I am aware of talk of International relations everywhere of course; when we wish to talk at length about it, it is always largely more complicated than just fools from China who want to get rich and so on and like to get on media regularly to express such a fact not to mention appearing all over Technology exhibitions making life difficult for others, bearing in mind they have come to prominence after the American and European ones have been well taken care of anyway. They all of them from all over the world seem to have a problem with the idea that I do not find a process where the last party or drink they had at the place of a Politician means they can get on media and address me, hence when I say they need to report the blood news and not address me. I mean they know, it’s common knowledge at this stage that I have taken steps to set out an understanding with the sex industry, any normal person will see facts about this making it clear that the last orgies people had with Politicians are not things that will be taken lightly if thrown at me – I have had enough of them doing it so their Politicians can be more important than they seem too. The part they have trouble seeing is when they say the UK is a Nation of Royals and rebels for example – a simple way to determine which one is a rebel is that they do not like lazy people and do not mind mentioning such a fact either; I can easily be classed as a rebel but because of the royal thing I am stuck in the middle and the issues remain as they are; they are lazy, then unhealthy and then unhappy and then poor and then a problem with other people really kicks off with distant violence of transferred problems and more so that it might hurt really badly do it along the lines of seduction talking rubbish about the Nature of British society alongside it as well and so before long we will hear that the real problem was racism instead. I know people will say there are white people who think like I do whom I disagree with but those are not good people; they take time out and bully people into laziness then take it out of them and plan to kill them and it gets worse and worse and worse and before long they are the ones soliciting for popular culture idiots and murdering those who come into their country to corrupt their women at the same time. Some say I never offer facts about dealing with them of course which is utter nonsense because I have before made it clear I want a British Village where there should be one and a Town where there should be one and a City where there should be one so I do not get accused to looking like I desire another person’s girlfriend and more so all the time which there isn’t a thing anybody in this world or beyond it can do about it save get really angry all the time as it were; world war two my arse. I do not think that it is a major problem, it’s just that you do everything to control them and so the Politicians turn up without reason to provoke you by giving them money and holding you down until they get out of hand before setting out a stage that says it was up to you or your life is flushed down the toilet and you know that dealing with it from then on with create a bigger problem of a personal kind. As for the Politicians, they know my position means the beginnings of a society that is very intolerant towards evil people like these which I intend to work on and make air and water tight and absolutely intolerant of them; hence we begin with such matters as the fact near as makes no difference £70,000 is a good salary for anybody minus other benefits and the provocative process of politicians seeking new wisdom from me by which they will consummate their sense of privilege with treasury funds is something I want to see through to the end too; at present I am only doing a laborious process of going around making sure that at the bottom line, money they get is one they had worked for or there is some work imputed into their affairs for money they have not or the other part that takes a longer period of time of making sure the value of the money is extracted from their personal property through a daily process where they turn up in public to seek attention and political fame – I will therefore continue and sell my books and get funds from it to be able to travel where I want and be where I want in order to ensure that I have been able to create the normalcy that should exist. I mean I know a literary empire is worth millions and royal estate equity is worth millions but as anybody can see, I will not be able to release such money and pay my way in this world is this matter is not put to bed very firmly. So squarely on international relations, those who bring it up most of the time and talk about the impudence of me or that of the British as a whole are always these people who want to get rich or are get rich freaks from China or Russia or the US etc; the case of UK politicians is always that of the UK as a soft touch for immigration when we all know the reality to be rather that people have always travelled to the UK but the problem has always been the ability to stay in the UK, so they always realise they should be in the US and since the economic crisis began they had figured out the UK is a country where Church is integrated with state hence lots of people that cannot compete financially about to take advantage of using freedom and democracy to get rich, provided they maintain their footing in the US where the wailing of the moral who have been taken advantage of either fall on deaf ears or get you into violent trouble all together – they have been the biggest contributors to this problem getting out of hand so like it always is the case, nobody knows how the soft touch for immigrants came into the issues anyway, except we imagine it was something right next to the main problem. For