We have now come to this stage where it’s a one point question concerning the reasons I am not financially comfortable, which answer supplied is that I am not liberal enough and have no wish to diagnose and solve the problem but it has always been the same case with democratic and liberal people as such – they have spent the last 13 years of my time, right from the days when I couldn’t get a job because I had failed to masturbate and still couldn’t get a job if at all I did because it was not enough and it remained and hung in the air like that a state of affairs channelled in my direction through social issues all day long provoking the entire community on my account. Now they believe they have reached a point where all that destruction and vandalism has given them the prize they have always sought i.e. when they ask some Politicians why there isn’t support for them income communities where votes need to be won and then say it is because they are not liberal enough, that will be the absolute truth without question or contest and hence ensure things are done academically by means of diagnosis and solutions and so have they applied the same process in my case as well; after 13 years of vandalism, everything I say and do is sweet but leads to a process where people want to spend less and not more on my products which is what the real problem is and that is without question or contest and it stalks me and follows me around and damages my property to do it like that constantly and without reason or purpose, while what I have said here will never have counted as diagnosis and solutions which ensure that the problem is solved in a straight and academic way to avoid social violence.

It is the same classic case of the blind not leading the blind otherwise there will be even greater problems; in my case I had eyes before I met them who had ambitions to be the blind who led the blind so they put out my eyes and are now telling tales on account of the effects of their leadership compared to what my eyes saw before it was put out. The problem gets bigger as  we can clearly see that their position socially and culturally is that they are liberal which means that this is a behaviour, the way the devil works, which goes round absolutely every ethnic group there is and gathers as many people unto it as it possibly can. Then we hear that the big problem with me is that I offer people a product and service that causes them to fight; which is utter nonsense, as they do not have a better social class than I do and their sense of taste is not better than mine either all together; attention paid, if paid by them, would have shown anybody that what I do is more in keeping with the needs of Women who although living in a society that prioritises female needs, want to get their own matters resolved by themselves and we all know these goons cannot handle such Women and when they try what happens as a result is that by the time those of them that have given an effort have achieved anything, the Women are completely tired and that means feminism ensues and the Women deploy their lives to get things done and they become poor and the need for hatred being directed at the female  folk is propagated thereof.

Speaking of US elections which they love to say Donald Trump is extreme and that the problems I face are associated with the fact I have now view on either candidates, whereas I do not actually think that Donald Trump is extreme when Barrack Obama has spent 12 years of government time in the White House making sure Dollars end up in certain corners that black Liberals and Democrats have exclusive rights to and Hilary Clinton is going to do exactly the same thing, none of which is unusual as we all know Democratic and Liberal people have always believed it is impossible to get anything done, right down to telling the simple truth, without money being involved and these above mentioned are just ones that want to get out of bed and spend my income of themselves and generally feel they want a conversation with me on what IU should be doing, as insultingly as they possibly can. Hence do people vote for a Candidate that is honest but will likely get into government office and tell people he has a manifesto he is supposed to pursue and does not want to be disturbed or distracted or do we vote for a Candidate that will flatter and get into government Office to ensure you are constantly pursued by people you have clearly informed a relationship with you from the last conversation you had with them, will be impossible on account of money? So both candidates are in the same par in my view and these trouble makers cannot actually point out the areas in which those they claim are extreme are actually being extreme; what we hear them say is that one Candidates rhetoric makes zombies out of people – whereas what is happening on the ground is that no matter how hard you work to ensure your products and business do not end up in a condition whereby if people damage it they get a psychological benefit, Democratic and Liberal people will already have chosen it for such purposes, ensured that it was and showed up on Media to build publicity to make it happen every single day; in the end we have never seen them save everybody, we have never seen them save themselves but what we have seen is that the guy who lives in a Town of Racists gets by anyway, the guy who ended up in prison gets by anyway and apparently they must be doing so because they were stupid.

