The constantly made assessment that people need to run with, that I am unable to look after myself, is not really based on reality or fact – what happens is that these goons spend most of their time corrupting my state provided security by spying on me and chasing my bum and they have another group of busy body idiots who complain about the bad smell while they never stop getting involved to make stupid comments about their expectation to be served by a process whereby I got into some violent behaviour over it, we find their stupidities complain all the time but the simple process of not disturbing me to avoid being disturbed does not appeal. Much the same as they claim I serve myself with a Public position which is utter nonsense as the only way they are to get involved with what I am doing is to buy and read Books I have written i.e. usually I have a problem I may finish in 6 months but there will arise a public matter and then I will dispatch the information because it will not make sense to humanity if I did only when the Book was completed, so the result is that they enjoy starting off conversations on media that gets crowds expecting this information, shooting up my stress levels of work their stupid criminal popular culture, stock market and politics and have said if I named them a group of bloody idiots I will get into trouble for it with the spying on me dirty bullying big mouth that they have got. It never stops making those stupid comments about the violent things I could be used for over my Hermitage engagements each time I step out of my door and has not stopped complaining about me disturbing the neighbourhood that shares my personal space with me by working in the night and there is always a sense that beating it up seriously would solve a problem but if it is complaining about my tummy giving up on me that should be fine – however the business of doing it and getting me beaten up is where they are bluffing and I am certain they understood that I am not.

I am never in a difficult situation either; what happens with these goons is that they show up on my concerns and make statements about a problem which bothers them and I will gain from should it be solved and then by the time they are happy with what has become of it the reality would be that they were deploying my life and career to do whatever it is they were doing and since their lives and careers have not been affected, I need to know they will do it again if they felt threatened by me, looking like their stupidities needs sexual activity all of the time. They have consistently loved to play up those insulting gimmicks about getting around with people at the Monarchy whom The Queen wants nothing to do with and will not now keep their corruption traps shut since last they got their wish – as far as I am concerned, these people are supposed to do whatever they usually do and end up in the Company of Celebrities, these goons are not celebrities in any case however, they are aspiring criminals. The talk of revolution is nothing unusual, most of us people who use our brains know it’s a matter of people who want to live in an understanding that they fundamentally dream of Political instability and we all know what that happens their stupidities will go from running off revolutionary nonsense to failing completely at doing anything about it, but then again it is allowed because it may not be said that such a thing did not exist in a free society; the Political idiots they have voted into Government buildings have never really changed the behaviour, we find them complain about wealth inequality, then show up at University to rip up my academic work and express in public places all the time, that in order to keep winning elections on wealth inequality issues they relied on me to keep their secrets with the big mouth they have got; so apparently each time it does the damage or makes the insulting comments what I say will be very expensive but the fools will still find it is impossible for their corruption bloated stupidities issuing threats at me, to keep their mouth shut – fighting me would be impossible, winning if they did would be impossible and we all know when I find those friends of theirs they drop out of the system and do not know what anything is for, while they will break any rules in other people’s lives to get rich quick and show up in Public places with the money and the fact they never broke their own stupid rules to get it, the whole thing will go hay wire, no idea why they cannot keep their mouth firmly shut.

Speaking of which we all know the hurting Arch Prince bottom business provokes the Armed Forces but they cannot be made to stop it, especially the blacks and the Liberal Americans who like to think they live in another planet but do not fancy people reminding them they are insane; so it has been hurting my bottom and messing around with Armed Forces Personnel right up to Royal guards and I have had another mess to clean up and put out on social media to hurt its incredibly stupid feelings. What I am expecting which is to set off after doing that to a stage where I got my Book distribution operating in a way that lets me do it as a job despite the existence of Liberal America and to set about completing my academic work without spying on me to hurt my bottom and keep up stupid dreams making me smell like my loo, bearing in mind  do sometimes think I deserve it due to the fact what I have done to them as well does mean that although their idiocy can defend itself when being bullied by society trifling with me has meant it is never enough, what has happened with them as a result being that their ego has grown bigger since the business of defending themselves from bullying society got to mean that I feel sore all day long – same as the popular culture ones who have not been able to draw a link between their Popular culture handling me and a process where I get a job because it is all over the place; they must have known by now that I do not like it at all, that I get involved with it because I think it exists to allow lose women facilitate sexual activity and that I do not get involved with it at other people’s expense.

