I hear this talk these days of how people must expect jibes when they pick up jobs that do not fit their gender and for  me those kinds of nonsense around me is the last straw on this matter as it were – by that I mean that it does not seem to have been publicly obvious yet that some women are so stupid and so destructive the only way to deal with them is a good physical beating – so that they are the ones that are most famous for creating the condition of everybody going in one direction where they will be worse off while they go in another where they will be better off and cannot thereof keep their insolent hands off other people’s property, the reasons obviously that there is such a huge gender inequality in the work place. By that I mean as far as I am concerned it really comes down to the fact when I am in a team with somebody to get a job done the last thing I want is another person touching their bum and so on, hence I have no idea if others know better than I do on the matter and I probably don’t care. We hear of the men that support them of course – those we know are at the heart of civil rights and they think having access to your valuables and giving people rights on it to claim they are your parents adjudicating between you and your siblings all over the world is civil rights and I rather always think it is stupidity of a proportion that needs to be sorted out as well just like their women and the African ones are beginning to see the end of that developing economies party that I warned them will come to pass should this behaviour continue. They speak of controlling me of course and nobody really does; the reality is that if I do not have to get somewhere and find something they have done with my possessions and literary empire that causes me to make statements about it, then there will be no trouble they can get on media and wail about and if not we should always respect the fact it is stupidities of a proportion that needs to be sorted out and that their women are starting to think they can talk about jobs befitting my gender on media while they want a piece of me again as well –  the hold I have on their culture and society is there to show I own them and not the other way around, it’s not as if they cannot be free from it by keeping all their concerns outside of my literary empire or stay within it by making their stupidities around my finances as global as they possibly can and I understand the objection that football idiots have in terms of what they do with their money and how they can do and undo with me if they wanted but it is a case of Politicians letting me do my job and minding their business, however for their case of which there is a certain way they normally look in order to play football and they will look like that again since missing me already does not seem to have warned them about seeking ownership of my Royal Property every time they are seen in public, hence I meant what I said as it were but for the Politicians it is an old case of the fact dealing with these psychopaths that cannot make the connection between what their poorer versions look like and what I think of them is supposed to be done by staying down and staying low and staying silent to ensure they never get anything they want, right down to tyrants I support in the UK and ones I condemn overseas when we know it is about my penis and my anus and my head and my chest and they need to keep their hands to themselves – since Politicians are good at helping them to tax payer funds while extricating response to their activities from me with media and vandalism, it is now up to them – an old story of whether I am a victim of wealth distribution or that of their stupidities i.e. we all know there are rules and straight talking, that you destroy people’s property with government office if and when it is what the Americans describe as a pop stand, that they know is wrong and you know is wrong and it’s a case of I hope you are getting out of there while I set charges to it and of course the answer they give me to this question, having been I noticed these activities in my early teens and had it under control before I was 17 until I returned to the UK to meet the most insolent scum in the world raising me all over again to use and consume me like I am an item will have two outcomes and one of their answers will let me move on as a matter of what they want to do with their time while the other will piss me off and we are not talking about dependency on welfare state to break me and boast either – and they had better given me the wrong answer and stood there talking rubbish about power as well if they have it. It’s a case of a Literary empire people are after me for and when I settle in on that they set about changing it like I look the part of somebody that should be treated in that way and their idiots whom we do not see get involved with theology in order to gain jobs as priests and set about abusing Children knowing they do not believe in God in the first place are more concerned with media these days as a tool of the trendy process of causing me harm due to the existence of sexual abuse events with a big mouth looking for trouble because they have a welfare state to distract me financially and gain false confidence with, while the Africans do not seem to have had it worked out anyway, it seems everything they will do to build a crisp government at my expense will exist at my mercy just as I warned about how their stupidities will end in the first place anyway. The Scottish Nationalism ones however