Now there is of course talks of how I will be made into a homosexual on account I have been jilted by a royal lover, who has her boyfriend and is seen with him on every public appearance as it were; so I must assume there will never be an end to their madness and the things I have done to them so far is hurting so little that they want to make me homosexual on account of a royal reason to wind me up all the time. It’s the same old story as when they say Prisons do not work because people come out of it to re-offend and become drug addicts but of course in reality we all know that the only way prisons would be prisons would be if the purpose of separating dangerous persons from the rest of society was done in terms of a prison complex for each prisoner and not as cheap as the government does it in terms of a prison complex and a room in it for every criminal that wants to go there. Hence the idea is that when you do a crime you face that liability and if you face it and come through worse than you were before then of course that is another person’s problem. Yes they complain I understand what they mean too i.e. the government feels that the purpose of prisons is to provide a community for criminals unless they have not yet been caught and in that community the government can then get check boxes on whether when they eat, sleep and even piss is controlled is completely unnecessary but of course the reality is that when people do the crime they do the time along with it. On the unrest in Egypt speaking of fully developed political crisis however, the reality of it is that of people who have been very badly misinformed about things i.e. the military has a duty to protect the Country and the reality about their code of practice is that they do so by protecting the constitution and they did give an ultimatum to the ousted government over policy that will ensure people do not gather in the city centre any loner and of course policy on the economy but none was as important to them as shoving through what people called an autocratic Islamic constitution; so the question now is whether people believe the Military will protect the old constitution or the new one that has failed? Where women come into it however is that the Muslim brotherhood practices the incarceration of women and we all know the more they are the stupider they become and when people tell me I bring pity out of them and call for violence against me, they do have a flavour of what I can do about it before they have media power, complain all the time and wail of an era of public and publicity confidence crisis. Hence it does not apply that there are no women in the Muslim brotherhood but they are a typical example of the facts behind what the Muslim brotherhood is doing and the fact they know what would otherwise had been acceptable. It’s like my case with black girls and women; it started off from the insults which are basically something they do because if I have put up my royal estate as structure for my friends in order to write books for a living they can make a prince poor and become rich and powerful and have all answers to all problems in life by turning up to cause a howling all over the world around me by insults that beat the imagination every single day, so that when I mention black women like to be humiliated and I will be onto it as well in good time they make out they do not yet understand. The stages have come through and we are somewhere at the third at present; the first was getting hold of that stupid culture and making it famous, the result was their claim to what is an entitlement of a woman which is my personal life and home still clinging to their answer to every problem in life thereof, so we moved onto stage two which is the racial slurs that are staying firmly on my websites and are not going anywhere and they decided they share skin colour with me and it will lead to all kinds of implications while they engage themselves in attacking my book sales, getting involved with me when other people do due to skin colour similarity, talking nonsense about a culture I cannot escape just because it favours them more and generally everything that is humiliating, so we have moved onto stage three of beginning plans to get hold of everything they do from business to family to home to Politics as something I can get involved with whether or not I am invited so that I can make everything they do into something I must humiliate them with violently, if this does not work I will move to stage four which is to explore exactly whom and what black women and their male idiots are angry at around here and it is will be a case that will most certainly be resolved whatever the cost. At that stage they will start to look after the gangs for me like I look after the Pornography industry where their insults and abuses end people up all the time for them too and we will find out what their stupid guts look like for that, it is the warning I sent out a long time earlier and I am not talking about wishy useless lazy Tories with an eye for big things others pay for and the idea of having some royal goon that does violence for them either, those want some of mine all the time since they have located media as a means of making sure I cannot ignore them to find out what they think they want to find out as it were. It is never true that I get involved with violent things as a result of how impressive I think my thought pattern around it is – the reality is rather that of securing a process where we are able to work with and by the powers of the majority, since it is the only way to tell the criminals that other things are important, such as : - ; - right to life, right to privacy, right