So there is story the Americans say I am a kid and I will get the British people into trouble; it is utter nonsense of course, save the clever part where they have found a kid that is not a dependant and if they hurt will not even have to pay the medical bills etc. I personally do not mind since it is one of the main disconcerting insults that sees them perform those Political acrobatics around the world when I waylay the parents at their retirement the way I way lay the kids at the jobs market if they rip up my academic work and chase my Public image and Royal Estate business Empire with intent of owning it as well. So they do say what they mean is that the British government lets me sit under a cover to make as much trouble as possible, which has no basis on reality; the reality is that Americans need to get off my Book sales – everybody lives and gets on with the fact they are exceptionists but this is becoming absurd, way too close to the basic instincts and they play too much, play until they play with their own, then pretend it’s my problem and if it shows up I will certainly solve for them as well. The main effects go way beyond the need to ensure Moral people ever have to work so hard to find what people want, just so they might provide a service and make a living if there is anything left of them thereafter, it develops into something of a case of literarily grabbing my Business and laying it out in a public place then issuing themselves invites and feeding on it as a community on a daily basis; when I say there is a possibility to recovery, they say it is fat chance since the Americans have the wealthiest economy and the British one has a pretty big treasury too. so it is becoming absurd and there is ever that slight tinge of civility brought into people’s lives when they complain of a kid that is allowed to do whatever he likes by the British Government, it is ever always a good start as it were, very good start indeed in my opinion. The main problem has always been a simple one; nobody asks them to get about all that useless existence that mean they have a bad history that dogs them everywhere, nobody tells them to get around ripping up people’s lives to get rich and then worry about peoples finding out how easy their lives have become but when they marry into my Court must see that I need their wives, I need my Court and it is not going anywhere; I mean if you have a Court of people that are willing to give up marriage in order to be dedicated to you and you give them the freedom to marry, these are usually the last people you expect to seek marriage in such an arrangement but so can we see that whilst they have their fashion friends and celebrities to seek marriage from these kinds of things happen because they have a tendency to train their attention on other people’s property. The reality is that I am never going to get off managing Royal business that involves keeping eyes and ears open for all concerning The Queens deeds which may create duties for an Arch Prince, curetted by the Police and Armed Forces, which is by the way being infiltrated by Political scum and criminals who want to tell me what to do all the time, to get off and run Publicity over Public life or selling Books simply because others have ideas about how I should live in order to be more acceptable and democratic and representative in their view; so I need my Court and if they are peoples wives, then people should know I need their wives. They say I had to be cautious with the way I have said it but there is nothing cautious in my voice I think; I have duties split between Church and state and a good part of state work is about being truthful, so nothing will likely cause me to believe it a good idea to need peoples wives but then again is the other question they need to answer as a people i.e. how many communities exactly are engaged in this whole processes of causing me immense distress in order to have a piece of my Business and sit about making themselves comfortable with and why do they think a Lady Victoria Hervey who would be more interested in selling stuff is actually vulnerable to them as well, speaking of my wife. They don’t want some intellectual property administration, they want sales and Lady Hervey does sales, not me. So do I think Americans are arseholes as they have said? Of course not, it’s just something about playing around with absurdities until you had lost your own footing and then others have been doing well, time to go in there.

Now they say I support the British Empire without knowing what it really was about; the truth of that tale is rather that I was not born when it was in operation and know nothing about it really but from what we have read of history and what is still happening by nature today to corroborate that, what we see is a collection of behaviour from human beings which is absolutely historical even by the standards of the cruelty of the French Empire and German Empire and Portuguese Empire and the rest of them – it is not that the British did not carry out cruelty as such, it’s the fact that these their cruelty all set precedents and none of it has a centre that stuck together because there was practically none and hence a load of Empires based on human greed and the butchery of people, which simply explains why the British one also was forced to make the decisions that it made even though it centre stuck together for such a long time for the greater good of the world as a whole. I mean the latest was the German one and we all know that Hitler killed himself and Emperors do not do that is an age of communicative democracy, hence it must have been some empire indeed as it were. Even now what we see all across Europe and Africa and South America and the Middle East is the same thing; they will agree life is always better when Women make home and Men provide bread win but the idea of handling Women properly is always only the best thing to do when they have gone about ripping up people’s lives only; Ladies first British Policy is the reason he had his life wrecked by his own sister or mother, the reason he cannot control his wife and that means he could have been more than he has become and free from the anger that is killing him like poison from inside and so ladies first means war on the British by the South Americans and the Africans and the Europeans and the Asians and the Middle East people, except when they set up Women on your public image to rip it up getting famous, which will make them rich as well, then what they do with the money is look after Women and rob it in your face because it was the right thing to do all along; so image that was rife and rather less civilised in an age where war was fashionable and you were in possession of some serious military gear built from years of fighting enemies that were bigger than you are and behaved in exactly the same way and above all there was possibility that with that much incentive the technology could be leaked by unsavoury elements in the Country, without having to think about further imminent threats, important decisions had to be made. So the only thing that recued the situation was the Americans coming into the scene, taking over and have done a better job of it all since; a typical example is when you decide the oldest basis for economic sustenance is the Maritime one and so we normally traditionally link it with Policing and the Welfare of Women here in the UK – what you end up with, to a stage where trading deals with even an institution like the NHS is being affected by the needs of greedy people around the world, is the fact they love the money but think the fact British Women are sexually savvy and sexually dominating means war as well altogether and you cannot get your head around it; only make sense of when they make it profitable and spend the money on Women to mock you as per they always knew that was the right thing to do. Even now, we have some that have travelled to the US and have tasted freedom and all that stuff; they are still fond of it, in fact they are now building their own sub culture that is threatening to take over main stream living and it is about hatred for women and making Women behave – when you had asked what their problem with Women is, then you find out that the problem is that Women want to do it by themselves and take care of themselves instead of letting the Men do it and then it becomes clear that these behaviours really have no reason whatsoever.

