These days the Politicians speak of school changes – I would have referred to it as education reform in terms of students but they have referred to it instead as school discipline and the idea of that is the same i.e. when you feel like handling a kids penis to wind him up all the time because he interferes with your powers without knowing it, until he knows it and it is too late  for him to beat you up which means he was always an idiot and you have now reached a point where you cannot stop doing it, then it is up to you: they rather think they can deceive the rest of us and speak of other things like bad students making a mess of everything for everybody else. We all know differently of course i.e. if you leave home to live alone with your girl friend and tell you parents not to visit unless allowed, the Politicians will get involved and ensure that is not the society we live in – so school discipline would have made sense in any other eventuality but not the one we have at present. I know the claim is that I never speak of myself but of course I am, the reality about what Politicians do with my person and work and finances; the same old case of how to get angry at Politicians, which I do not have a problem with – you see they regularly feel like handling your possessions and deploying it to make their careers and the excuse they bring up is always that somebody else is spending time serving the Country while you do nothing but claim glories for yourself, the service to the Country of which they are being paid as it were thereof, so that it is your upbringing that needs to be looked at and not how they should make the one they have set out for their stupid children operable which will have determined whether or not they really do know what they are doing anyway as it were – so after destroying everything around me thereof they are still bragging on media and I do not take so much offence to the ones that claim there is nothing I can do about it as the reasons they do it, it’s the ones that claim they have preached wealth distribution and the plight of the oppressed for so long that they can do such things and there is nothing I can do about it that are the problem because it is not as if I ask it of them anyway. hence I dont see how addressing people in terms of school discipline will help their cause anyway; after all if I used myself as an example we are at the stage where media can bully me and make up the stories for it as they go along presently – before then it was a case of every evil scum with a culture that can be used to abuse me and measure up what I have been detached from if my life were to be changed by those abuses which is then built up on media and used to allow financial reward from Politicians which shows their witchcraft is able to make people rich or poor and can even help them win elections.

The question they think sticks to me is one about when the story of my problems will come to an end but speaking of getting angry at politicians which is not a problem for me, an example is the Labour Party, whereby they say I talk all the time but do nothing about the Politicians even though it can be seen they hate my guts and have a personal reasons for it anyway; in the case of the Labour party of which the issues are that they wanted to dominate the conservative party so they had set me who will not move out of my personal life so they can live in it and exchange their troubles with my peace of mind and call it civil rights as the conservative for experiments, the conservative they had dominated and will do what they like with and build up in public in order to beat the conservatives and so being the idiots as usual the outcome was the old case of complains about the conservatives but choosing me as a new victim in the hope I will do nothing which boundaries they then push really hard indeed and so eventually they have only ended up in this condition where they dont know if they are capitalists as well and it goes way back to the looking me straight in the eye and defying me and insulting me and shushing me and abusing me while they speak to Journalists sort of thing about which nobody will ever set out a proper means of explaining either and not even them for that matter. So when we speak of my problems coming to an end we are making direct reference to the fact we live in a tolerant society and I cannot start setting off matters of intolerance in my own right by setting some people out as the ones I should never get involved with because they are not only stupid but evil and violently deviant and their very existence means failure in all that matters all round but of course we also know the insults of Politicians include secret places they can go to get some money off them and the inability to get any respite, not at home, not in the buses or trams or trains or anywhere else – you dont get out of your home to wreck your life getting involved with idiots drinking and gambling and smoking and all sorts, what happens is that Politicians pay them to get involved with you at home. Hence the result that they had a culture and I handled that culture and it needs to be settled with that cowardly nonsense we hear all the time about which I really like the part where they are scared of the truth as well: the cultures are obviously nor horrible to them but it needs to be seen around the concerns of those it is horrible to all the time, not something they can back up obviously either, they want you to be afraid of them so that to happen with a big mouth, so I mean we see their celebrities get off and wear pants in public places which does nothing for anybody unless they are peddling my royal hospitalities to make it work, which they then get to do with the help of Politicians – so they have had a culture and they can see I have been blown away for quite a while now and it will not look good at all when I build a public life for this on