They do say I have done something to deserve it too which is all very well; what I have done to deserve it is that these fools want to make money and so the left have their flavour and the right have their flavour and the middle have theirs too but one must keep it off family and what matters to him as well, only their Women who have rights have other ideas along with those rights and they can keep living in denial of what will happen as they keep getting involved, cannot keep their insults where appreciated and get involved with those that are within their league as a whole too. They are way too fond of their ruffian image, talking nonsense at me all the time, especially where I will not like it when they spend time with those in their league only, whereas the reality is that nobody will miss them when they are talking about being ready for anything including death and certainly not here either, hence given the right tools and proper measures they can be made to listen to what they are being told as well, tired for living their fucking dreams going round in circles, listening to stupid media and politics all the time where those who are actually afraid of them do what they do best. It’s not unusual, we see it every time especially when they are about to take the neighbourhood bullying to a point where they have lost their stupid minds and want to stand on other people’s temperaments and public image to get on with what is left of their stupid lives otherwise those who refuse will get killed or they will kill themselves or both as a result of depression – when it has not come to that I am scared of them every single day; it gets to a stage where a private diary cannot save me anymore, that nonsense about getting me to contribute to their financial wellbeing and so on and then I want some of that stupid problem of theirs that is always on offer as wells. The first time they complained about me was this stuff causing University drop-out and I blamed myself mostly since I thought I should have taken them more seriously, according to what I have now discovered, no part of it was my fault in anyway whatsoever. They always say I refuse to fight for the weak which is all very well; we all know they cling to my concerns and make a mess of it and then when I wrote a cost effective Book for them and worked on it to give it security, it is the Book itself that becomes the problem to add to the others, hence where Community croons chase peoples private parts have become the exact point at which I express my own selfishness as well – they are not that weak; it’s always been the goons that surround all your achievement with stupid questions and are always looking after the body while making sure people are seeing your body and helping people see it with incredible insults but when I have been pushed out of my academics and wrote a Book and they decided recovery for the former and along with the accomplishment of the latter was going to become a global problem, I am at a loss as per what they imagined I was likely to do as well. They love that endless story that builds up from the questions around all my achievements that I am about to put an end to as well, the story about how I claim they were stupid but am now struggling with what they used to deal with and deserve some discipline with that big mouth they have especially on media – what these idiots have been doing however is getting used to the idea they can handle my person whenever they feel others need contribute to their incomes and it has now developed into something that concerns setting up some broker disposition that exists between me and any prospective clients, to tell me to deal with their problems that I would know nothing off whenever I ask them to clear the space and I usually excuse it as per there must be some confusion that has caused them to set up that sort of disposition for equity broker and the one about basically stopping the Books by engaging in their own business must be a matter of ignorance, until they start to help me and pick up my Books to seek out clients then botch me every time they claim I have behaved unusually; it’s possible I am bluffing when I say I will rip to pieces permanently the stupid popular and celebrity culture and do so to make myself rich as well when it gets serious because they will not move on. They mention the justice issues all the time but that largely refers to those Men who are regularly seen expressing their displeasure that the stupid girls orientated with these goons cannot do anything properly even though getting involved with other people’s business was actually their idea in the first place and because they cannot do anything properly it means they get involved and their behaviour leaves people with financial difficulties ; I am talking about that stupid celebrity and popular culture getting on my nerves in a big way and what will happen to it as a result. So, it gets involved uninvited while it is out of your league, does not do anything properly, mocks you all the way and builds a crowd and it always leaves you with financial difficulty and wants something done about the Men that are always screaming it at them to do it properly etc. so getting on public places to pretend to be the Arch Prince matters contrary to popular idea and this is what I mean i.e. I cannot sell my Books and they will soon cease to enjoy the popularity and celebrity culture as well. I did warn them about it, I did warn them about creating a story on the left before this situation had tended to improve. When they do spend most of their time building that insulting self-gratifying publicity about a Book the writer should not have written, then they show up at the other end to say it’s not celebrity and popular culture but the fact my services are not clearly explained. It is not the first occasion anyway, before this bit where I serve Clients and they are okay but do not know what I want and how I want them to spend their money on me has been attempted by these goons that are determined to show me they can make a competent writer lose money at the markets thing and it was such things as going off to Industry to start conversations with their age mates about how nobody knows who the hell I am and I did warn them there would be a story on their case as well the way there has been one on society before the matter improves if they had continued; there is interference and then there is interference, there is vandalism and then there is vandalism. The black claim they want to show everybody what I was like in my early days and so on – which is utter nonsense as that was them playing the usual stupid games of appreciating me in my absence and they are now doing the nasty versions I predicted they would, which gets the better of me because Politics does what it likes and complains later which I do not mind as well by the way for my part anyway; they believe black on black would be shameful for the black race and it means they can do whatever they like with me and nobody knows when they actually hope to release me to those who actually care about me and stop talking nonsense about what I need to stop doing with a big mouth as well anyway – complaining when every insult that has to do with their cultural and social position especially for those that are younger than I am are the reason for the consequences they blab about anyway. I do not think the matter to be a crisis in anyway whatsoever as suggested; it’s just simple reality that it is important to them to make an open secret out of when I step outside of my door and when I walk through it and soon their community croons follow it with lies about the reason I have a personality and its soon taken up by their bullying where every stupid car they drive is also a tool and so on and then it will be all about my body and my tummy and then if they smell a bad smell it’s time to go off and grab my public image to acquire riches and fame looking for trouble. The case of ending up in a lot of financial trouble is utter nonsense; they are running after their silly l lives lest I get killed for messing with culture and somebody else takes it up for them as it stands and can move into my right hand again too if they are mad enough intending to find out what will become of it – what I have said is that it seems a worthy activity to spread some false filthy scandal that can be worked very insultingly around when I step in and out of my door with which to chase my public image for fame and fortune purposes that does mean there will likely be another story on the left on their case before it goes away like there has been one on Society leading to some complaining that goes right up to the highest levels of State Government, I am only asking especially in terms of race issues, when they suppose they wish to release me to those that actually care about me anyway, bearing in mind it’s all what they want to do with their time and there is anything in the whole world that they can actually do. The rest really enjoy seeing me deal with some difficult social issue that pays nothing and takes up all my time to make them feel comfortable and are wondering why I do the part where that their body will become the talk of town as well and get selfish around the matters of community croons chasing people’s private parts – wherefore it has become a sermon to mention the fact I am a writer. They all do the same things, left and right and centre and it’s a matter of peoples big ego wanting them a revenge when I whack them for making use of my Books without payment and its usually a matter of the number of times I tell them off before I actually do it – it has led to this argument I am not a real writer while ironically their prostitutes want to write an autobiography every year and sell it on structures I built to sell my Books only; hence the usual case of thinking that showing up on my public image to make fame and fortune is the most convenient but it isn’t since being me is not a joke; hurting bottoms and the community croons is where I get selfish too – they can rip it up if they wanted, I can always get a new one and that will hurt a lot more. As I said, its led to this outcome where I am not a real writer and I have written a Book I really need to put away and not write leads to outcomes where I serve clients and end up with an open question of how they are to spend their money on me and what I want and it’s an insult people could do with not performing, after which they endlessly show up on public places to argue with my friends about which debt I owe them and why they need have some convenience in their lives that I took away; hence its really stupid and tends to believe its own lies and tends to forget sequences of events of how its stupidities affected others and ended it up where it has and feels it is a bully and I want it to keep its mouth shut around my concerns and stay out of it too, causing me too much trouble. It’s an old case; it will show up to make a mess around all your concerns and rip up family life and career and everything to chase its  purposes and in the end, write a Book like I have and tell him to buy it and let you be and the Books become the only problem in the whole world – so they are flesh men or hard men apparently and I got my own auspice for fun and sadist happiness that brings about sales, a means to have two lives too and to rip up their own on a regular basis. They do speak of people stoking problems for me that I cannot handle of course, which is not true; nobody is stoking any problems for me that I cannot handle and it is not happening anywhere, they are bullies doing what they do best and there are people allied to me that are really skilled at hurting them even though it may mean I suffer a bit as a result of what they get up to thereof – my point is that what I write is a Book of Liabilities, written to help me release funds from a Trust system that is used by others in my interest and should it be said that an environment is not sustainable where people can read it and act on it if it affects them, without being interfered with or coming to any harm from others, I will not sell any of my Books – usually when I explain it thus, they will then tell me they will get a piece of it one way or another, which means everything I have said has been lost in translation and get replaced by a disposition whereby we will find out if that is actually what they are going to do as well. I really hate the variable stories people want to tell on the matter save the fact they are bullies and there are people who are good at hurting them for it and it does