The world they want to live in is one where 6.00pm and the roads are lit up by car headlamps and each headlamp trained into your eyes tells its own story of the wicked things that the person behind the wheels has done in order to make money for the day and where he is going from that point is home, home to his family; so if you trigger anything you will lose that Woman that encouraged you to continue with the way you live because it is the right thing, when you doubted it on the streets a few weeks earlier and the reason will be that she was at the wrong place at the wrong time, married to the wrong man in terms of life and death, safety and security etc, which then leaves you thinking about what you should have done and through no fault of yours it become impossible to be more than the low life their insults have decided you should be, followed by absurdities showing up at your business premises and calling you names, every scum wanting to play with you as well; hence I have been supporting the British Empire and I do suppose I will not be the last then after all too. At this stage they have not told us what exactly terrorism is or what it is meant to achieve or indeed what they are doing with it, what we know what they want to discuss is how I suffer at the hands of Women but deny the fact that I am – referring to every nonsense involving peoples throwing in their own lot at me because I need to be perpetually alert and ever watchful for events that may create duties for an Arch Prince which is being carried out by the Monarchy and the Head of State, being the suffering Women cause me that I deny all the time and it is not difficult to see why it is incredibly annoying as well. The UK ones are a bit of a collection of freaks all together; they love to make mention of how I am an illiterate Prince but everybody knows I live in a separate life from the ones they do and have a specific environment and condition created for me to get around completing an academic engagement and fulfilling certain public duties; the problem of course is that they do not wish to have alliterate Prince and this is why they are always off getting involved with me and my academic work especially to perform behaviour I have expressly informed them causes me distress and damage – so I really do not see why I should get myself all bothered up about giving them an educated one when I can always do things in my own time instead: the state of affairs as it stands is that I have dropped out of University once and the fact we have reached a point where they are discussing my illiteracy is another clear sign they will never ever take anything seriously in their lives, because they can find a way to make their behaviour rewarding. I for my part am not falling short on controlling general public and social disobedience all together, in fact people hate my guts for it anyway; last week for instance the reason was that Jeremy Corbin had given his Party a leadership Promise to take it back to socialist roots and win them the next election; so what it generally meant as far as they were concerned was that every social outcast that gets about all the other developed economies in the world which are bigger than the UK one in order to show up and make trouble for me and everybody else, has to get about everything I do testing me to a point of health destruction as it were and it is a test they invent every day, there has to be a test every day, some sort of struggling with personal demons kind of test.

