I hear SNP Politicians have started to tell me Scottish Nationalism is none of my business but that was before they cannot possibly do anything about it unless it was done at my expense; I mean black boys dance for an idiot could end in anything from sodomy through to GBH and even murder; so as long as I am still alive because I am fought to be alive then it means they have committed to crimes and they have harmed nobody and all I have done to stay alive in done to suit them. So its these kinds of insults and abuses as it were; I am £30,000 in student loans debt on account they wanted me out of employment and in cash flow crisis for another couple years to ensure they can dominate of which after that what I did to pick myself up was entirely up to me, so the ones in Scotland say Scottish Nationalism is not my business I hear after five years of wrecking my Literary empire and finances for their games; it is never good enough and the question is how I do things to these people which ensure they feel like somebody did these things they have done to them at 21, three years after the state had told them if their parents do not look after them nobody can help them and then did it every day intensely enough to suggest I was never meant to recover from it for the last 14.

These guys do enjoy pretending they are God’s gift to the world, a representation of what a westerner should look like but I don’t mind that much the problem is that I am not of the opinion you resign from a job in order to start seeking another, I am of the opinion you use jobs to get other jobs – I never resigned from my job to chase my academic work even though it would have made sense if I did, I actually was redundant before I did; that is the part they never allowed me finish as it were so that they can have their prize and they are still trying which is a worthy use of my time. It needs to be inquired of them those homosexual fame and fortune popular culture societies and clubbing etc what their view of how to get a job is – we all know however they enjoy making a lot of money and wasting it in order to find another means of making another lot of money they can waste but the real problem is that they enjoy spending my life on cheap thrills that allow them to keep the mind set by which to always get away with being able to do so and for that reason enjoy pretending they own me with a big mouth, they give their stupid girls some of course so they can turn up to play I always win against you whatever you do routine all the time but that is the question; who told them they always win? By the way of which I will show the men how to spend their own instead as it were – I never wrote books to create myself the problem I have today which I then think I should blame on others. The books were a job well done; we are here because they like clean crisp finished jobs they can pleasure themselves and make a mess to express their stupidity with and I think I have been clear I intend to make them as fed up as I am as well.

It is never an issue, the case is about my books and as I said it is the clean crisp jobs they enjoy playing their I am American and the fact about being one is that I can do what I like with anybody with; so what they do is pick pieces of my books and go off to South America for example and show it to some student and make a mess and claim it is an alternative to turning out on the streets to face a tyrant and somebody will go out and provoke the Police and get shot and it will be my fault and they will call the person a moron on media and continue to pretend they own me with a big mouth. So I think the issue is clear and they know it is; so do they understand my problem is that I don’t want to live on government support anymore due to the things I must get done and when I complain it has nothing whatsoever to do with them in any way about which any normal person would just leave me alone but not them. So I have no idea what they think media will do for them for my part either, more so at this stage. I am having fun as well only it is not paying off at the bottom line due to my plans and that is what my complains are about not them; only trying to be helpful as it were.


I mean they do say I pretend other people never do good things whereas the facts and realities about that is rather that I can simply get around with my concerns to bump into people who claim they did things with me and were my bosses in order to do good things to find out who will please the President of the US The most and it is something they do because they want to grab my fortunes and dash them to pieces and stand at the other end looking like a doll for it. About which we will have soon enough also heard them say I do it as well and that I in fact did it first. So I am not interested in any good thing they do and it is always up to them to prove their trust worthiness to their gangs etc – etc. 

So in the end it is said I pay no attention whatsoever to the fact that I consistently fail to mention that these things occur due to wicked people feeling that my deeds and words rob them of their power; whereas I have mentioned the fact people complain that Christians love to criticise others in order to exist and I had before then also mentioned on a different occasion that the problem can be that I sit down and write my books and work out whom I want to sell them to or take care of what reputations people create for themselves with media at my expense since it is never a matter of not associating with a murderer but generally people having the need to be in the best place to be. So have I also mentioned that they need to move on and not have the last word if they want to be free of me, because of course the problem is that having mentioned that I am attacked because of how my work affects their wickedness I must now know of it and fail to do something about it because they are too powerful and that has always been the ultimate prize of provoking Christians as it were. The statements of how less I am aware of the issues and most of my actions are trial and error has no basis on reality either; I am aware of these facts and at the bottom line is that being that I will fail to see reasons for letting people do their wicked deeds on account I am afraid of them and am also such a crazy Christian that it has led to a reckoning that has gone global and makes no sense whatsoever to any who might want to get involved, then it comes back down to the matter of what they are running away from if they have such a big problem with the idea of people being normal. I mean I know I don’t like to pay for whors I don’t fuck while International community idiots and media make riches and power and burn the world and children in it, so I turn myself into a sales man so I can run my business and remain in the heart of things while looking after the public office itself but the downside to that is free pornography developed specifically to attack me. I mean don’t get the wrong idea; the families will have done their thing before any pornography goon got involved and I had a serious issue with looking after customers but we all know it will go on and on and on and on, so it makes no sense when they complain, it makes no sense whatsoever, it even makes no sense why they cannot just be pornographers if they are and leave it at that.


