I am not of the opinion I am highly disrespected of course; this is that story told of how the best of British is available for the world to see but I am not, only that those who rather than buy a writers book, want to get involved with a Prince are being terribly rude. We see them all the time with a life that is all about insults and driving cars and bullying people with it and nothing else, then they will use what they have to have more and it is not the first time of course because there was the other time which just like collecting me for trophy power they wanted less jobs in the country so that existing jobs can be used for social power. They site their immigrant status in the US among other reasons which show that they now technically rule the world which includes people such as me of course but I do not see that as a major problem either for my part. As I always say, my head and chest and body hurts on account they exist and this is just me at the throes of getting in and out as much as I like with their secret societies, the reason being that they have an ambition and I have a leadership to protect, it has even come to the point where I am restricting how much sex they can have especially anal sex and the feedback I am getting as well is that they cannot leave me alone because they want to grab things and have got media at their disposal on account the in and out and in and out of their secret societies without being a part of it or saying hello to anybody is not hurting badly enough yet. We are not talking about what was the consequence for being a father figure without my consent either or the other part about how I get taken down by girls when it is nothing but the same form of insults and hence other things I do with respect to women who want to get on with their lives without making a point of duty of insulting men – I have to apparently so that I do not end up looking as though I am a woman instead. They do not seem to see what is happening on a global scale here is the part where they tell me I will never sell my books to anybody because they will ensure I am crowded out of anything I do which is how they feel that when they sing the intellectual property of my company and vandalise the equities brokered at the market place with publicity, they have won, of which is on the contrary because it simply means first of all a dream come true of being able to handle my work and my faith in the same place and now they have to sell whatever it is they sell to those who give them the money as usual and stay away from me to avoid trouble. I can see it turn out; a process where being ready to trade my books means setting out a stage for secret societies I will not tolerate, the cars the idiots who belong in it drive on the streets and the insults and abuses they pass around using it and various other things they do on media and then it will become a lifetime’s career looking like that – the recipe for this is the situation never changing until I am prepared to trade my books. I am aware of course that it is  normally suggested that I Rock the British Monarchy and unsettle it for the most part of my activities; the reasons it carries on is because those who do like to tell me I will never sell my books because they will keep me crowded out at all times so I might have to remind them they can only sell to those who give them the money and that I am simply on the verge of getting away with my in and out activities with their secret societies I do not even belong to which I suppose it not hurting badly enough yet too. The sticking point is that although every part of my body hurts as it stands because of their insults, now they know singing and vandalising my intellectual property on media will do them absolutely no good in the short and long term, they need to lay off the girls and tell them to keep their insults far from me and above all now understand when they work in the Civil service they are not Celebrities and I am not giving back that stupid left hand side either - so if this is rocking the British Monarchy, I suppose I have made a fabulous job out of it then.

The story of being scared of Politicians has no basis on reality either; what that is based on is that old case of their idiots seeing me and getting excited on grounds they have found somebody they want to talk about and do things on whenever they are trying to be famous. The question being whether it is a good thing and why those they hurt should not nothing about it being that people are scared of them, the fact being scared of them shows exactly the precise reasons you should be doing something about it. The attitude of the Political fools does show that they would like somebody to kill them and leave their children and wives without; I always see it as very irresponsible and therefore not my problem but their irresponsibility reaches a point where my livelihood and finances is a plaything, so it is not my problem either no matter how insolent women become and then make out they have got a society by being so.  I have however made it clear to them they have got their own, especially with regards to have every time spent in the company on young people is a war in the making on grounds they have found somebody to get ahead of, of which nobody knows why they cannot just get ahead instead of make me so ill, which needs to end in its own right as well, no matter how funny it becomes in secret.  I have always made it clear I take a liking to women that are older than I am except they are black and therefore the bane of why women are insolent so and therefore like to wreck the lives of normal woman by thinking men exist to be insulted which serves them well too, especially when the men are younger than they are. The idea that getting involved with a woman that is older than you are is an impediment to fame and aspiration is very well taken but I have mentioned before that it is not the way it turns out to have applied to me; this and therefore the whole matter of the fact they have got their own and need to move away from me and move on of course has become a general economy issue. As for Mr Obama however, they always pretend they want to have a public explanation of my actions when they know they wreck my finances from the white house and suppose they want fun out of seeing what becomes of me and so since Mr Obama is the most important ally of women who make lucrative insults and feel like chucking out a man all the time especially when they are moral people, I have done what I have done to show him exactly why black people do not make progress or make progress quickly, it is not serious and I have mentioned in any case this will never go away provided their insults turn up in public places and there is no such thing as being beaten by the boos and coos and insults of women. People power they call it, not vandalism and robbery bearing in mind if I wanted people power I could always go into the Unions and make myself treasurer and Chairman and everything so I can have people power of which they can do the same too instead of think that having my income will not lead to consequences because their insults and that of their women and girls if applied to every single aspect of my life with a funny mockery are all consuming and all powerful, which is rubbish – an ideology not worth exploring and I am happy with where I have placed it for the world as well and now I can really deal with things I cannot see with their big mouth. Mr Obama is where the Leadership is and I am where the people are and it will end very well too. In the end I do suppose on the other hand that white people cannot stay out of other peoples race issues anyway and feel that it should be used to make me classify those that take an opportunity because they are poor as evil (not hurting badly enough yet apparently – which of course is funny to me as well).