The other ones that like to take up their dirty work from where they leave it, always are divided into the two Media ones that cannot stop talking insults and abuses and so much violent rubbish and the violent ones that cannot stop moving into people’s spaces; these days they want us to see how wrong Brexit was and nobody is saying it was the correct thing as such, since the choice was between the EU or Nazism but such eventualities as new racism and new forms of sympathy for racist causes as a result of some people not behaving in ways that will encourage Nazism not to return is what has created the need for people to see things from an outsiders perspective here in the UK – the whole EU business had become more of a tether than what it was actually supposed to be. As for behaviour that was to prevent Nazism returning, nobody knows to this day after years of pressing them for information, where Nazism is and how he intends to return so people can avoid it as it were. So that the reality of their problem tends to be the fact that they are not good people and that the local racist in the neighbourhood is likely to have been a good school yard friend of every fool you see in the City and especially the ones that show up on your Television but none of these will be seen shutting their big mouth and letting religious people be either. Then again which is an old story about how I behave the way I do because I am a Coward, which does not actually mean anything since the reality is that they have always engaged themselves in personal grooming as to the tune of understanding matters of violence, so I have been spending my time on other things and tend to realise they are at least 70% better than me at it, hence are always superior but the Media and Celebrity ones that were at it and experienced it all but are still inferior need to shut their filthy Mouths and clear my space as well.  Then we hear those tales of my behaviour suggesting there is nothing about me which links me with the outside and that I think I am 100% British which actually irritates them and calls them out to violence against me; the reality of course is that if I walk into Public transport, the next Woman with kids who walks into it wants to dominate me for the whole journey because she is more linked to that Country than I am and it is by the way also the method by which they rob me of everything I have and do when Media and Politicians expose me on a daily basis – so my communication with them here has nothing to do with being British through and through, it has something to do with showing them I have the capacity to ensure my bottom does not hurt anymore and that they seek sex among their own mates by taking that Country away from them to protect my career as well or helping them burn it all together. They do say either way it will be a position that will please Nationalist Politicians and I have no idea which part of what I said they found lost in translation anyway; so I will press the main points here i.e. I know how to ensure my career is safe and that my bottom does not hurt anymore on account of the existence of a Country which I do not fully belong and the way to do that is either to take it away from them or help them burn it all together – I do not think this fact is lost in translation from what I have said above, nor is the fact that the existence of a Country brings such intense and continued and persistent and violent insults make it any less insulting because it is about a Country. It is an old story all together; the reason for their behaviour goes way beyond the process of using the Country to fix personal problems when they are not successful like those who are as insane as they are tell them it is how to make a living do – it is the other part whereby the only moments they stop using the Country is fix their problems are ones whereby I have finished 70% of a project and am working on 20% looking all tired and they have something to say about what I am doing and how it does not make sense and how they do not know what it is I think I am doing or who asked me to do it and the result of such nonsense and stupid lasciviousness is actually financial and career benefits, which comes to them in a condition whereby they feel like real Men and Women etc; again the same applies, it does not become any less insulting because it is as a result of the existence of the Country; nothing I get up to has a tendency to please Nationalist Politicians in anyway whatsoever.

In the end I am always told I create more problems than I solve them but of course every attempt to create a gang and a Mafia and to get around murdering people with it, can also be followed with a process of making sure the methods of doing so are outdated on a daily basis in case somebody has a need to shoot their own too – I personally have a tendency to Court hatred in my direction due to an ability to keep an eye on those that have issued threats in my direction too. The important stuff is that we live in a City and people are not moral in a City, they will see a Book and kill the owner in order to steal it and make themselves financially comfortable rather than respect the fact it belongs to somebody else all together and move on; so I have a right to prevent crimes being committed against me which it seems Politicians and Journalists do not recognise and so will their problems persist too; they want fraternity of Nation apparently and will never have it, so it might be possible to borrow that stupid Country of theirs and keep it with me until I sell my Books before they can get it back when I am on holiday and they are free of me as a result; it is not the respect stuff that causes harm as it were. We will hear from this that I talk about every single thing concerning my position which will cause me to lose everything and cost them everything as well but nobody sees me get around with drugs and gangs and bad people and immoral people and clubbers and partiers and so on; what people see is Politicians and Media building an image and a reputation for me which involves these whenever they want to create an exit for themselves after doing so, then trapping me with the needs of those they have harmed in such ways in the past – so what they are finding out is that there has always been a good reason behind why I do not engage in those things as it were and it is all gearing up to become the least of their worries too. So they say I am always untidy and when I respond with the fact it is because they show up around my public and private livelihood to make use of things without paying as though they are keepers of my depression, they speak of societies and cultures I wrecked so as to deserve it but I never mind such things; it is what people do because they believe they will make some form of progress with it but such progress will never ever come – what they did was skewer my public image and property and academics and finances to buy new cars and rob in my face to ensure the air was breathable and free like it should be out of their own extensive goodness and it started with pushing me out of my studies because they had located the secretes of rich people as a result of the economic crisis and needed a punch bag they can cause a lot of suffering to, so as to make every behaviour they came up with thereafter all worth it, that was the bit where the entire economy was taken up like a big bowl and placed where they controlled it while they invited their friends to feed on it and we all know they never stop lying; so this story will never make progress, I am clear about the reasons I did and if I see that culture and society will cut it up again and find out what it is exactly they can do about me after. I am facing exactly the same thing as well from another angle and it is the one where the question has become an account of exactly how many communities are deploying my Public image and property equity after causing me at least five years of suffering in each case, so as to make themselves comfortable and allow girls invent altercations with me and claim spending my property on themselves amounts to punishing me for not respecting Women, get rich quick and beautify products to attract customers? Those will complain about Popularity and Celebrity culture as well the way these ones are complaining about culture and society at present when I am finished with them too.

