Of course it isn’t true I am stuck somewhere with all freedoms taken away and not even the ability to give up when beaten do I have so I keep going and going and going and going – the reality is rather that the trouble maker big boys and older women they love to pick on for reasons I completely agree with by the way anyway do know how to move my affairs on anyway, it’s as though I dont even have to think about it anymore and detaching them from the Literary empire and company emporium tends to spell out my genius, so that it becomes clearer and clearer how wealthy I really am in real time and property terms not show I am stuck with no direction to turn: like consequences they cannot seem to get themselves out of because they are idiots of chasing me around with causes I am supposed to follow up and die for in order to leave them the kind of lives they want to have, I mean those who do not understand largely think I create the circumstances by which they do those things but they know what I mean when I say they handle peoples possessions and turn out to tell lies in public every blessed second and it is exhausting so nobody wants to be. Apparently one moment we are forced to listen to all sorts of vain nonsense about National identity involving foolish men controlling women which is not an identity that is of the UK in the first place anyway because it tends to rip up everything else that matters, right down to people being unable to function because of rudeness around them shutting down their minds and so on and then the next we hear another about a Literary Empire that I have not got: about which I am simply drawing a line under certain matters to shut off certain taps for an institution that the Entire world understands belongs to me and there is no other word thereof in the dictionary for such property whether or not I am selling the Books and Products.


Of course we hear their story about the special relationship with the US all the time when the real problem is that they have to put up with religion and good behaviour if everything about me for example is to change on the International scene to suit the way things work in their stupid countries – the idiots here in the UK who want it that way have no real foundation that supports their stupid demands and of course their ability to travel around has always been a problem but for me it has continued to be an intensely personal issue of course but it is all a game worth playing, the culture they cannot have and constantly being cracked up with the big Church and big religion issue to test how much distraction terrorism and death and war can cause while they handle my possessions and get around telling lies as far as I am concerned; hence there is always that fear of giving up who you are and what you really are which is to be honest an advantage because of these activities and when assessed properly the activities are a function of pettiness and stupidities and outright laziness supported only by show of violence with a big mouth and lots of popular culture. It is not exactly a novelty in anyway either – reality remains that British people are not lazy and these idiots need to come round on time so we call move on as a planet, apparently of which that was good to start but we need to see a horizon as well. I do find it uncontrollably infuriating for every one of those times that they love to turn out on media to send out a case of how my books are not needed into the air – these useless lower class idiots who live unproductive lives and regularly use it as a weapon that Politicians cash into as it were – I have written a book and they have turned out at the market place and that is it, I now need to be told that the books are not needed, they however have turned up there to ensure others cannot get through and will not buy any themselves and I always put it down first to the fact they want me to make them buy the books and secondly that their unproductive and worthless lives have it far too easy using fame and fortune popular culture to cash into my diplomatic work and it has resulted in this process where the actions of those who live overseas has created a condition where those who live in the UK think they want their country to be like the ones they see overseas with big boys controlling women and making government and economy operable by so doing, knowing they will come across incredible hurdles because it is not the way their society so, in order to facilitate a process where that stupid boys and girls fight over making a lot of money without work and picking on those who are not suffering like them can always get to pay off. So they have seen my books and the basis of their media and popular culture and fame and fortune is now a matter of whether or not they are feeling as good about themselves as I do about myself and their Politicians are happy for them to get all over the planet with it, it’s just that nobody asked them a question about my books and I have warned them before it will be the point at which this their party will blow up in their faces too. Yes of course it is said I am the one living a useless life as it were but it does bring to a head every time they do the case of shutting down their access to my diplomatic work and cashing into it with that immoral deviant popular culture nonsense, more so considering it is becoming more violent and more intrusive as well – however I am not necessarily happy with them finding the UK a comfortable place to live even though we all know they ought to stay out of the International circles and stop complicating things there for everybody by moving around and that is where we are today, insults and abuses that have resulted in a process where they are better people, has no basis on reality, it is my big church programme that made that happen and I do not care if they give that credit where it is due either; they know they hate my guts but are always seen around my books having a stupid opinion and while they are at it we hear very little about the lazy Brits whom people can profit from just by envying, it is when I look as though I am down because they always tend to turn up to take advantage of me all the time especially for the girls, that is when we hear the stories but I am not too concerned about it since either way they become better people and I kill off that worthless existence and unproductive nonsense they can