claim a North sea Oil and tax reduction to make Scotland a business Haven but we all know the Middle classes need to pay their taxes to maintain the Navy and the National frontier to ensure their exports and imports are coming in – the lower classes mostly depend on the welfare system that gives them money they spend on businesses that effectively pay taxes for everybody to maintain the infrastructure they use and that it is an argument they will lose in no time at all. It isn’t true they are a huge crisis for me; it’s a matter of turning up to hump me until I react and history is built on media with which to manipulate my feelings at will and sacrifice me to improve their stupid lives being more important than getting a day job because the humping will pay off financially at my expense and if it fails they will want a revolution and a new Country that is the main issue – after which my actions are magical. It has always been a simple case of people making themselves this solemn promise they will never keep their hands off anything that belongs to me, so that nobody knows what they are complaining about on one hand and the fact I do my Church stuff makes me something they want to beat up to build their confidence has steadily grown to a point where these threats and attacks and targeting tends to mean they explain away each and every one of their activities by my finances while at the same time ensure a process and sensibility is kept up which means that whenever they handle anything that belongs to me I tend to leave it for them because I am scared. These things are not that much of a problem it just isn’t what we hear them mention when they blab in public places like we see them to all the time and yes we hear them claim it is done so as to avoid a process where they are inferior to me and I have no idea if they cannot see that I have a need to ensure they are always working for somebody else and my solemn promise as well is that of seeing them do business in this world so we can find out where all this history that is not what the Church teaches is supposed to have played out and ended up as well, not withstanding of which that is usually the best way to look after customers that are mine, books that are mine and an office that is mine for the shop that is mine as well in the first place. I do understand they say they do these things because of matters I like to make out I can deal with for attention all the time but we all know that in Syria for example their leaders armed ISIS because they preferred to regard Syrian rebels as terrorists in order to court the attention of their terrorist friends so to speak and now they claim their arming ISIS and failure to note the complexities of what happened there which they bothered me into warning them about long before the Syrian war moved into its fifth week let alone the years it has lasted for today has become my problem and in the same way we find their behaviour towards ISIS is much the same as ever today – they think they are supposed to place the Islamic state in the same league as the Iraq state and then bomb the Islamic state on behalf of the Iraqi state while the Islamic state is in possession of their hostages and for each killing the result is my problems according to their media friends. None of these things of which are unusual nor is the fact I have no plans to make their lives comfortable either; it’s all men and industries and celebrities and if they have secret societies they are supposed to stay away from other peoples royal order and not create a throwing stones at other peoples unbreakable glass while they live in class houses on the other hand then complain all the time and pretend when they talk Machiavellian nonsense endlessly nobody knows why others have chosen the path of terrorism i.e. five business moguls and each owns alongside their stakes in the biggest companies the worst maintained housing estate for the underclass in order to keep their leverage up and in these environments are 20 club and party bars run by 50 bar owners to help them spend their money – so when people chose the path of terrorism and carve out a certain section of the middle east and make it their own they should not be taken seriously and travelling off from the UK and the US to bother them and get kidnapped should be chore.  I am not becoming co-operative as such in anyway, the reality about the activities of these fools is that they enjoy the way they absorb my energy when they exasperate me and that is what it is all about but it has never been a new thing; the media empires that employ the ones who broker it for everybody in their view have managers that pick on me all the time but the last thing we hear them mention in their newspapers that are full of rubbish about my Royal Office public work on the basis of what they recognise and what they don’t recognise is that they expect community croons that have not had sex for 20 years to end that trend here and work with them to that end because they seek ownership of my personal life as well, they are managers in say Rupert Murdoch’s News Empire and have appointed themselves my personal Gods with a big mouth which is clearly their right – so there is nothing about the men and celebrities and industry scum that is a phenomenon either; I am simply going to move them out of this personal life and do so my way, no plans to make them feel comfortable about their lives here, especially the lack of respect for the fact government is somebody work as well and they will not like shareholders in