rest of the world – nobody who has been involved with my property has a position that is set in stone. It’s like this other story of terror threats from dissident republicans which does not make any sense whatsoever; one end of the spectrum is Politicians putting up strange behaviour and then telling me I may be concerned and like to feel it is wise to mention something about their desire to please foreign powers than to do local work from where they get their exorbitant salaries but that Local work is actually all about a thriving local economy and a healthy tourism sector as a whole, which then leaves me with the sense they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing. In terms of terror threats in Northern Ireland it will never make sense; I mean they do say regularly that my involvement with matters makes things worse and not better which does set off another sense that I am a nonentity trying to boost my profile in public places, whereas this nonentity tends to know what the stakes are and is prepared to put in the world to prevent the bad outcomes while dissident republicanism is happy to jet off on and angle because they have a body physique that others cannot get at a gymnasium as well if people wanted to. Then they will say the way I say these things jeopardises my position even further, which is utter nonsense; I mean in terms of deciding what Media and Entertainment Industry can do with my property, the point tests will tell if they have the right to take up and do my Royal projects, so it is one of those issues where people believe only what they see because there is too much hype – in terms of local terror threats however on the other hand, it is an old story of the idea I am supposed to do something about Media when people turn their dream jobs of working on National television into a process of explaining away the fact they made a mess of themselves insulting and abusing me with the fact I have possessions and they have agreed that desires it, which will never do anything to change the harm they have done to themselves and does not require me to take any actions as well either. The reality here has always been a case of the fact that if these goons are not controlled this will always be the result; you can put in any work that you like on account Mrs Gibson has a son who has never attended school but is good at business and there are families and communities that actually exist in the real world on one hand and Mrs Beatie has a Son who has done very well in school and is the head of a multinational company and both want to know that their government will be there for them – unless these goons are in a no asset and no liability economy where they understand clearly they need to take their pathological fear of work and add it to any money they have especially which is made through Politicians that love to spend money on their ignorance and pretend it will not turn violent in the future and go on holiday – in my case especially stay away from me and my Books and keep out of the business world, otherwise they can decide that their ways are things that they do need to change, they will always without fail, destroy everything and make some money at the end which will facilitate a self exhibitionism that leads people astray and off the path of God especially and ends in exploring homosexuality they have not previously experienced.  So it is not as if the British Public does not have a specific expectation which makes them happy and content people, thus people can make it up like that – such as The Good-Friday agreement caused disaffection and we will never know what that actually means as it were. Then we hear them claim I am not in the same boat, which tends to suggest when you are Royalty the British Public does not have an expectation of you which makes them happy and content people as well – so they can tell me I have been parting ways with such an expectation, whereas what they have been learning is that I have been checking up on pornography as well and they can always cross my House or the House of Commons or when they really want it to  blow up, the House of Windsor too, then claim my people like to tell people a behaviour will lead to war all the time, when it seems to them that the one point at which their envy has to be expressed is the fact that people need stability. They do say Americans are involved in these matters which is not surprising, those hate my Books as well and this is another fact that should be taken into account as well; I mean how on earth do you live an existence where people follow you around because they are in need of finding out if you are vulnerable to career piracy and when you are not try to ensure that you are? I had to write a Book they could not be free from as well for my part and they have like I envisaged become really fond of playing father of the world routine in which I think I am clever but have not got my privates protected and that it will eventually lead to an outcome where it is the people who love me that are responsible for the fact I had a short lifespan – so they need to get involved with my concerns to make it happen which has a very, very, low success rate and they have changed as well to learning something from my work to do it with which leads to responses from me that bring about results of absolutely destruction as well –the legendary American greed and I have got them where I want them as well for my part. We see them at it all the time i.e. if they do not live on easy street with my public image, they will ensure that I do not know how my own is going until I realise that I did not even live up to the age of 60 before I passed onto the next world and their involvement makes me so angry for it, involvement to seek that nonsense like they are handling their own stupid bodies and lives as it were. The reality is that people are disillusioned about it always because they have gone along with the idea it’s just something that others do but it really isn’t; if the attack is consistent, then it is not nomadic freedom gits behaviour