get involved with me with so Politicians can feel powerful and reward them with money which will ensure nobody can deny it is a means to being successful – the book sales is just the point I will punish them for the vandalism of my office and diplomatic work, so it beats me that it is always their last resort when attacking me to make money by media and Popular culture is not paying off at the markets and it will end very well too like that story they tell about my need to antagonise vulnerable and poor people, when we all know I cannot ignore them and draw breath and carry on like everybody else because their Politicians have approved for them a condition where they stage a fight with me, so I have no idea who asked them about my books anyway, although I am aware I have mentioned it is time people stopped getting told by them what my books and my work are for anyway. We never hear of it – the Americans and the Japanese and the Germans and the French and the Spanish – all these fools with worthless living cleaning off their filth on me because I have turned up with my privilege to get noticed, cashing into my diplomatic work with popular culture and then talking nonsense about people not needing my books – what we hear is all about lazy Britons and each time you tolerate these things you stand a risk of losing your entire self all together when that is actually where you had all the advantage all along, testament to the intensity and the work the fools do put into it.

We hear these days in the UK that it is the little corruption the Labour Party has engaged in that we are all up in arms against because there is nothing we can do about the Tories and the Establishment but of course we all know Tory corruption did not allow the SNP to win elections in Scotland for example; same old case of a party that began its active Political activities by a process of setting out operation parameters that antagonise the very nature if the National identity which should never have been a topic for discussion if people who have lost everything were supposed to have a quality of life with whatever is left of it and since that time was a time when the Nation had just been through a war for its very existence it was a time when they had very little tolerance for it and the result was the things we hear them complain was done to them – however now that people can tolerate them and the Tories did have a history of corruption they must match, they have now orchestrated their own corruption and there isn’t enough corruption to go around while their antagonism of the Country’s identity has now just gotten new funding to play around with, so it is easy to see why nobody will pay attention to Tory corruption and why they entirely deserve what comes to them. We all know they do these things to enable a process where some capitalist gets corrupt so they can turn up to get corrupt as well in order to get respect, hence none of it is actually news but new damage has been done and that is their problem – all of it is their problem, the antagonism of Nation Identity right up to the corruption that is not enough right down the need for respect that they never get; all I can say is that they need to relax and take their time and leave me alone because if this is a sign of the kind of Country they will make this territory into in the future which is what it is all about, they still have about another 200 years at least to evolve to that stage; I personally couldn’t care less in any case, however which I am very confident that every occasion of causing me damage will be paid for and I know exactly how they are to pay as well and they are not paying enough with that Political party and those their stupid lives they think that had worked out before I came along. It exists in the same part as the story of how I provoke them but nobody has really ever seen me around their possessions even though everybody can testify to seeing them around my personal space every single day and this is where it begins to run off into a competition of happiness and gayness which I tend to win all the time, while they have come to a point where they handle my possessions and tell lies in public all the time expecting and injustice. The big question they say is rather that of why they behave in such ways and the injustices they suffered to that effect of which there were none such as they totally deserved everything that happened to them and anticipated that would be the result of antagonising the very nature of a country for a political party in the hope it will evolve into a Country where they can lead people and themselves not be led at a time and immediately after it, in which the Country was fighting for its very existence as a whole; so that story of small Labour corruption that gets to everybody they know as well as we all do is utter nonsense but whether or not they continue to follow this line of activity is entirely up to them too – the reasons they do it as far as I am concerned on a personal basis is that old question of whether or not the Bible is lying; people always say that it is an antagonism in itself for me to bring in the Bible to explain it and that is always after they see religion and get off to play off a corruption of involvement that creates problems for it before they decide when asked to account for their behaviour that they do not believe in religion – so I really do not care; they have read the Bible and that is a fact, they have heard what it says about these kinds of individuals and that is a fact too, so the question here which is clearly not a complicated one is whether or not it is lying? I always get implored to speak of it in a more social and Political fashion which will expose me to a means by which I can be made to suffer until I smell like them while they own my Royal Personality with media and adverts where they accord it to themselves every blessed second of course but then again if I did that, does it imply that when I had mentioned that somebody is busy spending 8 years of government office time which is his own or her own to spend in that fashion, chasing another person who has something they do not because they must implement a particular policy on account they envy that person, would it have changed anything about how they voted? We all know it never would have as long as these idiots had made them a promise of what they will get from it.


