So they say I am still engaged in a campaign of disregard for others, it makes no sense whatsoever but now they have started talking about respect again, I am interested and if they can only keep their Media and Popular culture and Celebrity away from my one and only in the whole world Arch Prince of the United Kingdom Public image and everything associated with financial incentive attached to it and other structures built for my public engagements and to facilitate a means whereby I can pay my way in the world, all will be well; otherwise the part that starts off from the insults of black girls feeling verbose and develops to a process where I am an Arch Prince people can beat up and grab things from or just  use as the means to steal from British Government and culture for which I currently have a reputation for being feared and hated in equal measure, so as to show I am not the person they were looking for, will be the least of their worries as well. They can always say they have got me but I don’t see how much they have got when I have gotten the Americans to stop asking questions around how this behaviour happens to have amounted to their freedom – then again which if there are further questions, we will see me rip up something else and stand all over it to express myself, usually some Popularity stuff like clubbing lifestyle or Soul Music. I mean no normal human being can actually take their seniority insults that allows them to steal people’s lives and property to make fame and fortune to such an extent as they have done in my case anyway and they like to blab about the reasons it happens when we know we have to think about people who are taken by evil and wickedness and have to make deals to get by all the time but the fact they are pure evil and all they say and do is developed around using people’s lives to fix problems – they even offer up ideas after all that nonsense about those who make out they develop ideologies that the far right does but the same refuse to enjoy being put in such a place as such things are said about them but we at the same time cannot be free from their jobs and finances based discrimination and nepotism, cracked up out of my league turning up in front of me all the time; the ideas by themselves having to do with how Politicians can be made to behave if they understand their lives can be used to solve problems, thereby ensuring idiots like these are completely safe from extremists, to do whatever they like. I am tired of the exercises for my part in any case and it’s the one where they have not got the talents that can make them rich – it’s the one where they have no wish to work for somebody else, if they can go to the University to push people out of academic work, pass exams and take up another person’s place in the world with assumptions such a person will not be waiting for them at the jobs market too – then the one that causes the most problems being that of seeking the life of other peoples Royalty all the time because they think it is indicative of having riches without doing any work. My point is that I have come to the deduction the only way to ensure they keep their needs and concerns out of my Royal Estate and its business Empire, is to ensure that every single unproductive no Book sale 24 hours that passes around here, is followed up with a process where they are suffering immensely too and they do say I will get into trouble naturally but it’s an old story about going back to the reasons they hate my guts and moving into my right hand again: I mean I am sorry there is a lot of hype about me being an Arch Prince people can rob or get involved with to get rich but I am not the person they were looking for, not remotely that type: - like the story of being cleverer than I am which we hear all the time whereas they have problems and regrets while I have setbacks I am schooled at, hence the three main issues; talentless but wants to be rich, does not work unless it is sure that its success is built on a premise where somebody else has failed, can never ever tell the simple truth and need to stay the hell off my Books and my earnings – so I need to begin a process of making them show some respect for it too. It’s never true that I have no control of what happens to my property; I mean it’s a matter of for instance when there is a Public problem and you can solve it for yourself but do not just keep it to your wife and kids, there are people you share with and find your place in the world etc; so I never share my life except it is with The Royal Family and I do not share the Company except with certain Industry people and I do not share the Office except with Court Members and Celebrities I share Company with and then a handful of celebrities. The way to think about it is to say there is rock concert in New York and everybody must go but I am excluded because the Americans do not like me, which I tend to have a party for as well anyway – the white Man and his Native American friend trading in Asia and the Middle East and Africa does not like me is a relief, it means the UK was a Country after all and we do not know which stage the economic frontiers of the UK becomes their main preoccupation anyway, hence the hate they have going for them as well – hence in order to avoid knowing where the pornography is due to such abusiveness, there are steps which need to be taken. It’s not the Politicians we are talking about either, those are the ones that make the most sense of the activities of the Men and the girls which is a kind of corrupting involvement that trippingly amounts to poison all together, just before they start to claim I am like the far right instead of cease all involvement and bullying – it’s like it gets settled with them when I suddenly say that most of my activities which may have been considered to be a game are actually done with intent and the same sort of suffering will apply for every process where an unproductive 24 hours on my Business is not something they think I am distressed by and that they can take from me anything they wanted. So they do say that I think they are messing with me but they are acting with intent as well – I would like to hear them say it when they exhibit themselves over my Books and Public image at Media and Celebrity and fashion if they do have the guts for it too; otherwise its general poisonous sentiments which I have always expected and they need to watch the insults as well, which is what we have been talking about. I do not think it is a crisis, I am only trying to make it clear that it’s all an abusive lack of respect i.e. I did something and their tummy has turned upside down and they can no longer be famous; it is an insult and nothing else, it does make me think about the fact the Media idiots and the Celebrities and the Fashion fools have no respect for me as such and there is nothing stopping me from telling them off for seeing them around my concerns too.