I do not think it a crisis; just an old case where people complain of not knowing where my business begins and stops and that it is just a sensation and it is out there and nobody will come to harm for accessing it; this is actually not true because they have already been informing me that when I speak of running out of tolerance for White Communities I have overreached myself – so that instead of owning a department store with the kinds of assets I have at the moment, it’s all stalled while fear and profitability of violence has awarded me a security guard job. So like I am told these are not matters I can handle, it’s the same story that when Politicians continue to play silly games with them, the ability to get money will lead to a bigger problem – when the Politicians stopped doing it and the realisation what they thought was iron clad safe which gave them incentive to attack and damage mine being destroyed by me so easily will lead them down that path where they behave like caught out burglars. Even now while they complain and especially of that their disobedience rather meaning an issue of a lack of respect on my part; wives and daughters beating up the man who thinks he is really tough has not actually subsided; so they are supposed to realise there is nothing they can do about me and if I handle their culture and society will cut it again and give it a rest behaving like caught out burglars but the Politicians are free to decide whether or not their behaviour is backed up by a reason, a cause and effect essentially so to speak.

Here they will say they once told me their behaviour does not occur because of a cause and effect but I would never believe it; which truth is that only very insulting Media fools got into a habit of doing so, while the Politicians claimed these people had a behaviour which was due to deprivation and disused community playgrounds etc; I knew then for instance that I want to look professional when I am attending work – which does not mean that others do not wish to look like the best thing that happened to Popular culture anyway; only that the part where they get very abusive about it becomes the one where you notice things people want to perform as an activity that will bring about an outcome where somebody puts them in hospital where they will scream in pain for a while etc. The case really being that it did seem the Politicians wanted to find out something really important and I had to take control of the whole process while I made it happen if I could. As for the part about my sexual behaviour, the problem has never really been that of opening up my Royal Commission into something people train all their time and attention on in order to tell me what to do and control my property which then allows them to see what is happening in my sexual activities as such, it was one of those things I would react to which will make Politicians better off rather than prepare for another fight they will wish never really happened instead.


I do not think that the matter itself is a crisis as such, it is not; just people making out the problem they have is others showing them a lot of disrespect whereas the issue is that their disobedience and need to profit from it is out of this world. So they are only wriggling around finding the best ways to profit from their disobedience while claiming it is the stuff of freedom and democracy when it is all a test and struggling with personal demons with them every day. It’s like the story of what my diet is like; where Black People do not want me to settle into the UK but have a problem with my diet when I cannot get my head around British cuisine; hence it becomes so publicly obvious they cannot stop me from eating what I want to eat as they have not got it thereof. So it becomes so apparent Lucifer’s bigger victory for instance was leading astray some Angels he can make an Army with and that this Royal Estate will be split with them somewhere in hell – when I say they need to move on they keep making me those stupid deals about not being able to on account I have blocked off their route to fame as though this was their own lives; so the sexual habits of mine thing is getting really close to its sell by date since it comes as a result of these idiots taking advantage of all I do to listen in on what is being said in my direction from the Monarchy in order to perform my duties, to get about telling me what to do and handling my possessions by pretending to control my existence everyday and it was all started by the stupid Media and politicians inventing one such problem for me. I do not think the case of my diet is a serious matter anyway; it’s always been a story closely linked to the sexual habits issue – where they claim it comes from overseas whereas I simply create what I need whenever I want and it comes as a result of years and years of being able to get my body what it is lacking i.e. if I suddenly have a craving for meat, I know then that I am lacking meat which is the main source of it for me for a long time and will get some – these guys however will rather get to Mc Donalds where they fill their tummy with bread and potatoes and then some meat alongside, so that by the time their craving for meat has been satisfied they are obese; so it’s an old tale of it eats and considers it costs and decides to leach onto somebody to get that cost, somebody groomed up by Male journalists that is as it were and the Celebrity ones are the worst of all – hence it’s not lost in translation that we are nearing the end of the selling date for the stories they brew alongside it, such as starting Public conversation about my diet to make me smell etc.