associated with casino bankers and American celebrity culture, it is carefully planned and looking for attrition and must receive an appropriate response otherwise you end up with a delusion of what success is supposed to mean all together – I mean if it is clever, then why does it rip up your finances and academic work anyway? In the US you can end up working with people in an establishment where you were unable to tell whom to trust and when you lose your job could pack your bags and leave the entire State for another one and you will carry on with your life on the basis of a massive probability that you will never see the faces of the people you left behind; it is not the kind of thing that people have reputations for being victims to, when that sensibility exists, they need to be made to live in the world with you as well. I hear it is what I eat causing a stir which does not make any sense and largely always begins with a process where One ends up with problems and there are subliminal messages in society that cause great expense and suffering to discern is a function of the fact my academics and finances are now in suspense until the fathers of the parts where my race exists and they are the Fathers develop into something that offers them greatness and glory and then it soon progresses to the need to carry on giving way to direct damage on their part done to anything I do, which no sooner will give way to absolutely everything which displeases me about popularity culture being done at precise areas of my life and property I do not want done as a major preoccupation and a need to force me to acknowledge it as the white man’s fault as well adds to the abusive bullying and then because I have not had white man’s food for a decade or black man’s food either, because I must exist, then I must eat, so I invent my Food and it causes a stir but not before I became the guy that is known to hate all crap from the 80s and 90s to an International community level whereby they are no longer building those stupid popular culture empire Pipelines from the US through my Royal Estate into Japan and I had counted them out from Africans to Indians and ensured their greed and capitalism ceases to be found around my concerns, leaving only the two items of abuse in my direction that leads to a process where a business empire has the financial equities detached from it using media and society seniority and the fact that the US has always had two stock market platforms.


They say eventually that most of what I say and do is incredibly stupid especially my Books but it isn’t; they could have stopped the need to tie people down somewhere and exasperate them into living their lives out with very fast paced organised community bullying, so that others might dominate them before they can move on, when they had not yet damaged my academic work but it was not what they wanted to do – it had to be the cleansing of me and the building of popular culture for me and for all to replace my Christian Public life or else there will be trouble and now there isn’t any such thing all together as well. They say there is a reason but there has always been one reason which is that they are incredibly stupid people and very destructive and the Politicians will likely tell them what to do but I am as old as their children and therefore defenceless, which is actually not what reality is like. They do claim they get the better of me which is not true; I cannot win it all otherwise I will end up with more responsibilities for their stupidities that needs leadership all the time because it is also very lazy as well as it is incredibly destructive, so I always lose the part where they do things that lead to outcomes in which they are paying taxes and eventually like it is turning out presently, the Media and fashion and celebrity ones that have a fear of work will start to work on me instead of a job if they need money and then there will be bigger trouble, like it is at the moment as well – they are asking me why it happens, not withstanding of which the idiots always claim to have a history of having suffered oppression at some stage in their stupid lives, which can only improve if somebody important suffers one from them as well and it is such a dire need they will create the conditions like we see them give to the frugal. It’s the same story that has been reiterated for the last 14 years, about being the person who has been marked out by them, to have all he thinks about and sees interfered with and replaced with popular culture using financial bullying and lots of abusive and mentally disturbing fear; I mean we now hear them speak of how they want religious people to understand the problems of Liberal and democratic people, which makes no sense whatsoever, considering we all know that during the days of your youth, it is the faith in God that you have itself which causes them to get on National Media to gamble with evil and the changes to their physical appearance that is due to glorified villainy, hence this question comes up when you have grown up but then again the facts have always been obvious still because they never stop deciding how the rest of the world views me on the basis of factorising me somewhere below all I really am but just a little bit above the grime of society, then tell me that I smell as well – so I might remind them they do not believe a human being can tell the simple truth without money being involved and they can tell me they have it and I don’t because they are more important; whereas what is happening is that I need to release cash from a business empire trust and have settled it easier with multinational companies about whether or not I am building a business under the shadow of their massive enterprises to leave them with unforeseen responsibilities than I am able to with democratic and liberal people who feel I need to roll with Royals and have worked out a strategy in their face which involves taking money from their families and pockets and I am running out of ear marked time that was set out to tolerate their twaddle.

