Now with respect to the BBC and the process where Politicians want things to change about how it is run. The fact about how it should be run is generally a matter concerning how corrupt the BBC is i.e. if you do not have to hunt news to make rating to earn money to get your footing in the media funding business, what else do you do with an opportunity where you get money from the license fee? In the case of the BBC, they have simply decided to plan, develop and orchestrate the biggest ever career piracy programme ever known or seen, so they can tell us it is impossible for the director general to get anybody to do anything on account it will simply get leaked and the competition will scoop it i.e. if people do not have to go around making their own news, then what they do with that opportunity is ensure that every scum that wants to feel as though they can do whatever they like with other people’s property on account they have the support of the media, gets their undivided support; it is never clear what they do expect the rest of us normal people to do anyway. So they say I enjoy the greatest level of support from the media in the Country and nobody knows why I am critical of it but of course the corruptions have carried on until Politicians that are elected from Boroughs that have at least 2 news outlets, who are very good at opening people’s lives for the evils of society to do what they like with, then figure out how to deal with girls that are addicted to bullying people by giving money to boys that are criminals have an opinion about what should happen to the media, hence I am here talking about what they think about respect for their bosses which have to do with teams in competition with me in the middle to be ripped to pieces. The other side of the story being that not only have they opened up the doors of journalism to extremists on grounds they need them because they have bullies themselves, they also claim people want journalists to be saddled with the responsibility of their rights while they get things for nothing exponentially from it but that rather refers to how Mr A would kill people for money and Mr B decided we need to move on as there are better things to worry about in life but Mr B has now discovered that setting up a media business whereby he can decide to share the same earning pot as Mr A and get the lion share from it whenever he wants is something he can deploy everyday against completely innocent people – thus their fight against and war on normalcy and the same old problem I hate so much where people are supposed to do a thing but another that is closely approximate becomes the meaning of life itself. All these are actually half the story because what really brings on the serious issues is the fact that whenever there is reprieve for those who should not suffer from it, they put up a fight to the death when it does not belong to them so to speak. Like with respect to me who generally speak of the ethics of journalism but is the greatest threat to it because they will not get off my books and my company. Now the part where most of these matters come about as a result of the fact I provoke them is the most stupid of them all – these are people who see others broker equities with me and set about sending me their own statements about what happens to that aspect of my property, so eventually at some point on their media the idea emerges that they are something quite close to the rich people who own big businesses talking rubbish at me all the time when in actual fact they are no one, I mean we have no facts to support the idea they are small businesses that work for billionaires because those businesses would have had products and specialism; hence the insults and the reasons they will continue to complain because of it. I mean you wonder what monumental idiot would see people put out products of which about 2% is about you and your property but choose to find a way of making out that happened because you are a cultural thing that pressures people into giving up things with cultural power and this is actually half the problem because the other half is that they know I am not such cultural things and they can remember they made it up themselves some time ago, hence the destruction and damage is completely unwarranted all of the time. When they speak of the difference between their UK reputation and global reputation it is not what scares me, it simply moves from a matter of journalism to a matter of terrorism because the fact people turn up satellites to watch BBC in Africa is not a reason to do what they like with me and all and anything that belongs to or is associated with me. What happens to their changes in leadership does not trouble me too, it’s the same old stuff people complain about all the time i.e. I make people feel like shit when I know they are not beautiful enough to be on the left but my very presence in a place is moving them there already let alone my actions but always start first, defile my sanctuary, abuse my women and more so to provocatively abuse my spirit and then think they are really tough as well and I cannot say enough times they need to leave me alone as we are not mates. Anybody would view my mention of such facts as a warning with respect to which they should not attempt to sleep with my women, so if I want to make it