So the other conversation had is that I am one of the main contributors to the breaking up of the EU, which is utter nonsense – everybody knows except those who live in Europe and are blinded by it, that the most impudent individuals in the world are European Politicians, who are only rivalled by African and South American ones; every conversation that has emerged between them and other peoples leaders always begins with the fact people think they are something important when they are nothing and ends with loss of points at an argument which is then finished off with a promise to find out if you really have got that much power. So for me, it was a case of carrying on as normal, taking up duties that were bigger than me and more deserving of those who were older, held government office by elections and had little respect for anything in their stupid lives in their view, which then led to abuses and attacks and such things as very extreme sex parties which affected persons that went on to make pornography from it, pornography which was free of course and was based on my public image – hence I am sure everybody will agree that this behaviour was widespread because Europe is a place where it is guaranteed that the person who holds government Office must in some way have been involved in employing you and that this is a good enough reason for it to have broken up. They do say I am completely unaware our relationship with the US is the one where they give orders and we take them but of course so should the bigger ally not get around deploying what soldiers have died for to create their own Military which will be based on existential survival as well; I am not saying it is a crisis but when such talk turn up, it should be seen that it is all some 80s and 90s style evils of the streets at work in high places, otherwise it will characteristically be out there building crime infested neighbourhoods and civil rights movements.

I hear they say I am a useless person which is utter nonsense; we are now at a point where all the wrath I have dished out on those who damage my person and property have converged in one place giving me what we may describe in Royal circles as an exit. It has always been about them and money and a process where I write my Books and bad neighbourhoods read them before the public does and hence the income belongs to somebody else and if they have wasted anybody’s time for as long as they have wasted mine and damaged my property to ensure it makes sense thereof, I am sure people will be able to see why I am angry about it and if they then set about on public places drawing crowds to decide which is a useless person, we can see why it will eventually develop into something a lot more serious than they have given its gravity credit for presently. I have never had a problem with it as per a crisis; the reality has always  been that they know what self preservation is but have no respect for peoples person and property over their desperations – therefore whenever somebody else has some money I must lose everything and we all know there is always somebody somewhere that has some money and until I have inflicted enough suffering to ensure I have built up enough statements that will ensure this matter can become an accessible state of affairs I am 100% certain that it will not come to an end. It’s a matter of making sure they do not screw with me and that any interfering foreign powers have a diplomatic arrangement and those who want to use them for power do not actually get to do so as it were. I mean it is easy for all to see that they have Boyfriends, especially the girls that are tough because the Men they associate themselves with are violent but I cannot have a relationship because that is where they are chasing money and it is the same with a career and a public image and so on – always some lie and an accusation after another by which by the time my cowardice had resolved it, they have taken what they wanted anyway. So yes I understand I have chosen the diplomatic route in this matter but if they wind me up again, they will find themselves in such a tight position that they are solving my problems again, to ensure those expensive stupidities they think makes them clever such as a case where it happens because I think I am a sensitive person for instance blabbing nonsense all over the place, is played out on their income and careers and finances and saving instead. I hear their tales about the Royals and Me of course but the Royals are basically perfect with respect to all I get up to anyway; I only had one problem which was to do with the fact The Prince of Wales feels a sense of responsibility for everybody and regularly jumps the queue to that effect – most of how the Queen governs of which have become public as a result of current events, so having been that has been explained the Royal way as well, the matter was resolved a long time ago.

It’s this matter that is really serious about me getting a job which affects everyone else at the British Establishment you see but was never something I had done for the sake of it, it’s about getting organised and I do not think that considering exposure to a world of criminal activity and the importance of Law enforcement operatives while I think about public welfare at the Office, I can actually develop an environment that offers me the right parameters for getting organised by myself, especially as it has become impossible to simply say that I believe in myself and my products, without having to deal with a conjecture of pure evil and destruction, which has been made on Media over it. They do say it is a matter of my peers teaching me a lesson but it’s all about these fools choosing what they want to work on after they had decided on which way to take advantage of others in order not just to have a living wage but to get wealthy, it is of course how the African friends ended up somewhere around the British Establishment leaving them with  a sense of how their convenience seeking campaigns of abuse and attack all across the streets of the Country can result in that civil war they want a flavour of endlessly whenever see them in public. Eventually it’s all about the stupidities of the Middle Class, something about being good looking, having money and then being served and they always think there is special flavour to me being served by them, hence when I block off that stupid left hand side to express the fact I do not want them to be famous, refuse to do anything the older ones want me to do and ensure the younger ones always are, the results are that I get my exit and they go around solving my Africans problems after they had gone completely loony, especially when I squeeze them for it each time they exasperate me. I have never thought it is a crisis in a larger sense – the reality is still some really stupid and strange things that you can point out to a stranger and say to them “see that one over there, it can do what you see it doing now for 24/7 over the course of the rest of its life if you let it”.