It does get to that stage where they say I think they have no power whatsoever; its utter nonsense of course – that is just the bit where you review every idiot in suits thinking it’s a natural right to get involved with you and take something even if it’s just a feeling, then making you feel sick in the stomach and get around on the left hand side thinking he has dominated something and can start being violent and then you review it in terms of the way the elderly want the Local communities as compared to their idiots who never want to amount to much, so when they rob shoulders with the rich, they would have preserved enough health to show they are not inferior, which means they are always talking about wealth inequality and attacking those who can work for it because they can use a process where they want to and a process where they are forced to, to give lazy idiots who think they are super stars what such scum might want and then you will end up realising it was the right thing to do and the correct way to get it done. It’s something I have mentioned before i.e. you must protect yourself from the useless local community scumbags who support these fools on Media and at Celebrity and fashion stuff and they however have come up with a complete set of solutions for current public problems which says that if people lives are used to fix problems and it was like that all round, the politicians would understand that if their lives are to be used to fix problems, stirring extremism would engulf them as well, therefore change of behaviour which allows those who have created this solution to do whatever they liked; these days British trade issues include that guy that knows the GM of some drugs Firm that sells drugs at an affordable rate to the NHS having to do the Women and society routine in Africa because things are getting tough on him, resulting in the collection of other peoples equity and displaying it cheaply on a website on my part when they ensure it bothers me too.

Hence they want to talk about how I have a tummy that is never settled and how we can come to a solution about what is wrong with me and so on but it’s an old story about how God does not exist while I am delusional, having this heavenly being that feeds me what is not exactly food for earth when I make my prayer time to the point, until every idiot wanted to moo and boo and coo into my bedroom, which runs into days and then weeks and then years and adds up to some sort of poison, as neither God nor the devil do actually exist thus proven beyond doubt. Then there are the others when we see Men dripping with corruptibility and suits and the need to for decadence wanting to put a hand over my neck all the days of their silly lives, making me feel like vomiting all the time; while the rest are cheap shots with violent problems who know where my private body parts are located as such and all of these it should be noted, performed with the help of Politicians who ruin the finances so that these goons can, whereby every recovery is followed with Daddy’s moos and booing and cooing into my personal life and my bed chamber as well. Then we hear that I misunderstand them whereas in a real world sense, they want to make use of my work to make Political careers, every one of them on account it is simply extremely convenient and we can imagine they are getting violent over it too all together for good measure; I mostly blame those who cause it, when they know that provoking people into a reaction against them will cause Politicians to intervene on their behalf and wreck people’s lives for them but keep doing it anyway and consistently on a daily basis – in my case of which they need the Treasury and the entre Parliament as well as the whole civil service and it is still not enough, which shows it can always continue until I build a public life on the matter as well. So the other question apparently is why it happens, which sits right beside the fact I want my world returned to the way they found it too, the way they found it long before Mr Obama’s NSA decided to deploy my property equity to make come kind of public security that was based on surveillance etc. It’s the one where there are reasons these things happen naturally – whereby the people who have talent for violence always end up in prison, while the ones who have talent for good perform these sorts of nonsense and we all know that stupid greed talent wants to have a conversation with me every time, concerning what it would be like if I lived in the US, concerning what it would be like if I lived in Africa and it can never let others be.

So we hear that talk especially from the blacks, that I deserve all I get from Popular culture fools naturally, it will never make sense to me if I deserve to be marked out by bone head black girls who cannot do anything unless there is somebody who can take it that they are causing immense suffering to. I mean it’s been 15 years of stalking me and coming up with all sorts of nonsense around my business and livelihood to express their insanity and expect to be protected by my blood while they steal Royal Property and tell lies about the condition of injustices and all they have gotten from it is a position that will help them idolise their celebrities by churning my tummy at will, by knowing where my private parts are and thinking about it all day long, like a case of the family black sheep that has come good on money etc. I don’t think it’s a problem, they do speak of the way I behave but I have no idea what makes them think it is not for me to decide if I want anything to do with black girls or not and why they suppose insisting like that to a stage where I am unable to eat my own food so they can make out this insults concerning my private parts amounts to power means something; it goes without saying, I want nothing to do with them and all that nonsense that helps the white Man make sense when he says they are superior and they need to clear my space – I mean it should be seen this nonsense began from a case of making me spend time with White Women and then taking me back; it is quite incredible and all based on gangs of youth I should be scared of, so I might spend my time thinking about not saying the kinds of things that cause people to create the big gangs that go around killing them for public good as well but it has also come to a stage where they need to watch those insults and locate whether or not putting popular culture in my head is actually one of their fucking rights and whether or not the fact I want nothing to do with them is not up to me to decide as well.

