Now they say they are cleverer than I am and I cannot make out what that really means as well. These idiots have never passed exams unless they had a hate figure. They always had to wait for the elite to do it for them and then get around inventing things like the water heater that ensures people don’t have to own large lands in order to heat their Castles and therefore we can have a large middle class for example among others. I mean if we are in a competition to find out about clever obviously there are things I can do to them over those setting me up for their community witchcraft to make claims and do what they like with my property thing – I mean even now they say I talk like a mad dog and the purpose of course is providing a whipping stick for their insolent mothers.

It is not a major issue for me; when I have to do my academic work then I have to do it but competitions for clever from people who have simply gone off to absorb a body of knowledge that people years ago built up some of them with the loss of their own lives and giving nothing back in return really does it; I mean it is not the criteria but we are talking about competitions for cleverness here and the claim that the worst and most mundane provide leadership in the UK; is there really such a country where the stupid mundane providing leadership in this world? They are the ones that create wonderment around here all the time because they are so stupid; I mean it has become power to get involved with people’s lives and work out the problems on people – how is it possible for a human being with reason in their minds to be so stupid anyway? This is usually the biggest question of all seconded only by the fact they want to bully people for pleasure but they know people will not let them and it will take up all their time as a result hence have ideas about getting me to provide them with money, knowing if I refuse that will be an opportunity for their younger idiots to make stories and then something out of it as well.

So they say I speak that way but will not stay away from people and the fact they have got top jobs, like they always do; knowing what they are want the top jobs all the time and it is not so much the fact they have it as it is the fact you can never be better off because they have on account they are so incompetent they cannot do anything without leaning on others and therefore like to call in third party adjudicators and Politicians to decide between me and them over what belongs to everybody which I have commandeered for private and personal benefit and it will continue as well until it becomes something terrible bearing in mind like the old thing of working out they want to bully people and I am the one chosen to find them money, we have racism in this country and there are other stupid culture they travel around the world to get involved with and there is therefore no means by which I will tolerate such rubbish. Hence they still live in dream land where they get off their jobs and claim my job and work is free for all, to build their confidence whether I like it or not and the intent is that there will be no consequences attached to it. It is always that way until they decide the biggest problem is that I distract people while they are doing their important jobs and I don’t know what it means; maybe they want to gag me because they are important as well and we are not talking about the fact it does not seem like an impossible feat to think I will be brought low enough to become the things they use to get rich in order to turn up and tell me that nobody knows who I am.

Sometimes they sound like they want to make a case out of the ambiguity surrounding what I get up to about which I should make it clear that all I do has more to do with Democracy in the west and Communism in the east and when we talk about an economic crisis the people to look out for are the bullies in the middle. For them their ideologies are miscellaneous, therefore any new thing any body does is something stolen from them but the real problem with respect to me these days is that they now have a hierarchy and each side is trying to play me one against the other and I want them to stay out of my life and work or I will get them out my way. So I do suppose this was helpful too.

They say they are always very happy to see me have a hard time because I give others such a difficult life to live and this is not true, truth is that they locate me as the guy that works for them, boast to their friends about it and turn up to have it come what may to live up to their lies all the time. So I have made myself clear about taking pictures of their stupid girls on my property but that will not change until I get off and one day walk into their corporate establishments to rough up their suits for them and make a public show of it to make them take it down. I mean there are the celebrities and then the immoral celebrities below them who are immoral because they are not top celebrities and then there are those who hurt themselves with deviance and try to get rich with it looking for trouble, these idiots are the scum that play absolutely all sides and therefore get beaten up all the time by those who hurt themselves with deviance and then try to get rich with it, now they claim they control me and I am sure they understand when I say I have had enough of them and there will soon be one lump of air on that stupid media for everybody and I will have 90% of it, so that when they cannot breathe insults for me will end.

As for the idea I make out there are lots of people around me and I am therefore really dangerous is utter rubbish too; the idea I am not an adopted child of the Queens was their idea, now they are the ones caught between facts about whether I really am or not and it has got nothing to do with me all together. I mean if the royals accept you as one of their own and the queen does not like anybody getting into relationships with you and those who have relationships with have a brother sister relationship and you are given a royal commission of your own, there is a professional name you have and it has nothing to do with being a Prince.