means that sometimes I suffer because of the fact I need to be protected – so I just explained it clearly on my Book of liabilities and my Trust and they say they will have some and build their own. They do say they want to see me broken as well, which is utter nonsense, the broken bit as  have said before is about those insulting open secretes that the community croons pick up on and so on and then they want people to do something about it and look into racism while they make plans to get rich and famous; I for my part do not have a great big problem with it as such, for me their case is adding up as that nemesis of being a University drop out because of them is continuing with them being a real pain – pain in Europe and Asia and the US and now India too; keep off my products usually means you deal with my problems and find out what it feels like too and we will see if what they will do is have some of my Assets and build their own Trust too. The case of not having it under control is not really the reality; I am aware it carries on and reaches a point and goes back to where it began because they are messing with me and the problem usually starts when I start to become lazy about messing with them and going right up to the end and returning to the beginning to start all over again until their whole lives are low key and mediocrity. They eventually say half the time, that I get people out of trouble after they had savaged my entire life, which I don’t – important fact to note is that when they show up here and fail to do their jobs properly, I end up with financial difficulties and they end up with a complain as well – the big old case of the other story being that most of these problems are a function of the rhetoric I spew out every day concerning money issues, which is quite correct but the reality is that there are supposed to be the popularity bits chasing peoples private parts on the right and the get rich quick bits chasing peoples careers and family life and public image on the left and it would be so much better for all if the Media had stopped addressing and insulting me constantly on a daily basis, to complain about the consequences as well chief of it being to set up advertisement that show stupid girls and boys getting involved with me and doing business that is all about my Public image when it has nothing to do with me because they want to make £15,000 television advertisement that yields a million pounds for them in each case; I do not care which complains they table in anyway whatsoever, it is not my opinion that telling them to put an end to it amounts to having said something complicated – I mean they asked anyway. As for the case of disputing swirling stories of my low intelligence, that would be a case of media goons and celebrities and popularity trouble makers addressing me all day long when they actually have no reason or position to do so with, hence when it turns out there are people less intelligent than they are, who want to address them and make them feel sore all day long too, the response is that I am stupid but the reality of what they need to do to avoid problems could not be any simpler – apparently this is how it begins to get a bit more serious as it were. They do say I am not a clever person but in the last 10 years since the economic crisis, I have rounded them up and kept an eye on their tax havens and popularity money madness to ensure I make them decide on short notice if they want to be employers or employees instead of create economic conditions that will harm everybody else just to ensure their lifestyle does not get to change as a result of the crisis and they have not been able to discern where I am coming from or smell a rat even while I tend to do it on a daily basis – clever. They do say they didn’t provoke me to bring it about just like they always speak of my behaviour towards The Prince of Wales while I complain of journalists insults while the story about the Prince of Wales is that they are still doing the Men and their sugar girls routine associated with school truants who want to be multimillionaires and they have got the Prince of Wale’s Prince’s Trust at this disposal to spend money on their celebrated fools and threaten me all the time with. In terms of provoking me which is a simple case of moving into my right hand resulting in people running after their popular culture and celebrity lifestyle as well lest somebody else takes it up for them as it were, hence people will not do it if they do not wish to be compulsively angry all the time too – as a whole it is brilliant that the big and strong and powerful guys are involved with mainstream employment these days, we need those muscles if we must pull through and then I can be made to contribute to the financial wellbeing of their stupid girls from there too. Point is, if they are not delaying stimulus until they turned it into media based stimulus trend then spend the government bonds anyway, they will be spending most of their time building conditions that allow hyperinflation by completely eliminating market instead, chief of which is to kill off Market income pipelines and start it afresh, it would mean that those who foresaw it and prepared their businesses will be the only ones getting rich from the outcome which will mean more money and less wealth for everybody; none of it actually has anything to do with wearing an expensive suit to live a jet set life and trade assets exchange at the stock markets, what they want to do is ask me about my response all the time instead. I mean I studied Law and Economics at the University and fell victim to their bullying that prevented me from completing it; the blacks said I was studying a big course that will ensure they are always getting punished for being stupid in order to preserve their social issues, the whites said every graduate that passes out will take what is known of my empire for each year I spend at the University and there was support from the Office of the Prime Minister too, hence I didn’t finish it but to say that getting the big strong and powerful and violent ones to take part in mainstream employment since I last took that stupid economy crisis trend away from them as well, is not an achievement is something I would dispute – I have done very well indeed. They do say I would never say these things where it really mattered and I am wondering where would actually matter more all together; we are here because of the days when it was just a case of sharing what I have without asking because asking will make them inferior, which progressed through many stages to the one where I have to deal with fate constantly and then gave way to the profitability of violence and now endless talk of where I would say what I say all together, as if I cannot go back and do it all – the story of losing jobs at the Monarchy is well understood but we all know what they do is follow me around and set up sweet boys arse for the fucking like an atmosphere I am constantly aware of, then trade it on and get a security guard job at Buckingham Palace where they make me smell each time I go there to see the National Gallery with that big mouth – I am not the one taking action that cost them their jobs, they are the ones who want some of my problem, needs to get down to work and stop bugging me. They want to play all the time but not with their own incomes and lives and careers and have not yet worked out so far that their complains have reached the highest level of government with respect to distracting me at the neighbourhoods every time I get into the Office to write my Books or work with Clients, talking nonsense all the time about where I should say it. They do teach their children all sorts of nonsense with that process of building open secretes about me that they share as a community but it comes to a head when popularity and celebrity communities that own businesses that are run on showing me what my size is basically, then it starts to get my attention but usually where they start to complain about me is when they pillage my work to make money and  have parties looking sweet and robbing it in my face, it’s usually the time to stop them telling me what I deserve according to my size. I do not think it a problem that does not go away; they cannot seem to take pictures of themselves even when it is a selfie without addressing me by it or pretending to be me because it is the most convenient way of showing up at a Carnival to go home with some fame and riches and I am completely fed up with it and intend to start with the celebrities; they are not me and would never know, give the right tools and measures, they can be made to listen to what others are saying to them and the blabbing about my bragging since I have had the violence and fighting bit all sorted is all very well, we all know they will want to remind me again of the idea that they are fucking famous. They say if Clinton won the 2016 elections I wouldn’t be talking but we all know she didn’t and hence we never had the opportunity to find out if it would have been an advantage for idiots who have violent sex with big Men and show up to cling to other people’s finances and wellbeing to talk nonsense about what should become of those who do not help tackle sexual abuse for instance, so again another example where they talk too much, chase my private parts and complain since they are the ones that should be doing it as it were. Does it matter if somebody’s profile image is about addressing the Arch Prince that Women control, does it matter if a selfie is taken to look towards a certain direction that suggests the person of the Arch Prince? I am saying it does and that they have set up a business somewhere and plan to develop it in that way and I think that given the right tools and proper measures they can be made to listen to what other people are saying to them; I mean those who enjoy seeing their existence to be that which casts a question around everything I do and gets on media to ensure every scum gets involved with my concerns to challenge me to fate, understand their place these days very well anyway. We hear that the March-April 2017 Chemical attack ion Syria has not been linked to the Assad Regime by means of evidence but the facts are rather clear as such i.e. if a person was an Islamic Terrorist, he is very unlikely to launch an attack on a collection of people who are defenceless a couple of days after the Russian Metro was bombed by Terrorist suicide Bombers, he would be more busy with partying the recent victory instead  - if a person were an Islamic Terrorist, this was not have been a crime for which he would have had motive and capability; the delivery process of the attacks was by Air according to eye witnesses and the only group with the capability to build drones operate in Iraq as ISIL and do not serve the Russians as well – speaking of whether or not Russians will then pick up from here and help the Terrorists in Syria to some capability to build drones of which does not dispute what happened within this time frame as per who had motive and capability to commit the crime in question and drawing from it of which if a person were a Terrorist and wanted to carry out more attacks a few days after the bombing of the Russian Metro in order to create confusions and build tensions between the US and Russia and or the US, Russia and the Assad Regime in Syria, it is not chemical weapons that would have come to mind first for an Islamic Terrorist, besides which if a person were to be an Islamic Terrorist and wanted to get some 20 out of 50 persons to put themselves between a bullet and the rest in order to ensure that not everybody got killed, it is not chemical weapons that would have come to mind first; hence the crime was committed by the Assad Regime unless we have conclusive evidence showing otherwise. It feeds into those abuses about how little respect I have for socialist Women while insults and abuses that are so continuous means they can see me naked and make my anus smell, hence whilst it happens for instance for 10 times of every day and I dish out punishments and deterrence for only three of those times, I am still the one showing less respect according to these idiots; so it will lead to outcomes where my financial matters are resolved gradually and I end up with more time on my hands to dish out more consequences before it stops but for now, they can always build that stupid popular culture empire pipeline and stretch it from the US to Japan across this Royal Estate to get around fighting for their lives again if they have the fucking guts for it.


