The big story today is that I enjoy getting involved with feminists and my behaviour towards media people who are clearly more successful is the reason for all my problems but I wouldn’t know anyway; what I know is that younger days saw me masturbate and this then grew into a history of taking advantage of Women without prove and has now ended with University drop out, choppy academic qualifications, joblessness, cash flow crisis and singe status at 37 years of age, now they are after my Books and cannot explain what their feminist status has to do with approaching me whenever I am trying to sell it, to tell me I can never do so, churn my tummy upside down and claim it is because I am poor but getting in their face pretending to be rich. So, it can only go so far as to annoy me well enough to end with a case where it become difficult to tell if it is the claims I get involved with feminists that becomes a good thing all together. It’s never really a crisis in itself, the reality is that I have a Literary Empire and it was built and patented to help me sell Books I write in it and through it, it’s big and global but was not built for people’s exhibitionism – so the simple fact about their problems and mine is that I do not wish to see any of their insanity around my Books any further, celebrities and politicians and media goons alike and I am not talking about a fight yet, that would be the big mouth wagging as a whole. The playing games with successful media people feeds into the other case of the fact that if this were the 1970s and 80s etc. I would be on the streets leading groups of people and crying out for some civil rights, which feeds into Scottish National party gimmicks too, where they say what I have expressed about the SNP leader is a bad thing but nobody knows if she is hoping to get into government Office to host a never referendum every 2 years in order to prevent a process where people think abusing others amounts to their civil rights, from becoming something violent – what we know is that she really thinks everybody ought to get together and host a party in honour of Scottish goons, so as to make them think and feel as though they are the ones making decisions in the Country and they really do enjoy telling their media bastards to ask me about it too as it were, which is also the reason they are complaining. Then we hear the funny bits which means that I am deluded about the fact they have a deadline for their behaviour towards me with that big mouth especially the Americans, which have to do with how I know nothing of Women, explaining clearly why we are so unable to communicate, since it is obvious they think I want to learn about Women from them, while I do not want women showing up to squander Christian finances and help idiots get me to renounce my faith in order to get a job etc. Hence 3 decades ago and there would have been lots of Christian pastors ending up in sex work but this is not three decades ago as it were and none of it happens as a result of the so called power of the people, power of the crowd, the fact it is democratic is not to say it has to be moral, the power of the majority and the way Politics operates etc. it happens because I am being bullied with that big mouth and I intend to work my own as well and we can clearly see that when Terrorists pick up on it, I can only look as though I am terrorists while they make noise of it on media and nothing else. They claim I am unable to handle competition, I cannot tell for my part which area of stupid grove scum that have become grandfathers in my generation telling me I will not earn a living on this earth before they are rich means competition anyway; we always knew that given any chance they do cling to my Books on media and popularity culture to do it and make me feel I will not live to 60 but the other idiots had to get into government buildings to ensure all I had done to carry on so they can decide what they want to do with their time without bothering me had specifically failed because it would have been amusing, of which it is not anymore and I have made it quite clear that not seeing them around my books anymore happens to be the only exit they will ever get on this matter as a whole. So, the useless goons have succeeded in ripping my academics by turning up at academic institutions to play with me and are hoping I will become pastor who gets money off them to preach the gospel and help people prosper and they must have it at any cost as usual but are now talking nonsense at me about competition of which the Books hurt them all the time but they cannot stop being seen around it as would be expected of people that are so incredibly foolish. Then there are the society ones as well, those want to show me how much they hate the religion all together but even when it is a Church environment and people just want to enjoy the weekend, read their Bible and gain some sanctity to their day, they will show up to do those things you have expressly told them you don’t fancy especially setting up popularity on your public image and making sure you have no right to feel good, when finished their stupid children will take up from there as well, talking nonsense at me about competition. Then blab some more about how there isn’t a thing in the world I can do about them whereas everybody knows they do nothing when I stand in public to make my own case about their well off enemy nonsense that takes over other people’s livelihood and forgets its stupid place in society all the time – it wants to see you punch and get punched endlessly, except when you want to see what will happen when you do not recognise the existence of societies little Kings, its stupid children become proud of their ruffian image over your job and expect Politicians to come through – in the end, the scum will still never let you be as you are mates with them and it will learn from you to boost its income which then means you have no right to feel good, blowing off that big mouth all the time. I have done nothing to them yet for that stupid Media and Politics to extricate the sense effect of ripping finances and academics to get them sitting around reacting to other people’s social stupidities because it would be exhilarating, so I am at a loss as to what all the complaining is about and I really do not wish to go down that path where I am making them suffer because it is more important to pull me out of my academics, get their stupid children passing exams and returning to popular culture they do not need it for in order to be superior, while setting me out to make me react to their society stupidities because it would be exhilarating, which access to media helps them explain away as the meaning of my company and Books all together, so I would really like them to keep the filthy mouths shut as normal people do not learn from others to boost their incomes in a condition where those they learn from are given such a hard time, it never happens unless it’s an idiot, really ballsy, head shaven perhaps, really full of its self and chasing peoples private parts is more important than a day job, hence others need to be factorised all the time, I would like it if they kept it firmly shut and kept off my concerns. Even my social media profiles are victim to the same rubbish; everything I do to make a statement and follow it up to ensure people at my Court systems carry on for the day since it is what they want to do with their time, has an alternate meaning because so much time and effort is spent on creating one to a point of dogmatic effect on the public, I would like it if they kept the mouth shut and stayed off my concerns lest I make them suffer dearly for the fact my bottom hurts and they have not yet supplied reasons and still when people chase my private parts the same effect applies and it means what I have written on my Books so people do not have to find out. Their incentive is of course Royalty on the left that I am whereas it’s an old story with them and the fact they have respect for nothing in their stupid lives and want to be on the right all the time, therefore the need to move into mine as well and it has also been explained by the fact they seek filthy popular culture to get riches and fame by and are not good looking and it’s not the kind of nonsense I will want to tolerate after dropping out of University either, so we have to assume they think they are incredibly stupid and have nothing to lose and hence these activities are worthwhile for the time being. They do say it’s nice to hear people like me talk about jobs if I mention normal people do not make those whose knowledge and ability has boosted their incomes, so sick they are unable to attend their own sources of income but we all know it’s so easy to because we are talking about their case already anyway, by the way of which it’s just a Book too (and in like manner a Book that really gets around). They do love to speak of how anybody who supports me will be flushing their lives down the loo because they own me, none of which are in anyway linked with any source of truth or reality. The real world is the one where they know my activities are costing them money when they have to get rich by getting on my nerves, the real world is the one where they know their activities are really stupid but had long decided they had some money saved up and will use that to keep doing the activities because they are determined to torture me. It happens because they say I am a selfish person who does not let people peddle my life to get rich even when I have seen that they have invested into doing so with that big mouth and the Community croons are just exist to soften me up so that I am always too flustered to attend to my academics and job and career, then blab about respect and go off to do it anyway. It is the old story behind civil rights and criminality and how the fact I attend Church means I must be hounded and attacked and pushed into a gang fight without reason because they are modern and greedy and we are here because when I write my Books the Politicians claim it is against their civil rights, which is not happening anymore now that the Politicians are complaining more than I am and the community Croons are aware I can set them up as characters I deploy to get my problems fixed too, in order to find out what it is they actually hope to do about it. It’s never really been a problem as a whole – we all know they can never let other be unless they are seriously hurt and their assailants are in prison for being moral enough to show disrespect for their modernism and greed and in my case we are dealing with their need to have things they used to have over the last decade, such as pursuing religious people and abusing them until they give up their faith or compromise it for money because it would have been amusing to, without regard for an ability to put a handle on the popular culture and find out who will detach me from it too for my part. Every time I detach them from my concerns and it is possible to say they are who they are and I who I am, the condition lasts less than half an hour at any given time and then the constant never ending insults of their queer community croons gives them the incentive to start all over again and it all happens because a group of idiots are setting me out as the person that will pay for their liabilities and they are showing how much they love money, fancy their ruffian image and worship their greed. When I am a little bit calmer we then go back to the main point and redress the fact people do not flush their lives down the loo for liking my work or supporting me on account I have been cursed by anything and I would fancy they kept the filthy mouths firmly shut. – the incentive is obviously nothing else save the abuses and berating by community croons whose stupid children should be making money distantly from me. Their problems do not really interest me; the first occasion had to do with the fact they didn’t get to peddle my faith and I needed to be punished for my selfishness, this one is about the fact I have not paid for their liabilities as well and it is getting on my nerves in a big way. I am really not interested in what their problems have become; nobody actually advised them if they wanted one, to mess up my work and surround themselves with my liabilities – besides which compared to what they earn for the period of time they have exhibited their stupid selves over my concerns and how much the Books cost, this amounts to seeking trouble in high places as a whole and if they were asked to explain what they were doing, would have claimed it was some stupid civil rights equality drive too – clear and present very familiar and abject lack of respect to put under