Now they say there is a case of people of power like me and people of freedom like them of course but there is actually no such case as it were – the reality is that we all speak of it and when they are as well then others can live and exist: we all hate people turning up at our concerns to talk rubbish about things they know nothing of. We live in a Country where if we want to be nice to people we use our own and women can abuse and be ignored – they cannot exist unless they are using other peoples work or property or lives to do things and it is not as if I prevent them from travelling off to other Countries where they might be comfortable as it were.

They are not freedom or civil rights fighters, just really nasty bullies and if we check the US for example, entire Communities that nobody knows how they were forged or at what stage they were can be made up of them and that means that if you want to end up having work to do that another person earns from as you do the hard work and they hate the fame it is as easy as anything – they always say they feel that entire life is threatened by me but before then it was about threatening my very existence as well, steps already taken currently which involves political office targeting and wrecking my finances and media destroying every other possessions while civil rights idiots wait to claim self improvement from anything I do to recover and now they are making connections with Industries and rich people with it too. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s a simple reality that if I get my hands on it I will kill it dead, I will destroy it completely; I mean years ago the story that most people got to listen to is that they act like they do towards me because I have stolen their culture, today all things blamed on racists, it turns out I am actually being oppressed and there are layers and layers and layers of these things to put one over the other and seek privileges of injustice every day, especially for the Americans and it is enough to annoy anybody like it does me.

We do hear them say my books are enough to annoy them in the same way too but that would have been a typical example since the books were written on the conundrum of how I must be dominated by them before I can be allowed to do my academic work, especially for the girls that seem to be very awesome bitches and cannot keep their insults and threats to themselves and we have never seen them accept the connection between issuing those stupid threats and the bad things happening like the books they complain about and their communities being cut to pieces by me so they can have their fill of violence and I can put it to the test as well – hence the reason for this conundrum clearly was to ensure that after I finished my academic work all else will be up for debate and this is what we are putting to the test as well presently. No idea why they cannot stay off the books anyway, the books sting all the time but they are seen around them all the time too anyway and that is how we hear the complains on media endlessly but never without the insults and threats which make the bad things happen – since it is already true their nastiness is such that it is the worst of them that turns up in public places all the time while the best is kept at home for them and their family, hence when they want jobs they want my personality to get it with etc and need to be able to trade that with rich people and industries as well and so forth – this is the part I tolerate, all else will not be and the idea of having a great idea that another person made money from and the daily process of ransacking my person and public work to figure out rights they have on my possessions and on my earnings will not do – this is the part I don’t tolerate, the threats are a process where all doors have been closed off and they have prized it open and made fantasies they work into reality on media and that is why it leads to the bad things happening and must continue that way until there is a consequence for every single one of their activities. I mean some of them think it is funny, even when it is blowing up they are still making fun and of course they don’t have any stupid civil rights on my income.

It is enough to annoy anybody especially the checking me to see if they do all the time – just like a case of how the Conservative party is setting out people they can victimise economically; I wouldn’t know why they think we should tend to live in a world where we are one less party in parliament either and that is when I am concerned, when I am not the question is rather that of what on earth it has got to do with me anyway. everybody knows the Labour party spreads an ideology that says when you feel you can never make progress with your stupid life unless you steal something important which is then attributed to your culture, then it is another that is wrong for deciding they want to put you through a nomadic lifestyle because you are living in a Council flat – I mean it was Politics the last time we checked but more importantly is the fact that they are doing it because they are planning an evil thing and want to be able to cover their tracks and be safe from the consequences and that is why it has something to do with me and when I say I want nothing to do with them they know my culture which then means I cannot brush them off and this is enough to make anybody mad; much the same with the Popular culture people who just like the journalists always seem to have a way by which your possessions end up with gangs or racists – racists in the case of journalists gangs in the case of popular culture and then before long it is being made a mess of in the US and they are getting around with the Monarchy claiming to be fighting the fight against the Americans – I want nothing to do with them will rather have provoked a response where they know my culture and hence I cannot brush them off.