So they say that for me it’s all talk and that there is nothing I can do as such; the reality of course is rather a case where I have to take me out of me and start to think about a local neighbourhood and whether there are people in it and some are good and some are bad and they all have reasons for their behaviour and I want to walk up to peoples kids and slap over the head and then it will cry and get parents and I will get into a fight with those and they will get relatives and I will go at those too; so it will get to a point where I find a way of doing it such that they will never appreciate my methods too and then they will keep off those Books of mine which do not do them any favours in the first place. It did seem they wanted to find out something very important and now that they have we are done, especially for the Politicians. They do say there is no way I do it but we all know that will just earn them an enemy of those stupid mid-sized income families as well; whereby they say it is rhetoric like mine which led to atrocities of 9/11 whereas everybody knows the Bin Laden Family knew the Bush one very well and that coupled with the complacency over terrorism in the US as well 9/11 events were best planned during such a time and it is true it was planned so as to target them too; scum like these who get after the finances of an Arch Prince because they idolise some celebrity somewhere etc – they are soon to be complaining about their own on a global scale as well. They only said there is nothing I can do at this stage; so I had to place these real world fact around that old case of telling them that having lose change at home to support consumerism when big companies are about to crush small ones does not work for me because I am a moral person that is always being made to work 20 times as hard as everybody to find what the crowd really wants whenever I want to do a business, they would rather make it their main preoccupation and lumber me with ideas of what I should do for the homosexual community and more so in order to become one of them as well. So they can continue with the other stuff that turns up at the Tabloids and Magazines as it were, where if they idolise a celebrity they get after and rip up the finances and public image for my Arch Prince for it, it will end very well as it were. They say it is a matter of the number of people that have lost dream jobs on my account; I wouldn’t mind anyway since they have always continued to find ways of replacing me each time I get into a relationship of any sort with Members of the upper class – it’s usually as though whenever I find a Woman I like their own class is no longer enough at a National scale; since it was never part of a job.

As for the way I run my concerns being all tiresome, that would be the mind of my Court ending up somewhere else or on somebody else because of their male colleagues mostly – the Celebrity ones are rather easier to deal with because they only play up some love and submission routine with me and always tend to do something in a Public place and with respect to Public image and Publicity for it as well; the rest have something of a relationship with the Estate Community and backstage Media people to settle in terms of how they conduct My Affairs with them etc especially those that are over 40; since it is a matter of security and they tend to offer me just about the same kind of support i.e. love and devotion routine, unlike Publicity broads who tend to do love and sacrifice routine. This story has now developed into one about my attitude; I would never know anyway, all I know is that the only justification for such nonsense is usually when Americans want to make me financially comfortable if I agree to behave like a celebrity; the rest is utter nonsense, starting from a tale of my problem with American Media where every Celebrity and Fashion idiot who want to get involved with my diplomatic work and get about doing me favours can be rest assured they are doing everything in their power to ensure what I own really belonged to me in the past and therefore belongs to them all in the future, blowing off their big mouths about what I have done wrong and which part will carry some consequences all of the time and simply cannot shut up at any rate, especially the Talk show ones. It’s always been the routine – that Celebrity idiots and their fellow Fashionista generally feel they can do whatever they liked if they are in some form of a relationship with somebody from the secret services and these are toys I am set to take away from them as well, especially the American ones, as it is impossible for people to get on other peoples nerves like that for such a prolonged period of time without consequences; all I need in order to avoid this is a process where they keep off my case. Before the conversation turned to one about my attitude it was first about the fact each time I check up on what is happening in a world where celebrities occupy a space at my Court and Film makers and Music people for instance occupy another and have to get things done, what I find especially from the fashion ones who think they are other peoples personal gods because they have large egos all of the time is that they are on a work in progress and that there is progress coming later – the reality for years and years, stalling my Book sales and finances is that it never really does because the work is progress is a smoke screen to reel me in and is nonsense that I need to stop tolerating as well. The great benevolence of letting people who are not assigned get involved with my work does not pay off, it does not get anything done in anyway whatsoever and I am tired of it, need to get rid of anything that does not match as I am already beginning to get concerned at my 30s about heart disease due to the level of anxiety it causes which of course I am seemingly unable to control as well and then they can discuss my attitude when I am finished and stop issuing threats that show they are keeping their stupid health for it as well. I do not want any scum getting around my Office especially at the diplomacy section and my Public image doing me any more favours, if they do not fit, they do not take part and nobody gets to share my possessions any longer. Hence it is obviously a matter of the way I make people feel about their communities and societies but its intellectual property administration I do and will find it easy to reward people with tit for tart insults as well; anybody could have been rounded up and groomed for distant violence that is imaginary but felt anyway, the question they have to answer is whether they know who I am or not I for my part had long decided the threats are an indication they have been saving their health all that time they did nothing else with themselves save lay waste to mine and it will always open them up a whole new kettle of Fish.

So they say I fail to judge from the state of my tummy what I can and cannot do while I set about boasting of the sort that will get me into trouble; I wouldn’t know about boasting anyway, I am a Christian and Christians do not boast because it is a sin against God – what it really is, is a process where we find out what they will do after they are finished with the insults that causes the bad smells by which they will decide what is what and we can all see thereof that it is a bullying for me the victim and for them they have a reason for it and the yapping threats will cause me to give them more as it were.