easier I should make it clear what happens is that I run a system in which I am a figure head in which we develop our professionalism and try to do our jobs to the best we can and enjoy it as much as we need to, my warning is that they do not sleep with my women as they can see I am not the one that complains people make me feel like shit when I always start first on account I think I am really tough. I don’t mind the media bosses and their public media insults against the Prince who thinks he can beat their record, it seems what we have been dealing with all this while is a destruction of all I own to make friends with rich people, now it seems they are showing up in public because Daddy is going to be famous like he used to in the 70s and 80s and I am the think they will make ugly for that purpose. I don’t know how many times people get to deploy their schedule and their product derivatives to make riches and fame which is therefore a process whereby the chances of success with such rubbish is possible and I want that diplomatic front clear and spotless of them as well or I will live up to my threats too and we are not talking about culture which is violent towards me and so when I say I want none of it people ought to understand but also the fact now I have destroyed it I suppose they will substantiate my actions in court as well like they love to handle my books and when certain they have in a place they can get rich bring up excuse of damage done to their culture to be allowed to by society. It feels to them like they should do their wickedness 24/7 and of course it is probably a civil rights by this time as well and I don’t know whose books they suppose recognises it either – I think I am brokered a good deal, I don’t want to see them anywhere near that right hand side and they can sell the culture and do riches and fame if they want as well, it does not matter in anyway whatsoever. I am regularly asked about my views on socialism but I have mentioned on several occasions I have never before in my life seen or heard anything so stupid i.e. that if all 6 billion people on the planet need a pencil and I am the scientist that can provide one and so I do and sell it on and make money, to have it take away from me and shared with the crowd is not theft. I await a point and a condition where they will explain this to me so that I cease to think that it myself. Then there is the human endeavour part where they say one person is prime minister and another is not because the former has class and money and advantages but clearly of which another can on the basis of his advantages which are his weakness compete with him for the office of the Prime Minister which means their ideology makes no sense whatsoever. Then there is the part about extremism about which we have already seen the fruits of socialism in the form of two world wars and do not know therefore why people want to figure out what I think about it i.e. Mr extremist should be sitting next to Mr Banker but we do nothing to ensure society is a more cohesive place to live in so the two can do their jobs and move on from their ideologies, nothing done to ensure when we get around grabbing the property of some people and handing it over to violent people and criminals, it does not create a problem to have done so, which creates this fact that what socialism really means is that if everybody on the planet were thieves then there will be no problem and I am hard pressed to see them come up with any facts even via their ongoing forms of political activity which support such rubbish. All these things come together to mean that it is all work place envy and reward for laziness which is how the ones in the UK with their hatred for monarchy devise their own socialist survival strategy in the form of people they need to set out strategically to sacrifice in order to get the crowd to love them and this is where it gets personal for me because the British idiots are certain that on account they have cultures they can damage my livelihood and leave me penniless with the use of the financial mobility that their own jobs gave them, defy me as well and then speak of wealth distribution and social equality which excludes me because of what they have decided my purpose is – the idiots think it is a bed of roses, they think it is a walk in the park, basically so easy. Now some might wonder why I speak of my views of socialism at this stage but it is not without reason i.e. these fools are always backed up by a group of men who belong in the oldest working age group in the land with regards to whom the Politicians have worked out the way to deal with is figure out a war for them somewhere or another, they push American Politicians into it and then the British ones as well here at home and what they seem to suggest is that with respect to the matter of the wars socialism will come through for them and then with me they will have a creature that has a lot of property available to him, works for money that other people deploy and generally exists for such a purpose, hence I am classed as inferior enough for it but with a royal estate they can do such things with and hence turned up here to enforce it as well with a big mouth and this is why it is so personal too; they need to get off my books and its sales otherwise it will be their undoing. 