to security, it may sound funny at this stage but it would be even more so when I set out the details to be a question from them on whether I am interested in criminal activity, to which my answer is not just supposed to be that it is a question I cannot answer by myself but also need the help of the majority to answer and that in the end is supposed to be whether they are asking me if I am interested in criminal activity, about which the guys will laugh until their sides hurt and then I will wave my hands and say ‘silence all’ and they realise they can do other alternative crime looking for trouble. Hence it brings us down to the claim the music industry and its popular culture deals with violent issues and I will suffer for attacking them over it, when we all know it is not the first occasion and that the first occasion was about their city identity where they wreck your finances and explore your personality for a living, call you names and make out your pocket never really dries out and such a fact is something they wish to explore, which soon developed into what media idiots can take advantage of coming into your my and business to ensure their problems end up with me and is many times as bad while they make sure they have the same problems so that they can extricate superiority by being able to tell me to fix it on public TV which will then make them beautiful and decadent, the popular culture one of wrecking my business and using it to stir violence then wrecking it to deal with violence to be rich and famous was supposed to have been the last straw and they know it; so if at all it was not done this way perhaps there would have been some good to it but there would still have been the need to answer the question of whether they deal with violent issues for everybody as it were, however which at this stage here there is no point of return. When you have a big company you consider problems you deal with as something people who like you do to drive you up the wall, when you have a nice little earner the things people do to satisfy their desire for destruction becomes a lot clearer. They always say it is a matter of power and security and the process of extricating it from those whose lives can be used to explore how evil people can get and it is the problem they never really acknowledge means they will never be rid of me even if they are the devil himself as this is not their own lives and bending my work over to use it in that way pretending they are never denied anything they want will never go unpunished.

If I wedged my thoughts against those I have no respect for, I usually would not want to create a public issue out of abusing those who turn out to be a brick wall to me because it would have meant they are clever people and if I did society would turn on itself; I mean I do not think these things are a major crisis – they are not, they are things that fools like these do when they have come to a deduction that you must spend your life in a corner organising some art of power that you teach them so they can make themselves rich and important and untouchable, so that they will extract it anyway when you refuse and or tell them as well that it is not what the way you look or what you do is meant for and in order to due to resistance from you they will wreck your life and do it or take it anyway and thereafter cannot stop boasting on media to ensure they have made something out of those activities that really mean nothing and then attack you until that is the case and turn out to boast all the time – I am not one to spoil their fun either, just thought they should know why they have such big problems. By the way of which the other story that the Politicians tell about in the case of Egypt for example among others, I have run out of confrontation time and it is time for people to engage in dialogue and not confrontation is entirely misplaced and misconceived; that is an inability to understand what I mean when women in the Muslim brotherhood are usually not affected by the entrapment of women that its members and government practices or indeed what I mean when I say they practice the entrapment of women not to make out at the end when it has taken a toll on me that I look like something people should pity and therefore need some beating to toughen me up again, because that will certain get them into trouble again i.e. which constitution did they expect the Armed forces to protect, the old one or the new one that has failed? ; I can look anyhow I bloody well like and people will respect my personal space whether they like it or not one way or another, my way or their own. So far what they have lost from turning up to wreck my finances and handle me violently to find excuses by which they can play judge jury and executioner very quickly which makes sense of why their stupid girls and fame freaks must live on my income on one hand and on the other explains a lot about their criminal careers, when judges in Magistrates decide their cases on the basis of what doubt is in their minds about what Parliament intended by a legislation or indeed it is a Crown Case and the same applies only for an appeal to mean that more judges on the basis of majority agreement decide their cases on the basis of what doubt is in their minds concerning what parliament meant by a legislation; is that they now have to sell that stupid culture for a living and live like everybody else because they have incurred my inability to tolerate it, the threats will not do them any good especially for the American ones that do not have a welfare state and I cannot remind them enough times to stay off the book sales, save their insults and stay off the Industries.