There is that other story where I have acted in ways that has courted these issues – the reality of which is that modernist idiots with ideas about what they deserve and what others should be doing to ensure they have it always have a problem letting others live the way people want to live – unless you get hold of them and make them live the way you want them to live as well and then the fact they have media will mean you will never breathe. It’s not a crisis to me, just a matter of Politicians and every idiot in suits who is dripping with corruptibility and filth getting involved with me all the time and then its yap yapping and strike, so it comes down to the fact they wouldn’t dare do it in person all together, the above is just a matter of the blacks bringing up an issue they have no wish to discard presently. They do say my activities are disrespectful but telling off idiots expressing fun games on your livelihood, compared to every idiot in suits dripping with corruptibility that gets involved with you because you are allied to Women can hard be seen as a greater disrespect to the reasonable human being – complaining about the state of their culture and society while an Arch Prince is on benefits because they will not keep off his public image and his Books as a result of disobedience they want to make fortunes with can hardly be seen as a greater disrespect. You can try and ensure you never end up in this sort of position if you like but they always take themselves so seriously they will move the world to groom you into something a prepubescent idiot wants to stab on the streets to cover for their own personality and the fact people want to kill it in a gang fight, then find a way back into the same behaviour that make them like that all together and hope that having time to make money will provide a solution – I just want them off my Books or I will sell their fucking nightmare instead, it will make them listen and become more obedient if I do in my view ; the Politician ones asked the Public a few months ago and go Brexit for their EU Army; insults are what they are good at, it is a part of their nature. Of course there is the story concerning people that are more successful than I am naturally – it’s the one where if it really is, it actually wouldn’t not have the time for all these nonsense, otherwise it’s the one that has picked up my projects from a certain period of time and gotten off to make itself comfortable with, meaning I can account for that stupid money better than he can or she can and needs to clear my space – insults are what they are good at, their very nature, talking to me about respect.

So they say I am ever so unwilling to do anything to support people from my own race and it is utter nonsense too as this is really not a matter of supporting people – apart from the part where my studies and a Royal Property and my Business does not wear me out but should I breathe or should I not is what does, the main tale is still one of the fact that it’s about people I share my life with concerning things I can do. When I mention such things we will see the insults of Politicians take another dimension entirely and then they will share and integrate into my public image as well, which is how the story of telling their stupidities to clear my space comes about too. it plays out in terms of the ladies that will not keep Media jobs because there is an association with me and so on and then we hear them claim they simply cannot work out what exactly winds me up and as for losing a Royal Estate however, that is ground zero and I will sack their own as well; so they do say I blame people for my failures but the only thing making sure my Books are not getting sold is ever idiot who appears in a position that might result in fame making gestures and communicating towards Camera Men that are allied to me all day long and I want them to clear my space and stop chasing my Royal role as well, whereby they complain of how the Politicians lead the Country but do not have access to it on account I know my own role well but the Politicians have continued to feel that their job description is subject to variation and convenience seeking that lends others agony for narcissist fun they wish to enjoy around some secretes that amount to power and allows wealth and lifestyle, which I have no wish to tolerate around my concerns as well, whether or not they like my role. Then there are bigger pictures too, such as the fact that the UK specialises at considering this is the part where Celebrities own me outright, something on the global stage and we have to watch out for who is grabbing it these days, they do say its Middle East goons led by Americans but that is not half as true is the fact they are performing the same stupidities Americans have always been good at sending them to i.e. usually one about kicking Russians and running back as fast as they can but Obama was all about sending them out to kick the British and run back as fast as they could which does nothing to change the extent of their problems all together as well and we are not talking about Hollywood money putting my people out of work at the markets for no reason, except some purposes they have stated, such as how they do not fancy reality films that were made on their lives and forced upon them I should suppose and it’s the kind of nonsense that makes me want my Estate and Empire restored to what they found before Obama created his NSA to get around corrupting my Government security and Hollywood Film, Documentary and Drama Asset Equity, to kill off my Book sales and enjoy some evil.

They do say here in the UK that I make a mess of the Country but I wouldn’t know anyway – all I know is that they said people could take advantage of me at my Public image and go their way with their violent deviance when they have had the money  in the society they live in, it seems that is no longer the case and we must have some threshold by which I am taken advantage of here, just like what has become of that stupid democracy on account they will do nothing else with their time except provoking me to make wealthy friends and then setting off to make me create products they will never buy and deploy that period of frustration to black list my entire business empire all together – my problem now is the hard work I face, their problem is how to keep these secretes. In the end they say nobody really can tell where I am coming from where the Americans are concerned but check a Pornography website randomly and there you shall find people fucking nothing else but British all the time and they were supposed to have been our principle ally all together, which is why they have always been a handful of arseholes in my view; it gets real when it turns out that it’s a Country and not a phenomenon they talk about especially at show biz.

