I hear the complains at Government of concerns about me opening myself all the time then pretending it will be perfectly alright but that is not the case unless people want to do it for me instead and then it can be a problem – otherwise it’s a matter of the evils of Nationalism whereby you clearly do not want the part of your life about how it is said you enjoy telling big animals what to do to become an issue that everybody can get involved with but it is precisely the nature and evil of Nationalism – they are everybody’s leaders and everybody’s followers and it is completely indiscriminate; when I do mention it like I have, then I get told it’s a matter of the fact The Monarchy is doing it too and what is good for the Monarchy is good for them as well which just takes up back around in circles over and over and over again i.e. they say they do not have all the power in the Country but when elected they get after the unelected.

I hear they say I am responsible for all that in the first place but violent integration and clinging to me on the basis their temper matters and mine does not will not have testified in their favour, however the reality is that they think their evil cultures and voodoo part of their behaviour will save them from each and every process of attacking others and it has not saved them this time; I know how not to live a life that means those who are trying to make money with popular culture have to face nostalgia but that is not what I want to do – this was their own lives the last time we checked they didn’t bring it on themselves I brought what they do on me with a big mouth.

The story of whether or not I am aware that my behaviour towards Politicians in making them act to kill people; I have no idea what it means, since I have always been clear that my idea of Politicians are people who left home and finished their academic work and then set off to the streets to pretend to be nice so that you elect them into public offices where they can remain to invent things to hurt you with every single say and every single moment – I mean you simply need to ask yourself the question of whatever on earth it does mean and then you see what their nature is really like and what it is really all about and then you can follow the question on with another one of whether you know who the hell they are anyway. It’s like when they say nobody really can work out what my problem with the people seems to be and I have never really had a problem with the people save those who will damage my finances and keep it damaged so they can grab my Royal Estate and make it their own thinking it is that cheap: the US ones for example being the most active and the most insolent are really, really fond of the game of I want to be good like you want me to be being I am the worst thing that ever happened to the neighbourhoods and the up your arse move on move on move on thing about my behaviour that occurs 100% of the time to express this, is to make you understand how much the Politicians are preventing me from being good and so it does get to a point when they know where my book sales are and cannot do it anywhere else. We hear the case of the celebrities of course and yes we are aware too that it does not matter what they do if they are celebrities but not everybody thinks that either – I think all they turn up here to do for me is offer me a license to do some of the things that our social structure fundamentally prevents us from doing to them: there has always been this sense that those who are taller and good looking can do what they like with those that are good looking but not as tall as they are and for that reason it is a matter of health and temperament and right down to personal life – your4 behaviour towards your daughter may well be that you have no wish to see her anywhere on the right where she can do your stuff and she can do the left anyway so we can find out if they will not do her own for her as well anyway and yet at the back of your mind you know if she does not give them what they want when they are after her she will get raped but in my case it’s what they know about my finances that is everything that sees them turn up on that media to talk nonsense about the hard things they will put into my personal life and my peace of mind and my soft nature what have you and then their low lives all over the place start to pick up and make a sub culture out of it which does make me wonder if the fucking idiots are going to get it done on television, so all we await now is a public life I will build for myself on this basis since the part where I only want one to sell my books is not the one that does it for them and we are all aware of it. so obviously celebrity means when a character stinks you can deny the problem so that it might never have existed and yet when you look at their idiots on the streets it is a case of 24/7 100% hatred towards other people and it makes you wonder if it is actually possible for people to live in that way but as you can see these fucker do anyway. So far I have killed off every relevant part of their stupid culture and I have kept Law enforcement abreast with what I get up to – so it has gone from a case of where they have some short comings here and there to a condition where they are always on the case without any failures and that is getting better and better too. Like my activities with my person and possessions leading to a provocation of their stupid Politicians; I mean do I know their Politicians anyway? I hear they said they thought it was a flimsy statement of which it isn’t what their low lives on the streets think about it and I have continued to warn them about what they stir those into doing on a daily basis in the first place anyway.