So I am making use of political work that the Labour party has achieved? Not at all in my view; the fact is that the Labour party simply took up the issue of creating the NHS and the welfare state because it was everybody else’s idea i.e. is I never going to give them credit for getting it done? Technically no; because the reasons somebody would think that deciding on a National basis that a family man should be able to insure his health and that of his family cheaply, at the end of a world war and during rationing etc, is something that is not as important as it seems is based on reasons that are as complicated as on the other hand making everybody work really hard by abusing and insulting them, so you might save your energy and use it to be fit and healthy in order to show those that have turned out to be rich the right side to be on, which is all socialists ever do. So in the end they make so much noise about how they are the party that cannot stay out of peoples race and family issues or indeed using it for power but all it means is the clear set out means of moving away from them to find somebody you care about to settle down with and build your own life; the right side to be on my arse; it looks ugly enough here already and we have not begun talking about how the prognosis of it is to abuse you to make you ugly so that you do not interfere with the fame and plans for it. It’s in the same par of course with women being concerned I do not take my leadership and responsibilities seriously when in actual fact I do, it’s just there is no sustainable response to their insults except that which is classified as evil; it happens in every establishment, Country or Church or indeed anything else: fools and their girls and women and a process where they are older than absolutely everybody and then it will never go away – they even say these days they have got me in a place where I can never make a living unless they permit me as if they are talking about their own property, leadership, people or responsibility and its almost become some kind of media based and media created second life for them as well. There is no trust rift between myself and Americans in general either, much less so as applicable to those that are or in whose interest it is to help me sell my books or sell it for me, it’s rather easy a path to take, to assume a disposition of disapproval for activities people might do in ignorance of the fact it is something the enemy does and that is the advantage that being a writer Prince offers me. Whatever is left is media spin taking advantage of divisions and factions, looking for perversions of a trophy spiritual power to grab things and do violence that is not quantified legally with. Never true that I do not take my leadership seriously when this is just a fraction of my record on the insults of abusive men, who claim to have plans and ambitions to get rich based on how this is their time and more so to bounce back etc. There is no such thing as breaking with the standards of the Monarchy either, hence certainly no trust rift between myself and Americans (or indeed Russians or Chinese or anybody else for that matter) in general either, much less so as applicable to those that are or in whose interest it is to help me sell my books or sell it for me, specifically to Americans of which its rather easy a path to take, to assume a disposition of disapproval for activities people might do in ignorance of the fact it is something the enemy does and that is the advantage that being a writer Prince offers me. Whatever is left is media spin taking advantage of divisions and factions, looking for perversions of a trophy spiritual power to grab things and do violence that is not quantified legally with.


There is nothing that needs to be stopped on account of me or my condition, I know it has been going on for years now but I do not feel I am being fleeced, if I were, I would have been the first to have noticed it. They on the other hand have a problem because the question really is whether I am being fleeced or they are simply determining what this decade of which we are only in the second month of the third year will be for them when it is over, like it was in the previous one. Otherwise all that rubbish about being able to dominate me first before I can get an education and being the God in my life first before I am allowed to get a job which are all things people know is impossible but they have already gotten prepared to prevent me from getting an education and a job, which has developed to a point of being in a place where they can sell me services that I pay for and they can use as a contact point to hurt me with all the time, has gone too far and they are taking a bad bend they need to realise it is wrong to take and get off it and leave me alone – i.e. generally I do not suppose they are deaf when I insinuate I have had enough of them and they need to get out of the market place or stay until I move them; especially the Americans. I mean I have only recently finished with the idiots on the left and now I cannot even breathe before I am told I am being fleeced; with what? I do not think it is a difficult issue to deal with administratively either, it’s the old stuff of absolutely no customer service whatsoever, so that you buy products and people have a way of getting rich because you have and the service you deserve becomes obsolete, so that they can hurt you to make out they really like money in order to make more and more and more and more of it with this really wicked way of showing they deserve it more than everybody else at my expense – so it is not yet a case of making those communities really violent for them and being stuck between it and extremists, as in stuck and loving it as usual, which of course it is going to be so soon enough too. Always them and the process of making sure they are the ones to sell me a service so they can hurt me, always them and the media and they cannot do anything on it without my intellectual property, like they are keeping it open in case anybody needs it with a big mouth and it is not going to end very well either for my part and my plans; I am not being fleeced and when I say they need to leave me alone I do not suppose they are deaf either.  