their belt and any occasions that may help exhibit one apparently. I do not believe it’s  a crisis; we all know they are losing money because each time I have suffered a life changing consequence of not being able to release money from the Royal Estate to pay for a bill and they have been stock marketing all over my Books they do not want to buy in order to get rich quick, I ensure they pay for it at the precise point where I am likely to become unemployed or homeless and it is usually the precise point where a business cycle is about to begin, so I get to maximise their losses too and it’s the same with day time television advertisement idiots who will start to follow and unfollow my business and reject the products while building publicity for it that I have not paid for, whenever I tell them not to run their stupid advertisement on my public image to sell things and rip up the Book they clearly wrote and then their stupid civil rights children profiting from mocking me by just making use of it either way to express their profitable stupidities as power and dominance – I am not responsible for my actions as well in my view. What I have done is a very mild version of handling those insults and the complaining has gone global with a civil right attached, what they are blabbing about is one I might have done to see what it is exactly they can do as well and I believe it’s not a complicated saying that I do not wish to see them around my Books and that this is an exit I have provided them too. It’s all very well yapping any person that supports me flushes life down the loo but their financial problems and needs especially those accompanied with a need to get on that stupid media to address me or tell me what to do is not one of my main priorities. Half the time we hear that it appears the younger population are always after the jobs of the older ones, while their stupid children speak of how I have been having taboo sex and will be beaten up for it one way or another, to make me think I have already dug it and want to dig some more i.e. the reasons boo boy is always getting punished and his Mon who feeds him those stupid ideas hates Donald Trump for example. The issue has always been an easy one to resolve i.e. 10 years is enough time to pay bills, look after health and raise mortgage deposit, provided it is not spent by them, so why it is such a fun gimmick for the older generation to play such games all the time and then find out they are unable to do anything about criminals which problem can be explained by the challenges they faced when they were their stupid younger selves? I have never thought it a problem, they have always rather pretended I am the one closest to retirement and therefore would hate a fight over the fact I am really tired of seeing them show up around my financial concerns, not least the ones at the Monarchy who have been going around building me costs over the years, as if something has changed about the need to set up stupid black women on peoples finances and when done and the victims are down and out, set up white ones as well, something has changed about their stupid ambitions and those insults showing up on advertisement concerning the arts and city living – it’s a simple problem with a simple solution i.e. I do not wish to tolerate any more of their involvement with my Books, for their sake and for mine.


Hence, they say it is not clear what will happen after Brexit, whereas what is quite clear is that the UK will have to settle its place with Europe and the rest of the world too and that the Tax payer has funded the whole thing and those that are responsible need to get down to business. It may sound amusing but quite serious when you think about the fact that something apart from having your private parts chased by Men who belong in secret societies and run the city between the age of 17 to 22, which then gives way to a life of pure hell between 23 and 35, that allows for you to get caught up in gangs and crime which increased the probability of going to prison so you might be rehabilitated and detached from those talents you have with them Men want and thereafter limping around emotionally while they pretend it’s their jobs and offices which are the only places where and things by which decisions are made that affect the lives of criminals, has just become more important at Parliament. It feeds into that story that I am a trouble maker while it is common knowledge that what happens when people see the guy they used to get around ripping people’s lives to make money and buy organised product, stand somewhere in the Middle East to kill somebody and talk like them, they want to make use of the Armed Forces like it is manned by Animals and want to choose a scapegoat here that is clearly their fucking mate. The Money mad ones always like to blab of how it is not what I say when I meet them in person, whereas everybody knows the bit about terrifying them out of those insolent saloon cars was just something done when One is being Childish – it is far more complicated, as complicated as this sort of talk asking me to take the plunge and decide what I want to do with idiots who are always handling my work to punish me for reasons they make up, on account they think their financial wellbeing should be the most important thing to me, expressed through all that rubbish about getting on media to get themselves involved with my income over the last 15 years. Everybody else knows it is as serious as taking steps to ensure they do not make their stock market trading and advertisement here to pretend there are areas of my public life and other possessions I must give up, no matter how many media idiots have set out to ensure that it is what they are doing because I will be unable to catch them all and prevent the destruction that will come through it. They love to tell me that if I keep people off getting involved with my work to do stock market stuff and so on, it will cripple the economy but we all know that there have always been rules about it and they have always been told to do it in such as a way as recognises the Empire of business does not belong to them and that the trust should be used in my interest because I own it and that if they know nothing about asset exchange at stock market trading, they might want to ditch it and do something else with their time so I can breathe too, or else keep taking risks to talk nonsense at me of what I would say or do if I met them in person, like they want me to make a decision about the crap I have ensured from their insanity for the last decade every day or something like that. I have never thought it a problem, they have always had plans to run that contingency where they ensure I cannot sell my Books in my own trust and end up with body pains due to what I must deal with on account they are borrowing and using it for their purposes, never listening to anything other people say to them, the planned effect results have always been that I needed to end up cash strapped lest I shut down the whole thing by being financially comfortable. Then we hear the spin doctors will come and get me, whereas the spin doctors are the ones that never listen when told by parents and siblings and everybody else around them, until when told by a judge, which is usually the point at which somebody is about to take them down to prison; so Tony Blair started it at Government and they all now think I am unable to ensure the Community croons that bear down on me sexually assuming I will not find it distressing as a result of the damage to my finances that allows the access to happen are famous on their public image. What they have become really interested in is that story of how I am unemployed and stuck in the benefits system and how that was the end, while reality is that the civil service is the place where people keep my tax records that at my retirement serve as the history that allows me institutionalise with the fact I have become a part of the way decisions are made and therefore the government as well i.e. a place where normal people sort my insanity as I face the big wide world being taken over by them will go completely unnoticed and then the spin doctor idiots will be able to pick up the phone and ensure I cannot get a job if they wanted. They do love to make friends by claiming it is an exercise on self-restriction for their part but there is really no such restriction here; what happens is that when I have female friends and care about their wellbeing, somebody shows up with money and ageism to make it into something they can join up and that will add to the vandalism that is usually caused when they want to get involved with an author to fulfil their dreams instead of buy a Book – hence it may have become some sort of global civil rights movement for them but for me it’s still as simple as keeping them off my Books and public image at one angle and asking them to stay off my case and that of my friends at another, hence no self-restriction whatsoever contrary to their claims. I at this stage have only just recovered my entire empire that was created to help me sell my Books from those who get involved with no plans to make use of the products, I have not even gotten to the part where I am able to serve the Clients and ensure their money is spent buying my Books or other advanced forms of service, so it is big yes but it was built to help me sell my Books and not for them; they do say they will find out how I intend to keep them out of course but it is not unusual, we are talking about what they do not know is meant to happen with Brexit first of all and we are talking blabbing at me of a Business Empire I do not actually have looking for trouble; what I have not done is finish them off because those institutions they mess with exist for a reason, what I have done is designed to ensure he who has a job pays attention to it and keeps off my case, if they do not wish to comply with this and the need to run their businesses on my life and empire becomes a state of affairs they will be asking for what lies in wait for them at the other end and then I wouldn’t say it if I met them in person and they would never do their jobs properly to keep me falling into financial difficulty, especially when they are doing the jobs on me all together. It can always end with there being two versions of everything, from advertisement industries and stock markets to Media and political vandalism and one will be the one at benefits whose whole life is about getting help from government to keep the shops employing people buy spending all my money on my basic needs, while the other will be those sugar daddies whose reputation has become so notorious along with their honey daughters, that it has become impossible to make money from it and therefore have decided my life should be something they can join up with if they wanted and always blab about getting anything they wanted too. Hence, I would like to see that they had cleared my space and stopped showing up around my Books – I am not actually as unaware the reason they hate my guts is that nothing they do is profitable because of my activities as they think that I am. Hence I get told the Media business only always leads to the single outcome that everybody at the Monarchy is aware of but I am aware of it too, it does not lead to such an outcome where the main problem is surgically settled and what we have ended up with is that their fundamental corruption has developed from bullying to outright denial of personal destiny and we have ended up with another monster as a whole and it’s the one where the Media itself is what saves them every day as they do have to get on it to make statements they follow up on just in order to exist, otherwise even the smallest issues like hurting them and getting away with doing so on my part can have catastrophic consequences and they have found out too what it feels like for others, that which they think of as a pastime. They always claim I say such things but am afraid of them while I am rather afraid of losing what I have i.e. making them sort out the problems of culture and society, which means I can ensure it is never sorted and that the complaining about incivility and savagery that does the anus and penis stuff goes global because their behaviour has always been as bad – the culture and society people on the other hand of which I really want to listen to, don’t get the wrong idea wherefore I listen in anyway but I really do want to hear what they think about the world; this person or that who does this and that which harms money and other things and these facts must go down your throats to tummy and make a bad smell etc. hence bother sides are sorting each other out for the most