Of course we are never tired of hearing that people are copying my rhetoric; I wouldn’t know, all I know is that people cannot just barricade me on media to ensure I deploy my temperaments to create a society that looks after them as though they were women to be looked after on account they have jobs as news anchors without consequences if I tell them off every day for the best part of a decade for doing it – so which one is their own gang anyway save the one where they spoke of their rights and their retirements and somebody else was more important aka civil war? I wouldn’t be human if there weren’t any consequences attached for going on about having them rip up my finances for a decade and a half so far while they know they have thriving racism in their Country for that matter. It’s not the secret behind most of what I get up to, the secret  is rather a simple case of a job that needs to be done and they have taken 20% that comprises of the finishing by making me prioritise their problems and running that routine of making somebody else bear the risks with my entire life starting from my faith and public life and set community fools with insanity that runs along the lines of money on me to pick it on media everyday and now they are settling into the market leaving 80% of the job undone and then tell me I am required to show respect and stay quiet about it so they can get successful at what they are trying to do, when asked why tell me it is because they are so wealthy I wouldn’t mind and will probably wither in the presence of their grace – so it’s something of their stupidities knowing no limits and the media ones have been there and done that but have no wish to end telling me where I am supposed to be insults that gets them into trouble all the time. So imagine I ran out of cash and I wanted a bash bash bosh way of making some quick money and then I decided to complete that 80% and attach it to a product, build up their reputation in public and then wait for an economic cycle by which I can withdraw my equities from the market or destroy them, I would be so popular it would make me rich. It’s never really a problem that I don’t anyway, there are other ways like the insults that have brought us to this stage being settled when we rely on them for civility and shut down all other sources to find out what will happen. Then at least there will be a simulated sense on media daily that I care what other peoples think.

They speak of this bad end I am heading for, a bad end that they cannot afford, a bad end they cannot enforce; I mean if I said what I am saying now ten years ago every leader of the free world will have their hands around my neck but now everybody can see all is well with me except I have no right to feel good on account they have been messing with my health and personal life over a secret society that I have now damaged so it can mess with my livelihood and the only reason it continues is to inflict some organ based health problem on me with their so called powers for defying their needs and explain away my empire as a feeling everybody can share by the daily misery inflicted within the process and I am going to hurt them seriously before it stops as well. There is no bad end here that they can enforce in anyway whatsoever and I will soon develop my magazine for this Company to keep up their own bulletin for them in the eyes of the public all together at this rate and then major media channels will be clamouring for the controversy in it since there is no way I will be nice about the whole process too. A bad end with that big mouth but for ten years the Christian has had his bum fingered and people derived pleasure from it so he is just Christian for nothing and might as well have become homosexual, this is just one example of how they got that stupid society destroyed now it is after my possessions all together and tells me that I am Royalty and everybody wants to get rid of Royalty so I exist in a bubble where what I want from my own property is the way I want it only as a matter of debate. As ever I would like it if they stayed away from my Books and cleared my space especially the blacks. It’s all behind my back – they can turn up and stand here to tell me Christian gets sodomised and is Christian for nothing bad end if they have the fucking guts for it. It’s all a matter of access; wreck finances of a Royal Prince and gain access to him unfettered and abusive ha ha very funny – of course I want nothing to do with them and they don’t see it that way so that is what they want to do with their time and they can turn up here to bad end me as well.

