So we see the Politicians make sense of their madness when they say that I am finding out how the security services jobs are done, especially when done for me but I would not know anyway; all they had to do with Government Office was to ensure people had the security and Mobility that they needed i.e. in some extreme cases single women who work on Media for instance can easily be the Bench mark for deciding what to do, when they carry the Child everywhere they go, have to keep the job, travel around the world to do it and still get a life when done to, through which process they will be British people getting protected by the British State – what they want to do instead is turn it on its head, seek out homosexual ecosystems they want to approve in order to tackle the Church and then set about making out that the way to relate with Military staff who are trained for their jobs already is a premise that suggests that the more a dog is abused is the more aggressive it becomes towards ones enemies, so I am rather wondering if they have something to tell me about how it is done which I do not already know. The case of women in the Military is entirely different i.e. one of those bits about all the men in the land have had their bums struck and people smell like their loo all the time and those who do it are like the little shits at large, one day when it joins the Military we will all be surprised whom it wants to shoot first. In the same way they say women fight my battles all the time when I consistently tell them it does not happen; what does is that I have this relationship with the Classes in a specific way, where the Middle Class think I have problems women can solve and the Lower Class always want to keep my history but then again even if I said so, these people will still believe women are fighting my battles because the women have got them where needed.

We see it all the time when the Politicians are more interested in getting the Monarchy to help peoples develop their talents while working with media idiots to control it and get rich; so when people play sexual gimmicks on me, I end up with National stage Publicity that is provocative enough to secure a reaction, no matter how much they complain about the reaction itself – when people claim they want to have me beaten up I have National stage publicity built up for me on it by those who claim they want to spend everything I have. Then it all feeds into the case of paramedics corrupting my state provided security every day because they have some sirens to blow, claiming that on account I defend myself when I think my front porch and backyard is mine for my pleasure alone, I end up with the older couple next door sharing it and my bedroom as well to strike my bum 24/7 and make a case out of themselves for it, claiming I am the one provoking the gangs so much that the stabbing and shooting has gotten so out of hand that Paramedics are traumatised stitching people up because I am such a coward, even when they have been called out by Community croons who just call out paramedics to attend to the fact my very existence makes them uncomfortable, before they say it fits into the picture of the decisions Politicians make when the NHS is in crisis. I am left wondering how we can tell which one is racist anyway – if it is the one that was rejected who then got on to pick up his sense of the world around him, made a mess of it and started a violent campaign to own other people’s sense of the world; my point being that I will do their own as well for these sorts of abusive publicity before it stops apparently. What the Publicity does of course feeds into the old story of not hurting people when they hurt you because they are already heaping burning coals on their laps according to the Bible but when one is not keeping to the principles of the Bible and fallen short of the glory God, there is a sense one needs to do it for oneself like the principles of violent sin – what becomes obvious when these idiots start like these is not their envy or whatever else propels them but what makes you start to covet desperately the life their stupidities should have had if they were not doing it, bearing in mind they need the National civil service and parliament and Media to show you were cursed by your parents, in order to continue, cannot keep the mouth shut and will not give it a rest – leaving me to think that the need for public control is desperate even as their idiots who claim to be fighting my battles will not give it a rest doing me favours with an evil culture that then gives them the right to sexually harass me because they need it to facilitate security based jobs with that big mouth of theirs looking for trouble the whole time especially when female.

They do say I am being allowed to get completely out of hand which I can understand, as I mentioned before, if you were a single Mum working on TV the last place security is being worked out for you is government buildings where they complain the most about the consequential bottom hurting that has resulted from a process of turning the purpose of government office the other way around these days. For my part, a little respect for what people do solves a lot of problems and before they issue any threats it is usually a case of messing with my personal finances which are personal for a reason in the first place, trying to find out what stage of abuse will get me on the streets screaming the gospel so people can help me pay the bills for being a good man, meaning my whole life constantly faces the threat of homelessness to make me react and I exist in a condition where people can do whatever they like in my direction as they are now in possession of enough excuses to do so when rules do not apply to me. It feeds into the whole business of Chemical attacks in the UK this week 5 June 2018: at present we have no real facts and must go with any upcoming investigative processes but either way if they Russians were involved current processes of handling their case will continue i.e. has not got a clue what it is doing and wants to handle British to get a fair sense of it and it was bad enough having the blackmail that keeps people breathless and smelling like their loo when it goes on for too long, run off by stupid socialists and narcissist popularity goons at Industry backyards, now an entire state had joined in as well and has not explained its position even before relations got terrible enough for the surprise chemical attacks in the first place. The American ones are pretty much the same when Obama spends 8 years in the Oval Office stifling my Book sales and getting every fool and every criminal and every barely criminal goon and every criminal that has not yet been caught, talking about their problems with reference to me, in order to show what Liberal fools like to do when others cannot understand what they are saying especially when they say they do not like women; so I have made it quite clear enough times that as much as they do not fancy middle east goons chasing their bottom, we do not fancy people doing us favours with their evil culture and society and then showing up to squeeze flesh as a matter of privileges that sweeten the deal but the Americans are convinced events like 9/11 and subsequent war in Iraq are far more important than that, so they can always do what they are doing anyway and it will only continue until there is a stage at which it is looked at the same as the threat of Russia too; for now they are complaining about the Arch Prince that is their mate putting them in a situation where people can do whatever with their existence too as rules do not apply. As for the hatred of women bit, we all know whatever women do, the main problem is the person that builds up publicity for it so people can mess with you because they are doing those things and it goes beyond Media and Politicians waiting for Monarchy to help people build potential and then get used to make Industry fools allied to them wealthy as they understand they will have a share in it too – it is still the basic law and order premise, which is not being followed because of course the Media and the Politicians are busy building people reputation that make what women do dangerous, fooling around and talking nonsense at me about what they hate. I mean we all know these goons raise their insane children to walk around the streets blabbing nonsense about what other people’s body should be used for and why people should walk around the streets caring about what is happening around, since they know it is a form of abuse they can get away with if they are not blabbing nonsense about money they have allowing them predatory behaviour which can have anything that previously belonged to another and of course any part of society they wish to feel sensations of convenience with at Industry.