We see these behaviour everywhere and we also find them claim I cannot be trusted with women alongside it, while this conversation is itself possible on account they corrupt my state provided security to spy on me and make a mess of what I am doing as their busybody idiots make stupid comments of violent things I should be doing to make them all feel comfortable – so the stupid women who always show up to fool around with my Public image and finances will soon get married to them that they might preserve their genes and then I will be very grateful for the things they have done to protect me in that. Meanwhile any women I have business with can never feel safe on the left and on the right and do not know which way to turn while we find the bloody idiots show up on Media to follow on the business of using their media jobs to ensure everything I did to organise my life is spent every 24 hours, which is what causes this, to tell me I ought to open up my life to them because their cracked up out of league bodies want to be safe, talking nonsense about how I have controlled their access to fame while it is obvious that if I do not shut it down completely all together, there is no prospect of me getting out of this stupid blackmail and bullying lies of theirs to complete the academic work that I need to facilitate what I am doing all together; it thus enjoys telling tales about the difficult situation I am in. I am rather not in any difficult situation whatsoever, a typical expression of what is happening contrary to the idea I am unable to cope is what we see happen when Carnival comes to Town and the business of being a person plays out; so we find that National security operatives would probably be doing what I am doing but with respect to the matters they must know and understand very well in order to provide security for the Country in a way that will make somebody that lived in any part of it safe should that be applied, the same way Journalists do get involved with my Hermitage Estate because it is the way that they understand their person and the Media career they have; so we find the condition with Carnival is that at the end there is always stabbing and shooting because we have to make way for the good people first; civil servants, NHS staff, Police right through to beauty product traders and then what it is exactly their corrupted and criminal popularity stupidities are doing with the National backyard gets a chance to parade itself, the incredibly stupid Politicians that get votes from them blowing off the big mouth all the time because they are convinced I am beaten down every day on account they were a bunch of low lives. As I have mentioned before, I will run these warnings till the end of November 2018 and then get myself a life from then on – we all know it appears anything I may do to tackle these goons will be put down to an attempted assassination which motive nobody could understand, the fact they are always attacking me without reason and I smell like my loo because of it is then lost in translation when that is considered, especially because whatever I do would not be understood by anybody since their need to harm me has no motive or reason.

They do speak of me being dominated by the power of the US and the power of Russia which is utter nonsense; the reality is that in the case of Russia its simple opportunism and the good old fact that if the Russians and fans of Russia who hate the British will not mind their business then the British will teach the Russians another lesson that will get them isolating themselves from the rest of the world, about the fact they are not our ally, they have no business with British National Interest or International frontier, their opinions about our trading partners are irrelevant and they are another Country on this Planet that we all share. The American ones will be the complicated bits where Government is a thing and so a job in government is a specific thing you do in a thing called government, which the general public is paying you for – hence since the Americans love to invent and integrate anything they wish into Government business which lets them extract money from the treasury, you need beware of it and whenever they interfere with what you are doing, you must find a way to stop them from doing it so. The bigots who work this nonsense are usually a bunch of cowards who talk civil rights and seek out other people’s children they can take up to a bad place and abandon all the time, will not keep its dirt mouth shut if it is complaining about how expensive what I say is; so it still comes down to the good old case of the fact if what I say is expensive, each time they got involved with my concerns, they bought and read a Book that I had written. They have however always said that my Books are disturbing, sounds like I need a lot of help; time and again I have to clear up that the Books are creative equities and laid out by means of adjudication – since the Books can take care of themselves as it is incredibly difficult for people to get off reading it without owning a copy to do so, these insults set to ensure I responded and therefore gave away trade secrets and while these fools do it and complain about civil rights issues, I cannot seem to inform well enough my fellow negros that I am not related to them in anyway and this business of being their brother they wish to play up here damages matters of National importance and my finances at this Office until somebody is writhing in pain because of it somewhere – hence the tale of the domination caused by the powers of the US. The Muslim ones are always used to following up Celebrity stupidities with processes of making out there is financial benefit to telling people I am an infidel; the Celebrity ones have dropped out of the system, do not know what the tax system is for, do not know what the civil service or the banking system is for, are willing to break any rules to get rich quick but have no wish to break their own rules, while these Muslim idiots who marry 6 wives at a time claim I am an infidel when they cannot even produce evidence of me having sex and indeed the person that I had sex with all together, so it’s never clear if it is meant to put me off the sex I ought to have with my one Man, one Wife Christian Policy anyway and I believe I have made myself clear about Muslims talking rubbish like that all the time, especially as we know it happen often that it wants everything in life on the same day and has an attitude that comes from an upbringing that really belongs in the toilet, so I will end up preserving its Muslim faith for it when it is engaged in occultic activity and does not know where it’s or how its Jihad should be applied; of which they say if I said it where it mattered I  would get into trouble and I think not if I said it where I wanted to gather up some Muslims and discuss the business of them calling me an infidel with respect to ripping up my academic work to insult me and build up my personality into an atmosphere their stupid children can be a part of in order to pass exams and seek a career in school, especially if they had made it a point of war. I am not an infidel and it’s very rich coming from people who never several wives at a time, such that each occasion since their first wife adds up to infidelity all together. They do love to boast about how much they enjoy torturing me but we all know it’s the same way the Politicians show up at University to rip up my academic and expect me to keep secrets on account they wish to win election on the basis people thought they cared about wealth inequality is much the same way these idiots have ended up with somebody that wants to get rid of their Popular culture, so it all answers to its kind. I am said to cause most of my problems as I am not a successful person and it is utter nonsense too; I am a Royal Hermit and wish to make money and pay my way in the world by making sure the system works the way it should as my ability to pay my way like everybody else depends on it – so it does mean we get to find out what exactly these goons can do on account they were Politicians and other goons with a Public life to play with, having they showed up here to torment me every day on account they were not moral people. So as long as people do not show up here for the purpose of drawing attention away from the Hermitage towards their money, probability is that they will have somebody who is successful to pick on and do not have to hurt themselves all the time because they were wasting their energy on somebody that is not; it’s the same thing we see at the Monarchy with some nasty Royals that will run off their Celebrity and Fashion and Popular culture on this Hermitage and then try to make sense of it all the time when it really does not make any sense whatsoever. In the same way I get asked the question of what I think the Best Political party to rule the Country should be when people simply refuse to be honest about the fact the Labour Party spends its time managing National finances to decide how it should be spent on the poor so they might win elections perpetually but claims it is penny pinching skills when they had left us all intellectually bankrupt just before they left Office for another Party and are in league with people who want to see Political instability in the Country while tending to complain about everything at the same time which their need to rip up people’s lives and get rich quick so they might put the feet up at Tourism economies and pass insults at others that a bird will carry all over the world, made an invaluable contribution to the economic crisis we are now having to deal with all together, the blow out being that we are facing opposition here at home and overseas when we try to invest and trade with other Nations. I mean I personally do love to wreck it because they love their abusive absurdities so much even though the consequences turns them into extremists, they love it so much they have successfully done damage to my academic work and finances and the level of persecution that occurred between 2002 and 2007 when they achieved it was unprecedented, just like I think it is apt that my response, which is due to the fact they have built a future on that and are setting me out as point that shows what is possible, should be as well.