It’s the same old story; they will now deploy my public life to make enough money and connections to be more important than I am and we are still finding out how much money will accomplish that and they are rich but their entire lives now depends on whether or not I care which is really difficult to come and never shall it too, as for the Muslim ones, when the US invaded Iraq and the method they handled the crisis was opposed they said I did because I hated their fortunes and will not listen to the fact it contravened all principles of sovereignty, hence nobody knows what Kind of state will result from it, now they say I and the government of my Country are responsible for crises in the middle east warranting Muslim anus and penis insults which means they can to find out what kind of crisis I can create too. As far as they are concerned, what they say is how it will be depending on the number of persons that listen on Television and I want my Property restored to the way they black mail greed found it the first time otherwise if that stupidity pays off in a real sense I will destroy that popular culture and media I have a grip on at the moment permanently too. These guys have become a menace and it is time they realised it too. In terms of what happened in Iraq I was envying their fortunes by talking about the social and political complexities of what happened i.e. if peoples are conquered they are conquered, governments and entire militaries do not just get sacked. This is just me saying that the next time they speak of me in a bad end, we will have shaken off that sense their insults and games affect my right to be a successful person and they would have started the fight in earnest as well – by the way which they need to check the times and they will be able to note when people are fed up especially the Africans; I would like it if they stayed away from my Books and cleared my space, get my reputation and public life back the way they found it and then they can have that popular culture back – I am an Arch Prince and I am not homosexual or gay. They say my struggle with them is one that I cannot win and it will never make sense either: I mean I grew up with women in onesies and lipsticks in and out, in and out of parties and clubs, so I have grown up to hate it intensely and want my public life and reputation restored, their hands off my anus and penis and body parts as an imagination and a spy system that the Americans have helped them to or I will destroy it permanently too.

Of course we are very well aware the story that beats them is that of a black man that does not acknowledge an issue when black people get murdered by whites and it will never make sense; it’s one thing to acknowledge somebody has killed somebody and quite another to be bullies into accepting the victim has a right to play trials and tribulation with the private parts of teenagers and young people – they take everything from them and when they are 21 they are already feeling murderous but it’s a murky world and one that likes to cross its boundaries to provoke me by involving me on account they know where my Books are i.e. the more sinners whites are able to send to hell is the more powerful than blacks they will become so the only way to take it away from them and redress the balance is by exasperating me in some way, so that when we actually judge it in its murky world, the only people doing right by everybody as a planet is the Islamic state who perform the best religious rituals for their victims before they kill them. So they know what they are doing and do not need all that information that stupid insolent press that do not recognise peoples leadership like to mess up my work for but then again not enough have died yet and I want my public life back the way they found it or they are on course to lose that popular culture permanently as well.

It’s never really uncommon to listen to those tales of  how Americans hate the British but the reality has always been that of the fact there are British citizens working with terrorist groups in the Middle East and I have no idea what has explained that away as sign that the British are loving the Americans either. The point is that the governments on both sides are having to pick up the bits of this mess and it isn’t cheap but when Americans do make out they are the nice guys in the matter, everybody else is left with an imagination as to what will happen when they had stopped being the nice guys, so it is a problem that can only go from bad to worse and people are reacting accordingly.

It’s never really true I dodge the racism issue either – not clear how you can if you are white or how you can if you are black more so but of course we all know that one moment you are supportive of parents that are preventing their children from doing racism from losing the battle for control in the family and the next you are being spied on and an activity stolen by an idiot who seeks himself for his own pleasures and the problem does not end there because you then have to catch up with the lone wolves who have been raised by good parents and in every admirable way because they accepted the deal they have been offered; all so that idiots might show talk is talk and death is death and that they give freely without question, forging their stupid antagonism of the law to allow a leg over everybody knowing perfectly there are some that will kill them for it, to create a conundrum for the law, talk is talk and death is death if they can take advantage of certain kids to get the kind of respect they need to stop being cowards. The part that kills me is that they have realised that if you deal with a process where you must try and understand what everybody else’s challenge is like which predisposes you to think like racists do, it lets you in on the problem all be it to avoid a condition where I get killed because it is collateral damage and allows me to take charge and when they take advantage of me and take advantage of white people especially more so because I express what I know of it, it brings all they do to noughts as the two balance each other out, so what they do as a response to that is to  get on media and Politics to ensure the rest of us exist as though we come into this world to wait somewhere so they can do things to us.