They always say the situation that they have put me in is amusing but I would not know anyway, I just know if I wanted to make it less amusing it would be a process of setting out those facts that I miss seeing them make those clever English Popular culture because they could not do the academic bits on account each time they wanted to tell people to allow them concentrate, they had to accept people will ask them to allow women concentrate as well while they did not believe women had the right to achieve anything – this is the exact premise on which these scum issue their threats at me and if they take a physical swipe at me for it I promise I will never let it end well all together as well; for now it is as simple as not seeing them around my Books unless they wrote it, talking nonsense on Television about how I will get into trouble if I told them they were bloody idiots. They do say I am a tease but I am not – only the stories they tell about their civil rights is inconveniencing because they are lying and yes they always say one will not believe the lies of the civil rights goons until that of the racists who threaten me to accept it as fact under pain of death becomes the one I tended to believe but when now we see it build up its own publicity of what it supposes I believe and set out play global world power gimmicks, of which we find their Politicians putting up a test as per what it takes to make me fail so that every success I attain massages their stupid ego to unfortunate endings are completely out of control, complete with Politicians complaining about a lack of success of their own seeing that they have no more time for the job itself. So they say they want compromise and I do not think compromise is what is lacking here, they are a handful of lying scheming violent scum who have taken what they need and need clear my space so I might get what I need as well; as I mentioned, it’s still the old case of Politicians using them to enforce will rather than keeping them out of mainstream living and in my case it comes back to the one story about explaining their position very well when they want to say I will find myself in difficulty if I called them stupid but have never really explained what they are doing with my Books deciding their fate where the law is being delivered to the public and blabbing about who thinks they can pick up a life and a career and get on after doing their stuff. I do get asked if there is a clear and simple way to understand what is happening and it’s the same story as ever – all those vices and the goons who work it are to live on my wallet while the idiots supervise, the only reason they get a reaction being abdominal pain caused in order to get it, so when I make it this clear, they want to move into my right hand and if they do I will rip up that stupid culture once more. They do say it’s a measure of how much people hate us British and it is I can see but the first time I had to deal with a difficult situation, somebody wanted to beat up women, once the vandalism that follows was done, then the next was that he built up publicity for me concerning the fact women were messing about all around me and nothing was done about it, which without the involvement of the really bad women, put me in a position where my existence was not protected by public rules and people could do whatever with it.


So they say I am not morally fit for anything I am doing and it will never make sense if it continues to come from a group of people who expect me to be stuck with the case of managing my Office alongside making sure people are able to access the supplies by which they run their lives for ever, to facilitate a process where every goon that is possessed by evil can gain the opportunity to challenge me and make a public mess of every aspect of my existence which is protected by God and has been such a problem for them since we met for the first time around 2001 – exactly how morally fit they are blabbing about taking a Royal Estate from me all the time. The Americans like to think it is fun to be more forth coming about claiming Satanism is their human right, so what we see most of the time is the insults and abuses of the film Industry paying off to let them show up around my concerns to make a mess of what is important to me and challenge me endlessly but the behaviour of making sure that people never feel safe continues never the less – i.e. the aspects responsible for the fact that I had to make a public case for a reality where I was comfortable with an outcome where the need to do the devils work for him with their own hands even when they tackle me all the time but have nothing to point to in the sense that I am doing God’s work with their own hands the whole time, gave way to an outcome where they practiced it on themselves and it was a grey area, such a big responsibility, if they practiced it on wife and children all together; they have rather always maintained the wickedness helps them get ahead while reality is that they are hurting people and this does not help them get ahead – so we find the outcome to be that it turns on itself all the time and hurts people in ways we can never explain via politics or media or celebrity culture endlessly because it wants to make use of another person’s niceness to get ahead even get ahead of the persons it has made use of in such ways, blabbing at me about moral fitness. They do it all the time and have this case of tales about people I have had sex with but continue with the story still while they had no prove of the sexual activity they are talking about. An old story where people who are driven by feelings are very different from people that actually have a two part personality that is half human being and half demon being possessed and yes they always say I need to stop saying such things right away like those Industry power that shows up to extract money from my markets without explaining properly why I need to do what it wants because something happened on the left and right hand side etc – I am wondering what they will do if I didn’t.