The fashion ones claim I start a fight with them in the same way but they all do the same things like the celebrities of leaning on my public life and Books to run their careers, then tell me they didn’t take advantage and there is nothing I can do as the damage and the work I have to do leaves me breathless and when its calmed a bit tell me what I experienced was competition. The fashion ones however have another extra attached that involves the question of how I get any aspect of my Trust equities back whenever they had handled it and because I am the one with government office any wars will not affect them, and so at the very worst they can hang around me and show they look good when killed as well anyway – so I never assume that pecking these people who eat four times as much food as I do twice as frequently as I eat and are far bigger than I am, the way I do younger people over my income will ever work, I need to hit and hard to get any response, bring it under control.

They do speak of this case of the UK being such a diverse Country it does not do to subject statesmen to Christian practices anymore but the reality is not just that whilst Christians tolerate people and their sinful ways and homosexual communities, nothing anyone or anybody says will have the power to change the fact the fundamental premise on which homosexuality operates is to keep moral people off financial sustenance because it is sweeter to mock and abuse them that way. As for the part where the UK is a diverse society all together, I was there when they began these lies and they have now as such reached a point where they have told it to the Public and the public has now told it back to them, so it comes with its own systems and prognosis and means generally that it can become a version of truth they want to believe but the party that really annoys me is that they know it affects me adversely and that there was a set out unnatural plan that created it but are still doing it never the less; so it is true there were points in history where Christians were provoked into violence but have we ever heard of a homosexual that Christ or even the Apostles who wrote the Books of the New Testament which told people not to behave like homosexuals murdered? We have not but we have heard countless times of the social effects of the murder of Christians in order to please crowds again and again and again; it even appears what they are doing in the modern age is offering us Christians a choice to go along with their stupid modernism or get undercut at the most basic of our instincts such as feeding etc, which is why you cannot get a job unless you have sex depending on how much of you they can make money from if they simulated acts of cleaving it. The UK is therefore and has always been a Christian community and a very, very diverse one at the same time. they speak of this their perspective on the left all of the time which is not that much of an issue since they have the sensibilities around where they were born and how they grew up and the events that led to their present characters and can decide which of those they want to get famous with; using mine means that people have to behave, especially when they see that they are damaging my academic work and need to give me space, damaging my livelihood and need to give me space etc, otherwise they are not having or using any. This is usually where they tell me I talk so but can do nothing about the violent people; where they spend all of their time on nothing else but disrupting my concerns and collecting my career, which is also something they cannot protect from the violent and then once they were done handing that over turn up to find out on a regular basis if I have been killed by it, pretending absolutely everybody will find their stupidities amusing, creating this insanity that goes round and round and round in circles all the time – so it’s all very well with the violent people that can work and pay taxes if we use them in the proper way and these goons need to keep off my income and the Book sales by which I make it, so they don’t get made to as well. I also hear this talk of me being safe than sorry because I am in charge and it is not true as well; I am not being safe than sorry, it’s just the reality that it is my duty, just like a lot of idiots want to discuss what I think I am which I am not all of the time these days as well – my duty to ensure that the violent people have careers and jobs but that I am in control of what they do with it and so every time I do my work and set out my products these Media goons and celebrity trouble makers that complain about these things all the time will be the first to destroy it. Just like Industry people and Politicians – in terms of the former of which they say I put out equities to entice them and when they are interested withdraw and mess them up, whereas what really happens is that they broker the equities safely but soon after will end up with employees especially he client ones such as celebrities and TV Personalities and Media, that cannot do anything with attacking my websites and my Books and my income, to get off speaking about my role in terms of US/UK relations which I was