It is said the situation in Egypt is where we were during the Arab Spring; it is not, it is a wholly different and entirely new situation where if people do not rattle the sabre or rattle the nest of the Armed forces, bearing in mind they have their own social problems too, then they are unlikely to want to hold onto government office, since they know the Military does not do government and can only do the country and hold onto it; so if people do not behave with them in a certain way, then the fact they will stage elections and step down becomes a real possibility and this is where people need to work with them and not against them, so they can do that and get it over with. The other story is that I climb in and out of alliances with people but of course that is not true either, what is true is that when the constitutional matters in Egypt first came up and my position was tenable, I mentioned it was a sovereign issue but since then there has been so much instability in the Country that it has affected the entire world. This is the other question; what is a Political party? We all know it has to win elections, we all know that before then it needs to be an established organisation grounded in its own ideologies that it cannot deviate from no matter how many times it does not win election because of the people that will never change from such a ideology, we all know that the purpose of all it does is to create a condition where people go from idealists to Government officials via popular elections and from there to government office careers. There was nothing about the Muslim Brotherhood which suggested it was rounded enough to stay in the business if it lost elections, there was nothing about them which suggested or suggests that they will be willing to lose elections and at this stage they had already decided on constitutional changes – while that should be been something that was ongoing whether or not they were in power, at the underbelly of the Political Village, the only conversation to come out of Egypt since has been the murder of football players and football fans, along with the imprisonment of a comedian that insulted the president that was happy to call his chief of staff to decide on whether or not to throw a comedian that made a slight comment into prison. This has always therefore been the big test i.e. whether they will lose elections; this question was only always going to be answered if they got into office got the Country and people and economy going and then lost an election down the road somewhere at some point since it is what happens to every party but we would never have gotten the chance to find out anyway since they had already gone after constitutional matters and it was going to be Islamic.

The part where media have so much instability going on around the world that it is possible for them to stir some and transfer them and have whatever they want is a very familiar story however it has no bearing with facts, just something really naive American Politicians like to believe i.e. that when people mark me out and turn everything I do into a means of insulting me which has now reached a stage where I am a statesman that cannot finish his academic work or get paid and claim the reason is that they want to be the leader for a change and that they want a new country, the assumption is that when they have it, then it will be over I suppose. They are not a threat to anybody or anything; the whole issues are broken into three blocks one is really evil people and the other is religious people that have no clue what they are doing but like to have a go at me and the third is religious people that know what they are doing; the media needs to report its new differently from my books and my person and my company and it does need to report it somewhere else, I have had enough of this matter and it will set off war between me and the media soon enough. I never knew for my part that this whole story of the Military intervention in Egypt was still a matter for conversation, I thought it was clear the circumstances by which a military saw that the country was a threat to itself and intervened because it had the legal and constitutional right to do so – we all know except for the Americans that there is no military government in Egypt so we can only assume they are pushing the Country into one by criticising them – yes I know they say I get off to do things for Muslims but if that were to be the case I am doing what I have chosen to do which then means that the problem is that of other people’s ideas and intervention. I do wonder where all these things came from of course for the most part but there are two possibilities; one of them is foolish American men and their girls who want to be powerful by insults they really ought to save like the media idiots should save theirs, the other is that HRH The Prince of Wales has too many of these idiots bearing whipping sticks and I don’t mind marrying one so that he can have control of everything and therefore be certain nobody would oppose his authority. The idea I have some kind of pornographic habit is utter nonsense, I don’t; when it is my stuff in that industry I have to recover it, it is not good for the pornographers and it is not good for me; in the end because women are women they ought to behave in absolutely anyway they like, so that when it creates pornographers and they attack me like so and I look after the pornographers for them, then they