So the Ministers these days say that the UK is actually not a free trading Country anymore and it is utter nonsense; the reality is that the UK is not the only Country in the world to have one ethnic group constitute the majority population, it is one of a few to have White ethnic group constitute the majority population and these guys have a tendency to barricade peoples livelihood for decades in order to subject the owners to financial desperation that means they can come up with punitive nonsense they have socially organised that determine if the person can sell products or not and ensure anything to do with being accountable for your actions cost you everything, including your health and well being too. technically however there are various reasons people spend money on those who work or sell things and there are main ones such as the fact they need the product and the fact they want to reward somebody whom they see is working hard, such as the fact they want to make certain characters go away – these fools always, always want to fit into the last category because it is a powerful way of getting money from other and will complain like these when they have found somebody they cannot crack – where they say I am been exasperated to a point but am still blabbing but everybody else knows my Books are insulting which makes sense and if they wind me up I will write another free one alongside it too. It’s a matter of tolerance mostly but when they set people out as targets they will handle in order to make a means to an end possible, ensure they undercut such persons at the basic of their instincts by spending decades at a time ripping up property and market income, to ensure the person wants to sell the products to them but they have to determine what the persons attitude has to be and various other excuses that makes them seem clever, that old reality that the white Population generally believes it has the right to get involved with others and do whatever it likes thereof, especially that of making people criticise them for a living and then getting on media to change behaviour when such people are about to get into market with such work in order to make persons lose credibility, becomes a problem that people have had up to their necks and when I actually threaten to cut up the white communities if I see them around my business empire one more time, they do not believe this is a credible threat; thus tolerance no longer solves the problem at this stage – if they stay away from my Books and clear my Public image and public Office space we will not be having a problem. It is not just writing Books they claim are insulting they have to worry about as it is obvious presently; I can wait for them at Industry Communities and City centres and jobs markets again, to hear them blab that nobody really knows who the hell I am in order to kick off a new one; this story of the UK not being a free trading Country anymore is a level of greed thereof that beats the comprehension; the entire Country is no longer a free trading Country when an individual has it up to the neck with them concerning his property; an MP thinks this constitutes public statement and gives a speech on it to a crowd that lasts hours at a time with a big mouth.

The European ones are talking the same sort of rubbish too with respect to Brexit negotiations like the main problem was never the fact they were the only Countries in existence as it were; begging for another case of having their stupid minds corrected for them, so they can claim somebody has come up with a new initiative for serving again and their journalists especially only always have the one incredibly stupid habit of knowing where my tummy is whenever they speak in my direction, which does suggest they have a lot of space outside buildings while doing their jobs and it is always okay for them to fart, bearing in mind I can also find out where their own is too.

Same story where British Men always know how to copy me to get by on issues I can while they cannot because they are unable to cope but that was half the problem that scum who control me actually face, since the main ones were that their insults know no limits as well.


So they say it is unbecoming that even I is speaking of my tolerance of the White Community but it is never an emotive issue, I want them off my Book sales as it is not unusual to do something and find teenagers walk about claiming it belongs to them, as insultingly as possible since it is a free world and faking it until they make it is not unusual but somebody has to ensure my finances are affected and another has to get into government office to ensure I react to it, then they both get together and seek privileges of injustice everyday of their stupid lives because I did not quite go along with them. The sense of tolerance for almighty white community they speak of consists of insulting nonsense like travelling overseas to find trouble makers with the same skin colour as me and taking them somewhere close to the Monarchy; meaning that they can ride social ladders and I am responsible for problems which when I do not take care of means they have something by which to tell me what to do and brew financially profitable insults and abuses by it – reason being they have money and are better looking and should be taken care of by me who does not have both and not the other way around but what they have started to discover is what that civil war their middle class stupidities talks nonsense about all the time is likely to look like as well. I am saying they always make out cutting their communities if I see it around my Business empire one more time is not a credible threat and I am saying that it is, in fact I am preparing to get it done and will definitely not think of the results as my fault too. we see it every time blabbing about how I cannot actually sustain this process when others start to fight back as well but everybody else knows that if you block off all the things their Politicians want, there is no way that they can defend themselves from you and it is pretty much the same on the streets – it winds you up and then picks up its own bits, showing it knows what is important and what needs protection even though it is crazy about perverting your own – so it goes without saying I want them to keep away from me as we are not mates and stay the hell away from my Book sales; the benefits of living disgracefully being that I keep their insanity away from how I wish to socialise, get things done the right way half the time and get it done my way for the other half the time and I have no wish to change the state of affairs.