It does come down to the only type of fun they want to have and its always the one where somebody walks up and sees my body and wants a squeeze And then my temperaments and wants to wash his problems of it and tell him off will only result is one or unlimited people getting involved on the same thing and then there is a smell and oh how funny. It’s perfectly okay of course save the fact that I never speak of everything they do around the matter which amounts to stupid people doing what they do best because it is better to turn it into something of an intelligent conversation so that cracked up out of my league might become full of itself in high places too. quite naturally of which this does not solve the main problem that is the Politicians ripping up my income everyday and the same principle applies too i.e. everyone of them wants to use my Books to make their career because it would be convenient and then I have to think about how much I have suffered over it and when I want to comply too and then think about what will happen if I did and they became all the same thing because all the parties are developing career from the same work – so I cannot say it’s stupid people doing what they do best, if I can turn it into something of an intelligent conversation, cracked up out of my league instead. hence it’s all a matter of writhing in misery over the fact their goons are the pot bellied ones that never became popular culture famous or Politicians and hence their purpose in this world has become to ensure that others only need have money and then my life is flushed down the Toilet. As for the others that want my Royal Estate all together, it’s an old story where people study the life of King Henry VIII and his six Wives and a Pattern emerges, that shows the holy trinity of attention grabbing scum, of Divorced, beheaded, died for the first three and then the next three and then if he had lived much longer there would have been another three like that too. so it turns out that when people are Women they have things to worry about such as the size of their Breasts and Bums and the fact that all the problems of male society rests on these two things because there are people that are just disrespectful of Women, hence pretty much the same as Royalty with hands full and some financial difficulty; if the goons do not do academics and jobs and show business on it, the world will burn. Apparently now that they have started talking about disrespect it turns out an Arch Prince on benefits because when he has his own arrangement with Media others enjoy extracting an income from it, is a lot of disrespect and there is nothing to suggest I am doing the same to them as well – just what I have done to ensure they need to clear my space and keep off the Books.

Their main preoccupation has now clearly turned to one about setting me a new barrier that gets lifted temporarily due to Media hype about the comments they love making in my direction developing a sub culture of its own and this time it tends to say I am ready to trade in 2016 but I am out for December and need to prepare for the next year, except we all know there will be a new barrier than as well. So I cannot make out who asked them about the comments anyway, although we all know that when asked, their response is usually about a case of being respected by me and a great old story about me being oppressed by them and that delay is denial as well with that Golliwog mouth – we all know I am not the one profiting from all that nonsense about the existence of racism giving people the means to threaten others and make violence profitable in such ways but Politicians always want to chose the one they want to believe too and they have not started shutting down those stupid comments as well either; these scum are going to spend their time on nothing else until a racist does something about them and then it will have been something done to benefit me too, otherwise we assume they have appointed themselves the ones that will take on the racists with those stupid personalities that look like things people want to kill in a gang fight, so let us hope they are not doing it for me too. I do not think it a crisis by any means whatsoever; they are withholding information from the rest of us and need to share it, goes without saying if I see those stupid cultures and communities and societies, I will rip them to pieces again. We all know it is a very predictable pattern, where one person keeps studying and studying until people start to tell him to keep off studying since it all becoming some sort of madness and another is not good at anything he does and has to be bailed out by civil rights all the time but when it comes to general evil, his feet are at least 70% quicker than everybody else’s, it is at such a time he expresses the amount of proficiency that counters all that previously built up idea that he is inferior but of course he cannot speak simple English language even when he is so good at undercutting people that are going through a difficult time in their lives – while it is not yet I want to kill somebody racism he will carry on his abuses, until it is and then claims he has been fighting for my civil rights as well at the end. This is where that nonsense about me studying to a point of madness will come to play as well, whereas the reality is that I know what my Government facilitated security is like but when somebody sits down to watch me from the Satellites, Obama will set out another fool who wants to do the same to chase my anus and penis and build an NSA for the US, you could never understand the part they play in the matter when you can ensure all matters concerning your government security can be managed from a website for instance without any problems and you could never understand why they do it unless you explain it away with realities concerning a handful of fucking idiots with some power who want more of it. So they do say that I am a very lazy person who loves to blame others for my problems but it still seems that the problems will not be solved unless all the Men are gathered up and denied access to Money and those other Women that play the lazy for them in order to share in it, while they appear to spend most of their time on some form of violence and abuse towards the rest and getting on Public places to blab at me on a regular basis for it too.

They do support every idea that I am a very playful person but it is quite impossible to become a hated person because you are boring and walk around as though you are other peoples boss, to being playful: what really happens is that I am a very happy and content person and half of them are not comfortable with that, so they have developed a violent lasciviousness that sets to ensure I am bullied and threatened into living in another way to support their theories about me, while the other half have set me out as somebody they can bully into having sex whenever they feel like it. The problem is that when I look back at what I have done to them as well, it is amusing – thus not necessarily a sign of playfulness as such; I am really the wrong person to select for all those things they need to do while getting some attention or Publicity to facilitate the happiness that brings about living on peoples public image to create wealth by partying – I have no idea just yet, what I am going to do to them still to keep them off my Book sales and the Public image but I do regularly ask them to think about the complains they levy concerning their culture and society and think about the fact it can get many times as worse too; it is usually the stage where they tell me there will be no compliance until they are able to rule the world and have a Royal Estate as well and I don’t mind very much since it is obvious that when it does actually stop I will have had a history of doing something about their position as global and globalisation parasites that have no talents that can make people rich but always want to share that which belongs to those who do not want to share with them because it is a violent excuse to reward their pathological fear of work with a lot of wealth, so far they can see they are playing with somebody who has no respect for their numbers and their majority in any case, by the way of which Hilary Clinton did not win the US elections and that must hurt like hell; I have no idea what I am going to do to them yet over my Book sales and my Public image as it were, no idea what to do to them to keep them off my market and income but when they complain we all can see that it does not match that boasting and need to show up on media and take a position on my public life to ask Politicians to work for them thereof while they get rich insulting me and partying; so it’s an old story of getting involved with me without being interested in my hobbies and interests which is utter madness and they do say it is how they feel as well, which is an old story whenever they want to express the fact they think they are better human beings than I am, considering the one way of making them shut it that has a proven track record is to round them up and make sure they do not have any money. They do also say that I am queer and it does not make any sense; there is sensibility in getting involved with cursed bastards that always end up in Liberal and Democratic movements but it will not facilitate the means by which to hold down a half Priest Office and pay my way in the world through it while performing Public duties, so they do need to clear my fucking space too.