Now the thing about journalists especially the female ones is what it is; twisted little women and their producers who are always making claims I have stolen their idea and that somebody needs to recover it, who are always discussing my work with their producers and begging them, even sleeping with them to get them to help them make use of it to boost their fame and find some means to trade and get rich on the sidelines, it tends to happen every day because they feel that because they work on television, if they decide a thing about me it will be that way – this is actually half the story, the other half like the Pop stars is that whatever my reaction to anything they do might be, the end product is that they will always extract the money and do not care what they damage, hence they need to create a means to handle them in such a no matter the outcome I will extract mine, as well. They have taken up my court and ripped it to bits and so I like to have them around in case they have to pay a price for it all the way to the personal and personal life costs – they have interpreted this as a sign of their fame and irresistibility. As for the men on the other hand, I suppose the matter that clears up what their problem is has more to do with facts about where their poverty in the third world and a process of abusing me sits when matters of food production and export which happens and brings in revenue for even the most cosmopolitan city of this world and therefore explains why I really do not need to sit around taking all that rubbish from them anyway; however I suppose like the tirade of abuse towards the Princess of Cambridge who is clearly a plastic Princess created to give birth to children because she rather should be out there finding something to do that will ensure somebody has to deal with extremism, it is the old stuff about things like the fact every idiot in the world wants to sit down with somebody and breed and conspiracy of conversation which end product is a process of taking it out of you to get rich and famous and journalists are therefore at the heart of it looking for trouble, hence meaning it is the matter of what they do because they are way below me and it is an advantage and the things I might do as well because I am way above them which is not at all a new story, however since I am a half priest prince how I will play with them until they are dead, thus expressing facts about why those rubbish I have to put up with everyday are insufferable. It is when they have done it to their Politicians as well that it will be over, when they had learnt to avoid the politicians I will have become a confirmed genius as well.


As for the matter of fascist men who speak of how I have done the underground work and gotten the most attention for it which expresses the confirmation needed that a white boy is more clever than I am and that it is in the white DNA, fair to say I will not tolerate any more of such insults and the Political instability with it. However speaking of the matter itself the fact is that there can only be so much money in the world, making any does not have any links or connections with hurting me and the continued stubbornness as regards this fact will eventually lead to even more serious matters and we are not talking about stupid black people subverting the law and doing riots after they had lost despite the fact they always spread it really fast from those communities where being a criminal means being able to look after home and family and thereby constitutes a competition with me as well, when the authorities crack down, we are talking about something a lot more serious than that, which will solve whatever their problem is properly. Nobody in actual fact really cares whether or not some boy from a race is more clever than another boy from another race, it all for what it is worth depends on what we are all interested in; however pushing it will force me to return places like Europe into the localities and villages they were before Fascism and the second world war so people might understand my point of view and how I feel about these things much better so they do not wind me up with it again; nobody really does get to spend their time telling them they are low lives for as many times as they need to hear it, so they believe they can get on media and talk their rubbish at just about anybody and then hurt them and become stubborn about shutting it down. The academic side of this is another story in itself all together; as I have mentioned earlier, I really do not deserve to have the aesthetics and ethics of my work and profession set out and vandalised and abused by the media like it is happening currently, they are the ones that get big qualifications before they go into the jobs market to find jobs and therefore such things should be happening to them and not me, like the saying; can you give to the frugal? Same old story as it were that when they get jobs before they get qualifications they get stuck, when they get qualifications before they get jobs then they must only succeed when they have set out people who must fail as they do and we are not yet talking about how they want their Country to change before they get to live in it, much less who is more superior according to their DNA – I mean they have heard of DNA anyway.  Carrying around those heavy bag of tools when they want to get jobs and or are told to do anything, when all they really need is to know what they know and obey an instruction at a job is something they cannot see exposes them to extremism, like I always say normal people do not get to expose themselves to those things but it gets worse because they are superior intelligence in their DNA. The illusion is that I buy into those greed stories they tell concerning how my work is all mixed which is utter nonsense; the truth is that there are people who are in the business of deviance and there are people who are just deviant – I do not know what they want from me when they can see that my books from which I earn a living does not do them any good and that I cannot tolerate the deviance on a global scale and stage; no idea how they are going to get around beating me in the circumstances and never clear therefore why they cannot just take it simply that making any money has no connections with hurting me and never has and never should and never will. They are all incredibly stupid people for the most part, black and white alike but that is half the story, the other half is the question of why on earth they would cling to me to find out what they need to know but never buy the books because they have got me instead to get it from the Horses lips with their insult violence – I have made myself clear about my warnings on this matter anyway I suppose and I do not suppose therefore they are deaf as well as stupid, it is never as amusing. Now with respect to the US President on the other