I have no idea where people got the information I am HM employee, I am not HM Employee, HM is Family, we all know the lower classes never take anything seriously in their lives and must be cracked up to get things done, so it’s a bit of a surprise to find cracked up upper class, even when it is obvious he is the Morality personality type and is always doing a good somewhere like everybody else in his Royal Circle, which was again designed by The Queen anyway. Hence we hear the talk of my attitude towards The Prince of Wales which is really inexistent as the problem is that he has been Heir to over 40 years but his Prince’s Trust is still laying down the foundation structures for him to have a big show King reign and when you speak of it from Parliament, he finds an exit by which he can start all over again while you end up with big show Politics, when you speak of it from a Royal position he develops a Family structure with his Sons which means they do not recognise you are Royalty and then goons will set up enterprise on it while what you say will encourage the emergence of an alternative crowd, hence is incredibly tiresome but we all know is something that Men are fond of doing. Then we will hear another story about a defiant way of dealing with society men as insultingly as possible, alongside other people who are responsible for me at the Monarchy – whereas what happens with the former is that these guys are incredibly disobedient and their whole lives are based on getting out of bed to sample drinks and spend all day in pubs and detach young people from talents that popular culture idiots can make fame and fortune with in order to seek conveniences for their children and have the one destructive lifestyle only, which purpose is to ensure others are always flustered especially when people are trying to attend to employment; so what happens here is that I have gone from writer for whom talking is bad business to the most notorious disturber in the land because they will not stop getting involved with me to play with my work and career and ensure every play is harmful and hurtful and then talk nonsense about position and fate to make me breathless so they can crack me and steal career or public image alongside too – so I am not allowed to work by day obviously, so I work by Night instead and they are unable to sleep and start to talk about Honour in the land, seeking help from the Prince of Wales but continuing to ensure when I do not want people to peddle my public image, they will use it as an opportunity to trade it to celebrities and popularity fools and now Politicians as well, so when they are complaining it does mean they get to listen to what others are saying to them for a change; thus what I am trying to do here is write my Books, review what happens with it and manage a website and do not wish to be disturbed unless somebody is prepared to complain right to top levels of government as well. In terms of the former there is no one providing for me at the Monarchy; what happens is that they act on the activities of their Royal but racist Children and that leads to outcomes where a large number have travelled overseas to pick up Celebrities and leave them at my Court. They do say it’s a matter of making me understand what it feels like to be so eager to dance the tunes of oppression, which is utter nonsense – what happens here goes beyond the need to ensure their problems are solved when they ensure those who are not in a bad disposition like them are suffering it, it becomes a case of their involvement with me resulting in University dropout Prince which has not yet convinced them that they are incredibly stupid people, if they have some ageist money to show for it too; then there is the racism bit that is about one group of very stupid people believing it has the right to take advantage of another group of very stupid people, which kindles flames that will engulf everything and needs to be stopped, then there are the tricks of the good looking ones using Women to save themselves by tricking a kid arch Prince they complain about everyday as though there is a thing in the world that they can do about him cracked up out of my league. Then they all get up on media to check if I am finished now that they have followed on open secretes about me to a point where all that is being said and done everywhere is being said and done on my anus and penis and it is incredibly annoying; since it is difficult to locate what the fact that they do love their corruption and lies and drugs so fervently has to do with the choices that I make and if I then go on to mention it will generally have meant their disobedience construes my words into something of approval for their lifestyles which is blasphemous all together; they love their lies and corruption and drugs and every other public and social conditions which create the need and market for it and it would be nice if they let be an Arch Prince, there is no part of his concerns that say any of it is acceptable, besides which I am actually at a loss as per how indeed this would have finished me off and want them to bring on more if it really means that much to them as well. They point to the fact the people doing these things are Royalty of which I never suggested they weren’t but it has always been an old story as it were; fear and fear and fear and how I need to know about it when I am not interested, fear and the way people treat them to make them shame themselves but when I have worked so hard to prevent people peddling my Public image and it has led to a condition where media fools are always having a go at me, another person will decide that celebrities can have whatever they want from my Estate and Public image because he has a Royal Badge that will mean I do not get to do anything about it, checking me up to see if I am finished and done and detached from a Royal estate and prevented from getting anywhere important when it appears it will be the last time he sees his celebrity culture and popular culture if I get my hands on it too. It would not have been the first occasion; there is the one that brought all the ill will in the first place; the one where half the time somebody steals my equity and public image to run off somewhere to get rich quick and ensure I never set foot in those parts of the world and they will go off to some Caribbean village to set up environments where every idiot that gets around ripping people’s lives to make fame and fortune can go to spend their money and provide others who love life with jobs and this will give way to the existence of fools that cannot do anything especially when it comes to drinking and partying without passing insults in my direction that a Bird ill carry all over the world. The other half of the time we see that this is how they want to live but have no respect for what I have said about their problems i.e. I want to write my Books and sell them and review what people think about it and manage a website and would fancy if I didn’t get disturbed by them but it’s a no can do situation for them which allows access to my feelings by community croons and Media fools that will never do their jobs properly if they are assured that they can sit about issuing threats in my direction when people who are less educated chase their private parts as well and its never really clear why people make themselves so inconsiderate seeing that their duties are not as tied to the Church as mine and what I do with myself was none of their business instead but if they can rather chase the need to be the ones that get to punish those that are not doing their duties, right up to the point where these Media fools get punished and on one hand to sit around and slam problems down my throat to my tummy with incredible insults on Public places on the other instead, as though this scandal hunting to a fault was actually what their jobs were and the threat of violence will prevent others chasing their private parts as well. Then it comes to an issue of my relationships, specifically the Princess of York and how they must detach me from her and have her immediately after we got tied to each other about a decade ago, boyfriend after boyfriend which of course is going to happen too all together as it were. Then they say they fight for me too and its usually a good thing when the Princess is trying to be a Boy of recent etc. it fights for me but never listens to anything it is told – it fights for me but its disobedience generally means community croons beat me down in my bed and every one of their society idiots will do nothing else with their spare time except distract me while I am at the Office and complain about their issues, it fights for me and when the stupid women that are married to these foolish women are setting up sweet boys anus to be fucked they get security guard jobs at Buckingham Palace and I get detached from a Princess because I am a coward; it never listens to anything it is being told and likes to say I was informed the best way to handle these matters is to keep silent about it while the stories continues to get out of hand that I am HM concubine as though if I shared a secret with the Queen I was actually going to tell them about it as it were. I believe I have not said anything complicated here for my part and so people ought to see and understand that smoking weed and creating social conditions of corruption and money madness does not work with getting involved with those who generally scuttle their finances n a regular basis because they are seeing a Princess is better off financially in a relationship and cannot understand why Money is a thing, as it is obvious jobs are things people must have and a savings are things people must do and saving up for big essentials like cars and houses are things people must do because of course if I do get my hands on that Media advertisement Industry and Celebrity culture, it is possible I am bluffing when I mention it will be the last time that thy get to see it too. They are obsessed with punishing people for not doing duties and it would be nice if they had stopped addressing me considering what the get rich quick scum on the left and the popularity goons on the right will likely do with it too but it’s really difficult getting this through apparently, the easy one is to check me out to see if I will never recover from tummy issues and get detached from a princess and prevented from going anywhere important, losing a Royal Estate over my behaviour in the process with a big mouth. So, they say it’s all me and my inability to love the Northern Britain issues but we all know their idea of fun is pubs and every tool by which to squander people’s property and get to the shops to bullying those who have a day job on account their relative is a celebrity and every single touch and involvement is therefore hurtful; besides which it’s been the case for years now, that their answer to Northern Britain issues is to tackle a female journalist affiliated to me. Then we hear it’s an issue about fidelity while everybody else knows there would be no problems if their lives were not about ripping my finances after years of accusations that cannot be substantiated being acted upon, only so they can make sugar girls out of female idiots my age and have that thing that exists in my generation which I deny them, to finish off with making sure all about their wives and sexual needs are played out with me underneath and complemented with insults and abuses that will just make me exist to give up what I have – they say others do not react to it like that but I am trying to write and sell Books and tend to see the world according to what I hear and all I will hear will be the stupidities of their societies and fools who want to barricade my financial wellbeing until I fight it for them telling lies and issuing their own threats and they will be the ones to bear the brunt of it and for want of a better word, fuck with me from there as well as disobediently as possible. They would like to point out that I am rude and brash and so on which is all very well but if people wish to ensure I do not interrupt their conversations, they need to stop distracting me when the lights go on in my room at midnight and then turn it into a sub culture concerning a person with a public image they can carve fame from to distract me at my Office as violently as possible with insolent neighbourhood bullying that is really disobedient and works along the lines of those with real strength being forced to do something that makes weaker sex comfortable every day – in essence if I wanted their Publicity I would have paid for it, otherwise before they complain they need shut it down and keep their filthy mouths firmly shut (backstage media nepotism when they are not white and back stage media racism when they are should stay firmly where it is before the ruffian image of their stupid men becomes another person’s concerns as well), we all know what happens when they are told to avoid doing something perverted and get involved with an author as a matter of an interest in his Books alone, all that stupid familiarity of the worst possible kind. It’s an old story; I am not their parents and there is no contract requiring me to provide for them, it’s never really as simple as letting go for a stupid Woman that wants to be rich and famous as such: it’s a case of their stupid corruption