I mean in the end it is when I dish out my own consequences as well that we hear lots of stories but before then it so happens the last time I went 24 hours without thinking about sex was sometime in the early part of 2001 which is when I first arrived in the UK and since then it has been a struggle with black people Churches and everything else over keeping my mind free of sex. Of course I cannot function that way because I have had an encounter with God which means the only loop hole in my life that stays open is the fact I am not married and when people pillage it they can easily make an answer for everything from doing so – when companies and industries do it means their money is more important than God and they always do until we put that to the test as well, they always do like absolutely everybody is happy for them to draw that line between other peoples possessions and their stupid evil money the way they want to do it. Hence in a long shot we hear I sleep with peoples wives but of course that sense that I do happens without reason as it were, an example of consequences I dish out as well which makes headlines. The Books will be sold and they will be sold with my life or theirs but they will be sold.

I am not struggling in anyway, a person is responsible for the fact I did not sell my books today, that person thinks it is funny and is exhibiting himself and herself for it all over media – they even make out the trouble to be that I throw everything away when teased by the Monarchy which has no basis on reality but when that fits into the picture what we find is that being teased by the Monarchy is more like soldiers taking the piss out of each other and hence something that happens because it ought to happen but whenever it does it tests your position and loyalty – in my case I tend to lose my temper because of the sense there is something I have failed to do so every time it comes through I get after them and that is how they have located where it involves the Monarchy and things are not looking up at all as it were. It is enough to annoy anybody intensely – even when it is blowing up they are still making fun.

I do not believe it a difficult matter; it’s a certain dichotomy that produces a certain disposition from which various people run their operations; in my case I know I am hated by many people and only those who are doing my stuff love me and that means isolation, which also means that the number of people I can speak to on a business level increases vastly – they on the other hand are lazy about working on relationships, so that there is the same effect for them in the lives they want to live as compared to people that have a lot of friends. What these idiots think is that their patents will become something I recognise and respect and their fame and public person will be treated the same way as well, after all these things including the part where they extract an income from my work because they are having civil rights on my earnings and it will be that way while I have the records of all their movements around my possessions and what they have done with it too. So it does apply they create this sense they have build a bubble in which there is no law and there they can do whatever they like but it is one of the things that are being put to the test here as well. I mean people do ask where my cut off of these activities are but it is simple and easy to see that there isn’t a parent in this Country that does not have to give up a piece of themselves and shove aside some obligation just so that they can plod on and chase the school run and get out of bed to get to work, when such things were entirely normal – I mean I have been unemployed for 6 years all be it working for myself during that time but my parents have never been. We hear them claim more so that it is the same things that I had done to them as well – whereas the reality is that the poorer ones exist in a state whereby the government ought to look after their children so they might enjoy life and so it is a fight with the government over whether or not they love them before the government does but for the financially well off ones mummy’s well fed boy will beat up everything that loves to walk at his own pace in the neighbourhoods because of his very obvious Christian temperaments until you kill him and then there will be tales from the parents who knew he was bad and wanted society to do something about it but never wanted him killed while he flushes your life down the toilet. So in these situations, there isn’t a person in the world that would not want to build them a world where they have obligations put aside every time they have to get out of bed to chase their daily pursuits – I mean what I have mentioned is a microcosmic aspect, we all know a few years ago it went National because there was an economic crisis and a lot of people in predicaments they might want to make fun with in their view: in fact it is how the process where I built a company that does not exist and wrote books I have now realised I should not have written were forged. So there is no way out of the matter save the book sales for me to take a holiday with; it’s a matter of the intensity of these activities and where or when it overwhelms you and why and how you need to clear your head and start afresh or they can stop complaining when they get the dark side of you as well every time they want to provoke you and exacerbate the whole thing; book sales – 6 months holiday, return to the UK and start again and I wouldn’t care if their communities exist and that is the only way they can have t back, as I am obviously not homosexual. These things are entirely foreseen – the reality of the fact that any person holding government office in a condition where he is not paid can become a plaything for civil rights and media idiots half the times because of some fraternity in high places they can extract from him because he has no way of protecting himself with justified force, the other simply because of their greed and gluttony.