It has never been a fundamental problem, some are happy because of the excitement my existence or presence causes them and others are not, it does not in any way indicate that they are in charge and hence no point to their corruptions of involvement by which they tend to talk nonsense all over the place all the time. I hear they say it’s about top media bosses having sex with journalists of their choice which I then interfere with – I say it is my ability to keep around female friends that are older than I am i.e. their age group and ones that are younger i.e. my age group and now looking to ones that are younger than I am i.e. the age group of their insulting children which is one of the really reliable signs of my power and authority in this Country. They can force them women into sex to do my stuff if they wanted, it is much the same as the inability we all have to explain why they think they must provoke terrorists all the time as well but I intend to put them out of work especially at Industry and celebrity because it is a real problem for it, especially with respect to how I tend to know about peoples evil culture which of course I wouldn’t if it has not traumatised me in some way and them celebrities have a real problem with respect for peoples earnings too as it were and they know it, while industry people can play countries against each other with a big mouth.

The story of how I am mentally disturbed is of course simply the part where they can start a fight each time it gets quiet around here; I am not mentally disturbed – what we have on the left is a process where people have extra cash to engage in charity with, resulting in some things they do with Africans with their money and that spurns this group of fools that have both civil service connections and media connections where the civil service connections help them to check my records and find things I have not done for myself which impedes my personal development while the media connections serve as a means of telling me what to do on the basis of what they know about me and the result of that is that with everything I have not done for myself the outcome is a simple case of punishments, so that I may have forgotten but it is the punishments that distract me from every remembering and then the punishments will carry on for as long as it wants as well so that the chances of remembering does not exist and if I actually do, then the regret and the hurry while being punished all the way will make me look like the forsaken that people want to pick on all the time and there will be rumour tales for them to tell to that effect; so that when the punishment involves an atmospheres built up around me concerning my anus, we can easily see how infuriating that will be and for how long, especially bearing in mind they are taking responsibility for me on account the only form of my religion and Christianity that would have pleased them would have been the ones through which I was financially successful which is what the point they are making is all about. The outcome of it is rather that whenever they take up my life and run it for me that tends to work for me in an actual reality and so the only way they can ensure they harm and not help me instead which creates this process where I do not have to think about my concerns, is to get on media and lay claims to all the things they do for me, which I can ignore if I wanted to but ignoring it will not make it go away – so that when they do say it is a statement about my position in society everybody can see that a case of people hiding in a bush and pouncing on some innocent woman and sexually violating her which is an unfortunate crime can easily be placed alongside these kinds of violent abuses on National and International media along the lines of the prognosis men cannot speak of being abused and the only form of abuse there is has to be the sexual abuse of women, so there can be no consequences for their inability to leave people alone – which we all know is the prognosis by which they provoke men and get attacked, creating this idea the law is complicit with sexual abuse. Then there are the other group on the right and those are always seen in my personal space all the time – talking into me, talking at me talking for me and cannot get off my face and spend time with their own stupid problems. Both have created where we have ended up today of a process where I have an objective based need to personally lead them: some people believe in marginalising them, I believe in getting in and making them live their lives the way I want – doing it does not in any way make me mentally disturbed and their insults can only lead to another condition whereby I confiscate that stupid culture yet again: considering they do say it is a matter of what people believe in and what they believe in and how we must leave together which makes no sense to me in anyway whatsoever because we all know one moment they can believe that I believe the world is paradise but they believe home is paradise and the world is hell which creates a certain kind of left and right dichotomy that involves me and the self improvement based copying of my work and the destruction of my market place and the enrichment by popular culture of which when I pay them no attention due to the fact it’s all a matter of consumer choice it become more and more and more invasive and hence a takeover of my entire life all together – while other times we see them believe that right hand side is where history is and the left where the future is, which they say makes no sense to me as I am part of the Establishment and the right hand side is where all the valuables are and they will recognise it if it pleases them and so on, considering the previously mentioned disposition by which we will try and live together or else made sense in the first place – thus it is never really clear whom they suppose is playing with them anyway and like I said some believe in marginalising them I tend to think getting in there is better and will confiscate that stupid culture again.