I mean what has already been done is the one where greedy people and violent people are made to slug it out to a point where the World Trade Centres in New York where Blown up in 2001, so I will definitely have to find a way to top that if they do not keep their filthy mouths to themselves. I mean the general idea of their disposition is that I have no respect for Women because they have recently found it as it were and when that prognosis fails them everybody knows they will become homosexual with my personal and public life as well – so the reason they are always frisking my Tummy and talking nonsense about the Gym when it is neither their body nor am I unhappy with the way I am is because they simply do too much and nobody has done anything about it just yet so far as it were.

I mean when we speak of reasons, the Politicians set me up as the guy ex criminals get to bully and do what they like with so as to clean themselves up and get back into the good books of the authorities in search for trappings of power because they can explain what it is exactly they are doing as well obviously and as for the Media, the process where each time I ensure any scum that makes use of my work without paying for it ends up in a condition where people find out how his or her job works as well, gets publicity and a bail out which ensures my security does not have an effect because there is a reason as well. Notwithstanding which they have been doing something about me for 15 years so far; I mean the part where an idiot does not understand it has grave effects on you when he shows up on your concerns to display those his stupid left hand side and right-hand side gestures while another group of scum speak of my lack of respect for celebrities and of how I am not Royalty since these insults and the anus and penis gestures attached to them do not cause bowel movements I cannot control all together anyway, considering they are so sickening; we hear them say my Books have the effect on them as well but so do we see them show up around it all the time too, like it is in their interest to read it and that is usually before we hear them bellow those stupid threats all together as well and all I can say is that I am not Gay and do not fancy them wherefore they should not be living in my life and in my personal space in order to feel good about the effects of their stupidities and how it makes their foolish lives work but all together I suppose they do too much and have not yet been taught a lesson they will never forget just yet too.

I am happy with the way I am and do not need any gym and if the lessons people have learned from frisking my tummy to make it roll and roll uncontrollably especially when a Christian is on a fast day, so they can below their stupid threats and speak nonsense of the powers of their villainy is not enough, the assumption should not be that I cannot dish out more because I actually can; when they care about Women as well, the fucking idiots and cannot keep their Mouths where it may be appreciated because they know where my Book store is and I will be defined by the fact I have a livelihood because such nonsense is unlikely to get them into trouble with a big mouth. The nice aspect of all I have said here I should reiterate, is that my Books do not make people sick to the stomach, it makes them sick to the stomach because I have two groups of people involved in my Royal concerns, one of them is the Monarchy and the institutions of the Country, the other is local criminal neighbourhoods and their overseas connections: one of these two have invited itself, is now blabbing at me of how Law enforcement and Military do the same things I complain about to them which indicates the reasons I deserve it and  so it should have been clear to them what the reasons I have become so obsessed with disrupting everything they do on a global scale was all along, especially when it comes to them stupid celebrities and Popularity culture as it were; their left hand side and right hand side gestures at culture and society makes me sick too to the stomach too and there are other things about it which are unusual, hence they need to stop frisking my tummy and knowing where my anus and penis is if they do not like the smell and shut the fucking big mouth threats for it too as it were; I want to make cocaine unprofitable like the amount of disruption and insults I suffer here too, make marijuana taste crap generally and they should see what I plan to do when I get my hands on legal highs too and then Media and the Celebrities after thereof. It’s been 8 years since I dropped out of University because of them and they are still at it like the very first day it began – when done they become parents who complain about the kids they have, who will hear me complain and take up what I am too cowardly to do for themselves and set about doing it to provide me with some form of social convenience, which leads back to the original issue i.e. nobody asked them to get around the world telling others what my Books do; it is not as if they are paid to do it anyway; my Books do not make people sick to the stomach, it only makes them sick to the stomach and is not in their interest to read. Just like we hear the problem to be that I am not a successful person but always want to get along with the great and the good but obviously of which frisking the Tummy makes a bad smell anyway since it wants to get along with people all together; we all know people want to lean on Baby to get along with life and that there is reason I am being exposed to that while the Court fights for its career on Media, that I can never ever be a happy people when exposed, not least because black Women will locate somebody that must be gay so they can be powerful on account he is quiet and quiet idiots always want to be celebrity types at other peoples expense and that Men have a tendency to grab peoples career and shut down the finances with the use of Media and the owners can be it back when they are finished on what they want to do with it – still there is a group that gets out of bed to get involved with me everyday claiming my behaviour costs contracts through which they might exhibit themselves and get rich; same story naturally i.e. it is bullying and they have a reason too. It’s never been a complicated issue, just the process of making sure my Book is known to be my property the world over and it does seem that when One is not vulnerable to sales crimes, the Media creates it and keeps up the vulnerability to complain about the plight of celebrities and criminal communities that sell them drugs even further and having a daily provocative conversation on it, full of lies and fun and argumentations had in my absence to develop some sort of oppression.