It’s much the same with the celebrities; the process of the useless way they live their thereby giving rise to a condition where they are cracked up and need paparazzi to take pictures of them on my public image and personal life etc is something which effect is that I cannot step outside of my door and has become a problem that I must kill on account the vileness of it is best displayed at my accounts when the Books are not being picked up too.

As for the Politicians, as long as the insults and the need to get on public places to call crowds on me and encourage them to damage my Books continues, we will continue to see a condition where the only thing Politicians have is their stupid salaries in this Country. Otherwise I do not actually have a problem with Politicians in a natural way – they had since before decided they will get into public office and do whatever they liked as long as they can chose some few targets and express the claim it is about wealth inequality on such persons but it does not necessarily mean they are doing it to pieces of wood, so they should have expected some form of consequence too.

The middle class is a world with its own beginnings and middle and ending and people can get involved with it or not if they desire or are allowed and there is no need for me to be confronted by them the way I get confronted every single moment as it were; so they ask about the problems I create for them whereas they can do whatever they like with my possessions of Media and Politicians make it available to them and it would not have been their fault – it would not have been their fault is what they say, the reality is that walk down street one and then two and then three and then four and all you will see is that the latest moments young people are caught up in involves hate ass developed by the good looking who have money and whose physical attributes does not necessarily agree with processes of working hard, planning to get taken care of and these are the kinds of stupidities that set the stage for what I do when I really need to have them clear my space as it were.

There are no problems as long as they are all letting the bills get paid and Books sold so it might be possible to tolerate them; otherwise it is that old story continued where the problem with me will be that if I lose a Royal position I will not have a stagnant existence and with my talents will become wealthy again and become the same problem they removed from Royal Office, also meaning that they feel they want to kill me and have my body parts in the middle of their government buildings to pacify their power insanity which is the reason I have figured them out as well, only stopping short at the anus and penis insult thing because they need to work and pay taxes and bearing in mind that it is not as if they are not doing it to themselves already anyway; hence it comes to that stage where I say I do not feel bullied and they need to keep off my work and finances and they say I complain about my tummy all the time but the tummy issue is largely a matter of completely irrelevant people getting involved with me and liking my body type in public all of the time of which I am neither gay or find them attractive and it comes with threats and need to show I did nothing about them because I was beaten down. It has always happened this way when these idiots need money and has always happened to express the fact that they always tend to have some problem or another on account they are pure evil.

Somewhere in the world of making sure I am able to run my concerns and say I believe in my products and I believe in myself, is the tale of how my biggest problem are other aristocrats but we all know it is really silly and lives a useless existence and it is aristocrat and has some money in the bank and wants to get involved with the House of Windsor and build its wealth to dizzying heights like a fashionable thing – so I suppose it is not that it has been said to him or her, that deployment of own property to get it done is how such things happen but it is the way it has been put out to them. They do say I cannot take them on but everybody else knows I can handle well off enemy any time I wish to and so whenever they ensure my possessions end up in places I cannot reach because they can see I will never share and I have ways to showing they are not saints, we end up with what people do when people know how their jobs work, what people do when they become criminals that can speak well and want to have jobs on Media etc and that is where we are now. In retrospect it is a behaviour of provocation which means that the end result becomes a condition where my finances and personal life is ripped up by Politicians – so they bring it on all the time because they know that will be the resulting effect for me and the statement here should be that I do have financial problems at present and they can blow off their big mouth when I get out of it. It’s like the other one where I have no respect for peoples culture; half the time when they say that and I tell them to keep it from me, the only way it will happen is if they are sure I am inferior to what I do not even know – otherwise it’s a matter generally of provocation without  reason, which means I stole my personality and all I am from it where it was being saved up for the future; the reason being their abuses are meant to extricate prerogatives they sell to the rich that join them in the bushes where these cultures are practiced out of sight and it goes without saying that they are not complaining enough. I mean they know how to kill people obviously but if I do not do all the other evils but that and the process do not kill them too. it’s like social media where the rule is that people should not set up and change things until what they originally had becomes completely unrecognisable, however which those who sales are being destroyed will have made developments and progress which puts them in that category – then again which I have built a business empire which the financial equities have ended up somewhere else but inside of it and survived, so normal people should assume I can handle such things easily.