large companies that think it should translate into shareholding parts of the Country as well hence the claim my activities are entirely unexplainable and that people become terrorists in the middle east by magic. The spiritual side of the things I like to get attention for but cannot do being an old story of the evils, where religion is a  matter of choice but they must do the devils work on me with their own hands and try to reward themselves with my property since the devil has none of those on account they cannot leave people alone – what I always do because their culture and society that I find sinful and contaminating cannot stay by itself is take their stuff and keep it as leverage which when added to the need to see them work for others and only set up business when they want to get all this mess back and to that end their real nature shows off on that stupid media all the time i.e. it is not that he killed off the devil in me and established normalcy for others, it’s just that I want to teach him lessons for trifling with me in the first place with that big mouth of which nobody knows what they are complaining about either: all I know is that they have reached a point where they must no longer address me and that they have seen the evidence of how dangerous it is as I had mentioned a long time before and they of all people should never do so as well.  So apparently it’s all their government of insolent flash idiots who want to handle peoples possessions and create their segregation in order to determine where peoples incomes end up and it is the same problem that has led to the Euro sceptic versus Euro enthusiasts balance that we have in the EU today – I am prepared to recognise it if they finish it soon and keep their insolent hands off my book sales but if they damage my quality of life before then they know I am not somebody that will think they were never aware of what they were doing while they were at it too: that is how to arm ISIS and claim the Middle East is made up of terrorists, pretend secret society powers mean they can mess with anybody they want and seek the personal lives of even those who want to grab and sell it for them so they can put their money where their mouth is and act as if nobody knows why others have chosen the path of terrorism. I for my part have moved matters on from a process where they tell me not to mess with them to a process where media false confidence means they get to mess with me themselves and claim they have their own royal estate, to a point where they will never get their freedom with me around because that will help to make them understand what it feels like to have your finances damaged by idiots with media, so that they can make more money than you and lay their own claims of ownership to it later while you continue to do government work without earning money from your estate because you cannot release any on account of them for 15 years so far while they are at it – they lose freedom to make sense of that and I am prepared to push this boundary as well, we all know those nonsense where people vote for them to do a certain job and they get into government office to absorb my energy and be reborn being my boss talking rubbish I used to think about when I was a teenager continues and never ever turns up on their insolent media as a headline either. The story of ruling this so called group of people that are unruly in the west does not apply – its government work here and they are supposed to avoid me to have their freedoms not turn up to play around with me instead – so it will be that way the one that was not natural or we will find out how they will do my stuff in this life or the next. I don’t think it is a major issue, we all know one moment the authorities should allow them pick on those they claim to supersede and the next they want to rule those who are unruly in the west and causing imbalance in global peace and politics and I don’t think anybody needs to get into any heightened state of affairs either, it’s their big mouth yet again as it were and the price for my becoming the most abused statesman in the world on account they will not stay off my books and Royal property where I need to release much needed funds for my daily pay is their freedom that they continue to talk nonsense on media about but will never see again as far as I am concerned; this is not the 1990s which as far as I know was a time in which they were having a ball as it were. It has never been a problem I can live well in rented homes dealing with the matter of keeping media idiots and celebrities and company managers out of my personal life but they really do believe this will be a challenge for me should I buy my own home soon like they always do – all of which can be avoided if they stay off my book sales and stay out of anything I do to find employment and keep their la la land nonsense they think is how to make a living and the destruction it causes where it is meant to be. We hear they are fighting my battles too when what happens is that when I build my literary empire to deal with matters in the Estate empire and Emporium of Industries and make friends in the east they want to turn it into a Political issue and American creates war in Ukraine claiming those who ally themselves to Russia wanted to do my stuff – so their insults abound and the goats have no plans to shut it as well on that stupid media where we all know the bulk of the job that lies before them turns up in the first place concerning which their block heads are able to do nothing.