The story of how much trouble I find myself in with rich people would surface here yet again but of course there is no such trouble as it is the old stuff about those that are better than me as human beings telling me I should be doing what I am doing presently when I buy my own house in order to ensure it does not become a problem for everybody. So clearly of which it therefore means it is impossible to write and sell books while renting homes from others and your parents who are friends of some socialist goons are nice people with indisputable characters. It does not constitute a problem for me in anyway – it’s a reality about the fact I am single and not a toy for them and their foolish Children and they need stay off my books lest I sell their entire neighbourhoods if I wanted. I mean it is the issue with them rich people and industry people and then they will say I wreck perfectly normal relationships which I don’t– the reality is the games they play concerning gold diggers and they always play one about something for the gold digger and at the expense of Mr you know whom whose finances have bottomed out etc – so clearly of which the Gold diggers have not yet found their own to dig so far which is why it continues endlessly. They would say I am the one that does not have the money to roll with big boys who can afford Gold diggers but the reality has always been that I am not vulnerable to Gold diggers which are one of the fundamental differences between Royal Princes like me and rich people like them who are not. I do not have a problem with my own work and do not necessarily need to create products to earn a living with that are fundamentally market items – I do get this sense the Monarchy does not want me to commercialise my Royal work and I don’t know if it means the Queen wants to award me some money or something like that but it does mean I must temper my work with security as balanced with the need for a living wage – this means products I create must at first glance be understood to be items of my renaissance and not commercial items, so the whole process of something for a gold digger at my expense from big boys with millions I cannot roll with far from making me feel marginalised makes me very angry and fills me with resolve because it is very provocative and they would have done it because they are not interested in where I am and how to avoid antagonising me; so it is how they ruin the relationship, I am not the one doing that. It is incredible how they put together products to involve everybody including these people who have strange relationships with money as well as myself and the end product of course set out within a context of the fact these people would have bought the products anyway if they hadn’t – so they do it because the Gold diggers have not yet found their own to dig and when they do it will stop being a pleasurable preoccupation – the part where it is some Machiavellian activity being the one that will carry on until somebody takes it up and does it for them (we all know we have come through the part about spending time to build your business that Politicians make excuses and damage because it does not respect the fathers so idiots can turn up to count pennies on it until they make millions and stuff, then whether or not extremists have been able to geo-programme their way into industry will have become the problem of those who can get things done thereafter like there is anybody messing about with them thereof) – so they have not learned anything yet so far as far as I am concerned.