They speak of my views of socialism as though it is something I am hiding from them when there is nothing to hide at all since their obsession with practicing their wickedness on me is such a public matter, especially when they explain themselves away with my jobs and earnings as well and of course they feel like those their wickedness 24/7. They speak of socialism as some kind of respect based games for great men and women who rule or something and all I really want from them since they are in charge of it now, is to earn a living and not their stupid clowning around more so with cultures that I believe they will soon have to substantiate in Court as well, except of course unless I am missing out the fact that the law is not actually supposed to be the basis of their social and financial equality nonsense. So with regards to how much trouble I will get into with them however we are talking about US media scum and their British Counterparts and some royal scumbags doing their stuff and all I am asking from all that is the right to earn a living which is intrusion too far looking for trouble. It is never what my stuff looks like either in which case for the most part when it is clear that people who like your company are at least between 10 and 15 years older than you and above, you are hardly a sad or angry person as such but I do try to live a publicly happy life therefore except these fools always seem to feel like that their stupid wickedness 24/7, along with their fame freaks and media scum who wait everyday to gain from it. I don’t mention such things because I think it will involve paying for things I am not consuming, it does not mean I am not aware that they are certain this is a process where older people abusing younger people which is something that is available to rebels and politicians is being made available to the royal side contrary to claims people make that it never happens. For the celebrity ones the big question is always that of why anybody would want to cut to pieces celebrity life style but what we have is first a condition where people ensure any fame and fortune they do wrecks my finances and damages my work, so that the condition emerges where it is a long distance to travel to look for trouble in the sense that if I were to detach them from my customers to sell my products then it would perhaps mean I never get to see their faces ever again and this is the point from which people do fame and fortune to damage my earnings all the time which is why it is so infuriating; especially when you have not taken into account that there might be silly people who cannot push themselves to the limits to bring about success in society seeking to get things done and shared by civil rights and socialism but they are the stupid versions of the same people who have a lot of money they can boast about not doing anything to earn. They always forget they are rich when they are at it with such activities thereafter remember that they are which should determine what I do and never makes any sense therefore either hence I always say people need to ask them because it will soon have to be government and celebrity and one will have to die and I bet it is that environment of media establishments with them at the top and women and children being ruled so they can cause me so much trouble their names end up on my dairies then try to work out how much money they need to have to look like they are so privileged they cannot understand my predicament when I have reached a stage where I want access to them no matter who they. I keep mentioning that there is the way to be famous and the path they have chosen is not it. The other side is the Americans who like to think I will soon be used like an item which is so because they think I will spare them as well when I have already warned about the fact I am not a fan of the freedom thing, not to mention stating the illusion that continues to exist along the lines of how normalcy is about the left using peoples jobs for whatever they want or indeed that we have never seen republicans take anything seriously in their lives; I mean I write my books and expect a gradual feed into the market and interaction with my buyers and they want to determine whether or not they can sell it to millions of people I don’t want to sell it to in a year or two for obvious reasons why I find really insulting first of all and then there is the other part about their friends all over the world that no laws can ever please because they are rebels and think about nothing but money, I suppose it is considered I will not rip it to pieces for them as well, by which time it will be too late to front the idea that it was all doing of ignorance as it were since I must have been completely clear that it is a perverse sense of where right and wrong should be placed, in a condition where they think they can do it to anybody they wish as well. Not everybody is prepared to stomach their academic filth actually if those stupid insults and media threats are to be put in perspective, I always say its all things that would never have worked in school but seems to be their forte in the real world. The part where my condition is a pitiful thing does not apply in the real world either; the issue as I mentioned is that no laws can ever please them and the purpose of their finances is to stifle mine and the real problem with that is that we seem to live in the same life and we will never work out what sort of insults those are anyway – I mean we had a condition where they complained my very existence dislodges them from how they live with the fact that they cannot get around on the left because they are not beautiful enough but I move them out of the right just by existing but of course even so we seem to live in the same life while they are the ones that determine what happens with things and we will never know what sort of insults those are anyway. All we know is that they believe it to be service to the Monarchy for my insults due to their need to respect the monetary property of members of the royal family; apparently world war two changed the UK but of course it will be recognised when there is respect for my right to earn a living otherwise I will cut it pieces. I mean I am not the one who suggests criminals are courageous people who use theirs for some other purpose when I can see that somebody might be twice the size of a normal human being but thinks what he should do with himself is overcome others and grab loose change – so people can see what I mean by cut to pieces the celebrity thing, they do need to ask them because they always start first and even so start first even if we put outside of the matter the issue of discussing my work and my books without getting a copy of their own or meeting me in person which is something that has been created from years of seeking competition with me that they win and so in order to secure that set out snooping around my privacy to ensure they put my books out in public, compete and win and I find myself chasing around books I have not published and if published I have not sold and more so sold to them (contrary to claims they make, they are rather the other side of people who perform social and national service their idea of what they do with themselves it hate those who do National service and have their own divide of small people that follow them which condition exists