Of course there is no shred of truth whatsoever to those claims I have been beaten by them and Obama is victorious or something like that and all hail freedom goons who can neither stay off other peoples personal convictions or finances; the reality is that they feel they can place themselves between me and my Royal Estate like I am some kind of item that needs to be handled illegally while people build up their own version of s history of my life which will mean others are more worthy of it and take it up while I go to hell and the reason is that I cannot beat them up if I wanted to and so we also have a condition where they are always on large scale media to save their TV shows and journalist careers and political careers and talk show careers and so on since it is clear if we both could beat each other up we would be doing whatever we liked and as for the threats I hear from them I think they are bluffing as well. The blacks are a story of their own in their own right;  these days their community croons are really good at stories about how I am one of those people who feel I can do anything but they are confident I will eventually have an idea and fail to have it accomplished so that others can be noted for something as well – I wouldn’t know for my part, I simply think they forget I am black as well and hence I believe they are bluffing too: an example is the case we have so far of black millionaires who buy shares in European and African and even Asian and Communist Companies, when they have their fun with their stupid wives and mistresses and daughters about how my company is a contraption put together by a kid that has no respect looking for connections, they are always on a roll but now we have reached a point where there is enough fear there for me and they understand they need to stay off my empire in order to keep their own; so this is the result of a 15 year period of stalking me and abusing me in order to keep me off my finances and detach me from a Royal Estate we already hear them talk nonsense about belonging to them as it were. I am settled on what I will do to them if I sit down to sign away my books and have to deal with a process where those their stupid communities have a media presence that sets out the kinds of punishments I am susceptible to but the short coming that has led to this case of beating me is a matter of the fact I have continued to negate the part where I am supposed to burn it in like manner for trifling with things I do to seek employment and this is what they are talking about as well, so it’s all very well for as long as it lasts too.  I continue to maintain when they take away my Royal Estate and make it their own the Royal will accept them and then nobody has to be born gay into this world anymore because all their questions will have been answered as it were – this is the state of affairs for me on my being beaten by them, they can table their own as well if they want so it might be done for them like history bears witness to again. I understand they say it’s a matter of my lack of support for the black American president of course but Obama is neither a moral man nor is he and or his aides cultural people – so there is always that sense they can take mine up and corporate it into their own and do it and the fact it breeds monsters is something they never ever listen to and yet as we speak they have not finished with ISIS in the Middle East, they think it is other peoples problem already and of course in Ukraine the story is that when people get involved with my business Americans will protect me from them by creating a civil war in Ukraine claiming somebody was doing my stuff – it smacks of a case of turning my entire business empire and everything linked to it from this office into a political game and I don’t mind, their work is cut out for them as well and they need to get it done.

There is absolutely no shred of truth whatsoever about those claims that I am playing western games with communists and do not actually want them to militarise their interests – one of these facts are true and the other is not; the reality is that China for example is just a very large version of Singapore and that is the story behind its success, it does not go hand in hand with environmental destruction and militarisation, let the Americans police the world like they love it best, some of us are done with that and men that play their games and find me play mine as well since according to them we are all grownups and can no longer be disciplined like children especially when powerful – it’s just a time to be more aware of where your focus is and what to be selfish with and absolutely nothing to be afraid of like they suppose they have accomplished. I hear it is said I simply refuse to recognise that people travelling to Africa to bring trouble makers from there into the UK is directly linked with the impudence with which I get involved with the Royal Family and more so when they are better than me with their Labour Party and so on. Not that I know it is something I am supposed to be responsible for in any case either, all I know about it is that of what I think about their communities and societies and I am certain it is made up of a group of people that want to exist in a bubble where they can hit me and claim it is because the Royal Family exists, hence they have a really difficult time living with this condition where I have done it and become famous for doing it to them as well – I mean it’s about the Royal Family when I am standing in front of them bleeding and they are the reasons for it. The MPs are the most insolent scumbags in the whole world: I mean does a female MP gesture her Children to the left when they are talking to others for example? Or does she address or speak to her husband in that way in the first place? – her block head children addressed as in dismissive gesture to the left because she wants my personal life and the male ones are something else all together, those seem to have specialised only in the sort of behaviour that can create conflict: no we are talking about my view of them here and I believe I shouldn’t hold back anymore i.e. these are creatures from hell itself with the need to stand up and make statements that suggest that if they are deposed from the position as evil Queens and Kings of the neighbourhood who rule it from a spiritual position that nobody can see or touch, then The Queen must be deposed as well – so yes it is a society full of rubbish that I have to listen to all the time and Scottish Independence is something else all together that they have created from that, just as we know the most support those idiots in Scotland are