the others from overseas however their case is always the impudent British on grounds that they know me for example and that means if I work for markets in their country they can either take it away if they want to or that I will give it up, yap, yap, yap. This world does not belong to anybody is specificity and I really do wish they might when they get to such a state take steps to kill off the idea they know me. However with respect to international relations as a whole the real issue is that if you said that if China had decided to become a democratic state, then they would not have to run an industrial economy by the state and a stock market by the state which means these fools getting all over the place then that would create a situation where whenever somebody has a problem with government officials they bring it up which then brews social instability, so what I do instead is work for markets so I can look after my friends and these markets are not up for conversation; In China we have a great deal in the sense that there is more consultation between the Chinese officials and the people and between the people and the officials and so simple government is off and running but in Russia it is more complicated, usually the guys in the middle who used to be oligarchs in the past, hence people simply play their game in what is a looser form of communism and when they are in decline they find people to bully and bring up the democracy card – I always test it from one direction only i.e. do they have girls and do these girls have some money at their disposal and therefore feel they can take advantage of absolutely anybody aka she is really dumb and has some money so she is convinced the government should be bigger than her while she is bigger than you and you will never understand what her problem with your earnings is unless you are aware of these facts – so in that sense Russia is more complicated than China is. As for the US issue, the general idea is that the US wants to create some war and stick up British in the middle; the issue of course is that it is the problem of British Politician or to be more specific English ones, as we know minus the Scottish National Party, the welsh are okay with their overseas alliances and friends and so are the Irish and so at the Scots. It is the English ones that wish to sit somewhere near the treasury to send out beacons to their industry friends on the latest and so this is their problem not mine; however that it will please American low lives and their love for Obama and is actually taken up by American Politicians shows how much of a joke American politicians generally think government work to be which is not a concern of mine either. It’s like the old stuff about International relations and the fact their response all around all over this world seems to be that of getting the British to give them some in the rudest way imaginable – hence they always tend to turn up on media and yet when they do get the media to determine their local and international policy blame me for it too; it’s always as though they know the desires of the media and are always on course to fulfil it.


The part about my thing not being very clear with Politicians is that most people do not understand that what it is has more to do with some plan they have to take as long as it might to confiscate all I own; it started because I am a Christian and since I became something more it got worse and has now reached a stage where I have this vast wealth that I cannot pay my basic bills with because it is tied up where I do not have the right like other people to earn money and these are the things they will chip away at therefore in order to get  rich, of which I understand why it would happen if it thus presents itself an opportunity but of course the fact is that the opportunity exists in that I have it but am too financially weak to defend it because they have been getting away with this sort of behaviour around me completely unprovoked and without reason for years and it is not that I think it  a problem either, I just feel I need to settle in on a regular and sustainable price that they pay for every time they do it, so that when it gets bad enough it will stop of its own accord as well. As for the people and the idea I get involved with those who want nothing to do with me, the reality is rather that they spend my work and invariably my income on themselves and for every occasion abuse me intensely and violently as well and tell lies on media about the history of their lives and cultures which has much to do with something I have changed with a big mouth and so it is not up for conversation they need to keep fighting. I bet the one I will forget all about is more to do with the bit where I must be unemployed and must have a cash flow problem for a period of years, so that the Christian can be prevented from being a pious priest and placed in a jobs market and made to do work with all his Christianity and holiness that should be put away and revered all over him, so that he might be a thing we can abuse and ensure people do not believe it is a bad thing because of how good it feels, which carries on to a point, even getting cooperation from my parent as well for good measure with their big mouth. I need to be able to apply a consequence and a Price instantly each time they do and this is what I am building at present; stupid lucky feeder goons apparently and they like to tell me I think peoples Children should be regarded as evil but of course there is no other word that describes people who hate others for the fact people like them, bearing in mind it’s about what people have seen and borne witness to and the only way to change it would be to brainwash them with disillusionment and confusion – I mean, did I mention enough evil anyway?


