So they do say I am one of those people others feel like beating up all the time but I do wonder if it lacks reason as well; since the reality is rather that they think when they want to finger my bum so badly they can always manipulate the whole society into a place where nobody will believe my side of the story as much as their own is and then they can get involved with my personal space and threaten me all the time and finger my bum when they drive past me in their cars at will and expect no trouble they cannot handle or manage. In the end if a person fasts for 6 hours and prays for 4 hours, this is the last kind of behaviour he will likely expect from another human being but then again its entirely normal since we always find them claiming the Bible is fiction but when pricked in the right way their wickedness shows up in exactly the same way as the ones recorded in the Bible – so this one is largely about Sodom and Gomorrah and how people wanted to have sex with angels that went to visit Lot who travelled with Abraham etc. So when they say those things there is a reason for it and I am not denying that reason for my part either, just intend to set out my own case as well as to why it happens in that way since they do have their own personal space to mess up all the time and can leave mine alone, not an ego thing as it were. It’s like when I said something about being challenged by them resulting in a condition where I set out my own war on students and their middle aged idiots and society – it would have been construed that I just blew my big mouth off but the reality is that there was Paris Terror attacks and then people turning up in my work place to speak of atrocities committed by religious people and how I must respond to it on being a religious person myself; so I had to make it clear if they brought in the Politics stuff I would step on them hard and they had to make it clear to me it’s the Politics stuff that is normally used to determine which part of my life will be spent on them to make them better off. So my bum is not for fingering, to make it short and simple and each time they fantasise to a point where they want to and do it there will be consequences as well. I hear it’s my Books that annoys people but then again the Books are none of their business; it is a product I can only sell with a personal space maintained between my Office and my Shop and my customers and when I say it is none of their business I am not being rude and they need to bear it in mind when and in case I do their own again – it is none of their business. In any case of which we all know that people can come up with a plan to ensure idiots in society do not go from wrecking their lives to securing a hate figure before they get jobs or attend school and then make money to set out a means of regular violent gossips they share with themselves to build themselves up to a violent state and make statements about somebody saying the right things to result in a condition where they will be the one to do it; although we live in a society where we do not separate idiots from everybody else, other methods need to be deployed because it gets to a point and this is such a point as it were. It’s all very well complaining now but before then they were top dogs when it comes to opening me up and moving into my right hand and when they don’t get what they want shutting it down like they are shutting down their own fucking House as it were – now they are complaining about being opened up and their toughness being softened up as well and we have come full circle and that should be the end of the story normally but I am not going anywhere. At the end of the day the great old matter is that case of normal people going into government Offices so they can rule over others indeed; it’s just a bit of a damn squib to be the guy they love to provoke and get together to bully into reacting so that they might pick up on it to behave how they want – grab my fortunes and dash them on such stupid excuses without reason without purpose and for nothing whatsoever indeed as well.