They do say this whole story about my being mentally disturbed is devised to highlight the problems and injustices women have to put up with; I wouldn’t know anyway – you cannot just get off and make out a case of opening peoples anus for the rest of the world to have fun with as a service you are offering them in their fantasies unless you are yourself insane: it is impossible for normal persons to find the time for it after all. So that when I mention it they say I have come that far because I am insane myself which is utter nonsense too because they are not about to deny that people are responding to those things their stupid women do in the neighbourhoods each time they go in or out of their homes by which they start off communities of gossips and mockery of a man they are able to cheat out of everything in life as it were. So I can only imagine that it is the fact that the women that have not yet been certified mentally ill and as such are still running around with their freedoms to do these things with, that makes them so prickly in this matter and so just like we know they are the biggest assets of idiots who have planned a wickedness to apply on others for self improvement and self advancement especially socialists, they obviously can keep talking nonsense about my mental illness that exists only in their stupid heads as it were. These matters are not unusual, it is a familiar old case of when exactly it is that these rebels decide that Royals have inter married so much that they have become weak and therefore the very things that need to be oppressed and hence must be removed but such nonsense as my mental illness is an example of an occasion where they have come to such a point as it were – pricks.


As for the part where I waver all the time – the reality behind that is rather that people normally think that most of the arrangements I make are meant to be permanent when in actual fact they are not; like for example when I initiate involvement with the Court when that is something they are responsible for doing with me, it fizzles out once the job I am after is done on every occasion, so there is no wavering like that old story of how I enjoy punishing women which is utter rubbish. They however are the ones sitting over a system of media where every fool can do whatever they like and expect that once they get on TV to make a statement they then get all they want and become untouchable and the reasons for that is because they have no respect for my book sales and then they will not let a journalists do a job and then they must check up something about me all the time: the first item of which they do not see how it matters but it is the same old case of idiots travelling overseas to getting around with another group of idiots who need to let their hair down in a millionaires expensive car and soon after when they are done with their vandalism and have made some money to recover, they never spend the health on work because they want to chase the lazy British people story as well of which all that time they were messing around with something they clearly were not doing so with British people at work as it were but what am I saying anyway is the question; these media bosses and their idiots who want to control women and prevent them from wrecking everything by seeking fame because the UK must be like those countries they have seen overseas that are the idiots I am supposed to write books and sell them in order to control – the other item is that they will never let a journalist do the job because they always have it planned out i.e. 16 years of age is time to find some job and by 23 after being supported by mum and Dad there is some 20 to 30 thousand pounds in the bank, with which sort of money it is easy to see the slightest business idea bearing in mind there is allowance for all the start that they want will take off like a dream but it is always time to use it for a business idea to make more money and the people that must be pillaged for that need to be selected – this of course is when they are in their teens and twenties but as soon as they had reached their fifties then they start to become overtly and fundamentally evil; hence they will not let the journalists do the job, have no respect for my book sales and I waver. Then we hear this story of the special relationship with the US of which I have not lost my sense of how British I am and whether or not I am and therefore have no idea where they suppose the special relationship comes into the picture anyway. We do hear the part of course where they speak of themselves as hard working people and have no idea why they shove it in my face either – I mean my living expenses for the last six months have stayed on £80 per month if I get to pay all my bills in order to run government office and we all know the Prime Ministers Hair cut comes at a Price that is £10 more than that – ten pounds more than my living expenses for an entire month because of them; people do need to keep their rubbish about being hard working citizens to themselves as it were. I mean what their Pop stars are supposed to do is a business of entertainment i.e. they set out a collection of party themes suiting all forms of parties, then they make an album with it and expect people to invite them to sing at functions – what they do