Now they say I cannot detach myself from the internet while the internet was never that much of a factor when it comes to working with Firms and selling my Books – I could easily spend 90 minutes to complete tasks with Firms or do it on the go while I peddle my Books on the streets if I wanted but we can all see that what happens is that my profile gets hijacked and then nothing works after that and then its followed by lots of insults the Politicians play a band wagon to as well. Then we hear them blab about the reasons it happens being something I never talk about because I do not have the Courage while it has always rather been as simple as the fact that bullied Christian is stopping idiots from getting rich quick which is rather unprecedented especially in a free world – the game I enjoy so much and causes this suspicion I am always playing up to the Politicians which is exactly what I am doing, is the bit where the only way out for them when it comes to money will be Politics, parliament and access to the treasury and this will mean they can crack up the Politicians all the time and ensure somebody else other than myself is having to take out some form of vengeance on account of bottom hurting due to the fact there are people who want a Government system that puts them in a dominating position over others in the land and I will never stop doing it: when people drop out of University so that these sort of nonsense can be paid attention to, it adds up on them and those who have a habit of deploying government buildings in support of profitable violence against the weak and cowards by idiots who have already forged themselves a reputation for being losers need to understand it too. What I have taken from them so far is the economic crisis trend thing; the next two things that will get on my nerves it seems will be the Parliament buildings and the stock markets all together. There are a few more things that tickle them and each time I set my eyes on it as a matter of their fault, it will be the last time they get to see it too; condition is not seeing them around my Books and Public image anymore and we are not talking about digging right up to personal life and career issues but continuing to dig and play up some predatory marketing that shows up on public places to express how destructive it is, talking nonsense all over the place either.

They do say I have been allowed to do my worst and am confident others should be stopped whereas I have done no such thing – as it’s the old tale of journalism having paid well is a job for everybody, so they can show up to squeeze me and my Court and then prevent me from selling my Books to feed myself properly so they can squeeze and so on; idiots who know their jobs are about putting a name to their faces and telling people of the news of what happened around them but assume it is a viable platform for attacking peoples career and financial well being too all together. They love to blab about how they will get after the Royal Estate continuing to act as though it does not belong to somebody, which is usually a spectrum around the issues of how much money is changing hands when they take pictures of their stupid daughters and sisters and cousins and friends all over my Public image and splash out like that all the time and of course how much of it is being spent on things such as Cocaine for instance etc – hence they can start if they want and I will be around too; this is an example of what justifies the process of making sure they only get rich when an Industry fool hates my guts or Politicians have given them access to the treasury – so they can crack those up all the time as well.

It’s an old tale about how they work so hard rather than let me be, to just get around making sure I am unable to make them understand what their ageism feels like after they have retired too and they do like to say it is important to see me broken when the bit about it all getting the attention of racists starts to make sense, just like I do not fancy that nonsense about provoking me while having conversations with friends and mates and colleagues stuff too; in the end they do suggest they want to rip up my finances and keep me checked until they can get a girl that will get out of hand for them the way the Queen lets me – after they are done with this of course I am supposed to move on when people have a problem with my importance and enjoy factorising all I have worked hard for according to the financial damage they can do and the idea I may be The Queens concubine, as if there is really anything in the world they can do about it if I were all together too. Hence in the ends it’s always a matter of see and tells as to whether they will make their basic and recent stupidity sensible with the use of money again as usual, I wonder if it works for the part where it also means that The Queen needs to be more respectful of them.

They do say all I had achieved is now falling apart, which is utter rubbish – the reality is that people are becoming far more fond of paying attention to my work than their own and which is all about power broker and the plugging me into some problem with a lie and a gossip and a violent lasciviousness and the provoking me while talking to their friends which hurts my chest and takes my breath away all day long and means I have no right to feel good. Then they say I make a lot of trouble and know nothing of how the military works as well, whereas I know it’s a choice of being a Rancher who kills people or a Ship Captain who kills people or a Pilot who kills people but before the killing people bit you must manage a range and run a Ship and Fly a Plane – the rest is complicated and we all know it’s the ones that want to do the ladies bit which is a matter concerning which I will not learn very much. As for the story of my behaviour being a sign of great lack of respect for others; that will have been a case of journalists taking it to the through your tummy to your anus and I can see it all tale about which I like to say they need pay attention to the one that pays their salary and everybody clearly can see there is makeup involved too. The only things we are dealing with here is that old plug him in and take all he has game they love to play and all of them have their own flavours and incredible disobedience for it too, it has always been. There have always been only two realities about it and one is that it does not matter what they do with my work and income because I have more, while the other is that MPs and Journalists and Celebrities not go underground regularly but behave like squatters on other people’s property every, single, day. They do say it is going to be a problem for me and the health issues and the smell etc but the Christian is stopping people from getting rich fast in a Country that is free and Democratic is clearly the bit that is their worst nightmare at this stage as it were.