account they have not heeded the warning they need to stay off my books, especially the Americans money freaks that are really insulting and rather hard of hearing – their own is a special case of course because they are beyond the part where they expect you to have conversations with those that are handling your property and dominating you and have no wish to live in their own lives, they think they have an audacity that means their fingers in your anus and you had dared not crossed them and you know their sisters and siblings cannot breathe when they are around, which makes for an example of why they think they can relate with you like that at will i.e. nobody has told them otherwise before, it’s a matter of what they are used to and want to make an example of them as well starting with that celebrity culture. It’s a question of whether all these things are things I never noticed when I lived with my parents because they were really good at hiding it or things I never noticed when I lived with my parents because these idiots have started it and that sets the stage for what they need to shut down and stop talking nonsense all over the world – the cultures they will never get back either because we are not equals and they should not get to handle my work and damage it and expect to get off with me on even terms – so apparently the end of my endless problem that have never really existed thereby either started or ended in much less than half an hour anyway and it is of course entirely typical. The part where I claim to be royalty and must pay the price being the best of all – since it makes no sense whatsoever as it were: reality remains the same i.e. they are gold diggers and I have not been sharing and it will end very well as well as it were.


Of course I am aware of the story of a problem I have with people but besides the part where they will suckle me until they are fat enough to build an army that will remove me from my possessions on account I am not sharing and the gold diggers are not better off with my possessions than I am, there is the facts about how it is a matter of the point that they have money and have been buying privileges with their money and live their lives in incredible attention to detail – all very well from that angle when last we checked their wives and media idiots had very little respect for the detail in which I live my life as well as a Royal Prince and are still at it as we speak: I broker equities and they deploy my Royal Privileges because it is a matter of what people prefer and so on and yet they are men who live their stupid lives of millionaires in incredible detail and so on; so this is the problem I have with people summed up and yes they do say I create change and cause it to run away which is not true as the truth is rather that they have chosen a life that does not agree with the rest of us and have no plans to move on and out with it and leave people alone, they have trapped me as an excuse they can point to and now are able to do whatever they like in their view and so the bottom line is still that even while they complain they are still working at that domination which doing to them was actually my invention and all they live on is media insults. Hence the problem with people summed up – they need to leave me alone and move on and keep their stupid feelings and insolent sexual fingers out of my life and work especially when they share skin colour with me as well. I have always been under the impression that the fact they have made or have got money and have been acquiring privileges and living their lives in incredible detail means they have come full circle and have no business around me – I guess the truth everybody is waiting to hear especially over the involvement of the media ones is that nobody who makes a lot of money or owns such is ever happy and or more so because of it but it does not give them the right to handle mine in anyway – we all have our different way of going about doing things not least when I am Royalty and they are not, certain things are a priority and others are not, some things are done and others get done anyway in the long run and when nobody is looking, I want them out of every one of my concerns or these complains and these issues can easily be the least of their worries too. The idea the problem is largely that I have no respect for them and all I do sends out the message it is almost too easy is just one more excuse in their baggage to carry on things they know I do not appreciate; it is the same old wickedness of deploying a Unique spiritual faith to create ground clearance in their decadence claiming it is the only way to be a happy person and to get rich and we can see how determined and nasty they get about it too; I mean we are way past the part where the loutish behaviour robs them of a good night sleep and a healthy personal life, we are now in the part where the good night sleep and healthy personal life problem is my fault more so and the end product is that they always get what they want – so it is like the Politicians, they exist in a bubble where I dont know how to be angry with them while all I own and even my faith exists in another bubble where no law applies and the biggest problem with respect to that is their stupid city identity. It is not the only occasion – as far as they are concerned the State will become a tool if they wish, to detach you from God spiritually and set about making sure you criticise their wickedness for a living while they hold onto your finances and no such behaviour is attributed to their own – to an end where the outcome is always the need to deploy your faith and personal life for something greedy and evil claiming it is power – so I am not the only one making out these matters to be too easy, it’s just that I am the only one that is winning. I am only making clear the stage they have set for bullying that they consider to be