instead is chase fame and fortune only by pillaging my book sales which is where the daily bullying comes from – if these fools are hard working, it is work they invented and not what they are supposed to and is unconnected with what they are supposed to do for a living so they can get around extracting an income from other peoples possessions and unless they have it that way cannot exist. The television personalities are much the same – they were supposed to broad cast information and if you want to think about opportunities for earnings by the way side you see things like small shops and a process of getting around making the lower classes happy for a living – what we get is a need to pillage my public work and report my books instead of the news, then share it with others to gain a good feelings and to gain their protection as well. I have never authorised them to handle my work and my possessions in anyway and have never permitted them to do any of the things they do; a world without them would have allowed me to sell my books and live well a very long time ago and at least around me as a person I shall create one too which is what this is all about; whoever it is that convinced them they are hard working citizens must be a fucking idiot. It has never been a complicated issue for me as they like to think it – I mean it really cannot possibly be that intense then can it – getting out of bed every day to struggle with the fact you are a book seller on account others are using your business acumen for other alternative purposes that media has enabled them to and it is sourced from how much you interfere with their desires and a need to punish you for it with that big mouth that cannot make money somewhere they are authorised to handle what they think they should. I mean they say I claim benefits because I think about it all the time but we all know there are people on thousands of pounds worth of benefits in this Country every week and that my literary empire that they really love to cash into alongside my public work is not worth jobseekers allowance. The part about what their Politicians do to start it off by pillaging my business at every critical point through press conferences does not bother me that much; I mean the benefits of it is that it shows parents what to say to their children and how to remind them to always do their own thing and never let others do it for them whether or not they have Political allegiances, which means we can run our lives without interference from Politicians, the disadvantages it always the immediate damage to my business which I have mentioned before – you have to get out of bed and streamline the fact you are a book seller every single day and it cannot have possibly been that intense without a consideration they are looking for trouble. I do hear they say I blame the television people and the Pop stars but the real problem are the Industry people of which they must be referring to organised crime idiots who are now in Industry which as I mentioned before is a matter of having made that stupid organised crime less profitable so that they become more interested in popular culture in the first place and hence hate my guts for it but in any case when I am finished with them I will return to my studies and finish it in order to chase my legal career, however which the books will be sold and I can assure on that too; so a case of being made to sort things out will never work as I am not sorting out anything.


I hear the Politicians say the problem is that I and others like me have become ungovernable, black people say I am always afraid of them and the rest say I am only interested in the criminal matters in their stupid lives but it leads to the same old issues always i.e. the things I do about black people is concerned with how Court members have these things they do to take care of poor people in third world countries that ensures they can avoid being abused by them while I at work and hence I do not wish to be responsible for saying something they have to deal with as a difficult task while they are it and black idiots need to stay off my book sales and stop flattering themselves, especially the indomitable deviance of their fathers and the stupid girls who get to claim I am following them around to copy what they do in order to make a living in order to ensure I am crippled at preventing them from doing that to me as well, while they seem to be sent out for it all the time by these their fathers too who think they are controlling their sons and make a lot of noise too to that effect – obviously somebody they can beat up against whom they have no wish to tame their temper and provoke all the time, which was never expected – it is always said I am not dealing with the issues properly of course whereas I know they are deviant people and no aspect of their living is tolerable, so I do wonder if the Politicians know what they are doing as well. Hence when they say people are ungovernable I always say they need to follow procedure as they are nobodies, they are nothing and the result is always that they speak of procedures I must follow as well which makes me so angry since we are talking in terms of the criminal things I am always concerned about which I never am because these were the dogs they raised in their families so