I Do get told I am not good enough to roll with the Royals  besides which my position is no longer tenable and I could never make it out anyway as it sounds much the same as the case where I could be prevented from doing everything I am doing in a flash if The Queen wanted it and yet people are still making statements about what I handle and will not let go of because I cannot take no for an answer. I understand what the animosity towards me at the Monarchy was all about, I am aware it was all about the fact the men were expecting to build a Man’s world when The Prince of Wales became Monarch and the prospect does not exist anymore because of my actions, which is precisely what the plan I had was. There is no such thing as untenable position, what has been happening has been one of allowing Royals into my life on a relationship basis, they had no regard for me which means every involvement adds up to a process where they took over and then their people and parents had to decide what happened with the relationship based on money, hence the Men had what they wanted and I could be compared to celebrities while they continued to tear up my finances and academic work like they did since the first day other Royals came into my life; now however these Royals have been getting married off, so it means less of a case where my position is not tenable. I am aware I am one of the longer serving and more experienced Royals at the Monarchy, I am aware people want what I have but do not have it, so when they speak of my position it usually means they were talking about Celebrities and the neighbourhood I have chosen to live in could decide if I lost my commission all together. I do not think that it is an issue as a whole; when people do not disturb a Royal Hermit working in his Hermitage for various reasons including these sorts of nonsense associated with people HM wants nothing to do with at the Monarchy, then the probability is that they do not get disturbed by me and a need to work unholy Hours as well and so it does not affect them in a way that makes them a bit gay all together in the same way I am really tired of them too; so they are apparently selling this behaviour, they have not deployed it at Government Office to run Public business the last time we checked now how they a problem with the society they have built and want me to be less happy. They do say they were determined to ensure I was never accepted at the Monarchy but it’s an old tale, a tale that changes nothing about the fact when I assess matters about what I am doing and how to improve on weaknesses it concerns a Royal Hermitage and this is something they have not got the power to change or even handle, all they will therefore show up to do is conduct interference that ensures when the Queen expects something from my work it is not there to serve. Otherwise I am just a hermit for those of them who claim I am pillaging Russian culture – I am just a Hermit and there are lots of those in the Vatican and the Anglican Communion, I am just a Royal one with an Estate and Public Office of my own, so I spend all day praying and working the Bible to get support for the fact they are always involved in some form of society to build pressure for my head and chest and tummy and bottom all day long, then move it off from there to seek out a means of making such a position into Public life for everybody. An example of these matters happening at the core will be when I got a Private security Industry job; my entire time at that job was then spent on a collection of goons who did nothing else save wanting to see some security developed for well to do villains, which has in turn eventually facilitated their new connections in the Arab World and the reasons they will have the world of Men when The Prince of Wales is Monarch is that which will happen in hell – the rest of the time its media and busy body cowards that cannot let people breathe with the blackmail of knowing about people’s setbacks and weaknesses, which makes me take a stand that offers up a realty that if they get away with such things nobody with a responsibility, a setback or a weakness is safe and women will not be safe – so when people do not disturb me while I operating at this Hermitage, the probability of disturbing them while they are working the jobs that get to their heads is non-existent. They do boast all the time about damaging my Books while I did nothing about it which is not really the case – there is actually no link between being happy while at Industry and damaging my Books save narcissism; they have progressed from justifying themselves on the basis of existing matters concerning consenting Adults to a point of bold and abusive distant violence because they think their position as bullies has been cemented. So there is always the sense that when people support me they got nothing but we all know it’s a matter of whether I want to make a decision on damage done to my Literary empire to preserve their dominance at the market place being paid for or whether with respect to the sexual aspects of their stupidities getting involved with my concerns, they really do have a type; so it comes to a matter of damage and how much they will pay for it if they are unable to let me get as normal.