So they say I have a problem with absolutely everybody – the Media and the Journalists and  the Celebrities and the Politicians and nobody is safe, such a problem as it is clear there is no known way for a resolution and I wouldn’t know anyway, I just know the resolution is as simple one i.e. I am at a loss as to how people get involved with others in order to express how much of a higher esteem they hold themselves, that it is the very things you do to make them comfortable that causes the hurt and ill feelings as a whole. It is not unusual but becomes more obvious when they mention something about their hate for the fact the Women in my Court are their age too – it goes right back to that popular culture nonsense where a Fashionista works with me to cover me up when I am so carried away with duties I am left feeling naked and they employ their own on my public image, whose work is to ensure I am naked and exposed and set about rewarding those to a point of breaking the Internet for instance, end up with Armed robbery which nearly killed them and once recovered from the trauma, back on my Public image to exhibit themselves and pass around questions and insults to make money, after which they then show up to ask me about a problem with everybody all together none of it has ever really been an issue; it’s still the one where in my world a normal Woman of girl has less time for boys and more time for academics or matters concerning culture etc – their version of human being is half-half in my view and that is because half we see involves being disobedient while getting their hands on peoples income while the other half will be the boys that will back them up – so fair to say while I am busy with the business of looking after trading and business contingencies, right down to Journalists at Court and a Coven system, if it comes to City underbelly and people keeping shop, they can build it and stretch from the US to Japan across this Royal Estate again and then we will find out if it will not become something much bigger than just holding themselves in higher esteem when they get involved with me since we are mates as it were. I mean there is really no reason I shouldn’t be working towards their security while they pillage my Books as well, if they come from a powerful Country such as the US, hence it gets to a point at which they introduce me to how much they hate the fact Women in my Court are their age all the time with a big mouth. it’s much the same way we hear them blab about how much trouble I will get into as a result of the way I handle people and it gives me ideas all the time that goes along the lines of finding out which one blacks have been making themselves comfortable with and which ones have lost a lifestyle I have stolen when white – since I tend to have a mind that can easily drift towards a reckoning with scumbags that blame the none existence of a Country they would have preferred for their problems which most of the time they create for themselves all the time, like in this occasion where not keeping off my Book sales will lead to problems and it’s a no can do response from their disobedience having a problem with the idea somebody else is important all of the time as it were. we hear that complain naturally that it is a matter of uncertainty I create for people, which does not make any sense to me; we are talking about their pathological fear of work leaving me with a start up for 15 years, so I might go out there and face all the problems and bear all the risks and then just before I am about to invest somebody else will swoon in and grab the money and even after the Books have been published and patented and placed at the market place which means such things will not affect me financially and academically and emotionally, they rip up the Books to ensure when they do it I feel the effects in that way, then show up to expect a different result. They love their insults and demagogues but there are academic names either for their behaviour or the effects – the one about picking my Books and spreading them around to provide a leadership that makes them feel like real Men is called plagiarism and the one about ripping the Books and personal life and Public image and making sure I am stuck financially, dealing with problems of starting business, so those who are lazy can show up and make profit is being stuck with a business and economic cycle in a state of perpetuity, about which we all know you can get out by taking one of those massive scale opportunity cost decisions, which you might do specifically to make them squirm for those profitable disobedience insults as well. They do say what is annoying me is rather a process of people giving me IQ and its utter nonsense since I am rather dropping out of University and ending up with depression for it instead. It feed into this whole process of spending time to pray so their stupidities can lean on my bubble all the time and when they do end up finding it difficult at work and then become such manly men that I am to blame for it too with a big mouth – same with knowing my Court is female only but getting involved to feel safe anyway and then finding out it could become the means for getting rich if I am bullied thereafter, end up with problems and I get attacked yap yapping and when I tell them I will be getting after them when racists start to pay attention to it as well, they assume it’s a massive bluff. Of course it isn’t true mine is a sad story and that I am in a lot of pain; reality is being beaten down in your own bed by community croons everyday for years, no thanks to Politicians wrecking your finances to ensure you achieve something without the money and end up with a personality others can abuse etc. It’s the reasons i.e. there is something I own which I am not sharing etc and if I ask them to share their own as well, the result will likely be a crime that can be classified as murder or manslaughter. We see it all the time, especially when they want to change the entire Country, which is usually about the fact I am important and they have a problem with it and need to show up and exhibit themselves as insolently as possible until they have what I have as well – now most of them have been manufactured by Industry and they have got it too and it has become obvious to them the ways in which success of insults affects the victims and we are not talking about being beaten down to depression at random, so when you beat their own as well Politicians get a violent complain every single day. My part in the matter being that we have never been as united as society where Left cannot do Right and vice versa – my greatest example in the matter of making enough money to get out of it is Mr Simon Cowel – apparently there are enough Talent shows in the world so far. They do say I am not making progress which is utter rubbish – I am still looking after my backyard and fringes very well, never mind the main parts; the bit where huge fans in South America and Asia exist where even my Public image and Diplomacy engagements is a main thing and some turn to Pornography because Dad or Brother or Uncle took their perspective and state of mind and told them never to show up around it again, in order to get off and make money in the big City for the whole family – nightmare-nightmare they story tell all the time but refuse to stay awake. I mean I cannot even maintain a Book sale Community because I am a famous person they want to make use of and none of it makes any sense whatsoever – my point being stage set for the next wrong move which will be the cause for me to hammer them again. Like they say some people think I am romantic but most Women think I will willingly have sex with anything; reality of which is that they need to since making me distressed appears to be such fun for them – it’s about setting it up and painting the venue and putting up a part for the neighbourhood and then wearing your best suits on open day to find everything is in hell again because others are Women and can behave anyway they like, hence I am romantic and can have sex with anything; I mean, they must be listening to me – that is their ear listening to what I am saying, hence they get involved and get involved.


