The story of the Labour Party is not one that still remains as a barrier to my personal progress like they have continued to provocatively make out; the realities about it are still the same as the fact that they would damage my finances in order to ensure they have access to my personal life not just because they like to suckle leaders and that it makes them feel they have recovered from their problems they brought upon themselves and experienced a rebirth but also because they are superior to me as well but the other part that creates the problem is the insults which I cannot stand or get used to. I mean the whole concept of another person treating me and my person and spouse and family with decency is up for conversation and it is not like I am on course for some sort of social bargain over the matter anyway, all because there is an evil culture they are anchored to and need somebody they can bully and then get to the point of revenge first before he does. They are not a problem I have to deal with, as I have mentioned before The Monarchy does not allow people help me because that means they are talking part and there are those who actively prevent people from helping me as well because they are the world’s worst envy freaks, so I am therefore able to sit down and spend time with what I am doing properly except there are things they do which amounts to physical contact an what sort of physical contact that would have been exactly, is the question. I hear it is said it all happens because they smell fear around me all of the time which is utter nonsense, we all know they think they are violent people who are a certain way with their parents and siblings and therefore will not lower those standards for me in a fight but I am the direct opposite i.e. a Christian that needs to see their backs right way since he is not interested but it does not mean I do not have a certain way I am with my parents and siblings which then indicates I will lower it for them either and so it makes no sense whatsoever, regardless of which I am playing along as well anyway but this is the kids part, the older people I dont have a violence problem with as such but there is always that question of people with pack mentality of which they expect me to ignore the first one or two attackers until all of them come along and are certain when they do I will not have been prepared as well hence a risk worth taking. All together of which in terms of the issue of violence on one hand they say they are family of which they have failed to be part of the culture my parents come from where there is a saying that whenever people want to practice witchcraft on you they love to pretend they love you above everything else in the whole world even when they do not know what your name is and have never seen you before – so the family story always fails as it were but with respect to the attacking we are getting to a point where we will share the same air and I will always have the Lion share as it were and since I started showing signs of that too they have never won a fight around here either.

These guys love to think they are a problem but it is an old story of a case of how a cunt coward whim has opened his heart to the world and considered it to mean he has the right to be leader among men – it is always ignored of course until they start to make out they can turn up around my concerns and if I tell them to do something they will never do it without regard for the fact that the only way to avoid going to an office on day and finding that you are under arrest by a renegade faction of the Military is to weed them out village by village and slaughter them first, so that when it turns out whenever the idea when they are angry it matters and when you are it does not is not applicable they will be radicalised, it makes perfect sense since somebody has got to do the killing and another has got to be the fool getting killed anyway; when push comes to shove however of which I do not see how the fact they will be radicalised when angry tends to douse my temper anyway.  It has never been a problem for me but largely a matter of the fact people continue to think they have the right to turn up around my office and get off doing things I have expressly on a personal basis made them understand clearly that I do not appreciate people doing with either my person or possession or office; this has not been an issue either in anyway, its largely a matter first of all of the Politicians about whom when I speak of stubbornness around my office will respond with how people have the right to as a result of my stubbornness with respect to the needs of their history and political party thinking they might be amusing but is actually somebody that will lead to very ugly endings provided they carry on along that route to the point where it does as well and then we can explain their wickedness without mentioning the Bible because everybody wants to exist in that way – never mind how the Christian who practices a kind of Christianity that does not compromise with their wickedness is to be hunted down and tied up somewhere and used like a personality improvement that the Government has given them like a gift which will propel them into the future, it’s always that way before they complain as it were. For their people however it is largely a case of the fact that the setbacks I suffer as a result of their involvement would not have happened if they were clever people and hence they speak of their problems and how people have experienced what I have too which is utter rubbish, as the reality is rather that they have experienced no such thing and all that has happened to them is a matter of what they have brought on themselves because they are stupid – it really plays out on the claims I do damage to their culture and that means they will eventually drive me to a bad end, which is utter nonsense of course because the culture is harmful to me and it is something they all share