It is never true that I am suffering from an inability to have fun – what is true is that the media are scared of my temperaments and want me to do something about it when the temperaments are a hormonal effect of being annoyed by them perpetually without break, so they will never see the good temperaments because everything they get involved with me to do is meant to annoy me and they want me to do something about the fact that temperament scares them as well with a big mouth; so every time they appear on television it’s about what must be done to beat me up and it does not annoy me because I know they are bullies, so that when people bully them as well they think they have set me out as somebody they can take it out on – they simply have a need to feel that the way they live when they are at home with their families is far better than the way somebody else lives with his own or her own family and even when they see that the female they have targeted is their boss they do it anyway, hence they get the news that involves 10 hours standing in the middle of a street where revolution is happening or ten hours out in the rain shift after shift and still take it out on me being the morons they are, over the assumption I will not do anything about it or that they have prevented me from acting against them, thus considering where they work the reasons I build it up until it becomes a global matter just to find out what they can do and we are still trying to find out that as well. So in the end it is always a matter of women and morons who complain of being hurt by people but are picking on somebody else to complain on the assumption their new victim will never harm them on one hand and of course International Community whors on the other which American Politicians like to support and talk rubbish at everybody else. In the end when they do things like red nose day the whole purpose of it shifts from the daily need to report news and count every word until a reaction from me has been extricated, to making sure goons in Africa have the life I have before action is later taken to ensure I don’t actually have it at all with a big mouth and that is why they always feel like getting on TV to talk nonsense about beating me up on grounds of assumptions that since I don’t have an army on standby they can do as they please with my person. I hear them speak of these bad guys that have realised they should not underestimate me but of course we all know if I am threatened by them I will round them up like animals and what happens after that they will tell me to as well – otherwise it has always been as simple as leave me alone – that part is not complicated at all as it were. Of course when women and morons coupled with International whors I pay for without using is considered from the point where I have done all the things I have done to them and collected trophies with which to write blogs on my websites and books to run my Intellectual Property Administration business some might say it is enough but exasperating me and fucking my feelings and being that intensely and violently familiar to a point where every good thing I do leads to a bad feeling in my anus that they later brag about means it can never be and I accept that feeling that it can never be enough as well as a good thing and in that way the idiots should have a lot more to do at my expense for every black person in the world too and they can force it on them as well if they want but the complains nobody wishes to hear anyway.

I can understand this seeming need to reconcile my tough talking with reality but there are no tough talking involved, the fact I make it clear to somebody I don’t want them pillaging my life to create cheap thrills that keep him going while he maintains his state of mind by which he gets rich and enjoys the high life it does not make me less of who I am because I settle it and there is nothing he can do as a result of having a society or a Politics or a civil rights and that is why I never pay attention to any of it as well. It’s like the story about the Battle for Scotland told by the Nationalists there when we all know I delegate activities to women I work with and they feel like making use of it as well to a point where they want to break up the UK already and that it is not surprising those women take up their Scottish Nationalism and do it for them and will definitely wreck it at the end as well, so does it make them less of the persons they should be then for it to require a battle for anything? Such a battle does not exist and if it does it will only have in their stupid imaginations and that is why the Scottish Nationalism nonsense annoys me so much as well. So why do people do these things to me then to create this process where they talk nonsense about killing me but will not be able to so that they can tolerate that too? It’s the usual stuff, first beginning with being a Christian therefore meaning you are a violence soft touch and develops into a need to provoke and abuse you like a fix all together, so that since evil people have no trouble being responsible for removing a human being from this world then the story became one about whose right hand exactly they want to move into which is largely a matter that depends on who recognises that nonsense they come up with all the time – I do not recognise it and hence cannot stand anything that looks like them as much as suggesting they move or are moving into my right hand and so that is the way it stays, the second part being that I have gone and expressed myself around and about the fact if I want them to do anything they will definitely bloody do it and for that reason they feel they need a reckoning over my right hand side and all that noise making we hear on media all the time, which changes nothing about why they complain when they enjoy provoking me so much in the first place.