Then we hear I support a system in which there is one rule for white people and another for everybody else, which is utter nonsense; the reality is that when a Politician says Racism is bad, another person that is not white will practice nepotism because he apparently needs it  - he needs it as per the things he must do to exasperate Politicians and find a profitable way of relating with the system because he thinks he is getting a bad deal out of it kind of needs it that is as it were. it is not the only one either – there are others such as when somebody else attends church and that automatically means that he or she does not have the right to a job and a livelihood and every other rubbish in between is supposed to lead to an eventual result whereby the crime of Murder is something that the entire society and its victims can be compensated for through acts such as community service, therefore the existence of racism can have some form of meaningful use to those who are stupid people and feel they have power over others and need to have been more – so this is the fact about me that they fail to understand; the racism is not as important as the laws of the land; I mean the laws they say people like me imagine but they would not be willing to be subjects of an experiment whereby the government and the Courts got them to sign a contact allowing us all to select them as victims for a stabbing for instance – what they do is groom people and push people into a corner to exercise this nonsense, then expect some form of tolerance from me as well with a big mouth – we imagine the laws but whilst people want it to disappear they do not want to be victims of crime  as well yap, yap, yapping all over the place.

The other story they enjoy telling so much is the one where there is impending trouble heading for me all the time; its utter nonsense too since what they are really talking about is that I had taken their need to practice wickedness on me of which my refusing to respond to has allowed them to imagine this their version of reality we hear them bandy about endlessly and then made it into an intelligent point of conversation -  hence their problem is that they are asking me about their predicament obviously because I am the one that created this intelligent conversation into their stupidities all together but how it means I am facing a trouble from them that will come at a date beats my imagination. I mean they have got personalities others want to kill in a gang fight but I am at a loss as to what it has to do with me all together as well, especially in terms of getting into any kinds of stupid trouble they love to suggest all of the time; they hate my guts I can understand that alright but that is a matter of dreaming I was in a gang all the time which makes me shut down that stupid left hand side and trap them so the evils can catch them too as it were – staying off my Books and clearing my Public image space would be a start to resolving the matter as we are not mates anyway. Insults are what they are good at and it is something people are used to, especially in terms of the success based bits; the threats however need to be at a limit. otherwise it can continue until I build a Public life on this stuff and then try to find out what it is exactly they can do about it too as it were. they  do ask why it happens of which the reasons are very simple; for these fools who have trouble showing some regard for how difficult I find it to tolerate people who put money leverage up somewhere and get about hounding younger adults over respect, ageism and sex – it’s something I have mentioned in a softer way before i.e. older youths of a certain age have to respect for my livelihood and financial well being as though I sleep on their sofa and drink their beer and if they cross me again I will kick them again and when I am finished they will be the ones that are running around with the reputation of having won a great fight again – so all they can do with it is the usual stuff of taking advantage of any gaps that mean I am working on something from which I am expecting money at a later date and then show up to ensure I am so abused over it I never think anything I own belongs to me which they deploy to aid their popular culture idiots as well; what they use it for obviously is to ensure that I make a smell all the time but when a stage has arrived at which I am no longer able to look out of my window at the Brick wall next door or sit in an office and write a Book, they will complain about feeling my bits as well. The rest are the usual fools who observe the wealthy people that are coming into a neighbourhood to make friends with the gangs and set about ripping up my healthy by knowing where my private parts are in order to make me feel ashamed all the time – it will be facilitate the means to deploy my public image in order to get around receiving money from the wealthy people – so this has always been clearly defined and the threats need to be at a limit. As for being manipulated by journalists however, I am not manipulated by journalists; there are two fronts to the matter and one of them is that the Board of directors of the BBC for instance can consist of up to 20 people who each earn 8 figure sums but when somebody is asked to run an advertisement in a  an interval slot, what becomes of it is me suffering because I steal clients from them – so I have put them through this instituted education about intellectual property and they are still blabbing too; so if the BBC cannot control their staff I will do it for them instead. the others are the ones about Industry goons who spend money on popularity being under control, pop stars under control, fame freaks under control and I have got a social state of affairs that says they can always be approached when they offend others no matter how rich to show for it and getting rich by partying is now under control too; so the message should be that they can live on earth with other people or depart it all together, whether or not I take this seriously is my choice, they need to keep their threats at a limit. The big secret is that these are very stupid people but we refuse to live in a society that labels them in that way, instead what tells the story becomes a case of why some get more Police bullets than the others – that said, their threats need to be at a limit around here, before they find out what I am made of as well and we are not talking about indulging them either, since I normally do that on grounds that people make use of my Books without paying and jump on my public image for their decadence, hence if every process I sit down to work on something from which I am expecting pay at a later date is the means by which people make me smell to detach me from celebrities and rich people and steal my identity, then these two are made for each other and I am not the one complaining on Media for it either – they need to keep off my Books and that Public image, really don’t know what I am going to do to them to achieve that just yet, before they get to find out what I am really made of apart from these games they love so much; as it stands I agree that there is something wrong with the UK, yes there is, the bloody goons have not got a clue what is happening in this country anymore, that is what – the one that really gets to me is sort of like Cabinet members and the Business Fairs and then there is also Journalists on my Public image doing their own as well and telling me to kid find a way of doing business which fits my age.