i.e. when I speak of stubbornness at my office that I am suppose to take straight steps to deal with their Politicians speak of mine with respect to their party, these goons however have their pack mentality that I mess with and so on but in each case I always tend to have messed with those things because it is always where my books and earnings have ended up in some way. Then there are the civil rights ones that complain all the time about what I should be doing because they think they control me and for them not enough have died so far as well anyway, they continue to control me and we will continue to share the same air with the Lion share going to me all of the time. Of course at this stage it will be said I have spent all my time talking and that it has solved nothing but created a better stage for betrayers to play their game while I continue to assume people will do what I want and it does not matter in anyway; the betrayers themselves know where the proceeds of their stupid cultures are ending up too, for each occasion they grab my possessions and try to put it where I will never recover it so they might make use of it at their own discretion and with their own decision – so they are the ones that understand above all the others that not enough people have died to satisfy them yet as it were. As for me, I am talking at the moment and talking solves nothing, if I want to do something about stubbornness around my possessions and concerns it will always be as simple a case as taking each matter so personally that I get to take direct action for every single one of them and that eventually will mean setting a stage for the Banks and financial services and Industries and then a footing at the diplomatic world which will ensure each time an idiot gets after my anus and my penis somebody pays a heavy price for it until he or she makes the bloody connection and starts to think otherwise: there is nothing new about it, we do hear them speak of how they are the place that people want to be which is utter rubbish as the reality is that these Industry Bosses have come to the deduction they have destroyed the finances of everybody else and are now the only credible customers around hence they do not have a good history and so it wouldn’t matter if you took their personal lives and they have realised that too and want people they can attack every time they suffer as a result of that as well and they will do anything to crush anything that stands in the way of that like it was their bloody right. They have never really been a problem for me, they are simple bunch of louts and where we are now is a point at which I am still winning as it were i.e. it can be said I already have the upper hand and should not be so concerned about these things when the louts cannot seem to have a talk show with one or two hosts and thousands of viewers in the guest and thousands more watching on TV which is not about ripping up my reputation and property all over the place as long as a certain idiot that got elected into government office is getting prerogatives from it provisionally, so the story of how I have the upper hand is never really good enough either; we all know that Industry bosses want the personal lives of their sales men these days and the need to have people whom they can bully on a personal life basis has become really important to them but does not change the question of whether Industry people want to get around with them considering the hindsight of what they can use a recession for and how their business men get involved with companies just so they can push people into a corner and extract the point at which they have been persecuted into showing a side of them that would serve as customer, in order to sit about piling things high and selling them cheap and getting educated on that point until they are academically proficient at doing those kinds of things and start to pretend everybody thinks they are not a collection of idiots as a result of their money who do not get to be told enough times that they are as it were – my point is that they exist within the state of a no asset and no liability economy where Mr A is supposed to give 2 million pounds to Mr B who sells music CDs and is supposed to give the 2 million to the distributors of the music CDs but unfortunately each time they find out that all that logistics means that a quarter of a millions gets lost in translation and they cannot make their profit if there isn’t somebody at whose expense they make it while I am unwilling to budge and others are copying me as well – it is entirely normal therefore that the situation should emerge where people get off and give away a few millions to them by putting it in that system so that it ends up in their pockets as an income, it is how they make money – the process where they insert their products into my company markets is something I have securitised against and every single time that they either make some small profit or somebody turns up to see an incentive to give them some money and make them appear to have made a profit at my expense with that particular behaviour on account of Politicians and media idiots, revenge for me will always be enough – these two goons look for trouble all the time and that is not to say they did not start it off for them in the first place: we all know American Politicians are Kings of supporting these kinds of things so that is what they are supposed to do and of course do it so that louts can sell stuff to their fellow louts and stay off my book sales or stop complaining. It’s never really going to be settled around the American perception of me as a live threat that is a difficult one to handle of course, they are a bunch of idiots and not enough people get to tell them that, so that when fun where you should work damages your work you claim it is because they are a super power on account their louts say so is supposed to have been the expectation but not everybody cares.