I understand the story about a need to see me show bravery all of the time but it’s never really an emotive matter as such; we all know they are in love with their obscurities but are rather convinced the government should pay the bills when the fact somebody has a big bum generally means they smell like their loo because idiots cannot have enough and then drop out of University, cannot get the job and then become benefit scroungers; what they do not fancy then being the bills and even the process where they have to handle National threats for everybody – so we find that it is the business people who get them all the time by making them do something brave to earn a living like we know everybody they had taken advantage of was taken advantage of because they were doing something brave to earn a living: I do not live like they do and therefore am I required to do something brave all the time or lose an income, so their need to throw it at me endlessly has created this response and is starting to annoy me too. I mean it feeds into the stupid comments we see them make about fat people, I mean I would do it as well if fat people didn’t for instance in the Fashion industry, work so hard on community security so they might sit behind the scenes sewing up the designer clothes, which when I start to pay attention to wider public interest matters leads me down the street alleyways and the Restaurants, which then shows why what they think we should accept as a form of social wellbeing is actually an incredible degree of insolence and cynicism that they were better off spending with their own fucking mates – I mean what the corporate identity of my Hermitage is doing on the internet is to adorn some stupid skimpily dressed girl after cracked up out of my league has sex with her for instance and each time I securitise old stupidities new ones emerge with threats attached. So not passing insults at fat people allows me to see this obviously, therefore works for me and we can all become incredibly irresponsible if we wanted. The first time their insanity had an impact on me was when I was pushed out of University and it was the same chasing my bottom and then building up what was left of the years of academic work which has now ended without a University qualification as at atmosphere their children can access to become something important in society – it got me preparing for the fall out, so that once I was left responding to their stupidities at the culture and society every day, they became more aware of the damage I had done to it while I was at University in preparation for such times. What we are doing now is more a matter of the fact I grew fatter and got a tummy, so everything I do with my academic work adds up to stealing future from their children, talking nonsense about bravery even when it knows that if I were to get onto its case it will end up being an extremist once the absurdities had taken proper hold as it were. So I do get asked why I never saved the academic work instead but we see these all the time and so I had to do my academic work when I wanted to do it, the more pressing matter became the part where we had the power to decide what society to live in but chose to invent excuses and reasons to do something else that produces a detrimental effect – so I prepared for the times when I was stuck reacting to their absurdities at culture and society once I had dropped out of University and not the process of saving the academic work, now we know that like women spend time looking beautiful and then get set a task to see how far their beauty can go like their big mouths have suggested, so it never pays the bills until it has been sexually assaulted that popular culture might be possible, they are now seeing how far they can go on my case as wellbeing they cannot keep off. I do get told I protect them while they enjoy harming me which I don’t and they never harm me either; just does what it does best i.e. showed up at University after travelling to Africa to gather up some trouble makers and then made out a case of a problem it had which solution it was about to create I was going to gain from, by the time it has finished which my academic work lay in a wreck, it had graduated and gone off to get a good job spending its time on nothing else save issuing threats at me on the basis of the damage its stupidities have already done and how any rash actions on my part will lead to more of it, meanwhile left its goons at the high streets passing about blame culture, then the Europe loving bits, then the German Influence bits and so on but the facts of the matter being still that they are not in charge, I am, thus the problem I would gain from if they solved was the biggest gimmick of them all. I do get told I make a mess of everything and that I am making the mess on behalf of the Queen but there is really no such thing – the reality is more a case of the fact Politicians have made a mess of the civil service and Public Policy, what we have seen them spend most of their time on is rather a matter of getting people to give up trade secrets at Industry and since they will not be convinced Public Government is separate from Corporate Government, first the bottom must hurt because of Party whip and then after that because of Fat Cat Panels.