because they think the reason they are bigger than others is to beat them up and get money from them; for of course we cannot free ourselves from worries that makes us human that we cannot keep taps on all we do so that we can know where the attacks from fame freaks are coming from what direction or point seems to have been their origin). I have made myself clear about the fame freaks and the journalists anyway, I do not see people deploy their schedule for riches and fame and of course I do not see people show disrespect to them to that extent either, so they are perfectly aware of the extent they have travelled and the story remains the same i.e. this is not their lives they need to leave me alone, get off my books, get out of my life and regardless of what I have done to them bearing in mind they cannot do anything about it, move on. Instead of turn out to make noise about worldwide movements of freedom with stupid parents who are rebels and a life to which they have incorporated all I own, that is being preserved for a time when the Country is changed into what they want and stupid insolent children that cannot exist unless some work is being forced on people so they can measure out decadence and fame. Now with respect to facts about con activities and the contacts they have had with me which have ended up giving them incentive, the one I remember has to do with my stupid evil mother and the desire to dump her latest baggage on somebody with the result that in less than 7 months of arrival in the UK I find letters on the door step telling me I have won 750 thousand pounds, I followed it on because I was answering questions not because I thought it was true and it is not the only one of course because she does it with respect to inland revenge and tax returns as well, where I can just sit down and one day get a letter with my NI saying I am owing just above 1000 pounds etc, so it never something like supporting con activity as such. Of course there is talk that usually emerge from this apart from Labour party scum and other idiots that make use of me who get my attention to see they get love in their lives, in the most distressing way imaginable and are certain it is good cover for their wickedness that I don’t think is good enough either; I mean talk about how I complain of my evil mother but generally do the same things to senior members of the royal family whereas in actual fact the issue is really that the Prince of Wales is really angry on account I was chosen to support the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and it is never clear why he is anyway, except that he thinks he is German and nobody can work out which is which, if the Germanic stuff is happening soon or we need to prepare for Germanic stuff, except that we know it is something men do when they think women are inferior until bad things happen which I have been clear about the fact I don’t want around me but they do not seem to understand. The goons that spin it off for him will learn at the Cenotaph and get sore for days on end of course for example but the process where I act the way I do because I have no respect for the Prince of Wale’s money on account I think he lives in a really big house when in fact he lives in a hold plated castle, which is always such an irony that surrounds why I kick them so hard when they handle my property and more so the way they do. The other part of course is that UK government taxes businesses too much when in actual fact the taxes are a measured lowest possible deal for the services that the UK government is providing of which the US is not or indeed any other country in the world for that matter, what the Americans think is that they will grab British National interests make out they got it from my books and use it to get rich which is because they are the most insolent scum in the entire world which is why I seem to have to deal with American scum and Satanists on the media every day. So in the end the perspective is that old question of what I mean the US is not providing the services and people have nowhere to go which is put the way I do because these guys are trouble makers and have no respect for anybody and I believe the earlier we make it impossible for them to do any business in the UK so they have to go somewhere else, the better – for of course most businesses thought the tax system was okay in the first place not to mention the current governments drive for growth which has lowered taxes and promised more rebate when people employ which will mean employees shoulder some of the tax burden at the bottom line. So yes the US is not providing the services is basically to be split down two paths one of them being the nature of the American economy which means they cannot provide the services of UK interests and the other being the fact American business idiots think they will add British interests to their businesses and get rich hence the way they see the world is not just that of being masters of how the most evil things people have done in the world have been done because of women and money but they live it as a lifestyle and think everybody should be terrified of them if such persons have money and they want it but also the fact they are the most insolent scumbags in the world like I mentioned before, so their government has this massive problem of protecting the interest of its allies from them on one hand and on the other dealing with a very twisted filthy evil media which is what I mean by dealing with a Satanist every day. Whatever is left are a collection of idiots with far east connections that like to put out their girls on peoples income and sit back at back stage media to ensure they can never get off it and they can carry on like that and I will not become the male version of those stupid girls eventually when they kick it off. It is not a serious issue, just the readjustment of people who have a displaced sense of right and wrong and think people are generally interested in the vices that addictively bother them and the reason for it is the attention that media establishments give their sins and wickedness. I don’t think it is a problem, it’s just godless and really immoral scum who should be spending most of their time in the underworld and narcotics sides of the popular music industry, I have moved them from there because of that stupid media support and access to me and the insults and their wickedness and destruction and squander they feel they ought to work on me 24/7 and now it has become personal as well which is perfectly fine too; I mean their Politicians have said access they need to have to my finances is a function of wealth distribution while they speak of their far eastern connections all the time that I might not notice throngs of them all over Europe who feel they cannot exist or live without my finances and are upgrading their stupid life with the use of mine and every evil rubbish imaginable. It did not start this way, it started years ago with looking like they have just been weaned off narcotics and how it means I have stolen the beauties of men that can do violence for everybody and need to give it back and of course that criminals are the best men too, it did not end well and so other things have taken off from there since. As I said they can carry on like that and they will not kick it off at all with me as the female version of those their stupid girls.