Speaking of which the case of UK Military Prowess is very well understood as we ought to get used to Politicians talking in an exaggerated sense, however that sort of thing is normally measured by your reserves which the UK has not got a lot of, hence what we have is a history of invading Countries that give us the slightest whiff that we will not be allowed to be an independent Island Nation should they have any quarter of their way and of course if I do mention it because people ask questions then it exposes me to Americans making trouble who are already after my work and finances yet again but there is no such thing;  what these goons do amount to a state within a state just like terrorism overseas except that in their case their Government cannot guarantee the safety and security of the Officials of its allies, so I have no way of explaining it but I think their President will kill them and I will watch as it were: they say they are frustrated but are still seen around my book sales as though we were mates and equals or as though the books do them any favours in the first place – a lot of the time talking much nonsense about killing me which is something they expect they will do without courting consequences. We frequently hear talk of small country small penis which is the sort of nonsense you wish to entertain at government office and more so all the time of course showing the puffs everywhere; yet I have no idea if they suppose the soil they stand on is some beach somewhere in Africa that is covered with Palm trees anyway.

The story of people harming me and their Politicians talking so much rubbish from it we know has now reached a stage where there are tales swirling around of how they would not hesitate to kill me; what they are dealing with at present is the cries of their stupid parents who think I must be dominated first before I can do my academic work and now I am in my thirties and still at college so that this can become a apolitical sub culture for them and their fame idiots – so what we are looking at now is the fact that every time I take away from them and their fellow useless big bothers white idiots with an eye on the successes of their female siblings and so on the means by which to issue this threat they find a way to get it back again and bandy it like we were equals and it can easily lead to taking it from them and blowing their brains out process since speaking of which I am older than they are as well but we all know that they are reeling from a process of setting them for fame and recognition and importance so that I can subject them to the same treatment they have dished out on me as well and of course will likely kick them as well as we go along – since the stories about Scottish Nationalism which each time they find they are about to lose seek a Welsh one does not seem to have been sufficient. I hear of the question of what seems to be my problem with people’s right to independence but of course we have already heard of the Australian Prime Ministers view of it two days ago this date: they will say things must change and some people have to take that risk but it is a case of what they would do if somebody else also hammered them with the sense that every single change was worth it in the most surprising and rather sodomy manner. In the end it has always been the reality as it were that these are people who find it difficult to be successful in the social and Political and economic conditions of the UK, so that causes them to seek a new Country but as it stands the Political state of affairs there is such that Labour is the opposing side hence they speak of the best of both worlds when people are deciding what becomes of the future of an entire Country and why the breakup of the UK is important or not, considering which they do nothing whatsoever about the consequences of what the world will think if Scotland becomes independent, they think the history of Scotland in the UK will come to their aid at all times; hence the people there now know that regardless of what they think and what they do these two groups of people will always do whatever they blood well wish in the end anyway and are resigned to the fact they will still have their commitments whatever becomes of the Scottish Nation, when we know these idiots will craft a Country that will ensure they have social and Political and economic conditions working in their favour for an independent Scotland to exist in the first place and we already are hearing them talk nonsense about how people like me will simply try to make them feel the same way later to no avail as they will have become daddies and will not tolerate such nonsense, which takes us right back to where it started i.e. the hunting of those people normally bully in order to have what they want from life – then it develops right through the powers of the majority population, across the imagination of Politicians concerned with wrecking your finances until the evils of their society gained access to your bed chamber and is still going strong with the review of the scope of the present generation they want to take advantage of recently and hence the dream of a new country is just the kind of thing that is made in heaven.  