The talk of how there are many vested interests in all I own and do is understandable considering the circumstances but that will do nothing to change the reality that my behaviour will never ever change provided people continue to believe that insulting and abusing me and generally deploying it all to that end to the factor of wrecking my finances to make fame for themselves and possibly fortunes as well. Some people it is clear simply never listen and you must set out consequences and hit them until the results are extricated and of course there are always the excuses that they are outcasts in their own lands and in their own countries but that is not what I am talking about when I talk about their unwillingness to listen and their unfathomable stubbornness which exists because they want prerogatives women get such as when people will not think twice to defend a woman with violence for obvious reasons, in their case their stubbornness means that they can always handle others in ways that people do not appreciate and bank on people to come to their aid in violent ways. Safe to say I have reached a point where I will take no more rubbish from media and from celebrities and from Politicians and from any communities or societies or cultures; like I said wrecking my finances is still a worthy collection of activities, so I don’t care which ones are the vested interests and joint achievements here, all I know is that when push comes to shove the results will remain exactly the way they are presently. I do not think anything I have written on my websites is confusing about the fact nothing I say is a process of cutting them a deal over their vile insolent Godlessness whereby they cannot have enough of spending the lives of Christians with violence, problems and general wickedness – with respect to that one touch and they will get the Politicians anyway until they know they can win and then they get on media and call you out for a fight when you are really busy with very important matters and continue the fake self confidence like that endlessly. Nothing I say or write on my websites shows anything less than the fact 12 years ago it was a matter of finding out financial centre goons like me and are already building up aspects of my life in public to deploy when needed for their own ends and that 12 years on all I have gotten is the media and society and Politicians and culture idiots and civil rights goons getting in on the action and nothing else and that I have had enough of all of them. Nothing I write on my websites or say shows anything less than the fact the idea that the entire literary empire belongs to a Royal Prince cannot be is incredibly annoying. Nothing I write on my websites or say means anything less than the fact with respect to the women I am said to have been using on television, I did give them their stuff and got nothing in return and the fact that there might be aspects of my life that can do well in certain industries which I am not making use of is never a good enough reason for others to build it up and go for it, they would only try if they dare. Nothing I say or write indicates anything less than the fact my problem with black people is never really clear but everybody knows the white man and his racism based stubbornness so he can get the boys to beat people up for him only operates around those who have been set up by black people and the fact I am unbeaten is not an indication I am supposed to be friendly with black people. So these are all the facts that people sought when they wanted a reaction from me on noise making about vested interests I must now pay for while thinking I have won a great fight. I mean they say I abdicate responsibility when I refuse to get involved with Politicians, I say it is leadership as it is their turn to listen to me since listening to them does not lead anywhere; I mean hung parliaments happen for three main reasons and just like the stubborn idiots can get around creating vigilante communities of neighbourhood watch over problems they create and blame of young adults of a certain age about which I don’t mind barking off the problems for them but will certainly bite their head off given half the chance as it were, just so that they can keep an eye on everybody and carry on like that. In terms of hung parliaments it is a matter of fixing a life for young adults of a certain age that will make them just a little bit that bit better than criminals, until you get hold of it and build them a reputation by declaring it for each and every step they take to do it, keep the records and manipulate them as well so they can tell you that you must do something about it so they can run the Country and find out nothing will happen if you asked them what they suppose they can do if you didn’t. The other one is of course the bit where their vanity has gone from accusations that you abdicate responsibility when they want to have a conversation with you without recognising what you do for a living which as insults go ranks among those are the very pinnacle, to a point where any Politicians can make use of any policies that are actually the mainstay or hotline of another party hence when voters go to the booth they have no idea what to do and those who know better have stayed off voting all together. The third and by far my most favourite being the chasing me around for decades and making excuses about wealth distribution and social inequality to cover for a job tax payers pay for which is not being done, then turn up on election day and expect somebody else to be scapegoat so they might not look like they are trying too hard. These issues are not a problem or a crisis for me but as far as vested interests on my property go, this is it and I am mentioning it because I intend to start kicking them really hard as well. I know they say I have been beaten by them but I don’t know if having so much fun with them that it does not pay off at the bottom line counts as being beaten or not paying attention to financial problems because it is more important to find out what their problem really is counts as being beaten – we are here however because of that stupid media and the false confidence by which they think they decide what the meaning of what I am thinking about is and that anything I say is a process of making deals with their vile insolent Godlessness that wants to control and abuse a Christian so they can keep spending my life with violence and wickedness and talk rubbish about Islamic extremism which will soon get me to show them a history of how good their country looked before me by using their homes and families to fix it as well. They do claim I speak of the whites and English idiots who have a problem with how people in Scotland and Northern Ireland live etc and continue to disrupt means by which Politicians do their jobs but we all know it is about the fact they never listen and cannot stop handling mine to pass those stupid insults by getting my attention to do so. As for the blacks however, everybody knows when it comes to taking up other peoples stuff and doing it for them and the process of bending people over in order to they are top dog and apart from that there is nothing else there and it comes to a head when for every place you go you hear stories that you are stupid and hence need to find out which golliwog mouth keeps doing it. I don’t mind either since I will never stop handling the bloody more-ons, it’s just accidents apparently that involve knives and guns and how the idiots cannot tell their children to keep it at home for vegetables, bearing in mind the person whose job and finances they and their insolent Politicians with insults to create state of affairs around me which mean somebody will die by gangs etc knows the risks of being a Christian while they are around with their wickedness and is showing no signs of taking any nonsense from them currently yet as it were. It’s all women and more-ons and bad sex and I believe I have shown I have the capacity to deliver more of that bad sex as well for entire communities when they really do want me to.