So it is said that I get into a fight all the time which is bad for everybody but that is not actually the case; my schedule now says – Royal Property, Books and some 20 hour a week job to keep me active; once I step outside of my door that will have changed to all these things plus paying attention to society and culture and community people because they want to be relevant, which takes up 70% of my time at least everywhere I go. It’s like when they say my mode working is not effective whereas in the past we had to wait for Europe to Bankrupt us and then we support Americans who bail us out later and police the world but today we have ample arrangements to ensure Americans do not have to deal with civil rights issues that are so difficult that it has to be resolved by violence, while Women are given the opportunity to run the White House too. Of course like they always do with the profitability of their civil rights disobedience, they are not ready to let me get away without punishment and I am not prepared to relinquish the benefits of my preparation to allow its facilitation.

It’s like when they say that I cannot do anything without leaning on journalists but everybody can see the sort of mix up and confusion in the Middle East specifically created by male journalists who have now returned to run a hate agenda that says people do not feel women should be deployed for new report in war zones because they are Women and there is likelihood of sever danger is one of these Women that run Publicity at the Royal Estate travels off to further a career – so I had to make sense of it. There is the question of why it happens of course if the answer is not that it happens due to sheer fear and terror but the part where they had stopped doing things which bring it about was somebody else’s responsibility. They say I will never understand the hatred for Women thing and how it works and why it does but I do know that when it comes to their convenience girls, the story of Women deciding which young person’s become criminals, so they can confidently chase all the days of their stupid lives, a means of making sure certain personalities become powerful gangs that create a reputation etc, the Americans can no longer question me about their freedoms; however in terms of everything else, it is a story of how all these well off people are not real Men and did not pay the same price they did, unless you try and pay it too and their story gets violent thereof as well; except in my case I have had one meal a day for 13 years dealing with them which in their view is the amount of food a 36 year old six foot tall person should be eating for such work and even then I was fine until this new problem of spying on what I eat to build public and violent lasciviousness with for which they needed the Buses and the trains and the market places and the shops etc looking for trouble all the time. it’s a case of imagining the kinds of characters who would take the fact they are certain politicians will rip up peoples finances for them when they start such trouble, to a point where Politicians have detached people from what people have worked for and they are asking people to claim it if people are tough enough, which then becomes prerogative that other idiots buy when they have money and want power and then try to image how stupid and useless the characters that do such things will have to be and see that it will have to go way beyond damaging whatever they fancy to ensure it belongs to them alone or alternative lifestyle based body fluids imagination corruptibility that is involved in anything concerning money – imagine those who never ever pass exams in school and those whose parents had to allow become idiots in every way imaginable to pass any of it and then you will see why they turn your tummy upside down with every process where they want to make you pay attention to them on account they want you to acknowledge that they actually matter; we are now in a place where the Politicians have stopped lying and I cannot express how important this disposition actually is here; imagine that guy that was always at the back of the classroom and the teacher could not tell if it was more love or more hate that he needed in order to improve and then imagine he worked in a super market and saw you get a job there because Politicians ripped up your finances for the ones that passed exams  - this is actually where you work and should try to fit in, except that would be the point where Male journalists have ideas and when you mix them up as well blow off their big mouth like there is anything in the whole world that they can actually do.