The general complain about the part I am said to play in the matter is that I create this sense I want them to target me so I might do something about it but I do not; the reality is that I know if I did set out I don’t want people trying to make fame from my public image which will encourage them to tackle me, it will never sit well with the Media and so while I have not, it is the Media itself that has built up such things on me anyway; so it all adds up to their moral fitness and I have them exactly where I want them it has become exciting in a way. I mean the Media will never learn, as its purpose is to look at somebody who brokers an Intellectual property administration service as a person that cannot protect his own trading equity and intellectual property; so they can never stop going off to make pictures of themselves on my public image which will appear on magazines and therefore become their own when they want to have it or just videos that will appear on Media and social media for the purpose and I will never stop making the whole thing into a death dealing amount of work for them as well. The women one is an old story where I am blabbing because the Men simply would not beat me up and put me in my place as such but then again if the men were able to, they would not need the National civil service and Parliament and Media to do it, so their case is the one where being a woman does not imply they can behave anyway that they want and the sex and fear business is one where the same goons are waiting to have group sex with them too. all together my objective as I mentioned before, is to ensure I hold out until they are past it on the fame and past it on the career as it is the only way that they can conduct the violence when they are talking from their own rights, so we might have some peace around and of course the Politicians are free to make a mess whenever they want.

So they say the Media is not my enemy and it does not mean I think the Media is wholly my enemy as such but we need to move on from where we are; the need to groom employees for sex and the business of making out women are the next best thing to priests if they have a job that pays well and does not get them doing bad things to get by such as working on media, about which I warned them leads to people being attacked by people they fell in love with at dilapidated neighbourhoods but they had decided I had to fight for other people’s jobs because people were friendly towards me and eventually ended with my dropping out of University for their part in the matter while it had become obvious they could chose the friends of their Employees but could not chose mine – now we are done with what they need to do with media jobs and whether or not I am a single Christian male because they are now stuck with whether they were on the side of the Communists or Capitalists and it does not work to rely on me seeking an alternative lifestyle in order to make it all go away obviously, having been they are now fighting for their lives and have got the basics of what the whole deal concerning this behaviour is about, we need to get out of the recent bottom chasing gimmicks and move on.

Their Politicians do say that I speak of my academic work all the time, but it is a threat to others, while nobody has yet seen them drop out of University because another person did not fancy their Male prerogative gimmicks and its celebrity vandalism which I suppose makes all these nonsense fair according to their point of view. The same tends to apply to those stupid black women who think they have worked out a use for me that will serve everybody and those insults that come with all that publicity built up in the last decade and a half about being superior to me while important positions and important things to be done are being done by me because white people are disrespecting the black race – do not know what they want from me, the entire world perhaps but then again it’s a matter of what I do not spend my time on, as we all know women who think they are masters of treachery like these have their problem solved when you start your own abuses that will expose them to group sex by society goons, the same way they cannot stop ripping your life apart to make you vulnerable to rape, then get off in public and talk nonsense about how to use men at your expense with the sex and fear issues that have emerged from it and we all know it can happen at any stage, ranging from simple dislike for goons like them or having met them or indeed having been in a relationship and do not wish to experience such nonsense ever again; we all know the sexual context abuses that get out of hand are things they have trained their stupidities at for decades because it was better than spending time studying in school.

Same as that old story of how my position on racism is not exactly clear while reality is that not more than 70 years ago millions died because of decisions made by governments on racism and anything that claims to be racist today is somebody that has been abused to a stage and then had whispered into his ears or her ears like we see these liberal stupidities do and claim it is the powerful, evil and good luck charm that brings success at the markets, that he needs to do racism, which is how they feel they have got the power to threaten me but it’s all about the stupidities that concern racism and the spirit of complicity exhibited by idiots that have got their own all figured out obviously. My point is that when there are five racists, the five racists need to be put in a position where they get to show they hate the Country enough to see it burn because ethnic minorities live in it not the five multiplied into hundreds who cannot explain their position properly because a group of fools want to be telling me what to do and believe I have not made my position clear on racism as though I will not be attacking them first before finding out with whatever is left, whether I can resolve the problems they have created. This is aside from the fact white people tackle racism all the time but it will never be enough if the idiots want to have the money and spend time conducting stupid tribalism raids on the fact people assign their children various roles on public ills while supplying financial support to ensure the Family works together as a team; we see this nonsense setting out its method of making money involves a stupidity that suggests it is famous like the madness that has told it that it is whoever that might have been, having something to do with giving racists little collateral damage here and there to take out easy, end up in prison and make a statement, about which I have a means of making money and being important and their stupidities were in dire need of it as it were, blabbing about my position on racism all the time, the whole time of which I have had people turn from racism in the thousands after telling me that people have not explained it to them the way I have in the past. Same as that story I talk all the time but do nothing about society trouble makers while the reality about that is the anger expressed towards me endlessly by a group of people who like to think every backyard in the neighbourhood belongs to them, except when I live in one of those, before we find their stupidities blabbing about my position on racism with insults that ensure I could never step outside of my door without idiots churning my tummy. We see those stupidities all the time; parents like the Children and vice versa, the media ones will never spend time with the bit that gets to their heads until they had destroyed everything you had and the society ones will spend time doing the destruction, then end up with something similar and try to prevent others destroying as well by becoming violent enough, during which time about 2 decades of your time must have gone by, talking nonsense as if it is really prepared to see what people like me think of scum like them for my part as well.