quite certain was clear and obvious enough as per the reasons our relations with the rest of the world is not fundamentally securitised being that of our relationship with the US, which is usually the point where they tell me the world is not big enough for two super powers and I don’t mind, since it is not mystery they are stupid but I would love to gratify it further by making it clear it is the safer bet, so that we do not get bombed at some time because we have a history of slavery and slave trade right up to the highest levels of government  and so when the Industry people get off to support them in such way, I get the sense that they want to control me and therefore set out to control them first. In terms of the Politicians, those have always been very good at giving cash to the ignorant and all it really does is create these people who live in entire communities based on the savings they have and the next thing and person they want to abuse in our to double it at the market place and until these savings become something I pay attention to as a fundamental problem I have to solve, I do not think that ripping up my Book sales will ever cease to be so much fun for them, especially the Americans who have become quite used to doing their talk shows with the topic of telling me my career has always been done and it is the same way we see them fool around at the secret service, where I cannot just buy my phone and use it and when people crash my phone to create those bits of seconds around absolutely all I do, that causes me to become dissatisfied with it, so that can get off in public places to glorify themselves on what they have spied on, they expect me to forget it at a later date, when they are in need of something really important and people will never get jobs and careers unless they have sex with black women; so we find that the CIA and FBI have taken this disobedience and insults thing on which these Political goons want to build everything, to a point where they never ever listen o anything anybody says to them and then turn out to complain all of the time for the consequences too, all of which are not that much of a greater worry for me all together considering everybody’s bottom is hurting and they need to keep off my Book sale income and let me get on with it if they do not mind as well.


So their story can now change into a full tale all about how I am being beaten and taught a lesson by older youths everyday as a result of a lack of respect for those that are more successful and older, which has no basis on reality; the reality that 15 years ago I mainly spoke about my work in terms of academic plans and that was soon to be cornered and the process financed by Politicians, to secure a condition in which I was trapped and dominated first before I was allowed to do any academics leaving the idea of getting a job if ever I did up for various kinds of stupid negotiation will all sorts of subliminal nonsense at social level on Media and it has now given way to a process where I must leave my facts with them so that they do not make excuses about deploying it and why they did not expect consequences for doing so and that means getting involved with culture goons and society goons over absolutely every single project and the way to ensure I am not always sickly was to sell the Books and make enough money for regular blow out holidays after the job has been done and this money part is where they must get involved with my personal space and when they had realised they have gained a history, start unprecedented corruptions of involvement that means I am always having to face the prospect of doing one thing after another after another due to their laziness and needs and this is what they are boasting about at the moment – the cowards that will show me evil exists around this part of my engagements and it is utterly stupid and it is utterly lazy and it is utterly useless and we do hear them speak all of the time about how they now have me in a condition whereby I can do nothing about it, whereas such a condition would only have been the one about their disobedience and above all their insults especially the anus and penis ones, which will be deployed on Media to ensure their image as losers dissipates; the one that means enough insults and disobedience in my direction will decide what reality actually was and then when they handle my property I will do nothing about it, they love it so much they think what I do at my regular employment work is the worst I can do and have no wish to heed the warning I was already starting to nurse fantasies of seeing them spend their last penny of fuel in order to get home, so as to get pleasure from creating an atmosphere in the Country which suggests that Men are struggling financially. It is usually the point where they get to tell me I will suffer even further for my unreasonable demands of which I am not making any i.e. once the job is done, my patents say I and only I have the right to earn money from it, hence the part about writing and selling Books should come as second nature not a process where I listen to being punished in the morning, I have not begun to do anything unreasonable yet as it were.