Then we hear them claim I am comfortable with the status quo when they are the ones that are unable to get successful in the status quo – making noise about how they are more clever than I am while I am the one who has been forced by them due to a need to survive into creating an Intellectual Property administration career while I chase my legal studies of which one will overtake the other and either way what happens is none of their business and hence who is more clever considering me and the fact all their problems are normally solved by their commitment to violence on the other hand being a matter of something that occurs the other way around. I am not necessarily comfortable with all of the status quo, nobody is but if their stories are to be built around abusing me to make progress we will again see me give them leadership and fame and settle up on dishing out all that nonsense we clearly learn at Church they think people cannot have enough to tolerating from their stupidities as well again and we all know I can get set up within a space of 12 months maximum time frame. To which they will say it is the class system talking but that is simply like all the other arguments going to dig them into a deeper hole than they are at present i.e. there are no other group of people who have a 24/7 100% existence of being seen being angry at other peoples households so that evil scum can have Political careers except the grass roots and I don’t see anything wrong with the other classes talking back at them as well and still therefore cannot believe the scumbags have made referendum for independence out of it either. It is usually where they shift the matter to a case of dignity: dignity when I write books and somebody else delivers what my fans want, dignity when my friends are a social group anybody can join each time leaving me with delusion that does them no good since we all know when I lose my temper it matters and when they do its media salvation – dignity when we live in a Country where people spend tax payer funds to hold a Christian in poverty to cut him off from the gospel over a period of time so that he can be used by those who want to use him without going along with the rules of the gospel – these are not people who understand dignity or people who deserve any. We even now have to deal with a process where they claim I would never do anything I have done publicly whereas the public aspect of it would have made all these things and matters rather very obvious as it were, especially the part where the UK culture is such that women always get involved with people and either way they wreck something or make it better it is always the same as if they never did and they are not people who are having trouble attracting the opposite sex as they are people that women actively and fundamentally avoid as it were – so it’s all very well getting into Politics for a good salary to do bullying with but I am much better prepared for a condition where I see them at top industry jobs here, so it’s not a question of talking nonsense about doing things in public and wailing when people do as it were either: if I said it is a matter of how those who spill my beans pick their up as they are doing it, they would claim it is an affront to accountability but in reality it is a response to their tiny tyranny and it is a good thing when good people are more powerful hence I never think twice about it like they make out I do either.

I hear of black people that are working for the Scottish Nationalists who have me under control of course; none of which makes any sense to me since I have only been renting the home of an insolent west African for the last 3 years and a half and in that time they have learned to watch their filthy mouths as well considering the number of times they have had to complain about being messed up at advertisement and media and Politics and everything else as we all know that before such an outcome they will be hard at it and the process of bumping into people talking about what they did with you in which condition they were your boss will eventually become the thing they need to kick them out of bed to get to work on the day making sure you cannot even concentrate on a job search let alone your academic work and job while time flies by and names unbecoming start being called you with a big mouth. I can spend all my time talking about it so people can tell me the issue is that I really have no way of dealing with them or I can make it clear it’s a matter of evil people and who have always had two behaviours in my direction and only two – one of them being how God does not exist and how everybody should know they have never been spiritually beaten the way that even my very presence beats them all the time and how I will get into trouble for it, like their Politicians talk nonsense about how uncomfortable they are with my existence and my books which I always think is another example of the fact they are afraid of nothing in their stupid lives and hence bound to tell me what they are uncomfortable with, the other side of their relationship with me is that of bullying traders and businesses and nothing else. So we understand that my books need not get sold before they make their tributes and yes my challenge is that they can if they dare so we can find out again; they say they are frustrated and have got problems and I say it’s been 14 years of them here every day and they need to get the fuck off my books and finances.