As predicted the Community of sexual perverts spicing it up with the loves and existence of others, coupled with idiots that have a strange relationship with money and tend to assume ownership of high points at the social classes, they have reached a stage where they are convinced that I deceive people and get my way with them whereas they want to make use of my work and my person without going along with the rules and since their own wasn’t enough has cost them everything and doing it has become the bane of living. They do ask their questions at parliament where they are really full of themselves about why I never accept the responsibility to do something about bad women, which is all very well of course but the reality remaining that violently deploying your problems to bully others into doing what you want was never a new way in which a Christian can be handled and that we have entered a phase where I will kick them for my share as well. My whole life in the UK has been about bad women and all these things I have had enough of as well – I mean I am not at it because I love to be at it, there has been a trigger: the part where an ex pornographer takes pictures of herself in newspapers owned by these idiots to put up one of those messages their stupid girls whose needs are the reasons I am always being bullied by them because I love to cut them off and therefore treat women in the most appalling way imaginable, the message and publicly displayed of how I didn’t rush to have sex with them and somebody else too it up and did it – this is somebody that has been a whore for many years and after that published several of her autobiographies on public work that she clearly did, been through a string of husbands and have currently divorced one while pregnant because he cheated on her and all these facts have run and run in the public environment – so like I didn’t get off my ;public office to sort out their various needs on giant billboards in the city centre and on advertisements and everywhere else this had taken it one step further and I wish to start this day onwards to do something about it too. To do something about it right down to the effect of how I need to get involved with the problems when we all know that their behaviours are constituted from the fact there are violent men that can beat me up which is something every little girl should have at her disposal like the Queen which Americans do love to encourage and foster before they complain, and that because of it she can do whatever she wants and likes with my person and possessions: a matter of how many times they will do these things and how many times they will hear the warnings from me to take them down and desist from them. They always say it will be a big fight of course which is utter nonsense as it would be over in a jiffy bearing in mind everybody wants to tolerate the excused criminality of Popular culture fame and fortune games and yes they do speak of drugs and gangs and crime but I was under the impression as it stands that it was my line as it were. Of course I am not getting involved with any stupid problems forged from idiots making noise about some foreigner getting famous in their Countries when they see my books and getting off to media to cause as much trouble as possible: they need to stay off my books and make a connection between their stupid threats, turning out to exasperate me and deploy my princely war and peace sensibilities to make fame and fortune and the bad things that happen, happening – it is never going to stop either. I don’t think it a problem, after all the books I have written which will be sold by the way can either be something done by somebody who is in a royal position and is dealing with matters of middle authority or they can be a means of making sure that it is not those who are so dominant they have become vulnerable that have their lives and personal aptitudes peddled by other people who know more about money than they do: if people do want to be free of me they need to stop making a mockery of everything and cease to pop the question of my standard of decency being less than that of my parents which I grew up in, which of course is what these stupidities achieve on grounds they have got technology to get to places they could not previously get their hands on in people’s lives – for now it seems that the books will be sold on a prognosis of making it the case that their lives and aptitudes can be peddled as well and then the ability to change the process where those who are so dominant they have become vulnerable suffering it will be something I have a monopoly of and then sit down to trade and sell it as much as I can all over the world.

The part about my disrespect for parliament is a popular one in their view of course; when the reality has always remained that there is nothing there which means that MPs can bully you and call you names presuming that there will be no retaliation on grounds that you have something they think was better theirs instead and yet will claim that when people feel that they have paid for their Ministers and hence should not take rubbish from them there will be a problem with governing of which we all know is a fact they consider at the back of their minds while they engage in getting off public office to rally people and chase you all over the streets of the UK claiming that you have stolen a beauty. If I were a Politician I know the kind of person I would have been would have largely been concerned with getting involved with a structure where I meet people and they speak to me about facts concerning what must be done and the money that is to be spent to get it done at public property and then I will return and have a conversation with colleagues in what must be the most stimulating career and out of which I can ensure that those I speak to feel that their careers and family life are directly linked to mine and the way I run mine as well, not set about abusing people and calling them demeaning names like the boy you want to beat up and so on with a big mouth. As for the media however, with respect to those we have the atmosphere and that means that all the things that people previously thought were impossible even though you could do them in the west now exist as possible actions that can be calculated – I don’t need the atmosphere and I am not deploying it just keeping it like the keep the fame of the Politicians so they might speak less of abusing me and more of the things I must give up for government to operate successfully. We do hear the tales I am involved with pornography of course and yes I am since we all know what happens in all those places where people regularly start public trouble on grounds I am trying to extract fame and income from their Countries where they happen to have their own local celebrities deploying my war and peace sensibilities to get rich and famous is that whenever anything happens with any government requiring my patronage and thus a public display of what they do and involvement of my work, towards fostering their economy especially tourism economies, it turns out that as soon as I switch on the internet and have a look there will be pornography versions – I mean some of them are real pornography about the way society has sex of course but others operate in that way and are very provocative – hence the part where there are