they can bully people and be important and the media had the same issues with me years ago which started off claims I sleep with peoples wives in the first place and the result today does not look good for them as well – the Politicians on the other hand are paid enough money to keep it in their personal lives and deal with it so I do not get provoked into taking up their personal lives and dealing with it for them: otherwise it is that their insolent question of what I am going to do about it resulting in the current programme of chasing down every need to finish parliamentary work and enjoy a party with girls that think they have a thing for bullying religious people, leading to a process where I kill off all lifestyle they used to have in the 80s and 90s so they can have it somewhere else without bothering me, right down to the International community, in my own pre-emptive revenge for these things happening as a result of a pre-emptive strike on the Christian they know is likely to preach the gospel and criticise them when he has not actually done so, giving way to a process where I continue to find those stupid industries run by average destructive scum like them who would not have enough money to pay compensation for damages done to you if you take them to court, running businesses that are not enough for two and insulting absolutely everything they see as violently and abusively as they can and then overhauling them again and again and again, like I did during the recession – so they can shut their big mouth and watch those stupid parting shots too. I understood perfectly what they meant when they said people have become ungovernable, they dont get to throw me one about following procedure as well – then continue to deploy my books to have conversation while Popular culture and media idiots move in on the income everyday; then we hear that what I say has no effect bringing to light that the fact I am not committed to violence like them means I must tolerate their insults because they are and it is incredible – Politics that is committed to violence, media that is, even business and Industry that is and so they cannot stay off my book sales looking for a condition where I am too. Their Politicians say the rest of the world are actually republics and hence actually work in entirely the opposite way and yes I can see that but they might want to tell their friends overseas to watch their dirty mouths about lazy British: we all know they are incredibly stupid and these kinds of activities means they make money and it is not wrong and Americans we know are Kings of it – instead of making good products why not just make them functional and throw your energy on what the existence of the product expresses at the markets; you do not hold these things against them of course but their abuses have no limits either and means they need to get moving. So this is how much of a no effect my activities have on anything – I mean I do hope we are not talking about Media managers, those are up to their neck in it at this stage because their corporations have branches in every country in the world as predictable as ever and now they are bosses – I intend to put them out of work especially at the Celebrity Industry because it is one of the biggest problems that I have got at present. Their wickedness beats the imagination all the time but since they like to show off the financial proceeds at me in order to attack and mock me over my faith I tend to know all about it and this is of course the importance of statements made of how what I say and do really has no effect because it will rally people to that end too; things like training cameras on terrorists and provoking them because they are British on account I have been messing with their desire to have sex with female journalists and so on or some famous celebrity on account of me gave her picture to somebody else or did not give it at all and they didn’t make extra money and so on; so when I say it is a real problem for me it actually really is and it is never something I say to ensure others take it up and do it – Americans are Kings of that insolence and then the special relationship will be in peril only in their foolish heads. It isn’t true I am susceptible to being teased – I know most of these activities are a function of what people have done to them on my behalf or for reasons of me in some way and that these activities constitute vengeance from them but it is one thing to be teased and another for people to turn up at your company to crowd it and regularly tell you they will never let people through while spreading tales on media that the trouble with my books is that they are not needed – these lack of sales are a function of human activity and I am not blamed for what I do when they refuse to accept it provokes and abuses me, hence one thing for people whoever they are but especially relatives of Industry people, to turn up and tease me and quite another to turn up and create me a mess, it is the mess I create for people as well that therefore becomes a subject for complains – like the old story about organised crime goons whose business are no longer profitable because of my actions about whom I could say I am blown away they gave up the past but rather chose to ask a what next now that they are into Industry.