I hear that it’s a matter of my unawareness concerning my value as a person and I wouldn’t know anyway, what I know is that I do not want to influence what people do as much as I want to sell my Books but then again when it comes to the case of my involvement with the Monarchy coming with a certain level of influence then that means it’s usually a matter of people showing up to pretend it was mystery Christians do not want people committing sins on behalf of everybody and most certainly do not want people doing favours to Christians with an evil culture that kills people to keep people safe; beside the fact what happens with it is that those who do then show up to deserve sexual rights and means that for what they do out of their own good nature others get conquered. So they always tell me that I am a coward and it is these people that are doing things I could not do but we all know the peace takes courage and we have not seen the ones they have done to prevent Americans fighting Muslims out of their own private expense successfully yet, what we see is their inability to just let me carry on and the need to mock me because I smell like my loo while they are at it; what happens in the US being that they now want to build better border Policy with the opportunity and hence we can see the prospects looks like they will be able to look after their allies better and we will be able to support a public role in South America and make our position clearer on the influence of Communists but what the Liberals see is Trump racism. Where the media fits into the picture being that it’s all very well being the opportunistic bully but sometimes there are small people that can handle big bullies and the business of picking on those tends to create a society of big small and medium that means they will require ecosystems of homosexuality that the government has to approve, for existential reasons.

I hear this other case too where it is said that I speak but my people have gotten completely out of hand; reality of course is that I am not in any cults as they have claimed, it’s a matter of relatives showing up at your backyard for all the wrong reasons because you have gotten tangled up on issues that have brought trouble into theirs while a collection scum in government buildings and media who are responsible for that without my involvement with their celebrity and popular culture in the first place have gone making me into a kid that has lost his mind and gets about telling their fortunes to a people that control the relationships I have with my parents and these insults in my view of which will never stop until I take out a project to write and sell some Books that help me decide what becomes of the relationship they have with their parents as well. On the ground, the outcome is that those people who took contracts from big companies to run advertisement and never had a problem with displaying the Equities I have brokered with those companies leaving the companies with nothing to complain about had moved away, hence nobody makes advertisement properly these days anymore – all we see is socialist mistresses making statements and insults, popular culture and a process of developing a habit that helps the boys and the need to squander people’s property do something to clip my Book sales and control me, like that would not become a criminal behaviour if I wanted it to be; what I am now left with are the types of guys that will give me more range but I will have to work more on security, while most of those I started out with I gathered recently, had moved on to Police work – my point being that the facts are rather very simple and my people have not been getting out of hand in anyway whatsoever, especially on this matter of US foreign Policy, what we do find however is a process where some have enough of the insults and abuses and then its revenge bottom chasing time with global stage complaining attached because they tend to do it whichever direction their victims turn.