They have always maintained that they want to get rid of the Monarchy, which they always could but it’s more like the one where they say I do not control the Media while I get them at each other’s throats all the time and set about doing whatever I like with the sources of extra income that facilitates life with mistresses etc – so it works to say I speak of terrorists as bad but think in the same way, when we know the terrorists kill all the people then worry about what has gone wrong between their Caliphate and the US where they cannot kill their enemies who send out Daddy’s girl to grab their jobs with popular culture. They can always get rid of the Monarchy but we also know that when it takes its wealth and goes off to work in a Bank and become incredibly rich, people will be angry at a whole new level, so for me they have never been prevented from getting rid of the Monarchy, the issue has always been the other stuff that says they want to see my body parts before they begin the affairs of the day in their republic thing. Hence what I say is valuable of which when I have a social media profile in my name it should be mine without question in the first place but we all know seeking out sources of alternative income especially concerning journalists and then writing blogs that kill it off is a viable option, it will all be decided at the end of the ultimatum period which will begin the process where every unproductive 24 hours that goes by on this business is met with immense suffering for them too.

So the Politicians get to claim I am some kind of get out of jail card for the British Monarchy particularly and while they do the entire society and communities and parents and grandparents are working really hard for them on a daily basis, to ensure their lives are not used as the means by which other people can get to feel safe in their own homes due to racism. The matter they say concerns the things I am used for by the Monarchy, whereas the reality is their deluded sense of what it means to campaign for and win elections into government office, which allows them cling to me and rip up my life everyday for the last 15 years without explainable reason, meaning the papers and files in this Office start to bleed people, putting a control on a process where I show up at the Office to find drawers pulled and files spewed feeling I get from their vandalism, which makes me feel really sick all the time. We hear of the made up reasons it happens all the time whereas only one reason is true i.e. think about people who are twisted because they are influenced by some underworld force and want to get involved with gangs and criminals for prestige but believe the problem can never go away unless somebody kills the gangs and criminals and gets locked up in prison for ever or the gangs and criminals kill such a person and get locked up in prison for ever, then think about the Politicians and then you realise they are just a little bit more evil, to such a stage as their own is about attacking those who dare to what anything they don’t and then we hear them speak of academic aspects of bringing down people like me and dragging through the Mud stuff which is all very well. So they say the issue is that I do not remotely fear Politicians but everybody knows what happens is that when Politicians know you need to pay your bills, for some reason they become obsessed with trapping you somewhere to find out if you are worthy to get a job because you masturbated or perhaps did but it was not enough to get you one – I mean I am not such a novice as to prepare my work in such a way that whenever they get on public places to call on stupid crowds to take a Royal Estate from me, people can actually do it but the need to show up in public and have a go everyday does immeasurable damage to my finances and I wish to put an end to everything associated with a condition whereby they get to address me and their City Centre idiots or the Media ones or Industry and Popular culture ones do as well, as I do not keep anybody’s fools in suits dripping with corruptibility and filth and insults cursed bastards gay money around here, nor am I charged with looking after their stupid problems hence they are unable to stay off my space – there simply has to be a way that I can stop it at this stage. They do speak of the bad things I have done that can be punished as well but nobody here is fooling around with them either, especially the non whites – apparently they have set themselves up as neighbourhoods that deal with securing money with which to take over peoples jobs and careers with popular culture based Industry and cannot stay away from my property all day and the Men love to have the fun that boys should being rascals every single moment of their time – it’s an old story that progresses from the one about showing up to fantasise me being in a gang again so we can find out what becomes of that stupid decadence and naivety, to the realisation that ever since I got my Commission, the Monarchy has been engaged in Building relations with Africans and people who are like me, so that Community does exist on one hand and this other one where people force me to create products they will never buy, so that they and their silly children can sit about rejecting me at market until I am ill is another but there has to be a way of stopping their own, a way of making sure they stop showing up on public places to call crowds on my Business. Of course it is possible to ignore them but it seldom becomes so when the Politicians rip up the academics and make you run after them all day long with doing so – I mean it has come to a point where I must personally tell myself I should ignore them no longer as such but the above has always been the real world anyway. We hear them brag about how first of all they are not fighting back and then also that they intend to wait and watch me come round to get their case fixed, while they are able to locate where I am coming from in all these in the first place as such and also considering for the not fighting back bit, that they have nothing to fight back with and simply hate my guts because they are not making any extra money at Industry on account of what I get up to, whereby damaging the Book sales to ensure I continue on this intense role of mine without taking a break for 14 years so far is something that is set to remain the case for longer, is supposed to help with such a predicament when it causes me to pay attention to them day in and day out whereas they do not want it so all together. They have got their neighbourhoods set out and its purpose is to get around with rich people on the basis of other peoples public image by dispatching community croons that keep a watch of peoples private parts all day long and abusing them each time they step outside of their door, more so got money stored up in those neighbourhoods with which to do peoples jobs and businesses and driving cars has to mean others can never ever feel good and when somebody else who attended Police academy drives their own car by as well, the fight turns from me against whom they have won one to such a person and then there is a whole world of things wrong with it. I do not think this matter a crisis I should mention; I am only making myself clear about what I am going to do for my part as it were – I mean they can see that shutting down that stupid Media abuse and that perspective on the left was designed to keep them out of jobs as well, so they can understand what the effects of their bullying on me really is but it is getting much more serious as well and developing into the other area about the fact they are very disobedient people who then love to have the one ambition of getting