Like their women are fond of claiming my existence is a fundamental threat to others because the workable sons of disobedience fame and fortune with my Public image they have been blocked from deploying in such ways on Media has become a do or die affair like a debt I owe them. I wouldn’t know about being a fundamental threat to other people at this stage but we all know that their need to make me filthy and ashamed at all times have become their answer for everything because it helps them create the two main items of industrial repression which involves getting jobs if they are liked and detaching others from employers – however it is still all to play for all together at this stage and they need to keep off my Book sales and get a real job; it is not their means by which to satisfy a need for money that will be quick and come in droves like that and if I see them around my Book sales again that story of a hate campaign against women that I get accused of will take another turn away from the bit where they are finding out they will not run out of men to use necessarily until it ends really badly, alongside the bit where they can get into a relationship with me and call the shots which means somebody wants to run errands for all the Men in the world all together with their big mouth and it will progress to the part where I do not find their insults on which all things will be accomplished as amusing as they think it is and the threats of somebody that will have me beaten up whenever they want to handle my income will lead to outcomes in which I am going to kill them as well, considering the world isn’t necessarily lacking either in Men who think that hitting a woman is a condition that is likely to produce a 50/50 chance in which she gets to hit back – their insults and stupidities sound like domestic violence all the time, sounds like somebody beating their wives and I need see them around my Books one more time from this date hence forth, so we can find out as well. This matter is not a new case; it’s just the threats bit and the fact I wish to know exactly what their problem with my Book sales income is and the answer that they need fame and fortune that is their right to extricate from my public image and the left hand side I have blocked them off from will not suffice – it will amount to a threat and I want a proper answer, so they can keep their money where their mouth is for once in 16 years. We see this stuff all the time where Rolls Royce for instance is becoming a company with one face to do with people like me who are at the receiving end of punishment for religion that teaches us not to be greedy and to be none violent at the same time, because they cannot get anything done unless they set out somebody to blame and punish for their problems – hence once face is the face and the other is the face in Asia, while they deploy my trust in their interest to polish military for every scumbags on the planet without worrying about conflicts of interest; so it is usually suggested mainly that these female idiots are very clever and understated goons but we all know there would be no damages done if it was clever and that it is so incredibly stupid it actually enjoys messing with your income for years on end. What I am really tidying up at present is the part where they ended up in my Court, whereby I do things on the basis of measuring the debts I owe people there, such as screwing with backstage media goon who screws with the jobs of court members to make them understand; normalcy is usually that they get to and step back but when that does not happen and is replaced by questions, an idiot is messing with my Court and I am going to find out why they turn up around my concerns all of the time as well. They do say the Books are written to hurt them which has no basis on reality; they are written in such a way as leave those bottoms hurting just like Liberals around my temperaments and tolerance and their problem with their excrement every time they are seen turning up anywhere near but we all know they want to do that, make connections with Industries and use my personal life and public image to create industry idiots the kind of environment they need to do what they do looking for trouble, so it goes without saying that this matter will take a turn if I see them around my Books one more time; the usual stuff should be to keep jobs and career away from scumbags such as these but if I can control what they do with it, there is no reason for us to lose out on the taxes; it is fast becoming a question of how stupid and useless people need to be before they end up with a bullet in their brains. It has never really been a difficult matter to come to a decision on; simple story of the fact I am friend and company and brothers with Royal Family Members, does it mean I want to be friends and company and brothers with the children of Rolls Royce owners for instance? This has become an ace card in the hands of the wives of tycoons and the one question I really want an answer for is what their problem is with my Book sales and those stupid threats will blow up this thing as well – for now it seems they want to control me and own my empire and I will control them first.

It’s a very simple matter i.e. if people are not getting around with Industry people in order to bother me, then it must be for the purpose of work and to pay taxes that they do and if they do not want to, they have their right to get on benefits and keep off my Book sales and Public image – I have had enough of them as this is not a very normal form of patience as it were and there will be serious trouble if I see these twisted fools who want to turn me over by sharing my Books rather than buy them copy and set out to take my breath away all day with Media around my Book sales income again one more time, they will not just end up hating my Guts only as a result of it. They do say that I am messing with a higher power of course and I suppose they are referring to German and Japanese ones too and I have no idea how much smaller I need to cut it down to anyway as it stands but if I see it again, I will definitely put in a further effort without question. The African friends do have a tendency to make filthy popular culture on the basis of a need to declare what stupid cultures are involved with a process where issuing warnings like this means people want to