It’s like when they say I do not think it is a privilege to co-operate with Politicians which entirely depends; since I am rather happy to co-operate with a Prime Minister who deploys my work and thinks his or her entire party should not get the same privilege as well not one that does otherwise, so they might show up here to appoint themselves and decide what happens to the academics and finances of Christians who write Books, study and attend Church which is pretty much a full schedule the last time any normal person looked. I understand this story of their need to ensure the work of other government operatives is easy at my expense is said to be a problem I have brought upon myself but it isn’t; they did not drop out of University because somebody else though their male prerogative and celebrity vandalism was an issue, I dropped out because I thought peoples barely criminal existence was and in their view what is happening here is still fair, so because I have not raised publicity for all the other attacks during the past years, they think these facts are not relevant when justice is being considered on the contrary. Those who like to threaten me are all good but it’s a matter of taking considerable risks on their part as well since what is said to be passive behaviour on my part is only the business of thinking those who say the Prime Minister is in need of confiscating my public image to look good with at the job are just so stupid I cannot make sense of it but when I had dropped out of University, the business of responding to what passes on the left hand side and right hand side of their society goons then lying on the bed to wonder who then gets the sane part of me while the whole thing is letting them extract an income from my work and Public image adds up to make sense of the fact I have warned them about threatening me before and in a condition where I have dropped out while they tell me the Prime Minister needs my Public image I will be wondering if they planned to stop the practical jokes when it was more convenient for me and not when they wanted to stop it, instead of thinking they could have what they wanted if they were that stupid like I did when I had not – so it’s a matter of what compounds it and what risks they were taking, I do not mind the threats and so are they aware if they put the culture and society in my face they will see it for the last time too, controlling relationships I have with my parents to extract an income from my work and blabbing about being famous. I mean when I clip their celebrity neighbourhoods and rip up their popular culture and take down the media abuses and it comes to them all at once it would have been because I had a duty and not because it was about money as far as their stupid minds are concerned, hence their twisted sense of what it means when they see property in public places which are not legally their own, meaning others are supposed to be scared of how much money celebrities have that they run away from a Literary empire when such bloody idiots think that damage is competition in order to let them make even more money and spread even more stupidities around the world; I have been clear enough times on their stupid threats especially when famous and the fact I am not afraid of them like they think I am for my part as it were. We hear about the beating up insults all the time and I am hoping since the business of this process where those who can will not stop praising themselves and those who cannot will not stop hurting themselves was not enough; we shall hope they are counted among those who can and do not tend to think that Television makes them bigger than they really are.

I do get told that it is sad I am not making much progress with myself which is not really the case as I am making the progress I need; it is assumed I need a lot of help and Celebrity endorsement but all it does it show up to make a mess and such a racket that people are discouraged by buying Books while the private diaries are full and the business of being a tortured soul for Politicians and Media goons has spent all the good will it had here. As I mentioned, if seen in terms of somebody just writing some Books, completing academic work and attending to any religious concerns, it is a full schedule and as for those who claim to be famous, I do not see that they were anyway; in terms of Celebrity work, nobody visits Parliament to find out what MPs are doing and then set off to make a song that will share with members of the Public what Parliament is like, which will have added up to the role of Celebrities in society anyway – they are rather incredibly incompetent bullies who think they can extract an income from your public image and expect you to think of them as famous because you were afraid of them as well, we do not even see them do the other part where they set up popular culture canopies of narcissism at Industry to manufacture their own fame through sales properly either, they think they will get Politicians and gangs to make me do what they want and I think I have set out as well that the person who told them they were famous must have been just as insane all together. The business of extracting an income from my Public image has now led to an insulting outcome where my Public image and Public work is about them and every time that happens I cannot sell Books because nobody can get their head around the person that wrote the Book and each time that happens it will go beyond those complains of theirs making me ask if it is the Books they wrote anyway, to a case where it is obvious their behaviour exists to make some Royalty squirm because he is cash strapped and that is exactly what I am going to do to them as well. I do get told saying such things shows I am aware I am not supposed to allow people make me squirm like we see the ageists and industry goons and celebrities want to do all the time, but I allow it because I know I am not supposed to, its unusual what I do with it after too.


I do get asked what I think about crime rates, considering what my work was about and how badly it is getting but it’s an old case where getting people off the sensation of crimes they have wanted to commit is not the permanent solution to the problem according to the Media, now it seems that they have to agree that the stab and shoot is pretty permanent. The way that crime works is a matter of blame; every criminal do what they do because their victims are to blame for it and every victim of crime enters into the disposition of being a victim because they were blaming criminals for their problems – it is usually a matter of who can do the most blaming and the way it works is to blame and blame and blame in the case of murder for instance, until he is made to think it was okay if he just died and then you will stab him because you want to kill him and then find yourself in a place where you can make out it was all his fault in prison, lifting the problems off your shoulders so that you might cope in there. The media and the Politicians that teach them the kinds of insane liberalism we have to deal with all the time are however something else altogether – one moment it completely destroys your life because it wants to force you to get into a fight with somebody that was going to take the blame for the outcome of that fight to him on the media every day for the rest of his life, right up to another level all together, simply because the person has been blaming him for other little things everyday already, the next you find that even when you have not done it no matter how much damage they do to you and what they say in order to push you into it, they have started to provide a certain leadership at the local communities that gets you vulnerable to violence after wrecking your finances as well, while complaining about the same blame that comes to them at work. In my case the way I respond to it generally means that they claim I am abusive of their human rights because I laugh at and mock them all the time but in my view when I consider the fact their families are not affected by these sorts of behaviour which they perform every day and some families do not even know it is what they do at the Office, it is perfectly okay to ensure that each time it gets to the Office it is afraid that I will laugh and mock. Even as I have mentioned the way that criminal acts happen, we find that they have become the ones peddling the blame the most and when asked why they are doing it, have never once supplied an answer that makes sense or indicated they were provoked. The other part they do point out is something to do with my sexual habits so called, while they have no prove that any such sexual habits exist; so we can all see it’s a matter of having a working Court and for instance it might concern some woman who had a duty to their family that concerned the backyard and the criminals that might want to come through it getting involved with my concerns because it is respectful of her dad whose brush with crime got somebody into prison – so their obsession with the so called sexual habits they have no prove of is because there is anal stimulation going on in this sorts of occasions they might want to make something of or get themselves involved with. Meaning in the end I do mention such things and they have proper news to run with when they are now masters of criminal blame and lies but are asking me why the crimes are getting out of hand as well and I for my part it is said that supplying such facts should be something I do for a living if I were serious enough about it, which I can understand but if a Journalist is not following my social Media profile, we do not have a working relationship and they are not in a Work Court – it ensures I write more and talk less unless I am dealing with society goons which is not actually the concern of others.