money with which to get about doing other people’s business and jobs and careers and then it builds up an insult to a stage where they are rounding me up like I am farm animal and getting around trapping me and abusing me over respect and ageism and sex, all because their children want to work in the big buildings and shake the hands of the top managers of the businesses in the area; so I want them off my Books otherwise it is quite clear that tackling this is what I am going to do next. They do say I pretend I am not an important person that people want to get involved with but obviously when the Politicians have wrecked the academics I become the important person people want to insult and abuse in order to get around with even more important persons and it needs to stop as soon as possible otherwise I will be starting my own as well. So we hear that I want to grab money from areas where I have not made a contribution and do not know anybody and then all that ripping up finances and academics and business gets to make sense, considering it all started off with claims if they asked before they shared what I have it would damage their civil rights and also make them inferior to me, which is something I did not want and Politicians really love to believe in – now it has reached a stage where they want to reward their stupidities a lot more than that too. So it really does get to a point where the Americans must understand that they may call themselves Liberals and Socialists and Democratic people but are really market place parasites and that these things do get to a point where you really want to know what it is exactly the diplomat ones have really got too; as for my part in the matter, they hate my Books and are always after it and such blabbing is another sign they have started well too as it were; there is not one matter about which they are not a real problem – from Local and International Law enforcement issues, to National and Local Security, to Global security, they are a serious problem in all these issues and the American Government is now being made to communicate properly and handle people properly over it as well at this point. I personally do not think it a crisis – the whole business is calling for a process of not letting market enforce the case of owning the property and making the money from it globally, rather than others with civil rights and popularity have their pick and tell tall tales, and they are going to get seriously hurt in the process in order for something to improve around here as well. I mean the property these scum have damaged or equities deferred would run into about 19 million pounds if calculated as per what the whole value is in creative and creativity market equity, in terms of my Assets and the Royal Estate effects at the Literary Empire on the world stage and calculated as per what I didn’t know and what I knew and what I could do with it at the time, we can shave off some 8 million from that – so these idiots are starting to get on my nerves as we can see all they can done with it is decide to work on me and not a job whenever they want to be rich, while building their own sensation of convenience that rich people who are superior to them enjoy, right here where they live and all that other rubbish that facilitates their tall tales while they are doing so, blabbing where I made contributions. We hear I have been spending my time on violent stuff and no longer good enough to be an Arch Prince but none will answer the question of how those who have no way of defending themselves from violence are going to have their person and property protected from fundamentally disobedient people anyway. It soon turns into a tale of how I think I am a God while my experience with God and the fact I want nothing to do with them and their Godlessness is yet another indication that I never do only that which I have been given authority from above, which is why they are seldom successful thereof. The simple reality is that these are very disobedient people who love taking over other peoples jobs and finances and cannot keep their fingers to themselves and the confusion and abuse and desperation of the Public not made any better by their deviance and the conveniences the effects can allow them bully people to seek from people’s lives as well is not an indication I am less an Arch Prince. So they speak of all these people I surround myself with and spend time on when I should rather be spending time with my own Class and the Public duties I have to perform but I do not spend time with people; all of these people have specific things I do to provide them with security which if they do not have, will not be able to hang around at the Royal Estate and perform their various professional duties – the Court get security that ensures somebody cannot just train Cameras on another and take their job from them with violent lasciviousness etc, the security I provide the Politicians is also different from the ones I do for the Royal Family too and both are different from what I provide the Celebrities. So it’s like that talk of there being a security I brag about but cannot provide quite naturally whereas everybody else knows when I am concerned with Law enforcement, we find Obama and his NSA friends cannot let alone my anus and tummy and head with their distant abuses for example that facilitates telling me what to do and processes of getting rich without any work and sleeping with pretty girls and then when I am finished with Law enforcement and pay attention to the National security that was his bone of contention, what I do will become really amazing. I have to assess it all from time to time you see, question of whether I am including or excluding people, question of those who have self esteem problems and cannot tell the difference between a pornographer and a journalist, question of those who know somebody that is a racist personally and therefore predisposed to think I am always in need of some violent act performed to protect me etc; so in the end I would respect popular culture if it was as usual about people getting out to express themselves once in a while which tends to show there is considerable respect for society and those who are putting it together but it isn’t and it is not that people have not always sought to get rich on somebody else’s public image because they are stupid and cannot see it is despicable behaviour, it is just that they are bullies and will therefore never be free of me until they decide what they want – people have always behaved that way when they are spending their own lives and the lives of those who fund it and the lives of those who pay for and love it when they do, not mine. When I look at pornography for instance, what I expect to see is the fact that some people have families at a good time and some do at a later date and some carry culture and society issues around while having one anyway and its all mixed into how they work and how they love and how they live – not people fucking British or deciding which one has my personality and which one has another personality and how they will have sex on video, it only leads to a condition where I decide which one is doing it now and which one will be doing it at a later date for them as well, while they do their power and control sex, otherwise they can do it with their own lives instead and let me be; sometimes there are exceptional cases like we find in South America where it is Fans having sex to serve me – I am not saying these sexual stuff is the holiest there is, in the end One must be able to live in a society where there is reasonable probability that it is actually not a scary thing to be somebody that preaches the gospel on the streets.