I understand the part where they say I refuse to accept that I have messed up peoples culture and civil rights of course but what does the culture contain except murder and homosexuality and drugs and crime and rock and roll – concerning which they know a Christian is not interested and that a process of sitting over his book sales to create an outcome where organised criminals can then tell him he does what he does against financial wickedness because he thinks the mob supports him but is wrong, is a process of looking for trouble and I am simply saying that if I must make my war on it I will since there isn’t any part of it that I like myself as it were and they need to stay off my book sales and not pretend it will be an activity about which they will be victorious. As for the civil rights bit, the part people miss all of the time is that it is about me and not them; I mean a panel of 5 with two companies and 3 environmental activists groups and one day the company gets the government to make rules that allow them do whatever they like with the environment and the civil rights activists groups get after me: they have always been aware I am likely to get after the government as per why they made such rules in the first place when they know that environmental destruction is actually an eye sore and then if I do it personally it will be a case of getting in touch with who is who at the companies and who is who at the activists and doing their stuff for them so I get to decide what happens – I mean dont ask me why it is that way anyway, it is an old story we are very familiar with – it’s not a dead horse as such but one that runs really fast indeed and people might want to watch how they whip it thereof. It is the only kind of work these goons are prepared to do i.e. fake one – handle peoples possessions and find some way of earning it and I dont see why some people like to think the activities of their Politicians are amusing either – I mean setting out a person or two that the whole society can pick on in order to make progress, progress which will hide the fact that a decade ago before you got involved with them and their gang leadership your thoughts were sharper and you were more capable of handling your challenges than you are today and the only reason for that is that each and every involvement with them leads to intense stress while they in turn get a recovery of an ability to think clearly; it is not that people cannot return themselves to that state, it’s just that it should prove something – so for me as far as I am concerned every and each case of their activities in my direction is treated to a sense of how to pay for the process whether or not they get what they want and not a matter of what they are after. It’s much the same old case of people wanting to attack the Christian and persecute him and the Christian wanting to rule them as well; when Politicians are involved it is supposed to lead to tax payer funds being spent on these fools to do whatever they like with leading to a process where the Christian is bothered all the time and tends to come up with ideas about how they should behave to suit everybody else until it blows up but I had since decided to write and sell books instead and that is still the enemy that Politicians have; I mean the books are staying to keep alive the state of affairs of their stupid children from whom I must tolerate violence so they can manage their feelings and become studious at their academic work, so as to wreck mine and chase popular culture fame and fortune after that on the basis their vision of the world is me stuck somewhere on meaningless enslavement while they are rich and famous and we all know there is no meaning to it except the various tales they tell most of which is drawn from histories they were not born into. So Christian is in charge and wants to see them do something useful with their stupid lives, which is where I get told that in the past people will simply move them left where everybody knows they are deviant but as I mentioned it is a matter of stubbornness around my office and possessions that I must physically handle as it were otherwise it will never improve – they however are happy to do so on the condition that Christian must live under the mercy of their generosity and get about preaching the gospel, which is where they are playing games with me and hence believe they will go home when it is finished and that is why the books are staying as well, so we can examine what they are made of. It is a point at which somebody should take up leadership on the economy concerning how much money can be pumped into it to bring us stability; of course it is okay at the moment and such tools are unnecessary, my point is that it is what it takes. So louts sell stuff to louts and stay off my book sales and Literary empire - black and white and all others alike as I have had enough of them or I rip up their own for them as well and I dont care which is their culture or civil rights, it is not my culture and civil rights and does nothing but hurt me and talk nonsense about family. It is never actually true as such that I pick up small stuff so I might leave the big ones for the big guy; I mean I know and they do as well that if I spent all my time on how I am with my parents and siblings and then get found at the gym all the time in order to handle myself and beat up people they would leave me well alone because provoking me would have been counterproductive, so it is only normal and I dont expect it to end up in other people’s lives, that they love to pick on me because I prefer to do my Christian stuff instead and besides which I stay away from women and sex and therefore have become a target for paedophiles but it is not outcomes like that which bother me it’s such realities as the claim some things I do are counterproductive to government and the maintenance of a safe and secure society because I am not interested in whether or not paedophiles can abuse me without consequences due to my age and the fact I still have my childlike attributes sexually it is how the Politicians that created that circumstance get to pay for the entire process by which they did of which they will; hence the question is always how they pay for the process and I am never really interested in outcomes. They do say I have all that benefit of hindsight to draw from of course which on one hand proves how territorial I am that I am so generous with my work that people think my doing it constitutes a benefit of hindsight, while on the other hand an average teenager will think if persecuted by those who use their age and the advantage of getting a job before others who are much younger as a means of power would think about job and academic work, an average grown up will think about aptitudes concerned with family life and career like I do and they do deserve every single thing they get as well because they have no clue what limits actually are.