They speak of trouble I create for royals with the things I say; rubbish, the royals do not get around with the media because the media did find a way to creep under their skin, they have not crept undermine and so I have nothing to fear from them; I mean what more can they do when I have already set out the difference between Mr 70 year old pensioner walking the streets on Christmas without being abused by get rich quick goons that do not attend church regularly is that the customer owns all the autonomy. They love to claim Royals are doing my stuff for me everywhere while I think they like me, rubbish; all they do are things they do to help me look like a normal human being and not some kind of abused little god, things that help me to choose my words so that I can live a normal life. They on the other hand like to pick up on it all the time because they want somebody to be a tortured talented soul which will not work in the UK economy when sadists and alternative lifestyle goons are free to roam as they like but most of all they do because they as I said before are incompetent goons. Like they have ideas which involve telling me to bring them more of the world so that can divide it among themselves and ensure the economy recovers, for them it is what they wanted to discuss i.e. how businesses get out of businesses corner which will not happen in hell and for me it meant there has to be the world first before it can then be divided, so now we know why I choose a court on the media.

So there is talk of psychopaths and the fact they are becoming more of a threat. I have no idea who moves them into their personal lives myself; except I am aware those are a group of women who think they can manipulate other men. I mean I have settled the matter a long time ago by making it clear to people all these high fliers are psychopaths underneath and they have simply spent more of their time to have what they have now, every clinically certified psychopath really are deviant people and next to criminals, not clear when those who get involved with them plan to tell them to move somewhere else anyway, maybe they would when they had moved them into my personal life like awesome bitches. I do not think it is an issue, only setting out facts on it; it’s the same in Europe where people make use of my work I created to sell my books to do their stuff and then when I manage that decide to leave me with extremism, making out that it ended up in their place and they were entitled to use it when I already know they create problems for me and after I am completely spent by that use the problems that exist naturally to beat me up and beat me down; it has even reached a point where they keep yapping at me that everybody but some people have sat on the British throne and that my position of contention for it is untenable when there are better people which is why some of them do not marry me because they better marry South Africans instead for example etc. I ought to make it clear then it is not an issue, simply first of all that people should be most of the things I do and more so that law enforcement help me do are property – an administrative renaissance, facts and figures that belong to me and then the fact that I have only one patron i.e. the Queen of England. So that is what I have to say about it; when do people suppose it is time to call off their games with psychopaths that they home to manipulate other men with?

So the popular issue therefore becomes that of the claims I never allow Politicians to do their own thing even when I speak of conservatives and liberals and roles they play but in actual fact what is happening is the conservatives shooting off insults about things royals must hurry up and fix so they can occupy to do their conservatism with. They think it is revolution and possible abolishment of the Monarchy but of course the Monarchy has never been so popular with the people and besides which nothing makes sense when they try to make government decisions on matters and property and work places that has got nothing to do with them like things royals must fix for them to do conservatism with but like the British Rail system and the game plan of privatising it, until the idiots messing things up break it, the government will never listen or work where it is supposed to. In the end it is a provocation that will never go away and when you warn them the result will be that should abolishment of Monarchy occur you cannot go somewhere else to find another job to do which results in a process where you have any peace for the rest of your life because conservatism had decided where their country lies is provoking you by laying hands on your private earnings to stirrup revolution and abolishment of Monarchy; they say when I decide to return to take out the stupid conservatism I will not be able to do anything and it is the way they show it off thereof all the time. I continue to reiterate that the purpose of all we do in government is to work hard and be successful and acquire property, then get into Politics to serve the people and make a name but for some people they always seem to want their own personal and private property and like to make out that it is a process of representative or accountable government when they have jobs that such people have as well. Hence what they mean is the usual stuff, worst case scenario and I will be worse off – while all Politicians go into government office and come off better off I am ousted from Government office by those who rob me of my earnings and private property in order to do so. They get paid when they get into government work, I get what my parents left me be it pay or personal property but it is the way this provocation operates as it were, it is this personal and private property they want as a means of accountable route and representative government, which has got absolutely nothing to do with anything that matters.