It’s eventually measured by the story of the NHS – the case being that the Government has been consistently lying to the Public about its problems i.e. the population is stretching its resources to the limits and on two fronts i.e. build up of migration and the fact we are aging as a Populous. The idea of the NHS has always been to organise Medical practitioners into people who work for the government, to look after batches of people, which then ensures that there is available health care at the point of need – what happens then is that a doctor might be responsible for 30 persons but when the population is aging, he goes from seeing 8 a Week to seeing 15 per Week, when Migration adds to the problem, he ends up seeing 22 per Week. There are far better ways of managing the problem than the lies and cover-ups that the Government spews out all the time; I mean telling the world we need Migrants to work jobs in the NHS is good if you can back it up by being a great negotiator that settles supplies for the NHS at an affordable rate otherwise you are simply asking for more trouble than you can actually handle. Those who do not tell the stories about importance of Migrants however it seems, cannot focus on making sure the Public is aware of the problem, it is being controlled and managed before another set of problems replace it which happens as a matter of time frame all together. So it really does tend to appear that they are working really hard at Westminster on nothing else but fresh stupidities that can become a means by which other peoples existence might be explained and in the case of the NHS they want to control everything and become incredibly rich – which will lose them the function of having one i.e. look after people’s health, justify your taxes, look after peoples education – justify your tax rates and of course the results will do them no good since people would be able to turn to the welfare system, unless the wealth of Politicians was a trend, which has pretty much the same effect anyway. So we have to imagine they plan to get rid of the Welfare system to ensure these games are operable all together and it will never make sense anyway; what the welfare does to those who did not previously know is set people on a clear understanding of what British gives to them when they are Citizens and this as we all know is unique to every person – what is not unique is the popular idea of what they get is worth in terms of wealth; so this idea of getting rid of the welfare system will add to the fact Politicians are fond of letting stupid Women grab the ones that belong to men and toss it to dogs for attention and to feel like they were real Women and it is something I image they would do because the Police works for them as far as they are concerned all together. I for my part know what it is and do get into a routine of asking the Questions as per whether or not a female idiot is foolish and ignorant changes the fact there are men who beat up Women for these sorts of behaviour, which then makes me vulnerable on having the power to decide which part of the Country people can try and make their own at a Royal Office too – the case being the same as per these stupid Women and their various explanation for this behaviour is not good enough, I need a process of seeing them around my Book sales to come to an end before I end it myself.

So we hear that I am playing a sort of chickens’ games when it comes to Brexit and it does not make any sense whatsoever since if the EU is a threat, when we are outside any means of finding out how much applies to us counts as spying. It’s like the whole tale of how I fit the bill when they read Books about how Tyranny is made whereas the reality is that I support myself and my Government operation on Private funds, so the risk was that in the case of making the best of a bad situation, they will show up here and get me stuck in a place where I am poor and know lots about fighting my battles with honour, so they can come to me to learn how to win their own; which is created through a process of achieving to the very top and then being brought down to the very bottom, that is also something they would have no desire to wish upon themselves if it came at a violent cost all together – while the expected outcome was one where if I didn’t support myself on private funds they would show up to provoke me until I became a Tyrant but now that I do, they will control my Royal Estate and Office in order to decide what it can be used for as per when I join a gang and beat people up for them, to make them feel special. It is the direct destruction of my property in a hope of achieving this, laced with stupid Political lies so as to ensure they are able to continue no matter what my wishes are, which counts and adds up to the problems they have got as well – I just want them to show respect for the fact only I have the right to make money from or enjoy my work or they can live with the enforcement instead and keep their treats at a limit.