part and this is what I do not want to lose, media,-media-media – let me in. There is the story that it’s a bit too much naturally, which it isn’t; I rather thrive on these things can cannot explain it myself anyway – for instance I have always thrived on listening in on what society gets up to but its only after I met celebrities and their insanity concerning zodiacs by which they form opinions about people without asking etc. I found out Libra like myself always want a personality to feed on and that I was blessed by God with an ability to feed on my own personality instead; hence feed on your personality and listen in on society and culture and you are perfectly fine, the problem I have is these fools getting involved with my concerns in a condition whereby they are out of my league – the media ones are cracked up out of my league of course but the celebrity ones crack me up as I could never make them comfortable and hence will take the fame from them before it stops too. Hence, they say on one hand that someone wants my estate which is understood but this has according to evidence always been the characters that are nasty people enough to get black girls on people’s finances and when done get white ones, so in my case I would not let people peddle my faith but if somebody did an inside job it would work; the baffling part is that when the Women do it, then everybody is clear what is happening, when the Men do, everybody is certain I have lost. On the other hand, they say the Media does not love me but I think it does which is hardly relevant – what is important is that people in the Country do not consider me any less than feelings of affection and media makes it impossible to listen to what they are saying and constantly having to make it up to them means those situations emerging where if I had to keep my distance with them so I can relate in a professional way it was all my fault. The media however is full of goons that have been to prison, so whenever you block their exit because they want to make you deals over your earnings, they understand you know most of these matters are a case of people who want to make money via other means that excludes working for it but feel that outright crime is too much of a risk. It does tend to become a matter of the things that give me a quality of living such as the fact people work their entertainment at the Estate and in my world and its spirit temperaments on the basis that I am not to be emotionally uncomfortable, so others get involved and do their own entrainment based on making sure I am fundamentally miserable, then start to behave as though that was the norm when it has no place near it. I am not in any way suggesting Brexit will be easy as such but it will make us do things better, rather than deal with goons who have ideas about ripping up National economy to deploy a very small percentage of what they have gained from pillaging it, to make personal wealth, employ people, make deals with the government, believe they can do anything they like and have a map as big as Europe to play with in every turn – so obviously people did get angry and determined enough to vote them out of it as it were and they can begin their campaign of punishment if they wanted too. Eventually it becomes obvious that I am said to be taking steps which cause people to lose jobs at the Monarchy and some to lose their Royal commission; I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that I want to manage my Trust and release funds from the Estate to pay my way in the world and that The Queen is Leader of the Royal Family and the Duke of Edinburgh is the Head of it and that what these two persons decide is what happens either way. Hence if I fight for people and celebrities and leaders and others spend their time on fun games that involves ripping it up for me to ensure I have to do it again and that more demands are made of me, the assumption is that they are trying to kill me. Others will say it is wrong for me to fight for others but I am not quite suggesting I do either way too – what happens is that I create conditions for leaders for example and an Auto maker makes cars on these conditions and a statement and an advertisement to go with it, but if these conditions are not as safe as I have advertisement already, then I am going to have to do it again and so as to make the products and clients feel safe which means somebody is trying to get me hurt – I sell Books of liabilities by the way speaking of which and if these conditions are not secured, it is rather impossible to locate how people might buy and read my Books safely when City centre goons and celebrity culture and various others do not wish to make money through employment but think that criminal activities are too risky with very little reward i.e. somebody damages it whenever I have fought for people and leaders and celebrities to get on media and ensure crowds make more demands of me then complains about losing a Royal Commission as well, about which I am actually not the one taking direct action which cause others to lose any. They do say they are getting out of hand with celebrities and on my finances and there is nothing I can do about it, it’s utter rubbish as we all know everybody can see when I block off their exit, it is because I know they have been to prison before. The real issue here is that there are these guys that enjoy ripping my work and academics and finances at the Monarchy, now they have been asked to perform some of the tasks that I do as well and their revenge is to set themselves up on one hand and their celebrities on the other, while they confiscate my Estate, the celebrities confiscate my public image; hence that they are actually getting employment as means of making money is where people are joking but criminal activities carry too much risks and do not pay as much, nobody knows therefore why they are so keen to tell me so often. It sits at the heart of that story I actually have a benefactor and that I am taking advantage as well; reality is when I see celebrities on my renaissance I keep an eye on it and when some are interested in a point of Public work that they wish to make a living assisting with, I assess them for a time and then give approval to those I like, it does not mean those who wish to make fame and fortune with my renaissance have become my benefactors and they know such nonsense is bad for any Royalty as it were – I do not discuss it because it is what people wish to do with their time and we have only come to the bit where they get to respect what I want to do with mine as well; the business ones know how to start trouble that makes them look sadistic and narcissist with a habit that will draw a crowd and feed their greed and set out conditions by which ripping my Book sales will amount to a civilised disposition for them and a condition where people can laugh at me, which brings out their manliness but we are only ending up in some global market talk over the assets of this Company where they tend to know what matters and needs protection each time I want to strike as well; they think it’s fun but they are no longer just a nuisance, they have become such a menace all together. We have heard these cases time without number where they split themselves into the groups that do the damage and the groups that inform me I am facing a threat, to set out a stage where everything I do is being taken down and dismantled. I find it difficult to locate where they are coming from, so I have to assume it is what I have done to ensure there is no real increase in wealth for the very rich, who tend to spend their money on them because somebody is lying to them about how much of the whole world that doing so is saving and that my activities are responsible but they will not be caught dead not doing their advertisement acting about me or on my Public image and not running day time sales television that involves ripping pages of my Books to manipulate people with and meet sales targets. In the end, I have to assume I am facing this problem because these are the kind of foolish Men that can rip apart people’s lives and property to show the owners, there was not enough love for that thing they were prevented from deploying to get rich, to have warranted a process whereby they were rejected in that way and I really do believe they will kick something off here as well the next time I must deal with their big mouth showing up all over my concerns so stupidly. It’s like the NHS crisis; where we can all see that we have actually achieved the impossible of getting nurses and medical practitioners to give us treatment at an affordable rate at a point of need and not engage in competition and career chasing in the private sector as they would normally have but what we have not been able to achieve is getting Politicians to agree what they want to do with the NHS instead of using it as Political football since the Civil service is no longer paying as much; which does show it is bound to blow up at some stage obviously. We can only get out of this mess when we quash the Blair era social power chasing that used the NHS as a tool, since we can see that it has meant that a world where people supplied drugs at a discount by which the world was a better place as a whole for it, has become a world where we cannot control NHS costs because social power goons have created a condition whereby everybody wants to be rich at the NHS – unless we replace it either with an NHS workers Union or an agreement from Politicians that the Labour Party will stop telling lies and the rest will stop exerting the will of their party at the health service, it is apparently something we will never get out of. They speak of reasons it happens when we can all see there is always something on their right-hand side and if not, then it has moved to the left and those who do not want a conversation with them have seen it and are in pain already – idiots and bullies doing what they do best, is the reason it happens and nothing else. Obviously worth noting that the other ones who really enjoy ripping National wealth right down to the academic system and then picking up a small percentage that makes them employers who can make deals with government have ended up making people angry and determined enough to vote them out of the EU – for me however it does mean we can start to see how to do things better as a whole, whereby this whole story of seeking somebody to bully, who will not complain or fight back, in order to end a history of being a loser, give way to certain persons who have potential and it makes others inferior to ask, hence gives way to popular culture bullying and soon after locating persons whom they get ahead of in life to get where they need to be and has now resulted as a whole in boo boys threatening those who ignore it as per it is what they want to do with their time, while they get punished all the time and their mothers who feed them those stupid ideas then hate Donald Trump all together. This is what the welfare state will then come to do i.e. get them off our backs and get them off the Streets, so that those who wish to continue fostering structures by which their corruptions of involvement and abusive insults thrive can pay the price for that with their own careers and finances instead too; for my part each time I detach them and spend time with friends, the result is that they price open my concerns and get involved to be out of my league on media and complain about how it affects their tummy when people are affected all over the place where each time I am made to feel miserable for the periods of time they enjoy having their fun. It does come to a head when my morning starts off with a case where I am having to deal with the problems women have to handle because I have no respect for Women – of which what happens is that the days when I am persecuted for my moral faith by greedy people who want to punish me by it through getting me into trouble with racists and gangs, which means they are obsessed with clipping my finances has now borne it fruits which are largely concerned with suffering the same as Women do and it makes me very angry indeed. It makes me angry over the faith I had practiced in their personal life in the first place and it makes me angry as per the reasons they need to appoint themselves to tackle me and decide how I exist in order to get about their convenient stories they think tend to make their lives worthwhile as well and I do believe that the next time I have to deal with it, there will be some serious trouble to go with as well i.e. what gives them incentive is not that I am down but that since I wrote my Books which affected their stupidities, the Politicians have done nothing