The Politicians can complain of course but before then they will think Politics means the chance to be really wicked so they will follow me around and tell me my human rights are being taken away physically and violently as a temporary measure for the greater good, so they can have access to everything I own as I earn it and brag as well later on when done – so I intend to recover at least my capital and will get it out of them one way or another. It is the same old story; rebels, rebels – the laws of the land can never please them, the only thing they think about is money and we are now at an advanced stage where they think of me as an item. I approach it the way I do because people continue to do that temporary abuse of my rights for the greater good to claim they are nice people and good people and civil rights people, when we know they drink and they smoke and they take drugs and dance themselves mad at clubs and gigs and will never or better still have no means, process or energy left to look after these habits by getting a job. Now with respect to tax revenue haemorrhages, I find it difficult to figure out how the Politicians could not understand that making laws to cater for a certain aspect of National interests and then leaving the other because they are planning to use it for their own purposes will not result in a condition where people break it up and place it in a country of their choice so they can return and negotiate tax payments later.  It has been going on for some time now since the crisis began and they knew more of what they could steal from the UK; a certain 90% will be fine with tax revenue but a certain 10% can never be satisfied with how much they pay in tax because it must forever be lower and as far as I am concerned by the way, even if I did not have to deal with all that rubbish about people being older than me born into the financial system, being Tories, while I have not got a clue what I am talking about, this whole thing about one of the boys managing our tax system where we realise one to one with businesses to negotiate their tax payments will be unworkable and incredibly expensive and so we create blocks where we provide blanket tax for each block and try to manage those that are hard done by with rebates and so on is the wrong answer, zero, noughts. We always needed an independent authority on the matter from day one. Besides in anyway what I did was set out the structures bearing in mind the biggest international enterprise in the UK is money business and that others like manufacturing and tourism seem to grow at roughly the same pace with regular points where they overtake each other; hence it had to be settled bearing in mind manufacturing is dirty business which ironically requires even more aesthetical provision to be successful at the other end than tourism which is actually not a dirty business at all. What this then has to do with fools being older than me or owning a financial business of their own and knowing what they are talking about while all I do is create panic which really does suggest the Police need to have them investigated, I have not got an idea. It has been going on for years and if the Politicians set out a simple policy which says that taking up British Interests and putting it in some country along with your company to make profit with it for as long as it lasts until it dissipates is not a certain bet, people would behave in the city centre and of course my point is that if they don’t soon I will myself. There are no confusions about these matters, China is an economy managed by the central government and so is Russia and they are not playing around, it is the US that is the loose capitalist that does not want to get a grip and so the government does its best all the time. They say all I do is nothing but scandals and forethoughts of course which is utter rubbish, what it is, is a part of my Royal Property that is worth money which I created a company from and it is how I got to look after the Liabilities of the currency; all that rubbish about how businesses create a community for themselves and I think I can what I like with it is the wrong answer, zero, noughts – this is a country and its frontiers pre-existing or recently developed is not an extension of their business or even their penis. I find it difficult to work out what the Politicians that are one of the boys or indeed any of the boys mean by a certain British interest the rest of us are not allowed to handle, which makes no sense whatsoever but in context of the fact they want to break it up and place it in some country in the world to get rich with for as long as it lasts until it dissipates into thin air, I can understand but from where I am it will not take hours to find it and break it up and trophy collect my stuff. I mean the idea I don’t have a slightest clue and of what I am doing and that they are hard pressed to see what is in it for me is short sighted since it does not take in account that bearing in mind when the military have gone off to fight for the diplomatic and economic front like they