getting comes from the Labour Party. So I have not yet reached a stage where I raise funds and regularly rent big halls and or spread leaflets to teach young people about these things but since I have written books about them I am still on track anyway and yes I hear they say I have a bad relationship with my parents and am in no position to teach young people anything and that the young people know that as well – utter rubbish of course since if they did buy the books and read them they would have been able to see the facts very clearly i.e. they or young people know nothing about anything about my relationship with my parents but the part that is obvious is that evil mother or not, she has been working really hard to ensure celebrities get a piece of what I own and I bet the parents that own them celebrities have been working hard to ensure their children get a piece of what I own as well, so we should all be happy but we are not and they want a piece of me all the time and get out of their stupid beds to seek it every day – hence the story of what I think about them in a general sense and if they read the Books a copy of their own they would have been able to see it (http://www.tunnellightbooks.com/general-store.php#!/~/product/category=0&id=12205428 ), they rather claim they want to get their own copy of the books from the horse’s mouth and it’s those cheap classical insults only they are really good at and of course we are never done until we have conversations about rise in anti-Semitism which is all they ever do living for their media debut through which they can talk rubbish at me and those who given them that along with talent shows to play with can make much noise about what I have done to them as well – about which it has always been as simple as celebrities staying out of my personal life and off anything I do to seek employment, nobody is really interested in the fact they think what they are doing is how to earn a living but the reality here is clear for the whites and the blacks and the mixed races especially and of course they can anti-Semitism go lucky attention somewhere else. The claim they have done my thing and decided how my entire life worked out and especially on matters of career and money is utter nonsense, they have not; the truth is that I have too much stuff so it is cluttered and there was a time when I should have spent my days taking seriously the fact that the outcome whereby I am a decent person is not necessarily a prove that people will handle the would you could you to others questions like I do - hence the doing my stuff bit has always been a matter of how these fools behave towards other peoples right to security in their own lives i.e. if you want to set up a disposition where you get an entire government involved in the discrimination you want to practice while you expect them to make laws that prevent others from practicing their own, then one of the careers you should be interested in is media and your lifestyle should definitely be that of a gay person, homosexual in the extreme cases or otherwise - so it is clear it is all a matter of how much they want to sit around and spend our time making noise of the price they have had to pay to be the way they are as a proportional comparison to the ones that others are paying to discriminate against them but nobody is doing my stuff, they have not got it. Then of course there is the other story of what Russia is doing in Ukraine and it is something about which they simply cannot understand why I am giving support to the Russians in the matter but the reality is that whilst they speak of redrawing territorial boundaries at the barrel of a gun, the counter argument the Russians have is that they are playing Political games using the Baltic States as Pawns on one hand and it is better to have troops in Ukraine than to have Syria on their door step and that is a very compelling argument that they have nothing to counter as it were. So it is much the same case as when I say China is in no position to Police the world i.e. America Polices the world because it is possible for them to latch onto my company for example and turn it into an International topic for Political conversation, so that when the problems come forth as a result of free lance government work having been done here and a lot of people that want to copy it, America will be able to trade arms and Police the world but China has not got that problem and does not need to create any for itself hence the question of why Europeans think they should while China should not is easily explainable by the realities that you can sit peaceably in your home and find a bunch of Africans on your door step setting up Camp on claims they are seeking a better life: these things do not just happen, they are designed by people in twisted African Governments that have not had European interference in their Government business for some time now - the way they normally play out in the US is as I have mentioned before i.e. I hate Africans and their culture and society and even civil bloody rights and like to accept part of the blame whenever they get shot by Police officers as well - in the sense that they are not moral people but run most of the Churches in the Country, they do not believe in God but want to make use of your life when you do claiming it is not the prove God exists but some magic that you have performed which you wish to keep to yourself as one of those things people do to foster inequality so that in order not to share the magic that has made your life good you have decided to make claims about God and of course they will ensure you living is a misery with that until you react to problems which means you are at least paying attention to it and then there are the best of them who do not believe God but are theologians and therefore able to set up their own Church preaching my business empire instead of the gospel - those have a need for hating my faith and expressing their hate on my finances, so that when they all come together you realise what has emerged in this community of people that is basically powered by violent orthodoxy which does nothing but develop a rival state of affairs to the laws of the land, so that when a young Police office confronts them and realises they are armed and they talk demagogues they cannot really explain, it is obvious as it were that it is not their fault they get shot when the Officer knows what they are and understands they are usually armed and probably has a history with them already. The Point is that at some stage these communities reach a situation where certain individuals that are stubborn beyond human understanding emerge