but attack me but now they are complaining about it more than anybody else, it has become obvious my Books were never a bad thing in the first place, never mind the fact that each time they complain they also believe it is a problem I am supposed to solve. They do speak of wealth and social inequality being the reason whereas we all know it’s the insults and the school yard type neighbourhood bullying where people want to talk through to those who have rumours hanging over them of being victims of bullying as set out by their stupid community croons – it becomes more important than getting a day job and those insults they read off dictionaries make their lives worth living for it when they cannot keep to themselves as a result too; it gives way to the pointlessness of it when asked to explain i.e. for instance the insults about what should go into my mouth and down my tummy and through to intestines and make a bad smell is a function of he needs to shut up gone wild, which is a product of the fact what I say and do hangs over them and becomes a means by which anybody that wants to affect those contraptions they put up to hurt people with and name businesses can have a far reaching financial effect at will or the part where the incentive to attack me is created constantly around me being a victim of bullying who cannot stand up for himself and has no respect for Women – the insults and poking and whacking over the head and churning tummy etc. which is really just a case of the bloody idiots wanting to peddle my Public image and faith to get rich quick and now need to ensure I either lose it or lose my life protecting it because I have prevented them from doing so; all I have to say therefore being that on the matter of respect for Women every morning, I am warning them about the next time it happens and the fact there isn’t a soul on this planet whose fucking civil rights looks that way. They speak of the story of me as the coward, which we are all familiar with but the case remains that if coward throws his life and everything at the problem he will not be solving any of it but if there is courage and he solves the problem it is not actually needed, coming down to the fact that it can always carry on until it becomes serious as we can see that 6 years will make an experience but a decade or more will make a lifestyle change and they can always change my lifestyle without consequences too and we are not talking about those stupid partying communities building narcissist happiness on which fame and fortune and sales is based, on my emotions, by which to do advertisement and running the popularity empires from the US to Japan across this estate to see what happens again if they have the guts for it yet. Every time I want to handle them as well, they seem to pack it in and start to protect what really matters, showing it is a behaviour they exhibit because they have some spare cash somewhere to look into contingencies with, setting this stage for an understanding it is what they want to do with their time and will not show a regard for what I want to do with mine unless they are made to; hence hurting themselves ambient at the moment since I have been bullied like that on a regular basis all my life as it were with that big mouth. The coward story is an old one that football people and media people and get rich quick scum to whom I am losing an empire as a result of Brexit are complaining about at the moment – the football ones will be about detaching me from my faith to control it and ensure it does not get into their faces, unless they have to display banners complaining that strength is the pride of youth etc. which then replaces the other prognosis of getting into a fight with me to learn how I fight and return again and again until they win before it is over, telling tall tales of how I corrupt their women and so on – the media ones are the thank you very much situation where my Book sale business is now overrun by idiots getting involved with me to find a personal space on which they can exhibit their stupidities without suffering mental illness and now that they feel they will kill themselves or me or both if they are unable to stand on my personal space and public image to do what they must do which has led to the daily bullying thing, we have been making progress too and that big mouth can keep wagging about respect for women if it wants as well – the Brexit ones being the bits about how they will do it quick and nice to get rich quick once what they do with me is added to the bits whereby fashion Models do not have names attached to them etc. speaking of Brexit which is an old tale of how we in the UK have always had a way of managing our concerns that involves finding out how the world is working and how we can work as a team with other nations, which gives us an automatic support when it comes to the need to protect what we are good at on the global stage but also leave the friend or foe question people like to ask and those who love to hate the British like to cling to because it is convenient – hence supposedly the Germans were confident the first people to leave the EU would be the Greeks if they got around the world picking up problems and bringing it to feed on the talents at the Union because their economy was the largest and they were in charge, at the end of the day of which people being made to do their careers the way Germans want making people angry and determined to break up the Union could always have been dealt with along the lines of obvious results, obvious results where the fact the Germans had the largest manufacturing economy while the British were the ones sorting their black markets and counterfeiting problems for them and the Germans on the other hand were deciding for the British which liabilities they were to pay for, was never going to be a problem if both economies were doing well as a result of the way the Germans avoided these problems and brought in new ones to blow up on everybody, while the British became more obsessed with scrutinising their liabilities but in the end we have to see they simply couldn’t agree and to say that it would have worked if the British wanted it to is utter nonsense – relations are actually worse now than they were before the Chinese stepped into the world market and since the Chinese did, China had taken up the counterfeiting and black market issue and made and advantage out of it, hence the Germans and French have had nothing to worry about except power and now they have all of it, so there is nobody to blame for anything in actual fact. For me however it’s the old tale of the reasons I face these issues everyday being the community croons and the things I care about so much with respect to my faith and public image that I would not let people abuse me or take advantage of it in order to get rich and those stupid insults that will not lead them to any risks provided little big brother is talking nonsense about which part of my existence restricts the fact he was meant to be a super star, giving way to being confronted by a lack of respect for women story every morning and how it will definitely lead to bigger problems if it happens just one more time to talk nonsense at me about a hatred that comes as a result of my involvement with the Royal family when we all know that before then they wanted to get rid of the Monarchy and I looked like one of those things aesthetically proficient at what I do and walking around like I am their Boss on the streets etc. followed now by their stupid ageist men who have come to think I believe the two forms of insults to be separate things. They do love to claim most of my problems are as a direct result of my discrimination, which is utter nonsense as I am not aware that getting off to pop questions at US Presidents so any answer they give allows you to get on International Aid and bully that guy who has things you want to get rich with but he loves too much to give up might have made his discriminative – when they are being nice we see them smoke and drink all kinds of rubbish they buy from terrorists, to decide whom they wish to get involved with and push out of Academic work in order to turn into a hate figure so they can sort out their stupid lives with thereafter; hence groove masters and their people are complaining and it is a gain I want to keep that way, perhaps it makes them listen and keep off private property, especially when I have dropped out of University as a result and they are still having fun that restricts my finances at the markets with it to find no quip crimes that pay, cannot work out how Royalty gets to insult them while they better themselves on his Public image as it stands, but when I say it in this way they get to pay for their own and every insult makes it more expensive anyway: yap yapping I am not royalty and do not even communicate like one but apparently when I discuss it in this way they get to pay for their own – that great old link between what Politicians do with respect to my possessions and the activities of idiots churning my tummy so when they ruin my finances I am not predisposed to find ways of meeting my financial needs, while making wealth and social equality out of it to build a crowd. They do say I am relying on the open market to make enough money to become a Prince with – the truth however is that I am relying on my Trust with which I broker equities and need to sell my Books to in order to communicate but we have always known Politicians to sanction a condition where those who have things their idiots want to get comfortable with, do not have a human rights that can actually be respected, it has become a global civil rights movement for them to complain about me at this point and is definitely going to get worse. I mean if somebody is going to say that the fact he is older and has spent more time in the workforce and it should mean the challenges I face which are the same as his like every other adult should not be respected or shown any regard and how far does he go with it whenever he has etc. so what it going to happen is a simple case where they stopped showing up around my Books and Public image and Literary Business Empire at the Estate, as it is all patented stuff – they hate my guts now obviously but this is their exit; I do not care – if they will stop addressing me and stop making their statements and expressions on it as it is patented stuff and was not created for such a purpose all will be well, it bottoms out my finances obviously and calls for a need to defend against too. The incentive of course is the great old case of the left-hand side and right hand side insults of boo boys and their community croons doing my stuff for me to ensure others can share and the insults and abuses creating a what if question that surrounds everything I do due to their desperation – people talking on my public image and expressing themselves all over it was never what the system was built to do, it was built to help me sell Books I have written. They speak of how I have taken everything but all I have done is the best I can do to ensure they understand what might happen when all that nonsense about ripping my finances to build my public image on media and try to be me all the time actually pays off – so the lesson is that these are signs of their desperation naturally but they have no wish to pay attention to how it happened and continue to make all that doing my stuff doing your stuff doing stuff its already been done statements they make to everybody into a form of colloquialism and a means of communication that is a permanent feature of absolutely everything others get up to. Ultimately, they will speak of most of my problems being a function of my attitude but which they do because they prefer me as a problem to their problems and it beats my imagination every time that they have failed to see that the fact I am a problem for them is linked to their attitude all together. I mean they address me with names like boy and try to tell me how to behave and exist all the time and while it dumbfounds me in every turn, the bigger problem of not being able to ask anybody to solicit for me on any matter starts to become stark and apparent and then we hear they are actually talking about my sexual attitude while we all know it’s the need to play these games and spice up their sex lives with my Christian temperament that leads eventually to the broke and single issue that ensure they can do it without being questioned because it will be blamed on me but then again so does it apply that their stupid children start to do it as well and that means I am obliged to act; the Politicians are the ones specifically with respect to my Books – whereby we are all cooking