They do claim what I do is directly lifted from white race sensibilities and it’s the sort of nonsense that spends your energy and resources because you are an ethnic minority who needs location security in order to start thinking about other matters like financial and self-advancement in the first place. I do not make use of white sensibility, these are a handful of cowards who complain about women all the time because women are sort of the grown up versions of the responsibilities society expects from men and they do not like to be depended upon the way they depend on others to a point of building the violence itself – my case is the one about the Aunts that could never let me be, so I grew up with the sense that I always needed women to approve what I was doing with my life and that got me getting my own all together, they are white because black women want to perform an experiment where I spent time with white women and then they made me homosexual and deployed some cultural power to bring me back to the black race where I served them and women were able to go places thereafter and we shall see this happen in this life or the next when hell freezes over and they spent time blowing off their insults at their mates instead. Here they will say they have gotten me giving up some secretes that will make them feel comfortable as usual, but I wonder if their cowardly stupidities will make a lot out of it, standing up somewhere at the City centre to cracked up out of my league tell me to show some respect for millionaires all together anyway. I have tried to show these goons that since I have a Royal Estate I am not really interested in Corporate Governance and that Public Governance is also a completely different thing from that and it has never worked due to the assumption that I cannot handle the corruption from both which is where they are wrong obviously – such that when they claim an Arch Prince works for them and then make it easy for themselves by claiming I am not an Arch Prince it then means that I could never deal with the corruption, while everything else apart from what I have above mentioned is generally the unexpected showing up, the sheer number of stupid individuals who want to pick on me because it appears to be what Industry wants these days and the USA is rich in that at least but even so we know Obama will not save them twice as it were. The rest at the Monarchy continue to build up the sense I am not a Credible threat while they have been warned many times to look past my beeline appearance and we see them complain about me every day for not doing so. I mean sometimes popular culture explains it all i.e. I think of it as something women do to facilitate sex and the one that works for me is people doing ballads, the part of people doing ballads that works for me excludes black people, so it must mean that they have a type as equally as I do and we do not need to explore these facts everyday looking like extremists, concerning some really stupid individuals who twist up their involvement with other human beings to a stage where it is fundamentally annoying and then make their corruptions of involvement with others into a matter of crowd based power that brings them wealth and fame. I do get told that I speak in such ways but it does not actually make me better off in a real way but the better off one was the centre point of all these anyway: I am supposed to work my act at a Hermitage, look after an audience that wants to hear what I think and what I am doing with myself in it and perhaps complete the academic pursuit that lets me handle it professionally; what happens instead is that a group of Daddy characters who have a problem with religion show up to ensure that a sense of Royalty being like Celebrity and Celebrity being like Royalty drew attention away from it all supported by Politicians and then the publicity will hang somewhere and wait since it has no purpose, until they had decided that they wish to get rich with it: even so most of them are reasonable, the media ones are the worst of all, when Court is female only they take it over in about 5 years, come up with a way to ensure I have to invent a new idea for organising my life every day while they spend what I come up with and have a desire to see me smell like my loo which gets them poking my tummy and then they finish it up with a sense I am this writer whom people get involved with for gratification replacing the process where people read the Books and thereby ruining the business itself. So their case is where the whole thing hinges, that when people complain about me they need spend their time with their mates and then their problems will be resolved; every time they disturb me at this Hermitage or pass around insults that suggest I am no Royalty, it is so bad people do not want to engage with me and then I end up cash strapped and they cannot have a Royalty that looks the part to bully in order to keep up a personality trap, which makes them frustrated and gets them taking it out on me to secure the response they fear and loath in equal measure. So apparently when I am asked how I will get around my concerns if I am doing it by myself, it does seem that one of the biggest problems with a Hermitage is that big brother who needs to choose his girlfriend like he was preserving his Genes gets all over it and what my corporate identity is doing is to cover up the naked girls that they have had sex with and get displayed all over the internet doing so – if these busy body opportunism idiots who make foolish comments all of the time do not disturb me at this Hermitage, then there is no probability that they will be disturbed as well, the gimmick about me doing a lot of talking while they expect action is a fallacy. It’s an old case since I left home, they do boast that I may say all I want but my whole life has been wasted which is utter nonsense; it’s never really stopped – since I left home the need to make use of my personality meant the need to get respect from me and raise their kids to be like me as disrespectfully of my Dad as they possibly could and it soon gave way to the part where saying I am not homosexual is not enough and finally settled at the pressure that could be worked into Politics and claims they appeared on this land before I did involving the processes of parking their cars by my bedroom window several times before dawn every night – then there are the black women as well who think that if there is nothing I can do about an insult at the immediate it will cost me everything, so when I say it’s a social problem they absolutely have no limits, if I said its damage I had committed myself to act in ways I did not plan to spend my time and yet if I decided it needs to stand in the middle of a ring of gang men with big penises, I would have been classed as somebody that had done a terrible thing and yet all these nonsense can be tracked back to their need to play up some poor get poorer and rich get richer obscure absurdities over my life on account I walked into a Church for which they showed up at University to wreck the academic work for me. We see it all over the place and see their stupidities dress well for a change looking for the prize of villainy when women show up to play with me from fashion and popular culture and so on, those could never feel safe on the left and on the right and have nowhere to turn, just before we find the bloody idiots then get off to tell me I need organise my life and open it to them to allow them feel safe which has gotten worse since Obama got into the White House to help them discuss their stupid problems with respect to the fact I existed. Point is that my life is not wasted at all, these goons really enjoy making a mess of people’s lives, pushing people into social issues in order to open peoples gauntlet and build a crowd that will get rich pushing people around – so if it is a fashion model, we suddenly find them become obsessed with seeing what it will do when it is surrounded by Men that want to touch its body parts and their way of making money will involve peddling the results either way, in my case I have a Royal Hermitage so they want to see what will happen when people want to crucify me to save them like Jesus Christ did and it leads to everything from crime and violence to racism and war and they have showed up to dress well over it already, so I could have saved my academic work back at University, I just wanted to open their own gauntlet too and if I see that stupid culture and society they will see it for the last time as well. so it’s open, open, open and watch people grapple, even tell them the racists will come and get them if they fail to c-operate and build publicity they are the ones who support and or are complicit with racism, open-open and watch them grapple as the only form of fun and happiness that could be had, so the result is really how wasted I am, I was happy to waste. I do get the accusation this response is extremist in context but it is not; these goons are ill you see and theirs is compulsive lying and surviving by attaching themselves to the finances of important people, for them it is an illness and they could never stop it, if they need to deploy racism to achieve their aims irrespective of which race they come from they will do exactly that; the Politicians do think it is kay to rip up peoples finances and spend tax payer funds helping them build their own because there was a general public problem with moral people, it’s the fall out they are apparently concerned about and as for me, we are here because once that had been done for them, they were not lacking in self-confidence or money but had since appointed themselves other ways in which they want to handle my person.