Today my views on 9/11 are said to have been unacceptable, what they want to talk about is their needs instead compared to the fact I am interested in what happens when every fool who has no idea what he or she is doing, gets involved with some traders in the City in order to get rich and drive a Car around with the money as noisily as possible passing insults at me and getting really condescending about it after. The issue with the Twin Towers was as though one Tower was full of this type and the other was full of people who really knew what they are doing and both were destroyed by the terrorists and to make matters worse, their governments then picked up militaries full of extremists and got after some random Muslim Country in order to make it better; which was actually half the story and the other half was therefore the war on me because I had the kind of faith that meant Tony Blair wanted to show me how stupid a thing religion is by making me think of his prime ministerial office the same way I think of God – since then we know that the same Man who chooses people at random to exact war of the destruction of faith and religion on has since become a Catholic, which is where I have been finished: hence my view on 9/11 being the war they never won as well – I could predict how they would behave five years ahead at least, before I even started thinking about writing my Books in the first place.

It is as though the only people who tame them by telling them that they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing, tend to get by; since the effect is that the whole process of a fell swoop that allows great insults, which are finished off by very patronising behaviour, while that your property that people handled makes them financially better off some more never works when it happens. So if they are going to wind me up on the anniversary of 9/11, I really cannot tell what results they will get for my part either. It is usually the point where they say I criticise everything but never come up with solutions of what must be done – I wouldn’t know about that anyway, all we know is that the Muslims make trouble alright but so do Eastern Europeans make the same trouble but it is only the Muslims getting bombed, not that it is okay to bomb the Eastern Europeans as well as such but this is a fact worth pointing out. So the solutions were supposed to have been as simple as either their insults leading to a condition where I feel there is another fight coming up between me and everything in suits from US to Asia, which is by the way, full of religious Nations anyway or a process where I administrate all those Men who grew up in families where the guys were top dog and when they had their own families they were the gods of top dog all together as well and then that continued for decades before they travelled to the UK to have their bubbles burst and therefore started to think that there are Men in the UK that they will make use of like they do Women; which does not go down well when we know there are young Men who regularly resolve themselves to do something right for a change in a situation where it is getting desperate and hence regularly get out of their homes to walk the streets and find out if they will get into trouble – they always look fuck-able of course until you find that they are the ones that are hateful enough to use a knife on you, if you survive the attack that is. Here they say I am off extolling Women again but it’s an old story of thinking about those things their wives do for them which gets in their heads and then thinking about if that wife had a job that brought in more income than they did and then thinking about what they might feel if somebody took on the formidable character that protects herself and ensures nothing touches her Family – so it’s a “yes-fuck!” situation. It is where they tell me I am a disgrace and cannot do anything without women that they can do and undo with but we all know in terms of disgrace, the reality is that if I am fighting for myself only, then it’s simply a matter of the fact if I think twice about getting out of bed to attend my Job, I will be getting after them, since it is not clear how they profit from doing damage anyway – unless with assume their game is to cause others to become desperate enough to work many times as hard, so they might do damage and profit but just a little, leaving their victims with nothing and looking an outward of superiority on their part. In terms of the Women they can handle, I say they are blabbing again, since the last time we checked, the main cause of Brexit was that Mr A could not control the chain store anymore nor could any of her Staff behave in a professional way on account Europeans were setting up shop and Paying tax money to the treasury which the Politicians controlled. All I can say for my part is that the Women matter only comes in when I am obviously not fighting for myself alone. Most of these problems can be resolved when money buffoons do not pass incredible insults at others and get patronising about it and the preventative measures can be maintained if Politicians do not give public support to such things and claim others are responsible for lack of economic productivity; which brings us right back to the younger Women, where I ask Arms industries not to make business on my public image and succeed but it is impossible to prevent super models from splashing out on my public image whenever they want to appear on magazine covers; the state of affairs behind a process where the Middle East ones are bombed but then we hear the Eastern European ones describe an ethnic group in their Country as vermin and seem to be completely miffed as per where that came from.