So I do get asked if I have blamed people for my case as well which I have not save the Politicians who have gotten me from thinking I dropped out of University because I did not think these kinds of practical jokes could get this serious when I attended and at least not from them anyway, so after a decade of not being able to tidy up and get it done because there are enough insults at my door step to ensure I cannot leave my home while they need my public image for other purposes of their own, then I have to agree that what is happening is their fault. Apart from that, usually when somebody says I took their fame from them, I will make my position clear as one that wants to see them get famous instantly where they are and as they are, so if they agree that it impossible, they have to agree that they are telling lies; if one is not prepared to blame people until they feel that they should be dead and then stab or shoot them to death so as to make it easy to serve the time in prison, then it’s not about ego, one should know when to walk away from a fight.  Eventually they say I approve of Police abusing me while reality is that I have work to do; the Culture and Society trouble makers have their relationship with top Police Officers and so do these other ones talking about lost fame and so on have one with front line Officers.


Now they say they want me to become a real problem for the Media and then I will be taken down for good and I have no idea why or how they have time to fantasise such things anyway; we all know their families are either unaware or are not affected by the stupidities they exhibit at my expense with their Media jobs and that it is clearly a situation where it is either they were incredibly stupid people or I have to defend myself because they have become rather convinced it is possible to invent any stupid thing of their choice and then insert it to my life and career as far personal and they might want to. If I wanted to be a problem for the Media I would have had to select one person or two to ensure the others got the message by and thus kept off my academics and finances thereof – there would be no time for them to put a name to their faces on public places and spend time bullying me a fantasise about me becoming a problem and having to be curtailed. I am not talking about the Politicians either, those are the ones that you wish to handle when you want to stop yourself having your academics and finances pillaged in order to groom you into somebody that attracts the crime of rape all the time, so their own involves the same amount of bragging while I have not done anything to beat them down and breathe the free air for a change in 15 years.

Nothing has yet changed about the reasons these things have happened from where they are; the bosses are still selecting the friends of their female colleagues to talk nonsense about how Men do not fancy friendships between women and men that are younger than they are, while they make out they cannot live with the fact that they might chose friends for their colleagues but do not get to choose mine – there is still the abusive and intrusive processes of inviting themselves into my Court business because they must have the same things their female colleagues have if discrimination is to be avoided, never mind the part where I am now fighting to protect other people’s jobs while I lose mine simply because we were nice to each other at some point, these things that they might want to take me down when I tell them I find insulting continue still as we speak. The idea these people have is that I am emotionally attached to Celebrities and Media; the reality is that the only thing they do with fame is get around making videos and photos of themselves on my property and public image to patent to their name and sell on for money, then tell me what I do to them for the damage is about duty and not income as well in order to ensure they are able to get Political help to stifle my earnings and then we find them build me publicity for it full of insults and threats with a big mouth. The only thing they do with fame is that when I get off telling them it is not okay to be me I lose property because they use the fame to make videos and photos of themselves on it and then criminals later on use it as stock of value at the fashion Industry especially on account they were good looking; if they do anything else with fame, that would have been the other side of it which does not concern me in anyway, it is stupid and naïve therefore to sit around fantasising about situations where I would have become a problem and then gotten put down.

They do when they think they are being nice, claim my actions are discriminative but then again when they started we were clear I had difficulty falling in love with women that are younger than I am but saying so was never enough and it has since turned to a mini war complete with features such as me dropping out of University, being cash strapped and not having a partner; so I am sure they have better ideas then whenever they speak of discriminative if I happen to work only with women. What we find at the other end is rather that I think my preferences are okay but that of homosexuals are not, while the reality is that although I do not think homosexuality is the moral thing to do, it does not concern me what homosexuals get up to; what we see just like the heterosexual goons who spent their time on deviance and social corruption while everybody else was studying at school and are now the most prized possession of Politicians and media goons when they want to rip up people’s lives and property become ending up with something similar and starting to become violent enough to prevent others ripping it up as well, is that I am now losing career to homosexuals as if I am the one they are having homosexual relationships with, much the same way that talking about sex at work is not good or the career but it is the way that it has happened provocatively which determines how I respond to it and in this case it was progress of being told Politicians want to live in my skin because they are the ones making decisions which affect the lives of criminals and deserve to have my personality, to homosexuals having sex on it; as ever, before they fantasise putting me down, it is possible I find it incredibly insulting.