G20 2016

We now hear that peoples hatred for the British is becoming more real and exciting, it is utter nonsense of course since it is this sort of talk that leads to the hatred in the first place – when people are lazy and people are stupid and people want somebody to blame for their problems and the British that can be beaten up because they are polite are always targeted and then it turns out that they cannot do it. However on the matter of the US economy existing in a difficult world, there is no such difficult world; the G20 knows that the world cannot operate on the basis of what the whims of boys and girls gangs that set out whose Public life they want to be famous and rich with all the days of their lives are – they know it amounts to a process of expecting wealth growth and progress when whole economies are tied down by Processes of giving them money whenever they have chosen what to work on rather than chosen to work on their jobs. So in the end, it just brews an issue of security, such that provided the British can ensure they are not paying for it on behalf of the rest of the world through Brexit matters, the game itself will fall to pieces; it’s an old really stupid story of giving into it and becoming all intoxicated but when you bring yourself back to reality, what has happened only but involved a condition where I am a 20 year old single man, living next door to a 30 year old one who likes to treat me unfairly, of which nobody knows why he does when he is clearly in full view of the world, paying my Bills. They have always known these things, labelled the British stingy and miserly and a Nation of Do it yourself but when they do travel to the UK believe they should dominate people here on grounds that they come from bigger Countries and now it seems the whole matter has progress from people showing them where the money and the jobs market and the fame they desperately seek is, to a story of largely my actions resulting in a process where they are all cracked up and lamenting their insane freedom that involves building on original provocation that must not be changed whenever issues are being resolved with those whose lives and property they want to work on to get what they want; the provocation that took up 7 years of my time which they have not yet paid for, at least in cash so far, helped and aided by Politicians whose friends are the reasons behind all these problems in the first place; the one where they kill peoples businesses and go off to make deals with other businesses around the world and return to tell us what the size of the economy has become depending on what is happening between them and their mates; while the European ones say that Citizens are difficult to control and that Brexit is the British taking the easy route whenever they face some responsibilities, whereas what they do is making out Girls and Boys gangs are okay and when it is not, the British pay – some do say that free EU movement is vital of course but it is and that will be resolved in flexible ways i.e. for instance the disruption and expense of getting rid of Eurostar project for instance will be off the scale and we all know that the Government would have rather chosen to save the money and that is one of the lesser problems around which there will be compromises. Hence in terms of controlling trouble makers in Europe, it has always been a matter of the Politicians there being the same who serve the  roles of employing people; this in turn means as usual that they start conversations with others on the basis of people assuming the matter when they do not and end it with going back to check records and resolve if people are as important as they have made out – meaning any idiot can attack you and then you end up realising the suffering and distress was not the problem as he is off building prerogatives for himself with it, which lets him share a crowd with the rich and important people; here in the UK their friends have history with me because they want to see how annoying it is when people are so obsessed with finding out what ways are necessary to ensure that whenever somebody has some money, I lose everything I have as they secure prerogatives to get around with such persons and share some of it thereof and they really hate my guts, right down to a case of making trouble for the Police by making use of my public image to enforce their will but as usual the behaviour continues in the controlled environment I have provided them which they claim restricts those stupid freedoms by which I should never reject democratic people otherwise I will be stuck in injustice and anything I do to defend myself will lead right to tit for tart retribution and reprisals, which of course will never happen as I do have a way of making them pay for original foundation provocations in the first place; it does not take Legal ramifications or social sensibilities to show people that these behaviours are destructive and wrong – the G20 knows that the Global economy cannot run on it too; so in order to ensure they are not right while we are wrong, we have to ensure that all means by which the British might pay for the effects are shut down water tight. As for me being saved by the G20, I am aware of what is happening and do not think they are wrong in taking a stand on this matter; I only think that the method will throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak – however my position is that nothing of my concerns will ever make progress unless Politicians and Celebrities and Media Television personalities no longer have access to me and I have made it clear that this access they have to me and what they do with it is extremely provocative as well – the kind that can propel me to follow on that stupid self confidence that allows them to approach and address me all the time, so as to damage peoples business and use theirs to make deals with the rest of the world, which will determine what the national economy has become and then beat it down right down as it were (its like immigration issues for instance - whereas what the Polish are saying is that their ally has a problem of indigestion and that they can solve this problem, Politicians cannot tell us what the changes in our economy are; this by the Pols of which is not necessary a tough demand if paired with the fact British entertainment has been booming here in the UK and in the US as well and that where there are such things catering services will follow, so will fare services and so on, hence in current conditions is not an unworkable request, some Italians are also moving in from the US where they have an incredibly massive community that supplies these kinds of services too - I am for my part only making sure it does not go without mention here as one of many).