Now they say I do not know that Brexit is inherently dangerous for me just yet – don’t mind for my part anyway, the reality of what annoys me the most is that each time I have a conversation about it, they will show up from their City centre and journalistic nonsense to pretend I am talking to them as well. Then get to tell me I act as if it is a problem I can handle blabbing nonsense at me that will cause m to make them understand what it feels like as well; since I do not have a problem with administration at crime, I do not have a problem with administration at Public security, I do not fall short at Government and Royal business, my one problem is that I cannot even make time for my studies on account of the Media making sure that when people deploy my books without buying their copy, they have some Publicity which can help them ensure I was Royalty yesterday but that they are today, stealing my identity and it is never clear why the scenario will become the main preoccupation of other peoples jobs to provide a means by which people can rob your shop and therefore get away with it as such and so it becomes some main preoccupation of theirs which everybody knows they engage themselves in, while the process of pretending when I talk about it I am addressing them and deserve to be threatened is another integral aspect of their Media jobs. I have had enough of this nonsense, especially with respect to the threats that thus show they are unaware they are also playing silly games with a dangerous individual that is rightly capable of twisting their own and making them understand as well when it really comes to it, as everybody can see all this is completely unnecessary as they are neither Politicians nor Government or even the Monarchy and have no business with me thereof. I mean to make it easier I can make it clear that the main case around their stupidities usually concerns the fact there are two groups of people that love to get involved with my concerns and one of them is the Politicians while the other are organised criminals that have invited themselves, the part these idiots that have no wish to pay attention to the one job that actually pays their salaries, is what nobody will ever understand. Except that is I image an idiot is stuck with his own criminals and likes to blow off his bug mouth at me about how I refuse to accept how much the UK wants to be a republic because he needs my Public life and public image, like he got involved with bad boys and criminals I suppose, from that angle as it were and then we hear those threats especially from the other scum that speak about their culture and society that is never nice to me, especially the females and will never be allowed to go without damage and destruction each time it shows up on my concerns,  especially with respect to their fame – of which the person who told them they were famous must have been just an insane as it were; for of course it is also the stage where their obsession with hurting me to get good things in return and making sure I am always tuck with some process of pleasing them while they cut down everything I am and do to create the exit for their stupid lives ensues; the same old tale that I am not talking to them when I have a conversation about it but am happy to put up with their stupidities as it does seem it is the Politicians that want prove that they are scum and therefore have a need to make them financially better off like their lives depended on doing so. They got themselves stuck with bad people living their useless existence the way we know they get to live it as it were and want my Public image to get out of it with a big mouth telling me to be nice and respectful towards Women when they get to care about Women for a change as it were. It becomes simply impossible to run a business if people care that I work hard for my money and am genuine about what I do on account they have needs and I want them to clear my space for it as well. It’s never been an issue, they are quasi criminals and like to make that excuse that the issue of criminals getting involved with my concerns affects them too but we all know it’s a case of Fashion model is worth a few millions she loves to dig from my Public image as we all know they cannot keep off my finances and the Men I kick all the time when it comes to matters of violent peoples following Women around and greedy people like them following me around will now make alliances with these criminals and show me I do not know what I am talking about, which is also precisely why I get involved with going on at my state provided security so that they might with their big mouths as it were; so that what we end up with is that on no occasion will anybody see me show up near the fashion models 7 bedroom house that she bought three years go to copy how she lives and make scandals and lifestyle enjoyment I can put all over magazines and place at supermarkets but if she and her stupid Men are not living like that around me then existence does not actually make sense – issuing those stupid threats at me all of the time; I mean these days they apparently do it for reasons that they are doing me favours to taking care of serious diplomatic world problems that I have got too all together and cannot be seen existing anywhere else save my Public image as it were but it is still the general Media and its broadcasting staff that wish to physically prove a point on this matter before it stops all together and when I return to the University and find their stupidities turn up there to play with me again there is definitely going to be a lot of trouble too.


