The Watershed on the economy was actually the MPs expenses Scandal which has continued to play out in the Law Courts as well. Hence to answer that old question of what I think about it, the reality I should make mention of is that the whole thing was invented and orchestrated by the then Labour Party that dragged everybody into it because they were making a statement on how low the Country Pays its Ministers which then creates a condition where they are not respected and that was on the backdrop of having secured a process of certain people marked out and set aside to be provoked until they react in order to make it operable. They always say I avoid the question of respect for MPs all the time because I know I am guilty of doing otherwise but the reality of course is that it is MPs that have no respect for me - I am a writer by profession and my work history is Factory work and a Law student ongoing, it does not mean that when people work in Parliament I should sit or wish to sit around taking all sorts of nonsense from them like they deploy the civil service and government office like it was their personal property to bring about on account I am a Christian. They would say this does not answer the question of the problem of respect for MPs either but of course that answer will be a direct statement of why I am unemployed, the answer to that of which is that it is because certain Ministers of Parliament want to be party to the persecution of a Christian by enforcing the will of community croons that feel that when they sit in their bedrooms and think about sex I should be having it with them instantly - nothing else is responsible for my unemployment staus but and I was marked out for it as a matter of pleasures they seek as derived privilege, long before I was eligible for employment as a matter of age all together, this was when it actually began and hence the tensions with my parents too. They say I pretend when I say such things as though I am completely innocent and do not like to insult MPs but of course we all know that it is a matter of what I have refused to do that I am now unemployed as a matter of community croons thinking about sex i.e. the fact that being insulted by MPs can only lead to situations where if I have something to say I will be cashing into their fame and reputation in the process as well which they always make noise about enforcing but have never before enforced at any point whatsoever - so because I have refused to do thing I must be made to suffer through a protracted period for the sake of it and intensely, they create a willing horse and kill it to make a statement of your own nonsense. The other part about harming them is simply a matter of making sure that all these problems are recorded and that every process of making fame and a public life initiated by them is deployed to pay for the damages and this is something I have worked right up to the White House that people conduct the filthiest elections in American history to get into, so their idiots can turn up to abuse me to make industry connections and get rich, so my refusing to comply might lead to a process where their sex based abuses lead to a condition where their stupid children can make popular culture fame and fortune and party for a living at my expense, which is also why I wish to take over that Pornography Industry too. I mean animated Pornography instead of the acted one will be more imaginative and if continued in that way people might reach a stage where they see no need to do it anymore because there are better alternatives, so it is never about stifling choice and freedom like they claim it is: rather a matter of the same old question whereby people wish to know what I think makes them behave in such ways; the answer of which is that they have various culture sections where they do evil and incredibly stupid things as a basic form of existence and the only reason those cultures concern me is that they want to make an idiot out of me i.e. I am so stupid that I am carried away by their display of innocence that I do not notice they are stupid and give away therefore everything I have for example, which makes wonder what will become of  it all at a later date.  

I am Black by race you see and this sort of nonsense not least being done by parents and around me and my finances and a simple right to earn a living is simply being inconsiderate enough not to take into account there is racism in this Society over me and so they are aware it puts me at mortal risk when they behave in such ways and that I am convinced they need to grow up or will be made to.


Company Book sale Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics 


It is not to say that one does not have any Political roles when it is mentioned that one has no Political powers. Political role here refers to a process where parents deploy ones property for the betterment of their children and exchange for it in payment political authority within the corridors of Parliament. This is of course a live threat to the financial viability of the firm and the Royal Property of the British Monarchy, which makes the Company business exactly what it is i.e. book sales, as the properties here displayed and put into writing belong to the CEO and the Company and not the customer. It does not apply that somebody is being hated in political circles as conceived, the facts about that matter is that people have no respect for work born of this firm, of course it does not involve commissioning pile-ons or buildings of course but with respect to the books they really do make it clear that if it were pile-ons or buildings they will dig them up or blow them up respectively, so that when vandalism is mentioned with respect to their activities, they become certain the claim cannot be quantified when in actual fact it can, much like it is with the ordination and creation of female Bishops in the Church – some people endlessly like to have a go at others with white people being fully informed on what their victims are to blame for having done wrong and none whites fully informed on wicked violent cultures of relentless abusive seniority that seeks more and more privileges as it goes along and then change the roles of the sexes when their victims have an opinion about it.