I understand the case of my lack of respect for Politicians leading to bigger crisis but I have no idea how that is going to happen to those who don’t want a crisis either: the reality here is that I am dealing with a set of idiots that I find think it is amusing the way I react to the deployment of government office to wreck my finances so that the grass roots idiots can use me for a plaything while I gradually become a bum of which we have seen 14 years of so far, so that instead of making sure it does not affect me by hitting them as well what I do is chase these low lives and get rewarded by the people so they can think I do not deserve it. The most prolific of course is the Labour party and they also were the same example I made out of that process of giving people fame and leadership so I can subject them to the same abuses they levy on me as well but we cannot see an end to their insults and I will surely kick them again as it were. I hear it is also said I refuse to accept that the way I live makes people uncomfortable but of course I don’t care as these idiots cannot stop grooming me for an evil thing and I have developed a thirst for setting them for one just to get by every day, so it has become a case of any who dishes one for me will be lucky to stay alive after the one I dish for them as well – they complain about their problems to that effect of course and I think it will be done to them again like they have complained, so that we can make sense of how the racism affects those that have been groomed to get killed by racists and how that fits into a plan to prevent such hatred from happening in the first place: if they told me that it does not matter whom I broker my equities with and in the end when they want a product they will simply go to the market place and buy one that they like and stay out of my business all these issues will go away as if by magic but if not, some of the things that should happen naturally at market will definitely be forced I can assure of that. We cannot continue in that way forever; free market we say but it is only as free as the secret place we have to plan what we need to do and the extra funds we need to throw to the dogs on our coming out day and if this was not the case people would not be spending government funds to savage my finances because they want my literary empire to pass by them and turn out thinking it is amusing all the time and gives them a kick thereof which I always think is something idiots do until they issue those stupid threats – so it’s not just a matter of dishing it for any scum that has the effrontery to dish one for me, it’s a matter of the fact that free market will be free market and some of us will produce while the others consume in this life or the next because really bad things keep happening and who is this person they are grooming for an evil thing exactly me? Of course I don’t want anybody getting involved with my work – I mean the devil must be thinking I am stupid as it were: I am a writer not somebody who is supposed to like those who like me back and this is the only relationship there is out there – we all know an otherwise situation is another trouble they seek where they want to place themselves such that my books will trample on important toes and I will be persecuted for writing them and I have no idea when they will understand I have had enough of it as well or when enough of their stupidities will get killed before it stops.

I mean the general idea is that of how I do not pay attention of concerns around me whereas there is nothing to pay attention to but the fact that Americans generally think what they need to peddle to make their 21 century global dominance and American economy is my half priest chief of staff office and my books and to that end love to claim I am loud because I am insecure when in actual fact the story is the question of what they want from me since nobody is selling capitalism these days anymore and neither is anybody buying either. It is clearly one thing to put up with them turning up here from Africa and the US to do you will feel a wave of us and then all you have will be gone while you will be down somewhere and we will one the world in your stead and we speak a demagogue on Media and get off to it looking tougher and stronger than you can ever be which mean we do your stuff and own it and you will never get it back because you should have realised we are powerful – a lot of the times I lose my temper and have them this is usually the reason but it is one thing to tolerate it and quite another to put up with the above as well, so it’s a matter of indignant questions over what the self harming fucking idiots want from me as it were. I mean we hear the story of me being taken advantage of by Industries and it rather works like the old case of how my books are a shame unbecoming whereas I could have written all the equities academically or I could have shown how much their involvement insults and abuses me especially when black and hence wrote it in description of what they are doing with it considering they have respect for nothing until you give them the fame and leadership and dish out the same treatment you have learned from them too: I am not being taken advantage of by Industry – what is happening is that it is more expensive to get involved with other people’s business and that part of their activity is what I am keeping and they will be free from it in hell because this is a very frequent activity and it has also come to a point around my personal life and finances too: the other story of being taken advantage of my civil rights people is much the same, it does appear they are not interested in it so I better take the opportunity to show what I can do as a very badly behaved Royal Prince, fixing peoples civil rights for them, it is not the first event either, the first was the new one they will get with my personal life as it were which spawned all these industry vandalism and allowed black people to corner me at the shops and Industry, to show how powerful their service to the devil can get – so it