So they say people cannot enjoy their freedoms when I am around, whereas what happens is their greed and their needs and some bullying associated with the fact they have got a reason or associated with somebody that wants to kick them until a reason does exist for the fact he or she is being bullied. I mean the exact reason Journalists will become fond of making sure anybody who turns up on Public places to claim they are Me gets publicity on account they want me out being a general vagabond which does not do well for a Royal Office must be... exactly..? we see them make up the reasons apparently and I am well within my rights to ensure I get one that satisfies me too – the big one is when they put me through incredible distress over a period of years on a daily basis and then each time it goes quiet a process of wondering what the idiots are up to gives way to a process where my personality and Public image is part of popular culture to a point where there is always an aspect of it on my mind and then we hear even more insults about somebody having done my personal and public life and then that job I created for myself or my livelihood too with a big mouth laughing, looking smug and changing everything to do with my market place that will ensure their stupidity affects my earnings everyday as their own form of power; so the question now is whether that is actually enough all together as it were since they are determined to ensure they and their Media and celebrity jobs and livelihoods are my pit fall and do love to pretend they have some sort of power to back it up too; we see them do it all over diplomatic circles and the Muslim ones are really good at finding out what the smell of what I ate is and they are a people that cannot keep their hands to themselves, except when I handle them as well there is going to be trouble and I only want to cease to see any indications of them around my Business or public image and academics, which is actually not too much to ask before they end up with an enemy and have to back their big mouth up too. If it all persists for another 48 hours I will start a fight at the diplomatic world as well, so ensure they put their money where their mouth is and it will be a problem with them mid range incomes and mid range homes and all the insults that go with it right up to popular and celebrity culture and I will make hell for them all around the world for it as it were.

I mean how they become more important than an Arch Prince who had a Global premise created for his Estate that he already had as an empire before then, then given some Royal allies and Political ones as well, at the end of which he was prepared and allows to chase his academics and return to his duties, nobody will ever know but simple things like making sure they spread Publicity to deny my identity as insultingly as possible is paying off on a daily basis with their stupidities showing up all over my Public image and finances as it were  but then again as I said, it is usually either there is a reason for it or the victim is trying to ensure there is one, every time that we hear them complain.

Apparently I love to deny that people who are financially better off than I am actually are; whereas the reality has always rather been that of promises I have made, where I do my Intellectual property administration and they claim I make promises to give and show people secretes of wealth and it goes back to the old tale of daily intense distress that will infuse their personality into mine and allow them to have a public life and go places like we see them seek to ensure Public servants get less and less respect in order to clear an exit for them to enjoy life with, using the abusive and really insulting corruptions of involvement we see them perform all the time but then again also means they are working their freedoms all together and what they do with it is ensure holier than thou Christian has popular culture on his mind while they perform their insanities to get rich and famous with – so that it becomes obvious that when Models are not taking pictures of themselves on your Public image and likewise the celebrities etc, when you try to sell Books to Mr A and B and C without success, the probability is that there will be success with Mr D and this is what the air being free is supposed to have been since all that nonsense is based on insults and nostalgia and we all know that they always have problems alongside their endless accusations, indicating they are evil; give a finger and they will take an arm and a leg and the threats fundamentally come from those who do not wish to have you control what they take from you, the same group of idiots with a culture and society I can rip up again, getting about the process of getting things off me through abusive tricks because asking and gratitude will make them inferior, fundamentally hating my right to earn a living which means it is not in their interest for me to run my business selling those Books of mine they hate so much.

The question they ask is what I hate so much about the idea the UK might become a republic; it is utter nonsense, I do not hate such an idea but the reality has always been what it actually means i.e. if there is a British republic, it means the Monarchy was out of a job and if so, then it means they were not good at it and these idiots know nothing about their own jobs let alone decide if others can lose one, except that with their stupidities becoming a power through involvement they can make enough trouble to attain their wishes and it is likely to continue considering they are really stupid, if others do not teach them lessons by it as well. So that if I asked beside the fact if I see them around my livelihood and concerns and especially turning up to play with me at University over it, there will be trouble; what exactly they have decided somebody else can do a better job than the Monarchy, we will never get an answer; so that what we are left with is the fact they are journalists and TV Personality idiots who know nothing about the Law, have not even had themselves sorted out either way, hate religion and morality as well for good measure and are completely insane about being able to decide other peoples fate. As I have said anyway, it is usually because there is a reason or those they have already hurt want to make them come up with one; so that their assumption is usually that if somebody lost his wife and you got up to him during the funeral to tell him his wife is a cunt and he kills you for it, the Prison system will jail him for more than a decade – or that if you see a Police Officer attending to his difficult job, walk up to him and tell him his problem is that he never listened to what whole communities told him and he shoots you, there will be an arrest for murder – in my case they can just follow me around every day over 12 years and rip up a business Empire, then sit about showing me it’s the white Man’s fault and I have got a duty to them as well. These are not things I think are complicated matters, I am a Christian and not necessarily a novice when it comes to what I believe as such; I can identify evil when I see it, evidently of which they do all that damage for years on end and will not better themselves either considering that they do share a skin colour that I have. What they really have a problem with is that these is a huge amount of professional flexibility in the UK for people whose lives are tied to good causes and this financial certainty for moral people is what they hate the most; now they hate my guts as well for taking away their own and putting it under watch and monitoring, they will come up with a reason for their actions which actually make sense as far as I am concerned, sooner or later.