The fact that media people have access to my privacy and do get to deploy it for the purpose of self expression based racism because of course there is no way I can complain when they find my books and read all about the details and can do whatever they like with my business and market and so on, is not of prime concerns for me. I have already warned them their employees cannot do whatever they like – I mean earlier they spoke of how I get women to do my fighting for me and none have turned up here for that fight so we can really find out how much of it women get to do. It’s not a matter of how I say such things because it is my opinion that media cannot be media; it is a matter of the fact I would expect consequences if I set off to read peoples books illegally then get off on media to open up their career for everybody in order to make my news catchy and important. At present I am a very busy man, when I finish all necessary projects it is perhaps what I will do with media establishments to make my books catchy, otherwise they can make use of the time frame and get to leave the books alone and stop being so stupid.

Of course they say such things when I say them will set me up to be taken advantage of by socialist girls. Socialist girls and their idiots that love to explain their stupidities, especially the ones that come in the form of violent opinions about others that are concerning because they are violent as the meaning of life itself with what makes it work being the idea of somebody they can abuse who will not complain because he cannot even if he wanted to. As it stands it is more capitalist than socialist for fear of what I will do if they return to outright socialism and I love it when they linger, it hurts even more when because of me it is realised culture can be made up and of course there is also the fact it hurts like hell to rebuild it and in my view they should be doing so every single day. For the male version I wonder if those have eaten any shit today.

So I am perfectly aware of the issue of developing economies which when I mention will mean I get taken advantage of by media idiots business scum and advertisement industries but there is no such thing in reality. The truth and reality is that they want my income all the time which show there are ever signs that these problems for them will improve but for the developing economies by themselves they are developing economies that cannot keep their hands off British interests and their media idiots particularly love to play with the ones at my office too because I clearly put them up in public within the process of selling my books because I do so for them and I do so because it is vulnerable to them as well. It will continue of course until I handle them seriously over that stupid insolent ideological dishonesty they think they can manipulate me for business idiots with before anything improves.

The American media friends they have got are always making noise of course for the most part but lay a hand on them and their American spirit will vanish already, about which they claim I am the one responsible for the absence of their wild and free American nature which I do want an explanation for as well but it does not detract from the fact they are starting it all over again and it will end hardly as ever just as it did before.

For the rail and transportation system they love to tell me I speak of very high standards for British transportation but we have nothing remotely like what exists now in Africa. I have no idea if these fools are well aware of how deep the rabbit hole would go on that argument anyway; I mean starting from the fact for example that we have racism in the UK but they will go overseas to borrow tribalism with which they return to push people around and get rich claiming nobody knows about tribalism and those who do have been snooping around their back yards finding out secretes and therefore deserve death. Then the result will be a point where their Politicians yap off in public and somebody tells them to shut it on the tribalism thing and it becomes serious and we live in reality. Besides which based on what we have here in the UK I am aware of how better the services can get and how better exactly too. So they can tell me I speak as though it is a piece of cake which I never did say it was; what I said was that people ought to go to the station to collect their tickets and be wheeled into the trains on a sofa, except they are people who use the service sparingly and nobody knows they were coming in which case they might pay the higher rates as well. As for the piece of cake story, it is not clear exactly how difficult it can be to make people confident of a transportation service over a period of 50 years, it is them that are in the wrong business, it is them that are in the wrong jobs; if people are looking for 3 to 5 year term profits, they ought to find themselves jobs and investments in the stock market not the rail transportation business that is really expensive and complicated to manage and run. It’s all about the wrong messages; like I expect things from them I remotely do not have in Africa, expecting short term profits from rail transportation business and of course being in the wrong job and wrong business by which we had the biggest economic growth since the 1930s in 2004 but nothing was spent on transportation because people are in the wrong business and tell the chancellor that they get their profits every three years or five years if not earlier and so the money gets spent on employing civil service staff that the government can lay off when the economy is in debt. I mean people pay taxes for the roads and the provision of all these services, so the real question is they must be realigned with their own sector of economy is actually how to provide a service that moves people from point A to point B within a reasonable price not hit us with perverse evil regular fare rises and claim the conundrum to be that they need to be paid their profits in their lifetime, when there is a government with a profitable interest around the corner.