up something the world around us will fancy but their Politics goons are cooking up something nasty, when you get him stuck with it, unable to go home or go anywhere, the Politicians attack your finances, add that to the fact they always show up from nowhere at that point where you feel the world is upon you, to decide how you are to defend yourself and leave behind for them a means of self-defence that is too glorious for you, which always comes first before your attitude brings about your problems but now that they are complaining more than anybody else, it seems my Books were not a bad thing after all – their civil rights goons do the same things because it is better to have a coward that you can bully as a problem, rather than face your problems half the time and the other half the time you are engaged in a behaviour of showing up at Civil rights to rip up the reputation of your victim, so when he writes a Book after years of abuse, you show up there again to change your attitude in order to cause a credibility loss. I do not think it is a problem, just when I want to hit them as well the whole thing shows itself for what it is when they pack it in and start to protect what they think should have been getting their attention instead of me; an old case of 6 years means an experience and 10 years or more is a lifestyle change and they can change mine without consequences, never mind the media and its need to get involved and try to reach the heart of the public by messing with legal matters and Office issues as well, going back to my attitude story and peoples spicing sex with 6 hours of prayer and fasting as disobediently as possible and then blaming victim with a big mouth of which I would have done something about those insults years ago before they got used to it, if there really was a thing on the planet that they can do about me too. The case of me being wasteful is another story they had started too; I am never wasteful, the way I work is how I work i.e. the information falls into the hands of culture and society people and then Media and Popular culture and celebrity pick it up and that way do what I want, since one group of people cannot be so globally notorious for a certain one behaviour that restricts my finances and become so obsessed with it without facing some consequences after a decade and a half had expired; I wouldn’t be human if that was the case – It wants to get involved and everything it does is incredibly hurtful, then it becomes really fond of its ruffian image and frequently issues those stupid threats.


Eventually we see it clearly when we start to talk of Politicians expenses scandal at length; all facts and realities about the fact they are all corrupt people stealing money by having it in ways that involves another person’s work; the whites doing it because their cultural and social disposition is worthy of it, while the blacks think you are more interested in their one that is meant to help them get by while you should be more concerned about racism – the big problem being those who get off their jobs and livelihoods to stop me because I can chase them down on the left and right and centre alike, then complain about the result alongside their Politicians when they are unable to do anything about immoral democracy that they say means that the existence of democracy is not to say that it has to be a moral thing and this nonsense like they speak to their fucking mates who asked them in the first place is actually good enough. I have never considered it a crisis as such – generally it’s a matter of the whole bullying thing that comes from eventualities where left and right and centre are all bad and the purpose is to touch people and get away with it, of which touching me comes with consequences and I have also worked out that I can protect Women as a result thereof, leading to outcomes where wondering what’s in that left hand side and right and side and centre they refer to all the time while abusing me violently gives way to deciding their civil rights means neighbourhoods where people can stock up and beat me up with reason and then there will be Politics that will stop me as well – in the end I do suppose when they teach their stupid children the private parts chasing thing they have taught them very well too as it were. They do say it’s all talk and we all understand it is as long as the incentive of their boo boys and community croons chasing me all day to ensure every bully tends to see me as viable target, so as to ensure I cannot defend myself from all of them as a result of not making my public image and person available either for sex or to be peddled by those who want to get rich continues to exist, otherwise reality is that whether or not it does, when they blow off their big mouth like so they will not be doing it with the culture and society lest that be the last time they see it too, they will be doing it as they are, so I can figure their own out and touch them as well. It’s like the story of a problem with black people while it is a simple as the fact they do not care about me and I am not interested in who the fuck they are, hence we are all left wondering when they intend to keep off my case and release me to those who actually care about me. The case of the Politicians have always been a simple one that says they are so stupid that normally when they think about their corruption they end up achieving only 20% of it and so the involvement with me thing is not helping with enlightenment, it is becoming counterproductive and feeds into this sense that practical measured have to be taken in terms of the fact handling them is the answer for all problems like it usually works, never mind their goons aforementioned on releasing me to those who care about me instead of clingy nonsense that tends to end with me taking on their enemies so they can play parent roles and feel respected from telling me where I should be – of which enough have not died yet so far as it were, safest place to do it which is the media is not so safe anymore and is steadily getting worse. I mean what is the purpose of insults that are meant to make me fight whole communities and then the women becoming obsessed with checking my private parts and my insides and what I ate while the Men become obsessed with threatening me to own every progress I make – they expect a sex change? It’s usually that way before they claim my talk amount to insults that restrict other people’s development while their insults cannot be reasoned with – those who speak of the violent bits are good to go of course but we all know they can keep it shut or show up here to buy a book rather than create conditions where criminal evolve beyond the imagination of law enforcement. Hence I regularly get told that I sort out the issues and then I make a mess of it again , which I don’t, it’s just the outcome of people constantly thinking I am caught up in some personal crisis or stuck in a condition I cannot get out of; the reality of which is rather that if it’s a girl these scum have fucked it and that amounts to group fun but a boy like me is the person they deploy to fix their problems and now I get to deploy them as well and cannot stand their culture and society and they do not want to admit a fear of me while suffering immensely for every occasion in which they do it I suppose the insults and its global civil rights movement and being seen around my books or playing the role of my parents who control my life and finances because they are of the same skin type and culture and get to share it with others is meant to ensure that Politics can no longer protect them from me as well. It’s a matter of thought process, where an idiot without a good job and a good education has been informed it is his freedom to build one with your public life and public image while the Politicians and media rip up your finances to help build the perception he is a better human being; so, no normal person wants to decide he or she wants to take from them the only thing they have got, which is their stupid lives. Hence eventually a resolution concerning this matter where I am perceived to be unable to defend myself; while truth is that I have never really come across any of these goons at a Minor’s age, which means I was always able to defend myself since day one but of course it has been a matter of some new respect based money orientated nonsense they want to develop as a going habit at my expense and it is clearly what they want to do with their time, well aware they will always interfere with what I want to do with mine but important to handle it that way in order to eliminate any benefit of doubt for journalists and TV Personalities and Celebrity fools; we now know they have two lives and one is the family and kids and school run, while the other is getting involved with me while out of my league which at the same time ensures I cannot spend any time with what really matters to me as well – bottoming out my finances every time they exhibit themselves in Public or want to do so. In the end they are taller than I am and tend to select whom they get involved with very well but of course even those that look upon me with nothing but affection are still not people I can spend a lot of time with while accomplishing the targets I set myself in my own concerns; so they get involved of their own power and are out of my league but it is the violent abuses which ensure I am still unable to meet my targets with that big mouth, reeling back to the days when it all began when people start to tell me I have not been talking about the main points on the matter. The main points of which are such realities as people taking drugs but making sure they are having sex with what they see of my physical attributes and my public image every time, to complain when they can never have enough sex and are miserable because they still believe there should be no consequences attached – the more popular one is that great assumption that I just block off their exit when a story of that boy that refuses to set his life at the feet of media and celebrity scum, so those who are worthy can be where they are supposed to be, leads to financial problems – it then moves it beyond the fact they are usually men that look like women and women that look like men and so when makeup is put on them tend to become these characters that can sell anything etc. and the reason business goons love them so much and starts to deal with it along the lines of putting a face on my television and a name alongside, to pretend I am a plaything and the purpose of their media jobs is their parents side kick corruptions that work with Politicians and a process of talking through to me as though when I block off their exit on the left, it is not because I am well aware they have done prison time in their juvenile days which sets out the reality clearly as juveniles and truants who will be millionaires in the real world. Hence eventually they do say I congratulate myself but have lost everything whereas the truth is that I didn’t see industry fools giving them money because I might be offended coming and it is all well provided those narcissist happiness and masochistic joy environments that bring about sales on a literary empire that is built and patented to my name to help me sell my Books, alongside showing up on my Public image because it is does again I am going to take it down and do so this time for the money. It happens every so frequently because they are trying to see that their money gets to make me work and so on – the money I can account for better than they can because they have been pillaging my Estate and its Global intellectual space that is; hence the next time it happens I will be tearing it down so as to get rich too. They can only be told so many times that the massive Literary Empire we have here that they can pass insults at the owner to open it up at Media and plug their products in, was not built for that purpose as equally as it was only built to help him sell his Books – when he congratulates himself but has lost everything. The others at the Monarchy who start off those insulting statements, especially the ones to do with violence I cannot perform and how somebody else has taken my position or I am not an Arch Prince etc., which American goons can run with are still hard at the heels of their usual disobedience, where if I told them to make their money elsewhere it would then have pleased them better to show up here and do it in such a way that I run into financial difficulties, knowing there will be complaining later but there is nothing to worry about if it is their private parts that are being chases these days and if not, being that we have a problem that needs to be