Now it is then said that they do what they do because they wish to see me in the Armed Forces and it’s so annoying because their bullying has taken me past the part where I look like when people look at me they see everything of what is going on in the UK, ready to fight others, to this stage where I look as though their insults had accomplished something incredible. So it’s an old tale of the need to deploy their position, when white as the majority population with closer ties to the Country and when not white as people who belong in a community that has brain washed them into thinking they were here before me while I am older than they are; they hate me for this behaviour right through to the sporting communities because I churn their tummy with it as well talking for the both us each time I had decided they need to start talking and no talking was forth coming on their part and yet the appeal of using this position to see that being an ethnic minority means I always have to settle down first before I think of career to get me spending all I have on settling down is stronger than any other forms of reason – so they do not want to see me at the Military at all, it is all mockery associated with the fact they enjoy digging me out of my closet and are now out of their depth because I dig them out too. It does build up to the other part of the story where they are always showing up to abuse me in some way because somebody is getting married into the Royal family to whom I will be subservient and it does feed into the business of recent occasions where I get out of bed and feel as though my tummy will not give up on me anymore because there is a sense I can chase up every malicious thing the media does to me and shut it down, which then tends to mean that the business of looking like I am sharing a Royal Estate while the system expects me to raise a family by it that will serve their cause continues, total corruption of my filial responsibilities and then deploying my whole life as a tool to ensure those who are married into the Royal Family are taught how to be Public Princes and Princesses; hence the same old tale where it’s all good pretending they will never keep off my Books and shut down the abusive comments when they have media and Celebrity to play with but that is what we shall soon find out all together as well.

I do get told I am getting rid of my aides and now am assuming that I will be able to defend myself; I am not, my aides are controlled by the Queen herself and my State provided security was based on surveillance – so there is also the part where I am living on government support and top civil servants have access to me and what I get up especially when they conduct investigations into whether or not I am defrauding the system and this will add to the part where I enjoy taking out jobs, so that I might be exposed to National Unity issues and these are the things that will help cook up enough problems for me to ensure these Media and Celebrity trouble makers, along with Royals that marry into the Family but want to do their own thing all over me are as incredibly important as they have made out that they are – it does mean that I can take some breathing space for myself since they will give me none.

It is much the same as the story of my demands on Politicians especially with respect to Brexit and whether I understand what the complexities are but I would never have chosen the path the Politicians have, if I handled it; they have gone for Corporate control first because they are paranoid that somebody will take it from them and that means they find the Business of Government role at Industry such as facilitating the smooth working of the economic and production processes cycles working properly very, very difficult since the people they have allied themselves to come with two faces and one is to be nice to them while the other is to take advantage of an opportunity to get close to Government for the purpose of boosting their profits due to their proximity with power. They always tell me the results would still have been the same when we all know that regulatory powers of a government would crush this sort of problem in a very short period of time at any time they wanted and gave them complete leadership and control if they were not playing or dancing to the tune that these people came up with, never mind the role that National Government plays at Corporate leadership coming to their rescue if they faced difficult situations. So I do get told that the problem was that I am a total coward but I do not see how the business of being beaten down by abusive community croons in whose interest it is that when I am angry I stay that way and become a laughing stock to a point where I smell like my loo and their need to make a case of my bedroom window pays off abusively, after Politicians spend tax payer funds to fix their finances and then spent it to damage mine would have played a part for them like it currently does in a fight situation anyway – we all know they would have hit and that I would have hit back too; the point is that these things do get explained by some Public festivals like Carnival, where we let the good and successful people get past and then those who cling to National front and community relations for their own purposes to fight for whatever is left at sundown which is why there are always shootings and stabbings – to say that I am afraid of the low lives that exist in this part of life is living in dream world, I have been clear enough times that I am not a fan of financially well off psychopaths, Politicians are a fan of that, so when people blow off the big mouth that is really where they should do it; it happens all the time whereby their society is the place where your talents and abilities go to vanish forever and they never deploy it to make money either, so because they have had contact with you to such an extent you will find yourself in trouble at a future date – so in essence it will tear up your life without reason and then find it needs to be violent to protect its own life on account people have seen how pleasurable that could be, when it issues threats you feel as though the right and might of civil government has been placed on your head and shoulders to act and take the law into your hands and I have made it quite clear at this stage that seeing their stupid culture and society on my part will set the stage for the last time that they saw it as well.