Now we see them everywhere choosing one economic model to follow after another save the British one and its always likely the German one or the Netherlands etc but at the end of the day they do expect to get on media and operate a process where the cost of overhauling an entire economy would mean three times the expenses to recover it at least, is taken up by those who dared to work hard and have things that they don’t and it just doesn’t work that way, I will not turn around anything I have to make them comfortable – nobody knows what the problem they have with British is but we all know they behave like they do because they feel the money exists and this is something needs to inform Mr Osborne about entirely. Even the welfare system is treated in the same way; the German and Dutch one was built as the primary structure of their social liberalism – the UK one was built as the primary structure of social morality but whenever they make changes it will have nothing to do with the fact that we tend to get jobs and earn more money so we can pay more taxes if we want to be moral people, their changes will concern which model we are supposed to copy because they feel like being in a position where handling people’s property would have meant they are so tough and powerful the owners cannot get it back without which there will be no economic recovery. It’s in the same family with my impending war with celebrities too – because the only reason they get to damage my property and help themselves to my income come in three main stages and the first is usually that they can, the second being that they know where my Books and markets are and the third being that they are very, very, very stupid and really, really, really good looking and I will never manage my Empire property and equity well unless I slap their hands off it as well; I just need to ensure they understand why I do it i.e. I want them to clear that space for two main reasons – firstly to get Politicians to understand the content nature of security issues, the other is to give people the chance to travel out and see the world and cut down on that wealth inequality nonsense we have to put up with from them all the time. They do say I don’t stand a chance but according to history I am still the only unemployed person in this Country to successful defend myself from the entire government and create a precedent from doing so and that fight with celebrities destroying my possessions to help themselves to my income on account they have people that will beat it up is coming and coming very soon as well. I do get told I have celebrities at Court as well but that is the same way that the Empire Emporium accommodated large global industries because we were working with each other to ensure they are able to help me protect British government property at this Office that may end up in various places in the world that are supposed to have been beyond my reach, while I helped them protect their intellectual property, was right under their noses and they saw it in 12 years because they were really clever – the Court of celebrities is there to ensure the community goons that chase the celebrities around and feel they can chase my anus and penis without ending up with problems, can get off and do it with impunity.

We do hear those claims my activities put me at risk of course, what everybody else sees is that I can come up with some grand plan to ensure a very dangerous person is picked up by the Police over petty crimes on a regular basis for all I wanted but they are supposed to get involved with me while I have no control of the statements they are armed with whenever they need their resolve; so it’s a tale that affects my Book sales and starts in the morning of everyday for that purpose as it were, having been they have had the grand plan worked out, whereby they have settled up on those whose lives they wish to rip up, whose property they wish to get rich with and how they decide whom to break away from and leave behind which can never be stopped unless their victims hate them as a collective community and act on the hate on a regular basis but of course it is affecting my Book sales again as it were, which is why this has become a conversation all together. They do say if I lose my job and end up in the benefit system I will get into trouble and I will not; the reality is as I have always said that welfare demonization is a filthy thing because the civil system is full of trouble makers and such things only provides them even more of the kind of incentives the government was unable to control in the first place – so it will lead to outcome where I just get around securing myself lots and lots of student loans and the question becomes how people will let me graduate so I can stop getting it and then that will become even more expensive. The ideal situation is to work hard and earn a lot of money and pay your high taxes, the second choice is to get a good job and settle a nice pension and get involved with social issues if you want to, the bottom is to get a job and keep off the benefit system as per what inspires you and the things that make you a less selfish individual; their statements about making me work or get jobs is as insulting as that nonsense about how much risk my activities put me in, which only stems from the other statement about how I solve problems I am not meant to simply because they are now facing those problems and have always loved insulting me and it gets to a point as well. I am not supposed to have my finances ripped up every day by the government because they find the way I react amusing.

They do claim I would find it impossible to manage the situation, which is utter nonsense; its apparently the difference between the MP who is going shopping or travelling on the Trains and Tubes to somewhere and the MP that is talking in Parliament; all very well to struggle and fight hard to stop a process where the line is crossed and they are stripped of the security of their government Office but each time we see them turn up and rip up my finances and tell me I get involved with problems that are too big for me and then shove me into problems that are actually too big for me all together and mutter their precious evil villainy as they go along and I ask them to take a position on those we are supposed to exclude from the shops and the council services and utilities and the way those things work, they then start another villainy because it is easy to attack the religious person, which has to do with my hatred for the powers of their stupid House of Commons. So it is the old story of Mr A’s idiot son got elected the other time and I cannot breathe – so that having been the line is not yet crossed as it were, the part where I have to deal with such nonsense as hey ho Paris Terror attacks; an atrocity committed by a religious person and that person, that security guard over there looks like a religious person that has questions to answer which they get on media and parliament to curate, I will start a war with their students and middle aged idiots and communities to find out what they are made of as well – still we are talking about it because the idiots are acting in ways that are affecting my Book sales again for Today.