They have media and they have government and they have civil service but I still beat them all the time and it can get worse if they try to get off that media to turn up here and prove something for example but we know they will not put to rest their insults and abuses either as it were. So on the matter of whether or not I am territorial, I clearly am so generous about my work people think I am having a benefit of hindsight while I do it on account that is what media idiots say to stifle the book sales and so on and I do not think it is a problem either, it is an old case of people having a need to see the Christian do something bad – lose his temper, get into a fight, just do things the Bible would disapprove and it has become a real obsession for them too and in that obsession there is also the assumption there is nothing I can do about it whereas the truth could not be any different which is why they are complaining: - so hence we have a problem too in that I cannot stand the evil cultures from Africa and Europe and Asia and so it’s a matter of whether or not they have repented and if not must be seen doing something good. Hence the abuses do apply to the matter of dealing with stubbornness at the office which can only work if I say, hey African idiot one more go at my tummy and my penis and anus and somebody close to you in Africa will get into serious trouble, it must happen if he does it and happen each and every time that he does it so that he might make the connection and change the attitude; they do say it is a matter of what they do with a leader they fancy of course of which when it started it was because I steal the beauties of women but now they think they have me wrapped around their little finger the power game has progressed to how I was supposed to destroy their enemies; so I have always been clear; it is not my culture and it is not my civil rights and I will not tolerate it. As for the story of sanctions on Russia and whether or not I have created a very complex alliance issue for the world that is difficult to resolve, the story has always been the same i.e. Communists are Politicians Democrats are politicians but the Communist Politicians must learn to respect the Democrat Politicians and it must concern where I stand on the matter which brings us right back to the old question of how many things I have done to these bastards yet on the plan to do bad things around the world and get away with it using my Christian personal life as a means of deceiving people but business wise it’s a matter of somebody turning up to sit in front of your company to pull a face – of course that is him doing it and you can ask the security guard to get rid of him but what do you do if time and time again Politicians ask crowds to turn up at your company to pull a face and stifle the sales to punish you for not co-operating with their needs? I mean how many of David Cameron’s trouble makers does he control at the House of Commons where he has the most authority or the House of Lords or on the Streets or in the Media, how many is Obama controlling at his office anyway, he is notorious for playing stupid games by giving them access and pretending he is not aware of the wars and destruction they will get around creating with it and now they want my books as well and that is because of what he last told them he will approve of if they did with it – so why on earth would I make exceptions at my company for a Politician, I mean for their civil rights idiots there is the question of who the hell they were supposed to have been but for the Politicians it is not a question at all it is out of the question and we are looking at a group that will never pay for the products if seen dead as it were. I know the civil rights idiots do think my books are things they have confiscated and intend to keep as their own possessions of course but those stupid media salvation insults is because they are not yet clear whom they are addressing as it were as far as I am concerned, so it is the other  face of this matter of whether I support sanctions and which sanctions I support thereof; not my culture and not my civil rights and I want to get out and run a public life to sell my books or they will not meet a terrorist but their very nightmare as it were. Eventually a case of whether or not I do see I am an impediment to other peoples freedom which is very well said considering the number of my fans and allies and customers that have ended up in mental institutions over the last decade because they are being bullied and intimidated off my books, where one moment they know something belongs to me and the next moment it’s a grey area as it were at a global stage: not my civil rights and not my culture, they have a lot of fighting to do.