can look after the gangs and criminals for me as well if they have got the balls for it. I suppose it has become a major issue because they want to become pornographers themselves which is good; they can do it, I will hold them down – “now they will have to go on or go back and have been hit with the stinger as well and are as lame as a bone fish but not dead because that is how she likes to feed – fresh blood”: I mean if I said something about how Christians should dress it would become a global issue with the outcome of preaching me instead of the gospel in order to make prosperity, if I did something about generation gap and the feeling older idiots find irresistible of taking advantage of those who are in the work environment for the first time whether or not they are old enough to know everything about it because people must never ever be allowed to exist without everything being mingled with violence, it would become something else with me at the heart as public enemy number one and more so behind my back and in my absence. Now they latch onto that stuff about black girls and who told me they liked being humiliated but of course we all know when black girls see people get involved with you and want to as well they will get it anyway, they cannot exist unless their entire lives are developed around something you don’t want to do which you have to do because you share a skin colour with them and therefore like to get publicity with which they talk nonsense at me all the time for it – not the first time, that would be when they found the guy that will be gay so black women can be powerful, it did not end well so they have moved up to plans to get rich as well and are not currently suffering their own version of confidence crisis at present yet and are convinced even if they did it would have been my worst when I have warned them as it stands it will not take 2 weeks to be prepared to live a life of handling them the way they want as a community of people. I mean when exactly indeed was I given instructions by anybody to infiltrate the Monarchy anyway but these are the things their Politicians and American scum are prepared to entertain in order to create that process where I do public work without the earnings because they are always after the books and cannot be seen living that their stupid lives somewhere else. Contrary to claims of my promiscuity the truth and reality is that these idiots regularly feel like provoking me by making out they do not tolerate the idea of me enjoying being me just because it is a good thing to be and for those of them that are married and or have children about whom there are no questions public about what their personal life is meant for and who are the beneficiaries, it is particularly grievous to me their wickedness and hence what I do about it too, while they think when they are Kings of the world being one will deter me from protecting and defending myself from their stupid insults.


The Queens controlling influence is a common story from them all of course but we all know the reality is that it is a story from debauched men with a skill for setting out premises for big lies and little facts that make up stories that run and run and run; I mean the evidence is that of the Queen controlling influence which allows the Heir to pick on faithful Christians in order to extricate a process where his marriage to his ex mistress is more acceptable to the minds of the public but even after he is married becomes determined to keep those Christians that way with the power of the state – he also by the way side thinks that getting involved with the people should have to do with knowing all about and how to apply a process where they are poor and therefore know of problems and what decadence would look like which they can inflict on other people to sell themselves, while he is at the process of knowing that, also thinks it is something he should take into his life and apply on others and while he entertains such a prospect, also thinks I am the candidate for the infliction of such things which has therefore become obsessive for him. His little brother fares another corner of course; he savages my finances and run off to get even more help from Asian friends to savage more of it along with fashion idiots and then at the end of doing that gets help from football people to protect his daughter from me, so that American fools can come round here to keep me poor in order to marry the Princess of York, of which in their case specifically they are that close to marrying squad at present and it will get worse. The Queen is not even half as strict as Queen Victoria that liked to speak of her children’s duty to her and not that of chasing around whatever have you, so yes to draw some important factual contrasts there, they know as well as everybody that it is all big lies and small facts from them to tell stories and tall tales. So when we get to matters like the issue of migrant workers for example especially in the EU the sight lost completely that people would like the airy condition of a society that does not tolerate lazy cultures and moves them to the left to sell it if they want, even though at this stage it is not yet something the Police do control 100% because the Politicians have not yet made the legislation accordingly – this rather than some vindictive reason to overburden the UK with migrant workers from the EU is why EU workers are such a fan of the UK Employment market.