Now they do mention that my actions create a sense that I have hammered Politicians for the British Monarchy which means its days are numbered; I personally do not know about that one anyway - I only know that I have hammered them to such a point since the existence of the Monarchy can also be a reason to harm Politicians endlessly as well and hence have no idea what it has to do with the Monarchy or what exactly a process where the Monarchy is no more or still is will change about what I will do to them each time they attack me anyway; reality bites I guess comes down to the fact no matter what they do or who they become they will always be villains. Same old story of course at the other end about what the benefits of my actions are for Parliament and UK Politics but everybody knows that regularly take a look at their stupid bodies and realise they were born to lead and to these insults as a way of natural body language and function of existence that creates the main issues i.e. lead whom? So we have reached a stage where they cannot breathe or find breathing hard like I do as well and need to negotiate with the evils of their stupid societies to spare themselves the things they incite against me since they now look the part. 

It comes down to the same old issues i.e. we hear white people complain about their cultures and societies being damaged all the time but that is the big question i.e. whether it is as damaged as African ones are for example over what we now call the modern age etc. I do not think they are a major problem and that industry, media and advertisement nonsense that cannot exist unless there are claims I create spoofs from other peoples cultures to appropriate means of making money that does not belong to me will only lead to one ending and one ending only; this is not the 1990, they never listen with that stupid popular culture, those stupid fame and fortune, those stupid glossy magazines and those stupid feminism and are convinced they have refined their methods of theft and robbery so well that the law cannot do anything about them. On an otherwise occasion a normal person could have understood what leave me alone and stay off my book sales and earnings margins means.

Now to put to rest the story of how I have not got an idea what I am doing however; the reality is that I and not them am the one that long ago about three years now settled in on how to handle peoples culture to ensure my business is up and running over their wickedness and vandalism, so that we can make space to listen to those complains they make about others creating a world that economically excludes bad people when they do not even know what other peoples cultures are. For the British Parliamentary idiots that do it, it is largely a matter of how they bring me to everything I know and say or do with great violence in order to secure respect to Ministers of Parliament but of course we all know it is 12 years since they last decided they will spend tax payer funded time to round up my academic work and finances in order to make me give up my faith to a level that they will be able to find tolerable and I am not the one complaining on account somebody else has decided not to be a victim on the matter either, its just that they jump on my book sales along with their media idiots and talk such nonsense thereafter. The main focus remains the same and I think the British Prime Ministers visit to China (12/2013) was an excellent step in the process - we have to settle the matter of people handling the appearance of other peoples creation on account they had money to buy some, to a point where they are able to make government workers and officials out to be people who stole their charisma and personality by which they pick up guns and create civil wars etc, we have to come to a sensible security system with Governments that operate in such ways because individuals that are elected into it come from such a background, then we have handle peoples culture and allow our ventures to operate first before they can make their statements about a world that excludes bad people when it does not know what their culture is  - as for me personally, I am only to trade my books with the lives and operations of Nationalists and republicans so they can have my personal life which is what all these nonsense was all about in the first place (the books are always available to those who wish to buy them and the service for that will never diminish but I will market my work on no other parameters but).






HH is not unaware that One can deploy powers of State to stop people from doing things to harm him which he has told them he do not appreciate them doing. It is just a slippery slope to go down but never the less realising that white people cannot help not minding their business, wrecking my finances, so they can keep him open for black idiots to intimidate and then all gather up later and realise the bullying has become a means of getting rich because One has been trying to earn a living. This process of making a statement that they are not animals and One has made it clear he is not a piece of meat they can love to savage really does need to be applied. 

Bearing in mind and with respect to those of them that work at backstage media and therefore run even the bulletins on TV for an attack which is geared at making them rich as we listen to the News, which is also a case of irregular heart beat TV because of the things their spiritual powers told them and empowered them to do to certain people to increase sales and get rich somewhere, which no body will see or know because they work back stage, besides which no body will really want to take the risk to see or know anyway. 

The Whites never mind their business because they are superior and whenever they want to do it are supposed to in the lives of others and not theirs, to set people up for the worst of their cultures-on account it is power to get rich by oppressing people that are trying to hide the riches they were sent into the world to give those who deserve it (they also think themselves people who believe in God that is), so that when none whites do it as well, they can claim injustice because it will always benefit the whites who fight for and take over the proceeds of such things-the Politicians. Of which the most important source of problem for them especially the business ones is that this one is not their own jobs.

For the blacks HH is Homosexual in their eyes which they will keep positive at when they know he is a half priest High diplomat and with this they will make sure he is so that women can be powerful and beautiful for sex, on account they are evil and One should only hear about them through stories other people tell, while they have spoilt their stupid kids that cannot do well in school and think it is part of his responsibility to help put them in the right track because he is a Christian and that is what Christians do, get sent by God to be peoples slaves, which HH must while recognising he does not love them more than their parents do, bearing in mind they share a skin colour with him for it therefore, which he cannot do anything about (beats the imagination where the idiots get and or want to get their powers to be rich an important or famous). 