There is also talk of problems I have been stuck with of course; so it is an old case of Mum asked me to get to the shop when I wanted to play video games and it would not have happened if Blacks had kept the way children should be raised ideas out of the UK but then again if I followed up how his stupidities makes my life uncomfortable, we would end up bursting that his stupid ego and the self confidence that comes with it and he will even have trouble concentrating at school. Eventually of which is the idea that they cannot make their own decisions apart from the Media that ensures peoples businesses and property becomes a toy for them all the time because it gives rise to a process where society goons can spy on and copy how I bathe perhaps and find out how it feels and tell somebody who has money in order to rob shoulders and feel connected, as is with everything else and a need the Media has to see me become some sort of Public vagabond before I can make a living with my business or it will be the point where I lose all I have, looking for trouble all the time. Hence none of these being activities I should engage myself in but idiots like these cannot stop blabbing either or make their decisions on their own without the Media, who are fighting for their lives as we speak at this stage all together as well. All feeding into the behaviour of Public transportation operatives who like to follow this on and think that the threat I have issued of a day approaching when they will end up on the blue and I on the red corner because they have a living room where they are Gods and the something plus nothing that women do therefore becomes one of my biggest personal and social problems, turning a normal upbringing into a curse and lapping it all day long with nothing else to do with their stupid time, is not a credible threat; whereas the reality is that they get in the way of everything so they can communicate those stupid aspirations where some of them want to operate High speed trains and some want to operate cable cars in future and my mind is the answer, meaning they want to interfere with the way I see myself when I dress up and step outside of my door to head somewhere important or the way I see the world around me as I get on my way there, since they know it is depression in the making and that depression will hurt me and if it hurts me it is good as they need my mind, none of which we hear them communicate to their bone head Politicians whenever we hear them blab about what I get up to too, considering I am a writer and therefore need my mind to do everything and that this behaviour damages my business totally but does not seem to be something they want to end or change any time soon, if they spend my Public transport time telling lies all the time as well. So it is not the case either that I think people woke up today to think about the problems I face or that public transport is operated by such idiots all of the time; there is reality that majority of those who do in the City think they should deploy my history wherever I have travelled anywhere and those who operate other peoples less obscure think that it is despicable behaviour for anybody to do so but this other small minority along with their Media friends who have taken the whole idea of making me come outside and be democratic into a whole new and violent level, who have aspirations for which what is in my mind is the answer and cannot stop ruining my writing business on a daily basis, to expect they will continue to keep the jobs that gets to their heads in that way for longer.   So it is a credible threat that a day is fast approaching where there will be me on the red corner and them on the blue and all will know about it, just like the issue with Women – whereby if a person knows that getting into a fight will likely cause you a fatality, she becomes obsessed with trapping you in it because you are a religious person or she wants to get attention and then they hunt you for it for decades and expect that when you have an opinion about it, the fact it happens when they know it can cause fatality is due to the reality that they are stupid people, will not be expressed because the excuse that it is what Women suffer when they make babies for which I have asked their version of it the last time we checked, will likely carry instead.