normally do there is something about a certain group of rebels with a life they plan to live when the country changes into what they want whose stupid lives they want to live need to be collected to reward the soldiers with as spoils and those their stupid fame freak children too but instead what we have is funding from government for them to get around with businesses and make money they cannot account for like that rubbish about how I pick up communities businesses create for themselves and believe I can do what I like with it, which if I get hold of them they will substantiate in law courts as well; technically I understand post traumatic stress disorders very well indeed – hence what is in it for the Negro Prince. Criminals will always be criminals and the Politicians need to send the message about UK PLC interests from a Political platform as soon as possible not complain about tax haemorrhages and lots of noise making, otherwise I will take up the matter in my own way for my own purposes as well, as we all know that involves the Church. Which brings me to the last issue of how it seems they always want to get on the part of my royal property that makes me income but do not want to play by my rules and I will never allow my followers or fans to help them make any stupid profits either, nor will I allow them vote for any such rubbish as Scottish Independence for example among other contraptions. Deciding they should have their own economy and their own banks and their own financial centres will cause chaos at the global economy but if the security situation does not change soon the process of managing their integration and their interest will be expressed through the fact the money the big boys always want to run away with through the financial system and big businesses has a face – belongs to people. Of course they want to talk about socialism now whereas socialism is a different story entirely with its pros and cons i.e. socialist damage young businesses or any businesses and socialism younglings will be killed off as well – what we are talking about now is the big boys and the fact chasing them around the world for money they claim does not have a face will soon lead to serious consequences that put faces on it. for the socialists on the other hand they claim my actions are cruel but in actual fact when I speak of killing socialism younglings it is the left and the fame freaks I am referring to while the right and the gangs do their gangs all the time because you let them communicate with it and do not think about whether or not you want to tolerate it as many times as you should, in case you want to beat up somebody seriously with it and because of it and over it as well and I bet what will kick off is that their evil that never sleeps and the surprise fucking and of course the insults that create the grooming by which that is possible as well. so apparently they say it is not necessarily socialism but money freaks which is not so surprising bearing in mind it is what happens when politicians give money to criminals to get them out of crime and then encourage them to take revenge on those who hated the life of crime when they are out, knowing very well their socialism believes in the idea if everybody is a criminal and especially so a thief, then the world will be a better place and it is not the community you want to emerge anywhere that matters. Of course I am aware they are breaking up my company property and devising ones that exist on the money and on the products which match specific characters of their socialist scum and so it is like that old stuff about things I say that I cannot sustain whereas all I have said is that chasing the big boys around the world for and over money they claim does not belong to anybody will soon result in a process of putting a face on it and of course what I also said is that socialist idiots think an ideology is worth existing if it believes that when everybody in the world is a thief the world will be a better place and it is not the community that will be allowed to emerge here. I intend to put my books out to shut it down and I don’t mind those stupid copies of my equities to share and supplant me either, nothing is being supplanted and I will have people to mop up that space too so we do not end up with another economic crisis. I do not like the tag of incorruptibility attached to me either because that is not what it is about, what it is about regardless of whether or not they compare themselves to those whose lives are about looking after a business and thereby other peoples source of income and employment, while in actual fact when it comes to crime they are half-half and half baked on law and order, barely criminal scum – what it is about is that a million pounds taken by them of which a quarter is deployed to protect it from everybody else cannot be said to be a million pounds anymore and the wind up aspect of this fact is that it is not their money and so I will be satisfied when I had shut down everything and we are back to a condition where people go to a work place to earn money.