Hence I am said to be making ever bigger and increasingly more demands of Politicians which is not really the case as such; I have a simple demand which is that this Country has a Climate and the corruption we see our Politicians spend time with is feeling disgruntled that ordinary people have more money than they do, picking out scapegoats such as myself and starting up a tale because they know where the treasury is and I don’t have the same access that they have got for good measure; so I want my normalcy back if they do not mind and that means that ordinary people can get richer than the Prime Minister in the UK. We see the whole thing feed into Brexit as well where they assume that somebody who has five Rolls Royce  Cars is likely to have Public influence while what he really has is a sale Army he talks to at a Conference room about a New product on a regular basis, hence find it difficult that when they drag these people into government they have to do the job that such people were meant to do and then do the job that they were meant to do as well if they should satisfy the Public Offices that they hold and convince the Public to elect them again and so it becomes a daunting tasks of which was entirely predictable. We cannot afford to live faster than the Climate itself allows us to live and this is all the demand I make of the Politicians; the rest is where I fit into the effects of their corruption, being one Royal they enjoy picking on so much that there is now a clear way in which I can get involved with Politics without touching the system in anyway whatsoever; it has happened in the past and so people like me soon become some Angel in the Sky for the Public, do not tend to live long, stay single for as long as they lived and their actions lead to outcomes where women have to be controlled by society – these are all matters I have taken care of as well, I mean they enjoy sucking up to the criminals and making a mess of public Office over this corruption gimmick but what we see them complain about all the time is just the ones who are sick in a manner that gets them wanting to manipulate important people into a position where they will not be required to work for money, so the bottom hurts and its already claiming that I have a problem while I don’t, what really has happened is that the gimmicks have been replaced by far more serious matters. For my part however it seems they enjoy the abusiveness that allows them to play a game of pulling my clothes of my back to make me look naked for community croons and society goons but this should not have been a problem if I am able to shut down the comfort zone of these trouble makers every time they get out of it to tackle me and make me smell on account the main point of it was to make a case about physical and sexual violence that I deserve, I am not doing it effectively because I am distracted constantly by people who cling to my finances and Public image to tell lies that will buy time for them to make money on it like a Political gimmick, so this business of stopping me from doing anything will be very difficult in much the same way that nobody really sees the warnings I put out before I act on social media while in my mind I am excused from the burden of thinking they were never warned before I had acted, much the same way they do these things knowing community croons are relentless in their abuse of others and that if my thing is to ensure they were stuck with the mess they have made of Public sensibilities was my own thing that happened every time I got attacked it was going to be relentless too. It still comes down to the fact that when people have not disturbed me and my concerns at this Hermitage, I am unlikely to disturb them a right to human decency and to be free from their stupid tummy churning practical jokes blackmail over money issues, lest I have to take my breathing space from them myself all together; hence I do get told about the corporate and government corruption thing and I think I have a certain grip of both, leaving me to wonder what I must do with the entertainment Industry where they are constantly picking up my property to make products with and then setting out subliminal messages to the buying Public which suggests that I work for them, setting out the message they are just a handful of film makers who do not really govern anybody in the first place. In the end I am usually asked what I believe the Government is lacking but we can all see it simply; I get off and do some adjudication over what I have pointed out here – how during Carnival we allow the good people go by and then the bad ones will decide what they were using the Country for all together, find some people stuck between the two and your adjudication works with respect to moving people away from the throes of Tribalism, it does help them understand that it is a job in Government that somebody is doing and that they can trust the person to get it done, that being part of extremism is pointless and does bring home the fact Government is a thing and a job in Government is a specific thing people do to get paid by the general Public, so if it is a Public matter, somebody has got a job to do somewhere.


I am said to be in deep trouble in the Monarchy at this stage but I am not; its all an old case of opportunity and weakness which all villains fancy – I mean there is at this stage no reason black people should not be led off my case if they have to get into a fight with storm in a teacup far right movements at the Military anyway, there is no reason the Politicians should be spared the prospects of having to fend for their own personal security due to criminals characters in the neighbourhoods getting out of hand because they spend money on those and then some more of the tax payer funds wrecking the lives of any character that shows up in Church or apparently owns a personality they wish to confiscate for their purposes as stupidly as possible, no reason trouble makers in the Monarchy should not be spending time with the Celebrities until it really kicks off over money issues; so the fact it is not happening is the opportunity and weakness they have always dreamed of, until when the part does end and not in a good way.