The story of how I negate responsibilities associated with my position and thereby leaving violent matters for other people’s children of which is as old as age itself; the truth of which is rather that when I sit in my Office to ensure that if I write my Books and the copies show up on the corridors of Parliament and gets read by MPs who do not purchase a copy, only for the sales to take a nose dive after that and stay down, people get to find out how the jobs of the idiots responsible and their MPs works as well but every day will not go by unless the Media appoints itself to a position where it can ensure that it becomes a competition or a battle which I will never win and those who attacking me will and I have never actually experienced an explanation for the reasons they do it either. What I do know however is that they know that when they get involved with others and turn a process where Women bug people into a problem for every facet of the lives of others, such persons will not be happy individuals but so will they do it and show up to demand happiness by force as well, according to their Media powers. Then we hear them claim I do the same as well but it is quite possible that their insults are the reasons I do it anyway – never mind the fact that they now need to copy how I cope because they cannot, right down to the way I live and what I eat and how I bathe, which they then share with millionaires to rob shoulders and continue to adopt that stupid position where they show up and inform me of how their popularity on my public life has afforded them what is an infinite incentive to attack me all of the time endlessly but stopping this sort of behaviour is that which they cannot be caught dead doing as well. Then we hear all that blabbing about persons whose current condition was their doing, whereas we all know Women always bother people and that their foolish big mouth gets bailed out by Politicians every blessed day around here. Like that other story of a test to find out who is solving problems with his own wealth and who is with other peoples wealth when they have laid down Business empire and popularity empire pipelines all over my Royal Estate products market place at the global markets and are all assuming I have not laid down a counter path by which to recover the money as much as the market can give me as well – yap yapping we hear it will get physical from here like world peace as it were with that big mouth. First you make excuses for it as per what happens when you have grown up and faced the world, then you make another one as per what happens when you are getting through a learning curve and then you make another and another and another till you reach that stage where you are certain that there are no more justifiable reasons why you should not respond, that big mouth about how they have business empires and will find out if I am using my property to fix problems and not what others own all the time like world peace when it gets physical yap yapping all the time and will not blab where it matters until it steals all your money.


We hear of the problem to be that I masturbate but then again which the great idea has never occurred to them that this was part of the main problem, as we can never ever see them find their own mates to have sex with, whereby it becomes such an issue that they hunt me down and want to see me in a gang fight knowing it might end in fatality but wish to ensure that even the statement to say they are stupid was a form of intolerance. An old story about how they play these games about an infinite source of provocation they have with popular culture money they have extracted from my public life i.e. that when all is done I will not have a life anymore as it would be impossible to get along with Royal Courts and I think they are bluffing too. Hence they say it is a two part nagging problem, one being that I am a pauper with no mobility whatsoever, who likes to think he is Royalty, the real problem of which is that when what happens in my head is the answer to people’s problems on the streets a writing career is completely damaged and its owner has no image when he steps outside of his door and since he is not the one complaining we do have an order of daily events which means there is actually no real perversion going on, which they should all be thankful for as well – the other being that I am scared of people, whereas when it comes to people bigger than you, there is a tendency to ensure you are never cornered and have your own bit for wood to beat them up with if handled; it’s not an emotive story, just one they like to bring up because nobody is having fun with the process of making them complain about having to deal with bigger violent responsibilities people cannot handle just yet all together, it is what happens when you start to copy them by having fun with processes of grooming them for violence as well. Then there is that other story where they say they simply need to know all I do has an academic premise – which of course it does, since I know their culture and society back to back and am a Legal studies student as well, therefore that idea they will win or win at the Law Courts which is not essentially true as well; obviously a matter of respect thereof none of which they have for me and do therefore need to be quasi legal practitioners alongside their careers, rather than get their issues with the law resolved in order to get on with their lives; they say they handle bigger violent responsibilities on my behalf and when they have stolen all my money will change that rhetoric to one of having power to do as they please, I say they need to respect the bills they are not paying as grooming them for violence as well will only make them complain more, especially the Media ones.