They say I have gone off to attack people who work in the CCTV industry just so I can work as a door supervisor and now I believe I have achieved much, it will never make any sense of course because the results of what I had been talking about have now started to surface i.e. we are seeing more and more of them give up CCTV jobs claiming I have beaten them and they need to go off and chase their dreams turning up at conferences organised by Industry leaders or for Industry top brass to inspire people and so on – which I don’t mind by the way except that they cannot stop turning up around my public work and public life for it while helping their celebrity idiots to that as well bearing in mind fully that I had already had enough by the time they saw me on my first day as a security guard on the ground and this is what the problem is because of course working in security means working in the same community as the Police which means what you are actually paid for is to go out and catch criminals before they actually commit crimes, not leave it for social workers and care workers and the Police, this is where your money lies; how people would therefore see breastfeeding women as offensive in this condition completely. They say I have gone off to attack people who work in the CCTV industry just so I can work as a door supervisor and now I believe I have achieved much, it will never make any sense of course because the results of what I had been talking about have now started to surface i.e. we are seeing more and more of them give up CCTV jobs claiming I have beaten them and they need to go off and chase their dreams turning up at conferences organised by Industry leaders or for Industry top brass to inspire people and so on – which I don’t mind by the way except that they cannot stop turning up around my public work and public life for it while helping their celebrity idiots to that as well bearing in mind fully that I had already had enough by the time they saw me on my first day as a security guard on the ground and this is what the problem is because of course working in security means working in the same community as the Police which means what you are actually paid for is to go out and catch criminals before they actually commit crimes, not leave it for social workers and care workers and the Police, this is where your money lies; how people would therefore see breastfeeding women as offensive in this condition completely beats me but then again when paired with a need to grab my public life of which the Politicians are still blabbing because there haven’t been real consequences for putting up public funds for them each time they want to, it is the same old tale that when it really comes to it, by their fruits you shall know them – because of course you are faced with Industry goons chasing you around for sales ratings on one hand while on the other Police telling you that you are incredibly selfish, at the end of the day of which you need to act according to that which is actually paying your salary as it were and when it comes to it stay with those who have your interests at heart; so it’s not bad seeing them turn up where industry leaders are giving speeches but it should not affect my Books and public life. So of course I will not be getting into any kind of trouble if I lose my job and end up on benefits again.

So they say I needed to be trained about the issues and whilst I appreciate that, I was aware of the issues – where the government rolls out blanket courses for people to get trained on such as being a Security Industry Agent was because these goons are always talking about wrong that has been done to their communities by those who have no respect for those that arrived in the UK first before them and nobody knows their stupidities why they love to deploy their communities and academic work to do this anyway; their MPs especially think you will tolerate a body language communication they like to put in your face all the time which is particularly threatening and we all know they have never really achieved anything in their stupid lives anyway, even when they are MPs. They do claim all I have done for today has gone to waste of course but it’s as I have already mentioned as per if I will be tolerating the threatening speeches and public engagement body language of Labour Party MPs for much longer and putting that stupid society in my face will not see me cut it up or sell is as well again – I have to ensure the activities that damage my Books on a daily basis are being countered on a daily basis. They do claim what provokes them about me is that I am no Royalty and I cannot make out if the damage to my finances add to my glee anyway since I hardly look the part while I am anyway but then again it’s the ground zero for the start of things they really want but will never have so we can live in peace whether or not they have needs. They say I talk and talk but nothing happens but all I have