getting out of hand when they get involved with certain persons and a process where they have become obsessed with doing so and love to tell lies to make it possible, now we can see them asking the real questions too with a big mouth. The reason it happens is the same as ever; when I have come across a journalist telling me to lay my life at their feet so they can be where they need to be and I ask them to make themselves scarce, the result is usually all that abuse and spreading lies and knocking heads but I do not think the fact that I would pay for their Publicity if I wanted it, otherwise their ruffian image will become somebody else’s main concern as well is lost in translation. So, it is supposed to be fame and fortune goons on the left and popularity fools on the right and the media gits on the left and those who say their jobs are other people’s personal Gods need spend time with their own mates and let me be – there is a reason i.e. University drop out in 2008 and they are still going to that same University environment to play with what was left of my Public image to this very day; it fucking adds up. In the end we hear that I am always clashing with people but it’s an old story especially for the Americans, whereas they say British people are cold and fishy and British leaders are sexy which is probably right, just a problem with what they are doing with it as such; so if it does not mean they know where my Books are and are determined to teach me lessons, it will mean either way that people will be fucking British at Pornography most of the time, like Nations with much smaller military are guaranteed fuck but British one is more interesting and it hangs up and gathers attention until the things tyrants do to have strange sexual parties with women, where their desire for power is fulfilled begins to feed into it and every idiot that has been sexually abused before has gained access to my finances on account of knowing where my Books are bit and always drawing attention to the need to teach me lessons etc. and I am ending up with more finance and academic difficulties because I have not been saying something about sexual abuse, then it starts to get some attention and get serious; it’s as though they are blissfully unaware of how it works when tyrants have their sex parties where their desire for power is fulfilled and if I am able to guarantee anything in my whole existence, I should be able to guarantee that they are definitely going to do this. Hence in the end it comes down to their threats and abuses; when I say ladies first, they do not know how it works and will not ask because they are superior and then when I write a Book it does not get better because it can get worse instead – then there are the bits where the refusing to go along with ladies first leads to conflict as well and then all those threats channelled at me start to make sense too. It’s always been about Politicians and Media in the Middle, get rich quick goons on the left and popularity goons on the right and they always all want the same things i.e. get others to make contributions to their incomes which then results in outcomes where such persons have no right to feel good and in my case they really love to show up and talk nonsense with me on a grand nepotism by which they constantly engage themselves in acting the part of my parents while their hands are fixed on my finances and public image every single second. The black women who share a skin colour with me are the leaders in this and enjoy telling me of somebody they know that is putting themselves on the line to do something about those complains I am heard talking about, while reality is that I am talking about their problems and none of these things are entirely unexpected from very stupid people that are obsessed with their nepotism; I have lived in Africa a while obviously and so it is becoming quite clear to them in an environment like the one in the UK where the conditions are right for their nepotism to come public and the reasons those who survive in very corrupt countries comfortable tend to do so; an old story where being provoked likely means I am completely insane and likely to cut to pieces the support systems of their whole communities while waiting to see who will get to claim my public life for themselves as well, since it is clear it is impossible to say the same things about distress and vandalism caused you by these fools looking for treachery victims that will boost their trappings of power and other nonsense around money which makes their stupidities powerful, for a decade at a time concerning each issue, without there being a consequence to follow as well and what we have ended up with is the story of why I never talk about the freedom bits while at the same time the big idea is that I would never come to harm handling Football Premier league again, when media fools are always making sure I clash with them and their multimillion pound illiterates world could help too by not being so abusive and the freedom stuff of which is as I mentioned; the right for the popularity goons and the left for the get rich quick trouble makers and the middle for Politicians and Media and I do not have to hand over my public image to any especially for me so because I have some Books to sell and in turn for their part, they speak of those that will wait for me on the left, which is again likely to be the goons that trap women and objectify them and then use them to lure me into working some salvation by which they save themselves as well – same old case about the nature of a thing being understood especially on how it is hoping to get itself out of every sticky situation that it has gotten itself into – important to keep all these things tended so that they understand that whilst I am not getting after the other case where it is the fact I am not locating the warehouses that belong to politicians and using it as leverage to prevent government Office corruption that causes them to run the Nation unto bankruptcy every year, then accuse the rest of us of not giving them enough respect as leaders, which is causing the recurrence of these issues where they are most unpleasant for me, it is the clinically depression that will get the better of them whenever they think they can have my public image as well: - the freedom stuff considering its sort of quite astonishingly the most amusing thing for them in the world, when you mention that before the treachery and ever abiding insults of their trapping of female power and ageist Political stupidities came along, the probability of getting abused by a racist on the streets was much lower than it is now and telling them to shut it down is the same as asking to solve all of the entire world’s problems for the greed of a handful of extremely stupid people; which is usually where it becomes clear and obvious, the reasons I am always getting into trouble with them and they with me as well, as we see that the circles built for me and other Royals like myself by the Queen is made up of people that are always doing the right thing, so what they do with us regarding their stupid problems is press us until there is a bad smell and for what I am aware, if they smell me I will get beaten up with that big mouth, their story becomes funny then when it’s about a case of whether I fit the bill of the kind of people that are always doing the right thing, like we see with wealth in a place of pure illiteracy that we have at football talking nonsense at me all the time as well, where all they do with their time is create safe environment for containment of bad people and spend most of their abilities attacking the good people who then respond to the attacks and solve their stupid problems or basically create an environment for them to do it by themselves out of fear, to tell me the entire premier league will not complain about me if they started again i.e. they can always show up and extricate my faith and shut it down again if they wanted. It’s not an endless fight as it seems, for instance when a Firm Brokers equity with me and makes an advertisement it will be a clean advertisement but fraught with problems because media and popularity fools will pull the profits if they are unable to get advertisement contracts that they get to run as they wish – usually that would involve pretending that setting out an idiot to strewn my heart to the left and the right and do some sadistic happiness amounts to advertisement and when I say anything a barely teenage idiot will address me anonymously at Popular culture Music TV and radio to stop people getting security and factory work jobs and they do it all the time, so that it will be barely a teenager but wants to beat me up and then I have to assess it and decide it’s what it wants to do with its time and needs to show some respect for what I want to do with mine really soon. It’s sort of the reasons I run my business talking about flesh man so people can use their own to do it as well and they can surround all I do with questions and abuse in that; the pattern has almost become a part of my life where it wants me to criticise and write a book and when I do it will seek fame and fortune popular culture by changing a behaviour to make my book lose credibility, which then progresses to one of the fact I dropped out of University in 2008 but the same popularity insanity which caused it is continuing on National Media every day, meaning that their case is adding up and we will be hearing all about it pretty soon on my account. It plays out on the international stage as well, all of it – they speak of US Air strikes on Syrian Air bases as a result of Chemical attacks of March-April 2017 and how I have made myself the voice of reason which makes the wars effective at the same time, which has no link with reality in anyway whatsoever; the reality that the Air strikes is actually an excellent decision in my view, since it is obvious that if the Air bases were responsible for chemical attacks, it is no more and supposing there is another, then we will know it was not the Syrian Government but if the attacks came from it there would be no more of that as well; they speak of the part where it is a bad thing but we all know that the US before the Trump Administration and even at this point had open border Policy with the South of America and Canada and that Chemical attacks anywhere in the world sets a grave and dangerous precedent for all Countries in the world but especially for the US and that it is a fact that the dictators of the world have constantly refused to pay attention to while the Russians had become quite fond of supporting them as well – speaking of which the Russians have lost a footing in South America and the Middle East but have already established a new point for trouble making in Europe as we speak; then they will tell me I am becoming an enemy of Russia which is utter nonsense too, just like when they speak of British thinking they rule but are getting killed all over the world like no man’s business i.e. something we seldom respond to since criminals are to spend time in prison for their crimes not get killed in it however which if British criminals overseas have such a low status, we can clearly see the British ruling bit is doing something right but in terms of direct enmity with Russia however, the Russians are building quite a reputation apart from the new footing for trouble in Europe and wars in the middle east with things like Annexation of Crimea which suggests after Countries had become independent, they can return to their colonial masters if the conditions are right, the result is that a Country is usually independent for a reason that goes beyond politics and we can clearly see that in the UK for instance the English are the sophisticated ones while the Scots are not and the Irish along with the Welsh and the ones who live by society and it is so interlinked that it could work no other way except in Union of Territory which to add to their pleasant marriage comprises as a result of the same kinds of people experiencing the same Climate and Weather but the pervasiveness of what happened in Georgia over Crimea means that for trouble makers we are already in a separate situation and we are not talking about the fact everything is wrong as far as the Media ones are concerned either, those are busy telling me the British rule thing means British are getting killed by far more powerful people all over the world, while assuming their frustrated sexual lives is some sort of a fluke, some mistake I made, something which has happened randomly; since we all know it’s never clear how their populism becomes autocracy unless somebody at International Community brings it up and we have to look at the Macbeth Characters again killing sleep, consulting witches and generally murdering or trying to murder people and consolidate power; no idea what their obsessed with me is, since I do not look the part of wife killer and theatrical personality for it, who cannot for money reasons tell his girlfriend to find her mate and so it develops into the story of how I made out Trump Policy worked while I also think Obama Policy never did, whereas we all know Obama assumes ISIL does not want to approach the International Community to file papers and consolidate itself as a real State at the International community sometime in future, hence he continues to chase the two