communities in pornography Industry and everybody gets involved is mine. Yes I know they know they say the pornographers are ripping me apart as well but that does not matter as long as perverts that are ugly to a fault and have some money madness to follow up along the lines of claims all I have and do was stolen from a culture on their right hand side which allows them to abuse me in sexual contexts and sexually are in it and as long as middle authority with a strange relationship with money have the whole thing dished out for them as well – I mean that is usually the part that gets sold most of the time and hence the real pornography because we all know it is impossible to rescue people from them and we all know their stupid children can savage my public work making fame and fortune like they do but will still not abstain from lies about gigolos they beat up with a big mouth and so on: I intend to rescue people from pornography at some stage and I can see animated pornography is actually more effective and more grotesque and shows a more accurate imagine for most of the time – so we can have female celebrities with pitch fork tails and large penises having sex with each other publicly displayed as well. There is no disrespect for parliament; in the end of which it seems the main issue is firstly that I am unaware HM is unhappy about my activities which she says she never approved, but since that are not the Queen what I get instead is that all I do is what I do from my own availability and the reasons I put the Cote of Arms on it which places it at the heart of government matters so I might get hurt all the time is entirely something only I can explain – but as we can see Politicians have been more interested in the things I have done at economy and industry and less in how to draw the line between their salaries and my possessions and have a leverage with which to have things they don’t deserve and does not belong to them – they are so less interested in it that they have not been helping businesses in that context and the media has not been getting in on the act as though absolutely everybody will let them draw it that way.

I do nothing to prevent these idiots from travelling off to countries where people use other people’s lives to do things and they would have been more comfortable, so I know the fact I will tolerate no more from their insolent and lazy women and the gangs that will protect them from me should e good enough a warning for anybody: we all know it is a risk that we face in the west with its capitalist systems, full of scum that know more about money than those whose possessions they want to make it with as it were hence we do not grow up with it and plan how to be safe from it as it were and yes we do hear their big mouth about the men I cannot go up against, whereas we are here on grounds they have been taking advantage of the abuses I put up with because my existence is fundamentally a threat to them and I had better not put my character to violence and they had better not allowed it – so that must mean they think I am a very different thing from my own character and will likely tolerate nonsense from stupid bad women for the rest of my life, which is why we are about to find out how much of it is true as well.

Parliament however is where they ask how there is to be reconciliation with what I have done; whereas that had always stared them in the face and works along the lines of crime and crime management – a matter of how state provided security affords them a means of making sure that ordinary people feel safe and secure as well, not as a matter of some great act or deed or legislation but as a matter of their day to day behaviour due to their offices as ministers of parliament. I mean you get rapists voting for you and regularly have that sense of strange things happening around you that indicates they have been working towards getting their pound of flesh from your political success but will get off state security at Downing Street and chase me all over the streets of the UK claiming I have stolen a beauty only if you are Mr Blair who is not yet finished with being a Middle East mediator presently as well – that was supposed to have been a main aspect of his industry connections as it were – an example of the nasty white people that will get a break in this Country once they give me one as well, otherwise their black fools can continue to paddle them and get into trouble each time they wind me up as well. They love to claim that I speak for the little people and do nothing about those who have sizeable disposable incomes while criticising them, whereas we all know if there are perverts that are ugly to a fault and have a thing for industry connections a culture to defile people with and a place on their right hand side where what others own was stolen from them, then they will leave Government office and chase people all over the streets of the Country claiming people have stolen beauties and if there are twisted perverts with strange relationships they maintain that they have with money, then there will be help to wreck peoples finances, abuse them so that unseemly things can be collected about their condition to pressure them into giving things up and to make fame at their expense with and help will be available to aid a process of drawing a line between their stupid salaries and other peoples possessions. The number of times I have to bang away that their behaviour and that these bad women are the biggest challenges facing the financial sector and the number of times they will pretend an idiot might have made some sense but in about 24 hours or perhaps 48 are back to the way they were talking rubbish all over the place and now they think it is the problem of the Police and law enforcement as well, which I have decided is an issue they can continue to push until members of the Police force start to make money from these kinds of problems as well – the logistics of security and crime in the financial sector, where one person steals a thousand and ends up in prison and another a million to claim it was wiped out of the stock market refusing to believe those who want the money restored are not playing around with him don’t –so we all know they do say I am too late and they have already moved into that area whereas last I checked I was the all knowing boffin that decided to put the equities in liaison with the Church considering that we all know the Arch Bishop of Canterbury knows nothing of the crude oil industry and of the Financial sector and that there is no God and I probably just got off to put a case to the General synod about which Arch Bishop to elect. All I can say is that I liaise with these men to build my business and set out a product but continue endlessly to be published on TV where they clearly have no wish to do their jobs properly and think everybody is a fan of a system where people that others dont know can sell their companies for them and even with that those who are selling the companies anyway will meet each other and exchange contracts of which I dont see what the point was but it gets even better since every occasion where they meet the value of the company will change and fluctuate and I belong on the left, served therefore even better when there are other technicalities I am not aware of. So we are on course for an Industry of Law enforcement.