The other part of their story being that I provoke women of course which does not make any sense to me since its an old story of them showing up here to make out they have problems to solve which I am about to gain from and by the time it is half solved my whole life and career lies in a wreck while they keep their own and start becoming abusive towards so called low life men that their stupidities can do whatever it likes with but then again which in the end its incredibly stupid and I am in charge so I decide what happens and they do not. Never mind the other gits they have brought in from overseas, full of hot air doing their stuff all the time and blowing off blame culture all over the high streets to make people smell on account they were building shopping centres and so on, so I have made enemies with them is suggestive that I have not had enough of them and therefore incredibly annoying. They always claim others will be doing my fighting for me because I am a coward which is utter nonsense; what we know happens is that they are always reliant on the ability to grab peoples valuables and take it into a fight with the owners, so either way you lose and it can also be used as a means to ensure when hit, you do not get to hit back and they understand that I have a way of grabbing their own valuables and taking into a fight with them for my own purposes too, they want Politicians to do something that lets them dominate me if they wanted and will not give it up, so we rather find them claim I have never been in a fight, while their women make a case of out being super stars and celebrities when they are working in other peoples Office, which ensures I am sore all the time and comes into its own when Simon Cowell shows up in Town with an insulting bandwagon that he cannot control. The reality is that nobody is afraid of them like they make out people are and I do get told this is not really true but in the end, I for instance may have some Church activity to concern myself with and then my studies and then any other jobs I have and then writing my Books, I have nothing to prove by getting into a fight with anybody, the point of getting into a fight with them will largely have to do with clinging to my income margins by showing up to make an oaf of themselves at my expense until I fall ill and the purpose will be to ensure they were writhing in pain for it somewhere in order to effect some deterrence of such stupid behaviour working itself at my expense all the time – the business of coming through from parts of society occupied by low lives to do these things for the purpose of making sure people are afraid of them only achieves superficial fear, when its full of hot air doing its stuff constantly to stay sane.

It’s the same behaviour they targeted me by at University all together but then again it is usually a matter of my personality being something they want to own while they think I do not matter, the same way that access to fear and weakness allows every villain to support the theory that they were superior by claiming others picked on them when they were ill prepared for it – such that the body of knowledge that I had synthesised and garnished into my mind to create such a personality was not supplied by them even when their stupidities are superior to me while they need it. Then again I cannot blame them entirely as the whole thing is usually started off by people who have a certain amount of influence, for instance a lecturer or head of department – I have now reached the stage where they can tell me it all happened because a twerp like me was going to show up and become part of the illustrious history of their Country with nothing to show for it apart from some Royal cynicism but I am just a Hermit and the main problem is still that they enjoy making a mess of the fact I was given a special living condition and a royal commission about which I could chase up some academic work and acquire tools by which to work it as needed and I do not know why every Public sensibility they create is about diminishing my social status except if I explained it according to insulting nepotism of some stupid Politically treacherous women, whom when it comes to the sex bits have for their type and when it comes to age have got their mates and I fit into neither category all together, however the positive news is that wherever this is heading would still be the second chapter in the business of insults that have to do with their self-advancement at the expense of certain effeminate men that their stupidities can handle and we are getting nearer the part where the idea it will never be punished and the fact they are getting away without punishment will be a history that needs to be undone. Hence we are where we are because although we know it is the usual case of ageists and silly women that act as if they want to fight their own battles without the men all the time while your finances and career and personal life gets completely destroyed at a stage you least expected it to be as a backup plan for their stupidities, we must respond at a Government Office or a Royal Office when the general Public complains too much about it; hence I am not in trouble at the Monarchy at all, its all a series of activities that have nothing to do with what actually matters.

In the end I do get told that I criticise Americans but am now facing difficulty on the same issues which makes them very angry and it is utter nonsense as well; what really happened is that the USA went into war in Iraq and the Middle East by defying UN regulations on which it relied and allying itself with a Media that wanted to obliterate all religion while using those who practiced the religion as a knowledge base for customer service, which when added to their wickedness will mean they magically ended up with wealth and power – the biggest problem now is that they have not won the war. So it is quite obvious that it’s the responsibility bits that was the main problem all along and quite the truth that if we did make a catalogue of each occasion Americans are cynical we will end up with an Encyclopaedia of what Americans really should be doing, instead of clinging to peoples livelihood as a contact point by which to manipulate people on the basis of what really matters to others. I mean I do get asked why it is that I am so clever but not financially well off but my finances are the way they are currently because of a group of people that are keen to show me that everything they handle gets broken and in that way they manipulate and control others into giving them what they want – so I had to take time out to make a case of it because the Politicians are all too fond of destroying the talented to allow idiots make magic millions at celebrity and popular culture, so we end up with financial blackholes in the future and have to start a whole economy all over again with the same talented people jeopardised for it, which is what I will not stand for but I plan only to keep sending out these warnings to deter them until the end of November 2018 and then I shall stop doing it. I mean in the end you do worry about whether or not you deserved what you have if you have a rare talent and everybody wants a slice of it and making money was therefore easy for you but we do not live in a Communist arrangement and that should be left to the person just as it is not government funds that sorts of the processes by which people establish working relationships and partnerships with consumers which lets them run a business that actually serves as a day job and not a side track or neighbourhood hobby. I do get told if people knew what the parameters of my operations were, it would have been easier but its simple Trust and lots and lots of Trust, so much that I cannot afford to correct typing mistakes in my Books as it is safer to put it out as I had created it, lest I end up with more problems, bearing in mind more so the potential of the risks involved, if for instance some Female Millionaire were to Trust me enough playing up some intimate backyard family games and it were to show up at the EU in a short period of time with a goon telling tales that mine had been done for example, hence I cannot afford to polish my Books and Liberal America has now successfully built up the sense I could have done better and am planning to if people just do not pay money for the ones I have written and if I do not, there will be a Media adjudicated process of seeing that I gave up the career to others who can do better save I prove myself to the USA.