eventually does also apply to the story of Royal enemies which are largely concerned not just with them and their industry friends being in league with violent grass roots scum with which to attack those who don’t give them what they want, doing fashion and show off for a living, in order to speak of the part of Scottish Independence involving issues of dignity where there is a question of how I steal peoples Royal Estate while their black idiots seem poised for some action when we all know their absurdities get to stage and that it is to end perhaps when they have my Royal Estate all together and then there will be truth at last especially over such claims as people being born gay, otherwise everything about it and its desire for fame and importance and attention and recognition remains the same – it’s a matter of keeping all I got from HM and making it part of a Company and running both admin office and the company well and successfully while finding time for my academic work and my books all of which I am settling into rather well too and on the other hand people who have been given an inheritance to start with being a complete flop that cannot keep off attacking and bullying me which then gets to the point where their parents start to have views about it. So these are not to be confused with the story of whether I am interested in the everybody’s leader and everybody’s follower from Politicians or Industry or I am where I really belong, which of course means all I am saying is that I win all round anyway. For the civil rights ones it’s a case of the fact that if I cleared myself and got off to do civil rights I would still have had hooks placed on me by the Monarchy to extricate this result but they must want civil rights from me that they can take advantage of – for the Royal ones and Industry ones apparently when somebody wants to spend £20,000 on two slices of fish served on stones from the Mediterranean by a beach in Cyprus before he is able to eat his fish, it must have something to do with the livelihood for some person that is a front to his decadence in order to create a revolution, so that I soon become the one that HM allows run around and do what he likes while they are the ones that will get into trouble if caught selling theirs – that is not to say money cannot end up in Bank to earn interest, it’s just that if it does that will never be the end of the story.

Of course never appear to run out of cases of how I happen to smell and so on but it is something I do about myself as a result of being under so much stress from their need to touch me and so on that I am always sweating in a condition where my body is not predisposed to perspire and the outcome being that all I eat oozes from my skin and gives off the odour like I robbed the food on me instead of eat it and hence when it mixes with the scent of  my detergents and so on does not smell nice but it is not the only result of the stress of their insults, there is also the part where any sweets I eat turn my teeth brown and then I have to treat it for three days just to recover and so on. My point is that these stupid low lives no longer are interested in their own concerns, they are not talking about whom they sell things to or buy from anymore, they want my associates and partners and equity associates and so on and spend nothing of their useless nature especially the media ones but time of seeking that all of the time – so the warning here is that I am aware they know where my books are and nobody asked them a question about who smells or not. It’s like that old case of how I have difficulty living with the vanities of men when in actual fact if we start from television personalities, it seems when they have made up another society in their stupid heads, they cannot shut their mouth and keep their hands off others and I will have it again, for the women especially blacks, they claim they have no idea when we all know what really does kick me over the edge is a condition where after all their insults they boast about the powers of the evils they worship and finish off by telling me it is the powers of their secret societies and is used on me because I am being made into a baby that does not want to grow up and have sex with them but for the American ones and others that like their power of wealth games it has always been a simple matter of the fact the space between them and that stupid secret society powers is where I want to live and hence understand they say if I turned up in public to boast about being Royalty I would get a bit more respect due to being predisposed to violence so they can find out if I can kill people for my father’s but I have no idea what brings up the notion I want any respect from them anyway – the reality is that their stupid criminal children will get shot by the Police again and I understand they are creating the conditions to kill as many as will create a social crisis that will get rid of the issues and put people above it so they can practice these things with impunity but just like the Television personality ones speak of ruling women that rule and know how to look for trouble by savaging peoples book sales to hold onto fans that they want to control like they owned them as though they were items at the same time, these fools for their part think about handling other peoples possessions to get rich with all the time and when done they become interested in customers that are keen on the products all together which is why they get my expensive attention as a result, it does not mean the mindset of a customer is not different from that of those who are interested in the products because they want to mess with it but we all know they have made up another of that stupid society in their hands and garnished it with media attention and have thus started again. So when it comes to environmental issues they say I am behind whereas in reality environmental goons professed to have had it all figured out hence everybody else wants to steal from them; when we all know the truth is that 2000 year old tree behind the home of the guy who lives