said here is that I do not know what I will do to them over their need and desire to claim my public life as their own but the MPs that keep putting up public funds for it and threatening me do not yet know they are n borrowed time so far as well; I mean we hear them claim somebody stabbed another person because the playgrounds in the locality were disused and people felt a sense of worthlessness until it became something worse but what we see is more important than a day job these days is public appearances to threaten me and a global sense of my life and career going to somebody else; I mean if you were a father like they want to be to absolutely everybody with those insults, would you have selected one son to tell that his life and career and money and comforts have gone to his brother because of his behaviour – if you were a son, would you want to be the one that was told such a thing? So it does appear to them I cannot stop them and I am not the one complaining at the moment; it’s an old story about how they manipulate me and I cannot decide what my tummy does which costs me jobs whereas what happens to my tummy is that they are filthy people, very filthy people and it is not the filth on the outside but the one on the inside that causes the tummy issues especially when you have not had any food for a while, simply because it is not eating time for instance; they do say they hate rich people and city workers of course and it goes without question. I do not wish to tolerate spotting any more of their activities especially that of the Politicians and government operatives which encumber my sales everyday any longer. They say my view of people is abysmal but of course the reality is still that of witchcraft and all sorts of evil on the right while Politicians run for them a campaign of taking over my public life and career on the left which goes global with media all the time and I need to know they are no longer a threat to my Book sales and will have to assured every single day as well – they do say I started first but I was not the one with a plan to take my filth and move them into other peoples right hand side and shut down their house and faith because it puts light in my evil extremist  people’s eyes etc, so we have come full circle – come full circle like some superstitiously insane chocolate that is powerful stuff with which I can get jobs off Women if I have no job experience whatsoever.


On the other matter of being studious at Government work, issues and service – which I actually am managing the prognosis of evil and its social immorality as a whole daily at the Office, complete with older idiots who have grand ambitions all the time around my concerns and come along with criminal and criminalised and very corrupt wives and children they are no longer able to manage, poring honey into the ears of our strange idiots in government Office we call Politicians, who want to play with them all of the time; it’s the same old case of a House of Lords that is full of society cronies – meaning they are sympathetic to society hence the House of Commons becomes really fond of making these laws you wish to shoot down every day because of course unlike a democratic existence where we find smaller people pick on bigger ones so they can be asked how they are doing it, it is the reverse and the bigger you are is the more you pick on people and without reason as well – it’s simple mathematics; that if somebody has the ability to grab a pound off your purse and you are meant to get around giving everybody a pound each, then you should give him nothing because you will end up giving him two pounds and somebody else will end up going without and according to history you have never actually been able to predict what he will do with the spare pound he has – society where if there is a Father Christmas it definitely is the bad one with a snarl on his face and a wink to his eyes. So they would say I am now paying attention to money matters which was their main concerns bearing in mind they own me but I would never know anyway, just a process where I have to set out again that it’s a small business run from home and neighbourhoods and they speak of  how I make judgements about people I don’t know whereas the first time I had to make any judgement they wanted to move into my right hand and separate me from my personality and career and build up publicity that can ensure it belongs to somebody else – this time I have made another judgement and it’s not actually yet clear if they want to kill me and take it; so these are the female versions with insults that show they are older than me and I need to give it some few minutes as we are progressing very well yet again on the matter as it were and I am on course to ensure they have no men that can beat me up for them at this disposal for a start – it usually means half will end up in violent relationships and the other half will completely lose all sense of reality.