It’s much the same as the old tale of my refusing to see when people have anything to do with what I say or what goes on in my head, bad things tend to happen. Of which the truth is rather that it’s a simple case of having opinions about my work when you have a copy of the Books in hand to have their stupid opinions with especially when people have no asked you about it or accept you are doing it because you are part of the evils I am protecting people from and are there to make trouble to find out what you can spy on me to steal and claim as your own with media. It’s much the same as their apparent protest against austerity –whereby when in government the whole need to wreck peoples finances and get pleasures people tell them they don’t deserve because they are lower classes by surrounding others with very violent sexual advances simply goes through the roof in terms of frequency and obssessiveness but it gets worse because the Politicians soon start to develop a habit of giving them money to get about with because they are not able to make time to pay their way in the world, which means they are able to ensure the two things of your inability to be a human being and feel that you are on one hand and an inability to streamline a livelihood that you have already got on the other occurs and becomes their main preoccupation in their stupid lives; so when somebody else turns up to say the State needs to be smaller, peoples pick up placards and get on the streets to demand the removal of a legitimate government when they could have done that at the polls during the last election but it should be seen in terms of what they think is their right and what they think of themselves and also what it should mean to others as far as they are concerned, if they happen to lose their stupid loutish temper.


I understand it is said we are fighting to prevent a dependence on the US here in the UK which has no basis on reality, which is rather that when some foolish Americans have ideas about how the UK should hand over a baton to them so they can become an empire, we see them get all over the world to seek it as if it was some kind of right and we all know when they are the ones doing it and when it is done on media it has simply got to mean that a factual thing has occurred as far as they are concerned for those two reasons. They do like to blab that I am in trouble with them but it’s the same old story i.e. every time you see them they are in a need to get somewhere in which they can employ people, then sit about choosing trouble makers and criminals to employ because these are the people that can bully others to make sure they are selling products whether or not people need them products and of course whilst their girls have a special place in their hearts for religious people because it means a man that is vulnerable to violence is always after their career and needs to have all he owns confiscated, they have a problem with women because mainly the fact that although nobody is forcing them, they have got to be seen doing something to control bad children especially the ones they gave birth to at all times and in my case they say I look for trouble at random when what really happens is cause and effect and I guess in this case when I start a campaign against broadcasters they will then have told me they needed a piece of advice like they always do when it is time for me to have my revenge – at the moment its 15 years unemployment clinging to my Book sales and pretending they have powers of intimidation and distant violence all the time until it goes pear shaped, since not even the richest man in the world lives like that and the question is becoming more and more important in terms of how useless people have to be before they find a bullet in their brains one day. I am not in any trouble with them, it’s just their fantasies at work again and we have come to that point where one more utterance about that stupid culture and society and they will have to find where I live to get it off me as well if they have the fucking guts for it; It is not a problem for me, I have only finished setting my career after taking control of their stupid lives; it starts you see from hatred of those that are introverted and then it develops into a need to play up the bubble that exists between them and the prisons and of course soon ends with appearance on media where they work equality and make you lose in everything you do, so the part where I control their lives and sit back to take mine easy is random activity.

They do say there is nothing I can do about them of course but everybody knows you need to take yourself out and muster the need to hurt somebody before you can effectively handle a process where every little twerp wants to get into skimpy clothes and appears on advertisement in order to own your Royal Estate Community or get involved with it uninvited or indeed make popular culture fame and fortune extracting an income from the perks of your job. I for my part have made myself clear; when I start my war on broadcasters they will say they wanted a piece of advice; at the moment the losers are making the most of that stupid media of course and its one of those things that draw disparities that bring on a lot of surprise i.e. pornographers live of sex videos and sex work but they will not be caught dead making it about their leaders, regardless of how small, if I am to be marked as a small one that is; these losers however would like the rest of us to think pornographers that kick them all the time and make public statements that urge me to continue like the rich people and statesmen do as lowest of the low but I wouldn’t know what kind of sex they suppose people are having with pornography anyway, especially the free ones which then shows there is nothing I can do about them as such considering pornographers have never had sex with Royalty and do not know somebody that has either.  They would say I am selfish but we all know the need to get involved with me when their problems are beyond me has now reached fever pitch and it is always better to be cleverer than you look as none of it is amusing and none of my actions are random either. The Industry ones like to play that games of you do it and we take over, it’s the way reality is or there will be recriminations and then repercussions and then consequences and then that will be how reality works, when I start to kick them for it, the need they have to ensure I am unable to hurt them while they can hurt me will immediately give way to the idea they want a piece of advice and as for the fathers that are providing leadership, it’s as I mentioned earlier, it has become a question of how useless people have to be before you put one in their brains.