So they do say that people hate my guts at the Monarchy and that I underestimate them – reality is that first I do not underestimate them since they have been doing the damage my finances after every work that should pay me in order to maintain some stupid home that when the Crown moves from Monarch to successor, they will become me, with no care for my feelings or what it does to me because they are superior and always have to get what they want with that big mouth and of course in terms of hating my guts, that is another story all together as per what they intend to do with these things as a whole. In the end when people are traders they start to fancy themselves Royalty as well and it comes to the point where a process of preventing a condition where other peoples Royalty run into financial difficulties depends on making them do the trading properly and it’s the same with the Politicians and the Journalists and the TV Presenters. They do make out I do not appear to have consolidated power enough to scare them, which does not make any sense since we know that at this point every goon that wants to live in a republic murderously hates my guts all together and the reason is that it can start off from power broker where they tell a lie and spread it out and plug me in and take everything I have but before long it will become one about how dying for black people might end racism and develop into one about how I speak like a White Man, all so they can jump on my Public image and continue the practice of a really stupid but rewarding success of insolence that leads to Pop and cheese and nothing else save they steal something else to patch up perceptions and on and on and on. Just like we hear them blab about support from Russians while Americans protect me, which is utter rubbish too – what really happens is that we have a community of people involving the British and the French and the Germans and the Swedish and the Indians and the Thai etc and its some sort of backyard community going on – so what happens is that the Russians invite themselves and nobody is ever important in their view and the more attention you pay to them is the more important they get and the reasons small Countries stand up to them is because America protects their enemies. It’s the same case where the Muslim ones will say there is nothing you can do when you know they will likely turn the party environments and popularity and fashion and dumb students doing well in school insults into a den of narcotics and get off performing tasks for terrorists after that; these idiots think nobody is aware they operate in that way and love to blab of how I think I can do anything about them when I cannot giving me more ideas. They do say there is a lot to fancy about the Russian ideal etc which I cannot understand – I mean what is not to like about stupid girls showing up with disobedience that lets them gather up family and extended family and clubber me with some power through an insult that lets them seek an exit for the way they have lived on their stupid existence through my public image, which is possible by cutting down on the amount of respect I am getting – I mean not to like about being groomed into a personality that has lots of prerogatives that a tyrant can deserve when year on year I work for my Business and get detached from the income and cannot get another job, hence to like about the fact tyrants always get their prerogatives and there is no reason to find out what those who are doing the stupid grooming are serving up as well, since they are paying in cash. Then the British style and their other friends of course is that when they ask you to share what you have it makes them inferior, so there has to be a way of getting it without asking, apart from which wealth distribution is taking money from those who have what they don’t and stealing all their secretes which is something they do whenever they are seeking some human rights.

They do say it’s about being stuck with the reasons they feel I am disrespectful i.e. the problems they were solving but it feeds only into that expressed concern that I underestimate them when its largely a matter of idiots spending people’s lives and property to get comfortable and then saying the owners have got more, which has actually gone completely out of hand i.e. they need trade when traders and do news when journalists and present when TV Presenters so I don’t run into financial difficulty too. As for the problems they have been solving on the other hand, we all know they are never nice to each other, except when the wars have broken out and they must find out why the upper class are not taking part. So it’s the sort of thing that leads to outcomes where they say it is because the upper class calls them stupid which we know is true since we regularly have to deal with financially well off idiots setting out to build themselves reputation whereby they were the people to discipline any that treats Women unkindly, so that when they then get to do it, they will be in a position to plan the perfect crime; what their problems were being mostly concerned with the fact there was never a reason to have a problem personal with the fact I am important in the first place.

Of course they do say I talk like I am victim when I am not but when Labour idiots want to reward their ageism with my entire Empire for instance because I am just a kid and then set about giving some to the Duck of York as UK Trade Envoy for example, then show up to make hell for me over a decade and tell lies all the time for fun, I am probably not victim, they are; we see this sort of nonsense show up all over their celebrity insults all the time – their parents decisions about your property is more important than your own and that will be paired with some respect they get from people who have the same skin colour as you and passed down to their block head children to exhibit on Media too and we all know which bits will be escalated if they bandy it at me at this point too. its two sides of the same spectrum with them everyday – one bit is the one where I am responsible for their activities of people who have the same skin colour as me that I know nothing whatsoever about and the other is that I don’t know them or their parents and families either; the reasons for their behaviour is even more annoying i.e. in their Countries they would have been the upper class and I cannot tell if it is the one where people are angry enough with them the way they are with me as a whole anyway or some gimmick upper class. What we have here is a collection of goons who just sit around and see things and decide it pays well so they get involved like Journalism for instance; it’s the one where they are struggling with basic stuff of the kind of person you need to be if jour job makes you put a name to your face and tell people of what happened around them – I just want them off my Books and off my Public image, so they can stop damaging anything to do with Equity property. There is concern I expose my feelings and blame others for the result naturally which I don’t – what I do is abdicate some important responsibility that gets people paying attention to their own concerns instead of mine and I do it with methods such as planning a holiday that will let me blow off steam and get back to normal, which my Books will finance; Pop and Cheese too. the other side of the story is that the fun games have paid off for individuals that could survive being in a bad relationship once but get around playing Millionaire whose finances we control in our midst on my work every day for the last 16 years none stop, talking nonsense about being a real man and surviving and a new Country where Justice would be plentiful and lots of insults at Parliament for those of them whose evils show up there and so we have now reached a point where they tell me my Business having been set up where I am being trapped i.e. that stupid society of theirs at its best, will not be successful and this is what is being put to the test.

In the end is the case of me playing with Politicians, losing a Public life and a career in the process, which is not what is happening – what happens is a Journalist at Court for instance will chase a matter in our interests somewhere in Asia and what happens all the way will feed into the network of Men and their Politics and what they want to do with it, so you are usually deluded when you want some privacy attached to your existence as such when they actually do have needs and need to enjoy life as well – this then feeds into the fact that we should always announce any new ideas or projects because if there is the slightest sense we are working on anything the Politicians have not been briefed on, it will feed through and get wrecked by this same network of men thing; so I intend to set up this business since each time I hurt all over for writing Books and looking for work, nobody has ever once given me a reason for it, in a place where that stupid society and its insulting intrusiveness concerning the plans its idiots have and the people it has the right to use in order to make the plans work, which is what brings about the frustrations and stupidities and violence and madness when you don’t know why you are being punished everywhere while people are softening you up before they place their money on their head to invest it etc, I intend to set it up where that stupid society operates at its best, to find out what will be preventing it from being successful too; they can always leave me alone and stop interfering with Royal village or Court business. They have their media idiots whose heads they can place products to invest, snooping around neighbourhoods ripping up personal lives and happiness and mental well being all day long because of money, talking nonsense about behaviours that have cost them their jobs, they have Media fools that behave exactly the same way they do to spend their time with.