rectified. So, am I aware these things are a function of abuse that men develop for their purposes? I am aware of it, right down to the story of got beaten up for defending the interests of society and deserves more than dignitaries do stories we hear all the time but it’s an old case of the ways by which people get out of sticky situations when religion is an evil thing in their view and they have had a history of persecuting the moral people who bring the good news through the gospel of Christ before and after they get out of it, in order to heap sin upon sin as it they say – it does come down to understanding the nature of a thing and then being able to tell how it is likely to behave, blowing off these stupid threats on media and politics and fashion and celebrity everyday as well. At the moment the main problem is such realities as the fact paying attention to my feelings are very important for Film makers and music makers who want the atmosphere to exist and so none of my people tend to hurt me and those who do are killing off their income as a result in order to make films and entertainment and then it starts to get serious when they are ordering me to get in the mood and are about to replace me with the illegal drugs workers and so on, making replacement films that encourage them to think I have been beaten down and their voodoo etc. can handle people the way it likes and keep my literary empire as a whole by making series of advertisements that make it possible to with a big mouth, asked what it means and they tell me its Hollywood money and so I think that moving them on will be a good solution for me and for them as well. The love of the story of false hopes I give that I am in control when culture and society goons who abuse me all day and make a thing from it that becomes what people think my Books are especially when Media fools join in, are in control is just a fallacy – the reality is that I am hated by them because they are now chasing their stupid lives lest somebody else takes it up and nobody is moving into my right hand as a result, to add to which my disposition basically says that the violence of the Men is good and the abuses of the Women is good and knowing how they can flush each other’s lives down the loo, they are complaining about it but will not stop showing up to make money on my case the more it hurts me as such more so and no matter how many times they are informed of it, going on to talk nonsense about a link with some stupid civil rights they think they have. I do not have a deal with the Left and Liberalists, the reality is that they have that uncanny ability to bully others into performing wickedness they fantasise all the time and that means they get on media to build themselves a reputation of being the perpetual good guys when we all know that if they are being nice, it will involve asking others for what they cannot give and taking rejection so personally they get on Media to show their victims they do not actually care about the thing or item in question that much and sometimes it can even be a relative or a loved one that the victims turn up and get laughed at in the end, while they must have lost everything including their livelihood and mental health but most of the time they would rather not be nice and so we find them set out to ensure some people have to deal with overwhelming pressure of every fool in the land wanting to get a good feeling from telling their victims what to do, which then develops into others such as running a global civil rights movement aimed at making people give up their religion. They say they blame me for it because I have been mixing people up whereas what I have been doing contrary to the other claims they make that I have become them instead, is shut it down – the economic party is over and so is the Royal one; they didn’t want to live in a prosperous economy and now have to live in one that is not but usually when they mess it up they live with it unless they have Royalty they can fuck with, hence now have to decide the only way to avoid suffering as a result of my actions as well, is to stay off my concerns and live as though I do not exist – I am Royalty, I am supposed to shut it down when I find it. It is usually all explained by the fact a day does not go by when the prevalent state of affairs on Media is not one that is about how I need help all the time; the reality of which is that the Media and their Politicians love to build up my Public image in order to decide who gets it at a later date and so I might have been working on something of which its usually hell at the Office because they are always making public statements that encourage their local idiots who think fame is less risky and pays more that outright crime since they have no plans to get employment, to get involved with me and savage my health and finances practicing from middle ground quasi racism that might also help them work the benefit system as well, which is followed up on especially by female scum that work in other people’s Offices and should have been super stars etc. – I might have been working on something, two weeks in and what we end up with is that I have bumped into somebody that wants a piece of my identity; so, they always tend to claim there is no way I will round up whole governments and International Media organisations and make them fix the problems while I supervise but I do it almost every day. It’s usually a matter of these goons having personal problems and being touched by society, wherefore they want somebody that will take the heat for them on grounds they are far superior. All that stuff about how I always need help serves a revenge but they will never stop doing it. Apart from the Politicians, the state of affairs remains that when I want Media publicity I will pay for it, so I can decide exactly what becomes of it too; we can all see that even as we speak there is a crisis of global proportions concerning how they are to get involved with an Author to buy his Book and not deploy his person to solve their personal problems. I do not actually fit into the category that thinks about killing wife or beating wife or hurting kids or committing suicide or stabbing somebody to look after self or shooting somebody to look after self or being passionate in such ways – arty and theatrics and all; when I need Publicity from them, I will pay for it; I like to say that the probability of getting abused by racists was much lower for me before they got involved. They speak of blocking their freedom and so on but it has always been as simple as the fact I am an Arch Prince – a source of income is something people get, money is something people spend, a saving is something people have, raising funds to pay for some major essentials is something people do, money is not a thing and the more people who think like that get involved with me is the more paranoid I will get and the more they will have it shut down for them as well so we can become far more united as a society than we have ever been while I keep an eye on it; the economy party is over, the war party is over, the royal party is over. They do say when I mention the fact getting into trouble with them over those stupid needs and narcissist happiness by which their superior disposition and sales is possible is utter nonsense considering it’s a matter of stopping people getting involved with mine if they are not interested in my products, the more famous but think they need keep getting involved with those whose league they are out of, the better but of which largely when push comes to shove it’s a matter of picking on me all day long so media fools and popular culture idiots can make fame and fortune and avoid getting money through crime which is more risky and pays far less that brings on all the incentive that means a day does not go by without me getting attacked and I am wondering if they have not got husbands to pick on so people can do popular culture fame and fortune with that before they blow off their big mouth about what it is in the whole world they are going to do about me when they refuse to keep off my Book sales and Public image and cease being so stupid. What they are complaining about at present is a condition where they need to do it to me so much it is defining their whole lives but I am actually not a school leaver they can do it with and tend to make them understand what it feels like when you have to deal with it if you are not a school leaver etc. right up to the insults towards government Office and success of insults with filthy popularity nonsense we hear them bellow the stupid threats from endlessly. They speak sometimes of the difficulty at understanding how a coward like me could do what they see me do but the only thing that brings it about since I do not have a problem with anybody is the community croons building an image for me as somebody that is good bullied and having a go of their own to encourage people all day long at the neighbourhoods, when they talk nonsense about how I will get into trouble with sadist happiness that brings about sales and facilitates the environment meant for people who want to be in the right place, it is important they are informed they need to find their fucking mates. It used to be just a case of crime brings far greater risks and greater consequences but since Politicians and their media fools started that campaign of my Books as a bad thing, it has progressed to me getting into trouble all the time and it simply cannot shut it. I am not so incompetent at what I do as to spend time dealing with them, I do it for trivia and to make peoples comfortable, they however continue that behaviour whereby it wants to do some acting or some TV or some modelling that means making gestures towards my Royal Estate or picking up my work to run it though and include themselves at the end, then blast it in public, build a crowd and prevent me from shutting down the access until they are finished with what they wish to do with it, meaning I will not live till 60 etc. and so it’s a case of how they can do it in other places around the world like Africa and the US and I have no right to stop them there because it does not matter and yes I do and yes it does – the Estate and its Literary Business Empire was not built for such a purpose, it was built to help me sell my Books and all that nonsense is extremely perverted. It is a typical example of how much trouble I will likely get into when people do these things and issue those threats – they do need keep off my Books and to stop doing my Royal Estate as they are neither me nor are they Royalty all together. They do speak of the bit where saying such things will tend to mean that I am vulnerable to Royals doing it, which is then something I cannot handle but we all know they pick on people who are broke and poor when they wish to take advantage of other people’s lives to make fame and fortune and turn up later to cracked up out of peoples league all the time and cannot seem to just vanish; the Royal ones never do it and if they do their parents would have something to say about it, which if they do not I will tend to sack their own too. It started years ago with people making themselves seen when I suddenly get up and switch on the light in my room at about midnight, now it has progressed to endlessly making statements of how I am trying to work for myself when I already work for others, started by stupid black Men that want to be free of complaining about me currently and then it progresses to the idiots wanting to play with me at University by the way of which the violent distraction to a point where I cannot spend time with myself at home continues like an open secret state of affairs in the neighbourhoods and it’s the same when I get a job as well and if I drop out of University or lose the job, their fun and games and showing up at the Pubs for it takes a turn for the unknown, while that need to express all kinds of nonsense about thinking they are small Kings and Queens of society gets completely out of control; it’s all very well blabbing but I do not wish to see them around the Books and Public image anymore the well-off bloody enemy. It’s like when their teasing that goes from familiarity insults to racial bullying and does not matter if it starts from none white Communities if it is still racism anyway, goes on to say I need realise I am considered an Infidel by Terrorists: I wouldn’t know anyway but we all know when people have female friends the Muslims will infidel until it becomes a scandal and it is the scandal that actually destroys the marriage not the infidelity itself – then there is the bit where their superiority must facilitate imam putting up some wild trinkets on the