They always end up saying there is underlying and unchangeable reasons these things happen and it will always be the same reasons i.e. the fact their insults have come to a head and that stupid society they have built and its celebrities, who have no idea where the stage at which they give way to somebody else is located, has come to a head and paid off; there is now only one public image here and it is mine. I hear it is how I exacerbate the mental illness of Celebrities which beats my imagination all the time as their idea of seeing property which is not legally their own is that the owner might just be happy if they deployed it to make money for themselves because they were famous. They are now mentally ill as it were blabbing about those behaviour being a factor of power, while what happens with power is that you might have had it all sorted out on Local aspects of HM Peace but the Community croons will get the better of you and make you smell like your loo expressing the fact they can do anything with your person and have a 24/7 problem with your very thought pattern whenever they wanted to – they are mentally ill but what happens with a soldier is that you might have gone to war with your friends but when you meet the enemy and they shoot at you, you just shut down and get killed along with them because you have failed to do your job, reason being that the enemy is never going to do either the process of getting you to understand that although you are here to kill him, you have never been where he has been and experienced what he has had to endure or shoot at you, what he does is both, hence you shut down and he kills you and continues his enmity – they think the Police one is easy as well but what happens is five foot woman taking on 7 foot bully and a 6 foot Police Officer wondering why she has decided to take it upon herself, fail to know well what you are doing and that would be both 5 foot women and 6 foot Police Officer in a lot of trouble; the Celebrities are mentally ill because even when you assume that their activities are indicative of people who want the things you give away at local level to facilitate community relations because you are trying to run a business, to be made available to Celebrities, what you give to them is never enough because what they are adamant that they want to do is earn the income that you should have been; extracting money from people’s lives and public image without permission to build mansions and get the same victims to look after their stupid mental illness because it has become a bloody habit to. There is now only one public image here and it is mine; each time it is about them, the purpose is to make Royalty squirm, the purpose is to ensure I cannot pay my Bills; those who spend money on them at Industry are now well aware such money is gone for good and if they show up here to claim the services that were paid for were the same as should have been gotten from my Books which means they have already paid for my Books, there will be trouble – the good part for them being of course that they are no longer able to create trendy economic crisis and then create trendy recovery to ensure it is business as usual after that but for me it was a simple matter of setting out structures that allowed a handful of women who wanted to help support young people at school to get into Celebrity world and make a living doing so; their stupidities had since taken over my structures and gone off to Industry to extract money from my life by and the outcome is apt. They do like to blab about tackling HM and Politicians because of me but I am hard pressed seeing it as a problem when they are losing Multinational contracts to me on social media for it, so their stupid girls might show up there to make it toxic for me as well.