Of course they do say it’s something I cannot back up because there is a sense endlessly that I am vulnerable to racism whereas the reality is that whatever racists do is a matter of the fact my academics are still in transition, used by Politicians as a means of choosing my crowd in order to steal a career and we see them show up at Universities to do it as well when we can all see the only difference between Today and the University Days for them is that they had since gotten married and had children, the problems associated with this then becomes another platform for conveniences based bullying all together. In the end I can always ignore what the racists do but when they dig in, they need to be made to understand they are the reasons we are in the current mess at the moment – keeping their fingers off my bum lest I start chasing their own as well in that Government Office of which is very vital too; we have always known how dumb students get to pass exams, it becomes an alarming reality when they have forged ways of passing it by pushing other people out of academic work all together, so that it might make sense when somebody says others are chasing jobs concerning which they were more qualified and we see those stupidities they make sense with using money as the tool like that all of the time, showing up around matters of UK/US relations; where the Democrats are the ones that are supposed to see that if they want to be comfortable with the use of my career, they will never stop street protests associated with being rejected until I have an image that says I run a business based on being rejected – the republicans do their own with Politics but the part they think you should be benevolent about is the initial financial damage that makes you vulnerable to it and grooms you for their gimmicks and the final one that ensures you are always gasping for financial air so to speak, which is actually largely well explained through their attitude towards religion, where they do not want a Holy man to criticise them in a proactive and not either passive or a reactionary way; now even their media fools claim I am being intolerant when we all know they do their own as well along with their poverty idiots in Africa and it’s about how their families are better human beings all the time nepotism that has to be profitable. Over 50 million birth screams passed unnoticed in the world during the second world war and here we are again with racism and the idiots in government office that give birth to it too – I mean their case is making people subject to Parliament which is entirely understood when peoples idiot children get elected but if told that violent lasciviousness has brewed a story you speak like a white Man when you are surrounded by white people that are not nice, what would anybody do? In my case they are speaking like white men very much these days on my account, while the blacks that groom me for it are finding out which one the fucking deploy to fix their problems. We have always done the bit about keeping secretes to preserve their right and ours when we have good talents, we have always done it until they start gimmicks; I was introverted to begin with but the idea that I need to hide certain aspects of my religion that gets in their eyes lest I am exposed to racism and somebody else’s child has to perform a bad act; it takes the biscuit.  They always say I do not think I have to be scared of racism, which is utter nonsense; it’s never about being scared of racism, being scared of it does not do anything about it or spare you the effects – racism is an evil identical to British society because it is predominantly comprised of White People, so it’s a matter of the stupidities of hoodlums that foolish men cause us to think about in an academic way when they spend money on it; so unless it is a school I am suggesting they fuck somewhere else so I don’t do it for them. If I go off and get myself killed by a racist nothing will ever get done, if I get tickled by a stupid banker whose money I confiscate, then the probability of blacks being the problem or even Women, which then makes sense over a bottle of champagne will be averted – they know it and that is why they want it cheap quick and easy in my case – behind my back so to speak – being afraid of it gets nothing done. The reality is that the Politicians want to play a game where I am the person that runs a business that is based on being rejected financially while I am interested in intricate details of my account Books and must secure ways of making any scumbag that causes anything to go amiss understand the effects of his stupidity; it feeds into the reality where I was not supposed to have exposed myself that much to begin with but have to pay my way in the world like everybody else. Right this moment it feels like being normal again, that I can set out a product and screw with it as much as I like before I then decide if I want to sell it at a later date without feeling I need to travel to the US or having to deal with any Americans with opinions. They do say Americans do not fancy the rude manner in which I conduct my Business which is an old story where if I said it was all about the rude way in which others conduct their concerns it will become attractive for stealing and it’s the same sort we get from their minions here in the UK whose society I want to set up and run my business on too, in order to find out what will be making it unsuccessful. They do say my nemesis is that I mess with peoples wives, which I don’t; the case is that they have always said anal sex is something they do besides the fact Women are a problem while it was never actually necessary to have such a personal and public issue with the fact I am important in the first place, so there is this anal sex atmosphere that a group of Women have played up with me to create, meaning there will be anal sex for all but they will be having none; it’s like if you do nothing about it you cannot breathe for reason of the threats, otherwise I have made it clear it might be the case they have access to something I say or my Office when they know I am not a fan of the fact they are perpetually in a state of desire for a new Country etc and that they have Journalists, Politicians and other celebrated goons that behave like them to spend their time on.