in the jungle being cut down will always be seen as commercial work if a building that has been in the city centre for the last 300 years is not razed to the floor as well; this however are extreme measures, the reality is that these environmental goons spend all their time channelling their problems into the animals so that when people kill them they can make negative publicity for it and because of that people kill wild life a lot more when they complain due to the fact there is a sense that their boundaries continue to be pushed further and further and further when the fact an elephant or a whale or a shark being killed is again more important than their sufferings, that people see animals suffer and not a human being – hence in actual fact their involvement always tends to mean that animals get lesser and lesser protection than ever: now we know they have taken it all over and are complaining about those who live in areas of the world that are not city civilised having a need to play dirty games all the time until it turns violent but will never mention their own where you walk out of your door and 8 out of 10 people you meet come from very far away parts of the world and it is a lot of enlightenment to take in at a short period of time, all taken away from you by a stupid women who has a sexual need and used by these idiots who want to pillage your career to get rich and famous every single time they see you and so on, so it is an example of how much they do for the environment but it goes further than that i.e. these idiots are the kinds of women that like men who support women in their struggles and then it will reach that point where if men don’t know when they mess with us there will be war, then they will always do it and then it will be garnished with the idea if they don’t get out of their beds and tell men what to do as a basic form of existence things will never improve but then gets finished off when this power must be deployed on Princes and Priests first otherwise it would make no sense – another case therefore of female freedom two steps forward and five steps back. As for the story of my inability to hold onto a Royal Estate, the reality is that I will go off to sign off books and bump into that and there will be a fight nothing more to say about it. the sodomy for everybody in the UK story is the way things work basically most of the time i.e. when you look after HM interests it’s the Grenadiers who come into contact first because they are HM Guards etc but the black idiots involved are simply the old case of Mr quietly confident that we hear all the time until it ends as badly as his stupidities suggest: the American ones are a typical example: all that need for power and corruption starting from home and family and so on – so that it is when they feel their culture is safe and intact that their focus changes from the need to earn a living to other peoples personal lives and possessions and it comes to such points as when girls don’t give them beauty to peddle and get rich they get raped and so on: so they are quietly confident at me again because they have made up some more culture and think that I cannot kill, hence I will get my hands on those cultures again and the result will be the same as before.  These things are not unusual – it’s an old story of somebody driving a large car, pulling down the tinted windows and being really full of themselves and so on but at what stage does he start to think of himself as a dynasty and then it becomes a matter of when you the Royal gets to office to chase your concerns on one hand and there is a story of which one others did and which ones you were responsible for on the other when they are not Royalty – sometimes you let them take advantage of your work to make money since their story always starts with poverty and hardship partly because they have no respect for your leadership and you want to make them important so you can levy the same treatment and partly because you are curious as to what they will do with money and the result is always unfailingly the same, so you know you do these kinds of things to communicate with those you have business with: they complained about tyrants America supports in the 80s and then again in the 90s and now we have the 21st century versions as well all together

Of course it isn’t true powers of idiots and sex abuse victims in the slightest that I have a desire to kill people; I don’t, the reality is that these fools especially the American and African ones are cursed and that is what all those tales about God not existing is all about when we already know their point to be that all that distant religion and celebrity and politics stuff people deploy to help them is never really enough unless people share their lives the way that they want – so that they get to a point where the only thing that will satisfy them is if people die on their behalf and the need for it becomes so great that they get to set up conditions in which their stupid children therefore get killed by provoking people until that is the case and then that will serve a means of salvation they want to try and stuff into everybody else as well but above all are willing to kill as much of those children as possible or have somebody like me whom better still they can put through incredible suffering for the rest of my life to prevent death, in order to extricate a process where those things that provoke people into killing them because of their accursed behaviour and attitude that destroys people’s lives is moved away from what is regular colloquialism, while the need to oppressed a weak person they have set out becomes hidden popularity – so I do wonder if they want to talk about it too like that big mouth concerning what I never turn up to say to their faces lest there be trouble. I don’t think it is a crisis either – we understand each other very well; they hate me because I have things that stir their greed and I cannot remember thinking about them in a way that does not annoy me, it does not therefore mean I am predisposed to making my life accursed as well.