streets to get rich with, meaning they must chase my anus and penis all the time without considering if I had Pork for dinner the night before etc. leaving me to wonder how many times I have to fix their fucking Islam for them so they can practice it – then there is the Bible that speaks of the aspect where their lives are not making any progress due to the actions of the infidel and how they want somebody bad to happen to infidel as well all together, which says it was better for he who is responsible for those who would trip up they that will follow the Truth and Holiness blindly to put a millstone around their necks and throw themselves into the river; whereby their stupidities are responsible for the person who follows every aspect of the Bible faithfully except killing infidel bit, to kill the infidel that follows every aspect of the Bible faithfully except the infidel bit, meaning that Heaven lost both and one remains in the world a Killer that will not kill their own one day as well in their view. The threats of the Liberals and free people does not actually bother anybody in anyway here – it’s an old story of when it spends a lot of time on media through which it can decide that when you deter it, the general Public does not get to know you had caused it some bits of suffering and then when it feels it is strong enough it will start to issue the threats all together as well. I don’t mind the abuses, we all know the reason they feel me at international communities and popularity culture and disrespected populous politicians because I dropped out of University in 2008 and they are still having fun with it in 17, fun that stifles my Book sales and other sources of income and follows me into academic institutions to get funny and violent and liberal, populous Politicians who must lead others when they know their leadership is causing their victims mortal threats and then issue their own threats as well, to talk nonsense about more important problems like racism, instead of spending time on their Satanism by which they get by and try to be financially comfortable in a way that hurts others and not them etc. they do love to follow it on with tales of how I do not talk like this when I meet people on the streets whereas what happens on the streets is teenage idiots they have not raised properly while they show up to discipline me in order to manage their stupid Political and media careers every day; having been they are out of my depth as we speak, these silly children think that passing insults at me will not be punished and when I walk away if they factorise my private parts on the streets it tends to mean cowardice but we all know normal people walk away from the thing that causes the other violence and then the other and then the other, where we find out what they are made of is usually when they try to make fame and fortune out of it too. The point is, it’s the same kinds of society and culture wickedness that causes a person to think they are superior to another who does not deserve to live, that causes these scum to create global civil rights movements that will make me give up my religion so they can own my history and I do not wish to see either of the two show up around my concerns; the stupid threats of these Liberal idiots are simply I imagine, aimed at finding out what it is exactly I will be doing when they refuse to comply and we are seeing it all the way to boogying and gay clothing and international community corridors too for the time being, which gets worse with every new insults on media that adds to the stupidities of the community croons that are encouraged on a daily basis. The rest are an old case of me and the civil rights people; really stupid but in charge, needs your leadership and simulates its own to ensure you do not lead, needs you to share something but will not ask if it can get it in another way to avoid being inferior, then the big one where it will mess up your life for years and then you will write a Book that criticises it and it will move the world to get on media and change a behaviour where the Books are in order to ensure it is no longer credible at a point where your earnings depend on it and years of its freedom stupidities on your finances have shown publicly its toll. I do not think it is a difficult matter with the stock market ones either – they say I used to be friendly whereas what happened when I tried to stop my public image being used to sweeten stock deals that will create financial holes in the economy if enough people did it was that I dropped out of University and of course we all know they complain about my body type allowing me to tolerate he savage people who chase other people’s private parts while these are also their people who have to pick up family finance shortfalls whenever my actions have led to outcomes in which their criminalities are no longer as profitable as they were earlier, of which I don’t mind fixing it for them, which winds them up further as well. It’s the big old story about their Politicians chasing people whom they have ruined financially over wealth inequality and then being unable to decide which ones are the socialists ruining homes and breaking down marriages to make fame and fortune and evade taxes to open Swiss Accounts – they leave that bit to me and claim my Christian generosity amounts to stealing careers from socialist Politicians as well, looking for trouble and then issuing those stupid threats later. For me it will always be the big old case of 10 businesses and 10 wealth distribution goons suggesting that we have 20 people who are industrious whereas what is really happening is 10 people pillaging the rest of the economy in order to become employers and make deals with the authorities. The threats are good but I do wish they understood if culture and society is involved the result will be that those guys whose insanity depends on it will end up stabbing or shooting them by the time I am finished too – otherwise it is threats they will back up the way they are, as they are and where they stand; they have indeed built themselves a liberal peoples reputation of always being the good guys but their wickedness and evil hides from none, just as I am aware I am talking about or referring to people who are actually possessed with evil spirit; the one that encourages them to bring witchdoctors from overseas and chase me about to create the idea that the damage done to my finances is a function of their powers and help them build crowds by it – the same evil that means when they are done preaching wealth inequality, then become rich by ripping people’s lives and families and business to make fame and fortune and evade taxes to place them in secure accounts, then can get to choose themselves a scapegoat here when others have started to notice their wealth and unlike their stupidities that picks on the cash strapped, are keen to seek some wealth inequality issues to be resolved on it too – same as the stock market ones mocking me while they complain about making them pay for the cost of usage at the precise point where business and economic cycles have begun in order to maximise their costs as well, considering the training for the skins were cheap; all of which are not unusual about expected effects of Politics doing what it likes, especially when it comes to trapping the talented so idiots can count pennies on peoples public image and make millions from it – attacking people to decide they become the people whose religion must be given up seeking employment, instead of people who have religions they attend seeking employment and then showing up when the same has not been done to them to display their finances and seek whom to bully and discipline because they have become very important idiots. I am not in any way speaking as though I am the victim like it is claimed, I am not a victim, I know my actions cost them money all the time and do wish they will stop hurting themselves here and find their mates to play with. What we are really talking about here is a difficult existence caused by the fact I am being prevented from simply going into an Office to work on my Books and attending my academic work, by those who just want to play and it is sanctioned at the highest level of government and followed on by very insolence race issue mad media fools too – so it has been going on alongside those stupid threats at Parliament as well for the last 15 years and requires action otherwise I will cease to appear human all together – it’s never really a case of talking in a manner which requires people to respond like they have claimed it is. It’s pretty much the same with the fact everything I do is followed by some question, usually the type that the goon who thinks when he is done smoking marijuana he is supposed to get involved with you is likely to ask because it will help chose my friends for me and it has now reached a point where the society and community and culture people are chasing their private parts as well and they have begun to issue threats at me too for good measure – what they want to do with their time obviously and no respect shown for what I want to do with mine; the media ones have got a reputation and they alongside their friends will complain of body types that can tolerate it not being made to sit it out while more superior people seek wealth etc. but when done they will get involved with author to use his public life for a different purpose and make use of his Books without paying for it at the highest possible level of Media activity, to pretend that I want to know about their history as we clearly did therefore sign a confidentiality agreement to make them feel safe if I did. Hence all Middle Class and working Class people doing their media and popularity activities but how mine ends up showing how somebody else was born and raised and where they had childhood friends and attended school like it does on National Media is beyond my imagination – what I know is that each time I shut it down, they open it up and do it again because they are out of my league; it’s a matter of using their media public image to sooth any mess they make of me but if I make publicity on that I cannot control what others do, however will not be able to sustain tolerate it for eternity – if it continues and keep stifling my finances until I am 45, since I will have had about 20 years to raise a comfortable pension at that age, I will seek my revenge over it too. Of course it does not in any way mean I am likely to do something which remotely looks like terrorism; the reality is that I rein them in when the economic and financial world party is over no thanks to them and we become a more united society for it too, write my Books and ensure they cannot make me criticise them to show up and change a behaviour in order to ensure my writing loses credibility – so it should be fairly easy to create a revenge that will be exciting and well worth it too, all they need to do avoid it is keep off my Books and clear my Public image. Hence they would say I could do all these things but would rather do the one about society and culture getting out of hand but we all know what they are doing with me is cordoning off my finances and making sure that for every little let up of success they are incredibly rich in return to begin with – so where the people chasing other people’s private parts are involved because it is firstly easy for them to have fame and fortune than it is to be outright criminals and it generally pays more too, is where I am supposed to be selfish; they however say it’s my body type that lets me tolerate it but we can see how vile it is, although it appears amusing at first instance. They say most of my complains are afflicted by Women who actually hate my guts but it’s an old story living in a republic and wanting to express self all over my finances and same with every goon involved with Politics too – so it becomes a bit too much, women, women, women, too much Women and when I have a female friend I have to deal with an open secret somewhere until people are complaining about me too – like when they say it’s about people who fight for me and so on meaning they are doing their own myths as well about security operatives which civilian ones are usually about them being bad guys who hurt bad guys to protect us all, so this fighting for me bit is their politics one too. I do get told that responding to these things is bad which it is but I know what I am doing as well for my part; it’s all Politics, chasing people private parts is all Politics, it becomes a public mess with Royalty gets involved with it but since Politicians have a habit of making sure it is impossible to decide not to, I am off giving them their fill of