In terms of offending the US by saying something unsavoury about 9/11, it is the nature of greed to set out those that will be killed when society is damaged and then never ever make money without damaging it like those who stir Islamic extremism because they want to ensure their tiny tyrant insolence works on everybody and they can get what they want which nobody has yet made clear to them is a disruption of the peace and can lead to arrest if somebody sets it out for law enforcement the way they do it in a legal and proper way like I will soon because it is also leading to goons who kill Muslims getting all over the place as well, it is not that I mind if you had your family cut in half because another person is a Muslim then turn out to be abused everybody because somebody wants to make you do things that will cross the path of extremists on account he does not like you or wants what you own – these reactions of killing Muslims in that way does have a meaning I am not denying that I am speaking about breaching The Queens peace in the UK which is actually a crime. I understand they get away with it in the US for example so they might believe they can take me on at any time when there is opposition to what they want about which I ought to pack up and get out of my own life on account their evil eyes have seen it etc, just like the ones in the UK that never really listen are very stubborn and very destructive and talk nonsense all the time instead of comply of how people bully them until they become outsiders in their own country and marry foreign women but given half the chance when they are being nice you are mentally ill because they want to club from Ibiza to South America and live on benefits for those of them that are poor and others that have money to throw around will create you are economic crisis in less than six months if they have access to your valuables which is all they crave as it were, hence there being a chance of moving to the UK, so I might be in a position where I can show some of them what I am really like which contrasts heavily with the perception of me that they get over there. It is much like the story of how the Monarchy is becoming more uncomfortable with how I trust people and do things for them when I do not get the same decorum in anyway whatsoever but of which in actual fact I don’t trust anybody and they need to move away from me not spread tales of how I do on account they have access o media; hence with respect to taking me on I should set out that since I do private equity intellectual property administration for a living, the realities of some of my social actions is to make people understand we are the generation that lived during the recession and hence need to pay the small price of avoiding a process of seeking to make our own history because of the bigger calling of staying happy, getting rich and protecting our history – hence their running start thus offered.  I am obviously going to keep selling things to those women and those neighbourhoods and if they are around and about talk to them about the products as well and if they wind me up I will get home and start to build their new communal bad sex for them as well.