The story of endless tests people carry out to find out if I am scared of them and therefore milk it is an example of their rights just before the lone wolf shootings and so on, just like we all know it permeates and pervades everything especially finance and lifestyle matters and wants to be seen on media all the time exerting some power of the crowd and blaming others for mob justice which is why people always feel there is a threat to their lives with it which does not actually mean that there isn’t that  such a threat all together. The reality behind it for me is that I can take precautions on a sharp object or a heavy item but it is rather difficult to find a suitable way to take precaution over these fools as a menace, so when I have decided to take such precaution seriously, then we will put to the test what it is exactly they suppose they can do around here. It’s all very copying media fools when they handle my Royal Estate on media to work a process of finding out if I am intimidated by them with but at the end of the day there is a name for it and that name is bullying and I am not the one complaining; it started out as a case of travelling to faraway lands to return with juju that a juju master gave to them which meant that they had the power to fulfil any dream they liked and more often than not, that dream has to be that of making the UK into a republic which fulfilment I am standing in the way of because I have a job or need one, looking for trouble all the time – having lost all that juju and ended up with me combing the world to kill off any means by which peoples can waste my time with government office like that, they have resorted to spying on me and turning up on media to say or do anything I say or do as a process of making out it belongs to somebody else, we all know this is what has kept on growing and growing and growing because they cannot let people be and yet if I started my war on broadcasters they would say they wanted a piece of advice, which war is always as easy as picking up a book and a pen and keeping records for a few months to forge a counter campaign with and it would not be the first time I have hurt them like nobody has ever done in the past – the first was the one where I was being a helpful Christian because I am trying to deplete the number that will be willing little armies for famous journalists if they see that their idols were being treated badly which is not what the Bible says we help people and do good things for necessarily and more so proven in the sense that I don’t need it if they have to lean further and further and further to the right in order to handle me over ever little insult, that it reaches a point where they are detached from the ethics of that stupidity they call a career. However we have now reached a point where they have been following me around to such an extent that when they claim all I say and do belongs to somebody else because they are the media and what happens on is supposed to be fact or else, in their view, I am actually affected emotionally, so I cannot stress enough that my Court is female only and even so I get to chose which females turn up around its concerns but then again these are the kind of idiots who exist in a world where you regularly as far as they are concerned, need to ask their spouse about them to find out that they always tend to get whatever they want, so they will get involved with that court and start to attack me over aspects of my life that has made them effeminate, rather than stay out it and their black women are the violence they say whereas their insults will always lead to an outcome where you show them what the difference was if you were using their lives or stupid history to get things done which is not hurting badly enough yet as it were. The point is that they are now in a new game i.e. handle the Royal Estate to get on media and find out if I am scared of them and we all know the ending for that is not going to be good either – we all know they understand I have no plans to run a nice campaign about them and their media at any point but will not go away now they have got the chance to do so. As I mentioned before, you can always pretend the part which means these activities imply your life is being threatened is what you can do what you want to control but will never go away or improve, so you can be a Muslim if you want but soon you will find yourself around extremism and you can be white if your want but soon you will find yourself being racist and in my case they wanted to find out what it would look like if I were using their lives and possessions to get things done with all that violent lying we have to put up with all the time and now they have we have seen besides an increase of the insults that lead to questions about how useless people have to be before they find a shell in their brains have only increased. We are having this conversation because the need to progress the prognosis of me being somebody they can hate in order to sell prerogatives that will facilitate financial success for them has now given way to a need to get on media to find out if I am afraid of them all the time and all I am saying is that it is possible to pretend the part where my life is being threatened does not exist but so does everybody else before they do racism if white or extremism if Muslim or gangs if black; it’s all just seriously twisted and evil and really, really, stupid and people ought to understand if her problem is money when what really happens is that while the rest of us try and control the problems of society within the need to recover economically, the Industries will turn up to select them for jobs and blame the problems on us, spend our way of life and allow them to bully us into spending any money we have on products if we have worked for any of it but the women ones have to get involved with Industry, they have to start a campaign of women lazing around and not supporting men like me so I can get about making trouble for everybody, it soon ends at feminism and their vandalism is traded on in return for a job, this is usually where the hatred for religious people come into its own because it is easy to claim all they do aid women is a process of stealing career from feminism which is a payment that can never be enough as it were, hence these stories about my disrespect for women; when I rented accommodation from Muslims and White people from Europe, the tale they told was incredible, now that I am renting from them and using their security systems to get things done among other things I use we shall see what we become of those lies and accusations and sexual violation with that ugly big mouth. It has never been a problem for me; as I mentioned before it starts with a tale of why women do something about evils of society and develops into friendship with men that have a problem with women who take their own security into their hands and therefore cannot have it corrupted by idiots they bully instead who always turn out homosexual most of the time but of course it is those who aid women as a whole that become the main target for feminists who speak of a lack of respect and the men that steal their careers and that is how it starts for their stupidities are such that they are pragmatic to an extent where they can touch peoples persons and careers just because they saw it.