Of course I am aware it is said I don’t pay attention to the things I do to create this process where people continue to rip up the fabric of civilised society so that nobody gets to stop them because they want to give me the beating of my life and so on but that is usually because they think their stupidities is what I got born into this world to sit somewhere and put up with as well so they are going to beat up with a big mouth especially for the Politicians – I have continued to allow these things grow bigger and bigger by making excuses that it does appear it is what they want to do with their time but it seems they can never grow big enough to realise that one more push can easily lead to a process where taking them down brings about fame as well, so I can going to make it into a matter of one last flimsy insult as well especially from the Politicians. I understand the ones that claim they manipulated everything into this state between me and them and I have no idea what it is the idiots have manipulated here anyway – only that it is the same old case of the question i.e. am I a victim of wealth distribution or a victim of their vandalism, guideline being that one of their answers will piss me off and the other will let me move on and stitch back what they have damaged here and they are free to answer as they chose, either way of which they can then stop being so stupid. It seems their problem is that their country has been changed from something they recognise into something that annoys them all the time – the idiots are sick now these days and worried about being depressed and I am right there among the top five people in the entire world that have made it so; hence it applies they think others do not want to punish them every second of their time in order to extricate a sense of security and well being too, which is why they turn up to shoot off more insults rather than keep off my books and my income and keep off using the civil service to help them bully me. The Political ones talk about some wealth inequality and yes they will need to think about how many of their constituents earn the same as them before bed time every time they cross me as well: of course I did let it grow too big but it is not to say that the fact I will neither tolerate them on my right hand side or the left and the civil service offices have become claustrophobic is not a sign that I can dish out enough punishment to recover my normalcy and peace of mind around here as well: they say the Monarchy has enlisted a guy that gives no quarters and shows no restraint and cannot tolerate people trawling through history of his activities and sensibility of his future and Public offices are now filled with echoing voices and mental disease and we have no chance of getting close to the Monarchy to gain any of the little things we used to with him around and yes when they are done wailing we hear about fabric of society being ripped up because they want to ensure nothing stands in the way of them giving me the beating of my life, so I don’t know what these fools want from me either – nobody in their view wants to punish them all the time until a distance is created that will give him his peace of mind as it were: I don’t think it is a big issue; it’s an old story – we are bullies we make time for it trust me and I have no idea what the idiots are complaining about now anyway since they are rather so hard of hearing: The Monarchy has not researched properly where it got this low life and now people cannot have peace at home or at work or even when they travel overseas but they are still after personal details at civil service after book sales and cannot keep their insolence somewhere else to claim I think I am Royalty when I am not while I think it is their own people use like that since they are hard of hearing and I find it impossible as such to understand what they are complaining about viz a viz.