So in the end they say my actions and behaviour leads to revelation of lots of secretes about the UK, such nonsense of which does not exist because what really does is too many incompetent idiots getting too many top jobs. I had thought that a process where they got there would be the end of the story because they would have money but it is not and now they will be moving out of those jobs and industries as well. Of course their argument is that they are not really incompetent, just like to use their incompetence to gain power i.e. the reason the position between getting on with what I must do and being bothered about claims that I like poor people on account that they had gotten the top jobs and I must find ways of things I can do to raise funds for my own retirement is because they are not really incompetent, they like to play the part to gain power. Their entire lives are built these days around what this affords them, which is standing up somewhere really public with some money to get rich with my own property and the reason that this works is a combination of an abuse of the freedoms of the customer and an illegal handling and destruction of my property. So the tall buildings in the city do not scare anybody around here, to me they are just tall buildings I see everywhere I go which winds me up. The real issue is first of all the allies in those tall buildings and then the Politicians that cannot stay out of it, who make sure when I defend myself they insert complications and abuse me to make me fight harder which makes no sense how starving and abusing a fighter makes him a better one but they know these things as it were – so that it seems when I deal with it they cannot tell me how I am supposed to do that such that when I do the complications with remain, hence the only way is to let these idiots have their day with me and make the Politicians sit it out for my day with them as well so that we can live in reality otherwise such things will happen again. Like everybody else I have my own problems of course and then there is the part about the allies that extremist think I must be made to trust to do violence because they are big and strong people who have strength to build big business but once I am done with that we are off to the mirror side of them that is actually evil on public media with the abuses, telling me who I am to be and what I am to do; it is basically impossible for them to stop fabricating reasons to abuse me and it is impossible for them to stop manufacturing mirror sides of all I do but then again since it is followed on with stories about what I can and what I cannot do although I boast so, then we should be fine. I have so little tolerance left for it at this point. Of course they say I talk but soon every country will share what I have and then they will bully me to find out what I can do about it again; it is the old story behind the things that are paid for the farther they are from the top jobs.

Those stupid communities they build which entire purpose is to get hurt with deviance and then get rich with the problems, getting into my empire trust to get rich all the time with damage to my work to get my attention on a daily basis to make it operable. I am going to wipe them out, all the way to those stupid developing economies.


They claim I get involved with problems that are far bigger than I am and then like to burden people with it and my response they hope with detach me from security, so they can use people for their vanities in my place otherwise the sex war will continue with financial consequences for me, which they never explain to people is what they are doing. I do not know for my part if there is really any such thing as problems that are bigger than I am anyway but I do know they burden me with their problems and when my natural problems are added to that it becomes a thing that is too big. Not that it deters them either in a world where what I do, say and facts about problems assert my position among my followers, especially the females. I mean I dropped out of University because of their problems and it has not yet meant anything to them either, so the unemployment thereafter has become their major preoccupation and recent source of fun which is funny on public Television too, bearing in mind the University education did come cheap in the first place. I have actually put up with this all my life and they have rather come to the point where the idea of me and an earnings do not mix because these kinds of fun will go away if they do i.e. from Prince so such a future and the kind of property vandalism they must orchestrate to make it happen with a big mouth; it sets a precedent too of course.

So I set out the revenge to be had on the juxtapositions of conversations about what is the right of fascism with respect to those insolent modernity and city put it back in anger that their witchcraft wickedness does on claims that my Christianity winds them up because I steal the beauties of those that do violence to keep them safe, which makes no sense whatsoever but has already become the means by which they will have the meaning of life itself as well and an eternal excuse that is above the law to follow me around everywhere I go and ensure I have no money. Some even claim to be my parents that are protecting me from such bother so they can do their own as well but when they explain how this has become the meaning of life itself to people and try to establish a link between it and economy and riches they leave the facts out and latch onto my earnings to share and liberalise it which achieves the same witchcraft and deviance based purpose but continues because I have not deployed the law against them on account as they claim that I am scared of what the outcome will be Nationwide, bearing in mind their powers of revolution. The claim therefore that it is about protecting and helping stupid vulnerable girls does not hold any water except for their American friends that are just as sticky when it comes to the desire to handle other people’s property, to confounds anybody, however it is the process where you drop out of University and they go in to get the degrees and take the abuse to another level then make sure they help no body that makes sense of it.