Now on the story of questions about whether I am stupid academically and otherwise, it eventually does boil down to the matter of what percentage of British people are actually fucking idiots; because of course we have had a government in the last couple of years or so that enjoys giving them tax payers money to get all they want with so they can pass exams in school, wreck other peoples academic work and turn out to pretend what they are doing is the correct thing and will never know it is wrong on account that they are making money. I have never thought about it as a crisis, we speak of it now because it was raised as a question; the reality is that it is always a self resolving issue in that what people do does not determine what you get out of bed every day to attend to – however Politicians have consistently continued to build it up in parliament to provoke me and create a state of affairs for idiots to manipulate me specifically because they simply feel like wrecking my life and wrecking my world – so it is not clear why anybody would have that as an aspiration however it is the reasons I want to take up every major political issue, solve them and put them under copyright so that this matter can be under control otherwise I will never be able to run a business, no idea then what they are complaining about and I don’t care in any way that they have no means of getting in touch with me in order to have a conversation about it, it is their turn to fight what they cannot see. I mean things that have emanated from it like whors that spend mine 24/7 but that is half the story because the other half is that I simply cannot tell her I have had enough and she can go for it one more time if she feels she has got it because society men will move into my right hand on account they can handle me should I lose my temper; so the question is why I need to be bound and gagged and subdued because I think a stupid whor that wants to spend mine at 9.00am is such a bad idea? Hence they want some of mine all the time and it is not clear why they are complaining either; the first occasion was the one where they got the Politicians, since then they can thought of every work I do as a plaything to recover with media and have already started again since they last did recover. The part where it is not a major crisis Politically is that I am so stupid I have taken up major political issues and put them on copyright to my name on account it cannot stay off my Empire and finances, in such a way as to avoid a social and political and even National crisis when I do and now we are left with how much of those women that know much about militant behaviour and therefore serve a certain purpose in politics and can never be convinced that others can have enough of them get up to as well, so they can decide since it appears they have always wanted to discuss it in a way that they cannot enforce to talk nonsense about how their civil conflicts would have resulted in a process of fighting the Monarchy, which is utter noughts, considering they always want to see me do gangs and nobody knows why they think if they do civil conflict it gets to mean that I lose. The reality is that I was born in Islington and what I become does not imply that I am not the same person, so the information here is that none of their stupidities will ever affect me because it makes no meaning to me whatsoever; most important is the fact we are not mates and they need to leave me alone hence I have answered this question of whether I am stupid not because I don’t know I am the Arch Prince and they are nobody but because it was a question they put forward as though the answers will make them feel good about themselves. The part about black people is the one where I want to work hard and earn enough to cover my backside for what I know and the evils of leaving it exposed and this is what they have decided they will not allow, further more of which they want to make an open show of my personal life for a living and especially so when they see bad people around; hence I had enough and sought out those communities of people who are fans of top business men and have a world unto themselves, some connections with media and are basically a problem for everybody else and now I will make an open show of that as well and show racists who have been wrecking the Country. They would say racists will kill me as well but I wonder if it matters anymore at this stage considering they are so stubborn, like their white counterparts that I say have always wanted to know such things so they can do something about it. We are not mates and I job and Royal office needs to cease to be their plaything, just like I know most of these matters amount to oppression. All these stupid people swirling around the country are simply a matter of where British interests lie in the world and who we are as a Country and what our responsibilities with respect to our position is, so it does actually make sense but for me personally I want to bring the Labour Party and the Liberal democrats to a point where their agitation for civil rights and equalities the lack of it will never have an effect on Major National issues, so this was not primarily intended for malicious purposes. For black people specifically however the story is that they have lived for years in UK but there has never been a black prime minister – this is understood but I find nothing that says this situation will not get worse and they cannot stop ripping up my books and my health and anything I do for a job to have opinions about how I should exist to suit them; the bloody more-ons. The part where I expect I have something important to concern myself with which is largely about earning money to cover my backside over what I know and what my talents are being a measure of what I have stolen is not a major concern, we all know it is something politicians can spend a decade of tax payer funds to achieve when they feel like attacking success that does not show them respect but the part where I am scared of my own shadow is certain teenage idiots thinking I am either their mate or their parents mate and being confused about most people thinking I am n my early 20s when I am not, it is actually frustrating for me as well. The reasons these things happen contrary to those claims I am scared of tackling it, it because people always feel like spending mine – feel like spending the respect I get from others, always better if my health or energy is spent when anything must be done and if my finances are spent when money must be spent, my reputation when they need fame etc like some millionaire they are certain they can control and steal anything they want from in a legal way etc and so they think I don’t know it is oppression to ensure they are under control before I can run a business because there is no other way to do it and take the warnings I give out all the time for granted to a point where they devise their own meanings for it. As I said the part where I am scared of my own shadow will be their stupid children that cannot keep knives at home for vegetables thinking I am in my early 20s while they think they have become really powerful and have leverage to deploy as a result - the reason it is so personal is that their insults and abuse have reached a point where they occur simply because of the need to ensure I write books that certain communities I therefore run away from for writing such books will feel offended and they will not in my view be the last evil scum in this world and those who look for trouble always find it as it were. The story of how I need to go weed peoples businesses where it is needed is always the old one in itself that is distilled along the lines of Politicians having a duty to make certain younger adults take up difficult social responsibilities that they can perform and I am tired of being lazy, running out of time about the need to oppress idiots in order to run my business since it is clear they will always spend it on their foolishness and cheap quick instant personal thrills complaining about their civil rights but clueless about what I will do to them for it apparently, if not confident there is nothing I can do with a big mouth all together. So it is still the old case of thieves finding more lawful ways to steal instead of lawful jobs to do and that aside I really do want to know what that left hand side and right hand side nonsense really means and need an explanation in detail from their Politicians as well and I will get it, I always do - there is no community here that belongs to them and they now know what will wind me up thereof.