As a whole it is an old story being this person that is therefore stuck on matters of security concerning my finances and of women and this is what they are taking advantage of, no such thing as feminism or civil rights attached to it, it only does for as long as I would tolerate it for – the big deal always comes when they want revenge for being at the mercy of women that take up their own security issues and sort it out, then tackle them seriously for trying to corrupt it, expressed best with those statements that they have spent all on the left and are here to take over and that question becomes important therefore of whether there was a deal or contract signed here which meant that when I worked for it they could take over as it were – so all these games are a process of making sure they can harm me and I cannot harm them in order to cover their tracks – the getting rich by being so stupid in the first place.


They do claim I have lost the fight of course but it’s a matter of opinion; I myself never realised it was a fight at all – what I was aware happened was that Politicians wanted to see what will happen to Democracy and Communism and all the governments of the world if they were given government access and given tax payer funds to take care of those problems they cannot get past in order to get rich; the one that meant they got some juju powers from somewhere and wanted to get rich at my expense and a Politicians had to help wreck my academic work by giving them money so they can tell me it is working, again and again and again until a sub culture emerges so that idiots can get into houses of government to tell tales about what they think should be my responsibilities – even now the fools are telling me I am still head strong and have continued to resist the chance to blend in with the crowd and there will be another lesson really soon – long and challenging and probably mostly for me fun as well I suppose. What is happening here is a simple case of men like me who are stuck with matters of security for women and finance for ourselves and then there are others that cannot even make friends and meet people because of Political policies – so these are the kinds of things we are waiting to see them resolve, maybe through a war concerning which we are all waiting to die, or maybe just killing themselves at the International Communities and government buildings or indeed maybe just telling the truth and keeping their stupidities out of people’s lives and finances especially the insults from their women and girls – I for my part am clear the next messing about here will lead to another lesson and it will be long and it will be challenging and it probably will be fun for me as well.