I understand this recent digging up of attacks on me is based on an American Journalist being murdered by a British Born terrorist in Iraq – I wouldn’t know what it means to them either, after all they have continued to insist war is their stuff and as far as I am concerned, I am not the one being incompetent enough to fail to keep myself fully informed about the issues as it were: this is a conflict in which terrorists are having the upper hand, their Country has been party to creating the problem, war is their thrill and they must show that to the terrorists themselves in the home land kind of thing and expect the outcome to be somebody else’s problem – we understand they like to speak of how they can manipulate things to ensure I get killed by some random act of terrorism as well but people get beheaded all the time – they need to Google it and find out and answer me the question of what they would do in a Country where people get beheaded by terrorists all the time and your Country was party to making the crisis happen and the terrorists are currently with the upper hand in the conflict, answer me what in their view is the dynamics of a conflict involving terrorism in which terrorists have the upper hand? They always say I am at a loss as to what the issues are and what people are like which is utter rubbish too; I mean I know this Journalist’s kind; it is the one where there are six people in a company board and 2 of them come from Dubai and one from Europe and the rest from the US and the activities of their people will mean that nobody can trade anywhere in this world unless they will filthy disgusting low life and violent issues on account they are preserving their superior culture and these male journalists are usually the biggest beneficiaries of that too – so what his type will likely stand there and tell a handful of terrorists is that he has either fed so fat on it that he is no longer aware it is happening or he will tell them the US is the biggest military in the world; so as far as I am concerned people need to Google beheading and find out what is really happening in this world and stop talking so much nonsense. They said war was their stuff – this is in no way a problem of mine – its war and it’s their stuff. In my case however it is never true that I am off to a crisis with them anyway; they are hard of hearing and think they have no wish to let me be claiming I say I am Royalty when I am not and I don’t mind; nobody has to end up in a violent demonstration and get shot at by the Police if they do not set themselves after the Royal Estate and Public work in it that they have been told many times to stay away from and of course any reasonable person can make out the connection between doing that and my hatred for their popular culture right down to their Japanese connections popular culture empires as well and why we have not seen the last of violent demonstrations and police shooting yet as well. They speak of how its more things for powerful people and for government as a result of my activities of course but before then they want industry to be brought to them in their personal lives knowing women have what they would rather keep private sticking out in front of their faces as a matter of natural anatomy and that they will have public place jobs, never mind the need to be to make my personal life available for peddling or be instrumental to making that of a female journalist so somebody can get rich and famous about which they continue to feel like handling my book sales all the time to this day and we have no begun to scratch the surface of their misogyny and sexual behaviour nor have we begun to scratch the surface of the fact they have moved these things to the Internet where they think they cannot be controlled as well. So somebody has some money to spend on some young women that cannot be free from them and they do what they do on the basis of my public work because they are fans does not imply it is for everybody, does not imply my fans cannot wait for me to deliver my books or somebody else to deliver an album because these idiots have an industry for popular culture, does not mean it is available to everybody and certainly does not mean it has become an issue of opportunity as well or that their stupid children should not longer be told or forced to get an education and to get jobs and we are not talking about their pornography of organised sexual abuse in order to take advantage of what they have created out of other people’s lives of a lucrative industry in the attack of those who do not sympathise with sex abuse victims: so they need to make the connection between beheadings in the Middle East and back here violent protests that come alongside police shootings before or after vice versa. For these fools people are always items until you have some of theirs as well.

These matters are not problems as such just because I speak of them all the time; they are all issues of harm and damage people think they can be complicit with to help them on derogatory abuses they can levy on those who do something about it in order to be better off on both sides with lots of power over those involved to show for it, so when they do mine I handle them as well and we hear all the tales that we need to hear about it too. It’s much like the old case of women and their madness being thought of at this point as some powerful aspect of the Country they cannot penetrate which will never go away, while I am the most popular victim of it when in actual fact I have a bubble in my world where I get involved with it and use it to monitor my sexual impropriety if I dare to think of any and so on but the politicians think they want to oppress me with it which is why it gets them into trouble too but each and every one of these idiots get into their own part of trouble because they will get my personal life with their insults and media and so need to get off the Royal Estate and decide where it is their own, so yes the UK is barely a place they recognise anymore but I am watching where those insults end up next too.

I hear they say I am a sad story and that people become sad just thinking about me that they cry themselves to sleep and so on but if they were told to declare it these foolish men, their big problem would be whether or not I will be allowed at last to breathe a sigh of relief away from their involvement; the truth is that I am not interested in these people – they are so shallow and so selfish and self centred and have so little principles to govern them as persons that if I had to be responsible for them it would be filially disastrous as there would be nothing left for my Children – I mean I have my own bits as well of things I do which isn’t.