It’s a small business run from home and from the neighbourhoods and a Book sales business does not work at all if the personal space between this Office and the customers is breached at all; so they will never buy the books and everybody knows that and they will never stay out is what they are saying so it is none of their business and that is a start; I understand they say some of the women are Royalty but I don’t think anything I have said is detached from that either – I am going to finish up with those men that will beat me up for them and wait for the next intrusion, abuse and provocation if they have the guts for it as we all know they hate mine but are still doing those things at this point. It’s never really been a problem; it’s a Book buyers only access for this Office and Company, I am not interested in their problems with society or Politics and I am not interested in the problems that society or Politics have with them; I mean in the Monarchy Girls don’t get along with Boys and vice versa but these kinds of women are something else with a need for celebrity culture and an inability to communicate with anybody or anyone in an honest way – it seems I have not yet cut up enough of that American connection they have and that I will not be able to destroy enough of it to get my feelings across so I have to keep trying and they have to keep getting on my feelings and climbing up the parliament to provoke me by handling my Firm and Royal Estate every day, along with the anus and penis abuses. It’s not that I am a man for example and so whatever women that are Royalty get up to will still end up at the Family, it’s just that they want to do mine and it’s really hard to understand why they are so destructive – these other ones that like to rip up my finances however are something else and the big idea with them is that I am unable to decide who ends up on the right hand side and who does on the left hand side of society the way it is supposed to be and where they are supposed to be – so that when I cut up their German and French and Spanish and Dutch connections as well they pretend it happens because I have not got a clue what I am doing – whereas reality is that any slight sense what I am doing is off the mark of government office and public work tasks being completed The Queen who is never actually really happy with the idea of me getting a job will turn off the finances and yet if I completed the public work tasks it will have to take a period of time for the finances to get turned up again and this is what these kinds of women like to mess about with and wind me up so they can finger my bum and tell me whether or not I should be the Arch Prince all the time; telling me it is because I say every sentence with the word bum and every phrase with the word fuck, when we all know that was what they liked the most about popular and celebrity culture that they love to lower others to lap up endlessly as if it was their lot; the filthy homosexuality in it of which the Media grapples with all the time as it were and yet they make out they achieve much the more insulting they get. It’s never really been a massive problem to deal with in a wider sense; I mean the Dutch for instance will ensure you want to cut up their own no matter how much you may resist it because the British were meant to be the dirty Royals while the Dutch the clean and Jet set ones and so when I do cut up peoples Tinsel Town as well it will make them very angry but I can only reiterate, their ideas about deciding which black people in the world are worthy to get around with the Royal Families of Europe, that this is a Book buyers only access Business as it were and I would like it so much if they would all keep their fingers off my Bum. The old tale that is loved so much being the one about what my public duties are whereas it was always as simple as the fact people do not need to abandon their Culture or Society or Industry or Politics if it appears they cannot hold it down while keeping a job and there is no need for others to have a go at them for being immoral because they are so steeped in these things they have no sense of correct ways in which to approach matters of other peoples sensitivities; somebody is actually responsible for doing the moral bits for them and it’s me – so it’s not as difficult as the media shows it nor is it the apocalypse. In terms of terrorism which I keep out of it for security reasons of course; we all know terrorists don’t know if they want to hate my guts or like me these days and these things are the reason for it – they should hate me for who I am but should love me to copy my Office which will never happen – however that said, I don’t want Americans turning up to fuck things over either  - so when we see a dishevelled person with a gun on a media channel making a statement what comes to mind is that freedom is the light of all human beings but when they speak of terrorism they draw similarities with me and I like to say enough have not yet died in that vein as it were.

Of course it is said at this point as a result of incessant media reiteration of such nonsense, that I run this Office from a function of fundamental incompetence – it has no basis on fact which is that I have to come up with a plan but if intrusion and abuse is so intensified for the fun of it and spread as wide as media and politicians make it, then I can wrap the plan around them – but it is a bit controversial hence I need to be in a position to explain all the time. It sits in the same category as the one where most of my problems are a function of my lack of fear for Americans of which there is nothing to fear; it’s a strange country the US, where people love their freedom and justice but it’s an everyman for himself satiation – so that if your country got bombed and you asked questions, the bomb was probably made by a private contractor and so was the plane or even pilot that fired it from a private contractor probably and the president is in charge but changes every four years; so I understand the tale of how that would have been a condition in which my leadership would be completely impotent but of course reality is that providing leadership in such situations is filially destructive, so you do not do it – it is not to say that if somebody’s persistent disobedience leads to the death of a person I cannot pull out the stops and make him behave, it’s just that it is not productive or profitable; in the UK the every man for himself position would have meant that my value falls into the wrong hands very easily and yes I would probably have found a way of controlling what happens as a result but it is very tiresome; Hence nothing to fear as I do not feel that much of an affinity with Americans.