They do say Americans do not fancy the rude manner in which I conduct my Business which is an old story where if I said it was all about the rude way in which others conduct their concerns it will become attractive for stealing and it’s the same sort we get from their minions here in the UK whose society I want to set up and run my business on too, in order to find out what will be making it unsuccessful. They say it’s the power of the political class and that I have been clipping it ever so often but we all know it’s random perhaps and that I cannot look after a Book trading Community and that there is no reason for it. Of course they do speak of the contents of my Books being a problem but it’s an old story; we are finding out which one they are paying for – drop out student owning over £30,000, who has to be dominated spiritually first before he is allowed to do his finances and academics and more over if he wants to live in their Country must share what he has when wanted by those who are not interested in his Books but to get the information from the Horses Lips like an insult they read off the Dictionary. A typical example is when I am unable to access my websites or some features and the reason is that when I give people a share of my Royal Estate which I have never ever done, I get around and take them back in due course and it is not how they normally get treated as blabbed by media scum issuing threats and it’s easy to see that the websites always need come back into service before it festers into an objective that needs to be completed as well here – considering that each time they come round and people dying in Syria and Ukraine and other War torn areas of the world, somebody somewhere is having too much fun while they are trying to get things done and save the world with a big mouth; it’s never been a problem until now i.e. it’s always been somebody else’s product and somebody else’s Office and somebody else’s job while they want to run the show and get impatient 24/7 – likewise the need to be seen teasing and insulting people because people think of perfection when the reaction to a condition they were put in from such persons would have been the same as was produced by them – so it’s always okay that way, save the bit where the painful bottoms gets to a point and cracked up out of my league has not supplied a reason for it, then I have to give him one and have him complain all over the place looking for privileges of injustice until pacified; this time we don’t know what propels them to take the need to be seen around my Books to a point where I cannot access certain features of my websites all together and I would like it if they do not get on my nerves – every time these fools come round to what is happening in the real world after going off to occupy positions of power, somebody else has been having too much fun while they are working too hard. They do say I think I can take them on but it is not clear what makes me so confident about it but I do not think I can, I know I can – reality is that these goons must ensure every single hour of their day is spent on making people into a plug for the aspects of society that affects them and they are all people of the same size who think they have the capacity to fight for others and are always making people deals people are not in a position to refuse argue with or indeed reject and I apparently got my sites working again in minutes before it became a real issue that had to be settled as well, so we can find out which ones they have been doing for me, especially the blacks and find out exactly why my bottom is hurting – get to the bottom of it and all.

So they say I am scared for my person but will not become gay or transsexual to get out of it, which is utter rubbish; I am not scared for myself in anyway, it did start out as a fear of failure, then the Politicians and Media fools got involved and it became a fear of joblessness, now it’s just things scaring me so people can ride a wave of something I am scared of all together. Of course they always say if I am not, I would be out there taking on the world and I am sure if racists start to pay attention to it I will be getting after their own as well for my part. So they can tell me I will get into trouble talking like that when everybody knows it gets people into trouble all the time and being scared of it or talking like anyway does not do anything about anything as a whole; we see them at it perpetually – a journalist wants to set out says of securing an exit for the way he has lived out his incredibly stupid and lewd existence by depleting the amount of respect I get in Public places and getting after my public image to find a way out for himself when it hurts but the only thing we see them do in the most public places at every turn is live in a way that creates those problems every single moment, hence it does tend to appear I am bluffing when I say a place on this planet or beyond it does not actually exist, where that public image of mine belongs to somebody else – hence it thus becomes obvious that in terms of reality a Royal Prince can keep an Estate safely in this world no matter how evil it got as it were and people can keep their jobs too, not least when I say I am watching them as well and any slight nonsense that suggest somebody is being shafted here while they are getting after projects that pay the kind of money people will be happy to kill or die for, and we will end up seeing them start their whole lives and this sorts of gimmick right from the beginning all over again, so that we can all appreciate how much of a worthy behaviour it actually is.

So they always go right back to that story where I wouldn’t dare in Africa which is why we are here all together anyway; I mean I am getting around my own engagements and Gaddafi wants to be me, same with Mugabe and soon enough they all behave like terrorists and somebody will get killed if there is no compliance from me like that old case where people spend money on racism compliance all day long as Media fools get even bolder with their stupidities and the needs for those who work it hits the poor hardest at the health since they have not got the money to spend and in that way they make that aspect of British life where people chase you around and ensure you never get it easy or buy it cheap if you have talent because they are trying to get by as well, very difficult for people all together. So as we can see, Russia will not be protecting these scumbags anymore and it’s an old story where friends and relatives of tyrants show up in this Country and it means that in their imagination their fingers are always millimetres off my Bum every single second with a big mouth – it is rather always simple when it is reality that is being considered and not the rubbish we hear them blab all the time; apparently access to my websites were restored minutes before the whole playing with it thing grew into some sort of reckoning where we were going to find out if they actually thought I was bluffing all together too, considering I am unable to access my sites because they are working hard to save the world while I am having too much fun. It’s like when we hear them say I am supporting Trump and will leave them worse off being a busy body that cannot express his small mans cowardly need to control others somewhere else while they climb up my Empire and Royal Estate and bask on it just to exist, never mind pillaging the public image to get rich quick and secure exists for the stupidities they spend their time on and like to assume I will need the British Government to get rid of them with that popularity big mouth all the time – the reality is still the same as ever; the republicans and their fellow new country fools are always willing to learn and find out absolutely anything and that means they are always a threat to peoples jobs and businesses and like to cover their tracks with racists stories and tales about immigrants – the democrats and their Liberal/socialism goons are just incredibly stupid but if you teach them anything there will be a war; I am not saying my own does not wind them up as well, it does and it’s the one where I take forever to complete anything since it is their property and income to get impatient about or get impatient on the last time we checked.

So they always go right back to that story where I wouldn’t dare in Africa which is why we are here all together anyway; I mean I am getting around my own engagements and Gaddafi wants to be me, same with Mugabe and soon enough they all behave like terrorists and somebody will get killed if there is no compliance from me like that old case where people spend money on racism compliance all day long as Media fools get even bolder with their stupidities and the needs for those who work it hits the poor hardest at the health since they have not got the money to spend and in that way they make that aspect of British life where people chase you around and ensure you never get it easy or buy it cheap if you have talent because they are trying to get by as well, very difficult for people all together. So as we can see, Russia will not be protecting these scumbags anymore and it’s an old story where friends and relatives of tyrants show up in this Country and it means that in their imagination their fingers are always millimetres off my Bum every single second with a big mouth – it is rather always simple when it is reality that is being considered and not the rubbish we hear them blab all the time; apparently access to my websites were restored minutes before the whole playing with it thing grew into some sort of reckoning where we were going to find out if they actually thought I was bluffing all together too, considering I am unable to access my sites because they are working hard to save the world while I am having too much fun. It comes back down to that story of how they are the particular group of people on whom most of the violent problems that those who do not know how to limit their success will end up creating and we were just about to find out how much of it they have been doing for me as well so far over inability to access my sites because I was having fun while they were working hard to save the world.