a lot of fun and something they cannot do without and the facts and what is seen in public is obvious it has lasted for years now and they are choosing self improvements from it and playing the crowd poor and rich and media idiots alike with that too – it has never actually been a problem for me in any case, after all everybody knows that is it the part that they hide me away because I am such a handful and getting involved with me means I know everything about their power and wickedness and everybody else stands to know as well bearing in mind they are not the boss of me and the way things are is actually the reverse, we are talking about it now because Politicians and their media idiots have continued to encourage them to be incorrigible and of course I have not even begun scratching the face of their celebrities making out the purpose of their public appearances is to get used to throwing up into the air something they think I should be doing for me to catch – after all trading at the stock markets can only get worse and worse provided it continues due to the need to pay for the insults of their evil local communities that will never be free of me but I am only mentioning it because they love their accusations and like to pretend talking about it is a form of communication that is actually beyond my reach because of its twisted nature, whereas I am very well aware of the incoming and out goings of every single one of their twisted wickedness which is why I am able to govern at the Office in the first place and of course we hear them complain especially some of the really twisted Muslim ones that the problem is that the British make out they are very strong and cannot be beaten and which the question is whether I actually am in any case anyway as we speak. Working but gone already publicity is clearly bees knees for those claiming I make it look too easy - not the only one obviously.


Of course we do hear the case of how I hide behind women and it is as annoying because it is one of those things these idiots say and run on media to stifle my book sales by seeking to ensure people do not understand what my work is about – their biggest assets are of course a collection of incredibly stupid black idiots and yes we must therefore start off as such from the Labour Party who speak of Thatcher crushing society which harms men and how they get to take the same kind of revenge on the conservatives upon a new victim that is me and the result of course is that they have had such revenge after all and it gets even better as they now know whether or not they are socialists after all and it gets even worse as everybody can see where the story of how I hide behind women develops. I have never thought it a major crisis since some things happen on media and others are disgusting nonsense at the local communities they deploy to hide those they cannot control who know everything about them and hence need that media to ensure I am hidden away from anything that stands to gain from that and just as provocative as expected of course as it were since it is never explained what they are doing here either and that has never been in 12 years even though they are everyday. One needs to put Oneself in their shoes and see Oneself as somebody who can easily get off to do things like a claim that I am the father of the side of society where a boy that everybody pays attention to comes from, who then deserves more than he gets and for being ignored you will destroy everything about him and then put myself in a position where I carry on with that until you start to seek his demise because I have become frustrated and want him dead so all he has might be mine – only then is it possible to understand what these black big fools are really after: so it is never an issue, the big black golliwog mouths will wail again over this matter specifically and especially so over those claims I hide behind women. And of course I dont mind being told what to do by media in the most abusive way imaginable either – that is a function of them and the Industry idiots building up atmospheres around me which means these idiots can do violent things to me at will, they say it is designed to ensure when they take anything from me I give it up but everybody knows it is becoming the answer to everything – so hiding behind women is just another occasion of taking a look at their unique persons which are personalities based on ego and so on and so the next time I have to deal with this nonsense over my books they will have drawn the line as well and that fight they seek between me and that stupid media will have become a reality. Yes I know they say I speak of situations all the time because I cannot back up my own vibe – same old story before somebody deploys the state itself to wreck your finances because nobody can by themselves and if you dont want that you stay away from them but which gets nothing done if they can follow you around as it were – so when you do not want that to happen you avoid it but each time they get into a brush and run off to that stupid media to create their own version of what they want people to think about them and so recover using that, they are back again where they do not belong and have decided all they need in life in bullying you until all you own exists in a bubble where there is no law: so idiots with personalities based on ego regularly feel they need to check their TV personality jobs that exists for fighting those they want to bully to improve themselves and so regularly think it is funny, have been recently working on a case of how you hide behind women and your entire company makes use of women which women should do something to kill as well so that they can dominate and it’s those games all the time destroying other people’s lives and property while they brag and decide what people think about them: so they do not take note of the reasons their Politicians