state solution in Gaza and leaves people money before he steps down, while spending all his Days at the White House ripping my Books and Finances to change my quality of life and make the races equal by means of original provocation that Politicians make laws on to build a balance, where nobody can actually point out what the fucking link was anyway. The two final matters I would point out being that people look Russian while we know they do my Public image for me all the time in a world of people who spent their school days on other pursuits coming good with themselves, hence the Russians really do not seem to understand what they are saying here – while the Americans are the ones who support idiots that tell me I suggest the World Wars had their purpose but am the first to ruin that purpose, whereas we all know they tell me that I keep secretes to help preserve their rights and mine as if supposing fate dealt me a hand I would have been able to survive, which has caused me to become intolerant of their Nazi History as well. The Politicians who claim to be liberal and not quite the ones they have elected to look into the need to handle those who behave in such ways, say I am unable to measure the Political mood and am dicing with trouble, it never really makes sense to me; these idiots will spend all the days of their lives given half the chance, chasing those who have more financial problems and less money than they do, while claiming the reason is a wealth inequality initiative – I just want them to go off and fight the wealth inequality somewhere it actually fucking matters, otherwise it is fair to assume that every time they feel like getting off Government funded security to show up here and chase me about and make a mess of my life because I am a moral person and have a religion I take seriously, I will take the security from them and tell them to show up with that their jobs which has a primary risk of being elected into office by criminals, to do it as they are as well; this is really what they are complaining about considering I have done it a couple of times but still will not stop the behaviour in question; yap yapping Political mood I.e. I am playing around until the Country will burn – to get after the big stuff; I mean it’s only a party and the pleasure it is having just their own slice of cake as it were, let’s see how civilised they really are with that big mouth that cannot let others a moments peace. It’s a matter of the exact character of the individuals who sold wares in the temple and were beaten out of it by the Christ as recorded in the Bible when he visited Jerusalem, it was also recorded some of them had kids trapped under the table, who told their fortunes as they are trading etc. the problem is the usual one, which is the Politicians making sure they can hurt me and hence exploit the infliction in order to extricate decade from my work whenever they wish, to show up there to talk rubbish at me about the problems they face when they are told to do it without the government security the same way they get away from it to chase ordinary people on the streets every day. It comes down to their popularity culture eventually and what I have done to earn their hate is the mild version of making sure I can get along and they can do, where showing up to chase my private parts at important public venues will likely mean that I ensure their celebrities end up at Society and society ends up at Celebrities like I have already done, to make them understand my work place is not my toilet as well, since the last time they took it up and decided all by themselves. It goes without saying when it starts to get serious and I get my hands on the celebrity and popular culture, it is possible I am bluffing when I say they will never see it again and yes they do say it’s the same kinds of things they see in Africa where people can just get up and decide others cannot be celebrities naturally but we still have the same problems where the simplest need to plug somebody else’s life and shaft them to solve a problem of sales basically means media fools must address and arch prince and hit him at the highest points of his career and family life to make it operable every day and we can see it’s not just me and that they do it on a daily basis and issue threats alongside to ensure it is a sustainable behaviour they can count as career as well; so I am elaborate about it because there is that idea that if I convinced them I will shut down their celebrity culture and popularity insanity it was a credible threat, they will actually stop it. A simple thing like plugging nonsense into people’s lives to make advertisement sell must be done by boo boy hitting people at the top level of their career and family life because it’s their incredibly stupid nature, talking more nonsense at me all the time. Then there is that talk of how I never really make my position clear and uncomplicated to others, which would be as simple as making it clear that when Journalists love to address me I find it insulting and will dig up society and place it on their bottoms, of which they are winning as well as it stands, rather than have a convention about what kinds of respect I want; the reality of it is that they become more concerned about those scandals and what that girl will do with my public image at an advertisement that is just a few tens of thousands and will make them a few millions according to their last projection and the result of getting involved with me is that they do not do the journalist jobs while I am the one who suffers for it financially, what they then do is a stage for lies set and threats issued in my direction to make a bad situation worse, then they also pretend most of my activities are random and spontaneous and would rather have had little to do with me being left to my public service while they spent time of their journalist work. It feeds into that story of things British do to support the bad things Americans do, while we know those who peddle such things are in league with revolution sensationalism that comes from Russia as well: so that what we are left with is an assessment of what they think is important and the Scandinavians think making deals with society to keep a marriage matters more, the French are all about Fashion and lifestyle, the Spanish are all about Celebrity and adventure and so on; so it adds up and we find they have only one thing in common i.e. stupid girls on the left and goons from had bottle on the right who chase people private parts so they can get to steal peoples public image as exist for the silly way they have lived their lives. They have all gotten used to the world wars as it stands, gotten used to the fact that what you want to do is take your family and get lost on a remote Island and suddenly discover you can ring up and get transported back home when your holiday is over, what you cannot understand is what makes people come to a decision about solutions involving ethnicity that leads them to kill thousands and millions of people in the most barbaric manner imaginable as well – then we will hear that not only is everything British fuckable but the elite of British Military behaves in the same way, which does not bother me in anyway as the elite of everything British behaves in the same way; as for being fuckable and their inability to tell the simple truth, it only continues until they have something to complain about. So they will say we ensure the US does nothing but War whereas we know they are the ones doing that and the and need to do some stock market and fashion while the US builds trade centres and teach Terrorists lessons overwhelms every other sensibility every single time and now the problem of terrorism has become so complicated because of them as well; what it does at the basic level is still what it wants to play out at US National stage i.e. it will gather women and manage them and then each time people touch it and get away with doing so, it will display the naked pictures of them women to save itself and it gets to a point where some of the pictures are so grotesque that you are left asking why he does not take his clothes off to save himself instead and then he will use your own to do it and secure his exit in that way – so when you do understand the nature of a thing and how it intends to get itself out of every sticky situation its stupidities have led it into as such.


Again surfaces another instance of checking me up to see if I am down and out by running news and behaviour on Media that causes group fun over it and I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that it is example of what Politicians need take note before the whole process of helping them get the better of me when they complain comes with threats attached too. There are reasons made up for this behaviour of course but only the bit where it’s a matter of real businesses giving employees motivation through training and appraisals and mentoring etc. while their illiterate get rich peoples motivation is making peoples privates hurt and we all know that it will soon develop into a story of wanting people’s public lives too, if we are talking about those who have businesses and employ people thereof. They like to make out something of an information I am hiding but in this instance that would refer to the bit where that queer behaviour that wants to make advertisement profitable by running it on peoples public image, so as to be able to hit them at the pinnacle of their careers and attain a result where they let go of everything else that matters and give all their attention, gives way to that really stupid but incredibly destructive behaviour where the culture is bad and the religion is bad and the leadership is bad and the politics is all bad, only for the mess made to give rise to an ability to pick up the public lives of moral people on a case by case basis and make both fame and fortune with it as it thus gets ascribed to them on media – which means that we all become even more convinced there is no God or Devil considering this behaviour can be explained through science, when we all know they spend all their time on the best of their servitude and the best of their consumerism which leaves them only the one activity of messing up their lives and everybody else’s life but being the ones who get a messed up life with some sort of privilege attached because they have access to Media, hence now that the clinical depression is the thing that wants to kill them all together as it were. They do say my family is responsible for these things but I know my Mum is their greatest asset mostly as such, I am not completely lost as per which part they are playing in the matter; hence we can clearly see that they have always thought this is something I could do nothing about and have now ended up fighting for their lives with every issue we discuss; the point being that the general sense is one of the idea I am trying to get some arrangement made where there is understanding, while the reality is rather that I have no respect for them as they have none for me – so I dropped out of University 9 years ago but they are still doing queer media that hits me at the pinnacle of my career to make advertisement profitable through it and what I am saying too is that there is possibility I am bluffing when I say that handling their popularity culture and celebrity culture will amount to the last time they see it as well, until it actually happens and they watch and can do nothing about it under the Sun – of which given the right tools and correct measures it is actually possible for them to keep away from others for a change as it were. I am answering it mostly because they like to point to something I have done to provoke them of course but so had I warned them before then about the laughing at people who attend Church in a modern world giving rise to some sort of physical activity; if they want to keep their own activities that means much to them as well, it might be important to pay attention; we both have no respect for each other in equal measure I suppose. There is also that worry that I am always trying to be a Man which is not really the case; what happens with these goons is that I am unable to play with those who ask me before they handle my work or any effects of me like the Court of female journalists do ad hence seem to serve this purpose of being a dividing line and neither can I get rid of those who do not with their big mouth, acting as though they know me very well whereas they are completely unaware that I have an ability to ensure every one of that stupid insults along with its consumerism and servitude produces results for those who love to oppress them financially and we are not talking about Industry goons making out I want to get into a fight for them and my finances have to be stifled so they can have their due either, those are always ending up with a question from me about what the ratio of moral to immoral people in their board Rooms is, which makes them freeze and completely unable to act against me while I have lee way to run rampage as much as I wish; so it’s still the same old story and some leadership they claim they need to see me exhibit while we know their main problem to be that they want to move into my right hand and be the people who influence others without showing their faces, which does mean that they build a