They do say they really feel like teaching me lessons all the time and it’s the problem I have to deal with because of incessant feeling like bullying him something disgusting down his head and through his throat and to his tummy and his anus and there is a bad smell nonsense their community croons that bear down on people sexually at random with some stupid violence attached perform for them and they are saying this because they have been building all sorts of nonsense from it on their stupid media which jeopardises my work at the Estate just when I was about to earn from it and enjoy the fruits of my work like everybody else on account I have not been sharing, so they can live with their fear of work and have some money to look after their stupid problems at the same time. So it comes down to yapping which ones I cannot back up when I tell them it is quite impossible for that Public image of mine to belong to somebody else and it’s an old story where we never see them or their Politicians pick on or bully bad and immoral people as well because those are hardly stuck with something to do with personal and family life and career that they can cover up their failing with while they have their fun – this is prove enough that I fucking can and they know it. They say what I say is distressing for people but then again they will blab about a need to teach me lessons and a prepubescent idiot will pick up on it and I will get stabbed when seen on the streets because he wants to be free from the effects of his fear of work etc and it will have happened because they cannot keep their insults where it is appreciated and their mouths firmly shut – so we are going to see them do it instead pretty soon and find out which ones I cannot that way. I do not think the matter is a crisis; I am always feeling as though I am in a fight right in my own bed chamber everyday – these idiots do not feel that way and could not deal with such a challenge as well but they know which ones I cannot which then feeds into the need to tell me I am broken and somebody needs to take over my Estate with that big mouth showing up on Media for it all the time and if you had chased it a little you tend to end up with that bit where Business management changes hand and you cannot see who is doing it but anybody who agrees with you or might want to aid you in some way is losing a Job and the expense of sorting out the Industry to this effect while they chase my private parts is off the scale like we see them give to the frugal – yap yapping teaching me lessons and I am lost how to respond to it as there is really no known way of teaching me any stupid lessons.

It’s obvious responding to it does not make any sense and the question becomes a case of how I got to a point where responding to it resolves issues and it’s like the one where I get taught lessons by a media fool for instance: I have no idea which is which, I only know it picked off as little insults until it got to the stage where they can say something about my livelihood which makes sense to people on media for a whole and rips up the days takings at least and then they can come up with another one as they go along on a daily basis. Their excuse has always been the need to live in a world where I am made to hand over my personal life to make perspective they can feel good about on the National frontiers and that they want to live an existence whereby they are free of me and protected by the United States so that I will get into trouble if I do not do things in democratic ways, which I am not stopping them from doing for my part, so as to end up spending the whole day resolving something with regards to a Media idiots feeling like teaching me lessons and being unable to explains his motives. I mean it is clear and obvious that when it is reacted to, it takes up all the time and leads nowhere. It’s the very things I do to ensure they do not reward themselves by riches and fame with my person and work, so as to escape their fear of employment that becomes the very reason I am always targeted with a sense that they are other peoples personal Gods.


It need to be seen within the prism of that tale where I need the US to have really bad leaders like Trump, since Obama was a God send all together – the reality of which is usually that when Democrats spend most of their time making somebody with a certain amount of authority say something controversial about sexual abuse or paedophilia, it usually means that they are rapists and paedophiles and although they are afraid of being exposed, they too want to maintain the habit and keep a global condition in which they can secure and recruit their victims, hence unless this is what they are about to tale about, it is a story that makes no sense whatsoever. I do not think it is a complicated matter as a whole, it’s like when they blab about seeing me treat Women unkindly which will get me into a host of trouble and we end up talking about a situation where I get around with people and the positions of power at Industry change hands so any who is nice to me might lose jobs being one of the conditions whereby they have not a foggiest clue what they are talking about and Women are always being selected and picked on – hence yap yapping stud democrats who start wars when you are tired of them and teach them something important for a change, about how I am coward that cannot fight them now is all very good but so is it likely to get on my nerves in a big way too since they are currently complaining about the Books I write. I mean the selling of the Books is mostly an issue to do with the fact they are depressed and have a fear of work and need to be financially very comfortable and the US is their Country where I can only sell my Books if they let me, while I think they should stop being seen around my Books whether or not I am selling it in their Country as a whole since it is damaging – the point being that it is sometimes a lie we tell ourselves, that it is okay to let them pick on and insult and abuse if taking it out on somebody will help them feel enough strength to beat their fear of work and actually get a job and let alone good moral people who believe in doing what is right and stop p[persecuting upstanding people in society because of the tricks they must play up in order to get by but it is never really right, since they never actually stop the behaviours that cause them to become so afraid of jobs and the work environment all together – hence it is the very things I have done to ensure they do not harm me in far reaching ways ranging from inserting their own products into my market place using media to making money from my public image first before I do, which they say feels like they were the ones that took my virginity with that big mouth etc – hence I did write a Book and they are clearly in love with it at a global stage as a whole. They do say they have a problem with the idea that somebody like me could be Royalty but that is after they attacked anything that looked like that Lady who sells Jewellery trying to support my Books and so on, besides which what really happened was never an illiterate in Government Office but somebody whose talents were spotted by the Queen, who then gave him an environment through which he can assist the Government while completing his academic work to chase a career and get the Royal work that was portioned for him done professionally; both the ripping of my academic work and the incessant exposure to abusive media were things their democratic stupidities and corruptions of involvement achieved, the problem being that they have never won a fight around here for it and I am going to hurt them seriously again besides the Books I have already written at present. It’s like the website stuff; where there is me and there is them and what we have between us is something about the people who always stand up for others being them and looking like they do, hence the big problem with the rest of us being that we are not making them comfortable for it and the Media and the celebrity and the popular culture operates in no other way save shoving you towards community croons with fingers waiting to be inserted into your bum with their insulting imagination and so on and so I did get my website on track again before it became an objective to actually find out how much of my own they have been fighting for all together as it were; as a whole it does seem in their view that people can never have enough of them – like I have mentioned before the case of having had access to my writings and sayings and Office which indicates they are failing to notice the existence of Politicians and Celebrities and Media fools that are like them all together – that the civil service should be full of sane people trying to sort out issues for the insane public and not the insane public stroking and caressing the insane public at Government establishments, blabbing about fighting them now to stop myself being a coward which is clearly never going to end as they suppose that it will, especially when I say there is no way in this world or beyond it by which that Public image of mine can actually belong to somebody else and they like to assume themselves to be tough enough reverting back to the story of not wishing to tolerate seeing them around the Books and the Public image too.