We hear on one hand all the time of this tales of intolerance that I have to deal with but on the other a lack of respect for Politicians which I am good at expressing. None seldom makes sense; in terms of intolerance of which we are talking about a group of idiots that have taken their need to find out what it feels like to lead in my stead to a point where they can tell me they cannot stand the sight of me and I wonder if it means I have to stick a placard to me at all times which says that I am a Christian and therefore not predisposed to having an ego and thinking that showing off and exhibiting myself and the fact I am Royalty is the way to get things done but for them the question is still that of what they are complaining about a problem here and a problem there when they at times think that what they say and do is right even when they are talking to their own leaders. In terms of respect for Politicians however, I in my Office sell books for a living and have certain celebrities I affiliate myself with to get other things done, so the general idea should be that unless Politicians are better statesmen they might want to look into the insults and especially the verbal abuses but then again most of the time they are only supporting their security staff but then again while they do they claim that I think my leadership is the bees knees whereas their security staff will not set out their idiots to make advertisement and fashion is any other way save bottom and crouch insults at me which ruin the reputation of my Company and my public work, to explain themselves as being affiliated to a Statesman that is a better human being than I am on one hand but refusing to accept on the other that the extent to which they have taken the reality where the ability to win a fight is how the money is made to the extent they have done, is just as important to me and my people – I never told anybody my leadership was the bees knees – perhaps they are being intolerant, I suppose they wish but I don’t feel that way. As for the story of how only the leadership of a particular group of Politicians will please me; it’s an old tale of legitimacy where people set out an original provocation and get into government buildings to make tens of years of legislation that wrecks peoples finances and also enforces measures that means others do not disturb the provocation, then turn up in public to work their own inequality and pretend everybody will think it has a legitimacy or that it might just be the right thing to do; so protests against austerity and ‘let's get rid of the Tories’ rhetoric and various others we hear of all the time is just some of the examples of the ways in which they have to earn it – has nothing to do with me. The rest of the time it’s all about sex and how I have no wish to lay to rest the lack of respect for women issue which is always fun when people want to find out what will happen if the Christian cannot find a job unless he is having sex and the Christian cannot sell his Books unless he is gay – but it is when they have taken those sexual abuse and sexual context abuses to a point where it is a prerogative an industry by which they express the idea that those their low level tolerance for a process where they don’t have things they want which outcome was a result of their laziness, can be rewarding alongside demagogues at Industry about doing my stuff when some are old enough to be my grandmothers for instance, we have a real problem that just has to be settled; every time we see them the men are doing something about violent kids to ensure I am a living breathing human being otherwise I will be dead and if they are not they are expressing fantasies they have concerning a process of hitting me which is just one of many insults that are attached to their evil nature and things they do which have no meaning but for these women owning and using me story and the fringe benefit of ordering me about because I am such a moral person I am unlikely to harm them while they gain the world from it if they so wish to test how moral I really am and get rich and important doing so, will  be their undoing. They do say I have no wish to support small businesses of course but that is because people think they can travel in the UK from the Middle East claiming the UK has promised to show people how to get rich, then turn up and sit around getting involved with such things as Scottish Nationalists to make it into a Country they would like, much the same with the Greek ones that like to spend tax payer funds on German and French Banks then find somebody else to blame it on when they are unable to pay government debts: I do not believe that it was a problem for most of the time i.e. in this Country small businesses pay workers by the Hour and most Senior staff work zero hours, so nobody really has the time to get about showing he is really big and need to bully people all the time and get more space, hence it is really easy for me to work out what I must whenever there is an issue on the other hand however their insults especially the anus and penis ones are looked upon by me and some of the things that tells people to get out and make money but the destruction their Politicians wrought on peoples finances are the reasons they find themselves in trouble and find me ranting regularly as the Politicians do have to serve them as it were - they cannot just turn up and do things the way they feel they would like it here; its a tough job obviously but somebody has to do it and by that I am referring to them ripping up my renaissance all the time and then my public life and public work too and then my Book sales - nothing of mine survives any 24 hours with them telling lies and creating total destruction for it and its always when I want to have revenge we hear they expected a low life who thought it was leader to give them a piece of advice and will never go away.