Now a typical example of where these kinds of issues reach a peak for the public is when women want to be able to breast feed in public; no idea why there are conversations about it however on listening it seems what happens is that those who think there is a time and a place for it are prepared for a fight and it therefore applies that some people have a flawed sense of orientation with other human beings, same old story of whether they had a conversation with people today or people told them the conversation will not last? It makes no sense to me because people might just as well round up all the nudists and toss them into prison, since what happens with nudists is that they sit down and see too many tarmac, too many concrete houses and then decide that if these kinds of structures win the ideological battle people will be encouraged to rip up green fields and Amazons and Kalahari, so they take their clothes off and get on their bikes and expect others to have an opinion – hence if those exist I have no idea why people would attack women for bringing out their melons and sticking it into the mouth of the child so to speak. But it is the same old story one that can be settled on why I am involved at all i.e. I am the way I am because I sleep with women who have babies to breast feed, I look like I do because I sleep with peoples wives and so on and no amount of time I invite them to get to church to find out why I am like I am will ever pay off, hence they never ever do anything that they are expected to or are supposed by circumstances to do or to be seen doing, which is why women cannot breastfeed – just where I lose my temper over it of course otherwise they can take the other talk about nudists and breastfeeding women as me having a conversation because that is what it really is all about. Women that speak of a time and a place are ready for a fight, women that think they do not have to think about a time and a place and those who think women should are talking nonsense, are ready to kill – in the end when they have conversations with each other this is what comes through and then when you tell them they cannot breastfeed some will ask if you want a fight and others if you want to kill somebody, but it is while they are having these conversations and a condition in which they are that these idiots seek self improvement and hence I say things to improve people’s lives and exasperating me into saying something about anything is a habit – never are they seen ever doing what they are supposed to do as it were. In the end I suppose what will happen is that the Politicians will give women an exclusive right to show their breasts in public when they have babies and then it will be something that does not allow them show it beyond the waist over public decency and then that will be an exclusive right they have and then it will simply become really funny as well. The part where I am said to be playing around with peoples wives in the sense that when people have beautiful or famous wives I become the biggest beneficiary of their fame, never makes any sense because of course the Working Court which is the only place that such a thing can happen is divided into the two parts of the Royal side which is basically cultural violence that means that when things go wrong in the Country you could be asked to do something about it and if it does go wrong in your area of authority you have to deal with it out of your personal expense, it is tough but we all know why you are royalty of course, hence the fact that it is always better down that area where I do not have to deal with peoples incredible stupidities and things are generally rather simple and sometimes simplistic - the female journalists ones offer me so little and there is so little benefit to doing anything with them and because they try so hard, I get so much fun and happiness from getting around with them i.e. I have to look after some people in the course whereby they do their jobs because their jobs involve talking too much which takes it out of them and its incredibly funny, so are the things they get up to - it is they that live off my fame and not the other way around, they are some of the closest and trusted fans, whom I tend to deal with in the sense of what I want to make clear to the world of what my means of handling women is and it has basically been a war zone there with every fool in the world wanting to show their leadership by the look of their women at my expense especially from the US, so it is not as simple as an idiot turning up to have ideas about whom he wishes to punish with his insults because he has media to play with on account that a woman was nice to me and I to her as well, hence as it stands they would say they world will implode and so it will too, I will personally see to it if I must. The other side of this case is that old matter of British democracy and how to make it right and they want a consultative government and a government that gives them prerogatives and so on, while all this time and all that while, there are endless directives cluttered everywhere very complicatedly which mean that anybody who makes a statutory instrument without the full consultation of those it affects has set a stage by which to have it annulled; I am not saying I do not know what it is about either, I know it is about people who hate intensely the idea that the Laws of the Country exist in a way that means that whenever they vote for a certain Political values they are made to stand by it and the reasons they hate it so much is because they wish to be able to mention democracy and on that basis completely wreck other peoples lives, usually it has no reason but the end product is always some alternative lifestyle that the victims thought they could detach them from and are now paying the price; then they say this is me being worried about what it means for people to be truly free but of course I am never really worried about anything as the reality is that I have no wish to have a conversation with them but they have always continued to get on media to insolently impose their conversations on me and then call me names and make cultural abuses out of it which is why they always feel they want to commercialise anything they have come across which is of value to me - I do not think it a problem either since what happens is that they are as infamous as hell itself but become famous on account that the media gives to to them and so have I also made it clear I am not bluffing when I say if I get my hands on that stupid media they will never see it again either, for I have no idea what it has to do with me so, except of course it is the same old freedom based vandalism for pleasure as it were, losers making up ideas about whom they can dominate or getting society to acquire them people they can so they can have the right hierarchy of wickedness which of course astonishes me all the time when with respect to it they say I am worried about the future, when in actual fact my head says people do the wicked things they do because they are reminding me to spend all my energy to look after myself, however which if they do not save their insults I will certainly do them again and it will hurt far more than what I have already done in each case: I mean when I say its their own heads that feels like that or its their own tummy that feels like that or its their own chest that feels like that or its their own anus and their own penis even that feels like that and it tends to mean they have really done it therefore, I believe they understand me clearly about that stupid media too.