Football people is the crucible for their actions a lot of the times we find they want some power and violence of course but those have a reason to vilify me currently but continue the same actions that lead to those results i.e. everybody knows what they do is pick on those who dont like women take advantage of them thereby treating women badly but at the same time they will not allow a female referee exist or do her job as a Community – so it is fair to understand what they think is that the people who drive their fast football cars without attacking others dont know what is good for them, like the media ones that cannot get on unless they find violence create a process where you are responsible for them and merge it into your life and operations in order to seek self improvements, hence their prognosis for driving their fast football cars, doing transfer window management and getting all over the place enjoying pleasures of life largely is concerned with self improvements they can get from and wreck your personal life so you dont feel you have something they dont and most of all is concerned with the fact you are liaised with a part of society that is the weaker sex and will play out onto when we have a King on the Throne etc. So it is understandable they expect you to know this to be the fact but act towards them as though some different reality actually was. The part about my laziness is just the one where I hold down government office and get paid from my own endeavours, write books, look after a royal commission as first of my blood line very well in modern times, chase my academic work to drop out and get depressed for a few months only to get back on me feet and try again, use swear words and not blame others for my problems after, take care of myself with respect to how my setting out government work can be done by those who seek the payment in a different way makes me the enemy of wealth distribution people, right down to the part where they have stupid girls that cannot function unless people are beating them up getting all over my book sales on media to lay claims to my possessions or rub shoulders with me, and I do all of these things as lazily as possible thereof. So you see, I am not struggling financially because I actually am, they are doing the damage and getting all over media and politics to make out it is funny rather than seek residence in Countries where they will feel more comfortable finding people there who use other people’s lives to get things done and I am handling that comfortably as lazily as possibly can too by the way – so it is fair to say their insults are reaching a tipping point as it were. The part about businesses deserting me when I say these things are all very well – it was a matter of making sure idiots handling my possessions do not use it to hurt me or destroying it so that they never do – it seems it is the one where they dont use it to hurt me that paid off and the fucking idiots can desert whatever they like.