We see them at it all the time, endlessly wanting new Country and getting employed in the security services to attack their victims through whom they make a case on Media that builds the sense it is people in authority that are doing the bullying and when we have that transition period that goes from hey nice guy, you want to join us, it’s exciting, to he has been here for years but still never does anything the right way, then we will end up having our rights fought for because they experienced racism. Its these democratic ones and freedom ones that it seems tend to have a different view about the definition of the world as a place where other people exist because as we can see, there is usually much they can do about it thereof all together – so they come from this environments where they were told culture means being at a state of mind where they can take the law into their hands and so have I warned them as well, they are not living in an environment that separates between stupid and clever people so far yet. By this I mean of course that we live in a world where we do not say it because we do not know when it will be a good thing for that goon that will take his products to the market and on the way put it down by the road and start telling people he was supposed to have been a super star all together to show up on Media and Public Administration buildings – but it is going too far with their big mouth having been raised where they are comfortable taking the law into their hands becomes so obsessed with blabbing in my direction – we all know Politicians never pick on evil and bad people because those are not stuck with family stuff and career stuff that Politicians can steal and make themselves look good in public while having their fun and that they know I can do their own so as to solve a problem as well even though they rather prefer deciding what people think about me using me media all the time, so as to continue a habit with a touch-touch pragmatism looking for trouble.

I mean I knew I had already touched a nerve when I blew it open that they are always getting Government operatives to say something controversial about sexual abuse because they are hiding a past that they are continuing with more so – the rest was to pull intestines too and they have been able to stop me putting it up in Public i.e. they know I can and need keep their insults where it is appreciated. It’s like that other story about my personality, which is the bit where I am never alone and there is always some other being around me etc i.e. the Covenant I made with God, which he keeps and I try to keep mine too – what these idiots have been doing involves doing all these service of stupid violence and inserting their problems into it after getting on media to blab about the reasons for its existence and then claim its due to the fact I am a lunatic that is clever and can be used freely by anybody with that big mouth we can never be free from that their community croons help with on a daily basis – in the end telling me I am being punished being a light that is not dimmed by their evil and that it is something which one way or the other they always succeed in doing, not least with the help of Politicians and stupid journalists, if not celebrity too – protecting it comes in handy when I want to stop them churning my tummy, so they can tell me they do it to me as well because of the way women handle them and their service of the devil that does not tend to harm them if the harm bit can be a cost that others have to pay instead. They do speak of fake news issues I need address as my position is at the centre of it – I wouldn’t mind doing so anyway i.e. being it is the one where goons who suffer from a fear of work will not accept a living wage as a gift from others if they can get fame and fortune instead, so when they stop me from being Royalty I stop them from having either and the rest need mind their business as soon as possible over this matter before their case progresses from a condition where I abdicate responsibility to an outcome where they make an enemy out of me all together.

So we hear that my position on racism is never really clear to anybody but every normal person knows what really happens is that they ensure people who look the part of being abused by racism or sexism never ever have their exists and thereafter show up all over my Books to plagiarise it and exhibit themselves in Public to ensure they are listened to whenever they speak about anything and it’s when this gives way to threats that I want to find out what they are made of too especially when I start to assume they want to deal with some proper racism all together for my part anyway. We see it all the time, as much as we see those excuses that it is my view of what the way Women should really be seen was and their view is their view but my view is the one where every popularity idiots are now being helped by scum working in the secret service for some reason to get on my Public image and exhibit themselves to acquire fame and fortune all day long, so it is an example of the things that really annoy me and I am at a loss as to whether anybody can point to another group of people that just get off and on a regular basis, seek out and make trouble for others to such an extent – it’s always incredibly stupid, wants to make use of my products all the time without paying and when you teach it anything there will be a war as well. It’s like this other stuff that has become such an issue on the global stage where every violence based job idiot especially in the US either does or has a relative that talks nonsense about how my Royal order and those things I do whenever I am unhappy belongs to him and then we will consider it one of those stupid things Men do until the day it will get on my nerves and I will want it back. So it goes without saying if I see the culture and society they will lose it for good, never mind that stupid organised crime being as unprofitable as their need to show up in public for the purpose of wrecking peoples finances while making nothing of themselves in order to keep them trapped and kill them by means of some discrimination that others practiced, the personal one here being their need to make use of my Books without buying it and when racists start to pay attention to it, I will be getting after them too for my part.

