The idea I am a coward is just as well, I am not a coward, it’s just a simple matter of fact that if you hurt these media goons, you will be hurting them on grounds of everything that is wrong about them and hence that way of fighting people leads to the creation of gangs and gangs is not good for society. I want to find an alternative way of dealing with them and they can drive that alternative way into an extreme if they want as well. It could lead to a process of picking up arms and telling people not to change my message and of course if we imagined that such a thing happened, I do not see them back their dirty mouths up in anyway, all I have seen is a process where I am a coward and people can pick on me as much as they want because of what is a factor of getting on media to deal with and reverse a process of being scared of me - just like I react to it by reversing their civil rights too, so they can make money by being rude as we all can see their lives appear to depend on it. I have maintained their culture needs to be kept away from me and they have suggested it is discrimination which it is not – the fact is that the culture affects me completely unexpectedly all the time and in a violent way and is always worked by them for that purpose and when it hurt you, you want to keep it away except they like to stalk you with media and talk rubbish about dominance. I suppose Its the same old story from when I was a teenager; I am referring to the one or two people in the neighbourhood that always feel like they want to appear in my subconscious to express their distant violence against me because I am a Christian and they are offended by it, today it has become a daily affair to prepare me for it on grounds that I grew up and left home and got into a process of getting employment and earning money to pay my way in the world. They are very stubborn and practically deaf and like to talk all that rubbish about somebody being a coward all the time; their lives have only two plans to it of course, which is make sure everybody is sharing things and make sure they are in a place where they can grab most of it and then the third which is miscellaneous and involves making sure they are able to prevent people from taking it away from them and then we hear them talk of how I am trying to prevent them from being business men and women which I do not recognise anyway i.e. they are simply people that politicians give money to, to keep them off criminal activity but which never works because what they do with the money is even more crime and then we see them think there are things they have done which people have no explanation for and hence means that such behaviour has become to people what they make it which is utter nonsense because I can explain it, I am a genius – there is nothing complicated about the fact that when people tell them they do not like to be handled in a certain way they become really stubborn about it and seem to be practically deaf over it too;  not to mention the business part being this criminal activities they think they offer to people as a lifestyle choice and cannot stay away from wrecking my finances to extract lifestyle which is why they say I am a coward i.e. when I have a problem with your earnings on grounds I know I have media to play around with, when you fight me it will be about racism or regional stability and all that rubbish we hear them blab up about endlessly and of course the personal side of it is the part where no body can explain things when we really do not need to since evidence will tell i.e. peoples mum work 20 hours a day and make half the money they need, while they get on media and have everything without an ounce of work for it. The part where they think I want a debate on it is familiar; the debates will come in the form of Politics and Religion too – where the religious one will say I was there as a teenager and can still remember things that happened when I was and can remember that all this stuff about a mind that is predisposed to their cultural violence did not exist at the time because there was no body to mess my mind up with the fact I must earn a living and they have found personality to steal etc to make me vulnerable to it and that nobody here is their coward and it needs to stop before it stop it for them as well my way, the political one will be the part where I was there when they formed a habit of hurting me and running off to get politicians to create norms out of it and then turn out to pretend such a norm has taken sway of society and the country as well; with respect to which everybody is aware of a draft book I have written and is to be completed this year that runs into over 700 pages, all equities and settles the matter of whether there has been a New Britain around my person or indeed this office. My point is that they are very flawed people; I mean for example the ones that tell you they are the way they are because they have had a hard life but this hard life where their parents struggled to make ends meet and a process where they walk around provoking everybody because their parents exist is therefore more respectful of their parents; in the end tell the male ones to sit down and have a conversation with somebody, I always say they are the most insolent scum in the world – so it is always a question of whether they did have a good conversation with people, maybe a drink or two or perhaps the person did tell them this relationship will not last? I am not innocent in the matter either, I know the way they are is also due to my actions but they are really insolent and it is important to me they appear to be little Kings and Queens asking people for a piece of their lives in order to get on television and make money that will put them in the same par with industries and businesses and so they can use politicians to dominate people later on, so let them be as they are for a change. I have continued to warn them their problem with my book sales will be their undoing and nobody here is their coward, besides which those books do not do them any good as it were. We hear them speak of freedom in the end but I am very sure they can have just as much freedom if they do not lean on me for everything they do as violently as they like to, when that stops since their ears are for alternative purposes, then they can have their freedom, when it does not talk of people who cringe from their invisible whipping stick because they want no rubbish from them, turning out to be cowards that they can hurt and make alternative arguments that help them continue as such with, being cowards, will not suffice. In the end it is clear the story will change all the time; the reality of it however being that people feel each time they see this Christian they are to vent their hate and anger on him and the peace and happiness in his life for he has got enough to absorb it and of course it does not end with the fact they have no limits and that is happens every day, my book sales are being stifled and my books are a hot topic for racists to have conversations about it too with a big mouth and then we see that stupid fame and fortune everywhere on grounds they have got the confidence for it. They would rather try to buy much time with claims all I do has been stolen from socialism, whereas it clearly is my fault that socialism is part of my career now and of course I have told them my head and chest and everything hurts like hell and it will need to stop or I will stop it my way – I mean the process of telling them to stop it of which they always want to at their own chosen time, which is usually when they are sure my talent and mind is wrecked so they can go off and be me and continue to return to get more as well yap, yap, yap, only led to an obsession with my personal and private security.