They do say my living conditions are unimaginably bad and the idea I am royalty beats the imagination; it is not actually something I think about – I mean this is what lower classes are worth anyway and they are telling me it is bad – I would have loved to be told what I dont know as such. Its only annoying when they know they are part of the problem but go ahead and bring up the matter all together, otherwise mostly the reality is that nobody else is going to fix the financial problems of a Royal Commission for you and you can turn the place inside and out or scream your lungs out if you wanted I indulge them because they think HM should which will never happen; hence I would have been better off just finding an abandoned forest where I can set up camp and sort out all I need to do without being disturbed but renting homes from lower class idiots mean I have access to flushable toilets and electricity and other amenities etc, so it can be a preferred option: these guys are vile you see and so are the royal friends they have, it’s like you know something about mixing some primary colours to create secondary ones and you know not all colours mix to create black save blue and red and you mix it to create black – for them creating violence and genocide and murder is a skill that they pass down through the generations and when finished only then they realise they have not paid attention to their financial bottom line and realise also they have destroyed the lives of those who did and have nobody to steal or copy from and that is where people from government positions become the problem that they face in their stupid sordid lives – the reason being that if they got some people who share their sentiments there, then they could make those that can solve financial problems bend to their will whether or not they have wrecked the lives of such people, meaning they will have everything. It is not my problem fundamentally, I am more interested in what belongs to me but it is however a candid observation worth making anyway bearing in mind they are making sense of a living condition they and their industry idiots created for trophy victory: about whom it is said I never fight back proactively hence the problems I face of which I dont need to because they must work and pay the taxes and if they value the information they will stick to what they know, it’s an old case of finding somebody who has had it all worked out while you have some tens of thousands of disposable cash at your discretion – of course all you need to is attach yourself to them and work really hard at what you want but since they want power, which is why they wreck my finances to control me especially the females who are making me into a toy boy they will own, they must be given such power as it were and I am going to take that away from them. I dont think it a serious matter by any means, I mean I am paying for my living conditions and do not owe them a debt, we all know how much a lower class scum would charge a royalty for accommodation if they knew political instability had detached them from their Thrones or Crowns etc – so these things do not constitute what is actually news, my point is that it might be an obsession of theirs the people they hate who use their own lives to get things done in their own lives whose anus they want to finger all the time etc but I dont prevent them from travelling off to Countries where people use other people’s lives to fix problems in their own which is why they are such misfits anyway – they have left nothing here for a conversation or means for time to be spent thinking about their stupid problems or even providing them with leadership and they do need to move on. Hence they become clearer about their case when I mention it that way i.e. the reasons for their actions is that they want me out of my own life and into another existence because they want to make use of it for some reason.

It is not that which I lose sleep over, I am comfortable with myself and the reality of the fact that they are vile people and those who praise them and lift their reputation in public are in league with them: I mean community croons that think chasing others for violent sex isn’t something that will wreck their academic work and which they might find intimidating and modern goons with strange relationships had with money while they are stuck in the middle finding it difficult not to get rich and soon enough we see them off to personality competition that can be had with Royalty and that was how we ended up here – trouble being they will not desist from the thing about a little thing for the Gold digger at other peoples expense over claims they have money to fund it which is where the competition should be and their stupid children do show indications they want a fight a real one too as it were and that is why they want to stifle my book sales so they might win and are always seen on media. It is entirely normal; I mean take republicans for example – should you remove the Political ideologies from them what is left is a group of people from a certain persuasion that means that when somebody is clean and clear and spotless is the place where they should somehow see ends up with all their woes in life in order that they might be free of it as there is no other way to get it done and this is why they are the kind of people who engage in such activities without a doubt. So they despise you consistently and constantly and at all times, such that if you have your Gold and silver strewn all over they wouldn’t pay attention but when you have fashioned it into prized jewellery, one of a kind, that is where they want to shit. Of course they cannot crack or damage my books and it gets me fed up their constant attempts at doing so – bringing us back to the realities of what creates the problems i.e. I have government office and in it I worry and deal with middle authority and keep accountability of what happens in my personal life open to the general public – so they should never turn up to do things to me that raise the question of how the dignity my parents had is more than the one I have, as that will make a mess of everything and the need for the royal office to reassert itself will kick in – it is not a social issue, it is a process of looking