Of course we are very well aware of the story of many who have been talking like I have until they were silenced for African idiots especially with a power thing to latch onto which as I said can never be managed by talking only – in the case of the Americans if I told the people there all they do is get off and pillage people’s lives in order to undercut them at their basic instincts and determine when they will be consumers, then sit around it to become academically proficient at giving them what they need for money and riches, Americans would generally want to become more moral people but there are downsides to that as well which is why I dont want to do it, so if I let my books talk for me and let them come round on their own, the whole thing will reverse roles and these goons will become the subject of something the general public does to pillage their lives and sit around being educated about how to sell them things until it becomes work that they can then claim has shown they have earned what they have done for a living. So when it does come to any form of direct threat it is the same old story about those who have come and gone not being me i.e. Americans think their insults are the only things I hate about them which is not true; there are other things like a condition where they want to sell me products of a lifetime and cannot just sell the bloody product, it’s always a matter of whether or not you pay the idiots to remove your sense of right and wrong for you and there are other times when all I do is because I have had a benefit of hindsight and if they did too would have done it even better in which case it is still not clear why the bloody idiots are not selling the fucking products yet – after all they can never ever be seen doing anything because it is the right thing to do, can never be seen doing what they know and can never be seen doing what people tell them when they dont know what to do and it comes back down to the story of assuming everybody has a penis between the legs which therefore does also mean that they just popped out of the ground and existed as it were hence everybody feels things the same way and everybody wants the same things and my behaviour towards women will get me into trouble with a big mouth. I mean you are primarily a good person because you normally are not supposed to come from an origin where you are horrible to your parents and your siblings and then as time progresses maybe your experiences make you a bad person – but fucking yanks can from day one be girls that want daddy to collect the career of a boy for them to feel good with and it is this same insult that gets them into trouble with me all the time and the same attitude like British politicians of being seen not controlling their trouble makers but unleashing them on the livelihoods of those they feel they can treat like Children that creates the problems we have all over the world today concerning which they talk nonsense about sanctions I am supposed to support. On a personal basis, it is not my culture and it is not my civil rights and is actually something that harms me; when it comes to it, the money circulating in their celebrity and popular culture markets should always stay the same and start to diminish at some stage, so people can continue to give them money if they are helping them as a result of an antagonism of those they hurt, it is the only way they make money but when it comes to the issue of me being the most abused statesman in the world, they will be famous somewhere in hell: it’s like the old case of how they want to make me give up my life and all I own to them as penance for the fact they want to be free and nobody knows from what anyway – nor is it a matter of random attack on freedom lovers, it’s  a case of those who create the most abused statesman out of others wanting to be famous for fame sake and of course we all know nothing works like that too, while they do claim it is a matter of marketing drives at the expense of my Royal Office for all of America and this is always where I think they had failed to understand what I meant when I say it’s not about them but about me, a case of civil rights, civil rights being civil and I will do them again, the bloody yanks or indeed the story of my bad language which is not really the case anyway since it does appear that not only does the lower classes use bad language to stiffen their resolve, an entire section of society which is theirs can simply be hell for every single second without reason and we all know it does not apply to those who have made it that way either because they would not have survived and it really does open the eye to those stories about me playing around with terrorist when it is jezebel characters doing that, claiming they are a threat to my freedoms because men are supposed to look after women and they were supposed to have had the life I have and if men are real men should award it to them too; so in the end speaking of which if you had a village and everybody that is a terrorist lived there, there would be no problems, some years from now a homosexual can go there to film things and not get into trouble if he does what he is told and does not provoke people but at present we know they would kill any homosexual they see in a jiffy but are playing jezebel characters – not my culture and not my civil rights and they will tell me if they address their own government officials the way they address me so organised criminals can claim I did the wrong thing and was never supported by the Public at that fame and fortune popular and celebrity culture. Naturally they do say everything I say and do indicates my brush my drag queens and puts me in my place; rubbish of course since it is the same old jezebel characters thing and we all know what the story was like anyway – in terms of the drag queens, whatever happens, they always know that I control whether or not they are besieged with danger from all corners so their decision can be clear on whether or not they want to murder those who have the guts to have what they do not have but we still hear them make such noises anyway and by the way it isn’t true people are trying to get along, what is true is such assumptions as the idea I can listen to R&B which I must like because I am black and turn up at Church at the same time and the likes of it and so this kinds of behaviour continues and I have no choice but dish out my own version of the violence for them as well. Speaking of which if I do go off and respond to the story of how much I play around with terrorism in the sense that if we had a village of terrorists then nobody would ever get hurt as no infidel would live there for their health and safety and then a point will arise where even homosexuals can go there and film something provided they do as they are told and do not provoke people into anything but it would be said I approve of the activities of ISIS on saying so anyway – regardless of which the fact does not change about the question of exactly how many times a day people get after an Individual they know their media idiots like to attack by collecting his possessions and tossing it into places where fools are to ensure they never recover it and for how many years they can continue to get after such a person as well; on face value it is perfectly okay because I know I am being stalked but there are crimes here that they are not paying for rearing and showing up those stupid heads of their regularly on my Television to do it as though nobody wants to slap it the fool that bears it as well; I mean we all understand their need to make extremists out of as many people as possible in order to ensure that justice cannot be met out for them for killing those they envy because it will have become part of the system but the Politicians say they are expressing themselves so it has to be the way it is and nothing shall be done about it but that they expect me to approve or support their sanctions against governments that are taking necessary precautions shows how much they like to provoke me in a certain direction and why people should not be surprised when they get the proceeds of that behaviour as well.