wreck my finances and one more occasion telling me what to do and talking nonsense about hiding behind women and they will have drawn that line and settled the fight they seek so much as well so we can find out what their own looks like too. The big idea as ever is whether or not all I do can be circumvented if I get around respecting their celebrities for them and they get about respecting the Monarchy for me as well which does not pay off, only for their need to crush and hideaway all that is pure and holy and good in this world with their community nonsense and media crap to set out a process of making those I am allied to an Industry financially worse off at the markets by getting into my life and work before me but the reality around that is simply a question of whether or not considering the continuing with my academic work so I might finish it, satisfied with all I have of which the answer is in the affirmative too – so that should work very well with doing my stuff and my so called crusade against evangelical Christians who have no respect for the calling of those whose work for God clashes with their lack of respect for other peoples calling all together, all together they have much to do these days as well and of course it is not hurting badly enough yet too – that media and money thing. It is an issue centred around being polite to those that take advantage of me and my possessions all together – the women soon feel they have found a man they can bully into shattered dreams and sexually unhappy marriages, to control his finances and fuck whenever they want and so become convinced that when they exhibit those behaviour you have no choice but find them to be verbose and soon enough are a tool in the hands of Politicians and media and celebrities which is the last thing you ever hear those three groups talk about unless you handle them as well. it makes even more sense that can be easily understood when we hear them speak of how universities are not just for jobs, imitating and mocking me thereof: I mean it’s always been that way – lectures and seminars on an essay is not to produce a result where you can write one or pass an exam but produce a result where you can earn money writing essays – so they damage my academic work and run off to do fame and fortune popular culture and are now back at the education system each time they see glimpses of me appearing there, they say they are feminists but of course must be the greatest women in the world thereof – same old story about some characters you warn about bodies to be found when you see them near your office one more time and yes their men are an old story, a story of deviance that I cannot afford but they cannot live without a process where I pay for anyway – those say these are all matters of racism I refused to look into lest others are actually deserving of respect from me in a public way but that speaks for itself anyway. The last time I gave careful and detailed thought to it apparently it seemed that it was something they do to develop a case of organising their society of deviance to such a level that they can marshal themselves like an army and decide who gets the pockets and possessions of who among those that are important but since we are now talking about the education system I suppose it has diverged a long time before into a matter of what resides in that block head of theirs or perhaps not. They have decided that passing their insults in my direction must have become the answer to everything that bothers them of course at this stage and so see no reasons they are supposed to keep a distance; I have never actually thought of it as a problem, only a case of the fact that they have explained away everything they do to carry out a disgusting act of bullying in my direction in so many ways that they have come to believe their own lies – this constitutes half the problem, the other half is that I have not gotten used to it; so we see all these vile mannered men turn up to explain away their behaviour in the usual way i.e. if what they do is wrong then how come they are making money from it and of course they do need to leave me alone and stay away from me as we are not mates, besides which nobody really can work out in the circumstances what they are actually complaining about anyway. it is all the same case point – they like to have their evils in secret places where they can deploy them to get by without being thwarted on account people knew but of course they will get after me and that means expose it to my understanding knowing they cannot handle me, so they thus become obsessed with hiding me in order to hide those secrets which isn’t working either and that is where media and Politics based fear and the need to handle my finances becomes really important. They claim we like them when they fight extremists but not when they want a price paid – It’s the same case of when we say Industry people are being horrible – for the Industry people you say they make money and buy privileges and it means they have come full circle and their stories about wealth inequality or social ones make no sense but for the media those simply are people you feel like handling with extreme violence but they would rather have become convinced that you regard them the same as Industry people which is why they have a license for these activities to feel their money matters as well. I hear their stupid children say I masturbate and that is the problem but I do not do it on account of being beaten sexually by their stupid mothers who make such claims, I play with the ladies in my life and wear myself out with it not get beaten by them which has never happened in hell anywhere on this planet and that will become even more so apparent as they continue to act like it would mean nothing if these matters became prime directive on a public life for me. It is not a matter of picking and choosing, it is a measurement