version of me on Media that is doing so many things I have to respond on a daily basis and then they can put my response up as a sign they have accomplished such nonsense, while I have gone from making sure I am not forced to criticise them for a living, to a condition where they then get involved with my Books and reject it until I am physically sick and I have responded by building a business that does talk about flesh man issues all the time so people can use their houses to solve money problems too for a start – hence problem solved if they keep away from me except they are here to buy a Book. The other case being that Mr Trump has taken over my place, which is not really the case as people love to play their games with astrology; they said Mr Trump will change the way the world works and was the King that was to come in the new year, while I was actually ready to trade in the new year as well as his inauguration was to happen in the same period, they said I was supposed to have endured a lot of pressure and I am wondering if it is my pressure since Mr Trump is only handling traditional US interests and nothing unusual while the entire world has been complaining about me considering I have to protect Russian Interests while making my position clear that the bombing of Syrian Air fields to prevent further chemical action in the world was an accurate decision taken by the US President by the way of which when he does protect existing US Trade interests in China I have been replaced by very angry people who got punished as a result of sweetening their bough by whacking me over the head to make money that facilitates parties that will allow them do more of it too, claiming it is what ethnic minority means, which we all know likely builds up that stupid popular culture empire pipeline and runs it from the US to Japan across my Estate to expect nothing will come of it in the form of consequences; hence they did pick up some of my writing and muscled in on the China Interests which their President has to recognise is a trading interest of their Country and therefore means they need to ensure I fall flat on my face and die as per nothing is going my way getting involved with people without even wanting to hear what the interests were, the whites to blab which contributions I will make like it or not, as long as I stand on the soil of their Country and being that it’s a position we have been in already and if they wind me up there will be a new Book all together from it too as it were. Hence eventually the two main points people like to talk about this become obvious; first one being that I am unable to do anything the easy way whereas the reality is that I am only interested in making sure there is a clearly set out prognosis around the reasons everything happens whenever I do them and to kill off idiots showing up here to blab about being cleverer than I am first of all and also alongside claiming things happen at random, so they can do their own as well at my expense, for instance this conversation has come about because the main point was my incessant antagonism of US market bullies while the South American ones are waiting for an opportune time, which is rather to be handled by making sure idiots do not show up here to take decisions at my expense on my property and life anymore and if I have to get off the American ones to handle the South American ones as well, it is what I have to do. The other tale being one of how I have been made to work many times as hard for what everybody gets with ease and goes hand in hand with the story of those who were going to fight my battles, whereas I was hoping to face the evil I encounter on my own until they showed up pretty and their stupid children with a habit of telling tales of how they wanted to be me but got beaten up by neighbourhood gangs which I never was and therefore do not deserve to be me like that do and various other nonsense they do with media along those lines as well. The point is I am not working many times as hard for anything, just need to control involvement by those who are out of my league; so they do speak of others I allow all the time whereas the so called others I allow are people whom although out of my league would only handle property if they had taken permission, while these fools will handle it and make publicity for themselves telling tales of how I cannot do anything about them if they did what they pleased with me, that big mouth wagging – once I had moved on and out anything that is a person too big for me from my Court, I will not look like that anymore and it will become more obvious that I am running a Book sale business to make money and not sit about arguing with those who claim they do not recognise my Royal position – their insults are good but I have mentioned before as a matter of deterrence that culture is what people are aware of in order to look after their careers but they rather have a perverse relationship with it that involves making a mess of it in order to use it to remove people from their careers and if they test me once will teach them another lesson they will never forget again; then they can always queer boo boy stupidities hit me at the pinnacle of my career every time they want to take up all my attention to ensure thousands are spent on advertisement which makes them millions from there, fair to say traders need trade and lay off other people’s Arch Prince’s for their part. They do also speak of the case where the idea I am fearless is entirely wrong but we all know the truth is that when they begin, black and black discrimination would be shameful and that is why they are always deserving of other people’s property until when they get ahead of their victims in life and waste family life to make popular culture fame and fortune, then put the money away in swiss bank account after avoiding tax which is something they must do in life as it were, then it’s not shameful anymore. I for my part do not think the matter a complicated one, it’s an old case of making the excuse that you cannot keep yourself pure before God on account you live with parents that make most of the decisions but when you are on your own, somebody else who is really stupid and likes to do the devils work for the devil with his own hands has taken over from your parents to ensure you are not anyway and it starts with ageist insults and grows into God knows what and then becomes open secrete insults kept between them and schizophrenic community croons to laugh when your tummy falls on account of their incessant abusive involvement and then tell you what to talk about all the time of which it has always bene an old story of Politician showing up from the blue to ensure with the help of tac payers that these idiots do these things and make the money and preach wealth distribution over other people’s lives and pretend they are far more intelligent when we all know it actually cannot attend school if it does not have a hate figure whose flesh it can press to keep its stupid mind straight and that means it has always been the dunce that has always expected to become a millionaire in the real world at a later date. They always start and then tell me which I am supposed to deal with which is such a fabulous use of my time, otherwise it’s an old story of the scum making sure people smell when they want to get anywhere important and so I must deal with the fact there is a problem I have with media and with politicians and public transport operatives as well being an Arch Prince whose religion is hated by the perverted godless goons. They like to say they took my career from me and I spend most of my time digging up things these days which is utter nonsense as we all know if I ask them what the ratio of immoral to moral people in their boardrooms are, they always freeze and I can then do anything I like with their various business empires if I wanted to – these new idiots are a product of goons that always find a way to get everything through popular culture and are always seeing the profits that can be made if their position at the Business empires was about putting questions towards mine and that means they brew all these fools who will make money in no other way except getting a business person to spend money on them in order to hurt my feelings and so on, thus setting off this suggestion if I put the same question to them, there is probability they would have reacted differently. They do say I am convinced it’s okay to have everything which I am not, the real issue is that it is insane to think I will keep culture and society fools from showing up on my public image all the time while I run an empire in a way that suggests I am making money from it, if I fail to keep out of the Politicians; in fact, when the Politicians are kept out the others are kept out alongside automatically. They do say that at this rate people will get hurt for buying my Books but it’s an old story where the Politicians have always done it because they like to set out a stage where anything is worth it if it is about the Country and that since they run the Country they can have anything they want on one hand while on the other I can always determine where Media and Public transport operatives stir their discord if I wanted and if they done mine I will do their own too – nobody is getting hurt here and I am left wondering if they are always getting involved for the products as well for my part, wondering if they want to buy a Book or not. We hear their stories about how people have been lazy and will not accept jobs that they are now being prevented from procuring migrants to do and we all know first that Migration is not supposed to be a traditional hot topic of Political conversation but that the mainstream Politicians had turned it into a tool instead and really enjoy seeing others labour under misconceptions while they do as well. What they have done being to restructure the entire economy with media and political lies because they are making their ageism effective and that means you simply cannot just look as disappearing summer jobs in places such as the Royal mail that had gone under and gotten bailed out many times because of it and decide from it that there is something wrong with the economy, since you can always dig deeper considering it was your job to as it were in the first place; so they can show up and continue to pass those insults about people being lazy, continue to suggest while their fools chose what to work on instead of jobs they are given, that people on minimum wage do not want efficiency, never think about the tools they have and how to work better with it and hence do not want to take the jobs, while what really happens is that they have really unruly and trouble maker relatives that they would rather not do anything to control. So, we see that the whole story of a history of laziness develops on Media by idiots who get involved with my Legal studies and mess it up for me, leaving me without Book sales and bottoming out my finances because they simply cannot do some Media work without exhibiting some suggestive enquiry associated with what I studied or simply just let me be and mind their own concerns. So that what the Politicians will claim is that I had no right to be messing around with suggestive enquiries, while the reality is rather that they have become far more concerned with spending tax payer funds to rip up my finances while at the same time helping complete idiots to become more academically qualified than I am, which is what the media copies to spend other people’s time making stupid people famous and it is when they cannot control this that they brew up even more problems talking nonsense about laziness of the local people that facilitates the importance of migration all together when we all know the squander captains that get involved with Politics and rip up State finances in order to return to the strip club come from their fucking ranks. They love that other tale where boasting is now an essential in modern life and I am the cause of it; whereas the reality is the same old case of their civil rights meaning the need to rip up the finances of a religious person and get them to criticise until they make a living doing so, in order to show up at public places to organise crowds by which they change a behaviour and ensure the products lose credibility which will then have taken up the whole lives of their victims but it’s when that had been stopped that we start to see how evil they really are as the whole process of their stupidities becomes one about making a proper mess of culture until they are convinced it is totally fucked up, which will allow them to get on media and select areas of the lives and public image of moral people with which they can ascribe importance to themselves and make fame fortunes by. All I am saying is that there is no way that this process of being addressed by them like an older sibling will do and they do need to find their own younger siblings to do it with before it results in further complaining as a whole and they do say I address them in the same way too while I simply want them to clear my space and keep off my Books, they however have seen the foretaste of what will happen when that rubbish about ripping my finances to show up in public and pretend to be me actually becomes a successful theft of Royal Identity all together and wish to push their luck