All of which are only likely to work if businesses support them as they make more rich friends with their insults and thereby trying to keep One's delayed finances delayed forever, which amounts to oppressing those that are more powerful than they have and have offices of state to protect themselves with, looking for trouble and which businesses that do are likely to get away with it if they do not loose their businesses for so doing, while on his part they are likely to continue and while he does sit back and suffer in silence until they can hurt him from so many directions he has to become lower class by force, while they then try to become upper class when he has to snap out of looking after himself and take care of his financial problems, if he is of the opinion they need jobs and always need things and must always have jobs and money.

Clearly they do have their own children to go home to intimidate by the way, so it is not clear why they are always knowing about the existence of some stupid culture that never ends up lasting once it gets out, over One's personal life or personality. Naturally getting to the point of doing things as though they are sub human is the only way to solve this problem because if they did not do well in school, nothing HH says will get through their brains too. 

Just like the story of opportunism on his part when they are talking about his own property. After all those years of enforcing the plans where parents are never evil, young people are modern and Christians are stuck and there is the importance of social life, with which they got off doing his own life for him, to do his stuff for him, he is clearly now opportunistic to them and more so on the media.So it goes without saying he will have to hurt them again over the opportunistic story all together.

HH's prognosis: They do what they do in the hope no body can defend themselves from it, like they tell me I have history with public services because I have been unemployed for a long time and they have done very well and that is because they think I cannot do anything to gain anonymity at the work place or that taking my action Nation wide will become something that is too big for me to do and for the media, they wish to control my books to make me bow and behave to television idiots and I am so terribly keen too on finding out exactly which part of it had anything to do with them or their happy bullying. With their full prove plan of knowing where my books are and how to use that to their advantage about which their jobs are supposedly Iron clad safe and mine is their media plaything, it is the bit where I cannot leave my work and property and return to find it as a left that that eludes them. When they play around with my livelihood they suppose I do not have accounts books and in a while we find them claiming they want their own Banks, which I guess will keep my own money safe from me, which is not what I want i.e. When I do PR for my business they say I have done too much PR and take pictures of themselves to sell stuff and get rich quick on it or make music CDs, on prognosis everybody in the world these days feel as though they can do my job and therefore I have too much PR and cannot be allowed to have it to myself, with presumptions I do not have accounts books for the Company and now I want my work and money back, they want their own Banks - it is incredibly infuriating.

So they say when I write Golliwog mouth in my books and websites it is fine and when an MP calls Police officers plebs it is totally wrong. I have no idea what it means myself except that I know the reason I do it to be the fact that people may see I have a skin darker than their own but prefer to name me friend of racists because I have got something that they have not and their point of contact being that my lips are not as thick as theirs and that it is the reason I think I fit in better, it applies that there is too much small society in that their stupid civil rights integration and cohesion and so it is imperative that I wire it up for them. I mean for four and a half years now there has been intense and daily vandalism of my book sales by people who want to see what I will be able to do to them in punch up that I have no choice but take part in so that I can be physically beaten up and humiliated by them if they want and the only contact point they have for that is that they are published with the same publishers that I am published with, no legal rights whatsoever to handle my goods, all they have on their side is corruption, greed and lots of stupid girls and women who want a break from any kind of work whatsoever as a means to acquire payment of money to make rich and famous and it will never go away because they are corrupt and evil but the fact the only way to get on my case happens to be the National and International media does not tell them anything either - they have got cultural filth distant fascism violence to take care of that with.



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Recently a same collection of people have taken up this idea that if they borrow the Nation into debt, then spend some of the money pleasing public sector workers and Unions when the 'politics sector' has no way of generating its own income and then spend what it left of it buying up shares for the government in Banks, where when people make cuts to their programmes on spending in order to pay off debts they got us into as a Nation what we are risking is economic recovery, is of course a very difficult theory to resolve or come to terms with.

What happened was that in the middle of a recession the same people seized the opportunity for the purpose of reorganising the economic circulation of wealth during an economic crisis, to create a necessary structural unemployment that really has no technical name, which people get to vote for, as what the recession exposed to them offered them the opportunity to; claiming it has brought everybody to their level and they shall now create a fairer society and so wasted Billions of Pounds doing so, after which they found another billions of pounds from borrowing, which they had decided should be used for a proper purpose which took us from being the most well placed country in the Western world to deal with the recession to the most worst placed to do so. As well as took us to the point where we became the country with the biggest deficit in the developed world, as crushing some people who dealt with economic issues became the paramount issue for them and now, having realised they are not just going to get off and hand back the money since they intend to invest it in order to become the creators of wealth, while we all wait until they do and put up with a double dip recession that is created for us by our leaders as they find out how to, the Coalition government has told them to give back the money to pay off the deficit that has caused good assets to go bad and they claim those who do such things have lots of explaining to do and I cannot and still fail to see any explaining anywhere. Somebody simply started a political swing forth-swing back game with tax payers 'no asset no liability' money in the economy and after having swung it into his hand and in his favour, leaving us a big hole in our finances, he is told to give it back to cover this hole and thus tells people they have explaining to do, without he first explaining what his evil women will be up to as well.