My academic and intellectual abilities are not my doubt; my Books are actually suggestive enquiries which are for a British Royal Arch Prince who fulfils a diplomatic role and they do not actually tell the truth as such, as all can clearly see. It’s like the story of how much the US President hates me but it has always been a problem with the certain black people who are always deserving things; I mean I have the same skin colour they do but do not know who their parents are nor they who mine are as such for instance but they actually do not deserve to have a relationship with me. So nobody does; what happens is that they lay out all that rubbish that the so called ‘other people’ who then become the ones that support me during times of crisis, so their enemies can show up to stand around performing all sorts of nonsense, while those who have the same skin colour as me deserve things around me and put the feet up: nobody does. Now the story is that I am actually not happy with my life in the UK, which does mean that people really do want me to lose a Royal Estate before they feel satisfied on such matters; since it appears it is perhaps rather the interests of other Countries that makes my life so uncomfortable financially, makes it difficult for others to see the only official superior I have is The Queen. It sits hand in hand with the other one about how The Conservatives are under investing in the UK, which I do not think they are i.e. the Labour Party loves that game where people must be beaten down so that they do not get to find out their MPs have been bullied financially by the rich just as they have and that those who do not have such a problem have their financially completely destroyed lest they prefer voting for the Conservatives and this means they come up with government investment that only makes the rich even richer, such that although there is nothing wrong with a rich person getting richer, what we end up with are rich people who did not work for their money and do not entertain a pathological fear of crime that all rich people have, claiming its power, as annoyingly as their stupidities can help it. I mean in terms of quality of life for instance; they still entertain that idea that we are a backward facing country full of pregnant teenage girls on benefits but the only reason a 25 year old gets married these days was because they were not Gay on account of Industry pressure on older single people that has always been identified in the fabric of the Nation – in my case of which I dropped out of University some 8 year ago but travelled back to the area to find Ricky Gervais the Comedian still at it, with his poster all over the Buses.

The other effect being their endless claims and stories of religion being the problem of world while they ask me what I think should be done about wealth inequality; they preach nothing save the claim religion is the evil of the world, do nothing save a process of making new standards for abusing religious people while making sure religious people cannot make a living from criticising them at the same time and when done, do nothing about their mind travel scumbags that get around a lot – the Washington friends ones of which have become so fond of telling me that my bottom hurts on account Washington is not getting what it wants from me and if the American ones go from fighting terrorism in the Middle East as a war on religion while having problems at home when they have religiously devout people, then claiming it is my fault and the fact I wrote my Books to blabbing about the hurting bottoms thing I put up with for their sake, I will shaft their own as well for my part; we all know that when they get into a habit of attacking my Books are well, we become friendlier than ever. Naturally they say we religious people chase moral frivolities and return to take over what others have worked for of course but before then the temperaments of an Arch Prince was stolen from Goths whose stuff he has done and it shows up at Media and popularity all the time to offer me agony of internal turmoil all day long while they got rich and this is just the one where I have black characters that cannot keep their hands to themselves following me around and knowing where my anus and penis is since that was clearly never going to be the resulting outcome as it were, especially now it has become the tool that is most important for deciding if people can keep possessions they already own while complaining about any reaction that may have come of it as well taking up all my time with loss creation.