even further and come up with all those stupid reasons to counter what I have said and continue in some insane hope that my public image will become their own; so far the bench mark is that when people drop out of University it adds up on them and they have been going in there to pass exams and return to popular culture they never needed the academic qualification for and it is likely to become something more as well. I understand it is said I shouldn’t be getting involved with the injustice thing but we all know it’s not a matter of getting involved with it as it is a matter of getting stuck with it and that only happens when I have written my Books and they have showed up to reject the products at market and build a crowd doing so until I am physically sick of it all but if it isn’t the work of the idiots that never work for anything in their lives and found their way into the boardrooms of the worlds business empires by means of civil rights movements doing what they do best looking for trouble. Hence they always say I love celebrities and then I hate celebrities, which is utter nonsense since the general assumption is that my activities are random and spontaneous while reality is that I swear because I do not want any idiot to swear at me for example and I make people angry because I do not want my temper to be tested – I have always had this issue with eating properly even when I lived with my Parents, they did tell me I as a Child did most of the eating for the entire family so it is obvious how life works anyway, perhaps I need eating to get my life working properly but until I decided so, the last thing I want to do it get onto some eating therapy and get down to the gym to please these scumbags, they will keep their insults and imaginary hands on my tummy instead their way or mine: - Apart from which celebrity is something Women do mostly – and usually begins when they are unable to concentrate on academic work because the Boys need to deal with peer pressure while at the same time planning to become multimillionaires in the real world, hence usually one or two doing it for everybody, naturally expected that the idiots will show up later to save a man on it every day and these other live my dream make use of your work and life without payment while knowing better every time will show up later to make it a full house too. it’s what they want to do with it after you see, usually to do with showing up to take advantage of your morals with some incredibly violent corruption of involvement and when you have avoided hurting them as well, they will then do insults that will make you smell if you do not eat well like me for instance it will cause a smell that will get me beaten up and I like to say all those goons that complain in public places endlessly have been beating up like that too (I have always been that ways since I lived with parents – hungry to insanity but spending time being interested in something else and then realising I am at deaths door, have some food and fall ill for a couple of hours, except here they keep an eye on their fucking mate every moment and this is usually the time for anus and penis insults and when I am unable to keep a job because they do it so often and want to build me a history with it, then it turns out that they have a problem with my Book sales business too) – then there is the other side of it concerning the community croons who do all these things for them on the steady basis that they need, these are the people who have a problem with those who cause the criminal proceeds of their children to fall short at the market etc. and so when you lose you temper and for the ones above too, you start to avoid doing the bad things while they make out you are completely vulnerable as a result, whereas you can beat them down every time they beat themselves up for doing something the wrong way and build a history for them on it, which Politicians can then spend tax payer funds on to rip up your finances and help them become more academically qualified than you are thereof. At this stage the concluding bit will be that I have said these things without showing up on Media which means it’s all gone to waste; I suppose it would have since it is where they were born and where they were raised and how they grew up and where they attended school and where they had their fucking childhood friends too and can always continue a means of passing insults my way until it ends as badly as it looks too; the claim being eventually that I have respect for none while we all know what happens is that I practice my religion in their personal lives and it is such a problem that when Community croons complain I practice in such a way that the state of affairs they have in their local communities is disrupted, they spend tax payer funds to do something about me and then sit about complaining and talking nonsense at whomsoever is not interested in them about their hurting bottoms and inability to control organised crime later – apparently they say so because I have spoken on the respect issue too and hence made it a game thereof, thus what they say they mean is when their stupid lifestyles bother them I am supposed to do something about it with that big mouth. I never expected in all my life, that I could be required to change my lifestyle and health to suit a set of idiots that want to know about my tummy all the time as such and it is not what I will do, more so in view of that case where I never deal with anything conclusively while peoples need for insulting trappings of power that has to do with getting involved with my concerns has actually now created me acute finance difficulties and the first time they complained as a result of nasty traps people gimmick of theirs, it was as mentioned before, about the religion I clearly do practice in their personal lives as it were. Personally they say I will never get out of these issues but I am convinced there is a very simple way of doing so and it would involve an actual collar grabbing fist fight with the media in order to ensure where I left off the previous day with a Book sale community and other things about my life that they feel does not get to mean that every update is something I have to run after and hence do only after they have perceived everything and those who do not want the Books had done so as well, meaning I will not sell any Books all together but for the Politicians it is a case of a dangerous assumption I am fond of making, that running a Book sale business to make money will happen when I keep people out of abusing it without keeping the Politicians out first and this is what will get serious gradually in their case too: their feelings and problems do not matter to me, the assumption it is community croons and local trouble makers I need to keep from making sure every part of my Body hurts each time I am concentrating on something important will never work, it’s the Politicians I need to handle on the matter – as for the rest, it seems we are making progress when it is the goons that use civil rights to get into the boardrooms of the business empires of the world that have to spend money on their fellow goons to facilitate popular culture environments which encourage young people to be in the right places at my expense and that is just a start of the death of the notion I am going to share anything with them. The Business ones however like to say my biggest problem is the use of foul language but we all know I have provided amble warnings before I put them out there and the effect is usually that their money gets to play that much of a wide ranging part whenever idiots who are bad people but also customers want to trap people these days anymore: I have never considered it an issue, simply a case where the Estate is facing problems when other peoples will is in charge and not mine and they do like to tell me to spend more time with my African culture whenever I  want to move them on and take leadership but nobody knows who told them to get about spreading news I sleep with peoples wives and extract incomes where the families of the leaders of companies should be earning their pocket money and who the fuck they think they are running adverts on that stuff on my Property equities and Estate holdings like they do every day – so it’s the same old tale i.e. nasty traps people and loves its work way too much. So the general idea is, it’s my shares and it’s my holdings and I need to make them profitable by taking up the required leadership since it is becoming a concern for the Brokers and developers and African culture has nothing to do with it just like the Royal Estate is none of their business and they can see the obvious disparities being that they need worry about bad people that can also be customers, while I need worry about their money helping bad people to trap others, so we have no business with each other and they need remember that holdings and shares are asset property and gets the owner angry when people damage them and those stupid self-confidence with which they get involved with rich kids and approach me with impunity when I start to extract from them and beatdown seriously will be the least of their worries when it really kicks off, as there is nothing wrong in their view with taking out a long checklist at the stock markets and ticking them off one after the other while having left somebody else’s Literary Empire they claim not to recognise in ruins at the other end, to classify their stupidities as successful people and talk rubbish about cultures that match skin colour as well. So it has not become expensive to exact enough revenge to make me famous and rich just yet, this whole case of people getting out of bed to secure pleasures that involve preventing me from releasing money from an Estate to pay my way like everybody else where the whole Estate has become one of their main concerns – the media ones especially who ensure it is so effective for the rest think they will not be spending their abuses with those they care about instead of me when it kicks off but we can hear the complain about the clinical depression that will kill it if I withdraw and it cannot get involved with me like that on a daily basis and we are left wondering whose fucking idea it was in the first place. They do love to claim I love to tell lies but we all know what happens is that I will do everything to ensure people are not trading over my life while they will become 100% obsessed with making the reverse happen stupidly claiming I am hiding the source of their profits, now that they have dug up to personal and family life and true to form of sale idiots do not intend to stop there and I need to move them on, they are now telling me I am the one telling lies and it’s the same as the media idiots whose depression will likely become fatal if I carry on this way but we all know that when it does access its flesh man problems and what it needs, it does tend to realise that if you have a first degree and a masters and a doctorate, it wants to hit you only at the things you do with your doctorate degree because the effect it will have will be the most convenient for them and allow them manipulate you better and help them feel safe concerning the battles they know they cannot win and expose you to all the pubic problems they have created for themselves because it is on you they have worked out wickedness that will not affect them as their tracks are well covered to make them immune to all consequences you might come up with – so what it really wants is to do some media work and let me be but it does not want to do it just yet so far. Hence, they say it is a problem that will never go away which is utter nonsense, it will go away – what we are dealing with is the economy; when people do not want the Government to review the Monkey in their closet, what they need to do is not damage the existing economy, considering that if new money was printed and pumped into the economy there would be new spending power but we will be facing hyperinflation just around the corner all together. They always say the Monkey in the closet story was hijacked from an American while reality is that it was one of these new stories written from my Intellectual space being trifled with and made into a public access property by the stupid Media insults; it has never been unusual for an Arch Prince to stumble on some tools he wants to work with in Britannia which have to do with monkey in the closet but it is an old story with these guys who are fucked as well and now understand what it feels like to drop out of University because others are selling stuff and getting rich and playing gimmicks up where life is passing you by in order to manipulate you and make it into a career. In the end I have ended up with another problem and its mainly about the fact they now want to trade with the poor, which is a matter of National liability and they need to pay for their own – we see them do the experiments all the time about getting homeless people to share their lunch which they do share with complete strangers anyway and we see them try to understand the mystery behind the reasons poorer peoples of the world tend to value other people’s personal dignity so much but it’s an old story where he will hand you the last of his pennies if he thinks that you are in lack simply because he knows what it is like not to have any, it is money taken