of their pompousness and their arrogance and their insults and the damage they actually do that makes you want to handle them like that, apart from which it is a simple matter of a particular thing being a problem for specific people in specific businesses at Industry and everybody that owns a business has got one of them – this is just mine and it is never clear why they make so much noise of it in public either. I mean you need to see the Politicians complain, hear the Music CDs made by abusing me being illegally downloaded and pirated and so on, hear the media complain about violent societies and Industry people about organised gold diggers but the part they are playing in mine with my literary products for private equity Intellectual Property Administration business is never really clear, so we can easily have this conversation for eternity – while what we see is their stupid girls turn up on advertisement and everything they can to show off their nonsense and handle what they can which encourages them to do it at their own initiative because they believe it will make them more money too as it were and that is always before we hear of the complains. Scottish Nationalists have not gotten the better of me either – it’s a simple case of what is at the heart of most of the issues we speak of – a country being something that is governed by none but by a constitution and various parties going along with it except some who have decided that they want to take out some of the parties and form their own country with its own constitution, having realised it is a load of rubbish they always seek out a scapegoat they can take advantage of to win at all cost – so it’s the same old story tax evaders, traitors, National front goons talking rubbish.


We hear of talk of women are church harming me of course but it’s always the same old case of evangelical Christians with a lack of respect for other peoples calling: so that they have their problem with a calling their interferes with their lack of respect for other peoples calling like the media hates my actions but does not like their leadership to be open to everybody’s dip and you can see it is all about people who have had the umbilical cord with God severed so they have no more link to him and claim that I am responsible for that whereas they cannot be bothered about any of the laws and commandments that has been given by God if God can judge them by what happens in their hearts instead, hence the fact they now have much to do and must now work really hard to keep the worlds wealth out of the hands of evil people to avoid the Armageddon: so the question never seems to bother them at any rate about why it’s always women harming me at Church – the part where these women claim I need to play my part for them to trap evil people but everybody knows they are being corrupt with the bit where evil people have been suppressed and they have therefore asked them to go out and find other evil people like them knowing that they are likely to select those who successes they claim is likely to cause them to be released from their bonds so they might harm other people and they love them for selecting such people and like to get on the case and finish such persons off as quickly as possible which feminists can pick up on and talk rubbish all over the place thinking the only form of abuse is sexual abuse and there is no reason for them to be punished because of it and the damages they do as well. It is much the same like the racism issue – you do not pay attention to or discuss these issues, unless a white idiots decides that he wants to make you who does not abuse him like most black people do to deal with black people that are messing with him and his need to be comfortable – they always say that it is the same way racists bother black people that black people bother them and they must be able to bully their way through life if they can but it is not so simple since we already know that they fundamentally have a thriving programme of taking away from every none white person that sets foot in this Country everything they came in with on account they want to see fear in their faces when they are told to leave: so they always say my actions are random which is actually far from the truth because in this there is nothing random about realities on why a racists should deal with problems and end up in prison when there are journalists in town and women in Church and stupid insulting feminists. We do hear the talk of annoying football people of course which when mentioned makes me so furious as well – as the case applies to all of them that having made millions and been able to buy privileges for themselves, surely they should have seen that they have known their place and have no business here but of course everybody knows it will develop into a matter of settling scores with these twats or it will never stop. I am not as they do put it somebody trying to be upper class when I am not – I have three objectives at this point i.e. first finish my academic work and get off to a public office I have successfully consolidated within the same time period as justifies the validity of Political office gained through periodic elections to make sense of being accused of doing the unseemly – this is rather straight forward, the other is settling the time I have spent among the lower classes i.e. should have build my office over them as prime directive or continue like I am, being satisfied with what I have? The final one is the bit about the book sales concerning which nobody will ever buy books written on the renaissance of a Noble personage by the same living person as long as media and Politicians and Industry idiots run rings around it and they know that – so when they mention their block head twats that play football and love to wind me up just only in order to exist, so I have no idea what they hope to achieve from it either.