As for the part where my big problem is a refusal to recognise which parts of the world the multicultural communities of the UK comes from because I think the UK should be an extension of the US; there are a few questions that foolish British Men who think I am their plaything have not yet answered here, not withstanding of which the last time the matter of their communities came up and had something to do with how they must do their civil rights fraud here by force when I am too old to be deceived and hence forming the cultural habit they have today of provoking me and wrecking my finances and indeed the part where I exist to do something about women so that they might seek self advancement, concerning which they are now in league with their insolent women as well and I am some kind of carcass, which progressed onto a community stalking of me and talking rubbish about how my refusal to be part of communities so I can be led by them means I am setting up one of my own which is social instability; the question itself being how their stupid children could possibly be more connected to the cultures of the land than I am when I am older than they are as it were but these insults are not to be quantified because the next time their community issue comes up besides this one which I have taken care of by this Paragraph I will completely sack it and they will hate my guts and we are not talking about foolish women who give birth to and raise children that are as stupid as bricks like they are so that when you look at them and look at the Children you know they come from each other and normal people expose themselves to extremism in such ways as it were; my view if they must be informed besides mentioning idiots who must make money in this life who wear sun shades and sleep with girls and a large proportion of them travel to this country with a love for real estate business is that it is tyrants and their relatives and stupid children that usually have the money to travel overseas and it seems they have other uses for their ears especially when I had made it clear I want nothing to do with their communities and have no plans whatsoever to raise a family in its company, which following me around all over the world to share my property is meant to express their point there is nothing I can do which last we checked world events have done them so much good so far as well – I am not finished yet, far from it and we are not talking about Labour Party politicians inventing means of spending tax payer funds on them when they have no money to make trouble with naming it wealth distribution and looking for peoples career to do racism of squander in order to get out of it either. Today marks the last day of the three day ultimatum; I mean a typical examples of excuses people deploy to hack off some of my income with media include what student loans bubble means on account somebody said it - it seems as though they rummage everywhere despite warnings I have put out there and find something with which to attack me, then realuse they can wonder what I am going to do about it thereafter and we are not talking about the supposition I think myself to be innocent in the matter when they are the ones that always like to explain their wickedness away with my work because everything can be answered with a good feeling and not whether or not it is morally unacceptable, bearing in mind it is their insults and challenges and threats of violence that led to complains they make today about their history and cultures and all that nonsense we hear all the time. It is either feral girls are running free with tight skimpy clothing doing socialist gatherings and free birds and pop culture and fame and fortune along with it and the handling my income while selling all sorts of products for deviance like cosmetics and so on, especially on my Television or anywhere else but never without my income and book sales if they can and all of the time and some people will come to the claim it is normal when I know it is not because I was there and am currently paying with my income and those who claim such things are paying nothing or not paying as much as I am - concerning which I have by the way mentioned I will have soon become the biggest problem that those gatherings have as yet without any change from them. I mean it is one thing to deploy peoples property and handle peoples lives and work along with it unto a point of deploying their income at will without permission and quite another to physically and violently hurt them every time that you do and yet last I checked I was told I feel it is okay to describe peoples children as evil, however none of this has ever changed, what we get instead is civil rights fraud that will happen to those they want it to happen to whether or not it is what reality allows, there is no respect there whatsoever for peoples property. In context bearing in mind they say I cannot do anything about which such nonsense is that which has grown so big due to the fact there is no stage whatsoever I can sit down to a conversation with them but while to normal people that would have meant my threat to destroy it completely once I am moved from my point by it if it does not stay away from me is real, to them there might be alternatives when it is time to fight I suppose. I am not too worried about it; I do not have an inability to be happy and am very well looked after and I know I can kick their are in a heartbeat - if I did not know how they would have taught me by now and all I need do for it is smile all the time in and glow and be happy while in private hit them like nobody else has ever done in history itself but of course we always do all we can to avoid the extremes first before we act and it gets worse and worse and worse all the time and they cannot get themselves off my television, off my book sales. They handle my work and property everyday to make riches and call me names and make fame and if I call them, they do not pick it up and I I try to get through to them they do not want to see me and then yap off all the time about how I can do nothing about it endlessly because it is bad for my health which when their health is comparatively better will create a culturally instituted discrimination with a big mouth and their mothers do not know what their level is until it goes horribly wrong as well. The reasons for it will be itself blow the mind even further i.e. we are in a family and they are the seniors and so when they say I cannot do anything about it, it brings home that fact that it is normal - where normal people would think I have given ten years of my time to tolerating the idea I am a man that can be hurt by them so they can feel pampered without complaining and therefore really had enough of them for it too, I mean the idea that your nemesis is putting up a product you created because they wanted it and the patents on it are now being discussed and they are so stupid they do not recognise danger when they see it as well, whether or not their foolishness are done for my own good and benefit as well with a big mouth anyway like they always claim, never mind the civil rights fraud too. As for the insurmountable Asian economies however, like they have always shown the purpose of a job is to fight people; that exists in a family shared with me as well and it is my stuff to stifle their development so somebody else can take from the trough we all share that is the market in that part of the world and more so for the West and they had better been as nice as I have been as well or else. I reiterate today to be the last day of the three day ultimatum mentioned earlier and I will kick off as well if there is no change from them - they have 24 Hours and I am not giving any more than that either, as I have already given ten years of my time and that by anybody's standards is way too much, especially for the African dictators and their foolish relatives.