and they always either want to do Politics or they want to do organised crime - in terms of organised crime of which what happens is always basically already determined but in terms of Politics their entire life becomes all about getting into Government office and playing out a series of very evil events that ends in a process where they regard themselves as Kings with a need for a certain kind of taste and privilege and the result of that is such things and the need to have pieces of Industry on one hand while on the other dispatching certain of their people to make a mess of Europe because they are a fan of the privileges that America gets by Policing the world and want to be able to police the world as well - for my part in terms of the Americans, I am aware that even now the next person that comes along will have his entire life and business become strategy and hence set out my own processes of putting the standards for Policing the world so high up there they find it impossible to achieve but for these tyrants however it is rather always a matter if they told me they along with their stupid children want to stop telling me if I can be leader or not as regards how much money I have while they get to involve themselves in my concerns to determine how much money I have, I would tell them we are good but clearly if not it is obvious they have no plans to fuck somewhere else and it is going to end very well thereof - so far the Russians and Chinese are pulling out Industrially and I will always be right when I say people always get what they deserve in the same vein of which I make use of their useless property whenever I rent them entirely out of chance here in the UK so they can tell the difference some other time they think they want to mess mine up: the excuses for handling other peoples possessions when they get in your eyes and racists will not protect them is always their hatred for Monarchy and authority, for me however it is a simple matter of their insults and that of their stupid children not being found around here if it is to go well for them in the future and I will always tease and play around with their feelings as there is nothing whatsoever they can do when they fail to have what they want: I hear their excuses to be that there is now so much of a process of targeting me in the world of men that I have been reduced to a point where I am so pocked and prodded and bullied I have been losing my temper and picking up things I cannot do thereby engineering my down fall - utter rubbish of course because this is an Intellectual Property Administration Business and pillaging Intellectual Property is something American feel is a basic way in which they have a right to live, when people do it stifle their finances with intrusive stupidities that cause damage as a result of your block head and go off to copy and do it as well and if you have some money it is a good gamble and other peoples lives are a market place, so it is an acceptable risk considering which as a result of my activities the number of people that have declared themselves enemies of mine are largest in the US, so it blows me away completely when they speak of hate or love of the US when it is not even where I live of which that said if the British ones put words in my mouth I will rip their own up for them as well i.e. what I mean is that America is a society full of pit falls and if they have not had their civil rights worked out it will be difficult for them to have that of a Royalty worked out as well bearing in mind they speak of ideals but its all lip service and speaking of ideals is good because if they do not criminals will tell them crime is supposed to create law and not the imagination of leaders but here in UK its largely a matter of socialist idiots making a mess of the civility and the difference between the two is that I am drawn into the dealing with the UK one and very busy at present and so when the love or hate story for the US comes along the real fact is that I do not even live there and cannot see where it applies - so its all men playing games and if we could turn out and throw punches at and beat each other up then it is clear our stupid women would be very happy and we would be able to do whatever they bloody well liked - the African ones however have only created a condition where their involvement with British diplomacy has led to a result of a shrinking of Counterfeiting economies they depend on which helps them talk so much nonsense and not an expansion of it like they thought it would play out when they started off so they understand what the parameters are, it is the Americans that need a respect lesson over my I.P. admin business here and not a matter of whether I should hate or love them and as for white trash talking rubbish endlessly, it is obvious in these games of men being stupid they are at the heart of these idiots making out I cannot keep my hands off other peoples women so these stupidities of theirs and certain old injustices can be paid for at my expense when they are not in any position to decide such things and or make them happen that way, looking for trouble and following it on with their own noise making concerning which we have reached a point whereby I am tried of taking even more nonsense beyond it from them and they are getting the message too, not a process of devising my own down fall as a result of bullying, they have not got it (It is never true that I doubt myself - what is true is that the US is the only country in the world that has not had its fair share of what I can get up to when people mishandle my Intellectual Property Administration company and its clients - be they individuals or cross national projects like the EU where activities more so that which is worked with Asia at Industry accounts for the most Equities Brokered at the Empire and Global Intellectual Property Space, so that there is still that activity they think is fun where they see peoples books and somebody wants to do it as well and I have to break down the difference between those who do not know what they are doing and those who think they seek a piece of you like their President who will not stop attacking me with nonsense about somebody that can be sacrificed over slavery and slave trade history, the case of men playing games and how he wants to look good in the eyes of black people: so they do need to put their money where their mouth is, I want to sell my books and saying so does not indicate anything of media supported false confidence either, it can only be a lot of hard work at the end of the day and nothing more than that because last time we looked they are nobodies, they were nothing).