it too – which feeds into that old superiority insult that is meant to keep attacking me until I am beaten down so they can express their superiority especially when doing some football etc. and causes me to ensure there is a sense I am far more interested in African culture than I am in the British one and that it is the cause of the Public mess, which facilitates a process where everything I do comes with an incredible dose of fun which ensure it is never all straight lest I become bored; hence I know what it is and can get out when I wish to, usually the point where getting out becomes something people take very personally and leaves me wondering where the need to ensure I cannot came from then all together. They do speak of these things having to do with racism but it was always racism all along, point is that the blacks have stopped finding the whole process of saving themselves by putting fear in me amusing and its right up to and beyond the end of day and the car headlamps men are done with the wickedness the call jobs things I hate etc. – the problem is that all I have worked for is now being factorised by the activities of racists that are their age and size because they have done more for civil rights and we all know racists have always known how big headed and bigoted they are and counted on it and it has served and worked every single time, with this extremely popular story of me getting into trouble with Politicians at the Estate Holdings Ltd and on financial matters and Book sales – which is usually utter nonsense mostly as we all know this is all what they wanted to see before they decided to spend time working on the business Empires that gets to their heads and ensures they have respect for no one else; we must therefore be heading towards a phase in which the question has to be answered as to whether I want to pay that stupid price they think I should before they did when they wrecked the economy itself all together and we are definitely talking about their female scumbags calling me names and seeking to know what I am thinking about to strewn my heart to the left and to the right and make a show of stupid Women being beautiful and free with that big mouth, wondering which part of what community croons get up to that is any of their fucking concerns all together anyway, bearing in mind the abuses from it is their biggest fucking incentive as it were. They always say I talk like that but do not make any money and we all know there isn’t an ageist bastard in this Country that wants to sit with me and my mother and talk about being a Daddy, seeking some kid whose suffering will solve his stupid problems for him that isn’t complaining about me and what his fucking civil rights really looks like so far as it were, their complains are particularly pleasurable when it runs along the lines of the fact their stupid leadership is becoming a mortal threat to me and there is racism in the land too. Hence it all feeds into one of their greatest obsession i.e. setting out a state of affairs and an atmosphere with it that says I am up to something, which then sets me up to be punished by every single soul in the land that needs some personal bullying to be gratified – hence the most important of what I am doing when my bottom already hurts and I do not want it to hurt some more without reason being given as usual is the one about their Media fools and popular culture goons and celebrity trouble makers; what they love to do above all else is stifle my Book sales just by pretending they are interested all day long and so I always end up assuming they do it because there is a point at which we can extricate a benefit of doubt for them but this assumption is soon turned on its head, when they progress onto picking up my Books to get about seeking clients for it and then botching any opportunities that come up , what I am doing therefore being that I am moving them on. It’s never really enough for the Politicians as such, and they can always only carry on until I start to take their own case seriously enough to see what becomes of every ageist fool in the land feeling they have some right to discipline me on account that they are convinced everybody should be making contributions to their incomes; so the beginning is usually innocent but stupid enough, like Men who get whatever they want using their democratic corruption of involvement to ensure if my Court is female only I am being prevented by the Government from being discriminative and that there is financial incentive attached to others but soon enough does it become very violent bullying that carries on at Government buildings all day long; nobody really knows why Politicians are so insulting, insulting enough to get on public places to ask local idiots to tackle another peoples finances on a regular basis but I suppose the fact here is that I did answer the question of whether I am doing something suspicious earlier very clearly and there was no gibberish talk involved as it were. They say their point half the time is that they do not wish to see me anywhere near the Royal Family but the other half is more to do with their alliance where it concerns revenge being taken on the House of Windsor because it played a Part in the killing of the Whole family of its Cousin the Tsar of Russia before the First world war etc. so we can see its cousins like these and even when I have provided an answer when people are searching and investigating my life and trapping me somewhere on grounds I am up to something, it is not enough as nasty traps people has become very fond of its latest prize playing stupid games as it were. It’s not actually a crisis for me as such in anyway, I had made clear that I am moving them on and that if push comes to shove I will rip up that stupid popularity and celebrity culture permanently too – as for the story of people not wanting to see me around the Royal family which is their family by the way, they can do so the day my heart is free to serve God and I am not getting out of bed to feel the neighbourhood instead of the last passage I read from the Bible, which means my heart is never pure before God, so they can spice up their stupid sex lives fucking with me and making me feel a power bearing down on me every time I pray, which cuts my mind off from the will of Heaven and ensures they can mock me when my actions lead to a different result from what my mind is expecting and show up here to blow off that big mouth about confiscating a Royal Estate; personally I do not see what it has to do with the Royal Family anyway, all we can see comes from it is a case where the fools generally think they are important when they are not and we are not talking about the civil rights and business world idiots either – their leadership is usually a threat to the lives of those they lead but they are always right, always fucking right and cannot keep their insults where it is appreciated, in fact they have found a way to turn this into a financial advantage trapping those that are clearly their fucking mates to steal secretes of wealth from and all can see they understand what I am saying clearly but the best most people can do with them is inform them a situation relationship is never going to last, winding me up with stupid media every day. We all know they say the religion thing is fantasy while everything they do with that stupid popular culture to make out my mind says I do not deserve anything I own wherefore somebody else might have it instead is built from it i.e. you have a power bearing down on you while there is an open secret about you that a whole community shares and then you wake up every day to get into an atmosphere called a fucking neighbourhood where stupid Women bear down on you sexually all day long in order to extricate fame and fortune and other fortunate advantages of being blessed in the most perverted way imagination and then your willing body does the will of God while your mind tends to expect something else due to habit and they cling to that disposition on Media all the way to National and global media and assume the right to handle your person which the law has not given them too. What it means is quite simple; my willing body doe Gods will but my mind expects something else because they are always having a go, it means they can handle my person as the law has clearly given them the right to as it were, otherwise it’s a case of making their lot worse when they claim I am up to something and set up an atmosphere for it on media to go around feeling they are on top of the food chain touching the kids and the Women and complaining about the one that is clearly going to kill them here as well, to get violent when I explain what I am doing with their popular culture goons and celebrity idiots and media fools just the way that they wanted to know. It’s all they live for; touching people sexually which is an assault anyway but then again, when these fools teach their stupid children who are still kids or teenagers to do it when I am three times their age, its good training apparently, except when it gets serious if the scum have dropped out of school and want to get famous. They’d say I caused all these things of course but the way I remember it is rather that where I live has something to do with other people’s places in the neighbourhoods and making me a mess allows the girls to feel special while the boys will have to get it by themselves, generally tends to mean that in order to just get into the Office to work in peace, it has to come to a case of right tools and proper measures with them as well, it is hardly a problem I have created all together as it were. What they think they are, is people who have the power to touch others and sexually violate them without consequences and that there are men who are not exempt and provide the most pleasure as well, complaining about me was inevitable and they are doing well to see I do not build a public life on this stuff all together as well for their part too, which does show they know exactly what they are doing and are worried about those occasions when I decide to spend less time with Court playing with me at Royal Business and spend it with neighbourhood bullying where the stupid children read insults off the dictionary and show up to tell me how to exist all the time. So, the two part of saying this to get into trouble with them on one hand while showing the required respect for women on the other is utter nonsense; in terms of the former, we will just end up with a new complain from them that the Parliament has to listen to lest I get killed, in terms of the latter, they might want to wind up somebody else as I generally think they deserve everything they get – I mean as a Legal studies student I listen to the side talk and understand getting involved with the law generally means being in a disposition to know what is happening at other people’s backyard, hence must have your morals and wit about you at all times since you will be bumping into the wives a lot – in their case civil rights gets them into parliament and crime gets them into court and the reason chasing peoples private parts make sense is because they do not like giving birth to children but raise the ones that have given birth to as lunatics, so they might stab people and stand up at Court to talk nonsense about diminished responsibility considering they have done crime a while and have some experience; having become completely obsessed with talking about what I am supposed to be afraid of too - when we all know its always been as simple as the need to get a frustrated crowd to chase down and ruin or kill those who are having a good time being moral and will cling to it and bring it about no matter what on grounds of having some stupid civil rights the Politicians will clearly never defend others against, meaning they can do whatever they like; otherwise its a simple case of how one cannot put it down if it poses a mortal threat and one cannot hit it if it attacks and therefore needs to be scared of idiots seeking democratic violence that will ensure cowards are no longer losers, against those they are confident will not fight back, while building a story with their insanity - they always tend to point to the kind of Men that come to their Clubs and parties and so on and the dirty mouth cannot be kept shut, insults channelled where appreciated until those communities become a problem for me that I need to solve as well: its the same case all round, each time I want to handle them as well they pack it in and express the fact something else is more important and needs protection and then hat serves as an expression of their superiority to me too which is usually such a fucking good use of my time too.