Hence we see that the whole case of using school to split people into winners and losers does not actually work – since what we end up with is a condition in which somebody does not pass their exams but when he ends up in a factory becomes a sponge, like we all know that builders are actually people who work with Architects and that other people’s lives literarily hangs on whether or not they know their numbers well enough but every time we see them in Public outside of Day off or leisure times or family moments, they are always dirty. In my case it’s a matter of the fact I know that going to University is something I only do if I need the supply of information and the qualification associated with it as a tool for something else and it is the Labour party that invented this process of deciding people like me get to fail their exams and drop out while those who need the qualifications in order to get jobs they do not already have, pass it and have the qualifications. Then we hear them claim that if I already know how a Legal degree for instance can be used, then I can find another way to do what I need to do and leave the current opportunity for somebody else but never ever are responsible enough to wait around and look after the problems while I get on it because they are off getting famous like Adele instead. Hence just another group that follows on from the insanity of those who stalk me over decades to make me get into a gang fight or criminal activity, knowing that a fatality could be the result but using government Office to ensure I had never mentioned that Women are stupid lest there be a lack of rights; it’s just one of those “go on give it to me” situations that I regularly finish off with describing people as clowns and not necessarily a crisis but stalking me and following me around to do it can be a problem for those who do as well – since it is easy to leave the opportunity for somebody else if I already know how a law degree works in order to help me manage a Royal Estate but the question is whether it is utter villainy concerning things never working the way they should in other people’s lives, which is usually more important than getting a day job or not and then I will make my own contributions to poverty and deprivation at the end of it too. It is an old story; the one that says that my Books are insulting when people offer explanations for what I have written on one hand and then on the other when they do not, it automatically means that nobody really can understand what I have written or what the purpose is. Then they will say that such an explanation does not change the fact the Books are insulting and have an insulting effect on others, which is utter nonsense as what creates that effect is that stepping out of my door as a writer is no longer possible because people are taking it away for their own ends – it goes to the heart of the clash with Public transport operatives that get peoples listening to their cause if they complain about their job but if I take the train or Bus the most important thing they want to block and damage is my view of the way I dress or what I am looking at when I star out of the window; it brings it home therefore that public transportation is not operated by government simply because it is efficient and hence shows that those who work it have ambitions as well but for the more violent ones I say there will be a time when they will end up on the blue corner and I on the red but they do not yet think that this is a credible threat to them anyway.

It’s much the same with the celebrities – those operated on the basis of living in a Country where stepping outside of my door makes another person’s rich because I inspired them but we soon find out if that was the reason when they return with the money I can account for better than they can to oppress me on grounds they think they have become important enough to punish me should they believe that I have done something to offend them. So what emerges is simple realities leading to serious problems, such as the fact I fancy classical music but when pop music is made with my life I can learn to love myself but it then means I become a very unpredictable character with respect to my mood and then they tell me they know of persons that mean much to them in terms of their security that experience the same thing too because classical music is made about the person; yet we already know that it is their tendency to get involved with people that means a Priest does not have the presence of God available to him anymore on account his mind is technically corrupted and he has never been given the time to just sit back and let it drip away, resulting in a condition where he sees injustice and acts on it and then writes a book about what he did but could not sell it because the Book was insulting, which leads to people making classical music about them and how they live; otherwise it would have continued to be a case where Beethoven makes one about the way Men live and a girl likes it too much until he makes one about her and she stops seeing the funny part for a while for example, when it involves making it about persons that will understand it is being made about them that is. So it is all a case of something they do because they think they will not be stuck between a rock and a hard case because I will have need of state provided security instead which has not actually turned out to have been the case but is largely the same pattern all round i.e. the ones on the left want to make use of my public image to make themselves comfortable with Media based jobs they already have and the ones on the right claim the new trend in Town is that everybody wants to be Women and children and are always showing up around my personal life to screw my health and be just that. Hence it’s an old tale of villainy which as I said generally suggests my Books cannot be understood by the Public or that it is insulting. It happens apparently because of the need they have to get involved with people whenever there is a sense that doing so is possible, whether or not people actually want them to; in terms of the celebrities, their problems will end with me thereof when I can see something wrong, act on it, write my experiences and sell it to the public without their interference and damage to my Books of course mean I will do the Celebrity culture until I rip up their lives and return to academic work, the way they come to university to rip up my academic work