make use of my Books by sharing my life instead of buying their copy, so unlike the white friends here that I will start off by turning over as well if I see them around my Books again, their one is usually a special case that will progress from not making all that noise about which cultures and societies I steal all I know from into something else all together. The black ones say everybody should be aware I do not actually want to live in the UK – whereas what happens is that their disobedience has now come to a point, such that I am not allowed to eat British food and because I have not been eating the African one tend to experiment and invent my own food, so they can turn up at Buckingham Palace to make trouble, steal something and sell food for the Gods to the Royals etc; the whites say the way I conduct my affairs puts other peoples jobs at risk but if it isn’t travelling overseas to find idiots that will Man the large retail shops spewing blame culture that facilitates their expensive lifestyles of corruptibility that I like to cure them of at me, then it’s a terrible campaign of extreme abuse geared at promoting a general public lack of respect for me every time I am seek at my Job and when I enquire of what it is about, tell me it’s the job I got stuck in until somebody else grabbed my fame and fortune, so that when the problem associated with the security job itself burns them, I tend to remind them it’s the job they employed me at until somebody else claimed their fame and fortune as well. They do say I am stirring more problems than I can handle of course which is utter nonsense: the things we do for a living comes naturally – I for instance suffer hay fever severely and therefore cannot get off and tell an employer he should be happy to give me work for the rest of the year except the time between May and September, they need to keep off my Books and by the way of which I let all these things fester because it is the correct atmosphere by which Women can turn up to find out how I was raised when it comes to handling Women as it is said that I do not have the ability to and when they end up with so much to do on the left and right can catch me from there as well and I am not bluffing as well – next time their case depletes my income from my Book sales I will take steps to ensure they see it blow up in their faces too. They say I was friend of Women now I am their enemy and it is utter nonsense since women are okay if they get what they want, so it’s always better to put them in charge but for the feminists and abusers who have no plans to get rich by working for their income you have to let things fester so they can have something to do and how far that goes will depend on their attitude as well; the Men who speak of these nonsense however are the older youth bullies who get to work to want my income and have such an extreme lack of respect for my livelihood for it; it was far back in 2003 that we found them get fond of that routine of getting on Media to express something about the Boy that was not behaving in ways that will facilitate a condition where they get where they need to be in life and how the games they play and vandalism is to build up to a point where they throw things at him violently and it’s been 14 years since that crap, we have not seen them change anything about my existence alongside theirs being developed around this prognosis and it will get more serious than that big mouth if this dealing with it thing becomes a public life in its own right all together as well. We hear I was once friend of the Media but do not want to be anymore; its utter nonsense as the only relationship we have had is for instance the part where somebody turns a Magazine Editors job into a process of selling Magazines on anything that looks like a phenomenon associated with a condition whereby I am a writer and there are people who are interested in my work – then put up his older peer insults girl there to exhibit herself in pant and short skirts and bikinis and when I tell them it will become serious when dealing with it becomes a public life, they think I am bluffing all together of a sort. I mean it has now come to a point where Fashion Models seek my help on account they don’t want to do it to me anymore and the Fashion idiot that don’t assume I am a plaything for them and cannot actually notice they always do their fashion while expressing the fact they have problems with men they stole dreams from etc because they are such women and it is a personality that is common to be found among those societies and communities where their parents bequeath them thousands and they make pacts to go out and take advantage of people to double it all of the time. When it is fashion Model, unless it made something with my equities in the past and expressly required my involvement or I have picked because they have done so, it is always likely to be this type, 100% certain and nobody has the right to rip up my income helping them to it like that, then tell me if dealing with it becomes a public life, the idea their lives will be over in the process is most likely a bluff. We will hear them claim I allow large companies take advantage but push them away – utter nonsense of course since the reality is that if somebody builds a Mercedes on my Public image, I get something in return when his customers drive it around, they leave me nothing with those stupid magazines, except steal my earnings and show that when they have fun other work and that they want to be rude and abusive and violent while seeking to have that kind of fun in such ways every single moment of their stupid lives; it was the problem that my Books were meant to have been published on in the first place i.e. always seeking to destroy other peoples income and preserve their own, so as to be predisposed to gamble with evil and their stupid minds think rather strangely of nothing else but and since they last hated the Books, they have only increased the frequency of activities aimed at making sure I sell none while they get rich with it and then I tend to remember all the time when told that I have planned my way to a Royal position and want their Money and that of their friends and family and then relatives and then race thereafter, that I have specifically designed everything right down to the Price of the Books to exclude them, which is incredibly depressing.