I mean, my whole life is about Church based concerns when nothing about Political influence interferes but I still find myself in a position where it is said that I want to be set up at a place where those I interfere with wish to teach me lessons and so the whole business of not knowing when or where to back down for others has become a tool for dominance never mind the fact the effects live with the victim for years and makes people feel sick. I do not know why people like to say that Politicians overlook racism anyway; Politics is racism, it relies on the will of the majority population to get things done and this is not so because I am on the side of the Monarchy, it is so because it would be the right opinion to have when I have been dragged out of my own life to get stuck with its processes while it does not do me any favours on a day to day basis; it usually starts to become a serious issue before they make out I am naïve about extremism while they are the ones that pretend that practicing it on one or two persons is okay because they can make a small number of victims put up and keep their mouths shut but clearly cannot make me anyway, the serious issue that begins when every goon that wants to take away from people the fact people have come to call where they live home, gets approval from them all be it for a while, which usually happens unfailingly every single time. It feeds into that story about how I think what I do is worth it but it isn’t all together; of which the realities about my academic work is either that I am stupid or ripping up my life and finances is not what the civil and human rights of Liberalists really looks like, it is either that it was meant to happen or that here is you and your public image and here is me doing some shoving does not imply a group of idiots can popular culture get famous at my expense to any extent they want; everything I do is worth it and I am sure they realise that with their fingers up my bum to ensure it is my mood that makes it impossible for me to sell Books while they blab about having power over my money and I will make some if they did first, it is very provocative since I have been cash strapped tolerating it every day while my Book sales are bottomed out for the last five years; goes without saying they need keep their hands to themselves and keep off my Books if they did not write it a bigger problem than the gangs and criminals blabbing nonsense all the time all over the diversity that we enjoy in the Country; same as that story about terrorists that are soldiers of ideology and are hard to beat when we know they are so mad for male prerogative that they are always ending up in a position where they are either complicit with any local crimes and extremist behaviour or are superior to those who are not complicit with it, showing up on Media to get complicit the whole time while the soldiers have to do the hard work. I mean there are communities that come from parts of the world where study and work for money never makes sense because the wealthiest are always those who play the popular culture games but the damage to my academics due to their involvement with me and my concerns has shown their social and sexual corruption nonsense to apply here in terms of the fact they were a group of very silly individuals and everything I do is worth it – they need keep off my finances unless they want to wind me up again. In the end we find no other form of conversation is as sweet as blaming me for the Media result of the said condition where I am always looking for a fight that is bigger than I am but we have never seen these fools find an explanation that makes out that a process of dropping out of University being chased about by people you do not know because your backyard does not belong to big bad neighbour like their own and you need to get into a fight for them, which then progresses to some form of business worth ruthlessness that brings about success years later in the form of renting homes from them and being placed in the same place as the gangs so you might have to do something about them to make others comfortable, which then means that you pay them to get attacked by gangs in order to help them protect their property while they grab everything you do and run around the world to save their friends and business connections and make people they know comfortable with killing off your Book sales that could have served the same purpose if it was bought and paid for by them in the first place but did not get into buying Books because that would not have caused me enough suffering and distress – we have not seen them come up with a way of saying when idiots have jobs on Media and do such wickedness it is a good thing, what we have instead is that they cannot keep their mouths shut even when they know somebody will get killed if I started my own too. So, said my piece first of all, next stop: it’s always me and idiots on Media with money issues because they want to be important and want to be rich and want to be comfortable and that should be everybody else’s priority no matter the cost, somebody can blab at me again one more time if they wanted. The full album is the bit where the Celebrities have mental illness because they have extracted money from peoples work and Public image without the permission that is due to build themselves Mansions as Homes, but it is not enough, and I am always picking a fight that is too much for me they say, so the racists and gangs and criminals can hear them blab. It’s as they say I think I have many enemies but I am just surrounded by too many friends, which is beside the point that when a person provides a service at Industry there is constantly that business of people testing to see if he or she will give away their soul for it and the fact expressed that people would not mind consuming it if I gave it away – for it I get targeted by Media fools whose original problem with me was that this very means they have finally agreed exists to let them extract money from this place without due permission because they have got publicity to play with was their dream job in the first place. I do get told I should never mention the permission bits as processes of extracting money from your property is a bad thing but if faced with this case where it’s a matter of hurt people or get hurt otherwise you can never be free of criminal disobedience, what does a civilised person do? So, the options of punishment for grownup idiots are very limited and I just want to ensure their stupidities are referencing my property and paying due credence to ownership as they love to play stupid games all of the time. They do say I made myself out to be one of the peaceful people but turned out to be worst of the worst which is utter nonsense; it is about others getting mercy in life as well and I did explained before that crime is about blame, the kind of extreme blame that leads to a process where victims think they should be dead and then you can stab them to death and make life easy for you in the prisons after, 24 hours later, we find that Media blame culture has not diminished it has actually intensified along with stories about celebrities to take peoples market and can never have enough dealing with mental illness while they get around patenting aspects of my life and public image to their stupid names, only for me to be told I pick a fight that is too much for me all the time; apparently they are doing blame culture because they are creating a provisional atmosphere of crime, then make out other people do what they do about celebrities is about duty when it is really about earning a living as well and set out to secure some friendship with society goons for abusiveness that will get people to focus on their stupid needs; need to keep off my case, stop talking nonsense about what I will lose if I am no longer friends of theirs as none of my derivatives or equities belong to them and stay away from my Books. It is said that I am wasteful of who I am and what I know but I am not; as mentioned before, if a Journalist is not following my social media profile, they do not have a working relationship with me and are not sharing a work Court with me – at this stage I have not done it well enough to say that others take me seriously when I say so hence I blame myself half the time, question will then be how this is linked to the processes of being wasteful but it’s a simple case where people work with me in the way I have set out to make me write more and talk less; when I talk it is how I get about the work I am doing and maintain designed to ensure society and culture trouble makers have the heads filled with what I know and are a bit gay for it, so they might later have the claim that I am mentally disturbed to bandy about as an advantage if they wanted. All together it’s a matter of the simple task ahead of me which is about getting out of bed to write Books and study and engage in any happy activity connected with paid employment if I have any becoming so complicated.

So I do get asked what my view of people around me really is which is not a complicated issue as such; the society ones always say people think they are poor but they have money stashed away in a secret place which is enough to make them celebrities and therefore are disrespected because it is only likely to continue until the money is doing the bad things and so it’s when they speak of the money doing the bad things that it becomes a case of an assumption that any money I have and property I have exists in a place where it can wait for bad things to happen to me. The Celebrities on the other hand will be the ones who perform such nonsense as a process where standing in public places to talk to a hundred people was about somebody else’s lime light or a process where they got to make their own variation and then we hear they have made money from it to build themselves mansions and are now suffering mental illness because it is not enough, so the business of their incompetence as celebrities start to become a main issue and now we can see the link between general public wellbeing and a process of removing them from public psyche whereby from where I am, if I judged it with respect to my Books it makes legal sense too.