We do hear them blab about how I am always angry but do not wish to do the fighting when laid out for me but the first people to complain about what comes of this behavioural insult were the Politicians making sure I am provoked until I respond and then putting it down to some history they claim is mine, talking nonsense about how long first impressions last so we might try and investigate what happened to the other impression they had before they started all together anyway; in their case I really have no idea if they are at it because they have got the same power and position as the Politicians have anyway: fair to say the idiots understand that when people drop out of University it adds up on them, never mind their stupid useless existence of squander showing up at my Book sale business to squander it endlessly and talk nonsense after – I am sure they are aware of this while their feelings are currently scared so far with that useless big mouth and that stupid Media that makes it work all the time. They do say I have gotten around digging up British culture to a state where people cannot say anything anymore but first of which we know they have two lives and one is the thing that ensures they have no respect for others while the other is the one where they show up here to make a mess – that said; what has happened is that stories of me digging people’s lives have now paid off and we are finding out what it is exactly they can do and for my part when racists pay attention to it I will be getting after them, hence this is a bluff in their view for the time being. It’s never true that I play along with every trick they come through with; what happens a lot of the time is that the famous idiots take advantage and after ripping the finances start another story about how it is distasteful for me to be regarded as Royalty – they stop me being Royalty, I stop them being famous and they need the Media like food and complain about hurting bottoms all the time, every other ones are similar in content but where these goons fit in is that each time I do, I have no right to feel good as they are busy then taking advantage of that too, no plans to buy the Books just lots of public place insults for making use of my person and they need to pay for it before I resort to handling this issue as a means of financial success, otherwise they can keep off. At the moment when I tell them to stop slashing out on my Public image, what they do is take pictures of the girls they use in ways that poses questions at me and makes it difficult to breathe because I am so angry and there are so many lies all over the place as well, especially when they are the ‘Kardashians’ for instance; so I have made it clear they never let people be unless there is a tool and a measure on their account and they are still of the general opinion I am bluffing; they need to pay for what they use – buy the Books or keep off. The only sort of lifestyle that suits them best and makes them behave for all those lies and media insults and squander is usually when they spend their last penny to fuel the car in order to get ready for work while having snacks for dinner because wife and kids had left, usually because others had a problem with the fact that when people have friends while they had claimed some persons are their tools for getting rich and their exes, it becomes hell for people at health and financial areas while they snoop around industry to ensure positions of power change hand regularly to cost people jobs whenever people had behaved differently but it never gets noticed and my Books will never stop getting squandered, lives never stop getting told until there is a tool and a measure along with it.

So they say I spend time on these to become a miserable person while others are making progress, which affects those who associate with me but it’s an old abdication of responsibility thing going on; I have always known that what these fools consider to be happiness is when somebody else is suffering and they are taking advantage of that suffering to feel good and smile and sell products and get famous too but the real reason it is so important is that it is a tool that they deploy to make those who are more powerful to refrain from revenge while those who are not to think they are good people when they are not; so people can stop squandering my Books alongside them or face the fact they will be losing money to them as well (now we are all informed). In the end they say everybody complains about how I make trouble for all but we all know the reality is that they regularly set out to see that each time Companies I broker equities with set me a task, they show up on Public places to take over my life and spread news of how I work for them and so when it turns out there were celebrities flattering and insulting me in equal measure to grab my Public image and make themselves comfortable with, there is meaning to be deduced and somebody has to explain what their position means, hence they are always sorting it out – never mind the fact I have celebrities at Court too and those do not do them any favours all together. I hear this clashes with Royal stuff which it doesn’t, it’s the political aspects, the one where nobody knows when they will think it is due an end to that story of making trouble and making it look like its people at the Police and Military when people there are not actually engaging in any such behaviour or activity – soon it will do Irish Paramilitary and want a new Country and keep an eye on the National frontier like something it wants for itself and it will never ever do anything in the right way still. They do claim the real problem to be that I know nothing of how to run a business and love to blame others for my problems, whereas we know the only thing standing between people and a process of just looking after products while doing the account at the end of everyday is them and their media insanity, so I suppose they can share one more tutorial of they wanted as it were – considering more so we all know when done with this, they will be exhibiting some predatory behaviour that targets Women and those who do anything about it must explain why the Women thing is important while we all know that before then you did not get a job because you did not masturbate and if you did it wasn’t enough, so Christian has to wait somewhere and watch the world go by not preach gospel, until it boils up and spills over, so people can make use of inspiration he refuses to share unless people are doing Bible and Church the way he is doing too, so the attacking Women bit just being the one where they make it a problem that is violent in context as a whole and never listen to anybody especially on minding their own business all together. Only when it leads to some serious outcomes do we hear it was an unassuming personality like me who ripped up whole sections of the stock market and turned out at the other end looking good for it.

Now they say all I have worked for has come to nothing as they have worked out its all based on me falling in love with Women that are not just beyond my league but also older, which means when the criminal and barely criminal goons notice us, I am up to scratch on the security issues while they are the ones Women would make big demands on besides which my relationship with them adds to that as well and I don’t mind – I really don’t see why people should not do their own version of my career as well each time they have finally agreed that criminals and barely criminal goons are a problem but there is nothing that says they have to do their own on my work and career and public image anyway, it will lead to a choice between celebrities at Court and them and we all know that whatever they are doing are not done for the benefits of my Book sales or in a way that will lead to a vandalism that my Books will survive all together; so this is an example of how cracked up out of my league breaks my heart and makes fun out of it for money every day, claiming they are building the same level of responsibilities I laden on them while setting off on media to perform that routine about controlling their kids on whom their future depends especially with respect to how they have arranged their music CDs for the day and bottomed out my Book sales doing so;  I mean I only just wrote the above three paragraphs about 3 Hours earlier and we are here again, down and out financially, all blocked up after being factorised as per whether or not people are falling in love in the right way according to the right age; they always say it is competition when they are not complaining that although damage is okay, I make it appear to people that it is easy for anybody to show up and be successful in their cities.