Now people have generally become more comfortable with telling their tales about how the behaviour of Politicians in Westminster is creating problems for everybody and how I am the cause of it; no idea what it means in anyway either since even if I told them that somebody was busy spending public funds and public office to blackmail me into a behaviour that does not agree with the code of my faith which is becoming more of an attrition, I would not have changed how they voted once he or she did give them a promise of what they will get from it. It has come to this point of course but there were early days and in this days the main concern was whether or not the civil service will continue to remain independent to serve everybody equally and the turning point was the third election of Tony Blair which they did with a reduced majority because they wanted to break the hold the Tories have on the Political system and Blair didn’t even honour it as he resigned mid-office for an appointment as Middle East peace envoy working for the Americans. I mean you can only continue to patch it up like that for so long – whilst by the way you continue to warn people of the question of whether they do realise when these political idiots carry on like that for a while they will be able to do real damage, when you keep putting it to them that when they carry on like that for long enough they will eventually put themselves in a position where they can do real damage – the expenses scandal apparently only ended up waking people to the effect of a hung parliament but we have still not seen any useful change in the behaviour of the electorate in this matter yet as it were. What we hear these days is how much I do not tend to support women of course of which the real issue is that each conversation I may have had with a Minister of parliament was always going to be followed by a newly graduated female idiot taking pictures with them and putting it all over social networking – doing my stuff and grabbing my fame or cashing into it they call it and I have chased them up to south America and the pornography industry over wrecking my studies to pass their own and get off to popular culture with my career in order to put their stupid feet up at swimming pool sides and so on – so we are here now because they want jobs and it is impressive I have to admit, they want jobs and they want equality in boardrooms. I dont think the women are the problem, it is the men who cannot be seen doing a media report or a talk show that does not involve an end which gratifies them by ripping up my work and my book sales without reason or purpose, on each occasion of which I have not authorised them to handle my books and they are not licensed to review any of it. They always say my activities is an antagonism of the press which people do not pay attention to whereas the reality is rather that there is no press involved in their provocation where a half priest government staff writes books and ends up being published on TV and popular culture where it is guaranteed the books will not be needed so that a live campaign can be started to ensure he does not sell it and get the job done and this is what I will crush as well because they cannot be caught dead listening to anything anybody says.  They love to make out I cause them hysteria but it has always be okay for them to have their cultures of wickedness as equally as they are well informed I am a Christian who of course is commanded by the Bible never to have a thing to do with it. These antagonism of the press thing of which does not in any way bother me – they are speaking of tyrants we are here talking about a writer that needs to get out of bed every day to streamline the fact he is a book seller while they take it further ripping up the sales on a daily basis for the last 13 years – it has got nothing whatsoever to do with the press, they simply think they have found somebody they can bully and are off to it with gusto, just as handling them as well will have nothing to do with the press, I mean I like the press like everybody else who likes a democratically consultative government. I do not think this is a huge matter for my part, these fools are sadists and masochists and narcissists and they have places they go to fulfil these sexual desires and apparently we can all see I am a Christian from whom they want to extricate the fulfilment of those desires and they will continue to pinch it and steal it and tell lies to get involved and make contact like their journalists speak of my antagonism of the press but want to discuss my problem with showing some limits and discretion which will be applied by them while they are still in my personal space, getting in my face to make out when they are angry it matters and when I am it does not; so it does not in any way bother me, they start conversations by speaking of my lack of respect for consenting adults of which it is 14 years since they started to groom me for seeing me try to find my first job and so on and in that time they have cost me £30,000 in student loans and a botched academic work to show for it, in that time they have chased me around with it knowing that my parents will not support me at the age in which they did, which will groom me in a direction where they can inflict maximum distress every single time and in that time they can continued to have a lack of respect for my finances which they love to damage all the time and for the Politicians those who vote for them and will vote for nothing else will complain about nothing else as well – so I am a consenting adult as well and they know it has nothing to do with consenting adults but a fight that was their idea which they need to stop pretending is not happening. I can see they love to move into my right hand where life will be all about what I have gotten used to which is just as well since what they will need to get used to will take hundreds of years to do so as well as it were. I have no wish to tolerate any of their stupid homosexuality around here and they know their involvement with me to seek conveniences and decadence is derogatory and abusive as we are not mates but have no wish to shut it down, hence I will not be held responsible either.