So there is the story their girls, especially blacks tell all the time about my lack of respect, it is their own version of course and it is always based on how angry and twisted they are which is largely due to the fact they are notoriously insolent and some women are madder than they are too. I mean I know that she will wind me up and I will handle her seriously and then because I will be famous from doing so, people will rally to my side i.e. last they checked they were boys at a certain stage in their lives and then it will become a man’s world. So the question of why it tends to look then like I have been beaten by feminists; no idea who brought that one up either anyway, I mean bottoms up tits out and a orb in the centre of the room where people are smoking and drinking stuff and a process of telling me criminals are the best men and that I stole my Christian personality from them does not beat me, it makes things worse, just like their men know that perhaps I would have tolerated a process where people use my personality to get other people to live them and use me as an item from which they can take more and more if I wasn’t a Christian but of course I am and they need to live with it too. I have maintained of course that secret societies where they plan these things and become as insolent as they are or not, my chest and head and body hurts like hell not to mention my tummy but they want to keeping doing it – stubborn as hell. Like that story I have no regard for political office when it seems to them the fact Politicians work there is a yardstick from a process of turning out to hurt me and using public office as a shield because it is seen as bigger then the need of one person, so that they can build up a means of dominating me and their other fools in the neighbourhood are just as bad, those think altercations they invent must lead to Political instability, so you mess them up as well and they think they want to do it before you do and go all out so you go all out as well and we end up with a process where you are almost running the Politics of the country and the economy you manage to write books for a living. I mean some of these idiots only took their GCSE in recent memory so we are not talking about age here, bearing in mind especially the society fools mentioned in the latter to back them up. My view of it is as simple as the fact that they all of them down to their children some still unborn need to get off hurting me with distant violence and then making up meanings for it, or I will stop it for them my way; no such thing as a life they live and the one I live and another that is made up and take up all of my time hurting me more and being pleasant to them more – it is in the vein of such things we hear them complain of countries with a history of oppressing and colonising people. I do not in any way sabotage my security by doing anything I do; I simply have no idea why people fall for that thing where trends decide what they do, if what I do feels and sounds like civil rights, it is what I have decided to do and not what I have been made to do, there is no such thing and what I have done I have done like the matter of making entire generations of insolent idiots into damaged goods, because I have had enough of media approaches and addressing and redressing and dress downs and general daily insults, so that when they have felt that my book sales are a plaything like they do at the moment, I really do have a license and have been saying and doing things to delay events and hold out on the matter until I meet them in person; it is good for my health and the career benefits is that I will not need to bump into them unexpectedly since I will know exactly where they are at all times. I mean why would they address me, why would they approach me, why would they be so bold anyway; as a Christian and as a Statesman either of my two disposition considered and how people ought to treat people of such stature: so I have said and done things to hold out and meet them in person whenever I do.


What men do at my Literary empire, especially the Americans is entirely something I have manufactured for my part; since it is clear that what I have done with a company is write books on its properties and what is left of it can go either way of financial service or even legal service etc but these insolent idiots have continued to live up to the crime that must be excused of stifling my income to ensure I reach a point where I have only one choice in life where they will get everything they ever dreamed for before I get it, so they have spent more time on going off to usurp and mop up the markets that the company has than they have with their own stupid lives and women etc and I will handle them in the same way as well i.e. whether or not I create an empire and take hold of it and broker the equities, the main point is that I put out books on the company and sell them and they are either in or out, they either buy or they don’t. If everybody had that policy we would not be in the economic mess that we are in today. The rest are culture idiots whose women do not wish to keep their distracting insults to themselves and they their big mouth where it belongs and quite enjoy working their excused paedophilia on my finances concerning which I will handle them at times in the same way too; I mean I have never seen people sing another business intellectual property, not the products; the intellectual property of the company and personality of its owner to get rich and famous with a big mouth – I mean we will hear them suggest they are not pushing boundaries as well as if. The other issue where the selling of equities and securities means that I set myself up to be beaten by others who want to make money is very well recognised but I have no idea what they are thinking since I have made it clear I take a liking to women that are older than I am, hardly somebody then that will fall for feminist idiots especially American ones playing old enough to be your mother as a means to other financial wickedness they want to practice and I for my part cannot mention it enough times any who feels like giving them money to mess around with me with can do so as much as they like and bring it here too so I can rip it up for them, especially when they are American, so there is no problems or major questions there. The part where the British government gives off bad publicity about things is not a new thing either but there is no such thing as really difficult answers to the problems of the UK, just like getting us out of the Euro when they have not gotten themselves out of there yet on grounds of protecting the money that their friends have got which has got nothing to do with me anyway but remains an old story of Tory idiots thinking government is there to serve their personal needs and hence not rubbish I will be able to put up with anyway. In the end there is an easy answer to the problems of the UK; we have been going out there to work for markets in every country we can get our hands on and when you do, you realise these countries are bigger than your own and that you do not want to provoke them or anything hence that story of pompous Brits is a myth – no idea why people want to cut the pompous Brits down to size anyway for my part; all I know is that if they mess with it I will kick them again and that is just my part, so they can continue to be so stupid; will not be the first occasion anyway, I mean we have heard the developing economies story but since then everything has degenerated into the need for more power alongside their idiots in the UK and the notorious US. Same story all around anyway; how managing crime could be a threat to another person - something the media fools never explain.