hand, I suppose he has plans on what people must do for the benefit and greatness of all black people, so he has decided he wants to prevent me from selling my books and of course the only reason I have not tied him up and put him out of normalcy and out of the lives of people as well is because he is a president of a country, however which I do believe I have made my point about it. Nobody can stop me from selling anything; they are simply thinking that I ought to deal with the results of what occurs when they handle my work when handling it in the first place is illegal, so that whatever my actions or reactions are they will make the money anyway and since they have got media for it and cannot do anything without getting on the media to do something about my intellectual property, they think they have got it all secured but it is still the same old story i.e. he is to converse with the customer fairly and so am I, whether or not he likes to attack me while he does that, provided he does not handle my property there will be no problems, it continues to remain the line they cross in order to pretend public office is their property too, so he may soon have to spend American tax payer funds to help his idiots move around on account of me. Technically meaning I can and do have the legitimate right to stop anybody from selling anything because I am royalty and royalty manages villainy and so when I need to keep people out of other peoples normal life it is largely recognised an action I have a legitimate right to; so it is not yet out of sight and out of mind for them yet so they can feel like killing me, hence they are killing themselves with laughter and all kinds of abusive vandalism and rubbish with their insolent villainy – they are still the biggest beneficiaries of the world we have built and the biggest problem that it has got at the same time. Their entire existence including the whites and their fascism is based on making sure heroes are worse off and tempting me like they do means they want to find out why I hold an office of a chief of staff; like their bad government counterparts around the world find their way into government and then ask other how they could possibly have been heroes when solders at their command here, whereby the stories they tell seems to them to be something that makes sense to absolutely everybody. These are all things you do when you care about peoples human rights and should not be a difficult thing; if you are lazy about taking revenge when people harm you, then they learn from it and harm others and continue to go from there on and on and on endlessly and when I say human rights I am referring to no body’s civil rights but real matters like a person losing a home that their parents handed down to them after spending their life savings to refurbish it; this is real change in human rights and the question is whether it is possible for those who have made such things come to be, to get into government and buy people back their houses with the vast resources of a state, of course it isn’t thus never clear why they do it if they cannot give it back. I know these fools make the excuse their actions are a function of their feel of their country but with hurting and abusing me all the time on grounds I must have been inferior, I am not yet rounding it up and tying it off and strangling it yet, so it is the most stubborn thing ever in the world. There are no such things and never will there be, as things I cannot reach, when I am being prevented at royal office from earning a living and doing academic work until they have guaranteed their means of dominating me because it is what I am, helped by their elected politicians and everything; it is the same old story i.e. they think they are the devil and I will certainly handle them like one as well. Old stuff I guess about how an Black prince that is also a black man that is also an Arch Prince is not aware of the existence of rapists and serial killers and murderers, which I guess is so in their view because of an endless stream in public places and the media of the many recon faces of villainy; indeed so. It is all very well when the Politicians send their media fools to claim I interfere with their work each time they fail to make success out of an abusive way of referring to me as a shrine for their plans and successes and ambitions and wealth which is an impossible abuse at home but they do it overseas as well and blame the economic consequence on others for good measure; the part where I interfere with their work is supposed to have been the fourth stage – the first is where they open me up to the world so I might not be able to keep up with Politics which is a world where you do what people vote you into office to do regardless of whether or not you know it is the wrong thing to do and then making sure they get me involved with their Politics every single second to extract trophy power, the second was setting out their media to abuse and insult me all the time to keep it going as a means of getting rich and famous and the third was when they were certain they can follow anything without having to make reference to their principles where I became wary of them and they decided my livelihood should be stuck in the middle of it as though that is an efficacy of being wary of them, now they tell me  I interfere with Politics it does bring home to roost that all that rubbish is not distracting at all after all, the other side of the story being that they do it on grounds they are convinced there is nothing I can do about it. They like to make out they want to play the who gets assassinated game but I do not pull out double standards after saddling myself with the responsibility of making sure there is no extremism in society, where I thereby get really corrupt giving tax payer money to criminals to be mobile and to do riches and fame with while each time I take a look at other peoples children and they are big, it means they can take it, in the same vein of which I set up my cliques of big guys who basically think everything they see is for grabbing and cannot get off media hence think I buy electronic equipment so they can talk through to me with it on grounds it seems to be the only way to mount sustained attacks my profit margins. However which it is clear they will continue to play the games until there is a real need for somebody to get assassinated and it will not be me anyway either because I am not yet a major ingredient for the making of their stupid ambitions to the point where my death is a part of such an ingredient as well.