and money given but does not amount to trade, its National liability and they need to pay for their own and keep off it, considering they are not living in poverty or want themselves all together. Then there is the other two stories beside it which is to do with my fight with Men on one hand and my inability to raise money for myself on the other; where the former is largely to do with the fact any normal person could have seen that an Arch Prince will easily identify those things which lead to outcomes where you are a successful business man today but because you are surrounded by people who need vice more than anything else you end up losing it all but will assume an Arch Prince will not identify those things they do with Women to squander his life and public image everyday – I mean the other bloody idiots that always want to save a Man after are my personal favourites since they are always unleashed like some weapon on my finances by these fools on a daily basis; point being we are having this conversation because I am having fun as well i.e. talking about it would not have allowed the fun so I have to take it right up to the stage where I saved myself too, unto a level where they got to see and understand how to handle a woman to get her to do your own as well and then just when the regrets of the stupid ways they have lived ensured their stomachs fell too, I am ready to talk and we have ended up with this exhilarating condition of magnanimous spasms of conversations about their attitude while they are in acute agony, instead of wondering too much why they are not taking their own clothes off to save themselves each time they are done getting off to acquire problems associated with the privileges of those that are wealthy and show up to use women to save themselves, then take up my time to blab at me about how they always get what they want while I am trying to make my own state provided security cost effective all together and get on that stupid Media where they save themselves from me to pass more insults and pretend they want to control me all the time. So it is about the economy and they need to decide fast, if they want to get jobs or be the ones that create for others, the governments business is to review this great idea of certain bad guys who are now obviously the ones that have some money to spend i.e. bad guys as in money in my closet theory of bad guys that happened after they got really fond of walking around the streets talking nonsense about doing peoples stuff before they ripped up a perfectly good economy playing up incredible gimmicks in the first place, happy always to set out some means of making money, get a credit facility and turn up here to torture me basically and then to get on that stupid Media which is where the other issue of me being unable to make progress financially comes from, as it becomes increasingly obvious I need to burn the media and I will I suppose take it slowly since it is clear that unless there is a new story there according to the number of times my social media suffers a glitch so that they can move into atmospheres associated with me wanting to do something really important to make fame and fortune with, it will never stop. They do say I do not have any friends because I am always horrible to people but I would like friends who didn’t peddle the Gospel to begin with, however these are just goons that are such a bunch of trouble makers that my livelihood is actually not an entity that can make a living unless I am selfish with them enough for that to be the case while they have gotten on Media to fight tooth and nail, hell and high water to ensure I am not actually selfish enough for that to be the case. They all love that story way too much; that I lack leadership abilities and tend to divide people but the reality as ever is that I would only contradict this notion if I did get off and make myself a public place vagabond on Media pretending it brings me fame but then again their jobs as leaders and Politicians have always been that of making sure that matters of basic human dignity do not degenerate into public violence and I have witness their expertise in the last decade and a half as it were, while every part of me hurts for it. Naturally it seems they cannot possibly lack leadership in their view if they are populist goons; it has always been the same old issue for as far back as we can go as it were, where reality is concerned i.e. if it isn’t broken do not fix it – when you cannot afford it do not start going off paying for it. I am a Royal Diplomat for the most part and need to be on the ground when things happen – one is only likely to stop a person from shooting another if they know where the gun is. It’s much the same as when I am branded the changer of things at the Monarchy whereas we all know the kind of changes I have made have been such ones as the football league for instance where I thought the approach of the Monarchy was overbearing because it did not allow those who were making arrangements to thrive most of the time but ever since I expressed this view because I was in a position to do so considering they had already singled me out at the black communities as the guy through whom violent integration will be done with the White Communities, we have apparently not seen Nepotism in White Communities and racism practiced by the black ones as well, hence the changer of things at the Monarchy be my name – by the way of which it was all worth it since the politicians are now well positioned to decide which idiot they need spend tax payer funds on, so as to ensure they are full of food by becoming more educated than those who are not co-operating with stupid political needs. As for me, they can always move into my right hand as it were but staying there to be this quiet introverted fool each time their media spends most of its time making sure the probability of getting abused by racists on the streets is vastly improved, I will talk for them if they do not talk, so they can show up and hang around moving into my right hand to exasperate me and become introverted whenever they want in that way.


Now my problem moves to a tale of how much good and quality stuff is out there for people to read, while I have from a Royal Estate produced something below mediocrity and it’s not the insults and the idea that this is worthy conversation to have with guests on a National Media show that is as annoying as the fact they are aware my Books are usually written to prevent them from ripping the finances of religious people over decades, just so as to ensure that when ready, the victims will be unable to stop them from peddling public image and personalities, whereby on a personal basis they are free to play with me all the time if they want since there are clear signs it will end very well too as a whole, free to play with me and at the end of which they have a popularity culture that rewards their stupidities financially while I am left a University drop out Prince, as it is progressing really well too. As for the story of paying for the Women I use; that has always been a myth – reality is an old case where I break up my Business empire to broker the equities but first people start to develop stories where I have come from nowhere to extract an income where they should help their families at a Company, right down to taking the jobs of the wives of CEOs when I keep an eye on the advertisement that are heavily brokered with me and are meant to leave me some publicity to sell my Books within he process and it has now reached a stage where especially for the Americans, all people have to do is wear a frock and pretend to be the British Arch Prince and some stupid wanton vagabond celebrity business will really take off in the most convenient manner imaginable, so it becomes a case of what they do with it after since there is no natural way of actually taking steps to rip up my Book sales directly, they jeopardise their position to do it and spend all day on media threatening me as well, making it all into something that I have to put an end to or else I am going to face some really serious problems all together. I mean talk of how there are quality things to read out there while I am a disgrace sounds like populist fools doing what they do best but it actually really means that I need to take my Books off the market and write a proper one as they are hoping to commandeer it and deploy it to their ends, which is a good conversation to have with fellow idiots on TV most of the time I suppose; he risk obviously of breaking up an Empire to broker the equities for a living is that people might show up to dispute my ownership, so now that they have and I have given them the time, since the bit about showing up at University with a whole planet of popular culture to push me out of my studies and pass their exams in order to return to it and become surprised I have been waylaying them at the Jobs market was not deterrence enough, they have gotten involved with big business and have a problem acting the part that says when a business has a footing in several countries it is usually really difficult for anybody to dispute peoples ownership of their possessions, acting the part where they stop bothering poor people, acting the part where they spend time thinking about what big business people think about and letting others a breathing space. For me it’s all very well passing insults and abuses to get a goon that never works for anything if he can find his way to the boardrooms of the worlds business empires through civil rights, to spend money on them but it depends on how they do it to avoid trouble, because damage done to me does not amount to competition first and if they extract income from my people, it is not acceptable either. Apparently, holdings are shares and it does tend to appear to popularity idiots and media fools and stupid politicians who ensure they become more educated than those who fail to share and co-operate, that I will be expected to contribute what is needed of me and will be expected to ensure my shares are making me money and not them, it does not appear to them it is how it works, provided they have located a profitable insolence and their community croons are picking up on it too. Speaking of the Community croons as well, they usually express their frustration at anything I do to stop them from being rich such as these by wishing people forced me to do something and brought me down and low but it’s an old story of people wondering how their relations with Russians gets to degenerate since it usually means that if I am not being bullied because black Markets have savaged my empire, then I am having to deal with unprecedented liabilities in Asia instead; so the way it usually works is their insults mainly from Africa and South America, followed by a loss of connections with Russia and then immediately after that lots of anger and frustration and probably some pain depending on how far their bullying goes as well, due to what must happen when the stupid tyrants they are related to have business and property in this Country and send out scum like them to keep an eye on it and they get here but find it so difficult to keep their filthy mouths shut. It feeds into the whole thing about black people not getting involved with me as I want nothing to do with them i.e. I have already dropped out of University, so they are expecting me to compound my problems by getting involved myself with people who are always appointing themselves a right to get involved with me all together producing detrimental effects in the process: it started with stories about black girls having located some guy who thinks he is a Christian but is marked out to be Gay so black people might be powerful and has progressed since into something of an involvement with people from my own race being very harmful for me, while they have in turn become quite fond of getting involved instead and so my position now is to set out a bench mark and start my own processes of showing them where the limits are until it gets serious too and of course there is always a reason; there is a reason on the international scene where the Americans say the British want to show them how to handle their problems in Africa and the Middle East and how to pay for their Liabilities, while the Germans say the British want to show them how to deal with their black market and counterfeiting issues and that they have beaten down Rule Britannia but that is just the middle bit, where it began as a whole is the one where these two are the most notorious for building a crowd that will work on the indolence claimed of those who have decided to take something they have been working on for decades out into the public for the first time and this is where it began like it always does – the rest is just the usual stuff that shows I do have everything under control i.e. the criminal fall out where it seems that when the criminal business proceeds of their Children falls by 40% for instance I on the other hand am completely unaware of why every part of my body hurts and why I feel sick because of their neighbourhood bullying all the time, whereas I do give them time to explain and sort out a reason for them if they have not given me one of those to provide closure for me and for their stupid selves. Hence, they hate the Police we hear and they can make a T Shirt out of it too.