for trouble – as for the Liberals and democrats, I am first of all famous for being HM Arch Prince before anything else and am not in any way concerned about their problems – that does not mean that those who get into trouble shouldn’t zip it either, I mean it’s not as if they will not tie them down and take up their stuff and do it anyway and then they can control me and I can be goaded into anything they want me to do with a big mouth. They are not interested in the lives of the guys who use their own lives to do customer service, not interested in the lives of the guys who use their own lives to fix issues in their own lives, not interested in anything that means you exist or matter, what they are interested in is whether they have a civil right on your earnings, interested in whether they can have peace of mind by owning your personal life or sharing it with you, interested in their deviance and how much you are being made by the politicians and their very violent selves to pay for it – so it can grow and keep growing bigger and the claim I am at the field has no basis on reality either as I am not and it can keep growing bigger and bigger if the idea continues to get around that you dont know who you are – nobody is preventing them from travelling off to countries where people use other people’s lives to fix problems in their own where they would be more comfortable, they need to get off my books and their Politicians need to cease trying to force me to discuss or get involved with their problems and they have left nothing here for that; it is in this context their Politicians insult me and make contact with my parents who will then get me to behave as they wherefore I dont know which is more insulting anyway but in the end it seems it happens because they enjoy making me feel miserable – when I attend University I get ambushed, much the same with jobs and now my book sales, it makes them feel like they are great militant people and their children I like to describe as toy shoulders now have fighting spirit that can go on forever with my so called beauties attached and that is why I like to lay siege as well, so that when it is a proper siege it will apply that the only time I get ambushed will be the chest that feels like exploding all the time as though heart disease was a game, the ones that escaped from the siege. So there is talk of the many things I could do with my personality and I can remember the reasons my life has been about bad women in the UK is because my mother has continued to think and try to force the same thing into occurrence which is why all I do ends up in places where somebody can take it up and pretend I am inferior to them etc and they are more deserving and more important but I am a Christian and I am comfortable with that and their plans will never happen and they should never get others to do it in my place on account they have a desire, that is provocative because it goes against the entire ethos of spreading the gospel – we have not finished lashing people with competition as well that involves wrecking their finances and turning up to do it in order to win knowing they dont like competition as a result of their own persuasion yet, we are concerned they lash us as well apparently like I do. The part about the things I do with HM being the biggest problems of all is all very well – that happens with respect to all women I work with, from the journalists to those that are just fans of my work – the reason is that I am not asserting my position well enough and there is no other reason but that: I do rather like to talk about it in terms of other less things like involvement with Middle authority being more than just a gimmick – this has become common place for some time now i.e. every time you have business with peoples wives there will be media shenanigans and then the husband will martial the bigger underground problem that your business faces in the whole world – there is no other reason that happens so often they even think and publicly express how I need to shut down my business all together but. I mean you can never work out when it comes to that anyway, you cannot work out at what stage you became the guy that tolerates the bad things happening in the relationship the lady has with somebody else – all you know is that the loyal ones want to fight for you and you take care of the problems to prevent them from doing so since it is not who you are necessarily and more so at all times, the ones that cause trouble however are another story as this is my life and not their own, my possessions and not their own or their wives own and if she gets punished because she is crazy about my fountains flowing so that something might be of benefit to her as a result of having a relationship with me, I fail to see what it has to do with them and could lead to more serious matters. We are not talking about girls and abuses – so far my life has been about bad women yet and we will see the end product as well since they are rather hard of hearing. These are reasons I never mention the matter – it’s a bit dangerous but not the one about girls and abuses and Popular culture: I mean I am not denying anything sexual is going on between me and their wives, only being made to overflow my fountains because they think they will benefit from it which of course they do but I fail to understand how anybody gets married to a woman that they have never been able to provide any peace of mind and she has seen none since she was a teenager as a result of her looks and why the idiots before they complain about how men like me are not more concerned about scum like them fucking up our lives if we can be more concerned about whether or not they die as a result of falling in love with beautiful women – I dont think fame and fortune popular culture is dangerous as well and they will have to fuck themselves. Mentioning it does not create any stupid risks, I mean why am I looking for trouble picking on girls I should be providing for when I have not yet provided enough and when black why am I not fighting for a world where the stupid girls look more beautiful and then the sex based attacks and the peeping toms to extricate it – it is utter stupidity on their part to assume there are risks to mentioning anything.