and pass their own in order to return to popularity and celebrity culture anyway, just to make them count the cost better the next time they get off to it. In terms of the Politicians, what happens with those are the opportunities the crowd will make me give up and through violence if possible, so that others can get rich with their villainy as well; so that one involved a process where I placed my literary archives at the University computer system and it had the desired effect of somebody seeing it and Industries being attracted, which meant that I had the Industries right there with me at the University while I was studying and my project writing would have been a breeze if I was allowed to graduate – another example where they get involved because it is possible to and then complain later looking for privileges of injustice but for the Media, that was a matter of gender inequality which purpose would have been defeated if I were rich first and how they got involved to ensure that whole period of time would be spent on benefits and not my small book sale business making me a living wage instead. We all know they never come up with ideas to resolve the insults even now, because they think they are my personal gods or something like. I mean I made the Class A drugs Industry unprofitable, depopulating its entrepreneurs in the process and what we now have is a condition where the actors who usually got out to play roles on the Public equity that was built from the fact I couldn’t confront those kinds of criminals by myself and would not necessarily want to sanction a process where Armed Law enforcement did because I was still a young person and in University at the time, no longer have jobs because the well off enemy has taken over to make fame and fortune for themselves – so it is dealing with things like these that create the idea what my business is or does is actually confusing when it is not; take the journalism bit for instance of which I have a Court and a Book sale business and a relationship with Global Industry and others should be spending time with the ones they buy or sell for their part too. It is a clear example of how people cannot keep off the property of somebody whose asset equity broker is about crime prevention, when they have no plans to engage themselves in any form of crime prevention – so I should be a lot more intolerant of their celebrities and journalists getting off to address me but do hope that by writing it they tend to understand as well why they get involved because it is possible to do so and not whether or not I would have wanted them to. I hear that I get robbed everyday but do nothing about it, which is not really true – I get robbed but that is a matter of Media idiots providing leadership that says my Book sales are to be stalled until I make Media appearances and leave behind a point in my existence others can assume in order to affect many lives without showing their face for their interests; it’s all people stealing that thing they can make good of stealing if they have money, so I have to take a stand and make them understand I actually want to be pushed around and will likely spare that their stupid culture if I see it around my Business Empire imitating me in such as well as it were; of course they say I am being forced to work by Politicians and soon will be cut off from benefits and trapped in it too, which is utter nonsense, as I am being forced to work by the evils of our society in Government Office who are assuming their abusive insults will never become a provocative thing to keep doing all of the time at present - everybody knows that a fight with the stupid jackass Politicians who make fun of everything for their irritation is the sweetest of all; the answer to all problems (like when they say the fact I curse and swear will cost me everything whereas it is all hypothetical, the way people set them out as reasons for very bad behaviour while preserving health like they do others as it were, apparently which is because they are unable to cope with problems but it is not my leadership they want if it is telling me what to do and copying my lifestyle instead - so they complain about rich kids but know their servitude very well in such circumstances, complain about wealth inequality but know their spare change in the House to service consumerism with very well; hence there is another swear and curse, the fucking idiots can never be seen seeking sex with their own mates because it would be exciting.). So it is an old reality behind a world where they have never known what rejection is because of the way their parents handle their tantrums and so they say nothing I do actually solves my personal problems and we shall see about it too, as they clearly do not know my parents as well; same case of bending my life and work into conditions that means they have access and can make use of all the time, the abuses then mean I think about them instead God and write Books that do not paint them in favourable light so they can attack me violently like a need that has to be fulfilled - so we are good to go showing them how stupid they really are even though they have taken the matter out of the setting of the village idiot comes to school and other kids have to deal with it, to Media abuses which suggest they are in control of the situation and can do whatever they liked: like when they say I am sorting them out for Politicians whereas I know how to ensure those are looking after their own followers and am very good at it indeed (it is the Media ones that actually make this prognosis necessary - right through to Popular culture whereby the way I conduct my affairs puts money in the mind of a bad girl that can actually beat me up etc; so they say it is a problem I cannot surmount because they are far superior and better human beings but of course that was always the point i.e. that local neighbourhood witchcraft thing they give signal to and chose victims for then blab about how none had dared reject them or refused them anything they wanted i.e. village idiot attend school and the rest of the kids had to deal with it, hence all set here and they can blab  again one more time i.e. the reasons they do it astound every time but by far their most favourite is the one where I sit down to administrate a process where people want to read my Books and share with the world without getting a copy and I have never actually experienced an explanation for the behaviour for my part either.).