They were supposed to squander it before we got there but because they are stupid and doing so will mean spending it which will help economic recovery. They love to spend tax payers money on themselves and make things up to have power so much, that they believe their own lies and wake up everyday to realise things when they are grown men and invent arguments with others over utter nonsense, except of course it is not nonsense but a way of coercing others into working for them and their evil government of sadists who enjoy using some kept kempt and looked after people like meat through intimidation and then dress well thereafter, have new kind of sex and claim to feel good about things, as their violence increases with no intentions of paying for it.

I am still seeking out there where they get these their theories anyway: although the fact remains as it stands:- that they took our money, it left us with a big hole in the Nations finances, we want some of it back (you can never recover full 100% of it but you can give it your best), to fill up this hole that has made good assets in the economy go bad and they tell us we will get into more economic trouble if and when we do: you can either tell investors that when they pour money into your debts they will recover more than they put in which is what a profit is or you can pay off the deficit.

After all after having your Finances completely ruined because you need to be sharing business and media have opened your heart to the world so that games can be possible with your finances, while you hold together the country and get emotionally and physically drained daily while they play you on media to get rich and boast about how they have bagged you and that you are not going anywhere, they always become threatening and intimidating as well and scout Europe looking for renaissance to exclude you from, then America looking for friends to keep you from and the East looking for racism and respectful discrimination, it seems that after they have your work dragged out into the open, the big question always becomes the state where you do not want to be pushed any more and do not want to experience the violent innovations any more, while they claim to be the backbone of the greatness of the country, then get provoked all the time and all of a sudden when you are trying to recover and seek to get all rich and famous as well, which is all the economic crisis meant for them and they assured the world it was safe clearly, claiming to have found somebody they can intimidate and bully and get things from to make up for it, which of course is always a function of who they mess with, then get connected and rich thereafter-so is it is a matter of who those rich idiots want to provoke and get away doing so to be richer by taking them in.

In any case its all very well to complain of discrimination but they know and they know I know that each action taken with those stupid cultural wickedness in my direction are designed to harm me, so that if I make mention of it they make their devils noise about doing my stuff for me and whether I was not going to be scared of their power. Having academic work and finances damaged so people can have the satisfaction of getting into my personal life to do these things with claims going on as well that they are tapping emotional and psychological management, peace of mind and beautiful introvertism that was stolen from them by me and sometimes even make out that they know I didn’t steal any such thing but that I had simply provoked them by proposing to keep my beauty to myself instead of share it so people can use it for their stuff as well, so it should never be a far fetched reason for seeking to handle the health and well being of Politicians in the same way as well; I mean what would anybody do in my shoes? Very well that some Islamic nutters claim I am an infidel when in actual fact they are Islamic goons who are no body on one hand and I am a royal Prince who deserves privileges of support from women if I have problems with my personal life that is linked to relationships; so at the bottom line of which is the same question of how I resist Politicians and anything they want to do and how it is a problem but for me it really isn’t i.e. they have some money on them at present and if you ask about their top 10 closest friends they will have been rich bankers and business men, so they decide to come round here and tell me they need to confiscate all I own and use it to increase profits on money and comforts that they have already got and the trouble of course is that question of giving me an alternative job; you see it is not in their interest to or to allow me get one by myself after they have done their damage because they know that what they wish to confiscate is my very self and who I am and so have any kind of sustainable means of paying my way in the world and that will be beyond their grasp, hence the main question becomes how I get by on a daily basis and that noise they make about how it is not their business with a big mouth and so of course if they or any of their really insolent junkies dare make profit with any of these things they do to humiliate me, it will blow over here. The Labour party ones make out I give preferential treatment to some parties but when we see that their own has nothing to do with money but the fact they will think of money at a later stage and that the thing I am supposed to be doing is the main concern at present, it is not surprising heir vandalism and destruction gets the harshest possible treatment. What I say about their celebrity goon allies of course has not nothing to do with my real intentions, my plan is to hurt politicians the most; they cannot leave people alone and it is an everyday affair now – they cannot leave peoples academic work alone, cannot leave peoples finances alone, cannot leave peoples health and well being alone and it is not as funny as they think it is at this stage. I will chase them to the ends of this earth to prevent that stupid money of theirs from making any profit and if they do not believe such a thing will happen, I dare them to what they are planning.


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